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  • Published on Jan 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • TheSavageDevil666
    TheSavageDevil666 Month ago +2548

    It's not about shoes...it's about practice and power

  • BadEditz Studios
    BadEditz Studios  Month ago +1400

    He deserve an Oscar

    • This.is_ Millie
      This.is_ Millie 9 hours ago

      Day 35 of trying to gain subscribers by commenting on Clip-Share

    • Sobasicall Y
      Sobasicall Y 15 hours ago

      @Michael Wilson that he’s acting

    • Michael Wilson
      Michael Wilson 7 days ago

      ​@Ghosted how

    • Ghosted
      Ghosted 10 days ago

      @UndyingPhoenix that’s the point

    • DarkX415
      DarkX415 Month ago +1

      Best yt commenter 💀

  • Michele Zupa
    Michele Zupa Month ago +331

    People need to give him an Oscar for that pretending of the shooting by not stepping back

  • Void ops
    Void ops Month ago +56

    Man everyone knows barefoot is the best

  • stickman
    stickman 2 months ago +707

    Depends on the person bro

    • stickman
      stickman 28 days ago

      @war axe that's not a soccer cleat

    • stickman
      stickman 28 days ago

      @war axe u need to be better

    • stickman
      stickman 28 days ago

      @war axe shoes make nothing

    • stickman
      stickman 28 days ago

      @war axe u think a shoe gonna help your skill and shit

  • shizu
    shizu Month ago +57

    you know the shooting and skills doesn't depend on the shoes...if you are skilled enough you can juggle anything from a gum to a glass jar

  • Arturo Galindo
    Arturo Galindo 6 days ago +5

    Skills are skills, no matter what show you wear.

  • MeIsBigNoob is God
    MeIsBigNoob is God Month ago +61

    “ *user error has left the chat* “

    VERTINUM Month ago +112

    People says …. He stole that shoes when Napoleon died .

  • PranksterGangster
    PranksterGangster Month ago +22

    Perfect footballer doesnt care about shoes. He is always good ;)

    • L B I P E
      L B I P E Month ago

      lets be honest 19s was different than rn and harder

  • Turki's iPhone
    Turki's iPhone 5 hours ago +2

    I think that shooting test was a skill issue not from the boots 😂

  • 1420 Subs with 4 vids
    1420 Subs with 4 vids Month ago +3

    It literally comes down to how consistent ur skills are.

  • Charlie Bliss
    Charlie Bliss Month ago +1

    The thing is that these tests don’t determine which one is better bc these tests are skill tests.

  • Khondoker Walid
    Khondoker Walid 2 days ago

    The problem is not the shoe, it is your skills.

  • Samurai
    Samurai Month ago +1

    "Bro got the Tomas Jefferson’s .”

  • Alberg Holdings
    Alberg Holdings Month ago +1

    Boots don’t matter it’s about your skill

  • Xx_Aussie_Xx🐶
    Xx_Aussie_Xx🐶 24 days ago

    It’s not about the boots it’s about a player -a wise person

  • Angel Santos
    Angel Santos Month ago +4

    He needs an Oscar for that

  • ishowslow
    ishowslow Month ago +2

    Grandad did his best against his grandson....❤

  • Phong Nguyễn Khánh

    The 1800s shoes are made specifically for butchering opponent's legs.

  • iron_merc2021 friend

    This man dont need an oscar he need more trainning

  • KevIn IT
    KevIn IT Month ago

    Never let them know your next move puts 1800 boots on shooting foot and 2023 on touch and skill foot 👌

  • Wynter
    Wynter Month ago

    You don't need shoes you just need skills

  • Ranz
    Ranz Month ago +2

    from this video shows how great the player was at that time

  • Ryan YT
    Ryan YT Month ago

    Boots don't depend bro your skills matter 😉

  • Wassim Khalil
    Wassim Khalil 24 days ago

    The way he acted like he was going to fall on first touch got me laughing

  • Koolkid
    Koolkid Month ago

    Remember guys, it's not always about the boots, but also the player

    BANKAI - GG Month ago +2

    You do not need better shoe, you need better skill

  • Kaoutar Chafiki
    Kaoutar Chafiki 6 days ago

    It isnt about the shoes its about how good you are😅

  • peyton ella
    peyton ella 11 days ago

    its not abt the shoes its abt how good u play

  • Edgar Martins
    Edgar Martins 9 days ago

    I didnt know boots made you not bend your knees lool

  • JustxCricket
    JustxCricket 5 days ago

    when the 1800 shoes are better than yours at home. __

  • Averagestudent
    Averagestudent Month ago +2

    Can we appreciate this guy for his Oscar winning acting how he missed with the first shot

    • Paul Astley
      Paul Astley Month ago +1

      He did make it seem like he wanted the new ones to win

  • D. Maheswari
    D. Maheswari Month ago

    It isn't about the shoes it's about the way you perform with shoes. So never compare shoes

  • ytpremium
    ytpremium 2 months ago +11

    It’s not about the shoe it’s just ur skills

    • Champ"Boys"
      Champ"Boys" Month ago

      @chickennug78 🐔 imagine them 10 dollar boots tear in the middle of the game💀

    • Creamy Eggs
      Creamy Eggs Month ago

      I'm gonna get those massive shoes that clowns wear and put them on you and I'll put my boots on and we can 1v1

    • ray
      ray Month ago

      @chickennug78 🐔but if it’s the same skills but different shoes then the better show would winn

    • chickennug78 🐔
      chickennug78 🐔 2 months ago

      ​@champboys7456 that would depend on skill because if you suck at dribbling then you would probably lose

    • Champ"Boys"
      Champ"Boys" 2 months ago +2

      ight lets play a 1v1 u play with 10 dollar shoes frm walmart ill play with actually good boots

  • waitwhàaaaat
    waitwhàaaaat Month ago

    When he shot that first shot in the 1800 boots in he 1800s he woulda been killed for witchcraft

  • JustArkiaGaming
    JustArkiaGaming Month ago

    "The 1800's? Those were my best of days"👴

  • Rylan Vines
    Rylan Vines 23 days ago

    I love this unbiased opinion 😃

  • Rafy's World Games and Having fun 2023

    It depends how good you are!

  • @catlover.
    @catlover. 14 hours ago

    A boot doesn't matter your skill matters

  • Lushy
    Lushy Month ago +1

    “bro trust me the reason I didn’t score an open goal was because of my boots!”

  • kevin gaming
    kevin gaming 6 days ago

    My man needs to learn to shoot if he wants to keep making these vids😅

  • Anaya Mohsin
    Anaya Mohsin Month ago

    Dude u do some epic tricks I wish I could do it like that

  • zain khalilahmed
    zain khalilahmed Month ago +1

    The shoe is nothing without its owner

  • Bakonboy
    Bakonboy Month ago

    Man time travels to the past to get the boots


    It depends on your focus not the type of footwear

  • dls with Indian
    dls with Indian Month ago

    Bro, In 80s they used these boots but they also used these boots comfortable footballs🙂

  • Christopher DuVall
    Christopher DuVall Month ago +1

    Everyone: he deserves an Oscar
    Me: *vibes to the music*

  • Ali Amna
    Ali Amna 10 days ago

    Congratulations you won 2023 Oscar award

  • Mannan Mohammed
    Mannan Mohammed Month ago

    It's not shoes, your technique is what makes it good 🤩 well I can also agree that you can't shoot in every show 😭

  • Clu?
    Clu? Month ago

    It’s more or less a review of your skills than the boots.

  • LALITA Sanghavi
    LALITA Sanghavi Month ago

    Bro was a good time

  • Barclay Bing
    Barclay Bing Month ago

    wow i was very surprised that 2023's boots are better than 1800's boots

  • United States of America

    The fact that bro did this video in one day ☠️☠️

  • Deepraj Shrimali
    Deepraj Shrimali 14 minutes ago

    Would've been awarded if TheMostUselessShort was ever a category!

  • MrYouNight
    MrYouNight Month ago

    Keep up the good content bro

  • Vijval
    Vijval 4 days ago +1

    That's more like skill issue-

    SAFARIFAM Month ago

    Future youtubers be like 2022 boots vs 3022

  • Getting 1M subs with no videos

    Where did you get shoes from 1800's in perfect condition?

  • Treyten Hey Woah
    Treyten Hey Woah Month ago

    I think this just shows your abilities

  • Vincenzo
    Vincenzo Day ago

    Its not about shoes its about power, physicall power and ability + power u dont need shoes if u got a good talent or ability

  • Crimpus
    Crimpus 7 days ago

    How does the shoe you were effect you lifting up your foot?

  • Kaki
    Kaki Month ago +19

    I didn't even know football boots existed in the 1800.(They got invented in 1930)

    • Miriam S.
      Miriam S. Month ago

      I was about to comment that lol

  • Gabe Danby
    Gabe Danby 17 days ago +1

    Turbo flex vibes

    BOBAFATT Month ago

    Bro got a skill issue 😊

  • Ayush Biswal
    Ayush Biswal Month ago

    shoes doesn't matter
    *'skills matter'*😂

  • Dinosaur George
    Dinosaur George Month ago

    1800’s are better for running probably because you get better balance

  • abdilakingo
    abdilakingo Month ago

    The shoe is nothing without its owner
    - abdilakingo

  • yus k
    yus k Month ago

    its proved 1800's footballer were great

  • Crazy Boy
    Crazy Boy Month ago

    I finally found new excuse to say when i cant Get a single goal

  • Rickzinn FF
    Rickzinn FF Month ago

    "in the last century football was easier"
    the super bad boots and the 5kg balls (for example):

  • joel jenu
    joel jenu Month ago

    It depends on ur skill

  • Gazspeed22
    Gazspeed22 Month ago

    Bro it’s nothing to do with shoes it’s about your personal skill and quality

  • Parthiv Pandey
    Parthiv Pandey Month ago

    Bro didn't get money from new boots company.

  • foot gaming
    foot gaming Month ago

    It's not about the fucking shoes it's about practice and how good your good at the game

  • seemoriccuagain 🥸

    y'all know we got the adidas 1800s on

  • Just a username
    Just a username Month ago +1

    Nahhh man those are the og shoes!!

  • Monkey Plays
    Monkey Plays Month ago

    It’s not about the shoes you wear it’s about your skill and how much practice you do so if your parents get you knew shoes for soccer and your terrible at shooting or dribbling you shouldn’t get mad at them it’s because you didn’t practice so I hope this helps 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Itchy Assnigga
    Itchy Assnigga 2 months ago +5

    You have skills

  • Jeya Krishnan
    Jeya Krishnan 23 days ago +1

    It's all about your power and about your legs

    RYUK PLAYS 8 days ago

    Someone teach him how to review

  • Agustín Romano
    Agustín Romano Month ago

    the shoes of Uruguay 😍

  • Sub to veshremy
    Sub to veshremy Month ago

    The 1800 ones are heavier making it hard to do school or move around better

  • Captain Carson
    Captain Carson Month ago

    He's changing his skill with the shoe's

  • Mike Ganganovic
    Mike Ganganovic Month ago

    If these are from 1800's then bro they cost like absurd amount of money

  • darling
    darling Month ago

    depends on YOUR skill

  • VincentandLuna
    VincentandLuna Month ago

    That acting is on point

  • Luisypoo
    Luisypoo Month ago

    Skill issue 💀💀

  • Brayden Martin
    Brayden Martin Month ago

    They both are good it’s just a skill issue

  • Tausif Khan
    Tausif Khan Month ago

    The shooting depends on your target Nega

  • Zachary Fierros
    Zachary Fierros 2 days ago

    They’re CLEATS

  • Zackery_YT
    Zackery_YT Month ago

    it’s not about the shoes it’s just how you play😂

  • fernando vergara
    fernando vergara 2 months ago +2

    "Oh wait you used them to play football, not to run after the... oh nvm dont worry"

  • Baki • Há 1000 Anos.

    A chuteira não importa, o que importa é a habilidade

  • Savanth
    Savanth Month ago

    Yet legends like Maradona and Pele were there

  • World Of Vehicles Gaming

    1800s OGs

  • Carlos Bailon Nava
    Carlos Bailon Nava 22 days ago

    I feel bad for this man he had to put the shoe 6 times in a row

  • Atharv Sharma
    Atharv Sharma 13 days ago

    Bro it's not about shoes it's about skills

  • Cris Nayr Zaballero

    It doesn't depends on the show it depends on the skill and practiced

  • Yohai Golan
    Yohai Golan Month ago

    1800’s ❤