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1883 Meat Slicer Restoration - Tucker & Dorsey Edition

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • In this video I restored a meat slicer from 1883 - Tucker & Dorsey Mfg. Co. Indianapolis .
    Short infos about restoration:
    I started the restoration by disassembling this slicer. I immediately noticed that some parts were not original, some wooden parts could be restored, while others had to be rebuilt. I tried to preserve the originality of the product so that the restoration does not spoil its value and shape. Most of the metal parts, although they were in a degraded state and full of rust, I was able to restore them successfully. The main metal part, where the company logo is also inscribed, was painted gold and the part in direct contact with the food was chromed. I did not like this idea of chrome and food. After some searches on google I noticed that the company produced these slicers in several colors available at that time. They were: white, black, cream, yellow and full chrome. So for this restoration I opted for the yellow color because the contrast between the restored wooden parts and this color has a pleasant effect.
    Short infos about company :
    William H. Tucker fought at a number of important battles during the American Civil War and by some accounts attained the rank of General. Afterwards, he began selling "Tucker Alarm Tills" which incorporated a bell that rang whenever the till was opened. The device was based on several patents that had been issued to his father. He was eventually joined in this enterprise by Robert Dorsey of the hardware firm Dorsey & Layman of Indianapolis, Indiana. Together, they founded the Tucker & Dorsey Manufacturing Company in 1865. They eventually branched out into hardware and woodenware specialities, making more than thirty different kinds of goods and over 200 different specialties including cabbage slicers (more colloquially known as "kraut cutters"), mop wringers, towel rollers, clothes hangers and coat racks. Quality was high enough that Pullman coaches were outfitted with T&D coat racks, as were a number of prestigious hotels in North America and Europe. They also made factory trucks and carts, using parts from their other enterprise, The Phoenix Caster Company. At their height, they employed over 100 workers and exported one-eight of their production to foreign markets. In spite of his wealth, Tucker himself led a tragic life. He lost a brother, two sisters and his wife. In 1893, a horse he intended to trade got out of control during a training session. Tucker attempted to jump out of the buggy but got tangled in the lap robe and lines, and was dragged along the roadway, tearing the skin from his face and almost severing his nose. Suffering from depression, in September 1898 he arrived at the office early in the morning, took out the revolver left in a desk for the night watchman, and shot himself just below the heart. Apparently not satisfied with the result, he then shot himself again, this time in the right temple. He was only 54. He left behind a 15-year-old daughter, Willanetta. I can't find any record of how she got on after this tragedy. The company itself seems to have endured until 1977.
    Hope you will enjoy the video ! Cheers !
    #antiqueslicer #antiquemeatslicer #meatslicerrestoration

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  • Cool Again Restoration
    Cool Again Restoration  3 months ago +162

    I hope you'll enjoy the video and for any questions just leave comments ! I will reply to all ! cheers, David

    • Maria Olivares
      Maria Olivares 2 days ago

      ​@alex londra 😅

    • toaster4858
      toaster4858 2 months ago

      What's the oldest item you restored? And why did you start restoring things?

    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  2 months ago

      It is just for display now and I want to last more years .

    • Paradox
      Paradox 2 months ago

      Seeing as this is gone be used for food. I can't help but wonder if it would not have been better to use a oil to treat the wood instead of varnish and staining it. Like nearly all wood cutting boards. Still will eventually leave varnish particles on the meat.

    • shadow stalk
      shadow stalk 2 months ago +1

      Thanks for not being slow.. to many restoration channels where they are just soooo sloooww and wanna shooww every last bit of rust on every bolt they pull out and just moove like a sloth cant stand it.. feels like a clear eye for dry eye commercial watching some of these people.. but this was straight to the point it looks like crap lets not make it look like that anymore..good video!

  • william kendall
    william kendall 3 months ago +565

    Very nice job. I'm impressed that you went for the full restoration. A lot of times I see equipment that is meant for food contact being restored with non-food safe finishes. After all "it's only meant for display". A true restoration restores the complete functionality of the object, including being able to use it for the original purpose. Fantastic work.

    • Candor Perlicious
      Candor Perlicious Month ago +3

      I agree. It's a very nice job well done. The ONLY thing I didn't like, and wish they didn't do, is to remove the tiny imperfections left over from the casting process. To me that is part of the appeal of the item. If it's not something that prevents it from working, I say leave it alone. Items of that era weren't perfectly produced and part of its history. Other than that I'm glad to see someone doing this because some of these older items are just works of art in themselves and have a nice old world charm to them.

    • Otame
      Otame Month ago +2

      @Donald Degen they also used to tell smoking is good for pregnant woman

    • barry
      barry 2 months ago +11

      @Matthew Matthewq there's always one.

    • Matthew Matthewq
      Matthew Matthewq 2 months ago

      ​@Cool Again Restoration It was not chromed it was nickel plated. Nickle plating is food safe and approved by the FDA. Nickle plating is used to this day for equipment that is in contact with food. . Not sure why you did not replate the stuff you powder coated it would have looked much better than that ugly yellow, and more original.

  • Demir Tulgay
    Demir Tulgay 3 months ago +200

    This guy even saved our eyes
    True talent ❤️

    • Rio Punk
      Rio Punk 19 days ago +3

      ​@Cool Again Restoration I really appreciate it. I usually watch these videos at night in bed so not being blinded by bright light is a positive for me.

    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  25 days ago

      What is annoying?

    • Sam Sheffer
      Sam Sheffer 25 days ago

      ​@Cool Again Restoration you don't have to do that though, it's rather annoying.

    • Sam Sheffer
      Sam Sheffer 25 days ago

      This is unneeded though.

    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  3 months ago +8

      Thanks Demir 😊

  • Mister Odd Jobs
    Mister Odd Jobs 3 months ago +272

    I see several masterpieces here. The filming, the editing, the slicer, and the sandwich. Great stuff 👏 👍

    • Winjin
      Winjin 2 months ago

      @Kata Seiko surely you mean the wire cutter from a couple months back) Also, in CIS and Finland (at the very least, probably elsewhere too) they sell pre-sliced cheese - and it's like, completely normal cheese, not something that's only resembling cheese. Young New Zealand Cheddar looks like this.

    • Winjin
      Winjin 2 months ago

      Was only missing some pickles or lettuce imo, I just love crunchy greens with my meats and cheeses!

    • Kata Seiko
      Kata Seiko 2 months ago +2

      @davedave I think that stuff can't be legally called "cheese". It's "cheese-like sandwich spread" or something like that. And I'm disappointed that it wasn't cheese cut from a block with that nice new slicer.

    • Phil
      Phil 2 months ago +2

      @Papa P thought I was tripping

    • Papa P
      Papa P 3 months ago +4

      you forgot the mickey mouse

  • WeKnowEDKH
    WeKnowEDKH 3 months ago +75

    Thank you for restoring “old” things. Not only do you bring them back to life, and give them a second chance, but you make them better than when they were originally manufactured. You have great talent! Thank you for letting the world see what you’re capable of doing. You have a gift.

  • Panic At The Arson
    Panic At The Arson 27 days ago +6

    I love these videos they are incredibly soothing and just plain awesome. I love the amount of work you put into each restoration. Not only do you bring it back from the dead but you give it life it never had before. You put love into every piece and make it absolutely gorgeous.

  • J. L. Emerson
    J. L. Emerson 3 months ago +105

    I personally don't like the color paint you chose, but my mother would have loved it. She always decorated her kitchen with sunny yellows & bright reds. She would have approved. 👍

    • capers72424
      capers72424 2 months ago +1

      @Mxn0Chr0maXiC we are all allowed our peeves!

    • Mxn0Chr0maXiC
      Mxn0Chr0maXiC 2 months ago +4

      @capers72424 And MY pet peeve is when people are jerks for no reason. Grow up.

    • Spencer Bryan
      Spencer Bryan 2 months ago +1

      @capers72424 literally that's my same peeve

    • we will try
      we will try 2 months ago

      Mmm my mom mostly focused getting the rats and cockroaches

    • capers72424
      capers72424 3 months ago +5

      @Fin see the apostrophe? That means a letter, or letters, were intentionally left out.

  • Jim Fallows
    Jim Fallows 2 months ago +6

    Your restoration of the meat slicer is absolute first class every part is is done with care. Jim from England.

    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  2 months ago

      Thank you very much Jim and glad you liked it so much 😊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 24 days ago +2

    The fact that you look for the safety of your audience's eyes makes me - a fan of these type of videos - feel cared and protected. Oh, and I LOVED the colour.

  • Spammer Efforty
    Spammer Efforty 27 days ago +1

    Absolutely love how passionate you're about your work! Keep posting more contents like these 🤞

  • Wendy Griffin
    Wendy Griffin 3 months ago +17

    Beautifully done! Since you asked, I can't say I'm a fan of the yellow, but I don't know what other color I would have chosen, unless it was just basic black. The wood turned out so amazing. Fantastic job!

  • Repair Machine At Home

    Another masterpiece! Such a pleasure to watch! Thank you 💕

  • Vicky Jadhu
    Vicky Jadhu 3 months ago +43

    No Ads No content
    Pure chennel ❤️

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    Remander 3 months ago +8

    Such great care is taken with even the smallest pieces, and you always seem to improve on the original during the restoration without fundamentally changing the item. You are truly an artist! Happy holidays from the USA!

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  • Craig Clair
    Craig Clair Month ago +2

    You have an amazing talent! I have a home remodeling company so I love the transformation from old to new. Your work is absolutely amazing! I love watching your channel and I hope you continue for years to come.

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    harry wicaksono 3 months ago +27

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    Tina Mdot Day ago

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    lorena boisset 2 months ago +1

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    Phil Olivieri Month ago

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    Klmp13 2 months ago +2

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    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  2 months ago +1

      Glad you liked it so much. I really appreciate your support . Thanks a lot 😊

  • ajb651
    ajb651 Month ago

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  • Rodi Kalicharan
    Rodi Kalicharan 3 days ago

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  • Sturley art
    Sturley art 3 months ago +13

    Awesome work as always. Love how you removed casting marks and rough spots. The powder coat colour was a good choice too.
    Ingenious solution to repair the blade.
    Good work sir.

  • Kay Swales
    Kay Swales Month ago

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  • SN Restoration
    SN Restoration 3 months ago

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    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  2 months ago

      Glad to hear that and hope to enjoy you with my videos on 2023 too 😊 happy new year

  • Colby Wood
    Colby Wood 3 months ago +17

    Watching this for the 3rd time today. I also restore old things as my profession and love to put your videos on to play in the background as I work, especially doing something tedious like hand sanding small objects at my bench. My only critique is the color, I would have used black just because that would be slightly more correct for the time. Other than that I thank you for your effort of breathing a new life into an old object. I think the person who assembled this slicer on the production line back in 1883 would smile and be proud to see the justice you've done this piece. Might I suggest experimenting using coffee as a food safe wood stain in the future? I typically brew mine INCREDIBLY strong, to the point of being disgusting and undrinkable, but it produces some amazing color that is non-toxic and transforms beautifully with age

    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  3 months ago +4

      Wow, never thought at this. Maybe I will try coffee sometime. Thanks for the advice Colby! Cheers 😊

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    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  3 months ago

      Thanks a lot but don’t forget about the channel because with no views, after 20 years probably the channel will not be here 😅

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    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  3 months ago

      Thank you very much Yvonne and glad you enjoyed so much . Happy holidays 😊

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    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  3 months ago

      Glad to hear that Volta 😊 thanks

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      Thank you very much Davis and glad you liked it so much. I appreciate your support and feedback 😊

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    • Cool Again Restoration
      Cool Again Restoration  2 months ago +1

      Thank you very much Diann and I really appreciate your comment . Cheers 😊

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      Thank you very much Ata. Is not indicated to do that with a router if you are a hobby man but if you know what you are doing and work with careful , that’s ok.

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