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30 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout | Fat Burning Intervals

  • Published on Jun 3, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Join Paul for a 30 minute intense group ride. The rolling roads will challenge you with high and low cadence intervals. Let’s go!
    Push harder, train together. RI:ID
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    1. Inukshuk - The Long Road Home
    2. Matthew Blake feat. Katies Ambition - Saved Me Now
    3. Laszlo - Fall To Light
    4. Ahrix - Nova
    5. Cream Blade - Heavenly (feat. Romi)
    6. Spektrem - Shine
    7. Futuristik - Forgive Me
    8. Jim Yosef - Let You Go
    Source: ncsmusic.com / synchedin.com
    Kit by: huubdesign.com
    This is an advanced level indoor cycling/exercise/training session. Discontinue your session immediately if you experience any pain, dizziness or discomfort. It is the responsibility of the viewer/participant to ensure that they are medically fit to complete the training session/programme/exercise session and to have sought a General Practitioners approval to attend and participate with any training session/training programme/exercise session. I understand and agree that I undertake the training session/fitness training programme/exercise session - entirely at my own risk and that no responsibility whatsoever shall be attached to any person involved in RIID for any injury, accidents, loss or damage suffered by me or by reason of the training provided, however such may be caused. I am healthy, I have my doctor’s approval to undertake a training session/physical training program/exercise classes/ training session.
    I hereby state that I have read and understood the above. I state that I wish to participate in activities of varying intensities, which may include indoor cycling, body weight exercises, resistance exercises, flexibility exercises and corrective exercises. I accept that the participation in any physical exercise is not without the risk of injury and even death.
    I hereby confirm that I am voluntarily engaging in participation, with the option to stop at any point. I personally accept full liability for any loss, damage, injury or death which may occur as a result of embarking on such a programme of physical
    I have read and understood the above.
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Comments • 401

  • Heather Blandford
    Heather Blandford 3 years ago +91

    So happy to have found this! For weeks I have been rotating through your cycle sessions on GCN but wishing there was more from you because you truly are the best. Thank you so much for sharing more sessions. I appreciate you!

  • Dori Lewis
    Dori Lewis Year ago +4

    Thank you Clip-Share algorithm for recommending this channel. You have such an amazing energy. I feel like I’m floating after a ride with you. Thank you!!!!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago +1

      I am glad you enjoyed it Dori!! I hope you enjoy the channel 🙏

  • Canta Miguitarra
    Canta Miguitarra 2 years ago +3

    Still the best instructor! Fabulous session!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thank you Canta for your support! Keep up the hard work..😊

  • Vanessa Towning
    Vanessa Towning 2 years ago +2

    Super challenging and motivating. Thank you for the posture checks too 😉

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thank you Vanessa, keep up the hard work! 😊

  • Margot Molenda
    Margot Molenda 8 months ago +1

    Such a cool and effective session! Thank you!

  • Al McBride
    Al McBride Year ago +1

    I've been doing your sessions now for around 2 months and feel fantastic, I look forward to it every day

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago

      You are very welcome! 😊

  • Patricia Monica Dias Luna
    Patricia Monica Dias Luna 9 months ago +2

    So much squeezed into a short session! Thanks Paul! 🇨🇦🌹🇨🇦

  • Marc Smith
    Marc Smith 4 months ago +1

    What an amazing workout. My fav coach by a mile. Thank You Very Much 👍

  • Mariana Peraza Cisneros
    Mariana Peraza Cisneros 2 years ago +1

    Today I have felt more than happy ... I This is just what I was looking for ¡ Thanks Paul ... my favourite class on GCN and now this amazing surprise¡

  • Chani Galgut
    Chani Galgut 2 years ago +4

    Loved this workout! Thank you for always being so interactive. Always highly motivated when training with you.

  • Rodrigo Mora
    Rodrigo Mora 3 years ago +9

    Wow you are in my favorite top 5 channels!! Two amazing training videos in Two weeks! Greetings from 🇨🇷

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  3 years ago

      Hey Rodrigo,
      We have more coming soon! Thanks for all your support!

  • Land Shark
    Land Shark 8 months ago +1

    Amazing spin workout. I’ve been a Crossfit, HIIT and long distance runner these last 50-years. (I’m 70-years old) Just started spinning about 6-months ago. Paul adds a new dimension to spinning and I’ve gained massive amount of strength and increased blood flow to my legs. Spinning adds so much more to my cardio workout toolbox.

  • clive r
    clive r 3 years ago +9

    Great spin class - please keep them coming, you are the best!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  3 years ago

      Thanks Clive! 👍

  • Eladio Cuadrado
    Eladio Cuadrado 2 years ago +6

    Wow! Killing but fantastic training session. Still amazed that you can talk, breath, ride,... along the session

  • Bob Ferguson
    Bob Ferguson 2 years ago

    Another go at the 30 min fat burner / sweat producer / heart pumper / joy creator! thanks Paul.

  • Elli Townsend
    Elli Townsend 2 years ago

    I don't always love the workouts (especially at 5:30 a.m.), but I do L O V E the results! My short summer shorts thank you, Paul!!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Hi Elli, I don’t think I love much at 5.30am 😳 amazing dedication well done and the results prove it! 😊

  • Nick Sheppard
    Nick Sheppard Year ago

    "Warning: its going to get intense, so MAKE IT INTENSE"! Honestly Paul, you and DJ Sadistic are seriously on my fly wheel at the moment. Chapeau 🎩

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago

      Brilliant - Thanks Nick 👏

  • Kaffee Smart
    Kaffee Smart 7 months ago +1

    I'm from Germany and just happened to come across your site. Since then I switch between your individual videos. I am absolutely thrilled. The music is great and I think it's very good that you can see exactly how long the individual units go and with which pedaling speed is worked. I look forward every time I ride with you.

  • Craig Swanson
    Craig Swanson 2 years ago

    Brilliant mix of climbs and sprints, great cardio session. Great videos Paul, please keep up the fantastic work.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thanks Craig, we have some exciting content coming soon!

  • Mrs Wendy Darling
    Mrs Wendy Darling 2 years ago

    Thank you so much, Paul! AMAZING early morning workout 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Please keep uploading more!!!!

  • Felipe Serna
    Felipe Serna Year ago

    Love your workouts Paul, couple of constructive suggestion, an elapsed time and distance would be great and one more 25 mins workout 😉. Really enjoy your energy

  • Joseph Snyder
    Joseph Snyder 2 years ago

    I was already addicted to your GCN workouts. This is gold. Thanks

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thanks Joseph, I appreciate your support!! I hope you enjoy all the sessions, keep up the hard work.

  • Kevin Maw
    Kevin Maw 2 years ago

    Just completed another of the 30 minute rides and burnt 400 calories to start the day. Feeling good in recovery but really excited to find there is a new 35 minute session just launched. Can't wait to try this in a couple of days. Well done Paul.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thanks Kevin, I can’t wait to hear how you get on! 👍

  • Ralf Breunig
    Ralf Breunig 3 years ago +13

    Another great workout, thanks Paul.

  • Paul Bradbury
    Paul Bradbury 2 years ago

    Good to see you again Paul, great session thanks!!

  • Felicia DeJohn
    Felicia DeJohn 2 years ago +1

    Great ride Paul and Neil! Paul, appreciate your coaching style, caught myself smiling several times while climbing... boats needed all around!

  • Bob Ferguson
    Bob Ferguson 2 years ago

    Logging another fat burner in the books. Paul thanks for your motivation and guidance. Quality over quantity! Thank you

  • Lori Haight
    Lori Haight 2 years ago

    Just finished this one. Awesome! Keep the workouts coming Paul! Liked all your GCN workouts. So glad you have your own channel now. Thanks Paul!

  • Naida Speziale
    Naida Speziale Year ago

    Hi Paul, love your workout combinations. I dont like sitting all the time. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Please bring on more!!

  • becmango
    becmango 3 years ago +3

    Never have I ever done 60 minutes of work in 30 minutes...until now. Great video!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  3 years ago +1

      Thank you I am glad you are enjoying them, keep up the hard work!!

  • Bombledonk
    Bombledonk Year ago

    Awesome! Just getting back into the spin bike after being lazy for a while. I love your videos man. Absolutely shattered after them, which is a good thing 😊👍🙏

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago

      Hey Bombledonk, glad to see you back! 👊

  • JudyG
    JudyG Year ago

    Wow I did the 40 and thought this one would be a snap no way! This is also as hard. Thank you for the hard workout and sweat!

  • C Victor
    C Victor 2 years ago

    So happy to see you back for these awesome classes. So enjoy your style! Look forward to more. Maybe a few 1 hour rides? Many thanks for your classes.

  • Liam B
    Liam B 2 years ago

    I'm loving these sessions. This one is an absolute beast! Easily the best indoor cycling content on youtube. Can't wait to get out in hills next spring after a full winter of these! Thanks Paul.

  • Lyns G
    Lyns G 2 years ago

    So excited I found your channel, I saw you on GCN. I’m so excited (and scared) to try your new workouts!!!! This guy knows how to push me to my limit while keeping me motivated!!

  • kerri fitzgerald
    kerri fitzgerald 2 years ago

    Thank you Paul, I love your 30 min spin workout, I work harder

  • Craig
    Craig 2 years ago +2

    You know exactly what I need to hear at exactly the right time. Plus your music beats are perfectly mixed and perfectly cadenced. Damn you're good

  • Anya V
    Anya V Year ago

    Thank you for the ride, Paul!
    I am so glad, you have started your own channel! Please keep posting more amazing workouts!

  • Daryl Morgan
    Daryl Morgan 2 years ago

    Cracking session, sweat taps are truly open. Great job Paul

  • Andy Ashton
    Andy Ashton Year ago

    Really enjoyed this session, which was made slightly harder as I’m currently 60 miles offshore on a SOV. As always engaging, fun (well some of the time) but well worth the effort ! Thank you for keeping me motivated....🥵

  • A C Th
    A C Th 2 years ago

    Thanks so much! You’re really helping me through this year!

  • Pete1874
    Pete1874 2 years ago

    great session, very motivational, please keep them coming 😃👍🏻

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thanks Pete, I am glad you enjoy them! Let’s keep pushing 👍

  • Stefanie Ray
    Stefanie Ray 2 years ago

    Excellent ride, challenging, yet encouraging! A great mix of sprints and climbs. Thanks!

  • Andrew Kidd
    Andrew Kidd 2 years ago

    Great session tough with less rest but feels like a workout when you push us harder look forward to next session

  • Cecilia Ticsay
    Cecilia Ticsay 2 years ago

    I'm so glad I found you, Paul. This was one of the best workouts I've done. Thanks you!

  • Karolina
    Karolina 7 months ago

    Good spinning workout, good instructor, good music! What it’s not to like? Can’t wait for future spinning videos from you! Love, from Canada 🇨🇦

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  7 months ago

      Hey Karolina,
      I am glad you are enjoying the channel - keep up the hard work!!

  • Bets H
    Bets H Year ago

    This was absolutely my favorite session that you have made. I love the challenges and the continued effort to push us harder and harder. Thank you very much, you have to help me transform my body.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago

      Thank you for your support Bets 😊

  • JMV
    JMV 2 years ago

    Oh my gosh. Awesome power session. A good start for the week. Thank you RI:ID. 😉

  • Neil McCartney
    Neil McCartney 9 months ago

    Fantastic sesh. Love this workout.

  • Lori McWhirter
    Lori McWhirter 2 years ago

    Thanks Paul. Loving your new workouts! They are keeping me motivated during the cold of winter (yes, it can get cold in Australia. We had a -7C morning last week) and restrictions of COVID-19. So good. And I love that this workout is a minute or two longer than 30 mins. I always feel like I'm cheating a bit if I do a "30 minute workout", but 5 minutes of that is warm up and cool down. I definitely get value with this one!

  • Maria Lorusso
    Maria Lorusso 5 days ago

    I can repeat this ride hundred times..every time is a challenge and a pleasure..❤

  • Samantha Slater
    Samantha Slater 2 years ago

    Loved that I found you! you are so clear and easy to follow thank you 😊

  • Jenny M
    Jenny M Month ago

    such a great workout! Thank you!

  • Christina Branham
    Christina Branham 2 years ago

    Another great workout! Thank you

  • bernadette wirth
    bernadette wirth 5 months ago

    Amazing😇 I love it. And let me accompany every second day, its the best, no need and desire to look for others.. And I love adding 2x 5kg weights when there is long Handposition 2 💪♥️♥️♥️ thank you

  • José
    José 2 years ago

    Just did this session. Thank you Paul, you're awesome!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago +1

      Thank you Jose for your support! 🚲

  • Kevin Maw
    Kevin Maw 2 years ago

    Just finished another fantastic exhilerating 30 minute session after a 10 minute warm up. A little later in the day than normal as usually spin in the morning to manage blood sugar levels but felt just as good at the end. Another 469 calories burnt today. I don't bother searching for any other classes now, just happy with the Paul Ryman master class!!

  • Sterling Worrell
    Sterling Worrell Year ago

    Yet another great ride, from the title of 30 minute fat burner I thought was gonna be easy one but it wasn’t, thank you

  • Laura Manrique
    Laura Manrique 2 years ago

    Thanks God I found you again. I love your trainings ♥️

  • Senith Siv
    Senith Siv 2 years ago

    Another best spin from Paul! Thank you so much 🌹🙏🏻

  • Amjad Sawah
    Amjad Sawah 18 days ago

    Absolutely amazing session.. ❤

  • Stephen Fraser
    Stephen Fraser 2 years ago

    Great session Paul...snowing and Tier 4 where I stay so have dusted down the spin bike and went through this session to get me ready for next year. Thanks Stephen

  • Ed Hodges
    Ed Hodges 2 years ago

    Great session Paul.
    Working my way through them slowly :)

  • Pedro José Fuenmayor Rojas

    Amazing workout! Keep them coming please

  • Mona Olesen
    Mona Olesen 2 years ago

    Amazing session, I'm totally done.🥵 but still ready for another one tomorrow - I hope.

  • Kevin Maw
    Kevin Maw 2 years ago

    After a day on the beach with the Grandchildren and Fish and Chips, I needed a workout today and having just finished your 30 minute session I am certain i will feel much better later, (just not quite at this point having just finished stretching!). Thanks for providing the motivation to get me through.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thank you Kevin. Fish and chips at the beach sounds epic! 😉

  • Ellen Vriend
    Ellen Vriend Year ago

    Another good sweat 😓 thank you ❤️

  • Beverly Teran
    Beverly Teran 2 years ago +2

    Perfect ! Just discovered you. Thanks for great rides, music, and well explained class without dance moves 👍

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thank you Beverly, I am glad you enjoyed the session. 😊🚲

  • Linda Eden
    Linda Eden 3 years ago +4

    Fabulous keep these coming! Great coaching!💖💖

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  3 years ago

      Thanks Linda, more coming soon...🚲

  • Rachel Bradley
    Rachel Bradley 4 days ago

    Just started home spinning and without a doubt these are the best online videos to follow. Great energy and motivation, thank you 😊

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  17 hours ago

      Thank you Rachel 😊

  • Kevin Maw
    Kevin Maw 2 years ago

    Just finished the second repeat run of your 30 minute session having missed 3 weeks waiting for new bike to arrive. Motivation at its best! Thanks Paul.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thanks Kevin, I am glad you enjoyed the session! 👍

  • The Worsnops
    The Worsnops 2 years ago

    Another awesome spin! Only thing I would say is to have to music a little louder but other then that I love your spin classes!!! need moreeeeee im doing one daily!

  • Andrew Kidd
    Andrew Kidd 2 years ago

    Wow Paul tough session for a Friday a few explitives were said when you went from sprinting to hills awesome once finished thank you

  • Poppy Daly
    Poppy Daly 2 years ago

    Paul! I finally found you again..! I've been doing two of your GCN Nuffield health spin class recordings for about 7 years! So great to find you on RIID & I've already done 4 classes....excellent workouts!

  • Kendra Mareva
    Kendra Mareva 8 months ago

    I really like your workouts Paul!

  • Javier Serrano Vaquero
    Javier Serrano Vaquero 3 years ago +8

    Great sesion! Hard and intense! Good job! And good music,thanks from Spain

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  3 years ago

      Thank you Javier, I am glad you enjoyed the session! Keep working hard in Spain! 👍

  • Baking the Basics
    Baking the Basics 2 years ago

    Loved this session!! Thank you😀

  • Jessica Villarreal
    Jessica Villarreal 4 months ago

    Thank you for not ads, great music - Full motivation!

  • Peter Lowres
    Peter Lowres Year ago

    Wow what a great workout - my legs are like jelly now. Thanks.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago +1

      You must of worked really hard Peter - well done!!

  • Bob Ferguson
    Bob Ferguson 2 years ago

    Thanks for the Sat aft sesh Paul...amazing as always

  • mary chadwick
    mary chadwick 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for that. Needed it!!! ❤️

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      I am glad you liked it Mary 😊

  • Hellen Romero
    Hellen Romero 2 years ago

    ¡¡¡¡Me encantan tus sesiones!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago +1

      Thank you Helena 😊

  • Marlene Abela
    Marlene Abela Year ago

    Loved it so much...I just keep coming back for more..❤

  • Domenic Cervoni
    Domenic Cervoni 2 years ago

    Them strong beats on the climb, mins 19-17 and 11-9, fire!!!!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Hey Domenic, I can’t wait for you to hear this next session to see if you like the music...🙏

  • Andrew Kidd
    Andrew Kidd 2 years ago

    Paul was not feeling like this today but you drove me on thank you great session

  • Kirsty Morris
    Kirsty Morris 9 months ago

    Agreed, these beat all the other spin classes. Thanks Paul!

  • Queen Gorgo
    Queen Gorgo Year ago

    Beginner rider - managed to figure out 3-positions on a recumbent bike. Worked out great 👍🏼 -thank you!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago +1

      Thank you for your support! 🙏

  • Adam Lebert
    Adam Lebert Month ago

    Excellent ride! Thank you!

  • Ann Hering
    Ann Hering 2 years ago

    Another great ride! Thank you💪🏼

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thanks Ann, keep up the hard work.

  • George Ruth
    George Ruth 2 years ago +1

    Hi Paul, I had kidney cancer in 2019 and due to ill health gained a lot of weight. I started my fitness and weight loss journey at the start of January. I spin cycle everyda, due to your videos I have upto date, lost nearly two stone. My abnormal bloods have all gone back to normal, except my kidney but that's to be expected. I feel like a new man. You're possibly the best spinning couch on Clip-Share, you keep me motivated throughout. Thanks Paul, you're a life saver...literally.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago +1

      Hey George,
      Wow...that’s an awesome achievement and thank you for sharing your story, You have obviously worked incredibly hard and I am so happy that our videos have helped you on your journey. We would like to contact you, please email us on; hello@riid.online
      Keep up the hard work George! 😊

    • George Ruth
      George Ruth 2 years ago

      Hi Paul, I have worked hard but there have been a few times where I've felt like giving up. You really help my motivation levels when I work out. I really enjoy my daily spin class, it keeps me focused and keeps me fit. I don't bother looking at any other spinning Clip-Share videos. You definitely need more recognition for your videos, best instructor on here by a mile. I've just emailed you now. Thanks again Paul

  • Cristina Navarro
    Cristina Navarro 2 years ago

    Yesterday 40min, today 30min!!!! Awesome!!! Thanks!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Wow Cristina, that’s amazing!! Keep that work rate 💯😊

  • Kenedii Favored & Blessed

    How many calories does this burn?
    I just did your amazing workout at my local gym, on their spin bike! Wow! What a sweat!

  • Cesare RS
    Cesare RS 2 years ago

    This is the best channel for spinning, period. Workouts are great, Paul is the perfect teacher/companion, infographic tells you everything and music is spot on. If you are searching for the best, well..look no further.

  • Mitchel O'Donohue
    Mitchel O'Donohue 2 years ago

    Awesome. Looking forward to the 60 mins plus version

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago +1

      60 mins 💯

  • giles vallis
    giles vallis Year ago

    Great to finally be back on the turbo! Great session, just like IRL, but without the “lucky dice” at the end!!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago

      Great to have you back! 😊

  • Elizabeth Ivey
    Elizabeth Ivey Year ago

    Loved this workout! thank you Paul.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago

      Thank you Elizabeth, I appreciate your support 😊

  • oliver north
    oliver north Year ago

    Doing this session whilst having covid was really hard! Cheers Paul.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  Year ago

      Speedy recovery Oliver 🙏

  • Stephen Augustyn
    Stephen Augustyn 2 years ago

    Great session, Paul. Your GCN classes have kept me spinning, and convinced my wife to start spinning, through the whole of lockdown. Great design to the videos and awesome tunes. Subscribed.

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago +1

      Thanks for subscribing Stephen! What’s your favourite session so far?

    • Stephen Augustyn
      Stephen Augustyn 2 years ago

      RI:ID Hi Paul- It depends what I’m after in a session. If I need a quick blast before breakfast the 25 min HIIT is ideal (once I’ve stopped sweating). The 40 minute Hill Session is the best alternative to an outdoor cycle of the weather is crap (and the tunes are suitably uplifting). I’d do the 30 min fat burner if it’s late in the day and I haven’t exercised. So- I’d say that the 40 min hill session is the most enjoyable but I’m very glad to have the other sessions. (Perhaps a bit less dubstep and a bit more deep/liquid house and trance - see Anjunabeats for more details.)

  • Nicola Ellis
    Nicola Ellis 2 years ago

    Great workout 😻

  • dustin vanstee
    dustin vanstee 2 years ago

    Thanks Paul, you are the best! Stumbled on your channel after a few years of using your gen rides. So thrilled you are back!

    • RI:ID
      RI:ID  2 years ago

      Thanks Dustin, where are you riding? 🚲

    • dustin vanstee
      dustin vanstee 2 years ago

      @RI:ID Hudson Valley NY :)