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Super Human Interview 2

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • If super humans had to apply for jobs, but they were trash too
    eevee - house of memories
    oddwin - 8.16.18
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Jam-rock Rider
    Jam-rock Rider 3 years ago +42054

    Plot twist: the guy that can read his own mind can actually read everyone’s mind. Because it’s Caleb City. He is Caleb. Everyone in the city is Caleb. That’s why he’s confused.

  • Richard
    Richard 3 months ago +1355

    The last guy's ability to change anything into clothes would be so OP. If he gets shot, that'd technically be able to turn the bullet into the necklace, but the most overpowered part is that he can touch someone's head, and turn there entire noggin into clothes. He can also technically phase through walls as he automatically puts the wall on.
    That guy is litterally the strongest superhero in the world, and would be an absolute THREAT

    • David Dow
      David Dow 3 days ago

      @Cheems How would he possibly do that?

    • Jamestown Reece
      Jamestown Reece 6 days ago

      @darreionchess he may be able to turn it off and on but man with the right support equipment he’s be a top hero

    • darreionchess
      darreionchess 7 days ago +1

      Facts, and he could just WEAR a tank. I don't understand how he doesn't just WEAR the world when he walks on it though.

    • Jamestown Reece
      Jamestown Reece 12 days ago +1

      That’s some my hero academia thinking with a weak quirk but made op by training and unorthodox thinking

    • Lukas Schukraft
      Lukas Schukraft 17 days ago +1

      He could turn entire cars into armor.

  • Luke Slivinski
    Luke Slivinski 9 months ago +3400

    “I have superspeed, I can travel quicker than some cars if i want too”
    “Really? Like how fast?”
    “Well it depends on what car I’m driving”

    • Ayyy doll fiddler!
      Ayyy doll fiddler! 3 months ago +3

      That would make his nemesis The Sheikh, whose power in manipulating oil prices and massive Batman-like wealth.

    • रोज
      रोज 5 months ago +3

      @@g3nd1a His biggest weakness is the OPEC+ agreement basically

    • Kitsune Fyora
      Kitsune Fyora 6 months ago +16

      Was expecting "really? Like how fast?"
      "The moment I run, i land in the same exact spot i was in when I originally started running. I just did it now. Wanna see me do it again."

    • CG
      CG 6 months ago +6

      Underrated comment.

  • Dokkan
    Dokkan 7 months ago +1852

    Is nobody gonna point out that the mind reading dude only "discover" his power two years ago
    That means he's been living without even thinking at all until two years ago

    • Donald Darko
      Donald Darko 24 days ago +3

      He also went to an interview and had the audacity to say that he'll need 5 years to be good at his job.

    • SaHaRaSquad
      SaHaRaSquad Month ago +2

      @Ayyy doll fiddler! Also about 3% of people cannot picture things in their head. Like, they can't visualize how a drawing might look before they draw it. And many of them don't know about it because they don't know everyone else can do it. It's called aphantasia I think.

    • gurvmlk
      gurvmlk 2 months ago +7

      @R4iko So what you're saying is that you can't read minds.

    • Ayyy doll fiddler!
      Ayyy doll fiddler! 3 months ago +1

      @R4iko in my case, it's almost always both visuals & inner voice. They're mushed together that they're inseparable.

  • Kylano
    Kylano 10 months ago +1078

    The time reverse guy could actually work really well with the time loop guy. They both have drawbacks that can be time reversed by the other, letting them do pretty much whatever with time.

    • Haeters
      Haeters Month ago +2

      @WellIAmTheOne90 i mean he seemed in control of it, the moment he said "time loop" he did a time loop, just didnt remember he was in one

    • WellIAmTheOne90
      WellIAmTheOne90 2 months ago +2

      you all missing the fact that time loop guy has no control over the loops :'D

    • Steve Films
      Steve Films 3 months ago +3

      Warp guy also just has infinite healing.

    • mrSquid100
      mrSquid100 4 months ago +3

      well if he gets stuck after doing a warp the loop guy can create a loop so he's infinitely stuck in the reversing and when he's done he can intentionally reverse before he's forced to and therefore reverse the creation of the loop.
      the counterplay would be to kill the warp guy first and make sure looper doesn't activate the loop

    • Tesleem Hussein
      Tesleem Hussein 6 months ago +12

      Fluffy Bumblebee they should make all 3 characters into a comic.Maybe the 4th member slows down time.

  • DotHogs28
    DotHogs28 7 months ago +769

    Caleb: "I don't even know what we would use that for, but I wouldn't want to go against it!"
    Also Caleb *rejects bug summoners*

    • Vuelle
      Vuelle 4 months ago +12

      Big powers are not good for publicity ig

    • Cody May
      Cody May 6 months ago +42

      Dude was not a Shino fan, lol 😆

  • CalebCity
    CalebCity  4 years ago +14283

    Lowkey that clothes touch power OP, the interviewer sleep

  • ghetto Hokage
    ghetto Hokage 11 months ago +1242

    The voice cracks kills me every time 😂

  • N3_K0M-45K
    N3_K0M-45K 9 months ago +346

    Plot twist: Element of surprise guy is actually the strongest one out of everybody because he can do anything as long as it's surprising

    • Nothingness
      Nothingness 24 days ago

      Suprise! *Dies*

    • Madmango
      Madmango 26 days ago +1

      ​@shiv'em all my guy, deactivate yo power you stuck in a time loop

    • shiv'em all
      shiv'em all Month ago

      @I just wanted to comment ahhhhhh

    • shiv'em all
      shiv'em all Month ago

      @I just wanted to comment so it would kill him?

  • The Parrish Show
    The Parrish Show 3 months ago +398

    The clothes guy can active pretty useful with some creativity. He could fashion himself armor out of random scrap metal he can find.

    • Ikaros 7076
      Ikaros 7076 27 days ago +2

      He can probably beat thanos

    • Jakob Whaley
      Jakob Whaley Month ago +2

      @Roy Wempor Jesus man wtf

    • a guy with a GasMask
      a guy with a GasMask Month ago +2

      Take screws and nails out of machines to take them apart if they’re to big

    • Doom
      Doom 2 months ago +5

      could of snatched the gaunlet fr

    • Roy Wempor
      Roy Wempor 2 months ago +28

      he could literally wear his enemy dismembering their body

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 6 months ago +229

    This deserves a 3rd installment, it's been long overdue.

  • Yung Lust
    Yung Lust 3 months ago +319

    We need a pt 3

    • KJ
      KJ Month ago

      @Prince Goten 2 actually. The first one and the last one

    • SuperSentryMan
      SuperSentryMan Month ago +1


    • Ace
      Ace Month ago +2


    • Prince Goten
      Prince Goten 2 months ago +4

      @Detroit he hired one dude tho

    • Enoch Gold
      Enoch Gold 2 months ago +1

      Yessss.... PART 3!!!!

  • Brian Cannon
    Brian Cannon 3 years ago +28391

    Caleb: So what's your power?
    Caleb: *I can create entire skits with just a single actor.*

    • ♥︎Lyssa♥︎
      ♥︎Lyssa♥︎ Month ago

      I fr be forgetting that it's just one person doing all this 💀

    • definitelynotmahir
      definitelynotmahir Month ago

      Brian Cannon

    • Léa Camara
      Léa Camara 4 months ago

      Most unterrated comment ever

    • LabGoat
      LabGoat 6 months ago

      “How is that useful to anyone?”
      “Who do you think you are?”
      “Hey, look I’m not trying to be demeaning-“
      “No, I mean, who do you think you actually are?”
      “. . . .Oh sh✋t.”

    • kyel williams
      kyel williams 7 months ago

      And they actually feel like different people

  • stickdav
    stickdav 7 months ago +115

    I like how he made the first guy actually have good powers just so that the interviewer could get hyped and then lose all of that

  • Zia Ahmed
    Zia Ahmed 7 months ago +117

    Time reverse guy despite the drawback is actually insanely broken. .
    So far the drawback seems that the time he reverses is the amount of time he freezes doubled (reverses 5 seconds, becomes frozen for 10 seconds). Assuming that he can completely reverse a person's state with no restriction, this guy could literally save the lives of extremely powerful heroes. All the association needs to do is defend him while his drawback kicks in. It's also perfectly balanced. He can revive someone who died a few seconds ago with little consequences but reviving someone from 50 years ago would be a terrible drawback, also turning back someone till they were a defenseless child also would be a bad move but even people who lose important things like limbs in the heat of battle, this man can restore them in moments and be back in action.

    • Solid Zack
      Solid Zack 2 months ago +10

      Assuming the time is actually doubled and not a lot more

    • Ikaw ba 0¹0
      Ikaw ba 0¹0 4 months ago +10

      I quite agree with your comment. I do not understand why the time manipulator was not hired.

  • Agent Mr. Flame
    Agent Mr. Flame 7 months ago +56

    In 2 years Caleb is definitely going to release part 3 so he can have the read minds guy come back with full power

    • DRCricket666
      DRCricket666 2 months ago +1

      "But uh, whatever thoughts I read, I think they are my own thoughts, so I mighta robbed a bank on the way here..."

  • Danny Ram
    Danny Ram 9 months ago +145

    4:18 to wear means to have it cover him in some way which means he can phase into a house cuz its covering him, which technically counts as wearing it, so he can phase in and out of things as like as its covering him, phase through a wall into a room or he can fly by phasing into the air molecules above him

    • Jakob Whaley
      Jakob Whaley Month ago

      @James Elrick crushed instantly

    • Umbrella
      Umbrella 5 months ago +3

      Also when he touches someone it might peel their skin off.

    • Richard
      Richard 6 months ago

      @The Grob But that would require him to touch the bullets, so that wouldn't really work besides for weapons.

    • The Grob
      The Grob 6 months ago +7

      Bullets and other weapons can’t hurt him cus he’ll turn them into cosmetic items

  • Afelion
    Afelion 2 months ago +9

    Theory: Caleb really has the ability to instantly put on clothes when he touches them - which is why he is able to make these videos.

  • KsX
    KsX 3 years ago +5362

    I almost died when he said " i only have the power to read my own mind "

    • ParadoxPerson02
      ParadoxPerson02 Month ago

      I had to pause the video so I could laugh. XD

    • Jakob Whaley
      Jakob Whaley Month ago

      @Dulce1202 Herrera 1:36 is when he did that

    • RJX14
      RJX14 2 years ago

      Same lmao

    • Chickenbucket
      Chickenbucket 2 years ago +1


    • mixck
      mixck 2 years ago

      I almost cried 🤣

  • Unidentified
    Unidentified 9 months ago +93

    The clothes one could be useful in some situations, such as disarming people (turning the guns into a form of accessory), or possibly in a hostage situation (same with ropes)

    • Jakob Whaley
      Jakob Whaley Month ago

      @Richard got that ice round my neck-

    • Richard
      Richard Month ago

      @Jakob Whaley The most disrespectful form of chain.

    • Jakob Whaley
      Jakob Whaley Month ago

      @Richard wearing their dismembered head like a chain

    • Unidentified
      Unidentified 6 months ago +1

      @Richard or that, that one works too!

    • Richard
      Richard 6 months ago +2

      Tap someone's head and turn into clothing.

  • dumbozo
    dumbozo 3 months ago +60

    Cloths guy can probably be really useful if you have a bunch of cumbersome military gear or armor that takes hours to put on so he can switch to different gear mid-fight

    • SaHaRaSquad
      SaHaRaSquad Month ago +1

      He could disappear in a crowd in a fraction of a second.

  • Jovany Perez
    Jovany Perez 3 months ago +48

    “The element of surprise”💀💀💀

  • Jay Shaw
    Jay Shaw 7 months ago +15

    Watching this again years later and this is still one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. Spat out my food laughing.

  • Wretched Egg
    Wretched Egg 3 months ago +46

    Clothing dude went on to become the world's top super spy.

  • KK Shi
    KK Shi 3 years ago +32639

    Every time the door opens, im scared that the time loop guy will enter

    • That1Dude
      That1Dude 9 months ago

      Hey I'm here for the interview

    • That1Dude
      That1Dude 9 months ago


    • Unidentified
      Unidentified 9 months ago


    • That1Dude
      That1Dude 9 months ago

      Hey I'm here for the interview

    • That1Dude
      That1Dude 9 months ago

      Ok bye then

  • B F
    B F 7 months ago +10

    This guys time power is actually super sick, and the drawback makes a ton of sense. I'd love to see that in some setting with lots of single powered characters.

  • Tasty McChicken
    Tasty McChicken 11 months ago +25

    The man that could instantly wear things is insanely strong. If someone tried to shoot him he could just wear the bullet, so he would be practically invincable.

  • Blankets
    Blankets 5 months ago +8

    The guy who had the "Switch" ability was this dude's first hired client. Hope we get more clients that get hired. 😎

  • Jaxon the Okay
    Jaxon the Okay 9 months ago +22

    depending on how the element of surprise guy's power works, it could be very useful. catching the enemy off guard could certainly throw them off their game. and it looked like he mighta been able to teleport? he could maybe do anything if it's surprising or unpredictable

    • POGstache
      POGstache Month ago

      @Richard as long as he didn’t explain his abilities or lied about them he would be OP

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago +2

      @Lamppost 🦕 But he can only do it once, then his teammates will know its not suprising, so he has to be switching up his suprises constantly.

    • Lamppost 🦕
      Lamppost 🦕 6 months ago +6

      So basically it's like rule of cool, wherein the rules of reality take a backseat to facilitate coolness. But even more broken, because reality bending is in and of itself surprising

  • Martin
    Martin 10 months ago +15

    2 years and that time loop guy is still on it 😂😂😂

  • JMan
    JMan 2 years ago +4471

    Now that we've all seen this 5 times I think we can all agree it's time for a part three.

  • SuzukiK • 10,000 years ago

    “I have the power to shrink and grow”
    “Actually? We been looking for somebody like you for too long”
    “Well, I can’t really too much shrink, I can only grow, and it takes until my next birthday to get an inch or two taller”

  • Kittydemon Overkill YT
    Kittydemon Overkill YT 7 months ago +3

    Autoequip guy is actually the most useful one in the series so far.

  • Naqib Daik
    Naqib Daik 4 months ago +12

    3:25 I named this power [Insta-Equip], just like what it implies, it let the superhuman instantly equip anything that was deemed 'wearable'. Categorized under Instant Effect of Causality Manipulation Superpower Category, it is extremely powerful.
    There are several applications theorized if it mastered:
    1. Instant Regeneration, as in willingly insta-equip any living thing to augment the healing ability.
    2. Rapid Fabrication, as in willingly interrupted the insta-equip process to create something else (for example stopping a process of insta-equipping a gun and a sword, will create a gunblade).
    3. Instant Acceleration, as in using the process of Insta-equipping something (it is theorised that power allow to have a thought acceleration to allow customization on the insta-equip) to accelerate any single action in one burst.
    There are probably more application theorized, but I rest my case here.

    • Naqib Daik
      Naqib Daik Month ago +1

      @Jakob Whaley and?
      No, I'm dead serious here, and? Why should I care about your opinion honestly?
      I'm commenting that just for fun. Not for you, nor everybody else.

    • Jakob Whaley
      Jakob Whaley Month ago

      There's one thing you didn't think of
      Nobody hear has a long enough attention span to read that so everyone's gonna ignore this comment and not listen to your points

  • Opatzo
    Opatzo 7 months ago +14

    “What’s your ability?”
    “I can take away someone’s power.”
    “Oh that’s great! There’s this guys I want...”
    “But only when that person is dead.”
    “Hey I’m here for the interview”
    *gunshot fired*

  • Penguinite
    Penguinite 2 months ago +4

    This is still so funny to me 💀

  • Whammel
    Whammel 3 years ago +21679

    Leaked footage of Nick Fury trying to assemble the avengers

  • LateElf
    LateElf 5 months ago +3

    The dude that can equip anything he touches is actually a SUPER MEGA COUNTER to all machinery / robot suits / power suits and could potentially make his own power armor on the go.
    He should get a second interview.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 7 months ago +20

    3 years later and this is still the funniest crap I've seen on the internet 😂 🤣 💀 "its cold outside dawg" IM ROLLING!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Ndobe
    Daniel Ndobe 10 months ago +22

    That guy's element of surprise got me🤣

  • Mrs Pumpkin
    Mrs Pumpkin 11 months ago +8

    Dude, I’m not even joking. A few seconds before the ‘mind reader’ character came in, I muttered under my breath “a mind reader would be cool” that’s freaky, he did read my mind! He has the gift!!! After all these years…

    • Ikaw ba 0¹0
      Ikaw ba 0¹0 4 months ago

      Except mind reading is an extremely well known ability world-wide. So naturally it is not that big of a deal to want to see what Caleb makes of a "mind reader"

  • Papa Fiendish
    Papa Fiendish 9 months ago +8

    The future prediction guy and the time loop guy was genius

  • Forgetful
    Forgetful 3 years ago +19289

    lmao "I just discovered I had this like two years ago!" my man was not thinking for most of his life

    • Yung Lust
      Yung Lust 3 months ago

      I love the profile pic bruh 😂

    • All Lower Case qwert
      All Lower Case qwert 7 months ago

      I thought at least one person would mention people who don't have inner monologues or whatever it's called. i don't think it's quite the same as aphantasia either.
      for people who don't know what i'm on about the basic gist is that some people don't have that voice in their head narrating their lives, for example some people would have to read this comment out loud. please reply if you don't have that voice.

    • This account is something else
      This account is something else Year ago

      @Vy come with clear mind comes great stupidity

    • Manny Guzman
      Manny Guzman Year ago

      @Keepo IM DEAD

    • Tonio Kettner
      Tonio Kettner Year ago

      can't see a difference between this giy and 90% of people

  • Edokatsu
    Edokatsu 15 days ago +1

    He almost had 5 years to practice his mind reading ability. He should come back for the 3rd interview video.

  • Humble Yodartis
    Humble Yodartis 3 months ago +3

    “That’s a stupid drawback… your power is stupid” 😆 still gets me lol

  • Joshua Rubin
    Joshua Rubin Day ago

    The pain in that “get out” at 4:44 with the music is just too good man, get this man an Oscar already

  • Bouncer the Protogen
    Bouncer the Protogen 11 months ago +9

    The one who controlled the element of surprise was really funny, he was my favourite

  • Jonathan Reynolds
    Jonathan Reynolds 4 months ago +7

    I know I'm late to the party with things, but the guy who can touch this and instantly turn them into an article of clothing, that's a hell of a power to have. Touch a lock, boom, unlocked and fashionable to boot. Touch a person, boom, you're wearing your enemies skin.

    TOX BOX 3 years ago +23179

    Plot twist: All his rejections turn into villains

    • CCKILLER 00
      CCKILLER 00 4 months ago

      Except for Time Loop guy because he's still stuck in a timeloop

    • Cheesus Crust
      Cheesus Crust 9 months ago

      that’s not a plot twist

    • Nick Hyuga
      Nick Hyuga 9 months ago

      @Toast in Vietnam this is Caleb city, not vice City

    • Daisuke Asian Kun
      Daisuke Asian Kun 10 months ago

      @Futuza insta equip is like hitman, somehow he puts clothes of another person instantly

      INDIGO EVO 10 months ago

      @DGX 😂

  • Sean
    Sean 7 months ago +4

    Yo. That ending, the music, the comedy...thanks for sharing your brilliance of comedy and love of superheroes with us. Wishing you the best man!👊🏿✨️🥳✌🏿😁🙏🏿🤣😌🙏🏿

  • DJEQ
    DJEQ 6 months ago +4

    the way his smile faded with the second guy killed me

  • Just a shrimp
    Just a shrimp 9 months ago +11

    The putting clothes on guy could actually be really op, imagine you about to kill this guy and he touches a sword and as you are about to do the last hit you get stabbed by the sword equipped to his chest.... It's basically erza's power from fairytail except you have to touch it instead of summoning it

  • TopHatDoctor
    TopHatDoctor 5 months ago +7

    Nah last guy was actually op. Get some rocks or metal or anything in the area and he can instantly have armour. He’s safe from any weapons because he can just wear them. He’s great for stealth and undercover missions. And, he’d look good doing it all.

  • Damone Williams
    Damone Williams 17 days ago +1

    Either Caleb have clones or he is a an amazing editor how did he get behind his self

  • Goose
    Goose 2 years ago +7380

    "whats your power?"
    "I have the power to control air"
    "bro thats awesome can you demonstrate?"
    the dude: *inhales*

  • BlackWolfPhantom
    BlackWolfPhantom 3 months ago +1

    The ending was all I needed that plot twist was gold 🤣🙏🏾

  • wind waker
    wind waker 7 months ago +2

    this still has me dying 3 years later

  • Samir Dončić
    Samir Dončić 7 days ago

    I can't stop laughing, he can read his own mind omg loool

  • Amy Kiriwo
    Amy Kiriwo 9 days ago

    "wasn't even clever" while "the element of surprise" had me cackling all night

  • Zinzy
    Zinzy 6 months ago +2

    3:02 gets me everytime lmaoooo 😂😂😂

  • Kyle Davies
    Kyle Davies 3 years ago +3681

    Are we not gonna talk about how the element of surprise guy actually had a power

    • Wo! Wo!
      Wo! Wo! 5 months ago

      @Segagens lmaooo

    • Leyrua
      Leyrua 6 months ago

      @ramslak I think there was an esper like that in A Certain Scientific Accelerator. After two rounds of the guy teleporting, the main character just fired his gun behind his own back and nailed the teleporter in the leg.

    • BITTSM
      BITTSM 3 years ago

      Who else died when he said I almost punched you in the face just now lol

    • ramslak
      ramslak 3 years ago +3

      A villain wants to shoot him in the face but SURPRISE!! He's behind the villain. His power is OP.

  • Julio Santiago
    Julio Santiago 3 months ago +2

    The guy with the clothes power is totally useful as a spy or undercover agent. Train him to be an Assassin and he can change clothes in an instant thats an invaluable skill. Maybe have a scientist make him different suits for different situations and he can adapt on the fly

  • Myra B.
    Myra B. 6 months ago +1

    Came back years later, still funny like the first time.

  • Ricardo 28S
    Ricardo 28S 4 months ago +1

    Amazing ending, got me GENUINELY happy

  • That One Ubered Soldier
    That One Ubered Soldier 7 months ago +3

    I like to believe that guy actually can read minds, and he can see hid thoughts in a third person sort of deal

  • GalaxyOfReeses KIng
    GalaxyOfReeses KIng 3 months ago +26

    Imagine if clothes guy punched you, but put your face on as a sleeve. OP.

    • Criorfps
      Criorfps 10 days ago

      That’s sounds like some stand ability straight outta jojo

  • Grapple_R
    Grapple_R 2 years ago +3070

    The clothes guy is actually extremely overpowered, as long as he's wearing a holster or some sort of pocket he would be completely bulletproof and knifeproof.
    It you try to stab him he'll just wear the knife in the holster and he'll wear the bullets in his pockets.
    He could possibly telefrag a person by wearing them.

    • SoapKing
      SoapKing Month ago

      It can't be that powerful, there has to be some kind of rules.

    • Jakob Whaley
      Jakob Whaley Month ago

      @Flakken he put a cup on instantly

      WUB PRODUCTIONS 4 months ago

      If he can wear anything he “touches” does that also include projectiles, like arrows and maybe even LAZER BEAMS, imagining him wearing a lazer beam as a glove and using it to incinerate anything in his path, unless the glove just fries his hand..

    • Gia2m
      Gia2m 4 months ago

      facts cus he can do that to a super suit

    • Drifter
      Drifter 5 months ago +1

      @IAMD0ND Basically.

  • Imortal Kombat
    Imortal Kombat Month ago

    We need more of this series

  • Green Witch Inc.
    Green Witch Inc. 7 months ago +3

    Dude this is hilarious material. Great writing.🤘

  • Zebstrika83
    Zebstrika83 9 months ago +2

    That clothes guy could be really good for stealth missions tho, if he became a master of disguise

  • Midnight217
    Midnight217 19 days ago

    "It's cold outside dog."
    I felt that .🤣 😂

  • Vergil’s Motivation
    Vergil’s Motivation 5 months ago +5

    Plot twist: All the people he rejected became super villains

  • Acorn
    Acorn 2 years ago +3468

    The guy who can put on any clothes has literally infinite potential

    • mrtubakapro2
      mrtubakapro2 2 months ago

      @Doom yeh he just needs to train his physical abilities

    • Doom
      Doom 2 months ago

      could snatch up the infinity gauntlet lol

    • AlexGG-507
      AlexGG-507 2 months ago

      @ケン・マスターズ | Kentucky Fried Ken that's literally Asa Mitaka from Chainsaw Man

    • mrtubakapro2
      mrtubakapro2 2 months ago

      you can also pickpocket and even take thanos’s infinity gauntlet by touching it, he just needs the physique to do it

    • Victor Hernandez
      Victor Hernandez 2 months ago

      He be good at stealth missions

  • Nobody Gaming
    Nobody Gaming 11 months ago +5

    Honestly the one skit with the Power to instantly put on clothes would be epic, think about it, he could turn a solo cup into an armband and said it did not have to be clothes, so any material they want can be apart of the Wardrobe, meaning if learned how to control, touching an armored trucked with the visual of it being like Armor could make the person pretty bullet proof, if power is powerful then maybe turn bullets shot at them into rings or other jewelry, I mean c'mon, wouldn't that mean any locked door could not stop them, any valuable materials could be collected by them in an instant.
    And even if it were just clothing, the person with the power would just need to wear a poncho or trench coat and could literally take the clothes off of anyone, including their wallet and all it would look to the people is clothes disappearing off victim and since covered by poncho/ trench coat, no one would see the one with the power wearing the acquired clothing, this would be great for quick retrieval jobs, get rich quick thefts or easy undressing of someone to see them nude if villain or for revenge, so again power seems legit.

  • Soncic
    Soncic Month ago

    the guy who can turn everything into a suit of armor is so op. all we have to do is just throw a bunch of metal on him and he'd be an unstoppable force

  • Totally_Neirda
    Totally_Neirda 2 months ago +4

    Best Situations for the heroes
    Switch - Trapped in cage
    Mind Reader - Philosophy Classes
    Time Warp - Reverse someone's death
    Suprise Guy - Easily scared villain & breaking and entering
    Clothes- can turn weapons into clothes so they don't get hurt and can use the weapon
    Future Vision - Predictions

  • Bat Vader
    Bat Vader 7 months ago +2

    I saw the second surprise coming but still laughed 🤣

  • Tabootrinket
    Tabootrinket 6 months ago +1

    If it was a manga, the power to wear anything could actually become super overpowered.
    Like imagine he can wear cars, or tanks or building. The power doesn't seem to just turn everything into clothes by touch, but it seems to actually alter them enough to become wearable.
    So theoretically, he could turn a tank into a gundam. He could even mix and match stuff up by stacking them on him.
    He could wear the Earth

  • The Church of Jim
    The Church of Jim 3 years ago +16100

    jokes on him, 5 years later the mind reader became one of the most powerful villains in history

  • Gusnel Joseph
    Gusnel Joseph 10 months ago +5

    This man said he can read minds..
    When the interviewer asked him if he could read his mind..
    This man replied, "I can only read my own mind!"😂😂im dead💀💀

  • bigheartninja
    bigheartninja 7 months ago +1

    Caleb please 😭it has been years , give us a part 3

  • Master M
    Master M Month ago

    Legit thought the guy who could manipulate the element of surprise was going to surprise us in the end.

  • Hakeem Shaffi
    Hakeem Shaffi 9 months ago

    Bro, I died from laughing through this entire video, I cannot stop laughing crying from laughing so hard.

  • Super Xiphias
    Super Xiphias 7 months ago

    The guy who can put on anything as clothes could be a really good person to disguise

  • GrimTastic
    GrimTastic 2 years ago +7330

    "So whats you superpower?"
    "Yeah i can make clones of myself"
    "Huh, thats pretty cool-"
    "But only when im in front of a mirror"

    • CADEL
      CADEL 11 months ago


    • thatyoungdude
      thatyoungdude 11 months ago

      But only when I use shadow clone jutsu

    • Adam Paradise
      Adam Paradise 11 months ago

      I can go invisible, but only when nobodies looking. Also it helps if I'm in pitch darkness.

    • Tayvin Anderson
      Tayvin Anderson Year ago


    • rubix master
      rubix master Year ago

      @Zaddy Long legs stand infront of a very reflective window in the burj khalifa, boom a whole skyscraper down.

  • Remy
    Remy 5 months ago

    Lowkey ghe clothes guy power is legit. If he can put things that aren't meant to be clothing instantly then he could have armor or a weapon instantly depending on what he grabs.

  • KURO K1SH1
    KURO K1SH1 7 months ago +11

    Ayo ngl being able to equip clothing instantly or even anything. It's extremely useful when applied correctly. Imagine how effective you'd be as a grunt by being able to equip all your gear instantly. Your armor gets shredded, you throw it off and slap on a new set instantly.
    Tony makes an iron man suit. You can get into it instantly. It has a lot of potential. Just needs the right person to use it.

    • Richard
      Richard 6 months ago

      Or even worse, just tap someone and turn there head into elbow and knee pads.

    • DragonEdge10
      DragonEdge10 6 months ago +1

      I mean, if he can equip a cup without any damage to himself, what's to say he can't just equip any weapon or projectile that comes at him? Literally unkillable unless it's direct hand to hand, and even then if we're lax with the rules he might be able to "equip" the limb leave the opponent with a stump lol.

  • Jeeper Games
    Jeeper Games 5 months ago

    I find it funny that the “element of surprise” guy can actually teleport

  • R E.
    R E. 4 months ago

    The mind reader knocked me out 😂😂😂😂

  • Noah Rice
    Noah Rice 9 months ago +2

    Love that ending, the first one was hilarious too!

  • Sigmund Trutt
    Sigmund Trutt 3 years ago +1581

    That dude who can instantly put on anything is actually broken. Imagine being shot by a bullet, but since you instantly put it on the potential harm is mitigated.

    • MagicRainbowKitties
      MagicRainbowKitties 5 months ago

      He turns the bullets into bling XD

    • Konstantine
      Konstantine 6 months ago

      @Torrey Whiting maybe like those qurirky white boys with bullet necklaces

    • Myria83
      Myria83 7 months ago

      He could go undercover or easily disappear when he's chased.. LOL

    • Bruh Sauce
      Bruh Sauce 7 months ago

      gordon freeman got that dudes powers

    • StealthysWrld
      StealthysWrld 8 months ago

      ABSOLUTE FACTS MANS GOATED ASF.. This would be the Best Hitman honestly...

  • wanderer
    wanderer 9 months ago

    The controlling element bit was hilarious 😆

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black 6 months ago

    The instant clothes power could be *very useful* actually.
    If he's undercover, chasing a suspect and they want to stay incognito without raising suspiscion they could just go into an alley and swap clothes on the fly, including hats, maybe masks depending on the location.

  • RRBcrafter Games
    RRBcrafter Games 2 months ago +1

    Y am I actually happy the first guy got the job 😂

  • Black Spirit
    Black Spirit 11 months ago

    holy shit how is this guy so good, make a whole tv series, with story line and shit.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 7 months ago

    The element of surprise is cracking me up!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Hydro -gen
    Hydro -gen 2 years ago +2812

    I’m just saying infinity war would be way easier if the guy who can put on anything he touched was there.

    • Fatterlink
      Fatterlink 2 months ago

      he would die because he’s too weak to possess the gauntlet’s power

    • Max Riley
      Max Riley 2 months ago +1

      Take your enemies by surprise by immediately stripping them upon contact

    • Richard
      Richard 6 months ago

      Just touch thanos's gauntlet, or even worse, touch thanos himself and wear thanos.

    • Hank Phạm
      Hank Phạm 8 months ago

      haha really cool 🤣

    • thegeekfanatic
      thegeekfanatic 2 years ago

      @FreezeFun He'd Have to survive wearing it first.

  • John Crowley
    John Crowley 6 months ago

    "Oohhh I'm about to throw up!" Killed me.😂😂😂

  • Silvy And Pals!
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  • McnicholsRaised
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    Forever will be a classic I’ll come back to