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I Busted 150 Myths in Destiny 2!

  • Published on Nov 8, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    There are TONS of myths about Destiny 2, so in this video I busted 150 of the most interesting and widespread myths about the game in the usual "MythBusters" style. I haven't uploaded in a while because this video took ages to make, so I hope you guys enjoy!
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  • Shadow Destiny
    Shadow Destiny  10 months ago +69

    1) Thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring today's video. Go to strms.net/ShadowDestinyHelloFreshNovemberYT and use code POGSHADOWNOV60 for 60% off plus free shipping on your first box!
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    • parazon99
      parazon99 10 months ago +1

      On the public event yeet it does work, just not 100% of the time. Also I think standing off center helps

    • Aurockson
      Aurockson 10 months ago +1

      Unsure what exactly causes it but swapping in and off ToM does crash my game. Does not work for others. Unknown why. Have performed it multiple times. Still unsure why.

    • God King
      God King 10 months ago

      Awesome video, thanks for doing all the pain in the ass research.

    • LegoZ3
      LegoZ3 10 months ago

      @parazon99 yes, i linked my video of that below

    • Cazihel
      Cazihel 10 months ago +1

      3:32 that happens because wish ender does increased damage against taken enemies, and the witherhoard blights targets, essentially making them classified as taken. this should work with malfeasance too!

  • Ibex Force
    Ibex Force 10 months ago +628

    The "some finishers are quicker than others" refers to how quick the enemy is killed DURING the finisher animation. Some finishers kill the enemy quicker in the animation, which is especially good to run as an Aeon user for heavy ammo drops (important to prevent the finisher from being stolen)

    • NovasHaven91
      NovasHaven91 10 months ago +77

      The Hunter's Sure Shot finisher is by far the fastest killing finisher

    • Asphyxxia
      Asphyxxia 10 months ago +49

      And Gladiator Rush is the fastest non class specific finisher

    • Nate M
      Nate M 10 months ago +2

      Its nice with the invis finisher

    • Shadow Destiny
      Shadow Destiny  10 months ago +82

      Correct, but none of the finishers are actually faster to complete, which is the thing that matters and the thing that was tested in this video.

    • MooRong
      MooRong 10 months ago +58

      @Shadow Destiny technically the benefit from a finisher kicks in at the kill, not the end of the animation. Thus, a finisher that brings a faster kill will grant you a finisher bonus (with a mod equipped) faster. You still have to wait for the animation to be over to move again, but for something like healing or invis finishers, that split second can really be helpful.

  • Cosumar
    Cosumar 10 months ago +16

    The wolf pack rounds are pretty cool, and the emblem with the audio hidden inside is pretty cool too, I would like to see a lot more things like this makes the community excited with searching for and finding "secret things" within the game which I really like and I am sure it is also fun for the devs

  • ohdimadima
    ohdimadima 10 months ago +21

    13:04 Another cool thing about Xur'ios is currency with which you can buy items from him - it's Curious Coins (random drop from dungeons) and the fact that he sells Gjallar's 'Horn", Krota's Shield, Arcadian War Turtle, Ingram's Puzzle and Mote of Light items :)

  • TydusisTV
    TydusisTV 10 months ago +49

    7:20 the leaning forward and back only affects how quickly you return your sparrow to the ground. This has been around since D1, and was an important mechanic in SRL. Leaning forward after going off a ramp will bring you back down faster, allowing you to regain speed quicker.

      LEXXIUS 10 months ago +4

      Meaning on uneven terrain, where you get lots of jumps, you will actually go a bit faster than others.

    • Xanderj89
      Xanderj89 6 months ago

      It was a particular helmet that did that, tilting the sparrow doesn’t do much by itself other than allow positioning for a smoother landing

    • ̷t̷i̷v̷i̷o̷n̷t̷e̷
      ̷t̷i̷v̷i̷o̷n̷t̷e̷ 5 months ago

      not to mention some vehicles had a top speed of 140 and others had a top speed of 160

  • YoshiGottaGun
    YoshiGottaGun 10 months ago +3

    7:32 Fun fact this works for a lot of shield in the game, like the taken goblin shields. This also applies to Well, meaning you can ignore the goblins at the first boss in prophecy by just standing in a well. However, this only works for the caster. You can use Lament and a well to get a really consistent solo one-phase if you're farming for judgment or long walk.

  • Hayden
    Hayden 7 months ago +6

    3:35 fun fact about this, because of the weird way witherhoard works, it makes enemies hit by it become taken in addition to all of their other types (cabal, fallen, major, etc.) This means that not only does wish-ender do extra damage thanks to it's anti-taken fletching perk, but malfeasance hits harder as well. You can also get extra damage from the taken spec weapon mod on witherhoarded targets.

    • Fanatic
      Fanatic 6 months ago

      The taken spec part isn't true but it does help wishender and witheehoard

  • Zylo
    Zylo 10 months ago +74

    16:53 The myth about bounties giving more xp in the tower is to do with the Shared Wisdom buff that increases the amount of xp that you gain while in a fireteam with people who have the season pass and are a high enough level. This buff is not active while in orbit but is active everywhere else. If you don't have people with you then you may as well turn them in in orbit, but if you're with some friends then you should load into an area like the tower first.

    • Chaz Carpenter
      Chaz Carpenter 10 months ago +7

      Although “shared wisdom” isn’t immediately proc’d in the tower like it is on planet destinations. It has a weird wait time for some reason. Usually procs within 1-3 minutes at the tower so you have to wait a lil bit before bounty dumping at the tower

  • OkbVinyl
    OkbVinyl 8 months ago +9

    About scannables. This interface has been in the game since season 1. But there's more, if you pull out your ghost near a scannable item, the ghost will turn and look in the direction of the scannable. Also, when you pull him out, a light wave spreads from you, and it will highlight the scannable items. Bungie have stopped placing lots of scannables, so this feature is mostly forgotten, but if you try roaming EDZ or Nessus, you might find plenty of items this way.

    • Titan1umTitan
      Titan1umTitan 6 months ago

      yup, in destiny 1 it used to open random doors too

  • xx_UnL1m1T3d_xx
    xx_UnL1m1T3d_xx 9 months ago +3

    At 11:40, not only you can reflect gathering storm super by blocking with arcstrider, but also if they use the silence and squall super, you can go inside the tornado itself while blocking and take control over it. It will stop following you and your teammates, and will start following players on the opposite team, including its own caster. I have done this quite a few times and should work. Unless they changed this recently.

  • Bradley Kurkowski
    Bradley Kurkowski 10 months ago +7

    at 24:50 not only is there the scan interface, but if you can't find where the scannable is when the ghost icon prompt comes up, your ghost will point in the direction of it when you pull it out. Might only work in first person though.

  • cqrson
    cqrson 10 months ago +5

    The moon skybox has changed since the leviathan showed up. It used to have a sky full of rubble.

  • friendlyelites
    friendlyelites 10 months ago +46

    16:02 that one actually is true, when Banshee and Elsie fought off the Vex on Europa they had people stay at the memory banks to upload their minds into fresh bodies whenever they died in battle. Some of the Exo's died and were rebooted so many times that their memory states were corrupted past the point of rebooting and were dead permanently. Banshee died and was rebooted 42 times, he did go through a final soft memory reboot after the fighting was over where he asked Elsie to change his name from Clovis Bray to Banshee. Cayde however cannot be rebooted that same way, it would use his memory from when he was a Bray puppet and not from his life as a Guardian. The Cayde we know is well and truly dead, but a Cayde-7 is possible if the Clovis AI turns on us and decides to reboot him to use him as a soldier.

    • Duke
      Duke 8 months ago +10

      The best villain we could ever have is a corrupt Cayde, especially if we don't know it's a problem immediately.
      And also, if he came back with Fillion as the voice, Ghost could make some meta references about him not sounding the same as the last time we heard him.

    • The Doctor
      The Doctor 7 months ago +7

      @Duke The Witness taking control of a corrupted Cayde-7 and using him as a boss would be an epic fight....and they could even sneak in a little extra dialog if you have the Ace of Spades equipped for the fight.

    • Yuh
      Yuh 6 months ago

      @The Doctor that would be epic

    • gaymeister
      gaymeister 6 months ago

      @The Doctor the witness would have you fight corrupt versions of multiple dead characters at the same time. Each boss would take 75% less damage or something unless you used the proper element to damage them (cayde vulnerable to solar, boss 2 vulnerable to arc, and boss 3 vulnerable to void) because most boss fights are very repetitive now. also the witness should be exponentially difficult and should be a boss you actually have to make a build specifically for. it shouldn't be an easy boss, you should have to fight it solo, no fireteam allowed. and it shouldn't be short either. it should be "slightly underprepared for a top 3 difficulty dark souls boss" level difficulty

    • Sir Porthos
      Sir Porthos 6 months ago

      YES. Thank you. Exos were Clovis Bray's Frankenstein's monster versions of Guardians but made without the Light. When an Exo dies and is rebooted their memories from previous live(s) are lost. Hence, the incremental number next to their name. BUT, you can BACKUP your memories to have them come back to you if you want. The method of rebooting is a closely kept secret of Clovis and with recent story developments, good luck getting it out of him. Thats what Clovis-1 did till he became Clovis-43. After Clovis-43 shut down the Vex gate in the Glass Way, which btw, is how he also got the moniker Banshee of the Glassway, after the banshee wail of The Lament swinging through the air as he cut down the Vex, he asked Elsie to reboot him one last time but with modified memories of himself calling himself Banshee instead of Clovis and without all the memories of well..Clovis.
      Also another interesting tidbit. There...is a... known condition of Exos experiencing what essentially is cyberpsychosis as their mind cannot accept their new robotic body. Its called DER (Disassociative Exomind Rejection). To avoid this, exos have to do all the regular things that humans do even if its kinda redundant for them to do so. So far, there is no cure but the occurrence as diminished greatly. Apparently this can be staved off by your first reset but we have Ada-1 who is still in her first boot and she hasnt gotten DER so its not fully explained how it works.

  • casbrx
    casbrx 10 months ago +182

    18:43 If you quickly double tap your summon ghost button AFTER deploying it to scan it will actually skip the animation.

    • gamermanPS3
      gamermanPS3 10 months ago +13

      This! I was searching for your comment. Instead of being stuck in animation where the ghost flies towards the object, you can just walk away

    • Xanderj89
      Xanderj89 6 months ago +1

      You can also switch to heavy weapon at the same time, been doing it since d1

  • EmCeeChupi the Undying
    EmCeeChupi the Undying 10 months ago

    The Echo of Dilation perk for Void 3.0 can allow you to see nearby resources & loot chests when the perk is active
    Also you can damage yourself with ricochet rounds, you just have to get really close to the surface the bullets will ricochet off

  • KindDmoN
    KindDmoN 8 months ago +2

    For the stat tracker one,it used to delete all your kill progress but bungie changed it a few seasons ago to no longer delete the progress. I believe it happened during the whole weapons 2.0 update when they no longer create orbs of light.

  • AtomicBaconBits
    AtomicBaconBits 10 months ago +2

    On certain weapons, the reflection of the scope will show the Cosmodrome in King's Fall. I had it happen on launch day with the Fugue.
    I saw it in the Warpriest boos room.

  • fiery -nic086
    fiery -nic086 8 months ago

    The wish ender damage tech is an actual feature added by bungie, since enemies affected by witherhoard are registered as taken enemies, and wish ender intrinsically does additional damage to taken enemies

  • KindDmoN
    KindDmoN 8 months ago +1

    For the execution one. Executions take the same amount of time to finish, however WHEN the enemy dies within that animation happens sooner in some animations than others, which is when certain perks or buffs activate (when the enemy dies, not when the animation finishes)

  • RedPandaRiot
    RedPandaRiot 10 months ago +90

    Love to see an Eyes of Tomorrow myth! I always noticed that it shot fireballs rather than rockets, which is a cool detail. EOT isn’t a rocket launcher, but a missle silo.

    • Draco
      Draco 10 months ago +1

      I found you, panda

    • RedPandaRiot
      RedPandaRiot 10 months ago

      @Draco I was missing?

    • Draco
      Draco 10 months ago

      @RedPandaRiot don’t remember me? I’m darth vader

    • Eyes of Tomorrow
      Eyes of Tomorrow 10 months ago +4

      Eyes Of Tomorrow

  • Brian M Cox
    Brian M Cox 10 months ago +1

    The extra XP at the tower is in reference to accepting the bounties when in a fireteam with players that have the extra xp boosts from the seasonal pass.
    Also, the extra kills after Crucible ends doesn't effect the stats but it will count for bounty completions. Completely forgot to use my Super 1 last time during a Mayhem & did it after the game ended and completed my bounty 💪

  • kin
    kin 6 months ago

    If you make another of these, theres a fairly easy way to get out of bounds on Neptune. If you run to the left side of the defensive wall with a hole blown in it (don't remember the location name but it's south west area) there's a large gap between rock formations. Only some rocks have collision though so I'm certain areas you just phase through them if they're close to a kill zone

    LEXXIUS 10 months ago

    7:20 This should be tested on bumpy/uneven terrain, where the sparrow makes multiple (smaller to medium) jumps. Holding forward/W points the sparrow down more and brings it back on the ground faster. Holding back/S allows you to make longer jumps. I did confirm this myself some time ago.

  • Finkelburg
    Finkelburg 10 months ago

    I love watching these. They are super cool. Im surprised you dont try some of them multiple times to make sure you got the timing right but its still cool to watch.

  • zebrastripe665
    zebrastripe665 10 months ago +84

    I think the colossus you showed is the only one without the stomp mechanic but it's a legit GM strat. Also, I think the Cabal soccer ball might be a reference to a Halo 2 Easter Egg where you could find a giant ball in one of the levels.

    • Oryx The Taken King
      Oryx The Taken King 10 months ago +6

      Yeah they normally stomp

    • Voidwalker99
      Voidwalker99 10 months ago +3

      yep, he found the only exception I knew of lol. Maybe there are some more?

    • Dubsax4All gaming
      Dubsax4All gaming 8 months ago +1

      It's a reference to the original tower from destiny 1

  • SirOtter
    SirOtter 8 months ago

    Adding to the super bypassing servitor shielding: Well of Radiance allows your bullets to bypass. A lot know this by now but I’m sure there’s a lot that don’t. Kinda huge for some GM’s in particular.

  • LastGuardian
    LastGuardian 10 months ago

    13:18 they do count, not necessarily towards the end game score, but if you have a bounty that requires crucible kills, or a triumph, or basically anything that would require you to get kills in crucible, postgame defeats do give you progress on it. I have clutched a few bounties thanks to that in the past.

  • dark star
    dark star 7 months ago

    I knew about the finisher against bombers thing for a while, i didn’t know it’d do that but it was too close to shoot and I thought “well finishers do reduce damage from other things so lets try it” and imagine my shock when it went flying away :D
    Also WHERE DO I GET HIS FINISHER?!?! I’ve been searching for it.

  • Zetch_
    Zetch_ 8 months ago +1

    19:35 my understanding of this one is not that exotic rocket launchers deal bonus damage to vehicles, but that they have a reduction to their damage against bosses. however, if a boss is miscategorized by the game as a different enemy class, such as the sisters technically being coded as vehicles instead of bosses, then exotic launchers won't have the boss damage reduction applied and would deal more damage than usual. it's possible that this happened once or twice earlier in the franchise and has just become the community's go-to explanation for when exotic launchers punch above their weight class, though.

  • Srub
    Srub 10 months ago +1

    23:41 The gambit leaver penalty only happens if you leave before getting the rewards popup (gear, rank points, etc.). I had it happen once when the servers were really busy and lag was bad

  • pimpshiza
    pimpshiza 10 months ago +29

    I cannot even imagine how long it took to plan, orchestrate, record, and then edit this video! Thankfully, you guys are amazing... again, thanks for your devotion and putting in the time! 🥰

  • Arwind Armories
    Arwind Armories 10 months ago

    One thing to note about suppression grenades though: they can suppress their thrower anyway. So reflecting them from a hunter super isn't much different from throwing poorly and having it bounce off a wall. The thrower would get suppressed either way. I cannot count how many times I've done this to myself. x.x
    And along with the glacial grenade/shatterdive combo, if you Stasis-punch, Shield-charge, or Arc shoulder-check/knee-kick as a Titan to the larger/hovering/airborn units (like Hydras, Servitors, or jumping bosses) you can easily launch them the same. It's absurd. XD

  • Phoenix Da Assassin (KDE)

    18:04 you don't lose progress necessarily as having your number decrease, but not having it on the correct one stalls progress. So if you're in PvP, if you don't have the tracker set specifically to pvp, the counter for it won't increase when you get kills. If it's set to the crucible tracker it won't track overall kills. You can set it to overall kills and go to crucible and it'll increase overall kills but not crucible kills

  • Crusty Gumbus
    Crusty Gumbus 10 months ago

    With the first myth, you can cancel your slide. If you do this into a jump and icarus dash boost or just burst glide boost then you can go insanely fast, and you can do this with no cooldown as long as your super is not up. Full video on this tech by ritz but it doesn’t just stop fall damage it stops anything that will kill you from the architect’s.

  • Mote Squid
    Mote Squid 10 months ago

    The reason you gettwo knives when you use ophidia spathe is because it grants 2 knives every time you get a melee charge according to its exotic perk. It's not like the 2 melees on revenant, where you need to charge one at a time

  • Lima Meisem Cuspir
    Lima Meisem Cuspir 7 months ago +1

    22:53, when you summon your ghost you're just changing from where the voice come, it also works with npcs on missions. Try listening to them closely and the sound will variate the volume and the direction depending on where you are, if you get too far you will hear them by your radio or something.

  • kacpertron
    kacpertron 10 months ago +31

    Finished busting 100 destiny myths a few hours ago. Glad to see a part 2. Let's keep them coming.

  • Jack Brooks
    Jack Brooks 8 months ago

    The sliding myth applies to the stairs up to the bounty quartermaster bot on Destiny 1. It is very tricky to get it to activated, but fun when it happens.

  • Forgie Dusker
    Forgie Dusker 8 months ago

    In regards to skipping a ghost animation, you can do it by opening and closing the ghost menu, but not necessarily by switching weapons. Doesn't save that much time, but it makes you feel cooler for seeing your ghost instead of someone else's.
    I'm also fairly certain that invis really is easier to see on console, because i see so many people on twitter whining about it when I've had exactly 2 matches in the last 3 seasons where i died because I didn't notice someone who was invis. Only explanation is that I'm on console and they probably aren't, because I'm sure as shared needles not as skilled as someone who no-lifes pvp. I barely squeezed out my pinnacles from IB this week and gave up entirely.

  • Fa6ade
    Fa6ade 10 months ago

    The mechanic where the game gives you ammo when you run out completely is actually a timer that collects ammo off the ground. There were no heavy bricks, so you got no heavy ammo.

  • The_Spoofnator
    The_Spoofnator 10 months ago +1

    Another thing to add about malfeasance. When you switch from another weapon to malfeasance your hands tremble while pulling the gun out

  • Mr. Moron
    Mr. Moron Month ago

    If anyone’s wondering, that emblem saying their in trouble was a secret distress signal from Rasputin as around the time of that emblem coming out, he was about to be crashed by the Witness. So I think Rasputin was trying to warn us that he was already compromised.
    Also that selfie emote is easily and automatically replicated with the Scarlet Keep elevator. Looks pretty goofy there.

  • Milhouse Vanhoutan
    Milhouse Vanhoutan 10 months ago

    The barrel length one is very interesting. Because the difference was only four damage. That's such a small number that there could be a zillion things it could be. For example are we absolutely certain there's zero randomness in damage numbers? It seems far fetched from a net code perspective. When you tried the longer barrel it's possible that inherent latency/slight desync misreported the position of the player you shot.
    It's a lot less dumb than measuring range from the end of the barrel as opposed to from the players hands (it's close enough to the receivers of most guns it would line up fine.)

  • Icarys
    Icarys 8 months ago +1

    19:48 Wardcliff doesn’t deal extra damage to vehicles, but it does LESS damage to bosses.

  • ToxiicCreeper Productions

    Please do more of these. I love this series!

  • November Blue
    November Blue 10 months ago

    the one about deploying the ghost does work but you have to spam tab to make that happen, you can use it to skip the scan animation of things like say the start of the fallen saber mission where you defend the warsat, or other areas where you send your ghost out like the arms dealer strike

  • Andrew Brock
    Andrew Brock 8 months ago +2

    You can explore the Dreadnaught in the opening of the D2 Kings Fall Raid if you have a teammate with a horrible connection trying to join. While they are flying in, the out of bounds barriers are disabled for the players already loaded into the raid.

    • Xanderj89
      Xanderj89 6 months ago

      Does the old “rapidly open and close your menu to delay loading in” trick still work for that?

  • Spiritwyrm k
    Spiritwyrm k 10 months ago +8

    That shield and throwing knife clash was just amazing. The wall bounce for the kill would definitely be a God tier clip if it was in a match

    DREDGEN_LOVE 10 months ago

    The one about getting more xp in the tower compared to orbit is actually shared wisdom and need to be in a fire team it’s a little green buff in your inventory / character screen

  • R3XY1122
    R3XY1122 7 months ago +1

    For 5:04, you have to crouch to make it work on knucklehead, it says it in the description of it's ability

  • rainspren
    rainspren 8 months ago

    Might be good to add that you can only get access to the previous season via the website - so you can't go back and get Risen or Haunted rewards now, only Plunder. Definitely a good find though, especially if you forgot to grab something on one of your lesser used characters!

  • Mote Squid
    Mote Squid 10 months ago

    The knife getting stuck falling on the player model can happen to most throwables, like tripmines and throwing hammers

  • Knight Shadow
    Knight Shadow 8 months ago

    The Void buddy also gets Solar and Stasis orbits with the rifts too. Try it. Run a team of 4 warlocks, each one with the separate classes, and have them drop rifts. It's because the "void" is a black hole. So everything is orbiting around it.
    Edit: Subbed to the channel. I look forward to more myths getting busted and more info. I'm not real great at the game since I just play it for fun.

  • Sinad 01
    Sinad 01 10 months ago +8

    This was great, I didn't know about the higher mag count in PvP giving you more ammo part. Really solidifies my preference to use HIR MGs!
    I do want to say that there are a few things that I can add. Switching weapons after interacting with your Ghost does end the animation early, I don't know if its just that particular interactable shown in the video but if you tried it on the Arms Dealer Strike, it works 100% of the time.
    The part where your ammo regens when you have double specials with 0 ammo equipped is not as it seems. If I recall what happens is that the game collects all the unpicked ammo drops from the ground for you instead.
    As far as I'm aware, that particular Colossus you used to check the myth is the only one that has bad AI. Not only does he not slam when you get close, he also doesn't shoot you and backs away when you get too close, you can just closely follow him around and he'll look stupid all the while.

  • Provaricus
    Provaricus 7 months ago

    I don’t think that’s what they meant by making the Glaive melee faster. Holding the shield button skips the final hit of the animation and, in turn, skips the melee combo cooldown, so you can get more damage out faster.

  • Ayden King
    Ayden King 5 months ago +3

    Despite being a little annoying because I can’t skip them like I usually do lol, I’ve been very impressed with how you do your ad reads on this channel. Weaving them into the video itself makes it so people pretty much always gotta watch them, while keeping them minimally invasive. I tip my hat to you sir!

  • A L
    A L 9 months ago

    The myth about getting into a sparrow to prevent fall damage works when you summon the sparrow, not get into one on the ground. Getting an instant summon sparrow is the only way I've seen this work

  • Dexamaz
    Dexamaz 8 months ago

    #24:26 okay someone's probably mentioned this but this was the D1 hammer charge, which was a modifier to your super. Could be used repeatedly in the air to fly forward and close the gap with the ranged super forrrr... some... reason... I promise it was fun sometimes

  • Nevan Nedall
    Nevan Nedall 10 months ago +2

    I.. dont think that's what people mean by "hop on your sparrow"
    I think they mean summon your sparrow.
    BTW you should revisit the ricochet myth. At extremely flat angles, most bullet firing guns can ricochet without the perk, however, it appears to depend on the surface. I noticed that last detail in DSC's waiting room for the Atrax encounter.
    I can only assume the surface you tested it on previously is one of the ones it doesn't work on, for some reason, because I'm 100% certain this has been a thing for a while.

  • kfg fgh
    kfg fgh 10 months ago +17

    You definitely can use sparrows to negate fall damage and to skip the ghost animation you have to tap it's summoning button twice

    • shwamper
      shwamper 10 months ago +2

      I laughed so hard when I saw him try to hop on a sparrow like a Minecraft horse. Ya that’s not how to do it lol.

  • The Hunt
    The Hunt 8 months ago

    Ricochet rounds will hurt you if they dont hit water. I think them hitting water basically despawns the round. If you hit a solid wall however you can commit self unalive. I've tested this first hand. It might not work looking down because I don't know if your character can technically look straight down. If you stand in front of a wall and shoot them at an angle where they'll bounce back into your hitbox it does.

  • Danny Wisehart
    Danny Wisehart 10 months ago

    i love these videos but i have notice u havent done as many pvp videos like u used to do, but please keep going i enjoy ur videos keep up the good work

  • Lego-Man7
    Lego-Man7 6 months ago

    26:54 Sparrows have the same collision box but their hurt boxes are different. For the Micromini it bumps into the wall with an invisible part but you can't shoot that part.

  • Shadowboy
    Shadowboy 8 months ago

    It's not claiming bounties in the tower that gives more EXP, it's claiming them in any social space WITH your fire team. There's a fire team bonus if I'm not mistaken.

  • random connard
    random connard 6 months ago

    For the prospector glitch, try to plant a raly flag while doing it, it plants the flag so high nobody can catch it

  • radtacular22
    radtacular22 10 months ago +8

    For the one about postmatch kills counting towards your stats, while they may not show up on the postgame screen, they do count for bounties. So if you have a bounty to get a melee kill, and you get that melee after the match is technically over, the bounty will still complete.

  • Kyra Flick
    Kyra Flick 10 months ago +1

    12:35 you can do something similar in the enclave at the firing range. you can get all the way to the back if you well skate to the back, and icarus dash when you are gonna hit the wall, as icarus dash negates collision damage. you can do this on hunter too i believe, if you shatterdive again near the wall. (idk if the hunter works, i dont have shatterdive) titans, fists of havoc skate to the end, im pretty sure the super animation negates collision damage. (i doubt bubble skating will work, as you will go too low/hit the wall at mach 10)

  • Oleg Khomyk
    Oleg Khomyk 8 months ago

    Dude, you are awesome. Once again understanding how deep Destiny is.

  • Arlo Mathis
    Arlo Mathis 10 months ago +1

    Whisper of Rending specifically works on weapons that use Primary Ammo, regardless of element or slot. It was just primary slot kinetic weapons before but was recently patched to be all Primary Ammo weapons.

  • OldCDawg75
    OldCDawg75 7 months ago

    Here's an easy one to test, and it's a neat little sort-of Easter egg:
    If you look up and to the right when you spawn in at The Enclave, you can see your ship coming to a 'landing' at the top of the cliff.

  • Clicks
    Clicks 9 months ago

    the crucible one is true. you have to get the kills as the timer runs out and while shaxx is talking. ive once "lost" a match by 2, shaxx's "no. not today guardian" voice line started, we got three more kills as he was talking, and we somehow won. this was pre-shadowkeep so not sure if it still holds up but we thought it was a crazy glitch.

  • ɌᗋҰᑕꔠ트ᒪ ᒧᗋɌᐁῙꚂ

    7:41 Witherhoard used to work like that when it first launched & it was absolutely melting bosses, so it was patched. Two people can still damage with Witherhoard if one direct impacts & the other shoots the ground at the enemy's feet

    • dubishorts
      dubishorts 10 months ago +5

      does that work with one person too?

    • tr4l1975
      tr4l1975 10 months ago +4

      @dubishorts yes

    • Crus
      Crus 10 months ago

      It wasn't just melting bosses, it was bugging out the AI and insta-killing them

    • shwamper
      shwamper 10 months ago

      This wasn’t because it ever stacked, it never did. It was just a glitch.

    • ɌᗋҰᑕꔠ트ᒪ ᒧᗋɌᐁῙꚂ
      ɌᗋҰᑕꔠ트ᒪ ᒧᗋɌᐁῙꚂ 10 months ago +1

      I didn't say it stacked. But it took multiple people direct-impacting together to pull it off... like they tried to do in the video. I didn't say it wasn't a glitch. Obviously, it wasn't intended to work that way, hence the patch. What is it with so many people in this community being compelled to leave "Um, AcTuAlLy" replies to every little thing?? The point of my comment was to acknowledge where the myth likely came from & let people know that there is a work around to having more than 1 person do damage at a time, not give a precise history lesson on the gun.

  • Desperado__1
    Desperado__1 2 months ago

    Another cool thing with launching exploder shanks and cursed thralls is that they will damage enemies after you use a finisher. It’s like the TF2 air burst on a pipe or rocket

  • Jay_M
    Jay_M 10 months ago

    The fall damage thing is kind of true on hunter. If you dodge at the right time from a height that will kill you from just dropping you can live but with barely any health left.

  • Gengar Clefairy
    Gengar Clefairy 7 months ago +1

    The bounties giving more XP at the tower is true, except it’s only with the fireteam bonus. You can’t be in orbit and turn in bounties or else you won’t get the bonus

  • Twist the friendly hunter

    The faster finisher one, are they perhaps referring to the in air finisher which is quicker than the ground bases one?
    As for the cabal extraction, you can also stand on the landing thrusters on the sides to negate damage from the missiles.

  • Maddox
    Maddox 10 months ago

    Shadow... This is such an amazing video!
    The Blink sliding myth reminded me of something.
    Did you know that you can only slide 11 consecutive times before the game does not allow you do like that Blink glitch.

  • SpaceRangerWoody
    SpaceRangerWoody 10 months ago +3

    7:47 Similar to this, I accidentally found out that thrown grenades can collide with each other, at least in PvE. My grenade collided with an arc grenade thrown by a Dreg. Both grenades deflected and we missed each other.

  • Emile de Kadt
    Emile de Kadt 7 months ago

    The leaver penalty from gambit happens if you leave before you get your match rewards. Sometimes the rewards don't drop until the match summary screen, which leads to the problem.

  • Elix
    Elix 7 months ago

    18:40 With the ghost animation myth, if you double tap your ghost button (Start, Touch Pad, or Tab) after interacting with something with your ghost it'll skip the animation.

  • Syn
    Syn 10 months ago

    This was tested previously during Opulence, but I'm curious if it's fixed now. FPS used to limit how far a sword swing would go in air. If it's fixed then good I suppose.

  • Inflammatory comments with notifs off

    20:30 i think this one originated from D1 where you could actually shoot yourself in the foot while in water. Mightve been a thing in D2 as well but I don’t remember.

  • Kindred
    Kindred 7 months ago

    you can add into the explosive enemies one where if theres multiple explosives, your finisher counters most of the damage

  • Sketti5.0
    Sketti5.0 10 months ago

    17:48 I can confirm this one. Instead of landing on your sparrow, you have to summon it. However the timing is very unforgiving

  • MonsterTRG
    MonsterTRG 9 months ago

    If you have the cat ghost shell, it's that same meowing in that pvp map in the video, you heard it alot of times probably because someone was using it in the tower or in your fireteam

  • DemonCipher13
    DemonCipher13 10 months ago

    Some of these, like the Gambit quitter penalty, and Touch of Malice crashing the game in the tower, were 100% true, but were patched with recent hotfixes.

  • UsurperGeneralCerxen
    UsurperGeneralCerxen 10 months ago

    For the special ammo pickup glitch, if you have a special weapon out, you get less then if it has been stowed for like 5 to 8 seconds.

  • Abyssian Angel
    Abyssian Angel 7 months ago

    The cause 6 to 7 thing is exactly how it works lore wise cayde however didn't want to come back cause each iteration changes the exo cayde 7 would've been a complete different character than cayde 6 just like cayde 6 is a different character then cayde 5 the process alters both personality and memories which is further confirmed by the lament storyline where you find out Banshee our gunsmith is Clovis but 44 iterations later he's nothing like Clovis and barely has any memories so yea

  • Anton Corbell
    Anton Corbell 10 months ago +12

    That ammo brick one actually suprised me a lot, I had no idea there was even a difference between ammo finder bricks and normal ones

    • Th3 SpAc3 M0nK3y
      Th3 SpAc3 M0nK3y 10 months ago

      Yeah, Bungie showed it off especially back before the release of Shadowkeep
      So I guess you and the one that proposed the myth started some time after that

    • Titan1umTitan
      Titan1umTitan 6 months ago

      @Th3 SpAc3 M0nK3y I've been playing since a bit before the April update in D1 and I'm going to be honest, completely missed this feature, never had the time to look when I'm busy shooting things. Truly a goofy but necessary mechanic.

  • ArvolyXSL
    ArvolyXSL 9 months ago

    Sliding stops basically all momentum allowing you to move directly in any direction after a slide without swaying. This is much more noticeable after sliding off a cliff. (Slide in a direction and then, while in the animation, change direction)


    Salvations grip is the only exotic stasis grenade launcher, and has a special feature where when you zoom in there is a highlighted marker for where the grenade is going to land

  • Sonny
    Sonny 8 months ago +1

    Wish Ender does more damage to Witherhoard damaged targets because it is in lore a Taken hunting weapon, and being "blighted" is tantamount to being Taken. It's not the only weapon which does this.

  • LadyVantaBlack
    LadyVantaBlack 8 months ago

    For the "Ghost's audio improves", I think it's literally just that rather than broadcasting over the radio, he's now "standing" infront of you to talk like the other NPCs do.

  • Aristoph
    Aristoph 10 months ago

    At 18:42, the myth about skipping the ghost animation when scanning something. It's not switching weapons that works. If you hold the interact button, and then double-tap the button to pull out your ghost (Tab by default on PC), THAT will skip the animation.

  • Lyla Allen
    Lyla Allen 10 months ago +4

    the special ammo thing at 20:00 is actually a mechanic! if there's ammo on the floor that you havent found, the game will try to give you some of that ammo if/when you run out-- it isnt infinite, it only gives you some if there's nearby ammo bricks that you havent gathered.

    • burnin8able
      burnin8able 7 months ago

      it's actually both. when that auto pickup effect triggers, it will pick up any ammo in the instance, but you can still proc it even with 0 ammo in the area, you just get next to nothing for it.

  • Justin Chamberlin
    Justin Chamberlin 6 months ago

    Important note on my beloved Ophidia Spathe: Gambler's Dodge does recharge both Solar knife charges but only one of the two Stasis shuriken charges it provides, and Ophidia Spathe does not duplicate the stupid Arc punch thing, the Void smoke grenade, or the Strand rope dart at all.

  • Kindis Bacon
    Kindis Bacon 8 months ago

    With burning maul if you fail to hit an enemy it will automatically reload once the animation is done

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez 10 months ago

    I think for the finisher animation is how fast it kills the enemy before the animation stops