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QF | MS | LEE Zii Jia (MAS) vs. CHEN Long (CHN) [3] | BWF 2020

  • Published on Mar 12, 2020 veröffentlicht
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  • Anis Rashidi
    Anis Rashidi 2 years ago +120

    GO MALAYSIA!! GO GO!! whatever the outcome all of us are very proud of u lee zii jia🔥

  • min
    min Year ago +63

    19:22 THE RALLY
    20:43 It’s not that easy to see Zii Jia smiling on court but there you go 🥺🥺
    55:43 KEEP CALM KEEP CALM 🤣🤣🤣

    • thaolo biimai
      thaolo biimai Year ago

      You'll go mad seeing him smiling ,so better not....

  • Mightko
    Mightko Year ago +5

    Lee played very well and very patiently. No much smashing, feeling he was preparing for 3rd round. Chen played well, too: powerful smashes!

  • Noorlisa
    Noorlisa 3 years ago +137

    Game started at 7:47.. I was waiting for his signature backhand smash all throughout the game.. 😂 Anyway Malaysians are so proud of you LZJ.. Keep it going and do all your best.. 🇲🇾 BOLEH!!!

    • Chan Kok Yong En
      Chan Kok Yong En 3 years ago +7

      me too,he can use twice in a rally , especially when playing with kento momota ,kento momota is very surprised when the backhand deafeat him

  • upbeatmantis86
    upbeatmantis86 2 years ago +125

    18:08 coach is saying “ don’t try to be too hurry and aggressive to find a weak spot, you need to select the right moment to execute it, keep calm and play accordingly “ 👍

  • Sternritter
    Sternritter 2 years ago +168

    Let's go Malaysia! Can't believe he actually beat Chen Long OMGGGG

    • Oreo 05
      Oreo 05 Year ago +2

      Chen Long is not suited for Lee's playstyle.

    • PC
      PC Year ago +2

      @Oreo 05 Chen long often tanks not so important matches... In match that matters he will beat h easily

    • TA Guy
      TA Guy 9 months ago

      but loses on olympic

    • Aniket Verma
      Aniket Verma 5 months ago

      @PC that's what happened in Olympics

    • Habib Abukasim
      Habib Abukasim Month ago

      ​@PColympic debut for lzj the aura is different, not yet

  • N NN
    N NN 2 years ago +102

    LZJ Definitely Improve A Lot. His Game Is Very Compose And Matured. He Definitely Can Go Very Far. 👍👍

    • pelir labuh
      pelir labuh 2 years ago +1

      boleh jd macam cong wey... 2 kali silver medal olimpic

  • My Vu Hong
    My Vu Hong 2 years ago +93

    Lee Zii a real new star is rising. He is dominating badminton of the World.

    • jason ng
      jason ng 3 months ago

      Aged like cheese

    • aseee
      aseee 3 months ago +1

      didnt age well

  • br4nd0n
    br4nd0n 2 years ago +46

    Lee zii jia is the new generation of LCW ! Hope he will get the gold medal from the olympics !!!!

    • Lee Jinwei
      Lee Jinwei 2 years ago +3

      Its he will win ,let's go lee zii jia

    • Queen(^_-)
      Queen(^_-) 2 years ago +2

      Aamiin...doa2 kan 🔥🔥

  • Mark Time
    Mark Time 3 years ago +30

    Never seen this kid before. If he's not top 3 soon I will be very suprised. Great match!

    • Kaneki ken
      Kaneki ken Year ago

      now 2022 (5). on the way to top 3.. 💪🏽

  • Lien Jin Hong
    Lien Jin Hong 3 years ago +64

    Lee Zii Jia played very well and one day will be like Lee Chong Wei.

  • Kir327
    Kir327 2 years ago +74

    Scared for tomorrow but BRING IT ON 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nurin Farisha
    Nurin Farisha 2 years ago +27

    Goodluck Lee Zii Jia for tomorrow we know you can do it 💖

  • thaolo biimai
    thaolo biimai Year ago +3

    So calm so poised
    Lee zii Jia 👍✨
    Moment that you wait for Cheng was priceless 👍 bless you....love you to the sky ❤️

  • coffee latte
    coffee latte 2 years ago +655

    come here again because tomorrow they will meet at Olympics, goodluck Lee Zii Jia 💛

  • Neel Akash
    Neel Akash 2 years ago +5

    Malaysian footwork is not smooth. but he is killing it in net shots !!

  • Kumud Saini
    Kumud Saini 3 years ago +24

    High level match.. Mental power

  • coconutrolls
    coconutrolls 3 years ago +15

    Lee Zii Jia is really great

  • Mr. Commander
    Mr. Commander 3 years ago +26

    lee will be great, can be eponymous with ginting, axlesen and kento. among these 4 guys, lee is the youngest, with the most energy and the least injury, 2 years later by 2022, he will sweep the champ title and other super series titles.

    • Quang Anh
      Quang Anh 3 years ago +1

      JIMMY TAN have a lot of young players like this guy,but after they are never touch to Momota's level.dont dream soon!

    • Yan
      Yan 3 years ago +3

      LZJ is tall, young, energetic, his skills has improved a lot. He is the brightest young player now. LZJ can be a top player in the near future, like the many others, but I don't see the huge talent that he needs to make himself a legend. Momota is different from other MS players, he is just another class, he is the same level with LD and LCW.

    • Adam Rahman
      Adam Rahman 2 years ago +9

      Hey..youre right...he win all england

    • Balqis Hamzah
      Balqis Hamzah Year ago

      he won BAC2022

    • Mr. Commander
      Mr. Commander Year ago +1

      @Balqis Hamzah yep, that's right.
      but, he still owe himself the world champ and more prestigious title---the olympic, so far the top 10 seeds players only----axelsen has earned both .
      Lee zj is 24 years of age today, he will able to maintain at this peak scale for the following 4---5 years, be careful, don't get injured....

  • Rex❤One Direction
    Rex❤One Direction 2 years ago +93

    Hope he can defeat Chen Long and gain revenge for Chong Wei in 2016. Bring the medal back!! All the best Zii Jia

    • Eugene Tang Bakugo
      Eugene Tang Bakugo 2 years ago +1

      Bruh he losss

    • Leon S kennedy
      Leon S kennedy 2 years ago +2

      @Eugene Tang Bakugo he can win against Chen long but his mistake make him lose...he should win at that show but his mistake make him lose....

    • HG S
      HG S Year ago

      @Leon S kennedy nah, Chen Long destroyed him both mentally and and destroyed LZJ at his game. Basically read him like a book. Chen Long was simply much better at the Olympics.

  • Henry Yang
    Henry Yang 3 years ago +1

    Lee's short game is super, and still better and better

  • Yan
    Yan 3 years ago +41

    After Ginting, LZJ is another young player with the ability to beat Chen Long. Chen Long's era has gone after the Rio Olympics, but he is still better than ShiYuQi.

  • memey here
    memey here 2 years ago +130

    Lzj coach is really humble n tell him to calm down not to over excited untill the game end . Lzj we r so proud of u

  • Tzi Khang Lim
    Tzi Khang Lim 2 years ago +19

    I watch again and again esp the coaches parts. I am really stun when everyone comment on Lee Zii Jia performance, it is coaches performance.
    But the whole thing i see here is because LZJ 2 coaches words are so accurate straight into the point, one focus on solving the difficulties at net shot e.g. when to focus on quality and when to give up quality + placing + how to escape control by Chen Long, the other one focus on finding chance for attack e.g. looking at chen long waist before punch and etc + how to avoid heavy defence bounce by CL if attack. When to release breath and when to focus hold breath + when to give up attack and recover stamina completely, shouting on the spot. I look back at old tapes, Wong Chong Han is attacker player thus he really able to find chance on the spot esp he sit there from third person view, and my comment is like wtf, this is a "hack" in badminton.
    I think only Lin Dan/momota/LCW develop this skill set his own without coach, which on another level. But to be honest, still won't beat a third person view which is much clearer, much accurate pointing directly at looking opponent which part body language and footwork reaction, because player need to see shuttle and opponent at 50% each, cannot completely focus.
    Also the coach talking sequence is always Hendrawan solve difficulties first, then only another coach Wong come up with attack breakthrough, so LZJ really won't get confuse. This is really the best accurate top to the point coaches, taking first 10-15 shots to solve difficulties + build chance, then wong method comes in.

  • Bryant Yong
    Bryant Yong 2 years ago +74

    Whos here after his loss but he has made us proud!!!!!

  • anonymous
    anonymous 2 years ago +204

    @18:04, the advantage of being a Malaysian - the ability to understand two different languages from two different coaches.

    • Bo 1989
      Bo 1989 2 years ago +16

      coach botak tu chinese kan? bagus gak sesama chinese ckp melayu haha

    • anonymous
      anonymous 2 years ago +18

      @Bo 1989 Yang botak Tu hendrawan tpi Indonesian Chinese. semua indon kena ade Nama indon dn Bahasa indon

    • Bo 1989
      Bo 1989 2 years ago +6

      @anonymous ooo ok2 slang dia pun ada bunyi2 org cina juga hahaha...ingatkan chinese malaysian

  • SirChocula
    SirChocula 3 years ago +18

    I hope LZJ fulfills his destiny of being the next Datu of Malaysia. Be nice to give Momota more competition at the super high level!

    • kimmie
      kimmie 2 years ago +1

      Duta (ambassador) not datu

  • Sandeep Bekal
    Sandeep Bekal 2 years ago +5

    Awesome Match ! Loved it..

  • Mark Lim
    Mark Lim 2 years ago +41

    All the best Zi Jiaa against Chen Long tmr olympics💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • peach
    peach 2 years ago +5

    goodluck lee zii jia. stay focus and bring back the medal

  • ToesZ
    ToesZ 3 years ago +50

    24:34 The one that lee zii jia did, i never see that kind of playstyle, that's new

  • Syed zul helmi syed amran
    Syed zul helmi syed amran 3 years ago +18

    This is not a peak of the game. LZJ still have too comfortable with his pace. But this game gives LZJ much confidence that he can be a world beater.

      AL SULTAN MINGKABAWI 3 years ago +3

      *Agreed bro. LZJ should improve his step a little bit more if he want to be the same level with Momota and Axelson.*

    • Lou 1985 Ong
      Lou 1985 Ong 3 years ago

      @AL SULTAN MINGKABAWI Lzj have beaten Axelsen but not momota. But still i think Bam should also concentrate on other players.

      AL SULTAN MINGKABAWI 3 years ago +1

      @Lou 1985 Ong
      *Yes, BAM still have good back up single players such as June Wei, Jun Hao, Tze Yong, Chong King and Aidil Sholeh. But they have yet to reach the level of world top players.*
      *Beside LZJ, I think June Wei is another Malaysian will explode the badminton scene very soon subject to proper mental preparation.*

    • forever wendy
      forever wendy 2 years ago +11

      Update. He won All-England 2021 today. Beat Momota at quarter final and Axelsen in final

  • _uy_01
    _uy_01 2 years ago +19

    Good luck Lee Zii Jia!

  • Rakshit
    Rakshit 3 years ago +34

    19:20 that ralleyy!!!!!!!!!!! Was way more than awesomee!!

  • Lakin87
    Lakin87 Year ago +2

    Congratulations Lee ji zia

  • Midh_ O2
    Midh_ O2 2 years ago

    It was not a good day for Chen long to remember.. come back strong champ

  • Toni Falcon
    Toni Falcon 3 years ago +18

    Welldone LZJ,...keep going on...😘😘..the game starting 16:00

  • Mr. Cosmos
    Mr. Cosmos 2 years ago +3

    Not just beating Chen long , but beating him sooooo.... comfortably!

  • Vaccinated Betta
    Vaccinated Betta Year ago

    The commentators be making me laugh as hard as Chen Long's service form
    special mention: 22:14

  • Mustaffa Yaacob
    Mustaffa Yaacob 2 years ago

    well done Lee Zii Jia

  • Hell on earth
    Hell on earth Year ago

    Great match 👍

  • Aaron's Channel
    Aaron's Channel 3 years ago +88

    20:24 even the umpire smiled

    WNA KENT 2 years ago +62

    Hope lee zii jia will win tomorrow, malaysia🇲🇾go on
    Go on lee zii jia🇲🇾

  • Andrew Chong
    Andrew Chong 3 years ago +34

    Equally level player skill to maintain cool composure, breaking the fighting spirit of another. The WINNER.

  • Pendekar Suliwa
    Pendekar Suliwa 3 years ago +21

    Well done zii jia👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • MikeCap
    MikeCap 3 years ago +147

    The rallies at 19:23 are what I paid my internet bills for.

  • Kon Ming yew
    Kon Ming yew Year ago

    Can we all understand that Chen long is not in his prime.

  • Lien Jin Hong
    Lien Jin Hong 3 years ago +12

    Lee Zii Jia is good.

  • imyinghee
    imyinghee 2 years ago +4

    Hope lee zii jia will win tomorrow
    goooooooooooooo fighting !!!!!!!

  • it's helna_
    it's helna_ 2 years ago +4

    Lee zii jia you so talented

  • YQ
    YQ 2 years ago +1

    Just came here to revise again how he beat Chen Long asss before tomorrow’s competition🔥 Hopefully LZJ can beat 🐉 down again 🥺🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Shara
    Shara 2 years ago +5

    Best of luck Zii Jia for today (Malaysia boleh 🇲🇾🇲🇾💪)

  • Mehrdad Aini
    Mehrdad Aini 2 years ago +1

    Good play Lee zii jia

  • Hạo Đỗ Nhất
    Hạo Đỗ Nhất 2 years ago +1

    2021 sẽ là 1 Chen Long hoàn toàn khác, anh sẽ lại ẵm cái chức vô địch Rio 1 lần nữa ~.~

  • rusyaliena hanie
    rusyaliena hanie 2 years ago +85

    aaa i just know him bcs of 2020 olympic!!!! tmr he will go against the france! best of luck zii jia!

  • Kuladoi Channel
    Kuladoi Channel 2 years ago +6

    Yg syok bila coach Msia speak in bahasa when giving input to LZJ..bcoz he know if he speak chinese, CL will understand..Good Luck LZJ. Im waiting for this evening game. 15 minutes earlier infront of my TV screen. Of course with some snacks and cold drinks!!

  • Skzace
    Skzace 2 years ago +7

    Double masuk semi final. Hope to see malaysian single n double in final 🙏

  • Dayana Ramli
    Dayana Ramli 2 years ago +3

    come here bcs i just cant wait. today they will meet! goodluck zii jia 🇲🇾👏🏻

  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 years ago +2

    你可以的 加油加油加油🇲🇾👍🏻

  • mimi Safrina
    mimi Safrina 2 years ago +1

    Good jobs lee zii jia

  • Nurhazlina Nadhirah
    Nurhazlina Nadhirah 2 years ago +8

    Good game lee zii jia teruskan kecemerlangan anda ke persada dunia I hope you can do almost best in the future 😉😁😎

  • Preston Koh
    Preston Koh 3 months ago +1

    I honestly feel like he is doing better back then than now 😅

  • Sofea Nabihah
    Sofea Nabihah 2 years ago +19

    good luck Lee Zi Jia 😍 tomorrow he will meet chen long ✨ for quarter final qualifications ✨
    28 July 2021

  • Naza Rush
    Naza Rush Year ago

    There's no giants left. He killed them all.

  • Debbie Xuan
    Debbie Xuan 2 years ago

    Win or lose tmrw dont care first.. Lee zii jia you are the best!!

  • Lan HUONG Pham
    Lan HUONG Pham 3 years ago +90

    Finally, my idol has gained a ticket to the SF by beating the Great Wall Of China

    • Kevin Chow
      Kevin Chow 3 years ago +2

      Lan HUONG Pham yeah he got the plane ticket.

    • khirul Aminur Khamis
      khirul Aminur Khamis 3 years ago +2

      Kevin Chow no need to be salty here

    • Kevin Chow
      Kevin Chow 3 years ago

      You know it’s a joke right?

    • Freddie
      Freddie 3 years ago +6

      He is the best potential world beaters, imagine he just 22 this year

    • Ammar Harith
      Ammar Harith 2 years ago

      Nah, Chen Long ain't the same player he used to be.

  • lee ying
    lee ying 3 years ago

    I dont know the reason, its hard to like the players like them, no matter how good are they. featureless!

  • Kim Yong
    Kim Yong 3 years ago +2

    Another Lee ..Zi Jia is a rising star. But his style and body movement is not as agile and flexible as compare to his predecessor world champion Lee CW.

  • Joshua Chua
    Joshua Chua 3 years ago +123

    Chen Long: Let me congratulate you by shaking your hand
    Lee Zii Jia: Nope....It is too risky.

    • Bisal Gurung
      Bisal Gurung 3 years ago

      Joshua Chua Lee possesses higher stamina and badminton IQ than Chen does

    • 宣德李
      宣德李 3 years ago +23

      It is important to keep social distance at times of Corona Virus, I think Lee Zii Jia did the right thing there. Its for the safety of Chen Long and himself.

  • Archie Caoli
    Archie Caoli 3 years ago +36

    It's like lil' bro versus big bro. So nice to watch...

  • Latipah Jrm
    Latipah Jrm 2 years ago +2

    Fighting for todayy !!

  • Hoseh
    Hoseh 2 years ago +36

    20:16 how defying physics looks like

  • Jack Fin
    Jack Fin 2 years ago +9

    Malaysia New legend after LCW

  • Hc Tan
    Hc Tan 3 years ago +86

    If lzj footwork could be smoother and flowing...he can be faster and save more energy. I just feel that his footwork a bit awkward...

    • Dark Tubular
      Dark Tubular 3 years ago +13

      Hes already fast,but yeah his footwork kinda slightly stuttered

    • Sean
      Sean 3 years ago +5

      Yep His defence is good but could be better

    • kornyken
      kornyken 3 years ago +24

      I think that's because of his build. He's bigger than Chen Long or similar to Axelsen. Axelsen also looks very awkward in the court. LZJ still young, hopefully the coaches are able to find the best way to optimize his movement on the court.

    • Leon De Suzanne
      Leon De Suzanne 3 years ago +3

      @kornyken lzj is 186cm, chen long is 188

    • kornyken
      kornyken 3 years ago

      @Leon De Suzanne I stand corrected. They do have similar build, bigger than LCW, LD, and the rest of the previous top players.

  • Joey Joey
    Joey Joey Year ago

    LZJ super hero from Malaysia 🇲🇾

  • Gaya hidup Islamic
    Gaya hidup Islamic 3 years ago +12

    Improve lg LZJ.. stamina kena power, ajak pihak lawan bermain dlm tempoh yg lama..

  • Harsh Chauhan
    Harsh Chauhan 3 years ago +4

    I don’t understand why chinese players purposely loose matches ahead of big tournaments like Olympics and world championships. BWF seriously needs to address this issue. They are devaluing the spirit of the game. And btw no offence to Lee Zii Jia. He played exceedingly well throughout.

    • jwu bocchi
      jwu bocchi 3 years ago +4

      I don't think Chen long was trying to lose this match. You can see the genuine frustration when he makes a unforced error or an important point

    • rofy anaz 040766
      rofy anaz 040766 3 years ago +1

      Harsh Chauhan Wtf Chen Long Played Seriously Boy. Your Eyes Broken

    • Harsh Chauhan
      Harsh Chauhan 3 years ago

      Just Don’t I think Chen Long was then successful in fooling you all. And you see I bet that in Olympics he’ll perform much much better infact, he’ll win gold.

    • Harsh Chauhan
      Harsh Chauhan 3 years ago

      rofy anaz 040766 My eyes saw what you didn’t. Let’s take a flashback, ahead of 2016 Olympics, Chen Long lost to Lee Chong Wei in straight games 21-15, 21-11. And then in the Olympics, Chen Long beat Chong Wei in straight games 21-18,21-18. Can you believe it? Think.

  • ArLenZ BoYs borneo
    ArLenZ BoYs borneo 3 years ago

    I like the way he lzj play like this better than he play against shi yu qi..so alot mistake fault n out...😒😒😒 but here he play well keep it up!☺☺

  • xiyue yao
    xiyue yao 2 years ago

    嘉弟杀球太猛了 就像子弹一样

  • fhfcfcs
    fhfcfcs 3 years ago +21

    Highest quality badminton

  • Tiara
    Tiara 2 years ago

    Goodluck LZJ!!

  • Johnson Phuah
    Johnson Phuah 10 months ago

    What happened to LZJ? When can he get back to his form like this match😢

  • SZ
    SZ 3 years ago +159

    New superstar from MALAYSIA 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  • Dihan Md
    Dihan Md 3 years ago +5

    LZJ wont survive too long. He is using too much strength in all of his game. However, congrats for his win.

    • Aida Zainal
      Aida Zainal 3 years ago

      because of the covid19, the player don't shake hands with their opponents

    • Dihan Md
      Dihan Md 3 years ago

      @Aida Zainal oh, i also had a same thought..👍

    • anonym Ed
      anonym Ed 3 years ago +7

      too much strength? on what basis that you analyze? he even not really push over the limit the way that we can see his breathing and body gesture is efficient not insufficient... your thought is wrong...

  • Angie Ng
    Angie Ng 2 years ago +3

    💪from lee zii jia

  • mrpakboss
    mrpakboss 3 years ago

    good to see LZJ coached by hendrawan. No ginting LeeziiJia boleh..

  • Angie Ng
    Angie Ng 2 years ago +2

    Lee zii jia great

  • FAEZ
    FAEZ 2 years ago

    Lee zi jia is pro 😆😆🇲🇾🇲🇾❤❤❤

  • Violet
    Violet 2 years ago +6


  • Su Ling Hoe
    Su Ling Hoe 3 years ago +7


  • Muhammad Muaz
    Muhammad Muaz 2 years ago

    nice game Malaysia 🇲🇾

  • NKNL 98
    NKNL 98 Year ago

    that's chen long, whenever he met someone new n powerful, he can't fight, how unstable he is

  • Azza Azzi
    Azza Azzi 2 years ago +6

    Good days ahead Zii Jia

  • Awequayz Ngs
    Awequayz Ngs Year ago

    Clear outcome !. No doubt !.

  • Kelvin Vo
    Kelvin Vo 3 years ago +17

    LZJ , i support you . you r my hero.


    Lee ze jia go go go

  • Ahmad Justin
    Ahmad Justin Year ago +2

    Lee Zii Jia VS Chen Long 💫✨👍

  • J DL
    J DL 2 years ago +2

    Finally a fitting player to carry malaysia after chong wei.

  • 淘氣的小明 Xiaoming
    淘氣的小明 Xiaoming 2 years ago +2


  • The Socialist
    The Socialist 3 years ago +8

    backhand smash 47:30