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There's a £100,000 coin buried under this London building

  • Published on Jan 16, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The 1933 British penny is one of the most famous coins in the world. I'm not saying this is definitely a heist movie waiting to happen... but I do think someone should write it. ■ Thanks to the team at Baldwin's, and the penny's owner, for letting me film it! www.baldwin.co.uk/
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  • Tom Scott

    For once, I didn't convert the title of the video to US dollars. It didn't seem right somehow.

  • Soham Sengupta

    I love how the last 30-40 seconds of this just felt like more and more incriminating evidence

  • R. L. Dodson

    The tricky part, I think, is figuring out a plan that isn't more expensive than the value of the coins.

  • Bright Spark

    I think that is material for

  • Wesley Rihn

    I like how Tom Scott doesn’t make videos needlessly long. Just enough time to properly cover the subject, no fluff.

  • Krauser Kahn

    i was lowkey expecting Tom to enter the building and perform the heist while calmly describing the steps to the camera

  • mattandsarahaschan

    Fun fact, we have our own rare, expensive penny in the US.

  • vinni
    vinni  +8

    Not only does this indeed need to be a film, but halfway through Tom needs to do a cameo where he's pretending to shoot this very video, the publication of which kickstarting suspicion towards the already active team working their way into the foundations, putting an extra time-sensitive element of suspense into the script.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +696

    factual and straight to the point

  • Bryce Wilson

    Despite your best efforts, Tom, I am determined to interpret this video as recruiting for a heist you intend to pull and would like to join the team.

  • Bill Grigg
    Bill Grigg  +125

    I inherited a set of English coins from my grandfather. I never knew why there wasn't a 1933 penny and now I do!

  • Paul Haynes

    That brought back memories of my childhood in the 50s. I tried for many years to get one penny from each year - not knowing it was impossible! Younger viewers probably look at this coin and think it's something like the modern 'penny' - wrong, it was HUGE! In the days when I got 6d pocket money and Mars Bars were 4d, you often used to have quite a few of these in your pockets - but not for long, the lining couldn't take the weight!

  • Speedy Beef

    feels like we're searching for Horcruxes; Harry counted them back in his head, "Three are held privately, two are in museums, one I think is under this church..."

  • BlueJay
    BlueJay  +8

    The transitions between the different buildings were too smooth

  • Yellow Lighthouse

    As a coin collector this is really nice to see this topic being covered.

  • omniskop
    omniskop  +50

    How incredible would it be to make a heist movie about stealing this coin, filming on location and using that as a cover to actually steal the real coin

  • Christian L

    I love you and your vids Tom. Always get hella excited when I see that you’ve put one up. Cheers for being so consistent with your vids, genuinely pleases me.

  • Michaela Watkins

    Your videos always seem to be brief, factual and straight to the point - I like that (very well done).

  • Terrence Oleary

    Thanks Tom! I'm already hard at work sourcing original blueprints and meticulously planning out my heist route in methodical detail, thanks for the suggestion, this is going to be great fun

  • Victor Dalloz

    If you’re going to make a heist film, Senate House is the perfect filming location since it’s already a major filming location. It’s featured in Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises and most recently in the latest James Bond. TV shows like The Crown have also used it.