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The Cast of "Wednesday" Finds Out Which "The Addams Family" Characters They Really Are

  • Published on Nov 22, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • anonymous

    Is it just me or everyone of this cast has an amazing voice?

  • Yourdad • 309 years ago

    Can we appreciate how Joy Sunday is so nice and like the total opposite of Bianca she is so beautiful and funny lol

  • - Csótánypüré -

    Percy Hynes White is being just so purely cute and kind. Looks like someone who ppl can be comfortable with.

  • Sheral Bee

    Whoever cast Jenna as Wednesday deserves a huuuuge raise.

  • WolfWearingWolfPants

    I like how everyone tells you who they play but Jenna just let's you know that she IS Wednesday Addams.

  • Jun Maris

    I seriously have never seen someone more beautiful than Joy Sunday. I hope she gets a lot more roles in the future. She exudes elegance.

  • leokimvideo

    Jenna Ortega deserves an Academy Award for her ability to never blink in any scene 😳

  • Julian Bracey

    Love how humble Jenna is lmao

  • Mia Azzopardi

    i think one of the best things about jenna ortega is they way that she always knows what to say and how to say it. i also love how kind she is :)

  • Lil T
    Lil T  +79

    Jenna laughing at him getting hit by a car Is so relatable 💀😭😭

  • Cathryn Degamon

    Emma is the perfect Enid! She's just so alluring!

  • l ♡
    l ♡  +163

    I just love Percy's personality so much😭😭

  • Delilah Montgomery

    I love Jenna's voice and the clarity of her speech

  • lehninger
    lehninger  +273

    it's surprisingly good. it's great that the main characters are teenagers, because it explains all the cringe, and stupid decisions, and if you look at Wednesday as a lost teenager.. it really makes sense.

  • Love Yuri
    Love Yuri  +166

    I'm still not used of Wednesday Addams smiling and laughing a lot! Love you Jenna

  • coco bean
    coco bean  +868

    Joy is the perfect siren ! Her voice is hypnotising 😍

  • Holy Diver71

    The best thing about this show is that there is something happening throughout the show. I watched a show like Willow on Disney+ and there’s pockets of nothingness which gets boring. Love this show! Can’t wait for season two.

  • A A
    A A  +16

    Jenna is the ultimate cool girl. She deserves all the praise!!