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P!NK & Kelly Clarkson Duet 'Please Don't Leave Me': Songs & Stories Part 2

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • P!NK opens up about her relationship with her husband Carey Hart, and reveals his hilarious reaction to one of the new songs written about him on her upcoming ninth album "Trustfall." P!NK and Kelly also perform a duet of her "most humble love song," "Please Don't Leave Me." P!NK also dishes on performing with Pat Benatar, Brandi Carlile, Gwen Stefani and more on her upcoming world tour, and shares how protest music from the '60s has inspired her own work.
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  • Kerim Demirkan
    Kerim Demirkan Month ago +955

    Pink is like the friend you don’t see for years but then when you meet it’s like no time has passed

    • Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner
      Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner Month ago +1

      This! 100% accurate. ❤

    • Abby
      Abby Month ago +1

      Good lord - this. I needed this

    • Bel Gtz Gtz
      Bel Gtz Gtz Month ago +1

      Could not have been said any better by anyone else. Thank you for hitting it out of the park. ❤

    • Hankiepank17 Numnumnum
      Hankiepank17 Numnumnum Month ago +2

      She’ll be in my area four days after my birthday. Never seen her in concert before. But it also feels a little bit like seeing one of my besties from my high school days (when I first discovered her music 💖)

    • MrsB
      MrsB Month ago +1


  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +1300

    they sound so great together

  • zombieman49
    zombieman49 Month ago +252

    I love how genuinely happy Kelly is singing with other artists. You can tell she truly admires her guests.

  • gabzi
    gabzi Month ago +193

    their harmonies just give me absolute chills. their tone, their dynamic together. P!nk is literally such a bad ass. I love that she dives into everything. So diverse and the same goes to Kelly. These woman are incredible vocalist, always sharing beautiful mixes, genres. Fun House really is a timeless album.

    • Lisa marie Alaniz
      Lisa marie Alaniz Month ago +3

      Agree 💯 they need to write and sing some songs together make a cd

  • Martine Braams Music
    Martine Braams Music Month ago +94

    HOW is she literally SO good live?! They both are incredible, but WHAT? I need to go to a P!nk concert now. 🔥

  • coralificus
    coralificus Month ago +441

    I saw Pink open for *NSYNC in 2000 when I was 14 years old. I’ll never forget my mom saying, “That girl is going to be a big star,” and she was right. I’ve loved her ever since. We voted for Kelly Clarkson every week on Idol, and she’s been my favorite artist since. I’ve been waiting for these two to sing together for so long!

    • Susan Danielle
      Susan Danielle 29 days ago

      They sang together on an awards show a few years ago and it was beautiful!!!
      They did 'Everybody Hurts' on the 2017 AMAs.

    • EmpireOnEighteenth
      EmpireOnEighteenth Month ago

      Omg same! I was 9 and was OBSESSED with her immediately after. She’s amazing!!

    • camyg21
      camyg21 Month ago

      The no strings attached tour 🎉 I saw her in that concert too and she was amazing

    • Alison Morton
      Alison Morton Month ago

      I saw Pink open for Lenny Kravitz years ago before she was famous!

    • melissa cross
      melissa cross Month ago +3

      Yeh...my mum was a singer and she said "wow she is so good..how can pink sing so powerfully upside down on a trapeze"....mum loved her....Pink is amazing...and became that big star that your mum predicted...😊

  • Anna Lissa Cruz
    Anna Lissa Cruz Month ago +1605

    The standing ovations after each song are well deserved. These ladies complement each other so well. My ears have never been happier!

    • Lisa Insana
      Lisa Insana Month ago

      Alecia is SO underrated.

    • Gayle Myers
      Gayle Myers Month ago

      I love both these ladies!! Pink is so amazing!!

    • Ndoti Mutua
      Ndoti Mutua Month ago


    • Melodie Traylor
      Melodie Traylor Month ago

      @Kara Hirsch yes, they do complement each other very well pink can sing with anyone , Kelly Clarkson‘s good one.

    • Melodie Traylor
      Melodie Traylor Month ago

      Yes!, and she does have a lot of empathy and those of us that have a lot of empathy. Have a hard time saying no to people. At the same time they’re sucking the life force out of you. all of you who have never heard RUN, it was dedicated to her baby girl every mother on the planet needs to listen to that song

  • Antony Antoine
    Antony Antoine Month ago +32

    The way Kelly can just fall into a song on the right notes and blend just so damn beautifully! Just pureeeee talent! Look at all the idol winners and no one stacks up to her as the FIRST!

    • Rachel M.
      Rachel M. 20 days ago +1

      I forget she was the first winner. I feel old, lol. Kelly's success is well deserved. Love her!

  • Dottie Mayfield
    Dottie Mayfield Month ago +51

    Fans can we petition politely for them to do an entire album 🙏 together!

  • A Girl Gossips
    A Girl Gossips Month ago +87

    They need to record together!!! Their harmony is BRILLIANT

  • Adlareh
    Adlareh Month ago +24

    They have a chemistry that sounds like they’ve been singing together for years. Sounds amazing!

  • Charlie Ryan
    Charlie Ryan 11 days ago +1

    They definitely need to do a song together, I got goosebumps all over

  • Kemal Kemal
    Kemal Kemal Month ago +1152

    Does Kelly realise how incredible she is? I mean firstly pink is the singer who never got her flowers that she deserved… and then I feel the same for Kelly as well. What voices. Whoever organised this pairing is a GENIUS. Kelly is just out of control how talented she is. How she can hear a voice and harmonise perfectly is a gift not many have. Love you ladies x. Make an album please

    • giang kim
      giang kim Month ago


    • Carrie B
      Carrie B Month ago

      @Chris Bloodknot awww can’t handle it I see

    • Kathy
      Kathy Month ago +1

      What flowers?? I keep hearing about deserved flowers, I wish someone would please tell me more about these flower's...I would appreciate it...

    • Dawson Detrana
      Dawson Detrana Month ago

      You don't harmonize to the voice but to the key and tone

    NRI LAUNDA Month ago +16

    Goosebumps!!! Pink and Kelly we really really need a full version of this

  • lentilovski l
    lentilovski l Month ago +24

    How can 2 people sound so great together, even the imperfections are perfect for me! This is the best Christmas gift ever because this February is Christmas again!

  • Frankie D. Roosevelt
    Frankie D. Roosevelt Month ago +23

    I just want a full album set of both of them dueting each and every one of their solo albums together. 😭😭😭

  • Mr83an
    Mr83an 22 days ago +2

    Got goosebumps everywhere

  • Anna Gornas
    Anna Gornas Month ago +40

    OK, so now is the PERFECT moment to record 'Whataya want from me' together, which we have all been dying to hear for years. And then - a whole album, pretty pretty please.
    These two ladies have so much jaw dropping talent and charisma between them it's insane. Autotune? What's that? This is what real music sounds like. And you don't need no bells and whistles, just a guitar will do. This goes straight to the heart.

  • Shaylin
    Shaylin Month ago +598

    I just cant with Kelly's harmonies. The way she just so effortlessly jumps in and adds such a beautiful depth!

    • Saku Raitonen
      Saku Raitonen 25 days ago +1

      ​@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Stop forcing God down people's throats. It's inapproriate, really.

    • I'm Always Right
      I'm Always Right Month ago +1

      @Aimee Myers Not stupid at all!

    • I'm Always Right
      I'm Always Right Month ago

      Did she do a lot of backing prior to Idol?? Her harmonies are incredible.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ  Month ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”
      ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4‬:‭29‬ ‭NIV‬‬

      MANUEL PEREZ Month ago

      Kelly is a great singer, but Pink is in a different stratosphere, her energy, lyrics and voice are recognized right away.

  • Aerislei
    Aerislei Month ago +14

    I desperately need full versions of all the songs in these snips omg

  • Nancy Andrews
    Nancy Andrews 26 days ago +8

    My two favorite female singers. They are so incredible!

  • Rachel Campbell
    Rachel Campbell Month ago +18

    I grew up listening to both of you and this is so healing. An album with both of you covering each other songs would be incredible

  • Rogier Banis
    Rogier Banis 12 days ago

    The warm voice when Kelly sings the backing sentences Please don’t leave me. So deep and warm. Wow

  • E Aganiap
    E Aganiap Month ago +6

    Goosebumps! I was hoping they'd finish the song ...more!more!more! Pink and kelly collab!

  • Sonya N.
    Sonya N. Month ago +503

    2 real singers/songwriters who don't need autotune. So talented on their own and put them together.....WOW!

  • Ivana Hugankiss
    Ivana Hugankiss Month ago +11

    More of Pink and Kelly singing together 💖💖💖💖

  • Amanda D
    Amanda D Month ago +9

    I didn't know how much I needed P!NK and Kelly Clarkson duets in my life until now. 😮 I want more.

  • Server R
    Server R 24 days ago +5

    I just want them to make an album together. Do like country musicians and collaborate. Their voices compliment each other so well!

  • Raïssa Vanhuylenbrouck

    Goosebumps from this song once again. ♥️

  • Ms. Tizzy Poo
    Ms. Tizzy Poo Month ago +25

    Listen my people.. Pink is soooo underrated as a singer her voice is so amazing.. Pink we love you..💯💖

  • malovina
    malovina Month ago +359

    Fun Fact: P!nk has said how much she admired Kelly and wished she could sing with her. So it’s beautiful to see them sing. I’m pretty sure P!nk is fangirling here in her own modest way. 💜 them both!!

    • malovina
      malovina Month ago +2

      @Gage Carlsen that’s a good point, I forgot they had that song as well at AMAs. I just remember P!nk saying via live interview when promoting Truth About Love tour how much she admired her and loved her voice and wished she could sing together. But good memory!! They did have a song during AMAs.

    • Gage Carlsen
      Gage Carlsen Month ago +3

      When? They did sing together back in like 2017 or 18. They actually talked about it (was there in person) but they didn’t air it.

  • Lynne Harper
    Lynne Harper 14 days ago

    Pink’s voice is just amazing, could listen to her at all day!

  • Michelle webb
    Michelle webb Month ago +3

    I got chills, their voices sound beautiful together.

  • iGimmie
    iGimmie 24 days ago +1

    I love pinks voice after all these years

  • Gilberto Arantes
    Gilberto Arantes 13 days ago

    OMG! It’s like angels singing together… I’m speechless

  • Misty Garrison
    Misty Garrison 8 days ago

    The harmonizing queens sounding amazing together as usual. 2 of the best voices out there.❤ The duo we didn't know we needed...but now we know👀...we know...

  • Frans S
    Frans S Month ago +275

    As much love and success as they have received, I still don’t think people give Pink & Kelly the flowers they deserve. Their vocals and live performances are just always so raw and amazing!

    • Yasmin Helen McEwen
      Yasmin Helen McEwen Month ago

      @Kathy what flowers? I think maybe a whole Warehouse filled with Beautiful Roses, Tulips, Magnolias, Peonies, Pink Carnations, Rooms snd rooms filled with Blooming Beautiful Flowers💐🌸🌷🌹🌻🌺💐🌸🌷🌹🌻🌺 Oh Yes, P!NK and Kelly absolutely Need those Flowers 🌹🌻🌺💐🌸🌷🌺🌷💐🌸🌹🌺🌻💐🌸🌷🌺

    • Anna Lissa Cruz
      Anna Lissa Cruz Month ago

      @Kathy it's slang, meaning to give respect

    • Kathy
      Kathy Month ago

      Just curious, I keep seeing other's comment on the flowers Pink and Kelly deserve? What flowers?

    • Lynda
      Lynda Month ago +6

      Completely agree! These ladies are so talented, genuine and are proud to always sing live. No lip syncing!

    • Adventure West
      Adventure West Month ago +6

      I agree. I’ve said this since idol. Kelly is amazing but I feel people still don’t recognize her as much as she should be fur her amazing talent

  • Andrena
    Andrena Month ago +4

    Omg I’d KILL for them to record duets of these songs and release them. It killed me that they only sung ONE VERSE of each song.

  • Pete Harnetty
    Pete Harnetty 20 days ago +1

    You guys need to do an album such great chemistry and harmony. xx

  • jmikey
    jmikey Month ago +6


  • Emmanuel Adade
    Emmanuel Adade 22 days ago +1

    ❤ Pinks vocals

  • noski33
    noski33 Month ago +4

    I can't get enough of Pink! She is such a beautiful soul.

  • Carolyn Edge
    Carolyn Edge Month ago +395

    Omg they sound so great together the voices just melt into one wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bee Nice
    Bee Nice Month ago +4

    Wow, goosebumps. They sound great together

  • Yolanda Neal
    Yolanda Neal Month ago +10

    I love PINK! She has such a pure voice and I love her even more when she started performing her own music!

    • Winnie Johnson
      Winnie Johnson 23 days ago

      she has such a gift. i love any genre of music that she sings. you are so right about the purity of her voice. i wished that i could sing like her. Whitney Houston and pink are two superstar singers that i wish i could sing as wonderfully as they sing..Many many wonderful truly talented singers in the industry from the past and still to this day. I salute them All including Ms. Clarkson.

  • Jessie van Leeuwen
    Jessie van Leeuwen Month ago +8

    Goosebumps!!! Pink and Kelly we really really need a full version of this 🥺❤️❤️❤️

  • Shannon Carter
    Shannon Carter Month ago +10

    I love Pink so much. So glad I got to see her live. She really got me through some bad times

  • Rae Doyle
    Rae Doyle 28 days ago +1

    P!nk is such an amazing, beautiful and inspirational soul

  • Josh Pérez Panadero
    Josh Pérez Panadero Month ago +160

    Okay, now I need a whole album of the greatest hits of them recorded as a duo. They sound insanely amazing.

  • Chiemsee_ eesmeihC !
    Chiemsee_ eesmeihC ! 18 days ago

    Their hamonies are amazing❤

  • Queen Diva
    Queen Diva 15 days ago

    I love Kelly's low range and softer tones!She should totally do a duets album!

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Month ago +1

    I love the song What About Us. It is very powerful. And the video for it as well puts a visual story to those words.

  • Christi Renteria
    Christi Renteria Month ago +1

    I need more songs with them together

  • BeautyandtheBeer
    BeautyandtheBeer 22 hours ago

    Pink’s voice is clear as a bell. She’s so fantastic.

  • BananasCoaster
    BananasCoaster Month ago +302

    I adore Pink, she has some of the best performances but Kelly's talent here is something else. She has a very powerful voice yet she holds it in, harmonizes and elevates the song. Could we get an entire "unplugged" show with them please?

    • thi kim
      thi kim Month ago


    • Jared Cruz
      Jared Cruz Month ago +4

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ lmao what the heck

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ  Month ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”
      ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4‬:‭29‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Sherr C
    Sherr C Month ago +1

    Hope they do a new song together great team up when they sing 💜

  • Jaylee Neal
    Jaylee Neal Month ago

    I need a duet album between these two🥰

  • blurredalines
    blurredalines 23 days ago +1

    heaven must be listening to them singing together all day long

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G Month ago +6

    If there was ever two voices that could do a whole album of duets, it’s them! Love them together!

  • 🌬Honeybunch💨
    🌬Honeybunch💨 19 days ago

    I love their voices together 😍🥰

  • Will Cook
    Will Cook Month ago +176

    Her voice is so perfect. Sounded exactly like the studio version. She's literally never used auto tune

    • Will Cook
      Will Cook Month ago

      @D Jay oh I should have said better. I think she sounds way better live, I just meant a lot of the time singers don't sound like they do in recordings and usually can't sing better than it.

    • D Jay
      D Jay Month ago +3

      It's actually better when u can sound better than the studio version. Example, Whitney Houston. Pink, in my opinion also do, she and Kelly . 2 beautiful true and very talented singers

    • Eliza Wilson
      Eliza Wilson Month ago

      She’s never needed to her voice is God like and in my opinion very few artists can top her voice the only two that can top her voice is David Draiman from disturbed and Chris Daughtery and thats it

  • Raelene Cobb
    Raelene Cobb Month ago +6

    Wow!!!!! I had Literal chills listening to them sing! It makes my heart happy :)

  • T Chappell
    T Chappell 7 days ago

    Kelly can sing with absolutely anyone. I've followed her since Idol. Such an amazing voice and soul she has. Pink is just as awesome! Yep, I'm a fan. She's her authentic self period.

  • Paula C.
    Paula C. Month ago +4

    Two of my childhood favorites 🤍 those harmonies brought me to tears!

  • Kristin Tyree
    Kristin Tyree 4 days ago

    You two need to sing together more often! Two of my favorites in one place. Brought tears to my eyes from the beautiful harmony. Love you both!

  • Rennel Apolinares
    Rennel Apolinares 20 days ago

    These song selections just make my eyes bawl.. speaks so much experience and empathy

  • BitchOnWheelz
    BitchOnWheelz Month ago +133

    You two NEED to do a concert tour together! You harmonize beautifully and both have powerful voices! One won't out sing the other! Please consider it!! 💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤

    • T P
      T P Month ago +2

      I am ready to see this

  • Amy W
    Amy W Month ago

    I just cant get enough of P!nk. ugh shes just all around incredible

  • Dena
    Dena Month ago +1

    These two need to do an album together

  • Misc
    Misc Month ago

    God I want to hear more of them singing together

  • jrbland18
    jrbland18 Month ago +4


  • Jenna Harmon
    Jenna Harmon Month ago +3

    Gosh I just love P!NK so much. She is just SO talented and so down to earth.

  • LittleBitOfLife
    LittleBitOfLife Month ago +77

    I think I can speak for a lot of people in saying that Kelly and Pink's voices together are magic and I would LOVE to hear more!

  • calliestephen
    calliestephen Month ago +5

    I so badly want them to make an album together. Their voices together are just so incredible. Pure strength and perfection.

  • Raquel Maytorena
    Raquel Maytorena Month ago +2

    MY GOD! Those two voices together.... gold with pure heart. AMAZING... and that word doesn't even give them justice. TWO real people who actually care about everyone around them. Love Kelly and Pink.

  • Kenia Calvo
    Kenia Calvo Month ago +2

    Amazing duet! Their voices harmonize together beautifully

  • Navy VyNa
    Navy VyNa Month ago +2

    They are really legendary singers

  • Katy Marie
    Katy Marie Month ago

    I got to see Pink at ACL this year for the first time. It’s one of my favorite performances now. 💜💜

  • summerlavender17
    summerlavender17 Month ago +82

    Their voices together=ALCHEMY. they MUST make at LEAST an EP together of their voices and harmonies wrapping around and in and out of each other, taking turns taking the lead. Their voices literally sound like they are sisters. PLEASE DO THIS--but make sure you have the best songs ever. Maybe even just covers. PLEASE DO THIS.

  • aerosport10
    aerosport10 Month ago +6

    Two amazing and beautiful voices. They blend together and compliment each other so well. They must put out a song together!!❤

  • Proverbs 3122
    Proverbs 3122 Month ago

    I’ve always thought they sound very much like one another, so this is fantastic!!

  • Amy Ockert
    Amy Ockert Month ago

    Two of my favorite vocalists ✨

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Month ago +2

    They should do an album together! So good.

  • vanksism
    vanksism Month ago +2

    Whaaaat?!? This couldn’t massage my eardrums any more perfectly that this! Why haven’t these two duetted on a song yet? I want more!

  • EGracie86
    EGracie86 Month ago +51

    A combination of two voices that we didn't know that we needed. Two of the most incredible vocalists, storytellers and incredible human beings. I hope they make an album together, I think the world needs that.

  • Mayra Chavez
    Mayra Chavez 27 days ago

    These two need an album ASAP!

  • Valentina Xerri
    Valentina Xerri Month ago +3

    I guess this is the closest we get from “angels” when they sing! Soooooooo LOVELY!!! I have tears in my eyes

  • Winnie Johnson
    Winnie Johnson 23 days ago +1

    pink !!! smh she has so much passion in. her voice and such control . she is one of the most versatile and best vocalist ever!! Kelly you are right up there with the greats as well. I love your singing as well Kelly.. You both are beautiful ladies that can sang!!!!😊

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones Month ago +3

    Love love love everything about Pink and Kelley they exude kindness and respect and independence. Their voices are beyond amazing. 😊

  • Jax
    Jax Month ago

    geeeez i love this song so much. haven't heard it in ages. they both sing so beautifully 🥹

  • LM085
    LM085 Month ago +142

    This was the duet I never knew I loved ❤. There’s many reasons why Pink is so loved in Australia. She’s herself, honest and witty. She’s one of my favourite singers ever. 🇦🇺

    • I'm Always Right
      I'm Always Right Month ago

      @Nancy Turnbough America slept on her earlier in career. She was dominating in Europe and UK. US came to the party late.

    • anthony ciccone
      anthony ciccone Month ago +2

      Pink is so big outside the states

    • Nancy Turnbough
      Nancy Turnbough Month ago +3

      I feel like P!nk is undervalued in the USA. Other countries seem more appreciative of her talent.

  • Anthony Frazer
    Anthony Frazer Month ago +2

    Literally 2 of the greatest singer / songwriters of my generation! They sound amazing together and I would love to hear more like this. I would love a live ep with the full tracks just them two singing songs from both of their catalogs

  • Mong Ji
    Mong Ji Month ago

    Thank you for putting Please don't leave me in the set list. My favorite. It's been a long time I haven't heard this one from P!nk🖤❤️

  • Sylvie Rossignol
    Sylvie Rossignol 25 days ago +3

    Loved hearing the two of you sing, such great voices together! Truly talented!

  • Kimee B
    Kimee B 6 days ago

    P!nk is such a rock star!! I love her voice! Both of these women can SANG!!

  • lori sh
    lori sh Month ago

    Please do an Album together!!!!!!!! Love you BOTH!!! Most amazing voices out there!

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago +75

    Their voices meld BEAUTIFULLY together! A duet is needed!!

  • Mary Marshall
    Mary Marshall Month ago +2

    Kelly is so amazing. She is a most generous singer when doing duets and she always makes the song even better. Love her with Pink, another of my favorite singers.

  • Brandon Schneider
    Brandon Schneider Month ago +5

    I realize they're both super famous each on their own. But man can you imagine them as a duo band for a few years 🙏🏼💯.

  • Great Lakes Doug
    Great Lakes Doug 22 days ago +1

    Damn!!! These two ladies harmonize beautifully!!!