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Punisher Fight Scenes | Punisher Season 2


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  • Ste Ch
    Ste Ch Year ago +3404

    Every Punisher's fight scene felt like Jon Bernthal actually did all those beat ups and kills, brutal af

    • Blue Heaven
      Blue Heaven Month ago

      I still love the season 1 more because of the story line. You just wanted Frank to get justice for good beautiful family.

    • John Cheetham
      John Cheetham 3 months ago +1

      Proper ownage. That jail fight scene. Wtf lmao 😂

    • ItzNoob
      ItzNoob 4 months ago +1

      Gotta agree with the last 2 words

    • Marcus Aguilar
      Marcus Aguilar 5 months ago +1

      Punisher in the comics are brutaler then this

    • Master of Fire
      Master of Fire 6 months ago +1

      The guy who played Russo said he hit him several times

  • Alex Linhege
    Alex Linhege Year ago +940

    This dude took The Punisher character to another level. It's like he was born for it

    • Denver Fowler
      Denver Fowler 2 days ago

      M R . JOHN BERTHAL ,

    • Robin LoTree & Laszlo
      Robin LoTree & Laszlo 5 days ago +1

      I was literally watching this video because I love this series with him as The Punisher so much. Jon makes Frank feel like The Punisher not Frank Castle, the way it feels like you can almost break every single piece of his body but he still keeps coming slamming them harder. It's beautiful and I seen someone in this reply section mentioning John Wick and watching these scenes feels like a more brutally presicse and more destructible John Wick, sure John takes his fair share of damage in the 3 movies so far but nothing like this character does.

    • Eurasian Brother
      Eurasian Brother 13 days ago

      @38.Pranay Kumar yo 😲

    • 38.Pranay Kumar
      38.Pranay Kumar 16 days ago +2

      @Eurasian Brother He slammed a man's head in real life not in movies that's what he is talking about

    • We Love Knowledge
      We Love Knowledge 24 days ago +1

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  • Gilbert Sy
    Gilbert Sy Year ago +320

    I appreciate Frank's two modes of fighting:
    Vs non-killers = beat down and incapacitate
    Vs killers = beat down and keep conscious for brutal killing or torture for info

    • ybuburxyutcer tyffy!yneyb
      ybuburxyutcer tyffy!yneyb 3 months ago

      He doesn’t just go by whether or not they killed. He kills the guy who sells child porn too.

  • Russell W
    Russell W Year ago +156

    It's kinda awesome knowing that this guy exists in the same universe as Ant-Man

    • Odar Karamli
      Odar Karamli 10 days ago +2


    • We Love Knowledge
      We Love Knowledge 24 days ago +1

      *Claim Your Free Punisher Knuckle Here: **clip-share.net/video/EaM45HIls1k/video.html* 💀

  • zee a
    zee a Year ago +138

    John bernthal is so intense and brutal in this series as Punisher that u sometimes forget he is just a normal guy with no superpowers. Yes lot of it is exaggerated but John makes it so watchable. I wish we could see more of Punisher. IMO John is the best Punisher. Like someone mentioned in the comments section a team up between Wolverine, Deadpool and Punisher would be awesome and may be add Daredevil as well. All of them are badass.

    • Jahim Uddin
      Jahim Uddin Month ago +4

      The Punisher, Deadpool, and Wolverine would be a great trio. I would keep Daredevil out of it because of his no-kill rule.

  • xJohnny935x
    xJohnny935x Month ago

    Jon Bernthal is a beast! So glad he played the punisher, it's kind of hard to believe Rick Grimes kicked his ass, imagine if he was like this on the walking dead? Lol

  • Kamzito
    Kamzito Year ago +89

    I think it's crazy how Frank isn't bound by a super strict moral code like Daredevil's, so he's able to cause more damage than any of the other Defenders (Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones) ever can, and he's the one without powers

    • Kamzito
      Kamzito 23 hours ago

      @FBI fair, fair

    • FBI
      FBI Day ago

      I mean if extreme mental instability that makes u superior to others is a superpower then he does have it canonically. And he is extremely mentally unstable

    • Pascha
      Pascha 17 days ago

      He just does the purge thing

    • Anubhav Mukherjee
      Anubhav Mukherjee Month ago

      tbh Daredevil's code is bullshit. I started watching it after finishing punisher, and what a coward.... He beats the shit out of people and then leaves them there to die; then proceeds to feel morally giddy about himself. Prolly also faps to self before sleep even on the days he gets laid. What do you think happens to a Mafia grunt after getting his head bashed in and left on the streets? Yea, cops prolly ignore it and focus on the leftover violence or try to catch the escaping vigilante, if his "friends" find him then he gets pulled into the alley under a dumpster. The way daredevil beats people, I am willing to bet at least 50% don't survive the night. Rest 25% are disabled and alive, which is prolly worse than killing. Rest 20% prolly could survive but whoever finds them prolly think it's not worth the bill, so only 5% either come out without perma damage or get treated because they are important.

  • Alan Marshall
    Alan Marshall Year ago +95

    The ultimate badass. Absolutely loved this series following Daredevil. Would like to see more of Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. Really nice guy in real life but plays this part better than anyone could

  • Will Hall
    Will Hall Year ago +23

    Love the idea that he’s in the MCU - want to see more of Frank but take it to the extreme with him going toe to toe with major villains and winning. He’s ‘just a man’ but really one of the best and most brutal characters for that very reason.

    • We Love Knowledge
      We Love Knowledge 24 days ago +1

      *Claim Your Free Punisher Knuckle Here: **clip-share.net/video/EaM45HIls1k/video.html* 💀

    UFO SECTION 51 Year ago +5823

    This show definitely deserved more seasons !

    • Dynamic Window Tint
      Dynamic Window Tint 15 days ago

      Fucking Netflix killed it after two. It deserves more a lot more

    • Alaistair Hamilton
      Alaistair Hamilton 24 days ago

      As long as Disney aren't in charge, because they are ruining everything they do these days. The Punisher HAS to be brutal and unrelenting.

    • Creepy Mickey
      Creepy Mickey 26 days ago

      No don't you get it supposedly all white men are sexist, racist, and misogynistic according to cancel culture woke Twitter.

    • Rayeed
      Rayeed Month ago

      DD and Punisher will return no doubt but I highly doubt other netflix marvel heroes

    • Caboose512(Justin F.)
      Caboose512(Justin F.) 2 months ago

      It's because Disney bought the rights to Marvel and moved all the MCU stuff to Disney+. And they had unfortunately set up the business deal towards the end of S2. So there was no hopes for a S3. Sadly

  • Kato Custom Shop
    Kato Custom Shop 4 months ago +21

    I love how the one guy that isn't there to kill Frank comes up to him and asks him what his problem is and all Frank does is very quickly disable him. It probably saved that guy's life.

  • Nnjasmurf
    Nnjasmurf Year ago +22

    It’s the amount of pain this guy can handle and dish out is insane always been my fav character from marvel

    AFRONOVA87 Year ago +22

    Out of the entire MCU Netflix tv series... this is the best of them all. The Punisher does not disappoint... so much action and brutal fights... he is only human too... His hands are RATED- E!!!!! FOR EVERYONE!!!!

  • Max Winzar
    Max Winzar 5 months ago +6

    This show got the balance of raw unrelenting rage and realism of injuries. This is on par with John Wicks 'Gun Fu', I am really happy to see some writers know there is an audience put there that like to see this level of violence that doesn't rely on plot armour as much.

  • Con ♡
    Con ♡ Year ago +10183

    Frank isn't sexist, he kills everyone equally.

  • Vix 102
    Vix 102 2 months ago +13

    Jon Bernathal really played punisher well and since I’ve seen him in other things like TWD & Ghost Recon as other badass characters. He’s starting to grow on me for sure

    KLOYY Year ago +10

    Uma das melhores séries já feitas.

  • Michael Haynes
    Michael Haynes 5 months ago +4

    I love how it really shows the strength difference between an adult human male vs an adult human female. The women gets completely man handled and thrown around like ragdolls, no matter the skill fheyhad.

  • Mad Mark Wolfman
    Mad Mark Wolfman Year ago +11

    One of the greatest things to happen in this time is Bernthal's Punisher. I wish he had 20 seasons of him destroying bad guys...and gals...

  • Ken Schreiber
    Ken Schreiber Year ago +1881

    The ABSOLUTE best version of the Punisher I've ever seen. Dude kicks ass, they need to bring the show back with Jon Bernathal as Frank Castle. Daredevil was also outstanding and should've been continued as well.

    • Jacob Harris
      Jacob Harris 2 months ago

      @Praedyth no, he has not being confirmed just daredevil

    • EK starlord
      EK starlord 2 months ago +1

      I heard a rumor that he is going to appear in the new Daredevil born again show which also has been confirmed to be TV MA so there's a chance that Punisher could fit well into that

    • carlos grey
      carlos grey 3 months ago +1

      War zone

    • Bredemann100
      Bredemann100 3 months ago +2

      @Marcus Aguilar Basically only comic book nerds feels like the show ruined who he was "supposed to be" (nothing wrong with being a comic book nerd just sayin')

    • Dedric Silva
      Dedric Silva 5 months ago +1

      @SASHINI WEERASEKARA But Disney is making Deadpool 3 R Rated and Marvel Zombies on Disney+ is literally going to be TV MA. So i think they will do this for Daredevil and Punisher. Plus Disney made those shows on netflix producing while Netflix distribute them at the time.

  • Matt Isaac
    Matt Isaac 3 months ago +5

    The season 2 ending with him pulling out 2 machine guns at the end and just going to town on those guys is iconic.

  • Mayam
    Mayam Year ago +14

    This Is the Best Punisher I ever seen ... Salute to Jon Bernthal ... it brutal and gruesome and action packed

  • Victor 24
    Victor 24 11 months ago +5

    When you can't feel physical pain but feel
    the most emotional pain. That's frank castle

  • Roninx
    Roninx Month ago

    Punisher needs to be in mcu to make it serious again.

  • Justin C Hsu
    Justin C Hsu Year ago +5994

    Imagine if this guy got the super soldier serum…

    • Zephaniah Dejene
      Zephaniah Dejene Month ago

      If that happens
      .Lord have mercy on any criminal within his sight

    • Jahim Uddin
      Jahim Uddin Month ago

      @Jerald G, He has had it. He ended becoming an Avengers Level Threat.

    • bella tibay
      bella tibay Month ago

      as dr. abraham erskine aptly puts it, "good becomes great, bad becomes verse (worse)." point is, maybe frank will become an evil captain america if ever he got the SSS, he's already a hurricane, you don't wanna give steroids to that thing.

    • FrankDaBankTv
      FrankDaBankTv Month ago


    • Chris Carpenter
      Chris Carpenter 2 months ago

      and iron man's money and intelligence

  • RyzenFTW
    RyzenFTW 7 months ago +6

    The best thing about PUNISHER is his Brutality. His vengeance, anger and will sends his body into a state of overdrive. He has excessive pain tolerance, rage and strength. He is an excellent fighter too. Got excellent environmental awareness skills allowing him to kill his enemies in a variety of ways. And on top of that it's as if he doesn't experience fatigue while fighting.

  • Tuaron
    Tuaron Year ago +6

    Much as I enjoyed both seasons and pretty much all the action (maybe all of it, it's been a while), I think the bar fights (bathroom then main bar area) in season 2's premiere is the best they delivered on the show. At the very least, it's my favourite of what they delivered.

  • El Vegetales
    El Vegetales 7 months ago +9

    What a nice guy Frank It is showing that girl how to fight, or at least how to defend herself 😃

  • SBG
    SBG Month ago

    i kow this is cut but damn those guns hold a lot of ammo

  • A8TP 7
    A8TP 7 Year ago +1653

    This show definitely deserved more seasons...outrageous that they stopped at 2

    • KotWCzapce
      KotWCzapce 6 months ago

      two and a half, second season of daredevil is mostly about punisher

    • Rachit Yadav
      Rachit Yadav 7 months ago

      Will it come to Disney+

    • Stellar Cubic Beam
      Stellar Cubic Beam 8 months ago

      @Pookii Power Disney is garbage and all they do is warp perceptions of children and now they are after adults. They know what they are doing.

    • The Social Reject
      The Social Reject 9 months ago +6

      @icepicjoey Disney fucked up Star Wars and other things.

    • Bob K
      Bob K Year ago

      scared the leftists

  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior Year ago +6

    The wahmen getting absolutely ragdolled is hilariously accurate. Bravo for having some realism

  • kiwiruuu
    kiwiruuu Month ago

    when frank needs to talk, its not gonna be a smooth talk

  • Kathy Bentley
    Kathy Bentley 3 months ago +3

    Jon Bernthal is just the best as The Punisher. So glad he took on the role, because it was perfect for him. And in real life, he's a great guy. He is a no bulls--- kinda guy, and he is very nice.

  • RaphaelTheAntisocial

    4:52 the transition of the video man XDDDDD

  • Sin
    Sin Year ago +556

    That gym fight is easily one of the most badass fight scenes ever

    • au' ตอน มี ไม่ รัก ษๅ่
    • Abhi Sandi
      Abhi Sandi 5 months ago +1

      @𝙽𝙰𝙰𝙷 the youtuber edited out some parts

    • H.K
      H.K Year ago +4

      I prefer his fight in Daredevil Season 2 against those inmates.

    • Brandon Maddox
      Brandon Maddox Year ago +36

      The way he beats the guy with that weight is legit hard to look at because after every punch, they show the guys face and it looks horrific when he’s done

  • Bee Cool
    Bee Cool Year ago +8

    This is surprisingly well done and satisfying for a TV show.

  • PopCultureNerdYT
    PopCultureNerdYT 9 months ago +1

    He’s amazing as punisher, so imagine if they cast him as doom guy for a doom movie or show. He’s literally perfect.

  • Russell Day
    Russell Day 10 months ago +1

    Hands down the best raw violence series out there, I've watched it four times, no shame. Excellent story line, character development and continuity. Saddened that Disney is at the helm now. Get ready for feelings and Unicorn farts to rule the stage. Disney is a fallen company, they buy gold and turn it into ccwoke bullshit.

  • Lolzman XD
    Lolzman XD Year ago +2

    I like how you can see him go easy on the cops, as he respects them, just not criminals

  • ThirdEye Production
    ThirdEye Production Year ago +1

    I love the punisher n this show brought his character to life Jon brethnal gave a breathtaking performance with his take on the punisher, this show deserves more seasons and more story!! I would love to see Jon back in action as the punisher and if we get a main mcu punisher I want it to be Jon Wich I'm sure they will have him picked if they decided to. I just want to see him again

  • Chad Iverson
    Chad Iverson 8 months ago +3

    Castle's super power is 100% situational awareness, and the ability to take a beating and keep swinging...

  • The RedRyder Gaming
    The RedRyder Gaming 10 months ago +1

    6:43 You know there was literally no way this shot was done comfortably or without neck problems after.

  • Ethan Clemons
    Ethan Clemons Month ago

    3:37 Holy shit is that Vlad?

  • David Ranney
    David Ranney Year ago +1391

    The Punisher has two super powers: Absolute blood soaked viciousness toward his enemy, and the ability to keep fighting after taking a punch or a bullet. You want to stay on his good side.

    • Rachit Yadav
      Rachit Yadav 7 months ago

      Daredevil doesn't have this power

    • Decimus YT
      Decimus YT 7 months ago

      You on his side

    • Gonzalez Jose
      Gonzalez Jose 8 months ago +1

      In the comics as well he got shot in the chest with a shotgun and still kept walking

    • marselo
      marselo 11 months ago +1

      @Jake Tieri classic frank

    • albe
      albe Year ago +2

      dude is on "baki son of ogre" level of durability

  • Stiles Stilinski
    Stiles Stilinski Year ago +7

    Most people don’t know. Frank was the Winter Soldier, Bucky just inherited it from him by Hydra

  • Rajkumar Amarjit
    Rajkumar Amarjit Year ago +1

    Hats off to the action choreographers ..what an insane insight to the art of violence

  • that annoyed being
    that annoyed being 2 months ago +1

    I love that even though he is a badass and can pretty much beat everyone else up. He isn't some invincible being and frequently gets hurt and the show shows this by him constantly walking around in pain.

  • Seiji Caito
    Seiji Caito Year ago +7

    He probably would have been good in Avengers since they are ok with killing but sadly Frank is too intense for any superhero team in Marvel

  • HalfGoodGamer
    HalfGoodGamer Year ago +3666

    Frank always has that one scream like: AAAUUUUUUOOOORRRGHHHH!!

    • Meem
      Meem 2 months ago

      @Nunya Bizznus A noisy, much more angry, brutal, and arguably realistic batman....

    • Zyon
      Zyon 5 months ago +1


    • Kiki Corallie
      Kiki Corallie 5 months ago +1

      I love it 😻 sounds so hot hahaha

    • Stanislav Strapec
      Stanislav Strapec 8 months ago +1

      Pure adrenaline and testosterone 💪 love it

    • Therev295
      Therev295 8 months ago +1

      More like Jon Bernthal has that one scream lmao.

  • Vinicius Oliveira
    Vinicius Oliveira 11 months ago

    This show seems awesome! I wonder if they are still making a lot of seasons for it!

  • Dr. Gainzzz
    Dr. Gainzzz Month ago

    Once you watch this series you get the idea why the other characters in the MCU are legit afraid of the punisher and kind of just try to avoid him. Even people who’ve tried to manipulate his rage have come to regret it later. Jon is a masterclass actor who absolutely brought this character to life. It’s a shame marvel will never be anything close to this again.

  • Squidlizard
    Squidlizard 11 months ago +2

    The fight scenes in this show are such a blast to watch

  • Jacob Highrise
    Jacob Highrise 4 months ago

    What I think I like most about the punisher, especially this adaptation, is he gets hit. Like a lot. And it's some pretty good shots too. Just shows the punisher can take as much as he dishes out.

  • TheRealMr.Incredible
    TheRealMr.Incredible Year ago +5066

    Punisher: These Hands rated E for Everyone

    • RexKwondo
      RexKwondo 5 months ago

      Lmfaooo! 🤣 all facts

    • ruben Goodliff
      ruben Goodliff 9 months ago


    • Michael Gallardo
      Michael Gallardo 11 months ago

      Well, anyone that deserves it

    • Morky
      Morky Year ago +1

      Punisher: This knife rated E for Everyone

    • Desmonde Ovelton
      Desmonde Ovelton Year ago

      Literally looked through the comments just to see if someone beat me to this.

  • Iron Bridge
    Iron Bridge 4 months ago +2

    Never even seen the show and I’m rooting for him out of sheer badassery

  • Daniel Henderson
    Daniel Henderson 7 months ago +2

    Absolutely loved the punisher series!!

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 28 days ago

    When I was in the royal navy my mate was the most gentle , kind , witty , hard working , charming shipmates you would ever meet , cross him or hurt a shipmate of his and you pressed the button , then you saw another side of him , never tooled up always used his hands , it was poetic to watch sometimes .

  • Mardelmard
    Mardelmard Year ago +1

    Impresionante este actor interpretando a Frank Castle brutal sus escenas

  • BeetRoot
    BeetRoot Year ago +595

    Love how he uses the environment and its hazards as a weapon. Faucets, bathroom stall doors, boards, beer bottles, mirrors, dumbbells you name it, he take it!!! It's part of what makes him a different breed of badass!!!

    • uherrera2137
      uherrera2137 Month ago +1

      @Dmitri Ciccarelli marine corps mindset

    • Raghav Sundar
      Raghav Sundar Month ago +1

      I think you would enjoy Jackie Chan action movies, he is the king of using his surroundings!

    • I Need You
      I Need You 2 months ago

      He's like Jackie Chan, but rated R

    • Bredemann100
      Bredemann100 3 months ago

      Yeah he does a lot of what I was taught while doing Krav Maga which is cool to see

    • Shane Clark
      Shane Clark 5 months ago +3

      It's how they train you in the military: use your surroundings to your advantage. They show you how to use it as a weapon and I've seen/heard some pretty cool shit 😂😂

  • Unoriginal Name
    Unoriginal Name 8 months ago

    Though the hits don’t exactly look realistic, there is something very satisfying about watching Frank take punches and not just destroy everyone effortlessly. Also the interesting settings allowing him to take advantage of the area (the gym scene, for example) is something you rarely see in movies and TV.

  • Fran S S F
    Fran S S F 5 months ago

    Bons tempos, que saudade.

  • שחר לוי
    שחר לוי Year ago +1

    It's a pleasure seeing Jon Bernthal inflicting pain and havoc on the criminal underworld as Frank Castle.


    Série espetacular.

  • Philip Banks
    Philip Banks Year ago +2085

    Thank you for this! I wish they brought this show back we were robbed horribly 🤧🤧

    • saddam Ahmed err err eiei is ne mujhe to main
      saddam Ahmed err err eiei is ne mujhe to main 9 months ago

      @Eden Darschevutz to the next I've
      J to Jn

    • Lan Ngo
      Lan Ngo 9 months ago

      @Ricardo666 are you alright dude

    • eddie torres
      eddie torres Year ago +1

      @DeAndre Turnbull daredevils back and punisher is forsure coming back. Let's goooo!!

    • Ricardo666
      Ricardo666 Year ago +1

      If they bring it back, it's probably about Francesca castle, a butch lesbian with a black, disabled, transgender girlfriend and that's about all the storytelling it will have..

    • IndicaHybrid
      IndicaHybrid Year ago

  • Fool Slayer
    Fool Slayer Year ago +3

    7:38 Those cops deserve a reward, like a promotion or something. Seriously, it's one thing to go after the Punisher let alone try and beat the shit out of him and arrest him.

  • Alex Wallace
    Alex Wallace 3 months ago

    He's such an amazing actor. Also the nicest dude in interviews!

  • IPIay
    IPIay Year ago

    Jon Bernthal will forever be THE Punisher in my eyes.

  • Hawkgamer437
    Hawkgamer437 15 days ago

    Dude that ending scene will always give me goosebumps. Goddamn...

  • MichaelMcG
    MichaelMcG Year ago +2032

    Fun fact: Shield's official belief is that when Frank Castle goes after someone that Shield is interested in or protecting is that they cannot protect that person XD

    • Vincenzo Acciari
      Vincenzo Acciari 2 months ago

      @NOT SURE the version I pick is the one who becomes the ghost rider Frank castle. He'll be stronger then Goku and the best hero of them all

    • Vincenzo Acciari
      Vincenzo Acciari 2 months ago

      @NOT SURE who cares, use whatever version you want

    • NOT SURE
      NOT SURE 2 months ago

      @Vincenzo Acciari Totally not the point at all. The What if comics are literally just that WHAT IF! It didn't happen in ANY of the regular continuity story lines. They are purely hypothetical.

    • Vincenzo Acciari
      Vincenzo Acciari 2 months ago

      @NOT SURE who cares, comic books aren't meant to be taken seriously anyway. But we do take them very seriously don't we.

    • NOT SURE
      NOT SURE 2 months ago

      @Vincenzo Acciari A WHAT IF STORY LINE. Those are not meant to be taken seriously.

  • ReaperPlays
    ReaperPlays 8 months ago +2

    5:17 Could you imagine getting strafed in real life? Absolutely brutal

  • Ugur Celiktas
    Ugur Celiktas 19 days ago

    The violence in this series was so raw... that everyone LOVED it.

  • Rajkumar Marichetty
    Rajkumar Marichetty 5 months ago

    The punisher has some of the most realistic combat I've ever seen in a superhero movie or any other movie for that matter. This is true face of combat, it's bloody, brutal and only few live to tell the tale.

  • B Dlamini
    B Dlamini 4 months ago

    I think this series really emphasized to me how dangerous Frank Castle actually is.

  • Colleen Temple
    Colleen Temple 8 months ago

    I like the scenes where he takes on two people at once. None of this "one at a time" fighting style you see in so many other shows and movies!

  • Kal Himself
    Kal Himself Year ago +1

    I know it will never happen, but just imagine Jon as the Iron Punisher.

  • the end is near
    the end is near Month ago

    That chick in the blue shirt should've stayed down after that throw. You don't just walk that off

  • Kuerey Paixao
    Kuerey Paixao 10 months ago +3

    I miss you Frank Castle 🥺

  • Lupo's alternative socialization room

    Easily the best Punisher by FAR! He has that visceral slow burning rage. This is a man who is killing because he is obsessed with killing criminals. He is unbalanced, aggressive, and has no qualms about killing anyone who is guilty. This is the best version of the punisher!

  • TheGhostReckon
    TheGhostReckon 11 months ago

    It surprises me how Frank can either fight quick or slow whenever he feels like it, especially In the forest scene,

  • Sartori
    Sartori 4 months ago

    Ya'know what's really awesome? It's actually a fair fight... Right up until the villains introduce firearms. Then they're all on Hard Mode 😂

  • Marcelo Ferreira
    Marcelo Ferreira 8 months ago

    Melhor série da Marvel show 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 que venha a 3a temporada.

  • Shane Burke
    Shane Burke 8 months ago +1

    Such an awesomely put together video holy crap!!! Had good bumps through the whole video !!

  • cokesquirrel
    cokesquirrel Year ago +1

    I loved this series...and I know it's not real...but damn...the gunshot accuracy and fighting skills takes 1000s of rounds a week and 1000s of hours of hand to hand training....

  • fooliecoolie
    fooliecoolie 8 months ago +1

    Got to love frank, True Believer in equality. Man or woman get in his way, you're going down.

  • vibe man 71
    vibe man 71 5 months ago

    i just LOVE how well they show his brutality and ruthlessness. nothing stops him from serving A1 justice.

  • Jaimekrulgrudy Fonseca


  • Skevel
    Skevel Year ago +981

    Frank castle and John wick would be a sick duo

    • anthony0713
      anthony0713 6 months ago

      Just imagine the people that killed Frank's family running over John Wicks dog as they leave. God Himself would just shake his head and say, "yeah, nice knowing you. Not even I'm going to be able to help with what you just did."

    • Life is Berserk
      Life is Berserk 6 months ago

      @Towkir Shuvo John is a very good shooter but Punisher is just as great and a WAY better fighter

    • V Ph
      V Ph 9 months ago

      John Wick vs Punisher is better

    • BadxDOPE 420
      BadxDOPE 420 10 months ago

      @Towkir Shuvo it's not a dick so don't take it so hard.

    • Towkir Shuvo
      Towkir Shuvo 10 months ago +1

      Nah John Wick sucks. John Wick is a very poor fighter. He almost gets killed in every fight. It's plot armor that keeps him alive all the time. Punisher is a superhero and can even take down god level threats. Punisher >>>>>>>>>>>> John Wick

  • squabble
    squabble 4 months ago +1

    the roar before he starts to beat everyone's ass is so amazing

  • Monke Brained Fish
    Monke Brained Fish 6 months ago

    I saw a comment once stating "Punisher has a perk that has the effect of the more damage The Punisher takes the more damage The Punisher gives"
    I started watching that show with this mindset, that guy wasn't wrong. If he takes enough dmg he begins oneshot enemies with full HP

  • Nikhil Gajria
    Nikhil Gajria 9 months ago

    1:15 this is why I like the realistic aspect of the shows, instead of waiting there choking the guys like others might and just by luck someone else caught the knife behind Frank, he was still alert and was ready to turn fast and fight as if he was the only one fighting

    • Gerred Deptula
      Gerred Deptula 8 months ago +1

      Absolutely. He’s not enhanced in any significant way, so he relies on others for help or just plain ol’ luck, or just takes a beating.

  • Tullock
    Tullock Year ago

    I can see why Frank is so confident. It's always 10,20 to 1.

  • Blue Dog
    Blue Dog Year ago +137

    One thing I really like about Frank is he actually gets hurt. He gets shot, he gets the shit kicked outta him, he bleeds, he suffers, yet it doesn’t matter to him. His pain resistance is fucking insane, and when he gets hurt he does not stop. It’s my favorite thing about him. Unlike a bunch of people with literal plot armor, the show literally makes it a point to show him getting his ass beaten and just shrugging it off. Like when he got ambushed in the warehouse where Russo was, yet he got up and literally beat the fuck outta all of the dudes in there; despite being covered in blood and bruises from getting pounced on. Sometimes you can’t even tell what’s his blood and what’s other people’s blood on him. It’s something a lot of shows and movies just fuckin bullshit on. Frank literally gets covered in blood from his own abuse and from the pain he’s inflicting on others.

  • Random
    Random 3 months ago +2

    i can say this, he owned this char beoyond any expectactions , i would pay my salary for him , to continue this

  • Kojin
    Kojin 8 months ago

    There were scenes in this series that felt straight off the page. Even though season 2 was a letdown overall, I felt like it had way more Punisher moments, if that makes any sense.

  • The Violet Imagination
    The Violet Imagination 3 months ago +2

    Love the guy at 1:01 that tries to stop the fight 😂

  • Jamie Horwath
    Jamie Horwath 10 months ago

    I absolutely love it when he throws Jean Jacket Lady into the stall

  • Drew Head
    Drew Head Year ago +1974

    That poor guy just trying to break up the fight in the bar. Lol

    • i suck at league
      i suck at league Year ago

      there is a lesson in there :D

    • kylrapture
      kylrapture Year ago

      @DevilMan sure thing devil”man.”

    • DevilMan
      DevilMan Year ago

      @kylrapture You could not sound more weak LMAO

    • wtb ogoiD
      wtb ogoiD Year ago +1

      @Stronghand1984 you're racist

    • MikeMic productions
      MikeMic productions Year ago +1

      Yeah well frank knew it was a bystander and merely knocked him out.

  • Dblundz
    Dblundz Month ago

    And our boy is confirmed to be back!!!

  • Christopher Lamoureux

    The only problem I have with this show is sometimes the magazine capacity goes was beyond 30+1. But other than that, awesome john wick style fight scenes.

  • HP
    HP Year ago +2

    You can't say this is marvel production series 😍😍🥰 brutal fight scene