Oleg Gazmanov - Eskadron (Highest Quality)

  • Published on May 14, 2010 veröffentlicht
  • This is the highest quality version of my favorite Russian song, Eskadron, by Oleg Gazmanov I could find.
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    HASAN 6 months ago

    Zordu ♥️♥️

  • Jens das Omen
    Jens das Omen 7 months ago

    I´m a German - and I love and feel Oleg Gazmanov´s music!

  • Лиля Lilya
    Лиля Lilya 8 months ago

    So much memories in diskotek, when all yet not felt down...thanks Gorbachev

  • Selin Sever 7
    Selin Sever 7 9 months ago

    2019 ???

  • Rahmatullo CHorshanbiyiv
    Rahmatullo CHorshanbiyiv 10 months ago


  • Machigai _09
    Machigai _09 Year ago

    Best 💎👍

  • Lauren Stewart
    Lauren Stewart Year ago

    Indeed I was also a huge fab back in Russia :D dancing all day to this haha , good memories!!

  • Marcel Ambrosii
    Marcel Ambrosii Year ago

    Deja vu? ( 14:09 clip-share.net/video/cRCtrZ9YA68/video.html )

  • dalieclipse77
    dalieclipse77 Year ago

    Its my favorite too!! Thank you!

  • Cavid Bewirov
    Cavid Bewirov Year ago +1

    2018 Eskadron

  • Татьяна Бондарева


  • Евгений Громов


  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 years ago +2

  • Midtown Express
    Midtown Express 3 years ago

    gazmanov--podonok, dostal vsex svoimi parnokopytnymi.

  • Sofija Rudakova
    Sofija Rudakova 4 years ago


  • natahas1
    natahas1 4 years ago

    where the fuck all the comments come from??? Are you, guys, out of your mind>????

    • Tsotne Nadiradze
      Tsotne Nadiradze 3 years ago

      hey gurl u need to chill most people here are from the old ussr and have the nostalgia that maybe u (and me too) dont understand but starting an argument with them isnt the best decision ull ever make

  • Brianna08051919
    Brianna08051919 4 years ago +16

    When I was a student in Russia back in the 1990s, this was really hot stuff. Especially this song here is a hymn of those who WANT to think, to see, to understand, no matter how powerful prejudice or prohibition.

    • Sergey Novikov
      Sergey Novikov Year ago

      natahas1, do not say bull shit. I remember those times and in 1990 this song was pretty hot not just in Russia but also in all Soviet Republics, if we talk about pop music. I'd say it was within top 3 at least.

    • Ivan Vakanov
      Ivan Vakanov 2 years ago

      You and I have different understandings of what "worked up" means.

    • Dakota  Cribari
      Dakota Cribari 3 years ago

      Ivan Vakanov and you seem to get too worked up over some comments.

    • Ivan Vakanov
      Ivan Vakanov 3 years ago

      Blaha Mooha, you get too worked up over some Tatar pop singer. Uspakoisya blyat.

    • Dakota  Cribari
      Dakota Cribari 3 years ago +3

      Whatever dude all I'm saying is I'm American I was born in this country and so were my parents I do not have any Russian in my blood and I don't know ANY Russians in my town or country for that matter and I study languages including Russian for that matter AAAAAAND I listen to Russian music INCLUDING GAZMANOV.... And I happen to think he's talented along with ALOT of other Russian singers and like I said I'm NOT Russian whatsoever and I don't know ANY personally and I SUPPORT him....
      Aaaaaand I wasn't "typing for the sake of typing" as you put it so what?
      I only made this comment simply because I thought YOURS to be kind of pious? And I happen to like gazmanov so what do you want me to say?

  • Jelena ivleva
    Jelena ivleva 5 years ago


  • christos vratsidis
    christos vratsidis 7 years ago +3

    Man.man,man!!!!!!!!!!!! What a MEMORY has he left in our hearts about our teenage and more so USSR...UNFIRGETABLE TIME:::

  • mardamek3
    mardamek3 7 years ago +3

    This song is power. Actually, it is like sparks that ignite the power within us, and by "us" I mean all the people, who were born in the USSR.

    • Dakota  Cribari
      Dakota Cribari 3 years ago

      mardamek3 what about those of us that weren't born in the USSR? I was born in america and this music is actually beyond my years (I'm 19 at the moment) and I absolutely love his music and music from this particular era 80s and 90s, when I discovered this music and his it sparked something inside for me personally almost like rediscovering music again,
      just out of pure curiosity I'd like to know your opinion ☺

  • 5542sam
    5542sam 7 years ago


  • germofrodit
    germofrodit 8 years ago

    Благодаря этой песне, для меня мелодия из Bad Boy Blues обрела движение - гул эскадрона мыслей.

  • Money111576
    Money111576 8 years ago

    Very nice

  • goldstep999
    goldstep999 8 years ago

    very cool!

  • DeaGraeca
    DeaGraeca 8 years ago

    very nice song....!Privet from Greece

  • Psytrance Love
    Psytrance Love 8 years ago

    very great song i love it. I love russian songs.

  • Eskadron
    Eskadron 9 years ago +5

    this song is the reason for my accountname :D

  • sovietpatriot
    sovietpatriot 9 years ago

    great song but i like moriachka better

  • Internet Alias
    Internet Alias  9 years ago

    @DeafeyeProductions Ha, house is always an awesome music genre, I'll definitely check your channel occasionally if you upload the video.

  • BenMurk
    BenMurk 9 years ago

    k im so gonna sample this for a house track thanx :P