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Tom Papa Has a Ghost in His House | Joe Rogan

  • Published on Feb 5, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Taken from JRE #1424 w/Tom Papa:
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  • Chief
    Chief 3 years ago +2552

    Joe trying really hard not to tell him

    • Josee Hernandez
      Josee Hernandez 3 years ago +78

      Chief bro. I’ll give it 3 months.

    • Gaithe Alwahab
      Gaithe Alwahab 3 years ago +80

      Chief we’re just ruining this guy marriage 😂😂😂😂

    • Mostly Peaceful 1776
      Mostly Peaceful 1776 3 years ago +64

      He’s gonna read these comments and have a “o fuck” moment

    • FOREVER 411
      FOREVER 411 3 years ago +45

      When Joe smiled looking him directly in the eyes 😆 "Your way into ghosts bro."

  • Stripes Tonight
    Stripes Tonight 3 years ago +2156

    “My wife is the only one in the house”
    Joe: No,I think you’d be surprised

  • Dean
    Dean Year ago +120

    i feel bad for Tom. I can feel the second hand pain hes yet to figure out

  • Alpha
    Alpha 3 years ago +685

    Tom, question ...does this ghost only show up while your wife is home and you're out of town? 🤔

  • P R
    P R 3 months ago +9

    I've had a few moments in my life I deem truly paranormal and I remember each vividly, the first was when I was in 5th grade, my family and I lived in a small house pretty sure it was older as well. Anyway this house had a main room and that entered into the kitchen, if you took a right in the kitchen it led to the office/sliding back door, continuing straight through the office would lead to the short hallway with my room straight back and my parents room next door on the right, the hallway also had an entrance back to the main room, so it basically looped around. Well one night, I was sitting in the main room, closest to the hallway that led to my bedroom, watching cartoons. I suddenly heard movement and as I turned I only caught a glimpse of something but I KNOW EXACTLY what I saw, I saw just the last half of someone walking in what looked like a white nightgown or dress, from the hallway into the office room. It was so quick, as if I had just missed it walking by in seconds. I didn't really think about it. I figured it was my mom coming out of her room, but seconds later my mom came walking out of her room and wasn't wearing anything that resembled what I saw I remember a cold shiver hitting me immediately.

  • S R
    S R 4 months ago +30

    I believe him. My wife had the same thing happen to her. There were more ghosts though. About 5.
    She got through it all though, she's a real trooper.

    • Chaka
      Chaka Month ago +1

      Damn that must have been scary!!! Having five black figures in your home while your wife was alone. Hope she didn’t end up getting hurt in any way

  • Brandon T
    Brandon T 3 years ago +3838

    Husband out of town and wife is home alone..... Ghost= side man.

    • Tom Miller
      Tom Miller 3 years ago +202

      And he's carrying a bottle of wine too. "Honey are you home alone right now?" Wife: "um...yeah..."

    • Tracey Birnie
      Tracey Birnie 3 years ago +13

      @Tom Miller bahahahaha

    • Viktor Cheng
      Viktor Cheng 3 years ago +135

      First thing I thought was Joe’s going to crack a joke about his wife cheating but he didn’t 😂

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 years ago +43

      His wife must have known the camera was there. You would think his wife's side piece would be more careful.

    • Dave
      Dave 3 years ago +175

      He says his whole family has a story... 50 bucks says his kids have heard "moaning" late at night

  • Rue Glock
    Rue Glock 3 years ago +724

    Joe debating if he should tell him who the ghost really is.

  • HUNTENT247
    HUNTENT247 3 years ago +953

    Tom Papa's wife: "Whatever you do, just don't go in my husband's office."
    Side Dude Chad: "Why does he have a picture of Chris D'Elia in his office?"

  • K Miss
    K Miss Month ago

    I felt the same feeling of “get ouuuut” after my brother died, suddenly. My overall feeling was that bc of the extreme sadness and cut open we were feeling it invited in ghosts or whatever that were looking for somewhere to settle. My dads office was in his basement and I did the bookkeeping for him at the time. There was also a circle in the basement so everyday I would run down there. Every. Time. I passed through the laundry room I feel this darkness wash over me, like the lights dimmed, the hair on my neck stood up, and this huge presence and it felt like it was saying “GET OUTTTT!!!” I burned a bunch of sage and opened all the doors and windows, I really did feel like I lead this “spirit” out of my fathers house. Never felt anything like that again after that.

  • Bane
    Bane 3 years ago +470

    Tom's wife is cheating on him and she's convinced him it was a ghost. Lol. Well played ma'am, well played.

    • Big Licker
      Big Licker 3 years ago +15

      A wise man once said "its not a lie if you believe it."

    • SJSouljah
      SJSouljah 3 years ago +9

      Bravo ho, bravo, yeah a ho will say anything to not be found out. This ish is hilarious

    • Pete Frenna
      Pete Frenna 3 years ago

      @Big Licker The Wise George Costanza

    • Francine Emma
      Francine Emma 3 years ago +2

      Bane 😆😆😆 omg these comments have me dying. Y’all are hilarious

    • Reddit Source
      Reddit Source 3 years ago

      I’m screaming

  • VybeStarr Sounds
    VybeStarr Sounds 3 months ago +6

    I love that Joe can dismiss the video like "it's a bug" and they such respectful individuals it doesn't cause an argument they just laugh together 🤣💯

  • Cheesy Twat
    Cheesy Twat 3 years ago +1775

    I bet his wife told him that was "ghost plasma" on her face

    • T E
      T E 3 years ago +37

      Fromunda ectoplasm?

    • Arthur Dealy
      Arthur Dealy 3 years ago +6


    • FixedWing82
      FixedWing82 3 years ago +16


    • 237g
      237g 3 years ago +41

      He slimed me.

    • J M
      J M 3 years ago


  • Travis Lee
    Travis Lee 3 years ago +998

    Tom: "My wife is the only one in the house!"
    Joe: "... Hmmmm!..."

    • Caleb James
      Caleb James 3 years ago +27

      Lmfao ikr😂😂

    • Ezra Reyes
      Ezra Reyes 2 years ago +4


    • g w
      g w 2 years ago +10

      He said his daughter was home as well

    • Dalia Baby
      Dalia Baby 2 years ago +2


    • Jugg91
      Jugg91 10 months ago +1


  • carlos garcia
    carlos garcia 3 years ago +108

    The fact that he said “it’s a ghost....it’s a LEGIT ghost” you can tell his wife convinced him of it lmao

  • Nelson Madrid
    Nelson Madrid 2 years ago +100

    “A man in a trench coat holding an uzi”.... no way it’s a dude in a robe with a bottle of wine

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon 3 years ago +704

    Tom: Honey, there's a photo of a man in my office. What's going on!?
    Tom's wife: Um... must be a ghost.
    Tom: oH, oKaY, yOu MuSt Be RiGhT.

  • HughEMC
    HughEMC 4 months ago +50

    Joe: "You sure that's not a person"
    Tom: "My wife is the only person in the house"
    Joe: "uhhhmmm🤔"

  • jonathan lawrence
    jonathan lawrence 3 years ago +2144

    Gonna be really awkward when Tom is raising a black ghost baby...

    • Brandon Taylor
      Brandon Taylor 3 years ago +7

      jonathan lawrence 😂😂😂😂

    • robert gomez
      robert gomez 3 years ago +7

      Fucking lol

    • zarbo
      zarbo 3 years ago +3


    • Alex L.
      Alex L. 3 years ago +3

      @zarbo Globo

    • Manny Song
      Manny Song 3 years ago +5

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dude...

  • Übermensch
    Übermensch 3 years ago +62

    Poor dude...lol I burst out laughing once he said " there is only my wife in the house"...oh man 😂

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 3 years ago +657

    “My wife is the only one in the house “
    Joe “hmmmm”
    Joes thoughts “are u sure like really sure “

  • Vinay L
    Vinay L 2 years ago +30

    Joe knows what's up!
    He's trying really hard not to be obvious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Steven Oyston
    Steven Oyston 3 years ago +18

    I like how Tom is more willing to believe there is a ghost in his house while he's out of town, rather than face the reality of another man being around while he's away.

  • swentojr
    swentojr 2 years ago +127

    Girl during sex: “that’s it? That’s all you got?”
    Joe Rogan: “Can you make it even bigger Jamie?”

    • John Gurwitz
      John Gurwitz Year ago +4

      I’m just picturing Jamie standing in the corner of the room 😂

    • Frank Gomez
      Frank Gomez 8 months ago +1


  • Vibes
    Vibes 3 years ago +3022

    This guy needs to move his camera to the bedroom

    • Walter Clements
      Walter Clements 3 years ago +139

      The ghost is moving the covers up and down all spooky-like

    • Aboody
      Aboody 3 years ago

      Vibes lmaooo

    • enemigo 505
      enemigo 505 3 years ago +65

      @Walter Clements what's this??? Ectoplasm in my sheets 👻🥒💦

    • A92
      A92 3 years ago +8


    • Real Gs Dont Die
      Real Gs Dont Die 3 years ago +87

      Tom - “Joe! My wife was raped by the ghost! I have it on the NEST camera! Oddly enough the ghost also looks like my brother”

  • Kirsten Easdale
    Kirsten Easdale 3 years ago +4

    I’ve lived in 2 houses that had ghosts. Many people who came to one house either saw her, or heard her, and she spoke to me. I found out who she was. Her name was Cissy and she was a friendly spook. I didn’t believe in ghosts until I had my own experience which surprisingly wasn’t scary at all.

  • Angelo C
    Angelo C 3 years ago +16

    I give credit to Joe for having a straight face and controlling the urge not to tell this dude his wife is cheating on him.

  • jim Holden
    jim Holden Year ago +10

    We had ghosts in a house we lived in for a while. They would stack dishes in the middle of the kitchen floor from the cabinets. They would play poker on Friday nights in the dining room. You could hear the sounds of poker chips from an empty dining area and smell cigar smoke in that room too. There were lots of other things that happened too.

  • hitindahead
    hitindahead 3 years ago +6

    This guys trust in his wife is remarkable.

  • SosaNation714
    SosaNation714 2 years ago +1

    YOU GIVE ME JOY TOM PAPA! Always enjoy your stuff. Thank you.

  • James Donahue
    James Donahue 3 years ago +1123

    Looks like a guy with a bottle wine. Your wife has some explaining to do.🤭

    • Feroal2
      Feroal2 3 years ago +8

      James Donahue hahahahahahaha

    • Srdan Milin
      Srdan Milin 3 years ago

      hahahaahahah o my god yea it is vine bottle hahahhaahaha

    • Dominic
      Dominic 3 years ago

      Ahhhh goteeem

    • Srdan Milin
      Srdan Milin 3 years ago +23

      you can see in his eyes world is crashing down but he really wants to believe in it, especially after Joy told him for video this is a bug flying around... man I feel so bad for this guy, there is a fuck goust in the house

    • Kevin Dube
      Kevin Dube 3 years ago +13

      ^ them fuck-ghosts are *the* worst

  • Pavel Sanz
    Pavel Sanz 3 years ago +181

    Joe: you dont think thats a person?
    Tom: thats not a person
    Joe: are you sure???
    Tom: my wife is the only one in the house.
    Joe: HMmm

  • Swan_Ronson
    Swan_Ronson 3 years ago +79

    I can just imagine Papa showing his wife and her being like "OMG. Yeah thats soooooooo scary!!!"
    Then she texts her sidedick as rapidly as possible

  • Truth_is_the _new_hate
    Truth_is_the _new_hate 2 years ago +3

    The bug thing has to do with shutter speed. A similar thing happens when you film airplane propellers or even fan blades. Depending on the shutter speed and the propeller (or bug in this case) speed the propeller can be elongated. Same thing with bugs.

  • Chaz Blank
    Chaz Blank 3 years ago +67

    Tom: “my wife thought someone was standing right behind her.”
    Jamie off-camera: “oh that’s a bug.”

  • Javier Adorno
    Javier Adorno 2 years ago +49

    Joe: you don’t think it’s a person
    Tom: I’m sure, my wife’s the only one in the house
    Joe: hmm

  • Filthy Migz
    Filthy Migz 3 years ago +2053

    “It can’t be a man, only my wife is home.”

    • J B
      J B 3 years ago +93


    • Russell
      Russell 3 years ago +102

      she cheating

    • An Asshole.
      An Asshole. 3 years ago +26


    • Filthy Migz
      Filthy Migz 3 years ago +27

      Russell Armstrong nah bro, it’s paranormal activity.

  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris 3 years ago +2

    Tom Papa is the man. Such a great guy and a veteran comedic genius. I feel like most casual comedy fans dont really he has been slangin heat since the 80s. Him and Seinfeld go way back as well.

  • Mixamaka Music
    Mixamaka Music 3 years ago +126

    He loves her so much that he is in denial.
    It's cute and sad at the same time.

  • Dylan Wills
    Dylan Wills 3 years ago +8

    Joes story at the end is kinda cool cause ive had something similar happen to be when i was a teenager. I actually used to have alot of ghostly experiences. One night i was trying to fall asleep but was having no luck cause i was wide awake still. I was laying on my back staring at the random patterns in the in the paint on the ceiling, like clouds, every one different, when suddenly something unseeable grabbed me by my right ankle and ripped out of bed longways very quickly. I sat there only a short moment before standing up to go back to bed, surprisingly i wasnt scared and simply cursed and mocked the ghost wanting my sleep which eventually came w/o any other incidents. At this point i had seen and experienced many things equally weird but nothing as "physical" as that nor since. I have experienced far weirder though and those times there were other ppl there to witness it also btw. Strangely i stopped experiencing these kinds of incidents all at once a few years back. You can be skeptical if you want but me and others that were with me have seen things that can not be faked and can not be explained by any known science or law. Things do go bump in the night.

    • kamalmanzukie
      kamalmanzukie 11 months ago +1

      one time I was lying fully awake at night watching TV, and I saw two silhouettes jump past my window (my bedroom was on the second floor) and I was instantly attacked by sleep paralysis
      I've had sleep paralysis a lot, but its always happened when falling asleep or less commonly coming out of it, so for it to happen when I was fully awake was extremely odd
      I've had other strange things happen as well, some even much stranger than that

    • Pepper Cat
      Pepper Cat 4 months ago

      Wow, can you share your stories on My Paranormal Experience on Clip-Share. Would be interested in hearing your stories.

  • OneTyler2Many
    OneTyler2Many 3 years ago +4

    Man I bet his wife cant believe he thinks it's a ghost. That was a close one.

  • sovka
    sovka 7 months ago +2

    the only thing that scares me is Tom Papa’s laugh…

  • godly04
    godly04 3 years ago +1401

    that "ghost" is holding a stack of magnum condoms, brother.

  • Little Sweets
    Little Sweets 3 years ago +6

    I like how Joe tries to educate Papa on video frames per sec...but has to stop to acknowledge his thought.." Is that George Carlin on that poster?".. which Papa had already told him 10 minutes earlier. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • emmanuilushka
    emmanuilushka 3 years ago +5

    Tom revealing his pain and a broken marriage in a very virtuoso way.

    • Brian M
      Brian M Month ago

      His higher-self was just doing its best rip

  • Sane Man
    Sane Man 2 years ago +1

    Gotta love how much this guy trusts his wife...

  • CANK
    CANK 3 years ago +45

    Tom : “ My wife is the only one in the house, that can’t be a man. ”
    Joe: “ Hey man uhhh I don’t know how to break this to you.. but that’s not a ghost..”

  • Gubzs
    Gubzs Year ago +3

    Pause at 2:58
    It's the bottles on the counter and the thing that looks like a spray bottle facing to the left behind them.
    That must be Jordan Peterson's ghost from the future because Tom needs to clean his room 🤣

  • desiGnampthia
    desiGnampthia 3 years ago +876

    literally video evidence of his woman cheating and the dude's like 'ITS A GHOST LOOK' smh bless his heart

    • Caleb Mayo
      Caleb Mayo 3 years ago +51

      Pictures are never that clear of ghost that's def his wife's side peice or a burglar

    • Big D
      Big D 2 years ago +4

      Its obviously the shadow of the sinksticking out

    • it's that dude
      it's that dude 2 years ago +3


    • Slickjake208
      Slickjake208 2 years ago +1

      That’s just what I thought 😂

    • Taylor V
      Taylor V 2 years ago +1


  • Username Taken
    Username Taken 3 years ago +16

    Eddie bravo popping a vein screaming “LOOK INTO ITT” at his screen rn 🤣

  • Tony Iommi
    Tony Iommi 3 years ago

    I wouldn't be able to not tell him. Joe was really calm and collected on in this one

  • Gerry K
    Gerry K 2 years ago +2

    It’s the candy man grabbing some candy in the bedroom when the man of the house is away 🤣

  • Cheesy Twat
    Cheesy Twat 3 years ago +66

    " i belive in ghosts "
    Joe: really?
    That's the closest joe got to telling him

    • Angelo C
      Angelo C 3 years ago

      Cheesy Twat 😂🤣 seriously, I caught that too

    • A
      A 3 years ago

      @Antony Linteau that the shadow is a dude and not a ghost

  • Its Alieniz
    Its Alieniz Year ago +3

    “That’s a bug”
    “How you know it’s a bug?”
    “Because it’s a bug !!”😂

  • King Tiger
    King Tiger 3 years ago +461

    She’s having an affair. The first step of grieving is “denial” its sad he’s willing to accept such a ridiculous story.

    • Alex L.
      Alex L. 3 years ago +3

      Maybe he loves her that much King Tiger..

    • Jacob Donges
      Jacob Donges 3 years ago +11

      Look at the objects on the table .... It literally just reflecting onto the wall

    • justjulie†
      justjulie† 3 years ago +1

      Lol right

    • Ź Z
      Ź Z 2 years ago +5

      @Jacob Donges *No it's clearly not a shadow, it's easy to prove. Look at the direction the shadows are going, which is left (because the light is coming from the right. There is no shadow going that direction and if you look close you can even see the man's shadow beside the table leg shadow going left.*

  • Smiley J
    Smiley J 3 years ago

    My dad was crushed when he found out what the Roswell Rods were. I remember him telling me about them so excitedly and we went to Google them and almost immediately found the explanation.

    RYNO LASCAVIO 3 years ago +4

    I love how Joe turned the ghost into a surveyor...lol

  • NuclearRabbit03
    NuclearRabbit03 3 years ago +3

    3:42 this is literally the exact thing that everyone I know’s grandpa does and says when someone hands them a phone

  • Jessie B
    Jessie B 3 years ago

    For those saying its a shadow..
    1. why did the nest take a photo of a still shadow?
    2. why does it look illuminated from the back?
    3. if it is a shadow of the objects on his desk, why did he only see it once? you’d think it would show up everyday

  • Culvea Solvere
    Culvea Solvere Year ago +2

    That first picture could possibly be one of the spirits going through their normal routine of kitchen time, like they are still alive. Alot of spirits died so quickly that their minds cannot accept that they died. There are also residuals where no one is there to talk to and we're witnessing the ghost's doing their normal daily routine which are more like recordings on the fabric of space and time in an area.

    • Tom
      Tom Year ago

      Absolutely pathetic

    • Simon
      Simon 3 months ago

      Or maybe the wife is cheating and that's a dude in robe with a bottle of wine

  • Steven Oyston
    Steven Oyston 3 years ago +414

    Can confirm, I was the ghost in his wife.... I mean house.

  • Brutaltronics
    Brutaltronics 3 years ago +19

    Joe: "you are a ghost lover bro"
    Tom: "my wife sure is!"

  • josh oxenford
    josh oxenford 3 years ago +1

    Joe is the only person who gets cooler with age 🤣😂🤣

  • Preston Mygrant
    Preston Mygrant 10 days ago

    my old house when we moved in my sister and I went up stairs to choose our bedrooms and at the top of the stairs I felt very creeped out by the left bedroom and the bathroom to the left of that, so I was yelling definitely not the left one right away. My sister got to choose first because she's older and she of course chose the bedroom to the right. I never felt comfortable going into my bedroom and especially the bathroom, to the point I always used the downstairs bathroom. On several different occasions in the upstairs bathroom the shower turned on by itself why I was in there and the trash can would also just fall over randomly.

  • Raphael Bizmann
    Raphael Bizmann 3 years ago

    Press F to pay respects to Tom Papa's marriage

  • Lymer
    Lymer 2 years ago +14

    "Everybody in the house has had a little something"
    Yeah, I feel like this guys wife has had a big something...

  • J B
    J B 3 years ago +558

    I hope I'm wrong, but that looks like a man in a robe with a bottle of wine or some sort of alcoholic beverage.

    • Maximilian Schweitzer
      Maximilian Schweitzer 3 years ago +16

      Or its the shadow of the stuff on the table produced by the lights of a bypassing car, look into it.

    • Mr. Black
      Mr. Black 2 years ago +9

      You're not wrong, her and I definitely had a crazy night. I mean I'm sure THEY had a good night...,😳

    • Viking Joe Bloggs
      Viking Joe Bloggs 2 years ago +3

      @Maximilian Schweitzer Yeah the shadows on the floor. The lamp on the table. Did think that myself

    • N Gabriel
      N Gabriel 2 years ago


    • Mace do
      Mace do 2 years ago +1

      @Maximilian Schweitzer true

  • Jboness
    Jboness 3 years ago

    Joe please get someone on the podcast who has had a gnarly paranormal experience, that be a dope podcast and I’d like to hear you’re thoughts on the paranormal more

  • Ryan Kirk
    Ryan Kirk 3 years ago

    This guy is my new favorite comedian.

  • xxxxOS
    xxxxOS 3 years ago +30

    When I believed in ghosts when I was younger, I used to think I heard stuff and seen stuff, my hair would stand on end in certain situations, but as I grew up and began to not believe in them I've experienced none of those things. The mind is powerful. I'm not an atheist by any means, I'm pretty agnostic and open minded but as soon as something clicked in me that 'ghosts' dont exist, I just have never had that weird spooky feeling ever again. It's great.

    • Hey it’s me
      Hey it’s me 11 months ago +9

      When your dog watches something walk down the stairs, and then get into an aggressive stance, then barks and corners it, growling like you never heard him growl before, you start to think other wise. And then there’s the cat. I have many more stories of my pets acting out towards this entity.

    • 9 Does Interviews
      9 Does Interviews 10 months ago +1

      I never believe in ghosts. I used to think it was all for movies and tv shows. But one day I was sitting in my living room and I saw my lamp light unplug from the wall. I was shocked and plugged it back in to see how hard it would be to take out and it would require force. That was the first time but another time I was sitting in my room and o saw what looked like someone walking by in front of me and the kitchen light turned off. My friend was there with me that day and saw it. I always try and tell people that yes ghosts are real. It’s very weird

    • Sean's Myth
      Sean's Myth 9 months ago +2

      Interesting. Jen "Dark Energy" doesn't believe in ghosts, ok. I don't either. But I have at least 4 different digital recording devices that do, so there's that.

    • Kino
      Kino 7 months ago +2

      Ok that happened to YOU why do people always say things like that as if its a good disproval. What about the same stories of people who say stuff gets thrown across their room or they get scratched doors slam, bang etc etc. Because you thought you experienced something then realize you didn't doesn't mean others don't expirience it

    • Kino
      Kino 7 months ago +4

      If you go to a super haunted place by yourself I think that thing inside you will click again. But you won't be the one who flipped the switch

  • Oliver Hughes
    Oliver Hughes 3 years ago +31

    That's crazy man, but has a ghost ever done DMT?

  • Fletcher Peterson
    Fletcher Peterson Year ago +1

    “Your a ghost lover bro” nah that’s his wife😂

  • Leo Nichols
    Leo Nichols 3 years ago +684

    That ghost looks like Joe Rogan carrying a bottle of wine, look into it.

    • Russell
      Russell 3 years ago +19

      to give his wife as a nice gesture nothing more

    • The Gaping Orifice
      The Gaping Orifice 3 years ago +1

      Leo Nichols nah it's got hair

    • rabbit boy
      rabbit boy 3 years ago +2

      @Russell like a true gentleman

    • Russell
      Russell 3 years ago

      @rabbit boy back to my fellow jre fan

    • MXHST .666
      MXHST .666 3 years ago +3

      It looks like Joe Rogan in a trenchcoat carrying a wine bottle

  • A B Cars N’ Guitars
    A B Cars N’ Guitars 2 years ago

    I genuinely wonder what Tom thinks about this situation today almost a year later... lol
    Edit; apparently exactly a year later today O.O .....maybe it was a ghost!

  • Glob
    Glob 3 years ago

    oh my god funniest JRE moment in history

  • Mabz Rahman
    Mabz Rahman 2 years ago +2

    That's the shadow of a dude holding a wine bottle. I'm laughing so much my head hurts.

  • wirelessmoke
    wirelessmoke 2 years ago

    Wtf joe's interpretation is surpisely convincing and strong lol like this dude actually knows what hes talking about which surprises me, respect 🙌

  • GrowingWithJoy
    GrowingWithJoy 3 months ago +1

    “Electric serrated bread knife” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Scooby MiKE
    Scooby MiKE 3 years ago +624

    "My wife's the only one in the house" uhhh... who wants to tell him?

    • Ry Guy
      Ry Guy 3 years ago +4

      Scooby MiKE mutual agreement I think

    • Scooby MiKE
      Scooby MiKE 3 years ago +60

      This is the obvious joke that I think Rogan also probly considered then quickly realized it could be true so he stopped himself

    • Steven Oyston
      Steven Oyston 3 years ago +7

      Fucking yikes right

    • carlos garcia
      carlos garcia 3 years ago +3


    • Dreamdancer11
      Dreamdancer11 3 years ago +4

      We dont want to see him ghosted......

  • Quint Ork
    Quint Ork 2 years ago

    at 0 31 papa makes clear how he really feels about joe

  • Matt Sheezy
    Matt Sheezy 9 months ago

    I thought that “rods” were spirits flying around before watching that episode of Monster Quest. It actually opened my mind to how easily we can be fooled based on our ignorance.

  • Eric Wall
    Eric Wall 2 years ago +3

    It's the little things that freak you out over time. It adds up and you can put your own narrative to it. The house I grew up in was crazy scary if you let all the little things get ya. Around 13 I decide screw it, this is my house and your my ghost. Put a different narrative on it and man once I owned it I couldnt be scared anywhere, cuz I had a ghost that was mine.

    • Logan Esposito
      Logan Esposito 8 months ago

      Amen I have a ghost cat curls up with my every night every wear I go every bed I sleep in any girl I’ve been with can confirm all I gotta do is think her name (Bastet) is what I’ve decided to call her and I’m no more then a few seconds she pops up at my
      Feet walks up in between my legs kneeds for a minute or two to get comfy then I’ll go to bed.. when It first happened I was fucking shook thinking some creepy my evil thing is
      Crawling up my bed.. plus I’ve had some other darker expriances prior like covers being torn off me in the middle of the night.. but that was a totally separate entity. But has I became comfortable with it I began to realize it feels a awful lot like a cat crawling in for a snuggle and then I saw her during a astral experience looked down at my body in my bed and sure as fuck there’s a
      Big ol cat curled up on me touched her and everything… the look of shock when I pet her I’ll never forget it.. now I’ve accepted her as ghost cat a sort of spirit animal If you will.. maybe a familiar but I don’t agree with the darker connotation that word carries

  • Logan B.
    Logan B. 3 years ago +5

    About 15 years ago I was 17. My mom had just got her first cell phone that could record videos. It was just a cheap Nokia flip phone. This seriously screwed me up because at the time I had never really thought about spirits, or especially animals having spirits. My dog had jumped the fence earlier that week and pretty much hung herself with her chain.
    Well I was sitting on the couch in the living room recording my little brother do all kind of dumb shit when all of a sudden you could clearly see a kind of smoke forming between my knees. It was like a blob of smoke but after a few seconds it was more defined and where the eyes would be it was clear and staring right at me. Then my little brother rolls on the ground and I swear on everything I love you could see the dog turn to look towards my brother then look back at me. It was my dog Maggie. The head and ears were shaped exactly like hers. I watched this video hundreds of times, I was stunned. We showed this video to everyone, there was no denying it, nobody even once said well you think it could be something else? No, it was my dogs ghost. My dad lost that phone and I was so mad at him but at the time we didn't have a computer or know anything about putting it on the internet. Once you see something like that it screws with you. So dont be so quick to try to disprove people who might sound crazy, because after you truly see something like that it does change your opinion of alot of other stuff. Who knows what is really possible ya know? Just thought I would share my little story, have a good day everyone.

    • Ghostdog4
      Ghostdog4 3 years ago +2

      Cool! Believe, it can be true! I'm a scientist and lived in a Haunted House for 5 years while in college. You can imagine the crap I'd catch when I'd tell people. Fortunately I'm still in contact with some of my roommates and occasionally call them and just hand the phone to the doubter and let my former roomies verify and tell them the same stories. This was back in the 60s so no video etc. It was Crazy. The best part was having people come over and watch them Shit themselves when stuff would start.

    • Blake
      Blake Year ago

      "I'm gonna go ahead and take 'A plume of smoke with eyes was not in between your legs' for 500, Alex."

    • Amor Fati
      Amor Fati 11 months ago

      RIP Maggie 🤍

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous 3 years ago +2

    This guy: i caught a ghost on my camera.
    Wife: you're right honey, that's a ghost.
    Also wife: thank god ,he thinks it's a ghost.

  • jxa66
    jxa66 3 years ago +151

    Poor guy, his wife is having an affair and he's just like "I have a ghost 🤷‍♂️"

    • kyinthesky
      kyinthesky 2 months ago

      lol no it’s a shadow of the objects on the desk. Take a screenshot and zoom in.

  • yavin99
    yavin99 3 years ago

    I know its hard for people to understand and there was a time I didn't believe in paranormal until I actually saw a ghost but I lived in haunted houses after that and my current house is very mildly haunted but activity is rare but I lived in a house that was very haunted.

  • Feltfugazi
    Feltfugazi 3 years ago

    You should ask all your guests if they have any paranormal/ghosts stories

  • terry short
    terry short 4 months ago

    Everyone loves a good ghost writer

  • AC Mills
    AC Mills 3 years ago +52

    The shadow man is just a casted magnification of the objects in the foreground, you see the horizontal object is the "gun", and the other two objects overlap to make up the body.

    • T Squirrel
      T Squirrel 3 years ago +4

      That's what I noticed right away also, glad I'm not the only one haha

    • Jesse D
      Jesse D 3 years ago +3

      100% right... its pretty obvious haha probably a laptop or light on the desk bottom right of frame

    • Joe Nagle
      Joe Nagle 3 years ago

      100% correct.

    • Jorden Burleson
      Jorden Burleson 3 years ago

      Motion sensor?????

    • why why why why!
      why why why why! 3 years ago

      It made sense at first, but How did it trigger the motion sensor

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 5 months ago

    That honestly looks like someone just broke into his house. I can’t picture a ghost wearing a hooded sweatshirt similar to what a burglar would wear 😂

  • Woogieboogie
    Woogieboogie 3 years ago +553

    Can’t wait for next month when he talks about his divorce and cheating wife. Like bro denial is the first step...

    • Joe
      Joe 3 years ago +57

      Tom seems like a nice guy, feminist, soy drinker...
      She was definitely cheating.

    • Waynelolz
      Waynelolz 3 years ago +2


    • BBQBros
      BBQBros 3 years ago +1

      Time to ditch the bread and adopt an all meat diet

    • Jugg91
      Jugg91 2 years ago +1

      if she was cheating why would she not delete the photo, i am not saying it's a ghost also if it was human why is the colour seem to be light black, it don't look opaque or it was a human and they edited to look like a ghost who will edit it?

  • adamodimattia
    adamodimattia 3 years ago

    I love Tom Papa, one of my favorites guests :D ahahahaha

  • Adrian Kalitka
    Adrian Kalitka 3 years ago +5

    Tom Papa: "Hey Joe, I have a video of a ghost spewing ectoplasm on my wifes face. I don't know why this always happens when I'm on the road"
    Everyone in the world: "You're wife is cheating on you"
    Tom Papa: "Nooo, it's a ghost"
    Joe Rogan: "You're wife's a ghost lover"
    Chael Sonnen: "Ok great"

  • Bosky Mamosky
    Bosky Mamosky Year ago

    Man I wanna hang with Joe Rogan and Tom Papa

  • Chris Cueva
    Chris Cueva 3 years ago +1

    I like Tom Papa. He's like that dumb friend who's really endearing.

  • gavin blake
    gavin blake 2 years ago +1

    i’m sure joe told him what it seems like after the podcast

    MR MAYHEM 3 years ago +324

    He gets home and shows his wife the picture and he says who is this. And she says. That's my boo

  • Mung Mung The Third
    Mung Mung The Third 3 years ago

    Damn Jamie is quicker with the clips than joe is with the podcast

  • Joe Mcbride
    Joe Mcbride 3 years ago +1

    Joe almost told him tho .. Tom-"but that other one tho"
    Joe-"your a ghost lover tho"

  • Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan 3 years ago

    My house was a funeral home over 60 years ago and weird shit happens here all the time.