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  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 91

  • Alistair Lloyd
    Alistair Lloyd Month ago

    Glad you’re feeling better Olly, great to see a bit of field work so early on in the year 🚜💨👍🏻

  • Harry
    Harry Month ago

    Glad your feeling better Olly! Another grand birthday bumper Ian👌🏻

  • Terry Dolan
    Terry Dolan Month ago +4

    Ian’s handwriting is so satisfying

  • TheChunky2010
    TheChunky2010 Month ago +2

    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Slow and steady recovery.

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson Month ago

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better, although you do look worn out. Take it easy and keep wrapped up warm

  • Eddie
    Eddie Month ago

    It’s fairly dried. Up so you can start drilling again Hope your feeling a bit better Merlo looks well now it been cleaned Your fert spreader looks pretty cool Good job you checked it before you used it it’s a very clever being able to work out all those different settings Ollie just take it steady for a few days I’m feeling 97% today another great video Ollie

  • Peter Clarke
    Peter Clarke Month ago

    Great video Olly glad you’re feeling better I have been the same the last couple off weeks keep up with the great videos 👏👏👍👍

  • Ethan Jarvis-Baker
    Ethan Jarvis-Baker Month ago

    Good to see you back out and about Olly

  • liz finnie
    liz finnie Month ago

    Checking today means you get an early start tomorrow for fertilizer. Great birthday bumper Ian 🤗. Glad your on the mend Olly 🤗

  • Michael Davies
    Michael Davies Month ago

    Another great video Olly your sounding lot better it's good job you checked that spreader 70% today had some good news from hospital

  • Insane Billy
    Insane Billy Month ago

    Good to see you are looking a bit more lively today.

  • James Lane
    James Lane Month ago

    Good to make sure all works. Going to put a fair amount of money through it!

  • Thomas Greene
    Thomas Greene Month ago

    Loving the channel. Shout out from Ireland. Out of interest what coulter pressure are you running? Around 60 bar? And the slot closers are they in the top bottom or mid position? What the trick to get the slots to close over correctly?

  • Hb_Chippy
    Hb_Chippy Month ago

    Evening Olly, glad you are feeling better. Another fab video 👍

  • Layton Phillips
    Layton Phillips Month ago +1

    Great video olly, glad you looking bit better, flail them sunflowers and spring wheat, might be too much weed for beans as you can't you as much spray in beans according to waffle wardy. Great bumper Ian. 92%.

  • Trevor Jarvis
    Trevor Jarvis Month ago

    Superb blog Olly, great to see your feeling a bit better. Beautiful sun set there!! Well done Ian on the birthday bumper - and the Merlo looked like brand new after it’s service.

  • Sandy Mcghee
    Sandy Mcghee Month ago

    Great video again olly hope you get better soon 👍👍👍

  • Horseshoe Farm tractor videos

    95% today massage and acupuncture today so feeling good today,glad you’re on the mend good job you checked the fert spreader otherwise Tuesday might have been a disappointing day

  • Ian Hudson Calgary
    Ian Hudson Calgary Month ago

    Another busy day on the farm, great blog today, lots of interesting stuff going on. 90%

  • Stephen Thompson
    Stephen Thompson Month ago

    You looking better Olly. Nice sunset

  • Crazy-matchbox3
    Crazy-matchbox3 Month ago

    Evening Olly love the video Joe the good work business nice chilled video in my opinion keep it

  • Michael Somers
    Michael Somers Month ago

    Don't even have to watch and like this vid as I know how good this vid is going be. Keep up the great work. I have a question how do you put the tramlines in. Is it a setting you do on the seeder that you cut off two pasific blowers or do you have a tool to do it. I never knew how they were put into the feild

  • Michael Lane
    Michael Lane Month ago

    It makes you wonder why that bolt came out as you only fitted a new part last year.

  • Rich
    Rich Month ago

    How does a pre em spray work when you have a residual crop still on the surface?

  • mark youll
    mark youll Month ago

    great stuff good you feeling better

  • Joseph Hames
    Joseph Hames Month ago

    Youll still get a lot of sunflowers from all the seeds missed by the birds.

  • darran compton
    darran compton Month ago

    Nice one Olly Thanks again

  • Steven Burrows
    Steven Burrows Month ago

    I’m in 😂😂😂😂let’s all hit the 👍🏻button

  • Wil mid Wales
    Wil mid Wales Month ago +2

    Told you the other day when you said Ian needs a shave and hair cut that there’s a lot of winter left

  • Richard Baker
    Richard Baker Month ago

    Great video Olly

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      Alexandra Bailey Month ago

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    • Vicktoria savanna Joyce wells
      Vicktoria savanna Joyce wells Month ago

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    • Miracle
      Miracle Month ago

      Trade with him and remember to share testimonies with others ☝️😊..🇦🇺🇺🇸

    • Philip Carter
      Philip Carter Month ago

      Thanks 👍

    • Miracle
      Miracle Month ago

      United States ┼𝟏𝟗𝟒𝟗𝟔𝟕𝟒𝟎𝟔𝟕𝟎 United States👎👍

  • Sir Kuerbis
    Sir Kuerbis Month ago +1

    If only all farmers would check their stuff before they need it, that would be amazing.

  • christopher hughes
    christopher hughes Month ago

    the sunflower field could be sumo'd then go into maze ? im sure you could sell it to someone ?

  • Ghostrider
    Ghostrider  Month ago

    Can you not harvest the sunflowers for seeds or oil ?

  • Isabelle’s Gaming

    Hi pal. I've donated to your air ambulance page can you put ethan Radley on the birthday bumper 9th Thursday much appreciated keep up the good work

  • Alexander Ingram
    Alexander Ingram Month ago +2

    Im Sandy Ingram retired from farming lots of years ago but still interested and I watch your videos every night I will be 85 years old on the 13th February what do I have to do to get my name but on your truck You have a very interesting farm with no livestock

    • Alexander Ingram
      Alexander Ingram Month ago

      I’ll be watching you tonight again on my 85th birthday Sandy from ABERDEENSHIRE

    • Olly Blogs Agricontract farmer
      Olly Blogs Agricontract farmer  Month ago

      For birthday bumper mentions click here on morning of 👇

  • Glyn Bailey
    Glyn Bailey Month ago

    Is that the field behind Brook barn what you sown 👍

  • Ian Parker
    Ian Parker Month ago

    Great video

  • H
    H Month ago

    Great video olly I’m 95% today

  • Rate my Tractor
    Rate my Tractor Month ago

    What Variety is that Wheat Olly ?

    • Rate my Tractor
      Rate my Tractor Month ago

      @Olly Blogs Agricontract farmer ah man I dont think we put much of that in last autumn because there were some issues last harvest, its going to be interesting to see how it does planted this late, my instinct says it will do well, I have worked with that seed for the people that bred it. It didnt like the hot dry period last summer for some reason, the year before and before that was wet and wet then dry and it did really well, I have video of planting Extase in one of the seed growing areas, I met the guy that bred it and It and he told me it has high protein without late Nitrogen so it will be a good test KWS

    • Olly Blogs Agricontract farmer
  • Christopher Bignell

    Good video 👍 90%. How are you feeling today.

  • gralbo24
    gralbo24 Month ago

    Hi olly. Are you going to YAMS on Wednesday?

  • ginggur17
    ginggur17 Month ago

    👍👍 99%

  • John Powell
    John Powell Month ago

    Evidently you not tried my remedy, that sun set looked as though someone painted the sky, beautiful/

  • Jason Barnett
    Jason Barnett Month ago

    Glyphosate???.....isn't that bad for the Bees.

  • teal jacks
    teal jacks Month ago


  • Charlie Boy
    Charlie Boy Month ago

    Hi Olly

  • Rori paddison
    Rori paddison Month ago


  • KiwiJim13
    KiwiJim13 Month ago


  • battaliance
    battaliance Month ago

    About 40 percent of guests s

  • Mike English
    Mike English Month ago


  • NFP Agri
    NFP Agri Month ago +1

    Can you tag me in your video at NFP Agri

  • Daniel Clark farming

    Great video