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Christian Pulisic & Ben Chilwell of Chelsea FC on Fave World Cup Moments & Best Rappers | GOAT Talk

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • It’s USA vs. England! On the eve of a new Premier League campaign, Chelsea teammates (@chelseatv) Christian Pulisic & Ben Chilwell name their GOAT hype song, goal celebrations, sneakers, and-in advance of the 2022 World Cup-their favorite WC memories. This is GOAT Talk, a show where we ask today’s greats to crown their all-time greats.
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  • Complex
    Complex  Year ago +128

    Which team is going to win the Premier League?

    • fatharah gals
      fatharah gals Year ago +28

      Chelsea absolutely

    • cumi_🤤
      cumi_🤤 Year ago +3

      Prob man city

    • CFCvideos 1905
      CFCvideos 1905 Year ago +14

      As a chelsea fan it’s obviously Man City

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User Year ago +8


    • Jay Dubs
      Jay Dubs Year ago +1

      City or liverpool is my guess. Chelsea making some good moves though I wouldn’t count them out to upset some people and make a push for 2d place

  • Chelsea Football Club
    Chelsea Football Club Year ago +844

    Here for the bangers and mash chat! 😂 💙

    • JD4fifa
      JD4fifa Year ago +3

      admin what's your favourite? 🤌👀

    • Abdulmutallab Ali
      Abdulmutallab Ali Year ago +5

      Shush man
      Go make some cucurella comp

    • litaz
      litaz Year ago +5

      Announce fofana, frenkie de jong, cucurella

    • Madeeha Mahmood
      Madeeha Mahmood Year ago +1

      i love the admin man its jokes

    • Sky Shooter
      Sky Shooter Year ago

      Big up fam!

  • Johan Falk
    Johan Falk Year ago +487

    Not a Chelsea fan but everyone on their team seems cool and down-to-earth. No divas.

    • Pranav
      Pranav Year ago +6


    • Chris Ruiz
      Chris Ruiz Year ago +51

      You kinda right, but Lakaka was a cancer

    • ZombyTY
      ZombyTY Year ago +13

      Lukaku was a different breed of diva. Really humble players on the team now

    • Sans3go3
      Sans3go3 Year ago

      It's because no one on their team is safe from tuchel shoddy tactics and quick transfer

    • kg
      kg Year ago +6

      @Sans3go3 shoddy tactics that won the champions league?

  • Jennifer MS
    Jennifer MS Year ago +725

    I’m a simple person. I see Christian Pulisic, I click.

  • Photo GPS
    Photo GPS Year ago +389

    Todd already having us on complex, this is crazy 😭🤝 we're in good hands

  • Jess
    Jess Year ago +67

    These two are just an amazing duo 💙

  • Jay Dubs
    Jay Dubs Year ago +316

    Chilwell honestly needs a part time gig at complex lol. The guys into rap, clothes, sneakers, and already an established pro athlete. Get this man to do some writing for complex lol him and chalobah could have a nice discussion piece about fashion among footballers both of them seem to be very into the current trends

    • Serge Ruffles
      Serge Ruffles Year ago +9

      he thought fleetwood mac were country

    • Jay Dubs
      Jay Dubs Year ago

      @Serge Ruffles cause he doesn’t know any country artists lol just heard of them on TikTok like Everyone else his age

    • MM02
      MM02 Year ago +2

      @Serge Ruffles well for one he’s English so he wouldn’t know, and country is garbage regardless (modern country music at least)

    • Jon E Depth
      Jon E Depth Year ago +1

      @MM02 Fleetwood Mac were huge in England, plus most of the members are English.

    • MM02
      MM02 Year ago +2

      @Jon E Depth well they’re also like 25 years old and Fleetwood Mac are an old band that were big in the 60s and 70s. Most people under the age of 30 have probably never heard of them

  • Kay-DC
    Kay-DC Year ago +74

    Both of these guys are characters, love them both

  • BooBoo
    BooBoo Year ago +40

    i knew it i knew Christian would say Kante. he used to answer like that at some previous interviews, now i see Christian really respects Kante. i love both ♥

  • Catie Harper
    Catie Harper Year ago +98

    I’ve never felt so personally attacked by someone I don’t know than I did today listening to like 50% of Chilwell’s responses

    • Adam GT40
      Adam GT40 Year ago


    • Johan Falk
      Johan Falk Year ago +5

      Maybe it’s his age. Not knowing who Dempsey is seems odd and almost like he’s trolling.

    • A220
      A220 Year ago


  • JC Vega
    JC Vega Year ago +58

    I would’ve never thought ben would mention Freestyle as his hype song… that’s the national anthem 💫

    • Noel Bravo
      Noel Bravo Year ago

      on God 😭

    • Marquinhos
      Marquinhos Year ago +2

      I came for this comment, blew my mind bruh 😂

  • Mr. Treinen
    Mr. Treinen Year ago +4

    My dad is American, mom is Mexican i root for Mexico when in comes to US vs Mexico, I actually didnt care for pulisic but after seeing this man, the guy is so chill, it reminds me of my best friend who is from the south, super chill and Ben wow, great energy and seems like a nice fun fella. Excellent video!

  • Trey C
    Trey C Year ago +7

    Love these guys, thanks for putting this together

  • Reyna Murillo
    Reyna Murillo Year ago +7

    That game vs Watford was the first one that I saw of Chilly, I fall in love with him durning pandemic and saw football return with that Watford vs Leicester and this incredible goal was massive. 🤍 Very good memories.

  • P Sesh
    P Sesh Year ago +160

    Chilwell should remember. That landon donovan goal gave the USA the group win and england finished second place as a result.

    • Cody
      Cody Year ago +20

      Also surprised he doesn't remember Dempsey. He was amazing for a few years at Fulham I believe he had almost 20 goals one season.

    • Elizabeth Thompson
      Elizabeth Thompson Year ago +12

      @Cody Yeah him saying he didn't know who Clint Dempsey was made me think he was either joking or trying to trigger Christian about both of them.

    • P Sesh
      P Sesh Year ago +4

      @Elizabeth Thompson yeah I think he was trolling and trying to trigger Christian

    • Justlooking
      Justlooking Year ago

      @P Sesh Yeah Chilwell is definitely a joker. Him, Jorginho and Mason Mount are always joking around.

    • Justlooking
      Justlooking Year ago +2

      @Cody He probably just didn’t know his name. I don’t remember the name of everyone who scores for another nation.

  • Adrian
    Adrian Year ago +18

    watching them play it's easy to forget how young these guys are. they're still pretty much just kids. wow. hope they do good v everton today

  • dxfault
    dxfault Year ago +43

    the one and only "lebron james of soccer" has graced us with his presence

  • 4bigface
    4bigface Year ago +24

    this was super interesting! learned a lot about the both of them hahaha

  • Kellen
    Kellen Year ago +172

    Ben not knowing landon really hurt Christian

    • Payton Hayes
      Payton Hayes 9 months ago +1

      What do you mean by that?

    • Kellen
      Kellen 9 months ago

      @Payton Hayes Ben chilwell didn't know who landon Donavon was. Christian pulisic seemed upset by this, no?

  • CFCvideos 1905
    CFCvideos 1905 Year ago +61

    2 champions league winning legends of the club

    • Culzahs
      Culzahs Year ago +6


    • SergioSkywalker _
      SergioSkywalker _ Year ago

      @Culzahs 2 ucl in club history; automatic

    • Culzahs
      Culzahs Year ago +2

      @SergioSkywalker _ saying puli and chilwell are club legends are disrespecting the actual legends

    • SergioSkywalker _
      SergioSkywalker _ Year ago

      @Culzahs like who? Lmapard? Zola? Terry? Osgood? Hazard? All legends! but there’s a special place for those who have won a European championship. Especially when they are young. Not legends yet, but they are heading there.

    • Culzahs
      Culzahs Year ago

      @SergioSkywalker _ so you are saying players like ryan betrand and bosingwa are legends too??

  • Solomon Junior
    Solomon Junior 10 months ago

    Really great show. Fun to watch... quick recovery chilli

  • Danyx232323
    Danyx232323 Month ago +1

    4:11 It's funny Pulisic was talking about italian restaurants as his favorite spots and now he's in Milan!

  • Jack McGivern
    Jack McGivern Year ago +6

    I love Dempsey, but the fact is CP is already the best and most accomplished American football player ever

    • Jackie D
      Jackie D Year ago

      Probably but Christian needs a couple World Cup goals first to really push it over the edge.

    • Wes
      Wes Year ago

      ill agree once he scores 20 goals in the prem in 1 season... not yet

  • Evan Mackey
    Evan Mackey Year ago +39

    Such a wholesome friendship

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C Year ago +11

    Pulisic with the ‘stang listening to country on the way to Stamford Bridge 🇺🇸 🔥 keepin us proud

  • Tahir
    Tahir 9 months ago

    Fair play to Pulisic for sticking up for his brand Puma 😂

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith Year ago +3

    Chillwell just gained my ultimate respect as soon as he mentioned Wanye Rooney

  • Rj
    Rj Year ago +12

    Pulisic picking Dempsey over Donovan just put him in GOAT conversations for sure.

  • Giovanni Martian
    Giovanni Martian Year ago +29

    For me Clint Dempsey is also the goat from USA.

  • Ashen_BA-Pillman
    Ashen_BA-Pillman Year ago +75

    Pulisic calling in & out overrated makes me happy as a Texan

    • skinnymon123
      skinnymon123 Year ago +7

      Im a texan and whataburger is overrated imo

    • USA Rugby League & Union Fan
      USA Rugby League & Union Fan Year ago

      I live in LA area. I’d take White Castle any day of the week. 🏰

    • Ashen_BA-Pillman
      Ashen_BA-Pillman Year ago +2

      @skinnymon123 you’re probably not from Texas or I assume you went once or twice in your life 😂

    • skinnymon123
      skinnymon123 Year ago

      @Ashen_BA-Pillman been here 24 yrs and to many whata across the state😂 its always inconsistent and greasy af

    • Adam GT40
      Adam GT40 Year ago

      Whataburger definitely Better

  • Connor Schauf
    Connor Schauf Year ago +12

    Chilwell not knowing Landon Donovan is so funny

    • Alfred Ogedengbe
      Alfred Ogedengbe Year ago

      Cause ngl outside America hes just another guy

    • Connor Schauf
      Connor Schauf Year ago

      @Alfred Ogedengbe I was more pointing it out because I hate Landon Donovan ha

    • Twenty-2
      Twenty-2 11 months ago +2

      Americans don’t know Ben so it goes both ways

    • Connor Schauf
      Connor Schauf 11 months ago +2

      @Twenty-2 If you watch footy, you know him

  • Tony49
    Tony49 Year ago +36

    People ain’t ready for team USA in 2026 😮‍💨🔥🇺🇸⚽️

    • KV
      KV Year ago +2

      Compared to Spain France Brazil Germany England the young talent isn’t that impressive

  • Derek Lusk
    Derek Lusk Year ago +77

    "You ever have Ritz crackers?"
    Ben- *shakes head*
    "That's a shame"

    • Delboy0
      Delboy0 Year ago +2

      What is hilarious is Ritz crackers have been in the UK since the 1970s, so I am shocked Ben has never heard of them. But he is right they are not nice.

    • Mike
      Mike Year ago +3

      "They sound dreadful" LOL

  • Adam GT40
    Adam GT40 Year ago +11

    Pulisic giving double shot out to Mr.Frank Lampard

  • Allan Mason
    Allan Mason Year ago +2

    He really doesn't know Donovan wow, that 2010 world cup was my favorite. Dempsey, Howard, Bradley, Altidore. Bradley had a good squad.

  • Byron Duran
    Byron Duran Year ago +6

    Ben seems so chill lol

  • Cal Carr
    Cal Carr Year ago +2

    I see Pulisic im watching but Chilwell was very entertaining as well 😂

  • Beerika JN
    Beerika JN Year ago +9

    Pulisic and I should be together lol we have similar interests and love the same things 😂😂

  • Chano Rinaldy
    Chano Rinaldy Year ago +10

    08:18 Ben Chilwell: “I always supported Man U (Manchester United) growing up, so probably for me it’d be Wayne Rooney”

  • Brooke
    Brooke Year ago

    Super cool to have them on!

  • Ruben Hernandez
    Ruben Hernandez Year ago +4

    Would watch a segment called “Chilled out with Chilwell” and have different footballers to interview.

  • Julliane
    Julliane Year ago +14

    christian probably listens to taylor swift’s debut and fearless album and I wouldn’t even complain

  • Benny Blanco From The Bronx

    It’s fitting these 2 are during this interview. It’s because they’re available because they’re always injured & never on the pitch!!

  • Tigrefangs
    Tigrefangs Year ago +2

    Pulisic saying 2014 Forest Hills Drive surprised me

  • Ben Alexander
    Ben Alexander Year ago +4

    Shoutout chilwell for saying freestyle as his goat pump up song

  • Karthik Kamath
    Karthik Kamath Year ago +1

    Chilly loves Interstellar! Now that's two Chelsea left wing backs who have a taste for the movie - the other was Filipe Luis

  • Roxanne Thompson
    Roxanne Thompson Year ago +7

    *Goat football manager * chilly “be careful, we have a game on the weekend” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Radioradio
    Radioradio Year ago +5

    Pulisic the greatest SOCCER player ever

  • Rohan FC
    Rohan FC Year ago +3

    ballers on and off the pitch

  • nickthearmenian1992
    nickthearmenian1992 Year ago +2

    Pulisic is the best American that we’ve ever produced. Dempsey and Donovan are behind him. Donovan ruined his legendary status with how cocky he was. Boy needed to sit down and shut up.

  • OTCyberSecurity
    OTCyberSecurity Year ago +3

    I refuse to believe Ben C. doesn’t know who Landon Donovan is 🤯

  • Aoki Jannick
    Aoki Jannick Year ago +11

    I lost it when pulisic mentioned berbalter as goat manager

    • Tony Giancoli
      Tony Giancoli Year ago +4

      Don't you put that evil on him, Ricky Bobby!

  • jiggyintrovert
    jiggyintrovert Year ago

    i knew ben chilwell was one of my favorite chelsea boys and his favorite brand is stussy😭

  • Ben M
    Ben M Year ago +25

    Every interview I watch with Pulisic makes me think he truly hates England

    • MF JOSH
      MF JOSH Year ago +1

      🤣 why is that ?

    • godskisonsunday
      godskisonsunday Year ago +1

      nah, England is where he gets to play with N'Golo Kante!

  • Cubicly
    Cubicly Year ago

    Was hoping chilwell was going to say Miazga when referring to an American Chelsea player lol

  • Max Prodigy
    Max Prodigy Year ago +5

    2014 Forest Hill Drive ❤
    I love that album too!

  • Jesus Robles
    Jesus Robles Year ago

    More Chelsea FC x Complex content pls

  • Stephen Tanquary
    Stephen Tanquary Year ago +2

    Bro Chilly not even knowing who Landon Donovan is 😂

  • G
    G Year ago +1

    How does chilwell not know Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey lol, some people don’t even know the real American goat in the premier league was Brian Mcbride who played for Fulham in the 2000s

    • Wes
      Wes Year ago

      because he isn't american

  • Glenda
    Glenda Year ago +2

    Does Ben not know anything about America? 😂😂

  • amy b
    amy b Year ago +1

    I love these guys both so much, Pulisic is so cute

  • Zerainy
    Zerainy Year ago +1

    Chille is a sneaker head

  • Get me to 5k subs before 2022

    The Lebron James of football 🤩🤩😭

  • Coreydon 70
    Coreydon 70 Year ago +3

    Chilwell really doesn't know who Landon Donovan is 🤣

  • Tshepo Rabosiwana
    Tshepo Rabosiwana Year ago +11

    Y’all didn’t ask the question we all wanted to know… “Goat Footballer”.

    • Marin
      Marin Year ago

      They both said Messi in previous interviews

  • william holofchak
    william holofchak 6 months ago

    Chilly saying channel orange really surprised me. GOAT album

  • Ni B
    Ni B Year ago +2

    Love Chilly even more after he picked the Office

  • Kel Robbins
    Kel Robbins Year ago +6

    Favorite answers:
    Interstellar ✅
    Country Music 😮
    Jarring and Jolly Up 😂

  • Emmanuel oyekanmi
    Emmanuel oyekanmi Year ago +1

    Fact that ben is always curious about CP's choices are like they don't hang out that much......LOl

  • Demetrius Kaisharis
    Demetrius Kaisharis Year ago +6

    My dude said Fleetwood Mac 😂😂

  • Davis Dickey
    Davis Dickey Year ago +3

    The fact chilly doesn’t know Landon Donavan is wow…

  • Chris Vergara
    Chris Vergara Year ago

    When Pulisic scores it's a rare occasion.


    In n Out not overrated!

  • King Kobra
    King Kobra Year ago +125

    Mann whoever sees this, I know life maybe hard sometimes but I wish you nothing but the best! Good thing and happiness will flood your life very soon. Keep working!🤞🏽❤️‍🔥

    • KMax 246
      KMax 246 Year ago +1

      And don't forget also even more importantly that Pressure and Pain out now on all digital platforms brev

    • I skipped leg day
      I skipped leg day Year ago

      Thank you. Honestly, July has been truly horrible and unlucky. Not the summer I was expecting but I'll see what this month brings. 🤞

  • Muhammad RaihanT
    Muhammad RaihanT Year ago +8

    7:11 Everyone loves kante 🙌

  • aliceninelovegazette

    christian sounds like a shy guy. dont forget to buy ben your delicious crackers 🤣🤣

  • Wadih Nassif
    Wadih Nassif Year ago +1

    how does chilly not know donovan and dempsey they were established premier league players

    • Wes
      Wes Year ago

      2 short loans to everton makes donovan an established prem player?

  • Sam Siam TV
    Sam Siam TV Year ago

    Chilly and the american accent is great. Cheers mate.

  • Henry McCullers
    Henry McCullers Year ago +1

    How did christian not say his celebration against mexico

  • il capitano
    il capitano Year ago +2

    Cant wait for Tuchel to point out to Lamps and told Christian 'thats your daddy'.

  • Sam Mcpartland
    Sam Mcpartland Year ago +2

    Tim Howard is the best us player

  • Ryan Chandler
    Ryan Chandler Year ago

    British food is dust, Palace is dope, & Christian is the man

  • Freya Luncan
    Freya Luncan Year ago

    Love this two

  • Amber Pearce
    Amber Pearce Year ago

    Anyone know what trainers pulisic is wearing?!?! Im desperate 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Aurelio Valdez
    Aurelio Valdez Year ago +3

    Who would remember that goal from donnavan?

  • Amaradona75
    Amaradona75 Year ago

    Americans talking about football is always Funny 😂 he is suprised that donovan is no one in our sport away from us 😂

  • Keenan Cerff
    Keenan Cerff Year ago +12

    @christianpulisic should be on hot ones (the wings show)

  • Keano2020
    Keano2020 Year ago

    chillwell said he doesnt know who landon is? I hate him instantly LOL

  • Kyle Mangelson
    Kyle Mangelson Year ago +1

    What shoes is Pulisic wearing?

  • Michael Carrig
    Michael Carrig Year ago +3

    Nando’s exists in Chicago and is fire.

    • Derrick
      Derrick Year ago +4

      What's the name of the MLS team in Chicago????? Chicago fire 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CornerTakenQuicklyORIGI

    Funny how Americas best footballer is a bench warmer at Chelsea

    • Eugene Sr
      Eugene Sr Year ago +9

      dont doubt the lebron james of soccer, hes better than messi

    • Jared Medina
      Jared Medina Year ago +7

      Yank here, Christian Pulisic will always be the best player on the Chelsea London Blue Lions, your brits have no idea what high level of a player PuliGOAT is.

    • Curtis Warren
      Curtis Warren Year ago +8

      He should start you bozo Pulisic is a stud

    • Luke Young
      Luke Young Year ago +4

      pulisic: *laughs in millions*

    • Barry 🇮🇪
      Barry 🇮🇪 Year ago

      And someone who can’t get on the bench for Ireland (Ebosele) put him in his pocket in our last friendly

  • Timee Ak
    Timee Ak Year ago +1

    Is it me. They could almost pass as brothers.

  • Brittany w
    Brittany w Year ago +26

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    • Jordan Ford
      Jordan Ford Year ago

      He's on Telegram 👇

  • Diego Castro
    Diego Castro Year ago

    Ok but where can we get those shirts chilly and pulisic are wearing 🤨