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Catching the guy who stole 20 things from me.

  • Published on Dec 20, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • We all make mistakes, but for your own sake. Please stop stealing from me. I will catch you every time and you will personally help load my stuff back up. As for this case we’ve resolved the matter and I’d appreciate if everyone respects them as we all make mistakes. And dude… please take your wife out to dinner. She deserves it.

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  • Frank Murphy
    Frank Murphy Year ago +42711

    Those cops will probably watch this too, and I feel like they deserve some acknowledgement for doing a good job here. Thanks guys 👍 Professional and efficient work 👏

    • Sirui Tao
      Sirui Tao Day ago

      This is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    • James Bell
      James Bell Day ago

      Evidence is evidence. and any decent cop worth his weight could see right between the lies. The body language and the reasoning was ridiculous. If the police didn't order a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT I would be surprised.

    • Maria Westman
      Maria Westman 2 days ago

      @Tony C. Oliveira I really understand you. It’s so frustrating when people stealing your stuff 😡!!!
      Have a great day Sir. 🌟

    • Tony C. Oliveira
      Tony C. Oliveira 2 days ago

      I had dozens of treestands and hundreds of steps taken from my property, and I was 99% sure I knew who the guy was. But there was no way to get evidence in the early 80’s. I even thought of putting razor blade’s on the top steps to get his body as evidence. Lol. But I couldn’t do it. Wasn’t worth killing the guy.

    • Maria Westman
      Maria Westman 3 days ago

      Oh my gosh !!! He only lived there for one month bc “ sickness behaves of neighbors”

  • Tyler McCormick
    Tyler McCormick Year ago +32974

    He is not sorry for stealing, he is sorry for getting caught.

    • Aerism
      Aerism Day ago

      Lol the WHOLE DAMN TOWN now knows this guy is a stealing thief. His reputation is now gone, and his boss will see this. He gonna get his punishment much more now. He probably has to sell his house and move to another place find another job. Even though he has been easy on the guy, this guy is now done for. Really. Small villages like that the story goes around REAL QUICK.

    • Christopher Hill
      Christopher Hill 2 days ago


    • Samuel
      Samuel 4 days ago

      @ZiosZestyMemes perhaps so (I wouldn't be surprised frankly!) but you don't actually know that. I hate that sentence "only sorry because they were caught" because it is NOT always true when used to refer to someone, and you have no way of knowing for sure, matter how much you or anyone else says otherwise!

    • BreadCrumbs
      BreadCrumbs 4 days ago

      That's what my principal would say

    • ZiosZestyMemes
      ZiosZestyMemes 4 days ago

      hes not sorry for getting caught at all. he lied his way into the kid forgiving him.

  • James M
    James M 3 months ago +2029

    You can very obviously tell that the thief isn’t genuinely sorry, he only is because he got caught

    • Maria Westman
      Maria Westman 3 days ago

      @Aaron Smith you are so right Aaron. A thief is inside the brain.
      Beer and painkillers is in body/muscles. (Very simple explanation but you know what I mean 😁you and I think same of this man. He will keep on stealing. He likes it.
      Makes me wonder if he’s stealing from shops too ….
      I wonder what he is doing for living? I thought he was a cop at first glance….

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 5 days ago

      A pain med and a beer doesn’t make someone a thief. If he was blacked out drunk, maybe but he’s driving and walking fine. He just didn’t like the kids I’m sure.

    • Nicola Brown
      Nicola Brown 13 days ago

      Can you answer in more detail?

  • G. Christianson
    G. Christianson 3 months ago +2330

    You're a much better man than I am. I would be FAR less forgiving and MUCH angrier.

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 5 days ago +1

      In many cases that’s true. In theft, they will not charge him if the victim refuses. It’s totally up to the victim. If it’s grand theft auto, maybe it’s different.

    • nrais76
      nrais76 5 days ago +1

      Yeah, me too. Perhaps we can learn a lesson about turning the other cheek.

    • Loch4u
      Loch4u 8 days ago +1

      Low-key would have burned down his house 💀

    • Selever
      Selever 16 days ago +1

      @Matthew Snoogans so your saying if I get angry someone randomly dies?

    • Gary Francis
      Gary Francis 18 days ago +1

      Don’t get angry. Get even.

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 22 days ago +381

    These cops and detectives need some praise for getting that warrant as fast as they did !

  • John
    John 2 months ago +969

    That guy went from "I took 2 pain pills, drank a beer and lost my head" to "I saw the for sale sign and I thought the stuff was abandoned" Gimmie a break! That guy is a thief, and you shouldn't have been nice to him. Good luck finding your pop's skid loader.

    • Dawg
      Dawg 16 days ago +1

      Regular old thief yes.

    • matthew anderson
      matthew anderson 18 days ago +5

      @thienthetyga yeah he deserves to be in prison as much as anyone and the fact that he's not is troubling

    • thienthetyga
      thienthetyga 18 days ago +7

      He actually went from denying and saying I have rights you need a warrant, what proof do you have first. Hmmm… so his excuse was pain pills and alcohol. Was he on that when y’all confronted him?

  • johninfl
    johninfl 22 days ago +210

    "You're a stand up guy, we don't see that very often...." Means a lot coming from the cop... Well done.. Having his wife find out was worse than prison time..

  • kb hart
    kb hart 12 days ago +51

    Wow what a powerful role reversal: the younger man displaying high moral conduct, wisdom, & compassion to someone old enough to be his father! Young man you demonstrating something much more valuable than the material things that were stolen!

  • Bornfree050
    Bornfree050 3 months ago +479

    I’m so shocked that he confessed. Some people would lie even after you bust them out.

    • powderedwater
      powderedwater 12 hours ago

      Confessed? There were two patrols and 3 detectives at his door with a search warrant. He lied all they way to the end.

    • Tigran Hakobyan
      Tigran Hakobyan 2 days ago

      @Rj Fisher police in rural areas are more human and understanding. People in general actually

    • Ed Yachera II
      Ed Yachera II 17 days ago

      He should’ve just manned up and confessed without the search warrant after he knew he had it…

      DANTHETUBEMAN 18 days ago +1

      he rationalized,, lol not a confession.
      I thought it was abandoned lol

  • Michelle Garry
    Michelle Garry 8 days ago +40

    I’m a 70 year old lady, but this was awesome and I subbed your channel! Good on you all the way around. You showed mercy. Something we all need but don’t deserve.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 months ago +282

    Respect to the police for being so prompt! Super kind giving cash back. Clipped those wings good and proper!

    • Orange Bottle
      Orange Bottle 2 days ago

      cant let him pay for it so he has to have some lasting guilt about destroying the cams

  • P. T.
    P. T. Month ago +86

    Cody giving money back to his lady was the most human thing I've seen IN YEARS...
    I have such an immense respect for Cody, I can't find words to describe how impressed I am, oh God...

    • Teague Jelinek
      Teague Jelinek 4 days ago

      I mean, if you don't need it, why take it?
      Cody is great, but that seems like a regular thing to do.

    • Deleted
      Deleted 4 days ago

      @Dubi0007butts Blake 100% agree.

    • Deleted
      Deleted 4 days ago +2

      Actually that was disgusting and made me sick and angry. He should have pressed charges.

    • Dubi0007butts Blake
      Dubi0007butts Blake 12 days ago +2

      You've got humanism crossed w/ asinine, that's the word to find P.T.

  • Mitica Foca
    Mitica Foca Year ago +10431

    Whoever granted that Search Warrant that quickly is a Legend.

    • Kelynn Rogers
      Kelynn Rogers Month ago

      @Dwad91 Actually the judges only job is to sign for the warrant. The agency requesting the warrant has to provide probable cause and any supporting evidence a clerk prepares the warrant and the judge will swear in the deputy and sign the warrant.

    • Kelynn Rogers
      Kelynn Rogers Month ago +1

      It take less than 20 minutes to issue a search warrant. As long as the judge is available to sign it.

    • Subangelis Gaming
      Subangelis Gaming 2 months ago

      @Jeremy Thompson - I don't think the officer and his sergeant even left the property.

  • Bob Thompson
    Bob Thompson 3 months ago +591

    The way you handled that gives me hope.

    • Chris Scrivens
      Chris Scrivens 20 days ago +3

      Why are you a thief too?

    • Joyce Nichols
      Joyce Nichols Month ago +6

      Why you a thief.? Want off easy?

    • streetsofgold100
      streetsofgold100 2 months ago +13

      just gives that man more time to steal from others ,he came in this mans house and on his property ,this man learned nothing ,at it again in a week

  • i. .i
    i. .i Month ago +359

    I like how you rejected the money in the end, I believe it opened his eyes even more about how he took someone else's stuff, and that kindness you showed has a higher value than all the stuff he took.

    • Deleted
      Deleted 4 days ago +2

      That’s was disgusting. He should have pressed charged.

    • Niko Dé Moka
      Niko Dé Moka 18 days ago +1

      i belive it made him think about the fact money doesnt solve all problems

    • Potocki
      Potocki 19 days ago +2

      he is rich bruh

  • Jago Strife
    Jago Strife 21 day ago +50

    this kid was raised pretty well. handles himself like a champ.

  • Be_The_Light
    Be_The_Light 3 months ago +151

    I used to be a loser drug addict 10 years ago. Theft really has a long long karma come around you’ll reap the negativity long after it. That man should be grateful WD didn’t ruin his life. Love this channel.

    • Aerism
      Aerism Day ago

      His life is already Ruined. In such small town, the story goes around real quick. And he can't go to a regular supermarket anymore or go to his job. His boss probably fires him, he has to sell his house move to another place. And get a new job.

    • Jim Moynahan
      Jim Moynahan 17 days ago

      He's in no position to "press charges". Ordinary citizens have no power to do so.

    • Deborah Sunflower
      Deborah Sunflower 2 months ago +1

      User name checks out. Congrats on ur clean time!

  • MrMrfishy55
    MrMrfishy55 22 days ago +77

    Making them have their money back helps them feel so much worse I love it.

  • Aussie Princess
    Aussie Princess 9 months ago +7700

    This man is a serial thief, he has been doing this for a long time and you’re the first person to actually catch him. He’s not sorry for stealing stuff, he’s sorry for being caught and having to explain himself to his wife and the police. You’re a bigger person than me, I would have had him charged.

    • Special
      Special Day ago

      Could of at least gave the police the money for their police fund in front of the thief.

    • Freedom Freedom
      Freedom Freedom 12 days ago

      @Dan R I know one of them to 48 B and E s and the parents are loaded so is he has a great job built the skydome

    • Mike S
      Mike S 15 days ago

      its a white thing. you wouldnt understand ;)

  • YBODiver 1409
    YBODiver 1409 3 months ago +68

    Considering how you act in the majority of your videos this was probably the biggest insight as to who you are as a person and shows your really just a nice guy who is blessed with enough money to do what he wants to what ever he owns

  • William Terwedow
    William Terwedow 3 months ago +109

    I feel so bad for the criminals wife, not her fault. I know he took pity on her and let them keep their money. A legend in doing so

    • Antony slaughter
      Antony slaughter 20 days ago +4

      Dude she knew he was guilty and probably would've helped him. You don't steal that much and the wife doesn't know

    • Kirk Dahlstrom
      Kirk Dahlstrom 2 months ago +8

      WIFE was just as guilty!! watch the video ... she's driving!!

  • rachid luildha
    rachid luildha 8 days ago +15

    Having watched your videos, I thought you were a yahoo, a jerk and a disaster waiting to happen. But now I realize that you're far more than a nice guy, just a great guy, with a heart and a brain. You displayed grace and forgiveness. May God keep you from being harmed while filming your antics, Sir.
    And congratulations to those cops, they're the ones we wish to have around.


    The kid that gave him the money is a good kid by heart you could tell He was raised by good good good parents

  • Chris Peycelon
    Chris Peycelon Month ago +13

    From a fellow victim of theft, it was so satisfying to watch you get your stuff back, I'm sure everyone has been a victim of theft at one point or another and it sucks

  • AJ
    AJ 9 months ago +5078

    The fact they just had 1400 in cash on hand just proves they're better off than most people and him out here stealing is absolutely despicable. Should have taken the money AND pressed charges.

    • WyomingHome
      WyomingHome 4 days ago

      I agree. He's got cash on hand because theft is his day job.

    • DeAnne Huizenga
      DeAnne Huizenga 6 days ago

      Before a thief is caught you know they have stolen at least 9 times before…

  • Chelsea Craft
    Chelsea Craft 3 months ago +18

    I wanna hug your parents for raising such a sweet kid. You are a rare young man, and I hope everything goes your way in life.

  • mervjb
    mervjb 2 months ago +106

    Those were some lame ass excuses he gave for stealing your things. You were way too nice to him. But you're a better man than I am. God bless you, and I hope you catch the skid loader thief!

    • LRRPFco52
      LRRPFco52 2 months ago +6

      @Customer "The door was ajar, I drunk a beer, popped a sleepin' pill...etc."

    • Customer
      Customer 2 months ago +3

      Agreed- I love how he blamed the victim. "You left the doors open, you left it laying around, you put up a for sale sign."

  • Alex N
    Alex N Day ago

    Dude, that was really impressive how you handled that in the end. I'm a 39 year old army vet, but I don't know if I'd have the strength and integrity needed to not ask them to pay for the cameras. That was really something, good job.

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee 3 months ago +48

    Cody shows his true/good character across most of his videos, some more subtle than others, but this one was very revealing. Not pressing charges was great, but handing back the money and hearing her emotion was...damn. I know others have commented that this dude was not genuinely sorry and is perhaps a serial thief, but Cody's move to not judge him says a lot. This video had me glued more so than even the MonsterMax ones.

    • Jim Moynahan
      Jim Moynahan 17 days ago

      He doesn't "press charges" that's a myth.

  • Brenden Vlietstra
    Brenden Vlietstra 22 days ago +18

    Dude, I watch a ton of your videos and this one had me going from rage to tears. The fact you showed that man grace and gave the money back is pure class. My truck was broken into on Christmas eve a few years back and my wife's purse was taken with her wedding ring in it and we have never gotten it back. Not sure I'd have the same patience as you but something to strive for. Well done man, good on ya.

    • Dubi0007butts Blake
      Dubi0007butts Blake 12 days ago

      You would shame your wife if you showed the same whimpy nature to the thieves upon return of her sacred items. remember that before you applaud this guy.

    • Jesse fr
      Jesse fr 14 days ago

      @whistlindiesel919this kid thinks were gonna fall for your trap LOL

  • Steve Wallis
    Steve Wallis Year ago +1936

    I'm glad you got your stuff back! Good job man!

    • Brian Henderson
      Brian Henderson Year ago

      The thief enjoyed his "step 2" one step too soon.

    • Peter Puller
      Peter Puller Year ago

      This vid already has 12 million views. The cops have to step up. They are going to be judged by everyone that watches this video.

    • Blind Vernie
      Blind Vernie Year ago

      @WK who’s Steve? Steve from blues clues? 😉

    • Blind Vernie
      Blind Vernie Year ago

      @That_MIlkshake at least for a little while.

    • KenMabie
      KenMabie Year ago

      @havok9001 but damages weren't given taken.. he gave the money back

  • Phil Goode
    Phil Goode 4 months ago +31

    What a dude. The way he just let the money go at the end was a tribute to his character. Legend

    • Phil Goode
      Phil Goode 12 days ago

      @Dubi0007butts Blake 🤣🤣🤣

  • John Nunn
    John Nunn 3 months ago +30

    Mate, you’re more forgiving than I would be. Kudos.

  • Buffalo Print Records
    Buffalo Print Records 22 days ago +6

    You're a great man. Very much respect. I had things stolen from me when I was 12, and it changed my views on the world. I don't know if you are a Christian or not, but I believe you did what Jesus would have done. God bless you, man.

  • Lincoln Scott
    Lincoln Scott 3 months ago +146

    Bro I didn't think that highly of you before as I only see a lot of stupid content from you lol but I commend you for handling that the way you did. Stayed calm and collected and even offered to not take the money (maybe it was only some, maybe you only accepted a little who knows. Doesn't matter anyhow) as you could see the distraught in his wife's eyes and I respect that in you a lot.
    This whole situation doesn't add up though.. usually thief's are in bad spots with no money or a bad drug addiction and this guy didn't seem to have any of those issues. Even had a nice home, decent cars, and a loving wife. That is not your typical thief AT ALL. Just doesn't make sense at all for an older gentlemen like that with all those possessions willing to risk it all just to steal some shit that ain't worth the most a couple grand.
    Also you must have wonderful law enforcement as I have never seen a warrant appear that fast ever in my life. Maybe they knew you would post this and make everyone think real highly of them with fast service like this?
    Anyhow glad you got it sorted.

    • Anna Banan
      Anna Banan 28 days ago

      @Ilshatey Landjoy -- coincidentally, that's the name of his medication. Yeah, THAT'S the ticket.

    • Rhino Skin
      Rhino Skin Month ago +1

      This guy has money, he doesn't really care about the value of things, as we can see. Nor peoples time or hard work. WD needs to get clapped and post that lol

    • Carol Daniels
      Carol Daniels 2 months ago

      @gmmartines I agree, it’s greed not necessity 👍

    • Ilshatey Landjoy
      Ilshatey Landjoy 2 months ago +1


  • Alyssa McKee
    Alyssa McKee 5 days ago +3

    I just recently got into watching you, and my god when you gave them the money back I was almost in tears from the fact you’re being so caring and understanding and just not trying to make them feel any worse. Like yeah he stole from you and might have some issues upstairs but you understood him and didn’t beat him down for it, you just accepted the apology and your things back and left. How amazing. Love you so so so so much my god

  • Ben Shapiro's Lower Lip.
    Ben Shapiro's Lower Lip. Year ago +1970

    I feel no remorse for this old man... No one starts stealing at that age, he's done it before. He feels bad for finally getting caught, not for taking someone else's stuff. Spray painting the camera and removing the license plate proves he was on a mission. And the fact that he accepted cash when his wife tried to give it back further proves he's a pos.

    • Dubi0007butts Blake
      Dubi0007butts Blake 12 days ago

      You said it.

    • Ben Shapiro's Lower Lip.
      Ben Shapiro's Lower Lip. 15 days ago +3

      @Mike S Wow. You created your Clip-Share account seven days ago, found a comment on a video that's 8 months old and brought race into something that has absolutely nothing to do about race. You should really start an online class on how to be this fucking cool.

    • Mike S
      Mike S 15 days ago

      hes white though. that makes EVERYTHING just fine.

  • Tim1963
    Tim1963 Month ago +9

    He is a marked man forever every time someone has something stolen in your area they'll be thinking of this guy for good reason

  • Matthew Vaillancourt
    Matthew Vaillancourt 3 months ago +61

    Best video you ever made, that was real life going on there.
    Hopefully the police press charges and his wife doesn't let him live it down.

    • Dubi0007butts Blake
      Dubi0007butts Blake 12 days ago

      @Wildflower Absolutely. No remorse for the wife and she'd cry her eyes out in court in front of a jury while she laughs all the way to the bank. Folks admire this kids character, the way he was raised...what a queer and poor judge of character he turned out to be. His parents ought to be ashamed.

    • Wildflower
      Wildflower 2 months ago +7

      You think his wife didn't notice compound bows, several tailgates, the new tee shirt, etc. suddenly show up out of nowhere? I would be really surprised if she didn't know her husband is a thief.

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  • Suga-B
    Suga-B Day ago

    What a good kid. He was way more forgiving than I would have been.

  • Lee O'Neil
    Lee O'Neil Month ago +71

    So glad you got your stuff back,shaming that guy was the smartest thing to do when the neighbors hear about it cause small towns news travels fast he’s going to be shamed (stink eye) at the local coffee shop!!

    • DownloadPizza
      DownloadPizza 17 days ago +3

      Definitely way more useful than sending the guy to prison. This town is his own hell now and he will learn.

    • Dee Lah Muzik
      Dee Lah Muzik 21 day ago +1

      That’s tough lol

  • Dj Ronfa
    Dj Ronfa 23 days ago +6

    Giving the money back is a WAY bigger life lesson then gettin caught! Gettin caught as many said will just gonna make more precautious, being reward with kindness gonna make him rethink his whole life!! HUGE respect to you and the parents that raise you!

  • Mr Who Annon
    Mr Who Annon 9 months ago +1823

    Kudos to the cops for being super quick; getting that warrant in 20 minutes.

    • Valdemar Perez III
      Valdemar Perez III 7 months ago +1

      Didn’t even know you can get a warrant that quick.

    • Seamus Kelleher
      Seamus Kelleher 7 months ago

      Lots of fakes on here for sure but come on. 7 years working professionally in monetized streaming myself, I’m so curious how you reached that conclusion. 😆 hiring 12 different (good) actors for any amount of time for a 20M impression vid on Clip-Share is not cost effective at all.

    • James Wilson
      James Wilson 7 months ago

      Get er done USA USA USA

    • Cem
      Cem 7 months ago

      @Stormone how so, their job is making sure no one steals, and if someone steals something from someone, their job is to find whats stolen and give it back. pressing charges is for the person who someone stole from. In my case if I had the money I wouldn't ask for money for the camera's. If I hadn't I'd defo ask for it. But my mans got humiliated, this has been proven time and time again that counceling, is way more effective than jailtime, my mans got his punishement I doubt he will ever steal again.

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young 4 months ago +4

    Good to know their are genuine people like you still here. I was starting to lose faith

  • VA Fishing
    VA Fishing 3 months ago +20

    The fact that he gave the money back…man…that’s tough. I know the money doesn’t mean as much to others who are struggling but what a freaking guy. He just wanted some ownership and a wholesome apology. 👍🤛

  • JC S
    JC S 3 days ago

    Hat's off to everyone for such an awesome job - subscribed! I feel for the wife.

  • Inward healing
    Inward healing 3 months ago +52

    What a good man , he pays for his own ruined cameras and gives them back their 1400 , that is a saint right there , almost mad the guy cry whole stole and vandalized 😢❤

    • Wildflower
      Wildflower 2 months ago +5

      I would have insisted he pay for it, because a man child like that needs consequences. On the other hand, I am proud of Cody for showing that guy a fine example of how to be a good man.

    • Timothy
      Timothy  2 months ago +7

      That's a fool inviting more people to come steal his shit, knowing he won't prosecute

  • Matthew Lombardo
    Matthew Lombardo 4 days ago +4

    The real hero’s are the deputies that were able to secure that warrant so quickly! That never would have happened in a large metro area. That’s yet another example that there’re still rural sheriffs, and DAs that give a crap about policing their community. Great video! A perfect way to start my day. Ps, loved your cameo on demo ranch! I’m glad you got your stuff back.

  • Texas Plinking
    Texas Plinking Year ago +1637

    Goddamn this is gold

    • Bleirdo Dude
      Bleirdo Dude Year ago

      @Andrew Barrett Don't underestimate the addictive power of the *Holy Dopamine Ghost* via Placebo Faith.

    • Curtis G 1945
      Curtis G 1945 Year ago +1

      @Gray Mann I was going to say the same thing but I looked to see if anyone else had. And there you were. Thank you for that comment.

  • Brian Theisen
    Brian Theisen 3 months ago +39

    I’ve been robbed before. It was petty shit, my computer and PlayStation. It was clear they just went and got in and out. A bunch of robberies happened around thanksgiving in a college town so said fuck it, sunk cost, and had insurance to get it all back brand new.
    What you did was honestly genuinely a great moment in humanity. That wife must be so, so pissed. The area looks like my home town and we leave our cars running knowing your just fine. Giving the cash back was classy as fuck, and really the ultimate fuck you moment.

    • KelliDinit
      KelliDinit Day ago

      Yep. Had a cookout at my house once and had a bunch of my jewelry stolen, including my grandmother’s engagement ring. It was even worse knowing it was someone that was an invited guest. Took three months, but I did end up getting most of it back. The sad thing is, I got it back from the thief’s son. He was friends with my son. Overheard my neighbor and I talking about what was taken, had a lightbulb moment. Realized his mom, all of a sudden, had several pieces of nice jewelry he had never seen. Basically, stole it back. She was dating a friend of ours, which is why she was there. We talked to him, and he was floored. He let her know that we knew. Never even bothered trying to apologize. I’m not anywhere near wealthy, but I have some very nice jewelry. All of it has sentimental value to me. Every bit of it.

    • Valdemar Perez III
      Valdemar Perez III Month ago +1

      Dude someone stole my shit out of my truck 3 months ago and my amp is on offer up and the serial number matches. But I wanna nail this guy because he took my medication too which is a controlled substance that I have to take everyday for epilepsy. I heard stealing that stuff is a felony.

    • Sanguine
      Sanguine 2 months ago +4

      I had my car broken into before.
      Stole some stuff, only real value was an iPod touch
      I reported stolen via serial number.
      It was locked, so no use to anyone without a passcode, and seems the person tried to recycle it instead for a few bucks. Of course to recycle they take a photo ID, and the company also reports the serial #s, looking for stolen goods.
      Got a call from the police a few months later saying they had my iPod, and asked if I wanted to press charges.
      Yes please.
      Hope they enjoy their criminal record.

  • Wesley Haddix
    Wesley Haddix 3 months ago +32

    Well played, young diesel man. Giving him the money was a truly selfless act. I estimate you made a more positive impact on your neighbor than any legal process ever could.
    “17 ¶ Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.
    18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.
    19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
    20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.
    21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:17-23

  • Abel Gotti
    Abel Gotti 14 hours ago +1

    Hi Coty, my husband's a subscriber to your channel. I'm out here in California but I watch you everyday. But I gotta give it to you this episode took me by surprise. I think it's sooooo good of you to give the money back. It's just another reason why your awesome to watch.❤❤❤❤

  • Michele Eve
    Michele Eve 2 months ago +9

    You have intelligence and wisdom. What a great detective you are.
    This guy has stolen his entire life, IMO. Not his first tme. Thanks for showing this incident on YT.
    Hope your other stolen items are returned.

  • Michael Battle
    Michael Battle Month ago +5

    You have a large heart and maybe just maybe he learned a lesson! Keep up the great work of being a human being!

  • gisho13
    gisho13 Year ago +1768

    Giving them their $$ back was the ultimate check mate. Shows how wrong that guy was and on top of that makes you the bigger man ten times over. Hats off to you Cody

    • SolidSnake56
      SolidSnake56 4 months ago

      @DeadPhishCheeseSpread _ The guy was embarrassed he got caught. Giving the man the money back showed that Cody was the bigger person and how much of a pos the guy was. Doing that in front of his wife only further hones in that point. He's been exposed for the kleptomaniac he is and his wife isn't about to forget anytime soon.
      Another way of thinking about this is that it's not always about the money, it's about sending a message.

    • Charles Black
      Charles Black 4 months ago

      Mark B good for u

    • jon richardson
      jon richardson Year ago +2

      @mick m I would argue that spray painting the camera shows, if anything, lack of experience, because the cameras already had footage, and him spray painting them just made it more obvious. And any idiot could tell you covering your face while stealing might be better than showing it.

  • Orfan Productions
    Orfan Productions 3 months ago +2

    Only discovered this channel recently, so watching old videos to catch up: young man, you are a legend (giving back the money at the end, that is pure class, and showed the real you behind the laughs). Fair play my man!

  • Kevin Lyon
    Kevin Lyon 2 months ago +3

    I feel so bad for him but I am glad he got caught. I hope he gets some help. You young men are amazing....the kindness you showed.

  • Tom Yost
    Tom Yost 22 days ago +3

    Young man, you are tops in my book. You kept your cool and did what most wouldn't. No one will forget the kindness you've shown to someone who should have known better but admits his actions and seems to feel like an idiot, and who is very lucky you are the kind of person you are. Keep that good head on your shoulders. Respect and good will come your way. I have no doubt. YOU the man! Peace! Tom from Syracuse, NY.

    • Tom Yost
      Tom Yost 22 days ago

      Yes, he's a thief but maybe he's truly done taking others property now that he's been exposed to viewers and the law enforcers. His wife, I'm sure, has questions for him too.

  • Chad Hall
    Chad Hall 4 months ago +3

    Damn WD your a good dude. I almost tear up when you told her you didn’t want the money. Good to see somebody of your status have a heart not very often my friend, especially after what he just did.

  • John Bowen
    John Bowen 22 days ago +3

    Police were on that quick! Great job serving and protecting. Also the way you handled yourself was impressive. A class act even when you had him by the balls. You are a rare individual. Thank you for showing us all how to stand up for ourselves with stepping on others.

    • Dabby Dabs
      Dabby Dabs 15 days ago

      The police response was only quick because this guy took proactive action. If he had just phoned it in from his rocking chair, he'd still be waiting for justice. The police got the warrant so quickly because, like he said in his video, he did all their hard work for them and they had eyes on the stolen property and definitive video evidence proving that guy was a thief. Their job description mentions nothing about protecting and serving. The phrase "to protect and serve" originated in Boston way before the thugs and their rich mafia crime bosses came and shot up the streets and bought police departments. They used to protect and serve, not because it was their job, but because they wanted to help people by doing good things, and they had the power to do so. Someone came up with that slogan, and because it applied back then, they put it on their cars. Other departments decided it was a cute slogan with a positive ring to it so they put it on their cars too. If you check out their job description "to protect and serve" isn't listed. It used to mean something; now its just some bullshit they paint on their vehicles. Their real job is to "protect" property (which is what they're doing here) and serve capital (not capitol). I realize that isnt written into their job description either, its just what they've devolved into. I'm not asking anyone to just take my word for it. Show up to ANY picket line where there's honest, tax paying, law abiding workers on strike and see for yourself who the police are there to "protect and serve". Spoiler Alert!: They don't show up to protect the hard working tax payer whose only crime is wanting a fair paycheck in exchange for an honest day's work. Or, god forbid, some workplace safety. Rather, they protect and serve the fat lazy guy on top who's cutting corners, cheating taxes, writing off expensive dinners and vacations, cutting out hours already worked by people (stealing). I have yet to see a single picket line where police are there to protect the common man or woman from illegal hazardous working conditions, stolen wages, or any of the myriad crimes the employers commit to save a quick buck at the expense of working people. I know this isn't a rant you'd expect from a business owner, but here it is. If this guy hadn't done 90% of their job for them AND been sitting in the thief's driveway. It probably would have taken 3 months for a detective to show up without a warrant and do nothing just like what happened to my friend when she reported a theft. 3 months later the guy was long done squatting at her neighbors house and the stolen work trailer was stripped bare and sold to the local scrap dealer. If only she'd done 90% of their job like this guy!🤣 Sorry for the long rant! I hope all is well!😃

  • The Spud man
    The Spud man Year ago +5090

    This guy never fails to entertain me

    • Side Bite
      Side Bite Year ago

      He's still lying even after admitting there's no excuse

    • Crazy Mods
      Crazy Mods Year ago +1

      I seen this comment at the beginning of the video and now I agree lol.

    • Kimberly Walkup
      Kimberly Walkup Year ago

      The car that he stole all your stuff with that might’ve been my car because I got my stuff stolen

    • MrYo888779
      MrYo888779 Year ago +1

      It’s fake

    • Blizzy
      Blizzy Year ago

      Spuddyyy from ROK!

  • Carol Daniels
    Carol Daniels 2 months ago +45

    I don’t believe he was sorry he did the theft just sorry he got caught. You’re a better person than I am. Nowhere near as forgiving. Great video and congrats to law enforcement for following through and doing what they’re paid for, unusual these day 👏👏👏👏

  • Sandra Chank
    Sandra Chank 15 days ago +2

    I appreciate the compassion you displayed...not sure I could forgive that quickly. How awful for his wife.....Glad you got everything back. Shoutout to the police for doing their job calmly and professionally.

  • trigatupp
    trigatupp Day ago

    You have a big heart! And for such a young man show wisdom you would only expect from someone much older.

  • Ethan Hansen
    Ethan Hansen 23 days ago +8

    Him giving back the money after stating that's what was owed was such an alpha move. To flip the tables twice over being the good guy was such an incredible sight, no sense in condemning the wife for the husbands actions. A good person with a vengeance.

  • ccova66
    ccova66 23 days ago +2

    The power that being a youtuber gave you w authorities is amazing, and kudos to you for not abusing of it

  • Pablo Malcomore
    Pablo Malcomore Year ago +1334

    Damn I actually really respect that WD genuinely tried to be forgiving. Huge respect

    • Mcgee
      Mcgee Year ago +2

      @Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area It still time wasted for a guy who will get probations for his first offence. And really its not planned lol its not like he broke into someones house at night and scoped the place out and made this big plan lol. Hiding your tracks is not the same as planning But regardless that's besides the point.
      My point is if he wasn't a habitual criminal hes going to bet let off easy so there is really no point wasting your time with pressing charges. But like I said if this were me I would of asked the officer about his criminal record and would make a decision based off if he had a history of stealing. If this wasn't his first time then yeah he would be spending probably a month and maybe 6 if he has a long criminal history. But a 60 year old man with a wife and decent property? Yeah hes not a habitual criminal lol

    • Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area
      Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area Year ago +1

      @Mcgee "First off it wasn't planned he obviously saw WD had stuff laying around in plain view on there property so he took off his plate and spray painted the cameras to try and not get caught"
      That is the definition of planned. He saw an opportunity and did not immediately take it. He stopped, prepared, made a game plan, and executed it. That is a plan.
      "Then you just wasted 4 hours or more of your life driving down to the police station to write a report." You dont have to drive to a station to give a report, and it does not take 4 hours. Not for most people.

    • Mcgee
      Mcgee Year ago +2

      ​@Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area First off it wasn't planned he obviously saw WD had stuff laying around in plain view on there property so he took off his plate and spray painted the cameras to try and not get caught. 100% opportunistic thief. So I dont think its a habitual thing.
      What I do think is that hes a POS jealous old man who admitted to knowing WD and watches his videos. I think it was some parts jealousy and some parts opportunistic that made him think he could get away with stealing, because if you think about it he didn't real steal his stuff for the value. He even admitted so and said hes not in any financial troubles and he has a decent size property. I mean I could be wrong and if this happend to me I would ask the detectives if he has a criminal record, if he does then fuck him, let him go to jail. If he doesn't have a criminals record and you press charges more than likely hes going to bail out and will probably get probation and what maybe a week in jail max if hes very unlucky? Then you just wasted 4 hours or more of your life driving down to the police station to write a report.

    • Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area
      Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area Year ago +1

      @Mcgee what makes you think he was not a habitual offender? It was a planned and thought-out theft.

    • Mcgee
      Mcgee Year ago

      @Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area If this guy doesn't even have a record then more than likely he will spend 12 hours in a cell, bail out, then get community service and probation. So really what is jail going to accomplish? Lol sometimes showing leneancy to people helps them turn things around. People who are habitual offenders tho are not deserving of leanancy.

  • Michael Rousseau
    Michael Rousseau 3 months ago +19

    I'm too lazy to read all the comments so this may have already been said, but after you didn't take the money, that's when this guy really learned his lesson. I don't know if it's because he learned that you are a genuinely kind person, or what. But he went from looking and sounding like a guilty puppy, to looking like someone who knows they really fucked up.

    • WM Luna
      WM Luna 2 months ago

      Are you serious? 😂

    • TÉXT MÉ@ +①(④⓪⑥)⑥⓪⑤-⑧②⑤③
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  • chris
    chris 3 months ago +7

    This video was so wholesome and i think everyone did a good job here 🤩

  • Tony Knoblauch
    Tony Knoblauch 4 days ago +1

    This is kind of genius. I would be thanking the guy after he was caught. This video has earned him roughly $120K to date in ad revenue.

  • the dude
    the dude 21 day ago +3

    It's so easy to fly off the handle and do something you'll later regret in these situations. Props to you for handling it well

  • Connor
    Connor Year ago +9820

    At every point when WD has the right to put someone in their place, he takes the high road. Thoroughly impressed by this, and I’m looking forward to your continued success

  • Elaine Ranc
    Elaine Ranc 2 months ago +3

    I just found your post. You are one amazing young man. Your parents have to be so proud of you. Such a man with integrity!! Kudos for you and I hope you find your dad's skid loader. ☮🙏💜

  • The Green Man
    The Green Man 21 day ago +1

    You are a better man than I am, and I always try to be a good person. After buying several rural homes and land in two different states I have found there always a couple families in the area who feel like everything on your land is there including the wildlife. Poaching, theft and intimidation are the big ones and these people are always well known to the community and LE.

  • Nikki Gaming
    Nikki Gaming 24 days ago +1

    You and the Officers here just put the biggest smile on my face!
    You did the right thing here, which is something I can't say for almost anyone anymore.
    You FORGAVE a man who made a mistake and was too prideful to admit it. You were the bigger man here! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!! And above all you did it with more maturity then most grown adults have today!
    Very meek and gracious of you. The Lord will Bless you for that. And I know you Will find your dad's Skid loader!
    If I'm not out of line, I feel like the officers here deserve an Honorable Mention! This vid should be used for training purposes across the country to set examples for the expectation of everyone who wears a badge! We're all equals!
    Wish there were more like Your Team!!!
    God Bless All these Officers and Yourself!!!💯♥️

  • Conrad Milligan
    Conrad Milligan 21 day ago +5

    Damn, giving the money back was both humility and a ultimate power move wrapped into one.

  • bajsetbrinner72
    bajsetbrinner72 29 days ago

    This was just amazing! What a great person you seem to be.
    I’m afraid I wouldn’t be as kind, but you are a great role model. God bless

  • alvaradotowing23
    alvaradotowing23 Year ago +1968

    He’s not sorry he stolen your stuff, he’s sorry he got caught. There’s a difference. You handled that situation very well man, I don’t think I would’ve been that kind to be honest. But great job.

    • JakeHero95
      JakeHero95 10 months ago

      @Lunchbox Grenade you and a lot of others here don't understand that forgiveness is not always about the other person. The *weight* of anger and frustration being lifted off your shoulders is liberating. You free yourself from negativity and emotional hardship when you can forgive someone that has wronged you. Forgiveness does not mean you take someone back or become buddy buddy with them, just that you have let go and moved on.

    • S I
      S I Year ago

      Check EBay. I bet you will find more of yours and your neighbors stuff.
      " We watch you all the time" WTF. They will be back. Count on it.

    • George Lawson
      George Lawson Year ago


  • Jose Mtez
    Jose Mtez 3 months ago +5

    I'm a 17 yr old kid, I think I'm half decent, no angel, we've all been through ehat we've been through and I'll keep it at that, I hope one day as I grow I can be as down to earth and genuine as you are, ur super rad man

    • TÉXT MÉ@ +①(④⓪⑥)⑥⓪⑤-⑧②⑤③
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  • John Eriksson
    John Eriksson 3 days ago

    That was in tears when the wife got the money. Wow. He sure learned a lesson. And he accepted the lesson. Everyone turned out better people. Amazing.

  • Kebron Haile
    Kebron Haile 18 days ago

    what a big heart you have! much love bro!!

  • John P
    John P 3 days ago

    God bless Cody and God bless those police officers for their maturity, directness, masculinity, courage. This is a great, great video.

  • JennB
    JennB 6 days ago

    I am so glad you were able to get your stuff back and a confession from this guy. He should be so ashamed.
    It pisses me off when some a$$h@le thinks they are entitled to your things that youve worked so hard for!
    Pat on the back to you and LE for quickly and thoroughly doing their job. Im sure they wished every case was this easy to solve!

  • thisisacrummyname
    thisisacrummyname 8 months ago +1227

    100% he is NOT sorry!!!
    At his age he 100% knows what he did.
    He is a thief & has been doing this for years.
    The fact you didn’t press charges makes him think he can get away with everything.

    • Dubi0007butts Blake
      Dubi0007butts Blake 12 days ago

      @Risa Langdon True.

    • Caroline Gallegos
      Caroline Gallegos Month ago

      He should definitely have pressed charges. He’s just enabling the thief and letting down the thief’s past and future victims. The thief didn’t learn anything from this he just got lucky.

    • thisisacrummyname
      thisisacrummyname 7 months ago

      @lulubell jingles
      Why are you commenting this to me?
      I NEVER said anything that approved of this guy not pressing charges.
      Are you lost or confused?
      I didn’t post this video, & damn sure do not approve of letting this guy off without any charges.
      I think you should pay attention & read comments before you respond to someone.

    • Lulubell jingles *
      Lulubell jingles * 7 months ago +2

      So your going to let him go on and steel from others. Its like letting a rapist go free they will hurt someone else

    • misty n
      misty n 7 months ago

      @tjs001 🎯 exactly.

  • bluezhawg2104
    bluezhawg2104 22 days ago +4

    Best video ever, Hats off to the Sheriff for acting quickly in response to his constituents needs.

  • Owen Volk
    Owen Volk 22 days ago +2

    damn, love how you instantly reacted and got all your stuff back

  • James Archuleta
    James Archuleta 6 days ago

    I'm glad you got your stuff back. Hopefully the theif has learned his lesson !!!

  • Larry Haynes
    Larry Haynes 27 days ago +1

    That young man just taught a lot of men everywhere. Kid has more inside of him than anyone standing in that damn driveway

  • MrBeastUk
    MrBeastUk 22 days ago +1

    Well done lad ❤

  • Dabiez Live
    Dabiez Live 9 months ago +1529

    I’m glad his wife sees him a negative way now. That’s priceless

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith 7 months ago

      I’ve known people like this, and just when I thought the sweet wife is the kind and innocent one and the barking devil of a man is the sinner, it was actually the wife who was the brains of all the evil. Sometimes, the husband does the “dirty work” while the wife sits back and gets all the benefit while looking pure as can be. Looks can be very deceiving sometimes. May not be the case here, but hot damn it I sure wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

    • Henry Ford
      Henry Ford 7 months ago +3

      there's a 0% chance she wasn't in on it the entire time, where the fuck does she think that stuff came from?

    • Cathy Gordon
      Cathy Gordon 8 months ago +1

      Women aren't stupid. Especially women who are married to stupid. She knows her husband, trust me. She may even have helped him. Maybe her part in all this was in planning to list those compound bows on EBay or CraigsList.

    • Keni How
      Keni How 8 months ago +2

      She may not have known when he brought the stolen items home, but when she saw the video and heard the allegations...... She knew it was him 100%, but said nothing.

    • Keni How
      Keni How 8 months ago +2

      @Justin Ramsey she surly knew it was him in the video but said nothing.

  • Charles Swiger
    Charles Swiger 2 months ago

    God bless ya brother you have a big heart I was robbed last April and I know how it feels these people have no cares of who they steel from so sad . But it was a positive ending great job 👏 👍

  • Skimmer
    Skimmer 2 months ago +1

    I was trophy winner in many archery competitions so I am so so so glad you got your equipment back. And my hat is off to you for the way you handled this guy. The police deserve a lot of credit for their care and response and tactics. 👍

  • Heby Grobe
    Heby Grobe 14 days ago +3

    So proud of you for standing up for yourself !! Power to you .
    Also that guy was sooo humiliated I'm sure he won't do anything like that again .
    You were so gracious in not excepting the money. What a a well raised man you are.
    I'm from Australia 🇦🇺, and I really appreciate men like all of you , who sorted this out , without anger without violence.
    I was nearly murdered 6 years ago by a guy I had just started dating, in facts it's googleable, was on Australian Tv A current Affair . So I can be very wary of all men, after receiving Traumatic Brain injury , partial deafness , loss of thyroid from being strangled, eye sight issues , I have a lot to be scared of. I really want to be role model myself on how to come back from this kind of thing to other woman . And your actions and behaviour show me and other woman that there are strong beautiful men out that can solve their problems without violence , and with empathy and graciousness! I believe this is how to help not only woman but also to change the culture of men into something positive.
    I appreciate and respected your demeanour throughout this !!
    You show other men how they should behave and react to bad situations. Keep paying this kind of behaviour fwd , this is how we will change the negative culture in some men. ( you know monkey see monkey do .. ) no offence ..
    Following you on everything now !!
    What a beautiful soul you are xx
    ❤ love from Australia 🇦🇺
    Heby Grobe

  • Sharkeyes
    Sharkeyes 3 months ago +29

    “I made myself think I wasn’t doing anything wrong” every human on earth knows stealing is wrong 🤣

  • eizad hobuti
    eizad hobuti 23 days ago

    I can't Believe you have the cash back! What a lesson 👏 in kindness and forgiveness 🙏
    Omg 😲
    Cheers 🍻 to you guys!

  • Thule
    Thule Year ago +1465

    He's not sorry for stealing,
    he's sorry for being caught.

    • JustASpoon
      JustASpoon 7 months ago

      Bro this is so clearly stolen from THE TOP COMMENT word for word

    • s1ash
      s1ash 8 months ago

      No shit

    • Jimmy Googer
      Jimmy Googer 9 months ago

      This is an overused line that is often untrue. It’s not uncommon for people to know something is wrong but not be able to control their impulses and do it anyway, and then feel genuine guilt about it. I would wager most people actually do feel sorry for the act and not just for getting caught.

    • Jon
      Jon 9 months ago

      @Molly He is only nice3 when caught and hoping no handcuffs. I guarantee he has a lot more stolen stuff there and will likely keep stealing.

    • Lindsay Schilling
      Lindsay Schilling 11 months ago

      Absolutely! He's probably been doing this for years.

  • Preety Aujla
    Preety Aujla 18 days ago

    This is was amazing, haven’t seen such great content on here thanks for making this!

  • Gabby M
    Gabby M 2 months ago +3

    This is the 1st time I see this guy in Clip-Share I don't have an idea what shows he do but what I know after watching him here is,, he is a nice guy with a huge ❤️.
    God Bless you

  • AdrianChristianFlores
    AdrianChristianFlores 28 days ago

    Good vibes bro. Thank you for being you.

  • Expromantic Art
    Expromantic Art Month ago +2

    What a nice young man! God bless you for forgiving him.