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Life-Changing Experience On The NotAWheelchair! (electric off road wheelchair)

  • Published on Mar 2, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I hope you enjoyed this life-changing Scar Vlog riding the amazing Not A Wheelchair "RIG" off-road wheelchair. We took the off-road wheelchair on super-speed runs up and down the street and up hills and into my backyard for the first time in 15 years. The RIG is an all-electric off-road wheelchair that can travel on rough backcountry trails and drive up to 12MPH on paved roads. The RIG was designed and built by Zack and his wife from "JerryRigEverything" Clip-Share channel. A huge thank you to them for sending this generous gift to me! See you in the next video where we take it to more extreme terrain!
    Link to the NotAWheelchair page for more info: notawheelchair.com/
    Zack's Channel: clip-share.net/user/JerryRig...
    My Links and stuff:
    * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347
    * T-Shirt Shop: teespring.com/stores/goodtime...
    * Twitter: #!/GTWScar
    * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar
    * Instagram: goodtimeswithscar
    * Facebook: on. 1LCWlMV

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  • JerryRigEverything
    JerryRigEverything Year ago +33008

    So cool! I'm glad you like it! We are still working on the rack accessories for the back. Ill send over one of those when we are finished and that should help hold the oxygen and other accessories you want to take with you.

    • waterup380
      waterup380 Month ago

      fat tires would work like i see in Winnipeg in the wintertime when people ride bikes in -35c

    • Antonio Rodríguez
      Antonio Rodríguez 2 months ago

      You are hope personified. I've been subscribed to your channel for a few years now and when you showed this chair it made me happy.

    • Ralph Cook
      Ralph Cook 2 months ago

      The smile on scars face was so wonderful to see. He was having an absolute blast!

    • Aztec Patrick
      Aztec Patrick 4 months ago

      It's not even my Rig and I'm so thankful you guys sent it to him! The way he talks about being able to go about and do stuff, and the look on his face, I love this!

    • AlreadyFemboy
      AlreadyFemboy 4 months ago

      man i love everything you're doing in this aspect.. its amazing.

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian Year ago +5838

    I keep forgetting that Scar uses a wheelchair honestly, but it’s nice to see that he’s not letting that stop him from what he wants to do. Very awesome video :D

    • Неизвестно03
      Неизвестно03 2 months ago

      We are forget at times that he is a better builder in minecraft than anyone of us will ever be

    • Jett Schrader
      Jett Schrader 4 months ago


    • ar1fabiola
      ar1fabiola 5 months ago

      Bro why are you everwhere

    • Mihast
      Mihast 5 months ago +1

      Scar is so kind to help that wheelchair go around his house

    • Steven Kennelley
      Steven Kennelley 5 months ago +3

      I know. If it weren’t for him live-streaming on twitch, I wouldn’t of known about his condition.

  • prince alex
    prince alex 6 months ago +2725

    imagine scar just showing up and trying to sell things to everyone. its the real life swaggon😂😂

    • Clariphone .
      Clariphone . 18 days ago +1

      I’d buy

    • Magikarp
      Magikarp Month ago +9

      Imagine this: Some dude on a wheelchair wearing a shirt with a cat on it, some sunglasses, and a cool scarf rolls up to you and starts talking to you about reputation points in exchange for your hat.

    • sunflowerdoesgacha
      sunflowerdoesgacha 4 months ago

      @Xswords why not? Their not making fun of him in anyway

    • sunflowerdoesgacha
      sunflowerdoesgacha 4 months ago +3

      I could imagine it now

    • Payal
      Payal 5 months ago +5


  • paradox
    paradox Year ago +3296

    as a new wheelchair user seeing an adult twice my age that i look up to in a wheelchair makes me so happy 🥺 thank you for existing scar

    • -TheBanditPenguin-
      -TheBanditPenguin- 2 months ago

      It makes you happy to see someone in a wheelchair? JK LOL i know what you mean, he is a massive inspiration

    • Senfree Senaquious
      Senfree Senaquious 2 months ago

      @NotEmilio He is a kid, not much an excuse. I hope he doesn't have to deal with what he's disrespecting one day.

    • NotEmilio
      NotEmilio 3 months ago

      @Lagum Lemoni i hope that you're just very young and don't understand how wrong you are

    • Em M
      Em M 4 months ago +1

      @Lagum Lemoni What?

    • Lagum Lemoni
      Lagum Lemoni 4 months ago

      @Em M skill issue

  • OneBigFluffyMomma
    OneBigFluffyMomma 8 months ago +1444

    You Have Just Earned A
    - Driving Achievement
    - Bench Achievement
    - Off Road Achievement
    (:-:🏆:-:) Way To Go Scar

    • Your Local Ikejou
      Your Local Ikejou 3 months ago

      @Aiden Flame they got another 2k in 12 days lmao

    • Your Local Ikejou
      Your Local Ikejou 3 months ago

      @ArcticsYT A+++++++++++++++++++++++*

    • Aiden Flame
      Aiden Flame 4 months ago


    • ArcticsYT
      ArcticsYT 4 months ago +2

      @OneBigFluffyMomma this is a great achievement, he deserves an A+

    • OneBigFluffyMomma
      OneBigFluffyMomma 5 months ago

      @StoppedEmu67 F

  • docm77
    docm77 Year ago +26547

    They see me rollin' they hatin' ! Epic my friend!

  • KittycatThelilDevil
    KittycatThelilDevil Year ago +2351

    "I haven't seen my backyard in fifteen years" This made me tear up I'm not even kidding ;-; but this vid was heartwarming and I'm happy to see scar so happy! :3

    • Shadow_girl_2020
      Shadow_girl_2020 4 months ago +1

      Iris cry pretty much the whole video as well, 😅 he just seems so happy, and it’s amazing

    • L T
      L T 4 months ago

      @Payal Oh ok, thanks

    • Payal
      Payal 4 months ago +1

      @L T he has a nerve thingy

    • L T
      L T 4 months ago

      I'm sorta new to Scar and I knew he was in a wheelchair but I still don't know why, can someone tell me?

    • Amosi Cronery
      Amosi Cronery 4 months ago +4

      In 15 years. So sorry

  • UwUFemboy
    UwUFemboy Year ago +1398

    The look of genuine joy on Scar's face is incredibly heartwarming. He has been through so much, and to see him nearly whooping with glee as he travels around his neighborhood in a way he hasn't been able to do for the longest time actually brings me to tears every time I watch this video.

  • Lilley C
    Lilley C Year ago +910

    Though this may sound a bit weird, I cannot express the amount of joy this video brings me. I’ve been disabled all my life and have never experienced what it is like to run (going fast on my wheelchair is the closest I’ve come) so it makes me really happy seeing Scar enjoy that same freeing feeling. Scar has done what I’ve dreamed of doing. I’m soo happy for him!

    • Jeff bagels
      Jeff bagels 3 months ago

      So cool

    • Moon Fire
      Moon Fire 3 months ago

      I hope you get to run someday

    • mary's world
      mary's world 4 months ago +2

      @Lone Beast I agree, no one should be apologetic for being happy

    • Ten ken
      Ten ken 4 months ago +1

      Your awesome asf ❤️

    • EchoTheFreak🍁🥧
      EchoTheFreak🍁🥧 4 months ago +2

      I wish this comment gained more traction tbh

  • Nyx The Nuisance
    Nyx The Nuisance Year ago +755

    I've watched this video... At least four times now (not in a row but every few months I come back)
    I'm fifteen and within the past few years I received some diagnosis for things that really changed my life. I'm a part time wheelchair user and probably the worst thing for me is imagining the things that I used to be able to do but can't anymore. This video made me cry the first time I saw it. There's still things I can do and this just shows that no matter what situation you're in there's ALWAYS something to appreciate. You just have to look. It's the little things that really matter.
    I may not be able to do some of the stuff I used to be able to do but I'm closer with my family and friends than I have ever been.
    I've learned how to speak up for myself and let people know when I need help.
    I love you guys.
    Keep going.
    Keep living.
    You can do so much.
    It's okay to ask for help.
    Helping each other is what makes a community stronger.

    • fuelalight
      fuelalight 2 months ago

      Thanks for this comment, hope all is well!

    • Unnamellie
      Unnamellie 5 months ago +12

      So mhm... a bit of an update that no one asked about.
      You. You made me get an appointment with a psychologist. Thank you.

    • Unnamellie
      Unnamellie 5 months ago +11

      Why am i cryingggg

    • Clockwork Kirlia
      Clockwork Kirlia 10 months ago +21

      HECK YES! I'm not a wheelchair user but I do have impaired mobility and this speaks to me on a lot of levels. Everything about this message is great, and I'm so happy to see someone saying these things at fifteen, a good few years younger than I was able to reckon with this stuff.

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo Year ago +17274

    This is incredibly cool. I also highly appreciate your camera mount!! I think you should just do videos cruising around chatting.
    Names wise, my vote is Scar CAR! Said like a bird noise (Scar - KAARRR)

    • Clariphone .
      Clariphone . 18 days ago

      Why can I hear mumbo’s voice in this comment gelp

    • multi jack
      multi jack 4 months ago

      hi mumbo jumbo the great

    • Pipsqueak
      Pipsqueak 4 months ago +1

      vroom vroom

    • Amaya-kun (Night City)
      Amaya-kun (Night City) 4 months ago

      I thought mumbo said " i think you should just do videos * crushing * around " lmao😭 my eyes is just wrong lol

    • Connor JK
      Connor JK 4 months ago

      the scar car

  • Christina Volkoff
    Christina Volkoff 11 months ago +593

    Hey Scar, I know that this is like, a super late comment, but seeing you ride around in this wheelchair actually had me tearing up some. Because my dad was a permanent wheelchair user when I was growing up, and my mom is currently in a wheelchair, so seeing the way that people are designing new wheelchairs that give people their freedom back, just, gives me really good feelings. Makes me realize just how far we've come since the 90's when my dad and I used to run his wheelchair up and down the aisles in Kmart, laughing like maniacs the whole time, while my mom did her shopping and pretended to not know us.

  • Turtle
    Turtle 5 months ago +136

    The fact that Scar hasn’t stopped smiling the whole time is just so heartwarming! This makes me so happy and is making me smile so much! So sweet!

  • Guitar Science
    Guitar Science 10 months ago +266

    Scar's positivity is infectious. It's really inspiring to see his attitude and joy as he gets to roam around outdoors for the first time in ages. Also that 'wheelchair' is amazing, and is really more of a quad than anything! Too cool!

  • Merps
    Merps Year ago +367

    I love how scar looks so genuinely happy to be riding around! He looks like he’s having so much fun
    Edit: it makes me really sad to see the dislikes on this video :(

    • Owenbot3000
      Owenbot3000 4 months ago +10

      Guys don't worry they aren't actually disliking they are just confused Australians

    • DigitalDusty
      DigitalDusty 7 months ago +33

      That’s one of the good things about the no dislikes update. No salty dunces can prevent us from smiling with Scar.

    • GE Morrison
      GE Morrison 9 months ago +21

      We don't have to worry about that no more :)

    • yum
      yum 10 months ago +30

      Everyone who disliked needs to amend their mistakes

  • cubfan135
    cubfan135 Year ago +30986

    Those aviators + Scarf + This Sweet Ride= Rockstar look.

    • Green Axolotl
      Green Axolotl 4 months ago

      Hi cub!

    • mogsia
      mogsia 4 months ago


    • MikeChad
      MikeChad 4 months ago

      @NightStalqer yea

    • Moon Wukong
      Moon Wukong 5 months ago

      @Quinn Taylor yeah, das wat I said

    • Quinn Taylor
      Quinn Taylor 5 months ago

      @Moon Wukong cub had said “rockstar look” but it’s actually a rock*SCAR* look

  • Caleb Turner
    Caleb Turner 8 months ago +161

    I love how supportive his parents are they seem like lovely people!

  • Solana Devon
    Solana Devon 7 days ago +1

    As an able-bodied person (with bad knees) it’s easy to take for granted things that come so easily. Just looking back on this morning for me, I failed to appreciate what I was able to do without effort. (Going in the back yard, going up and down the steps of my deck, stepping in and out of my shower.) You made me pause my day and appreciate what I’ve been given. Thank you for that.
    I teared up watching your face light up as you zoomed around in your rig. I’m so happy you have that opportunity now. As the Dr Seuss book says…. Oh the places you’ll go. (Life is Good has t shirts that say that. I picture you wearing one on your next off-roading adventure.)

  • carrot
    carrot Year ago +263

    "Its encough to make a grown man cry"
    I love scars enthusiasm and hes just an all around awesome guy

  • Myia Beaudoin
    Myia Beaudoin 6 months ago +82

    It's great to see that even the smallest of things can change someone's whole world, and to see someone so happy even in some of the toughest circumstances, it just makes me so happy. (and kinda emotional :,)

  • BaamBoePanda
    BaamBoePanda Year ago +1520

    The only dislike is from scar's old wheelchair for being ditched
    Love u scar keep on going ❤️

  • Rosy Road
    Rosy Road 5 months ago +99

    This video gave me UNCEASING happiness and respect for Scar. I didn’t even know he used a wheelchair. I also didn’t realize how handsome he was 😊 such a lovely young man!

    • Case
      Case 4 months ago +3

      He is super cute - do I have a little crush? Perhaps

    • EchoTheFreak🍁🥧
      EchoTheFreak🍁🥧 4 months ago +8

      @violetsanddragons For real, he looks amazing in both Minecraft and real life. Not in the “wOwZa He’S gOoD lOoKinG” kinda way but the sort of wholesome “welcoming” kind of way

    • violetsanddragons
      violetsanddragons 5 months ago +4

      He is handsome huh? I expected him to look different based on his personality.

  • cobblestone bee
    cobblestone bee Year ago +101

    so glad to see you've got a sick new chair! as someone w (invisible) disability, i totally understand just how big and important those "seemingly small" things are for you!! it makes life a little more accessible, and therefore a lot more fun!

  • Lynn Guy
    Lynn Guy 27 days ago +2

    I've been in a wheelchair since I was 19 and I'm 70 now, 5 years ago I bought an electric chair and allowed me to do what I hadn't been able to do for a lot of years, so I totally understand how doing small things mean the most to those who are at a point where they have to be in a wheelchair to complete their daily lives. Congrats on the awesome chair I hope it brings you all the freedom you want.

  • Korra Rowlette
    Korra Rowlette Year ago +51

    This is so amazing. My friend had muscular dystrophy and was in a wheelchair the whole time I knew him. I wish this would have been available to him while we were in high school. This is an amazing video. I actually cried tears of joy for you.

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Year ago +67

    I've been a quad for 22 years from a drunk driver. I can't drive this but I truly enjoyed watching the joy you felt while you did! Enjoy!! It is the little things. Much love

  • Elijah Laliberte
    Elijah Laliberte 11 months ago +34

    I love that despite suffering a debilitating illness, Scar can still be cheerful and joyful. It’s so nice to see him able to explore like this!

  • Blau Punkt
    Blau Punkt Year ago +37

    I am a bit late with my response, but this video really touched me.
    It reminded me to enjoy the small things in life and actually almost made me cry because I could really feel how much this all means to you.
    I hope you can go to more places in the future and enjoy life a bit more.

  • EmeryGrey
    EmeryGrey Year ago +27

    His happiness is always so infectious. So glad he gets to experience this kinda stuff despite everything

  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  Year ago +6518

    Big thank you to JerryRigEverything for sending this generous gift to me and my parents for helping make this video possible! Hope you enjoy it and see you in the next vlog!
    Link to the NotAWheelchair page for more info: notawheelchair.com/

    • L0re Online
      L0re Online Year ago

      Fucking awesome, Scar! Looks like so much fun.

    • Lisa Pedersen
      Lisa Pedersen Year ago +1

      AGREED he is so sweet

    • ememe
      ememe Year ago


    • Asher Doug
      Asher Doug Year ago

      Scar, pin this comment so it's at the top

    • Godamir
      Godamir Year ago

      Congrats to u I’m so happy that u went outside and go to places u never been before.

  • sally star
    sally star 4 months ago +11

    Seeing this has brought so much joy in seeing him happy and while I couldn't even imagine the mental side of having to be stuck in a wheelchair I have helped family who is and now in a nursing home from it. Plus I have some leg problems that limit how far or long I can go or what areas and to think that people having it even harder can finally get out move around outside more independent makes my day

  • Owen Gabrielli
    Owen Gabrielli 5 months ago +20

    I honestly never knew scar used a wheelchair but im glad to see he doesnt let that stop him from living the life he wants.

  • PyroVen_
    PyroVen_ 4 months ago +3

    Scar being in a wheelchair makes him more inspirational. Despite his illness he never forgets to lift our spirits and give us content. Good Job Scar and keep up the good work!

  • Koen 27
    Koen 27 4 months ago +6

    It’s amazing to see that smile on his face. It means so much to him to be able to actually get out and go somewhere. Epic adventures lie ahead for Scarrrrr

  • Grian
    Grian Year ago +39415

    That t shirt is everything

  • Fresh Baklava
    Fresh Baklava Year ago +7

    I was smiling ear to ear the entire video!! I’m so happy for you being able to visit your backyard and the lonely bench on the hill. The aviators and that 5 o’clock shadow look good on ya!! It would be rad if you grew a ZZ Top beard!!
    Thx for sharing Scar! 💪🏼

  • EchoTheFreak🍁🥧
    EchoTheFreak🍁🥧 4 months ago +8

    I swear, horrible things always happen to amazing people. Scar has been through so much, yet look at him. He’s one of the most positive people I know. It’s great to see him so genuinely happy, and it seems to be making everyone else happy too(including me)

    • EchoTheFreak🍁🥧
      EchoTheFreak🍁🥧 4 months ago

      @Nocrega Yeah, I think the ladder is true. Lots of amazing people I know have also been through a lot, and as they say, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

    • Nocrega
      Nocrega 4 months ago

      At this point, I am no longer sure if terrible things happen to amazing people or if terrible things make people amazing, but seeing scar happy even with all that is going on with his life, is simply heartwarming and makes you realize that the small things are the ones that actually matter

  • hellohaiden!
    hellohaiden! Year ago +32

    I forgot that scar had a body and just assumed he was a disembodied voice, so just seeing him talk was slightly disorienting. Also!!! The amount of fun he is having on this is literally awesome! Like he really do be zooming

  • Desktop Warrior
    Desktop Warrior Year ago +11

    Nine months late, I know, haha, but Scar, it makes me so happy to see you happy like you don't even know. You deserve all the freedom you could ever ask for, and I wish you as many amazing times as possible exploring the beautiful wide, outside world! Wishing you many years of happiness in fresh air!

  • Bread
    Bread Year ago +3689

    PLEASE name it “goodrideswithscar” that would be hilarious

    REKC_BCQ 5 months ago +4

    Whenever I see Scar with stuff like this it makes me smile. He doesn’t let anything get in the way of enjoying his life. He’s always positive despite having reason to be bitter. Inspirational

  • Phantom Min
    Phantom Min Year ago +6

    This man is pure sunshine. So glad to see that he can enjoy the outdoors in a new fantastic way

  • Amy Wallace
    Amy Wallace Year ago +4

    This is amazing. SO HAPPY for Scar, this is insane!! This is the future of accessibility, truly. JerryRigEverything have done an AMAZING service for disabled mobility device users and I really hope to see devices like this one become something more readily available for wheelchair users to gain access to more of the outdoors with autonomy. Amazing. :)

  • vanillacat
    vanillacat 4 months ago +3

    I’m a new fan of yours but seeing you so happy made me incredibly happy and I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole video!

  • MeySauce
    MeySauce Year ago +2298

    Scar: gets a speeding ticket

    • Magikarp
      Magikarp Month ago

      Scar starts an space/astronomy channel:

    • Magikarp
      Magikarp Month ago

      @A.J. D. goodfineswithscar

    • Natsuo
      Natsuo 4 months ago

      @dusty_ you're welcome

    • Natsuo
      Natsuo 4 months ago

      @dusty_ another tip putting (_) before and after makes it _italic._ And putting (-) makes it -striked.-

    • dusty_
      dusty_ 4 months ago

      @Natsuo tysm!! :D

  • BluejaySerenade
    BluejaySerenade 5 months ago +1

    It's so amazing watching this and seeing how incredibly happy he gets about the small stuff like sitting on the bench and going to the backyard. And you can really tell how much his parents care about him and it's really heartwarming. You rock Scar, keep being awesome!

  • hi buddy
    hi buddy 4 months ago +3

    10:00 just that smile was the most precious thing ever

  • Jonathan Bailey
    Jonathan Bailey Year ago +7

    I was on the hunt for what people put in their chair bags and arrived to your video. Awesome!!! The things you spoke of hit home presently. I’m new to this experience of being stuck indoors due to a spine condition. It’s been a year since I’ve been outside for longer than a few minutes… so, the little things.. I can really relate. Thank you for doing this video.. it’s inspired me to not only seek out a machine like this… but, to get back outside!! Cheers!!

  • Mica Powder
    Mica Powder 4 months ago +3

    Videos like this make me so happy. I’m disabled and my conditions have gotten worse over the years and I lost a lot of things I used to be able to do, but seeing Scar gain something back and have so much fun gives me hope that I’ll be able to gain stuff back too

  • Rida Vinn
    Rida Vinn 5 months ago +4

    It really is the little things you miss the most! I was unable to walk more than a few meters and needed a cane just to make it down my own hallway for 5 years, and after 8 operations and LOTS of physiotherapy I can finally walk around more and the places I missed being the most were just spots out on nature. Some places I could go in a wheelchair, but having the freedom to go there without needing to be pushed? LEGITIMATELY made me cry

  • AC1 Animates
    AC1 Animates 4 months ago +3

    Scar's happiness is just infectious!

  • I’m Magical
    I’m Magical 3 months ago +1

    I’m literally tearing up with joy rn, you just look so happy!! I’m so glad you’ve been able to do this!!!! You are so inspiring!!!!
    you’ve probably already named it but I personally think “the royal chariot” could have been a good choice XD

  • agm
    agm 3 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us! I've recently lost the ability to do some things and I totally agree that the "small" things are the most exciting. I love your Minecraft content (you killed it in double life! and you're such a talented builder!) and your IRL content. Thank you for talking about this stuff, too, it's helped me and I'm sure it's helped so many other people.

  • Aaron Orrell
    Aaron Orrell Year ago +1200

    My sister has been in a wheelchair her whole life. She rarely goes out anywhere and when she does, it's either the hospital for a doctor's visit, or school. So I understand what you're going through...a little bit... and seeing you getting all excited to move around and go outside and other places is really heartwarming. One day, I hope to see my sister as excited to do these things as you are. You're amazing and I love the content, but this definitely hit home for me

  • Douglas Mearns
    Douglas Mearns 11 months ago +3

    Hi Scar, I've only just started watching your vids after seeing you on Mumbo's hermitcraft videos and had no idea you were wheelchair-bound; great to see you get some new mobility, you seem like a very nice guy on your vids so its good to see nice things happening for you.

  • Rok_the_Crow
    Rok_the_Crow 4 months ago +3

    I'm so happy for ya Scar. I imagine it's like going back to a place ya haven't seen in years. Like I live in NC but most of my life and family is in MI. The feeling of seeing old places ya use to go to all the time is amazing. I'm just so happy ya gained this freedom again in ya life. To the makers of this, ya are amazing creators to bring such joy to people like Scar. May everyone be blessed and always have such joyful moments in their life

  • Lostboy Kaleido
    Lostboy Kaleido 5 months ago +6

    This video brought tears to my eyes, im a big cyclist myself, and watching this video and seeing the joy on your face, made me cry. Im loving these IRL videos of you Scar, hope your doing well and hope your still ripping this rig

  • The_Angel_of_Herb
    The_Angel_of_Herb 4 months ago +2

    Just had the biggest grin on my face for the whole video, such genuine joy from one of my favourite people. I'm so happy for Scar. And for the name, I think you're set with the sCAR!

  • a
    a Year ago +1040

    making scar happy = everyone’s happiness

  • -TheBanditPenguin-
    -TheBanditPenguin- 2 months ago +1

    You are a massive inspiration, keep on inspiring others and yourself, you can do anything scar. Your fans love you 😊

  • Raven
    Raven 4 months ago +6

    1 000 000 respect for Scar he's just awesome

  • Naomi Buckingham
    Naomi Buckingham 4 months ago +1

    I can just feel the joy that Scar has, and it's infectious! I feel so happy when I watch this, happy that he can do more things and do things he thought he would never be able to do again. God has blessed him!!!!
    Also, I can't wait to see videos on this. A year later, and no videos have featured this amazing contraption, but I'm hoping they will soon!

  • Lil Buddy
    Lil Buddy 9 months ago +2

    This is just the purest most wholesome thing in the world of all time. Please take us on another ride soon! Mr. Goodtimes indeed, you have no idea how inspirational you are.

  • framedragged
    framedragged Year ago +836

    It's nice to see scar cruising around more safely than he does with an elytra

    • Beanz
      Beanz Year ago +1

      LOL so wholesome

    • Bowser da Beast
      Bowser da Beast Year ago +7

      He should name it elytra or something to do with elytra like elychair

    • noahcoops
      noahcoops Year ago +9

      yeah 0 deaths

    • Only One Kenobi
      Only One Kenobi Year ago +5

      I was looking for this comment

    • Spicy Spruce
      Spicy Spruce Year ago +8

      I actually laughed so hard at this

  • thegees
    thegees Year ago +3

    scar, i only learned about you *existing* only a month or two ago, but in that time, the amount of respect i've found for you is more than anyone else's. no matter what's happened during your life you're still finding the positive in everything and that's just something i know i and many others can't do. i'm so happy that you have this device now and my eyes totally didn't water watching this video. hope everything goes well for you forever

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    Your pragmatic enthusiasm with life is beautiful to experience! You don't delude yourself to your limitations, but at the same time you seek out ways to explore life and all you can get out of it. I'm so glad to see the love and support you have from friends and family; I can assure you that they get as much joy out of helping you live your dreams as their support gives you the opportunity to do so!

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    Hammero Year ago +522

    It's almost a little bit overwhelming to see a person that has been disabled for so many years become so free and so happy because of technology and development. Also, credits to Zack and his wife that was as polite to send something they've done (it costs 5000$). This is something I think will change Scars life for a positive and that it's going to be a big leap forward for him to become more accessible to the world, nature and society.

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      We don't have a backyard
      We are on a province
      We have a little hut that not really use
      And a forest 30m away

    • bepo
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    • tockep.
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      @tockep. neuromuscular disease that results in him using a wheelchair as a mobility aid. He also requires external oxygen to breathe.

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