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KENNY CHAO VS MATT KIATIPIS INTENSE 1v1! | $50,000 HoH Creator League

  • Published on Mar 2, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • @orphanagebuilderdegrom8586

    Don't matter how hard Kenny trains. If you get in his head, you've already won cuz he has no recovery from it.

  • @Delbusto103

    The craziest thing about this is that it wasn't even an MK/Friga situation where MK was fouling nonstop. He honestly was pretty toned down in that regard for this matchup, so Kenny looks awful throwing a tantrum like that because he was getting beat fair and square. He's gonna complain about offensive fouls, but I swear this dude Kenny been flopping like that in various 1 v 1's for a long while now.

  • @chrisreinsch9616

    Bro literally told Kenny “don’t give up on your fans” and he was sincere about that shit

  • @djthegoat4819

    Damn he beat the spirit out of Kenny 😂😂😂

  • @itsjustdorian8927

    Kenny giving off “give me my call I’m going home” energy

  • @goslendr6221

    kenny officially has the record for least amount of points scored in a single game, in the creator league series so far

  • @johnnyboy7144

    MK played straight up, didn’t foul didn’t call bulshit, and he dominated and played the best basketball we’ve seen from him so far, Great job MK💪🏼…… as far as Kenny goes, that was embarrassing, his crying and the fact he gave up, MK wasn’t playing dirty at all

  • @sim2676
    @sim2676  +846

    I really liked this MK, respectful, matched energy and physicality, played a much cleaner game and didn't back down all while keeping composure (for the most part lmao)

  • @toopshigher4037

    Yo MK throws some disrespect in games but this was the most reasonable MK I've seen so far. He actually tried really hard to play clean.

  • @jackassin9130

    Kenny’s face was turning red trying to keep those tears back 😂

  • @michaelhufnagel6179

    Kenny is the only man I know that cries and gives up during a game of 1v1

  • @jefethlopez6151

    Kennys biggest problem has always been his emotions. Its like kobe said, dont think of the play before, let that shit go. Also dont get too excited if your ballin. Its all bout staying level headed and focusing on the current play.

  • @erenjeager6688

    the face Kenny did when MK said: we are not beefing 😂

  • @johnnyboy7144

    LMAO@ Kenny trying to be a tough guy

  • @dylandior30

    Kenny is such a kid, bro threw a whole ass fit in the middle of the game💀

  • @truthandlite

    😂😂 Dang MK absolutely DOMINATED Kenny. He looked like a child filled with excuses.🤦🏾‍♂️

  • @iymarco7625

    Who’s ready for more cel reaction for this 🙋🏽‍♂️

  • @waneam6505

    Wtf, you can't giving up like that.. I have to say I saw this coming.. MK is so far the toughest player to play with in this competition.. He's fast, strong and he plays so good defense.. And I don't think he plays dirty, he just plays hard and physical

  • @user-tb2wp2do3k

    Aww man I was rooting for you kenny. I can’t believe you gave up. That’s crazy dude and embarrassing. Honestly idk what to say

  • @anthonyrodriguez8647

    Play it back in slow motion when kenny got hurt, he didn't even land on the hurt ankle. Respect MK, for taking all the heat and just showing up and putting in the work. Kenny you gotta wake up man.