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[NEWS] Boxes are Being DELETED From Brawl Stars!

  • Published on Nov 30, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • KairosTime Gaming

    SUCH A BIG CHANGE!!! What is your initial impression?!

  • Braxton Cunningham

    It took me 2 years of playing before I got my first legendary. But that feeling of unlocking it for the first time will never be forgotten. RIP to those who will never have the feeling of unlocking a legendary from a box.

  • GeneralMuffinz

    You don't realise how much you miss boxes until they are actually gone.

  • Luke Pikor
    Luke Pikor  +348

    I think this change will be so risky for the devs. That feeling of getting a brawler you have seen played and wanted is so awesome. Same thing with the legendaries. Greedily I’m happy that it will be easier to get brawlers but it too bad that the feeling of randomly getting a brawler will be gone for relatively new players. For me I know that I will be getting every new non chromo on day 1 so it’s no longer special and it being easier now will be great but I’m my opinion it’s a feeling that kept me playing for some time when I hadn’t fully fallen in love with this game so I think for that reason it’s risky to take out.

  • Chameleo
    Chameleo  +17

    I can't believe they are removing brawl boxes. I thought the brawl pass update was big but this is at a whole other level! This is honestly a sad moment but also a big opportunity for brawl stars.

  • Grub Shmumber

    I’m gonna miss boxes a lot. In fact, I’m not really excited for this coming update. I get that there are reasons for this, but nothing in this update could ever match the feeling of unlocking a legendary. I still remember every detail of the morning I got Crow. Bye bye boxes. It’s been a wild ride.

  • YaBoi_Othaeron

    I think this will make it feel so much better to get legendary brawlers. Knowing you worked so hard to unlock that character will be much more satisfying than grinding for boxes just to not get what you wanted

  • Larso325
    Larso325  +593

    I think it's a really smart move from supercell. In Europe at least, more and more countries ban loot boxes from games or ban those games entirely since it promotes gambling or plays into gambling addiction. And I totally agree with your stance on that. Kind of sad to see boxes go though, it was such a core part of the game for so long. And I loved your unboxing videos, like the Leon, Amber one or the stunt vid for Stu which was epic!

  • Crepley •

    Don't usually comment but just want to say that you seem to genuinly care about your viewers. You come across as a very responsible person, especially when you talked about the gambling aspects of the game. Love your videos, keep it up!

  • Silver Potato

    Reducing the rng of unlocking new brawlers is an interesting idea. It makes the game less frustrating but also less exciting. I think the main positive of this change is being able to choose which brawler you unlock, since some players join the game wanting a single brawler, then get tons of brawlers before the one they want. My worry is that it will make the progression too linear though. The thrill of opening boxes and the joy of finally getting the brawler you want is incomparable, and that's going to be hard to replace without boxes.

  • DarkMewMew Sans

    This is an interesting thing, I always enjoyed opening boxes but I do think this is a positive and even if new players won’t experience randomly getting that legendary, it’s better in the long run because they’ll know it was hard work and dedication that got it.

  • Terracedflame

    I'm honestly scared for this update. Boxes have been all we've known since beta and no matter what supercell changed they kept boxes. However, I trust the dev team because I know they want us to enjoy the game and come back to it.

  • Elvis Wagner

    I think that the progression system getting fixed will definitely help all players

  • ricE Li
    ricE Li  +382

    I think they should give us an amount of credits based on our current progress in the trophy road or legendary chance. Might not be too effective tho, but I think it would balance out for the older players a bit more?

  • Im eveywhere…

    Honestly it going to be quite hard to say bye to brawl boxes but chance must be made sadly. Thanks kairos for immediately giving up an update and summary of every video

  • Duck
    Duck  +2

    I feel its controversial why they're turning trophy road brawlers into rare and super rare ones too. I mean they play a big part in motivating players to earn trophies. This really will be a big change

  • BedTimeSnacks

    The only thing I'm worried about, is the gold distribution. I don't know if it is just me, but I just get so sad when the next tier of the brawl pass is like 50 coins. Even at the end of the brawl pass, you only get 500 coins... I'm really hoping they are more generous with their gold distribution. Especially since they jut buffed it in boxes.

  • Isky
    Isky  +4

    What a change! I do hope it’s a good one as opening boxes tends to sometimes be tedious

  • Diamond blade

    This update persuaded me from coming back to this game! Thank you, Kairos!

  • Connor
    Connor  +181

    Although it feels weird, I feel this will be a very positive change for progression in the game. I remember my disappointment missing out on werewolf Leon because I didn’t have him unlocked after waiting for him since his release. It took me a couple years before finally getting him, but i still need to unlock multiple legendaries to this day.