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Melting Every Candle From Bath & Body Works Together

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018 veröffentlicht

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  4 years ago +51379

    MERRY XMAS EVE, friends! have a holly jolly weird video for christmas! i don't know why, but this happened. i think i'm going to stick to bad makeup science after this, lol. xoxo, SAF

  • VallieMC C
    VallieMC C 2 years ago +24638

    The rewatchability of Safiya's videos is actually insane

  • Anna Grace
    Anna Grace Year ago +3629

    no matter what safiya mixes, she always gets back to berries.

    • Gabby Hulsey
      Gabby Hulsey 2 months ago

      What kind of berries?🤔😃

    • badon kadong
      badon kadong Year ago

      LMAO YES

    • intruder
      intruder  Year ago +1

      *and cream*

    • RiverPast
      RiverPast Year ago +4

      This is an amazing comment XD

    • Cheerful Satanist
      Cheerful Satanist Year ago +41

      To be fair the maple blueberry candle us sk strong it should be classified a weapon....I put in an order of 15 candles for my birthday last candle day....when my mailman delivered it he straight up asked if I'd ordered apple pie from one of those fancy bakeries that ship across the country...so that blueberry scent was do strong it read through, a snuggly placed metal lid, 14 other candles and their scents, being *UNDER* the other candles in the box, and heavy duty packaging that they always do such a great job at in terms of securing the fragile (glorious gift from heaven..) products
      And you could still smell that blueberry madness in a 15 foot radius of the offending box lol

  • Francesca
    Francesca Year ago +3294

    tyler saying “don’t, i promised my mom” when safiya starts eating candles kills me each time i rewatch

    • Narnia Harvey
      Narnia Harvey 3 months ago

      Does anyone know if they were soy candles or regular candles?

    • Nikki S
      Nikki S 3 months ago +9

      I’m rewatching it now and died at that part 😂👏🏼

    • Banana Manchester
      Banana Manchester 3 months ago +55

      It's super sweet how Tyler's mom not only cares enough for Saf to try and prevent her from eating candles, but actually knows her SO WELL that she can PREDICT that Saf will eat the candle. MIL goals!

    • Romantic Hippie
      Romantic Hippie 5 months ago +1

      @Francesca watch the video 🤣

    • Ah vah
      Ah vah Year ago +10

      @Francesca thanks!

  • G4merP4nda
    G4merP4nda Year ago +1315

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Any person coming over to Safiya's house: Why the heck is there a hole in every single candle in your home???

    • Hic Sunt Dracones
      Hic Sunt Dracones 3 months ago +1

      @RandomNPC 777 morning: work

    • RandomNPC 777
      RandomNPC 777 4 months ago +6

      Safiya: work

    • Amy Art Lover
      Amy Art Lover 9 months ago +15

      Safiya: ummm... don't ask

    • Ravenclaw All Day
      Ravenclaw All Day Year ago +18

      And why are there so many....I think you need help... And why are they all the same brand!

    • Eli 48
      Eli 48 Year ago +31

      and why the fuck do you own so many candles that you could open your own store with them?!?!

  • masterfy24
    masterfy24 Year ago +293

    I know this is almost 3 years old, but calling it "Berry Christmas" is pretty simple and concise.

    • sadmac356
      sadmac356 3 months ago +5

      @liesal yeah I'd probably have called it "demon blueberry"

    • liesal
      liesal 5 months ago +8

      i was thinking more like "screw blueberry" or " blue berry flip"

  • Waves Hoffman
    Waves Hoffman 2 years ago +12320

    If you loose your sense of smell to covid just buy a blueberry pancake candle and it should come right back

    • Ember_ Moon55
      Ember_ Moon55 Day ago

      @Songs from Heart r/wooosh

    • Em
      Em  Month ago

      Lol 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😭😭💀💀

    • Aguest
      Aguest 2 months ago

      I went into a bath and body works and none of the soaps had a strong enough scent. Don't go blueberry, nothing will ever be good enough again!

    • bubbles 🫧🦖
      bubbles 🫧🦖 4 months ago

      I’ve done that!!
      I was terrified

    • MxPunkRockk
      MxPunkRockk 5 months ago


  • The Sha of Thirst
    The Sha of Thirst Year ago +626

    Three years too late, but from a Bath & Body Works insider: The brick and mortar stores never have exactly what are listed online and vice versa. This is because each store stocks what sells in that particular area. I work in a Florida store (granted I've only worked there for about a year) and I've never seen Vanilla Balsam in our store. However we had one called Cranberry Pie. Plus it's sad that you couldn't experience the joy of sniffing a Paris Cafe candle, which smells like straight-up coffee.

    • KirboTurbo
      KirboTurbo 2 months ago

      oh a Coffee candle sounds awesome!

    • Spriggan Panda
      Spriggan Panda 3 months ago

      I wish my area BBW had a coffee secented candle 😭😭

    • Asei
      Asei 3 months ago +1

      thats so interesting!! id honestly love a full list of EVERYTHING they make and or sell for candles (im a candle hoarder- B&BW is a big company and im not the type to support those, but i adore lists of stuff. itd be fun to look at i think!)

    • Ashley Ponzetti
      Ashley Ponzetti 4 months ago +1

      I love my Paris Cafe, but I’m so sad, I’ve used almost the entire thing

    • Manasvi Jain
      Manasvi Jain 5 months ago +1

      I need that Paris cafe candle

  • Allegedly Alyce
    Allegedly Alyce Month ago +40

    I’m SO MAD it took my (edit- me*) 3 years to find this amazing channel and content creator!!!! Y’all are the Nev and Max of life’s ongoing questions

  • buggibii
    buggibii 4 months ago +29

    8:24 "Right now, I pretty much smell only blueberries, but we'll see what happens over the next couple of hours."
    Now this, my friends, is a little literary technique called *foreshadowing.*

  • OkieTeacher
    OkieTeacher Year ago +228

    “Candles you can stick your face in and candles that stick their face in you” 😂😂😂

  • Robert Muggeridge
    Robert Muggeridge Year ago +25

    This did make me wonder if it's possible to create a candle large enough and with a long enough wick and enough different layers. So that you could light it January 1st, never blow it out and let it burn through layers with each layer timed to be the perfect scents for that month or season and it wouldnt go out until December 31st? 🤔

    • Jinx
      Jinx 3 months ago +1

      People used to tell time by burning candles so possibly

    • Kaitlyn Mitchell
      Kaitlyn Mitchell 11 months ago +5

      I love this but i dont know that it would be possible. But its a very cool idea

  • No name
    No name Month ago +3

    As soon as I heard safiya talking while her head was in the pot I thought it was google assistant talking 😂

  • OkieTeacher
    OkieTeacher Year ago +146

    Sooo what did y’all do with all 117 candles? 🤔
    It’s like, “Hey friend! Here’s a candle I’m gifting you - oh by the way I took a melonball-sized portion for myself....don’t ask why” 😂

  • The Honeybee
    The Honeybee Month ago +17

    Three years later, and this is still one of my go-to all time favourite comfort videos. 10/10

  • what a killjoy
    what a killjoy 3 years ago +7634

    Soon, whenever Safiya enters any store, the cashiers will start nervously sweating.

    • Izzy Kat
      Izzy Kat Month ago

      This is so old but nice username @loaf of bread

    • Piper XD
      Piper XD Month ago +1

      “Hey, welcome to your first day at Sephora- OH MY GOD wE HAVE A CODE S”
      “What’s a code S?!?!”

    • Laura Kastrup
      Laura Kastrup Month ago

      @chickenalpaca03 but if you’re anyway going to spend 8 hours on work, spending 2 and a half checking out one customer who’s cracking jokes at you, is not that bad

    • Ferrets are cool
      Ferrets are cool 2 months ago

      @Melody not to the workers :^

    • Rebecca Fredericks
      Rebecca Fredericks 6 months ago

      Omg yeah

  • Samuel Christopher
    Samuel Christopher Month ago

    pls mix every bbw fragrances 💝😭

  • Kyr Camille
    Kyr Camille Year ago +35

    Apparently a lot of things smell like the gift shop in colonial Williamsburg

    • Elora Hildebrand
      Elora Hildebrand 11 months ago +3

      I think it's a childhood association thing. I always think of anything vinegary as smelling like dyeing Easter eggs, even though vinegar exists year-round in many other contexts.

  • Mike C
    Mike C 8 hours ago +1

    Still baffled years later that this video wasn't sponsored. They really paid out of pocket to do this for us. Iconic.

  • Ibby
    Ibby Year ago +110

    Future math questions: If Safiya has 117 candles what is Tyler's favorite pair of gym shorts?
    Answer: bubble gum pink icing.

  • Lizzy _da_tomboy
    Lizzy _da_tomboy Year ago +59

    my mom LOVES candles and when she has smelt too many that it all blends together she sniffs some coffee beans and the strong scent kinda reboots you nose too start again. maybe this could help you in the future.

  • Pit Wizard
    Pit Wizard Year ago +34

    Safiya eating the candles gave me flashbacks to high school when my friends would lick incense at the mall.

    • Spriggan Panda
      Spriggan Panda 3 months ago


    • Pit Wizard
      Pit Wizard 9 months ago +7

      @Amy Art Lover there was a hippie type store in the local mall when we were kids. My goofy friends thought it was hilarious to lick the incense cones and see if the scent names had anything to do with the "flavor". Spoiler, they never did. Apparently it all tasted like shampoo.

    • Amy Art Lover
      Amy Art Lover 9 months ago +2

      Say what..?

  • vvkittycat
    vvkittycat Year ago +48

    My aunt used to have the blueberry pancake candle.
    She used up the whole thing lol

  • Rose Barnett
    Rose Barnett Year ago +34

    i have watched this video three, maybe now four times - and each time it feels like a new video - i love how entertaining saf’s videos are and always continue to be!

  • Anderson Huynh
    Anderson Huynh 4 years ago +5459

    family:*receives candles*
    family: Safiya, why is there a hole in the center of the candle?
    safiya: ~:)

    • painedpanini
      painedpanini 11 months ago

      **paniks in melting feind**

    • Mireille Rascon
      Mireille Rascon 2 years ago

      Anderson Huynh or she makes them more fricken Frankenstein candles

    • Stephanie Rycroft
      Stephanie Rycroft 3 years ago


    • naii
      naii 3 years ago +2

      mothmanmothmanmothmanmothma- I like ur username 😂😂😂

    • mora
      mora 3 years ago +3

      Family: Uh saf, the candle?
      Safiya: *blueberry?*

  • Brittany Brittany
    Brittany Brittany Year ago +18

    This has become a must watch Christmas special that I watch on an annual basis.

  • Milly Breyer
    Milly Breyer Month ago +1

    Hey safiya you should make a vidio mixing every body scrub together

  • janey
    janey Year ago +78

    the fact that she used the franken candle for her wedding hurts my heart

    • Abigail Marshall
      Abigail Marshall 4 months ago +9

      why does that hurt it? I think that's pretty cool

  • Kitty Roid
    Kitty Roid Month ago +1

    Brah even the sale price makes that over 5k. Your video budget must be unimaginably large.

  • Eve Steve
    Eve Steve 3 years ago +28947

    Safiya is like the person you hear about in math problems 😂

    • ★zombie★
      ★zombie★ 6 days ago


    • Catz_InBlack_Artist
      Catz_InBlack_Artist 18 days ago

      I Hate Not to Get Brain dead From the math!

    • tionne mixon
      tionne mixon Month ago

      @sai I know I’m late but I swear that is exactly how it would go if she was a math problem 😂

    • Addy
      Addy Month ago

      @Miche Vlogs had to take a double take, unsure about why it said eats! physically laughed out loud

    • elizabeth
      elizabeth Month ago

      @sai 26.6? idk

  • LilPickle
    LilPickle Year ago +43

    It amazes me how amazing her content is I could watch one of her videos 50 times and I would still watch it 50 more times when your able to make content like that shows that your a good content creator

  • Natalie Ligtenberg
    Natalie Ligtenberg 11 months ago +18

    I have watched this video SO many times and I finally did the math and for 117 candles at ~$25 it cost $2,925 and that just blows my mind.

  • Sarah ?
    Sarah ? Year ago +34

    17:06 I love that Tyler promised his mom that you wouldn’t eat the candles, iconic

  • Lunabaddie
    Lunabaddie Year ago +15

    Since there are so many new candles on their website now, you should melt down the franken candle and add to it, I think it would be amazing to watch!

  • Camille Chandler
    Camille Chandler 2 years ago +13997

    The real reason Safiya and Tyler moved...to get away from the smell of Blueberries.

    • -EL GATO-
      -EL GATO- Month ago

      @Jazmyn Cole SO TRUEEE 😂

    • Shayla O
      Shayla O 2 months ago


    • Drewy Flynn
      Drewy Flynn 3 months ago

      #trauma XD

    • Ellie 23
      Ellie 23 3 months ago +1

      👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Well done👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Tv crack promos And trailers xx
      Tv crack promos And trailers xx 3 months ago +1

      Legand says the smell still lingers on their noses and haunts their dreams

  • Courtney Lee
    Courtney Lee Year ago +21

    while rewatching this video for the 10th time, a part of me wants her to make a frakencandle for each of the different scent categories

  • Karma
    Karma Year ago +27

    Safiya, with her head stuck in a metal pot, just casually go 'mm. Mmhmm.' Is honestly one of the best things I've seen in my life-

  • K
    K 2 months ago +2

    As I'm watching this video for the 100th time, I'm thinking about how Saf often says in these videos that she's trying to find the "average" color/scent and I'm thinking about how in math, the mean is actually not used a lot to find the "average" because its often skewed by outliers. The median is often better. I don't know how it would work with candles, but with lipstick shades, I'd love to see how the "mean" lipstick (all of them melted together) compares to the "median" lipstick (color in the middle of the spectrum) to see how much the funky "outlier" colors distort the average.

  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat Year ago +5

    “It smells caramely this morning, afternoon, evening, what time is it?”
    Me watching this in and after quarantine: I feel that on an emotional level

  • Amanda Rivera
    Amanda Rivera 3 years ago +1114

    The neighbors are probably like “who the hell is eating blueberries”

    • olivia
      olivia 3 years ago +6

      And why so many

  • Alexys Arthur
    Alexys Arthur Year ago +4

    We need a part 2 they’ve added so many new scents plus summer scents

  • Mandy Morrow
    Mandy Morrow Year ago +6

    I did thoroughly enjoy this experiment, but I was mostly curious how she was going to melt all of the candles together without lighting herself or anyone else, or basically the house, on fire!

  • Planetary_Parker Madeline
    Planetary_Parker Madeline 6 months ago +8

    I wonder if she still has some of those candles till this day 😅

    • Aurora Cat
      Aurora Cat 6 months ago +3

      The blueberries haunt her too this day 😂

  • danielle macdonald
    danielle macdonald Year ago +10

    Did no one catch when Tyler said he promise HIS mom that Safiya wouldn't eat wax anymore 🤣

  • Sashai & Tal •sisters•
    Sashai & Tal •sisters• 2 years ago +3563

    Safiya: **melts a crap ton of things**
    20,000,000 people: interesting

  • Mary Ellis Stevens
    Mary Ellis Stevens Year ago +6

    My christmas eve tradition is to watch this as I struggle to fall asleep. Happy Holidays Safiya and Tyler!

  • elephantqueenie
    elephantqueenie Year ago +5

    safiya calling a skewer a long toothpick is all ive ever needed in my life

  • Black Moonlight
    Black Moonlight 9 months ago +6

    I love this woman's voice, tone and confidence so much! Plus she's pretty ♥️

  • Melissa Munson
    Melissa Munson Year ago +6

    Hey Saf and Tyler!!!!
    Curiously enough, I actually have an interview for a job at my local Bath & Body Works coming up soon, and this video just popped into my head, which got me thinking...
    With a slow increase of scents and decor supposedly appealing to men,(though the shelf size is admittedly limited;) Saf, would you be interested in making a Franken-Candle geared towards the “manly” side of Bath & Body Works?
    Please and Thank You!!!!!!

  • Lady Caiti
    Lady Caiti 2 years ago +4970

    I cannot wrap my head around the fact that this video is almost 2 years old. Where does the time go, man?

  • daikon
    daikon Year ago +3

    The blueberry maple pancakes one was so strong I could smell it through the screen even though it's been 3 years since this was posted and I've never smelled it before

  • Morganne C.
    Morganne C. Year ago +8

    Revisiting this a couple years later, I would love to see a small Frankenstein candle for each category of the candles

  • Megan Luv
    Megan Luv Month ago +1

    7:38 blueberry maple pancakes lol

  • Fernanda Liñán
    Fernanda Liñán Month ago +3

    I went today to Bath and Body Works and smelled the demoned Blueberry Maple Pancake candle and how Saf describes it couldn't prepare me to what actually smelled like, it smacked me right and my nostrils, and the scent went deep into my brain

  • mae b
    mae b 2 years ago +2579

    Saf: *at the store, picking out candles*
    Me: ooh
    Saf: *picks up the blue candle*
    Me, having watched this already: Oh, oh no

    • •Hailey• ,
      •Hailey• , 2 years ago +4

      Oreo Cookie there is this one strong candle (blueberry pancake) and whenever she was done she could smell the blueberry still so that’s the joke

    • Mangosteen
      Mangosteen 2 years ago +9

      That pancake smell is gonna survive the heat death of the universe

    • Xander Barnes
      Xander Barnes 2 years ago +1

      @The BloxBurger Mum! watch the full video

    • m
      m 2 years ago +26

      rewatch it and immediately had vietnam flashbacks when I saw the blueberry pancake candle

    • Shahida
      Shahida 2 years ago +17

      I want the blueberry pancake candle now ;-;

  • MultiMe
    MultiMe 4 months ago +6

    Watched it in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
    Like multiple times a year!
    I really love SafTy references and humour 🥺

  • oli flopdon
    oli flopdon Year ago +5

    once you watch Saf's videos, you just can't stop watching them.

  • Vyk Epp
    Vyk Epp Year ago +2

    There's a marshmallow fireside one that smells sooooo good, and that pumpkin pecan waffle is amazing too, but I support smaller businesses who make candles which I feel when burned exude more scent than b&b

  • Samantha Stavropoulos

    Christine did not invent holo. Therefor, holo packaging is okay for others to use.

  • Jackie McCann
    Jackie McCann 2 years ago +2121

    Is it bad that I wanna see Saf attempt to make a Franken-Yankee Candle? She’d have at least DOUBLE the amount she had here.

  • Channel names r overrated
    Channel names r overrated 11 months ago +2

    For the future I learned something from a Victoria secret worker. If you are smelling things like candles, lotion, perfume, etc. Smelling you shirt or your own clothes kind of resets your smellingness or whatever which makes it easier to identify scents.

  • Anna McCarthy
    Anna McCarthy Year ago +6

    People:Why do you have scoops out of all your candles?
    Saf: It's a looooonnnnnnnnggggggg story.

  • Stef Cooper
    Stef Cooper 8 days ago

    I’m a few years late but from the beginning I said out loud the blueberry pancake smell is intense. It’s my favorite bath and body works candle because all you need is the single wick to smell up your whole house and I love the scent. I feel validated!

  • Alex_mshroom
    Alex_mshroom Year ago +3

    The way that everyone’s talking about Tyler stopping Safiya from eating the candles and I thought that she was only joking about eating it and then she actually eats it😂

  • Dolly133
    Dolly133 2 years ago +7200

    Omg, if you ever do this again, split the candles into colour categories and make a layered rainbow candle!! That would be so cool!

    • Grant Beaton
      Grant Beaton 5 months ago

      Yeah that would be cool

    • JackofAllNames
      JackofAllNames 6 months ago +1


    • JackofAllNames
      JackofAllNames 6 months ago +1

      The worst scent category is at the top and the best is at the bottom so you have to dig through with your flame to get a good scent

    • Pickles
      Pickles 7 months ago +2

      @Misour♤Balderdash that would defeat the whole purpose of categorizing the candles by color though lol

    • Valtteri Cousineau
      Valtteri Cousineau 7 months ago

      I love ❤ rainbow 🌈 😍

  • hazel arrastia
    hazel arrastia 8 months ago +4

    "smells carmely this morning, afternoon, evening, what time is it!" had me laughing so hard🤣😂

  • Bulbous Borb
    Bulbous Borb 10 months ago +2

    Some of the guesses at the scent may have been influenced by the color of the candle. Color influences the senses. For example, the lavender and berry guesses.

  • Niki Niki
    Niki Niki 2 days ago

    Safiya had 24 candles, if she scooped out part of of the candle, how many would be left

  • WitchLife
    WitchLife Year ago +2

    My mom has the blueberry maple pancakes in a hand soap and I can confirm that it smells STRONGLY of artificial blueberries

    • Maddie Lee
      Maddie Lee Year ago +2

      I clean houses for a living, one of my clients had the blueberry maple pancake three wick. She lit the candle while we were cleaning.
      I could smell it EVERYWHERE in her 6,000 square foot home. SIX THOUSAND. And it basically gassed me out of the room it was lit in.
      I like the scent, but I only buy it in the single wick, to contain its power

  • rebecca | レベッカ
    rebecca | レベッカ 2 years ago +498

    You know how they have that candle brand (Homesick) that has a scent for all of the 50 states? If she melted down all 50, we'd know what America smells like.

    • Emma Conder
      Emma Conder 6 months ago


    • Starrytchi
      Starrytchi 6 months ago +2

      Alabama be smelling like uhhh

    • Aanya Shroff
      Aanya Shroff 7 months ago

      Blow this up!!

    • EyeMakeJokes
      EyeMakeJokes 9 months ago


    • DreadRed
      DreadRed 9 months ago +5

      The Ohio candle is unscented so if the smell is too strong she might be able to use that to dull it down

  • Emily Rose Lacy-Nichols
    Emily Rose Lacy-Nichols 5 months ago +1

    That table full of lit candles reminds me of my Gramma's 80th birthday. There were 80 candles on her cake and it was definitely a fire hazard! We will _not_ be doing 100 candles on her cake this year 😂

  • NatsMyName
    NatsMyName Year ago +1

    Currently down with covid, these videos are one of the only ones keeping me sane as I quarantine.

  • M H
    M H Month ago +1

    oh my GOD I would buy all of them. This girls is living my dream

  • LadyBug
    LadyBug Year ago +2

    I love the fact that they didn't ruin the candles completely

  • Olivia Draeger
    Olivia Draeger 3 years ago +2930

    Safiya: *scoops out wax*
    Me watching: mmmm, forbidden icecream

    • Fabio Galletti
      Fabio Galletti 3 years ago

      Fandom Smoothie "don't do it, I promised my mom"

    • 단이 DANI
      단이 DANI 3 years ago

      This channel is really fun!
      Hello ! ❤️I'm Korean girl DANI. 🇰🇷🇰🇷I'm a skincare professional who likes Clip-Share. Be my friend❤️

    • D 29 Shuvamita Mazumdar
      D 29 Shuvamita Mazumdar 3 years ago


    • Andrea Fussaro
      Andrea Fussaro 3 years ago +6

      When ones called mint chocolete it is basicly forbiden icecream

    • difani
      difani 3 years ago +5


  • Ashlyn Kenwright
    Ashlyn Kenwright 4 months ago +2

    I feel like Tyler's "I promised my mom!" is such an iconic SafTy moment! I love them.

  • tareginda
    tareginda Day ago

    Omg this is a crazy idea and you brought it to life.

  • Jennifer Ezell
    Jennifer Ezell 6 months ago

    So creative and interesting to watch. Especially having others smell them. Great video!!

  • Kris Moon
    Kris Moon Year ago +1

    The candy apple scent in general has always been my fav lol

  • Alyssa Luceus
    Alyssa Luceus 6 days ago

    Chances of a re-do of this for the five year anniversary to see how the scents and popularity of them have changed over time? For science, of course.

  • etherian idiot
    etherian idiot 12 days ago +1

    saf has to be on some sort of cosmetics store watchlist by now

  • eli
    eli 5 months ago +2

    "candles you can stick your face in, and candles that stick their face in you" always gets me. I /still/ use it to describe candles! "Like IHOP got smacked in the face with a blueberry" also gets me lol

  • aeryn private channel
    aeryn private channel 4 months ago +1

    The sheer amount of candles is my dream despite the obvious fire hazard 😂

  • SophiatheHirst
    SophiatheHirst Year ago +2065

    Still think it should have been called “franken-scents”

    • Adrian vaughn
      Adrian vaughn 9 months ago

      @SophiatheHirst tell me why I sat here for 5 minutes trying to find the difference between your original comment and the person who corrected you’s comment before I realized you edited it 💀

    • eleanor jackson
      eleanor jackson 10 months ago


    • Audrey Hogan
      Audrey Hogan Year ago +1

      This is a cool idea

    • Chaps 99
      Chaps 99 Year ago +2

      A missed opportunity, truly 😔✋

    • Lemon
      Lemon Year ago +5

      @SophiatheHirst You’re welcome 😜

  • Sadie Mae
    Sadie Mae Year ago +1

    Hear me out… do this video again BUT actually get EVERY seasonal scent. It’ll take a year but it will be worth it 😅

  • KeKe Jai' gamingg!
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      So, yeah, 5,886 candles would last a looong ass time. Hahaha. I’ll try my best to break it down, but I’m not very good at math, so please bear with me.
      Let’s say, rather conservatively, that each candle only lasts her two weeks. (Which is pretty conservative as I’m _sure_ each candle would last a good while longer than that. But we’ll go with it ‘cuz it makes the math a touch easier! Haha.)
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      *Please note that it’s very likely that I messed up on the math somewhere, somehow and I’m totally wrong. But it is what it is. Also, please don’t ask me why I felt the need to do all of this. I guess I’m just that bored right now. LOL.*

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