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Slash (Guns N' Roses) Fan First: Heroes, Perfect Rock Albums, Axl's Unique Quality & More

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    REVOLVER  Year ago +32

    Spotify: spoti.fi/2TzldGO
    Apple Podcasts: apple.co/3x0vxFH:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:35 The first artist you put on a pedestal?
    01:52 The first artist you saw yourself in?
    2:54 Meeting his first heroes
    04:39 The Sixties lifestyle his parents lived
    08:56 What about punk rock?
    10:27 The guitarist’s connection between heart and hand
    11:27 Myles Kennedy
    12:43 Key elements of expression
    13:59 Perfect rock records, like Appetite for Destruction
    15:32 The record that took him over
    16:59 Favourite Motorhead song?
    19:07 Your musical Mount Rushmore
    20:20 What only Axl Rose could do
    22:59 Your first show?
    24:50 The five songs that changed your life
    26:37 What we talk about

    CONFRONTATIONAL Year ago +214

    Slash always comes across as a genuine, effortlessly cool dude. Great Interview!!!

    • lily farrell
      lily farrell Year ago +8

      exactly man! hes always been a cool dude like to chill with!

  • Mizoram - Mafaka Hnamte

    Slash...always down to earth and true guitar god

    • Polemiks
      Polemiks 14 days ago

      Sorry but Eddie Van Halen is thousand times better! Don't compare!

    • Andrew Webster
      Andrew Webster Month ago +2

      Seems a nice guy, and an underrated player & composer

    • Lukes
      Lukes 6 months ago +3

      Slash and Adler are very "down to earth." My dad has told me multiple stories about meeting adler but he's only met slash once and he said "they both talked to me like I was their friend and have known them forever"

    • rastastocks
      rastastocks Year ago +4

      Yes guitar God

    • Michelle Rose-Jackson
      Michelle Rose-Jackson Year ago +5

      I agree. He is a guitar god. The last.

  • Betsy/BA BF
    Betsy/BA BF Year ago +46

    His autobiography is so good. How real and down to earth he is shines through this crazy life and extraordinary experiences. My husband died suddenly, and life fell apart. I would comfort the kids to sleep as they cried each night then dive into his book, getting lost into that, to not fall apart when alone and facing the reality so many rough nights. There is no doubt he is a very intelligent man. I'd recommend his book to anyone.

    • Betsy/BA BF
      Betsy/BA BF 5 months ago

      Thank you ❤

    • Land 🏔️
      Land 🏔️ 5 months ago

      I love his book too, Slash's story is genuinely amazing. And RIP to your husband. I've lost a few friends but can only imagine what you're going through losing a spouse. I hope you and your children are doing alright. Im wishing you peace, positivity and prosperity as you continue on

    • Mizoram - Mafaka Hnamte
      Mizoram - Mafaka Hnamte 11 months ago +2

      I love his book too... Rest in Peace to your husband, hope you and your children are doing okay now

  • Jonas Meier
    Jonas Meier Year ago +20

    "Use your Illusion I & II" are great rock albums! Thank you Slash, Axl, GNR, band, crew, team for this great albums! They are still fun to listen and have great songs and moments.

    • Dion
      Dion 26 days ago

      Double talkin jive

    • Ingemar Oskar
      Ingemar Oskar Month ago

      FYI: Axel more or less held the others in the band hostage to be able to record those albums. Also Slash in particular wasn't happy about the piano in every other song, nor was he happy about the sometimes progressive sound.

  • odiesback
    odiesback Year ago +32

    Slash has always been cool! Met him several times. The first time was November 1994 when he had formed the Slash’s Blues Ball band and they played at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. I hung out with his people during the show and they told me to stick to them after the show and not to leave the venue. After they closed the doors we all went to the bar and Slash came out to hang out. I sat on the bar stool right next to him. I had brought a leather marker and he drew his signature skull with top hat and cigarette on the back of my jacket. We hung out till 3 in the morning. It was super cool and he was super humble. I remember that he mentioned that he had stage fright to that day!

  • estranged
    estranged Year ago +48

    great interview, I wish Axl would give us an interview like that, a simple, chill and friendly interview

    • Bean car
      Bean car Month ago

      100% I wish axl would to but not sure he can x

    • AxlSan
      AxlSan 3 months ago

      @John Swanger you really don't know

    • Das Muss
      Das Muss 9 months ago +4

      @John Swanger Axl has chilled out and grown up heaps, people change, we aren’t in the 80/90s anymore haha, unfortunately

    • John Swanger
      John Swanger Year ago +1

      @Stevie-Simone Andrews cool will definitely check it out.

    • Stevie-Simone Andrews
      Stevie-Simone Andrews Year ago +1

      This is a nice chill interview/Q&A with Axl. He's really mellowed out as life has gone on. I've always loved him and I always will.

  • alexxx
    alexxx Year ago +49

    slash is undoubtedly one of the most humble and coolest guitarists ever. would love to meet and chat with him some day

      FUNERAL BILL II Year ago +7

      Most good guitarist out there are humble. I can't remember seeing many guys bragging about how good they are...John 5 comes to mind. Guitar players are all still fans of other guitar players, they still get that feeling we do when we go backstage.

  • Dennis Perin
    Dennis Perin Year ago +24

    This guy gets it, he had damn near lost it, but once again, he got it, sober & strong. long ways from propping him up for photo shoots for G & R cause he was completely wasted. Proud of him, & his playing has only gotten better over the years, Anastasia being a phenomenal example of that, His albums with Myles are awesome…

  • Lady Palomino
    Lady Palomino Year ago +12

    Keith Richards is the man, the legend. Slash is so sweet and genuine.. That's what's cool about him. He isn't a God, there is only one and Slash has said this in his interviews. He is one hell of a good musician. An artist who is greatly admired.

  • Das Muss
    Das Muss 9 months ago +4

    This bloke has written some of the best riffs and beautiful solos in rock history, the solos in November Rain are masterpieces, just to name one song, a humble, living legend, a true rock star, cheers Slash 👍🇦🇺🍻🍻

  • Rendy Andrian
    Rendy Andrian Year ago +12

    Slash is one of the guitarist whose interview I always enjoy. He is a cool, relax, down to earth guy who loves to talk about music and guitar. One thing I notice since zoom interview is a thing. Slash seems more articulated and chatty when doing online interview. He is more laid back when doing face to face interview.

  • Marcelo Allende
    Marcelo Allende Year ago +21

    Great interview! Slash is so happy and funny on this one. Great guy! Wish I could meet him again. 🙏

  • John Gulotta
    John Gulotta Year ago +10

    It's the coolest thing about slash when you hear him you know it's him. I was one of them kids who bought appetite the day came out

  • MashaT22
    MashaT22 Year ago +13

    Interesting interview! I like hearing about the musical heroes and inspirations of our favorite artists. Slash is a very interesting person. He definitely has his own musical persona and tone, but he’s been inspired by and enjoys listening to music from all types of genres and unexpected places. He’s also very introverted, shy, intelligent, and well read from what I’ve heard.
    How did you score an interview with Slash? I always wonder if artists get paid for these interviews and how a Clip-Sharer would be able to afford it. I’d like to hope that some of these artists don’t charge Clip-Sharers and see it as a way of helping someone else while promoting themselves. Anyway, that’s just my own curiosity.
    Thanks to Slash and Christina!

  • Dan Eady
    Dan Eady Year ago +9

    You could have the same guitar, same amp etc etc but you won’t sound like Slash. Slash always sounds like Slash - no one else sounds like him

  • Eric Warrington
    Eric Warrington Year ago +27

    Can never get enough of these candid interviews with Slash...he's such a GREAT DUDE and down to earth.. everyday guy making extraordinary music and doing it for decades with a grace that very few possess...LEGEND among legends...FIRST CLASS HUMAN BEING..🤘😜🎸❤️🎶☮️🌍

    • Tiere fuer ImmeR
      Tiere fuer ImmeR Year ago +2

      Couldn't agree more! I love looking at interviews with rock stars such as Slash, Myles Kennedy and Lzzy Hale because how humble and disciplined they all come across and I never have seen any of them come across as arrogant or selfish.

  • Barbara Fogle
    Barbara Fogle Year ago +6

    I remember one of the big time metal magazines back in the 80s when GnR were first blowing up. There was a article about guitarist of the year and slash was rated the worst guitarist of the year at that time. Funny how most of the others burned out long ago without ever having the impact legacy and influence or longevity he has. Not to mention the money or fame.

  • Laszlo's Rock Minute

    Awesome interview, Keith is absolutely a must in rock revolution. Great to see Slash, thanks for sharing.

  • Martin Shannon-Hayes
    Martin Shannon-Hayes 10 months ago +2

    I’ve watched so many Slash interviews, what an incredible treat to find such original questions, that in turn opened the door to such original answers. Truly awesome, and quite some accomplishment when interviewing such an icon who has been asked the same old tired questions. Bravo, great interview, apparently slash can be quite at ease and quite able to express himself in words when an interview comes across as more of a chat rather than a copy of whatever last chat show pro-forma cliche questions list. Consider me your latest subscriber, and newest fan. Very curious, and excited to see who else you’ve interviewed.

      REVOLVER  10 months ago

      Thanks so much! Means a lot. - CR

  • Stanley Myrick
    Stanley Myrick Year ago +9

    Was in Memphis at a very small hard rock bar called Rascals, and when I went in, GnR was up there. Axl was sitting at a table with 3 girls and the band started a song "Bad Obsession". Duff said, "well if you aren't going to sing, I will" and Axl jumped up on the table and onto the stage and sung that one song and left with the women. The rest of the band stayed most of the night. Slash stayed until the sun was coming up and some goof ball took a swing at another goof ball and Slash's security escorted him away. --- Me and my brother were sitting at an adjacent table to Slash. After about an hour or so, I did ask for an autograph which he gave me. But I don't think anyone else said a word to him or went up to him. The place always had heavy bands play till around 6AM. I think it was Son of Slam playing, if I'm not mistaken. (A local band back in the day, loved their song "Sick". It's on youtube)

    • Mimimi
      Mimimi Year ago

      @Stanley Myrick Cool. Thanks for the story. That must have been a trip.

    • Stanley Myrick
      Stanley Myrick Year ago

      @Mimimi 1992 Pyramid - Setlist

      Mr. Brownstone
      Bad Obsession
      Live and Let Die
      (Wings cover)
      Dust n' Bones
      It's So Easy
      (Misfits cover)
      Double Talkin' Jive
      Civil War
      (Wild Horses (Intro))
      Welcome to the Jungle
      November Rain
      You Could Be Mine
      Matt Sorum Drum Solo
      Slash Guitar Solo
      Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From The Godfather)
      (Nino Rota cover)
      Sweet Child o' Mine
      My Michelle
      Pretty Tied Up
      So Fine
      Rocket Queen
      Move to the City
      Dead Horse
      Knockin' on Heaven's Door
      (Bob Dylan cover)
      Paradise City
      I don't remember the songs in this order, but it has been a long time ago. We had behind the stage seats, and on Knockin on Heaven Door (I think, its been so long ago, regardless, it was one of these songs), Axl sung it behind the drum set facing us. There were only like 50 people, that were sitting in these seats, but to be honest, they weren't that bad, and got an entire song like we were in the front row. I just don't recall it being the last song before the encore. After the concert, we (Brother and I) went to Rascals as we normally do and they were there. So saw them twice in one night at different venues. There are videos of Rascals that same year on youtube. No video exists that I know of the Pyramid show, and I read that a poster would pay $1000 for it if anyone had one. LoL Also saw some other bands at Rascals like Alice in Chains. It was the rock place to go, if you were a band in town I guess.

    • Mimimi
      Mimimi Year ago

      Cool story! I listened to the band you mentioned and they sounded cool. When was this? 88 or so?

    • Stanley Myrick
      Stanley Myrick Year ago +1

      I am not an autograph guy. Plus I don't know the protocol of disturbing someone famous. I just guessed after a hour or two of just sitting there I wouldn't be disturbing him too much to ask. I work with the NFL the last five years, and I see all the stars come thru the stadium that I watched in college. Saw Dan Marino at a game and Derrick Henry and so forth. Plus all the halftime show folks like Sheryl Crow and stuff. But at least there, there is a protocol that we don't speak to anyone unless they address us (which has only happened to me once).

  • CORE Instincts
    CORE Instincts 2 months ago +1

    HEY revolver!!, don’t forget bout the shit taking you guys did back in 91/92 bout slash and the band.

  • nugzvandank
    nugzvandank Year ago +7

    Slash is talking way more than I’m used to hearing him speak. He has a good amount of memories he can conjure up despite all the abuse he put his mind and body through.

  • Walter Monsanto
    Walter Monsanto Year ago +6

    Slash always makes me smile as he talks. Wise and humble, pure streets!

  • pkj77
    pkj77 Year ago +6

    Love Slash, such a great persona and guitarist

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Year ago +5

    Great job by the interviewer. Slash is so down to earth especially since he's about as legendary as it gets.

  • ernestolopez23
    ernestolopez23 Year ago +5

    Great interview, slash is always a good interview and i never get tired of listening to some of the same stories because there is always a different take on them so basically different pov

  • carlos septem raad
    carlos septem raad Year ago +14

    Most iconic, and one of the biggest and greatest guitar players of all time.

  • martymcfly002
    martymcfly002 Year ago +6

    Slash is too cool and chill, great interview.

  • Christine Adjei
    Christine Adjei 3 months ago +3

    It's nice to see him speaking so eloquently, he is such a knowledgeable, laid back guy. When he was young he was still very laid back, but incoherent most of the time haha!! 🤣🥰😍

  • Sasa Mihajlovic
    Sasa Mihajlovic Year ago +3

    great questions! congratulations for the interview... most of the people who interviewed Slash in the past asked same boring questions for the most part... anyone who plans to interview Slash in the future should see this

  • clausm2203
    clausm2203 Year ago +52

    Great interview and i gotta agree Axl is one of the best rock n roll singers i have ever seen live

    • VI💜LA
      VI💜LA Year ago +4

      @Will Byrne he'll always be a legend.

    • Will Byrne
      Will Byrne Year ago


    • VI💜LA
      VI💜LA Year ago +3

      Imo he’s the best. He’s the one who really makes me feel a lot of emotions

    • TheTribalist
      TheTribalist Year ago +2

      @clausm2203 man you’ve seen just about all the legends. Those three you mentioned are all top tier.

    • clausm2203
      clausm2203 Year ago +4

      @TheTribalist Me too and i have seen every band from pantera to the cult and and there are 3 singers i can think of that really had that ekstra something and that was axl robert plant and sammy hagar they where just next level live

  • Angele
    Angele Year ago +4

    Slash is fucking awesome..down to earth and humble an absolute legend. Just like Hendrix was..unbelievable talent but didn’t go to his head
    Some of the best guitar solos of all time slash created

    • Das Muss
      Das Muss 9 months ago

      Bloody oath, awesome solos, great riffs

  • Alexander S
    Alexander S Year ago +8

    So nice to hear him talk about Axl that way. Almost made me cry.

  • Brandon Metalspine
    Brandon Metalspine Year ago +3

    This has to be the best Slash interview hands down. The questions were perfect and new. And just the connection between the guess and interviewer like he seemed really comftable and the interviewer and slash had a friend vibe which is great when it comes to interviews

  • Jason Salter
    Jason Salter Year ago +10

    Zakk Wylde, Tom Morello, Brann Dailor, King Buzzo Maynard, and now Slash. I love this series!!! I've followed Christina on her Clip-Share channel for a while and I love her interviews.

    • Rebel Rocker
      Rebel Rocker Year ago +3

      Zakk Wylde,Just Seen Him In Detroit in Nov..He Rocked 🤘🖤👊

  • Lisa Snyder
    Lisa Snyder Year ago +7

    I love Slash, he seems to be such a nice down to earth cool guy while at the same time being a bad ass Rock -n- Roll legend. Very humble, he never acts like he has an ego or any delusions of grandeur, and he definitely could have both. He is a guitar legend, a musical legend, a ROCK-N-ROLL LEGEND !!!

  • Einzelganger
    Einzelganger Year ago +8

    Appetite for destruction is perfect rock record

  • Larry Jackson
    Larry Jackson Year ago +3

    If you're in a hit-making band, then you're a great guitarist.

  • Riki Monster
    Riki Monster Year ago +3

    Such an inspiration, thank u Slash! And thanks for the interview!

  • Tuomo Roiha
    Tuomo Roiha Year ago +2

    As a Zeppelin fan, its always great to hear ppl like Slash talk about Zep in an honorable fashion.

  • Not happy Gilmore
    Not happy Gilmore 2 months ago +1

    He is the only celebrity I've ever wanted to meet. He is the reason I play guitar.

  • Ryan Gettig
    Ryan Gettig Year ago

    Such a well done,chill interview,both of you:)I've always esteemed his Slash's Blues Ball band:)Crossroads,The Thrill Is Gone& so many Blues classics:)Still remember meeting him at the Hollywood Bike Jam/Paramount back lot@ '97-sweet cat,but what strikes me as a grown man is his,Sweet Jesus Mercy-Humility & Thoughtfulness,so rare these days,bless him&Always Be Well & all that...

  • Logan Runge
    Logan Runge Year ago +2

    Great interview. I've never met the dude as I live half way round the world. Missed tickets to the living the dream tour. Tried to grab tickets for g'n'r's Gold Coast show before covid f@cked it all. It's a bucketlist thing for me, I will see Slash play one day.

    • Logan Runge
      Logan Runge Year ago +1

      30 years ago, I would have said I want to see axl. Now I just want to see slash.

  • steve10358
    steve10358 Year ago +3

    Great questions. Great answers. Really well done.

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis Year ago +3

    I love him. I felt she was jumping through her list of
    Questions and wasn’t listening and responding to some of his of his answers. She could have dug deeper. That’s me.

  • Jennifer Berglund
    Jennifer Berglund 11 months ago +1

    His memory is phenomenal and he is so physically fit and he is always so humble and kind I have read his book he is an amazing Man and an inspiration

  • Alan Black
    Alan Black Year ago +4

    Great guy who's playing does get better with age..total workaholic.

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood Year ago +2

    Very cool interview slash seems very laid back stress free person

  • Serenity1997
    Serenity1997 Year ago +2

    This interviewer did such a great job with her questions. Gotta love some Slash!

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles Year ago +2

    Love the way slash plays it revolves around the song. It compliments the rest of the instruments with the proper tone and attack.
    The look the feel . . . It just works !

  • J B
    J B Year ago +3

    Slash doesn't change! He is Always so cool!!!

  • Mysterio
    Mysterio Year ago +5

    Led Zeppelin 2/Toys in the Attic/Sticky Fingers are perfect rock records.

  • Orange County
    Orange County Year ago +3

    Slash's book is really good. It's not just a bunch of stories about drugs & strippers. There's a lot of info about the music writing process, the roots, the origins, the influences, the music industry, touring, etc...

    • Orange County
      Orange County 11 months ago

      @Vogiro Vottega book is just called Slash (autobiography) you can google it , Duff's book is good too, called "It's So Easy & Other Lies"

    • Vogiro Vottega
      Vogiro Vottega Year ago

      What’s the title ?

  • ChrisM1234
    ChrisM1234 Year ago +7

    17:37 Very cool for Lemmy to have Slash hang as Motörhead recorded "Rock N Roll" at Redwood Studios, which was a short walk from St Moritz Club, where they met in London.

  • Akok Longkumer Illusionist

    Slash is my favorite guitarist he is the reason why I tried so hard to play guitar like him but I couldn't guitar was not my thing later I become magician.😁

  • Bad 139
    Bad 139 Year ago +1

    This is great. These are sort of questions and answers I used to search for so I could discover favorite music of my favorite musicians. Best ways to expend your horizons and broaden your taste. Glad that this content exists for newer generations.

  • Skelesys
    Skelesys Year ago +3

    Super interesting interview, i liked the kind of second questions she was doing... unlike most of Slash's interviews where people ask him the same over and over again

  • J S
    J S Year ago +1

    Slash’s fan for eternity! Best rocker ever!

  • Brave Starr
    Brave Starr Year ago +3

    Hard to find a good interview with Slash. You have achieved it! Many thanks.

  • VI💜LA
    VI💜LA Year ago +8

    Slash is an amazing artist and a very down to earth guy. I am looking forward to see Guns N' Roses live in Italy in 2022, they're my all time favorite band and I'm so glad to have discovered them. Their music is my everyday medicine.

  • Sea of Tranquility
    Sea of Tranquility Year ago +1

    I’m fascinated by people who settle on a “look” when they’re in their teens and then stick with it for their entire lives. I don’t mean to criticise it, it’s just very different to my own experience and most people I know.

  • Miss Piggy
    Miss Piggy Year ago

    I like how down to earth he is🥰

  • Soulcase
    Soulcase Year ago +14

    Very cool interview! 🔥

  • Rcade now
    Rcade now 2 months ago

    slash too humble...such an amazing player and solo writer.

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze Year ago +2

    What a legend

  • Cody Hall
    Cody Hall Year ago +2

    When an interview says "yeah that's amazing" and moves on. I have a difficult time believing that they were actually listening.

  • Jimmy Rocco
    Jimmy Rocco Year ago +3

    i saw Slash and GnR incl Izzy at Saratoga Performing Arts Center on 6.10.91. it was a great show. GnR was great. Axl gave us "sad news" that Poison broke up that day and he also had us yell "Get in the Ring" for the album track. Skid Row opend for them.

  • Shaddy Elsaghir
    Shaddy Elsaghir Year ago +1

    What a great interview and interviewer.. And she's a total fox too, thanks!

  • Gray
    Gray Year ago +1

    I really enjoyed this interview!

  • jejealin
    jejealin Year ago +2

    hermosa entrevista!!!gracias por tu música Slash!!!

  • Damaris Arroyo
    Damaris Arroyo Year ago


  • Don Henderson
    Don Henderson Year ago +3

    Slash is one of the main reasons I started playing the guitar!!! This is awesome !!!

    GHOST MALONE Year ago +1

    Very nice. I appreciate the fact that you put separate chapters in your video. It's funny that the only time a a content creator does that I don't need it because I'm going to watch the whole thing. 😁👍🏻

  • Jimmy Rocco
    Jimmy Rocco Year ago +1

    Ty Revolver for the ❤ and thank you for the great interview you did of Slash who is the coolest guitarist ever.

  • Jesse Kauffman
    Jesse Kauffman Year ago +2

    Slash is amazing

  • The Bryant C. Project

    This was very cool and insightful.

  • Susan Duva
    Susan Duva Year ago +1

    Slash seems a laid back kind of guy he does not have a ego like a lot of rock stars have and he is a guitar legend he was the right.one for guns n roses cc devile for poison was the right one for them up the irons maiden maiden and happy new year🎉🎉🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🤟🤟🤟🎸🎸🎵🎵

  • Susan Duva
    Susan Duva Year ago +2

    Yes slash.is one of the best rock guitarists of all time along with jimmi.henderix Randy Rhodes Stevie ray Vaughan richie.blackmore I can go on November I think is one of the best rock songs of all time and slash's guitar solo is fantastic slash mate you rock and keep on rocking and up the irons maiden manic and jimmy page he is fantastic Eric Clapton Angus young Pete Townshend of the who🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🎸🎸🎸🤟🤟🤟🎵🎵🎵🎵🇬🇧🇬🇧🎉🎉🎉

  • Chris Lock
    Chris Lock Year ago +1

    Loved this one. Awesome work xtina

  • teeage pone
    teeage pone Year ago +1

    Met him before a show. Had a poster I wanted him to sign. He took a look at it and then took off in his escalade. Then met duff the day after. He spent the time talking to me having a nice convo . Signed that same poster and even took pics. Cmon slaaaaash

  • sneke tec
    sneke tec Year ago +4

    a living legend on zoom.

  • Philip Anthony
    Philip Anthony Year ago +1

    He likes reptiles. His book is hilarious. There's a story about him doing Heroin at some resort in Florida and taking a shower and seeing thousands of creepy little men everywhere. All over him, he freaked out, crashed the glass shower door and was running naked through a golf course trying to get away from all of them.

  • Anthony Wandowicz
    Anthony Wandowicz Year ago +1

    Slash is so nice in interviews

  • Dave Wight
    Dave Wight Year ago +6

    these legends abd A leaguers know, the primary guitarist and the vocalists all know when the chemistry is there, it is instant.
    Tyler knew he wanted Perry, EVH knew he needed Roth despite his limitations.......

  • Alonso
    Alonso Year ago

    Que adorable slash 😍 😍

  • David Bryson
    David Bryson Year ago +1

    I saw Slash live in 2019. I've been a Gunners fan for 27 years and I knew Slash was good. Seeing him outside GNR, I saw how Awesome he really is. He just doesn't stop playing.

  • Angelina The drifter

    Slash 👑 He's v.likable ❤ his laughter is so infectious 😊 u laugh along wit him👑

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus Year ago +2

    VERY ARTICULATE in all of his interviews! he's well read.

  • John Murzycki
    John Murzycki Month ago +1

    I like how she called him the mighty slash and he laughed it off. So funny. I’m so mighty.

  • Rebel Rocker
    Rebel Rocker Year ago +4

    Love Slash,Down to Earth Guy,Seen Him in Detroit With GN'R ,Poor Guy It Was 107 Out,Wolf Opened For Them..He Rocked All Night..Thanks For Sharing..Rockin Interview..Loved His Dads Work..Doing Album Covers ..🤘🖤👊🌹

  • fred1395durst
    fred1395durst Year ago

    I love that every time slash is shown speaking in a video theres always someone that comments "this is the first time ive heard him speak" or something along those lines lmao this is the first time ive heard him speak tho

  • MrDMF567
    MrDMF567 Month ago

    Slash is just so damn cool 😀

  • Melek
    Melek Year ago +8

    Slash is 57 and still sound like a teenager also he haven't aged since 1992.

    • Elevated Entropy
      Elevated Entropy Year ago +1

      He's almost exactly 10 years older than me, that's how I remember how old he is

    • MrGenexxx
      MrGenexxx Year ago +1

      @Vinnie Dixon oh ok. I forgot it’s 2021

    • Vinnie Dixon
      Vinnie Dixon Year ago +3

      @MrGenexxx He was born July 23rd 1965 which makes him 56

    • MrGenexxx
      MrGenexxx Year ago +2

      He is 55

    • Vinnie Dixon
      Vinnie Dixon Year ago +2

      He is 56

  • Brad Proctor
    Brad Proctor Year ago +1

    Big thanks to slash for the epiphone j45. I'm still in awe after having it for a month

    INFECTED PUDDLE Year ago +2

    The first stadium show I ever went to was also at the Forum in 1991 to see GUNS N ROSES!!

  • Romel Melrose
    Romel Melrose Year ago +4

    From reading the posts i reckon Christina is her name. She has such a casual and matter of fact style, she really seems to put the artists at ease. Her questions are smart and not too cliche. Makes for a great reaction from the artists. She is well read and sharp as a hook. No ditzy girl questions at all. Top notch. Revolver is lucky to have her.

    • Lolo Holmes
      Lolo Holmes Year ago +1

      If only she'd stop with the 'yeah' & 'yep' every few seconds. Shut up & let him talk.

  • Joshua Stephens
    Joshua Stephens Year ago +1

    That Mount Rushmore was spectacular

  • Precious
    Precious Year ago +2

    Slashy always just chill.... much love

  • Crime Vault
    Crime Vault Year ago +2

    We really need now to get back to 70's rock, musicians going back to the Blues and study of the greats who studied them, Guns did and they really captured it, Rock seemed to loose a feel. From UK In trying [as a musician] but cannot find any that go back and study 70s rock. We need good times again. Love Slash. Good stuff.

    • Crime Vault
      Crime Vault Year ago

      @Wobbly Lance Em ..yes Greta van fleet ..clich''e .....I want original ..those two cheloe players from Europe I like ..classical ..with rock ..huge passion ..it connects, classical music to me is rock n roll ..

    • Wobbly Lance
      Wobbly Lance Year ago +1

      Greta Van Fleet and Dead Man's Whiskey are worth checking out

    • Danny Dunn
      Danny Dunn Year ago +1

      That time is over, unfortunately..but,there are good solid rock bands putting out good music.
      Check out Dirty Honey, 70s and 80s vibes without directly ripping anyone off.