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eggless omelette 不


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  • Megalo18
    Megalo18 Month ago +25217

    Show name?

    • ukKind
      ukKind 9 days ago

      @1k Sub challenge without any video 3 weeks ago丑

    • 1k Sub challenge without any video
      1k Sub challenge without any video 9 days ago

      @ukKind you're* my good man

    • Uranus
      Uranus 9 days ago

      @ukKind bruv it's British it sounds it and I'm from the bloody country

    • Uranus
      Uranus 9 days ago

      @Donald.NewsHD oh wow, what a not very British name

    • Joe
      Joe 10 days ago

      @Alex Grey cause america is just like that..

  • Saqib Nissar
    Saqib Nissar Month ago +295107

    The 2nd chef needs some appreciation

  • Veeah Cassiopeia
    Veeah Cassiopeia 24 days ago +2899

    Both men are really kind. The first man, gave her a chance to think and even though he is so annoyed, he still said 'please' the second man just understood that she couldn't understand so he made thing simple for her

    • cedo3333
      cedo3333 9 days ago

      In a real kitchen? during service? oy boy! Gonna be at least verbal abuse. lool

    • himanshi kalra
      himanshi kalra 9 days ago +1

      @SourAv D G I made using yellow lentil. It's called moonglet in delhi(India) . It's eggless and taste like omlete

    • SourAv D G
      SourAv D G 11 days ago +2

      @Teacher Mark how do you make an eggless omelete?

  • MisterTwister
    MisterTwister 19 days ago +1154

    Shes a little confused but shes got the spirit

    • Isaiah
      Isaiah 9 days ago

      She's very** confused

    • Nan Jones
      Nan Jones 9 days ago

      This explains me so well

    • Tominic Doretto
      Tominic Doretto 10 days ago +1

      Bro I aint gonna lie. Im in the same boat as kiki不不

    • LOL MFS
      LOL MFS 11 days ago +1

      Worst part is
      She got my nickname. This shi funny

  • -
    - Month ago +24505

    The first chef is like dads trying to explain maths

  • Synthwave
    Synthwave 18 days ago +332

    The real idiot is the customer. He'll probably get mad because "he knows what he's talking about" and he's gonna ruin the girl's day.

    • Enclave Warrior
      Enclave Warrior 3 days ago

      @NYSam_OP KOF98UMOL Excellent observation, Sherlock! Heres a gold star for your excellent detective work in deducing what in the hell the source material everybody is simply having a conversation on is!

    • Lonely#9769
      Lonely#9769 8 days ago

      @NYSam_OP KOF98UMOL it is a show but these things happen in real life and it really does destroy some people

    • Bejtulla Rexhepi
      Bejtulla Rexhepi 8 days ago

      @Spasso Grosso yeah I thought that much ok yeah because no way this is a real thing ok yeah

    • Suvikhya Siingh
      Suvikhya Siingh 8 days ago +2

      @NYSam_OP KOF98UMOL hence the show and their acting are really good

    • Aden M
      Aden M 9 days ago +2

      nah, he could see the dumbness on her face and decided to take her for a ride

  • Johnny C. Homicidal
    Johnny C. Homicidal 22 days ago +146

    Props to the 2nd chef for breaking up that convo before the first guy went full Ramsey on her.

  • Witch Doktr
    Witch Doktr Month ago +12504

    Bless her heart. She's got exactly two brain cells and they're both fighting for 3rd place.

    • Niteshade 26
      Niteshade 26 8 days ago

      i died and fell on the floor cuz of this comment XD

    • Suvikhya Siingh
      Suvikhya Siingh 8 days ago

    • jarjay1
      jarjay1 8 days ago

      Made me laugh

    • SVen KrULes
      SVen KrULes 9 days ago

      one of the best comments I've ever read in a long time

    • juice
      juice 9 days ago

      @AnnoyingAllie i inquire you to try a service job for a few months and see if you'll still agree with yourself on these things. there's a reason nobody says "the customer is always right" anymore

  • Quantum Revert
    Quantum Revert 17 days ago +93

    Ive only known her for 5 minutes, but she is adorable and Id die for her.

  • Barnabas Douglas
    Barnabas Douglas 16 days ago +21

    bless her heart, she needs to be protected at all costs

  • Darkside 12
    Darkside 12 Month ago +24561

    The first chef wasn't even being rude, he was just perplexed

    • Kristan Overstreet
      Kristan Overstreet 16 days ago

      @zapdos xy ... because (a) it's not particularly funny, and (b) because a hell of a lot of us have had to deal with customers and/or staffers like this?

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori 23 days ago

      @Ab That doesn't mean it's okay to talk to be rude to someone for not understanding something.

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori 23 days ago

      @Infinity Don't put words in people's mouths. And what does this have to do with Americans?

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori 23 days ago

      @zapdos xy Just because someone's analyzing the scene doesn't mean they don't find it funny.

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori 23 days ago

      @Youwantshum Literally nobody is acting like this is real. People analyze the behaviour of fictional characters all the time.

  • Shoshi Shaw
    Shoshi Shaw 19 days ago +24

    The second one needs an award for patience and kindness

  • A
    A 23 days ago +27

    OOOH This brings back memories. I'm usually the 2nd chef making sure the head chef doesn't immediately snap the waitstaffs head off 儭必Fun times when it's lunch rush

    • Alex Syn
      Alex Syn 15 days ago +4

      Yea the kitchen is hella stressful sometimes so I dont blame the chefs for snapping sometimes (especially with stupid questions).
      Actually the second chef was the head chef in the series tho and the first chef was the Sous

  • rio hudson
    rio hudson Month ago +17103

    The fact that they were so patient because they knew she was genuinely confused. These guys are the real ones.

    • Enclave Warrior
      Enclave Warrior 3 days ago


    • Alex Syn
      Alex Syn 15 days ago

      @Zetto Vii ye its very nutritional, but I just dont like the taste (except scrambled or hard boiled, basically if the yolk is hard I like). But if you give me a boiled egg thats soft in the middle imma give it to my dad or smth. Wouldnt waste it tho

    • Marcus Boy S
      Marcus Boy S 18 days ago

      @Rainy @Rainy the remaining argument will be on the bill. How come the dish charged for 2 fried eggs instead of double fried eggs.
      I assuming your manager knew well pricing game gimmick 不

    • FireStorm
      FireStorm 25 days ago

      @Alan Baker The first chef did treat her like an idiot though.

    • shumaticrevolution
      shumaticrevolution 26 days ago

      @Seriphbasically 3 kinds of approaches:
      1. You adamantly tells the customer that we do not serve Eggless omelettes.
      2. You bring them what the chef gives you and follows the order to a T. Charging them full price of course. If they keep being annoying you tell them politely that they either stop yelling or leave.
      3. Tell them that we're out of ingredients to make an egg less omelette. But we are happy to serve something else

  • m00se
    m00se 16 days ago +19

    This is exactly how it feels being on the back of the house and hearing the most incomprehensible order come on the screen

    • Robo's Moto World
      Robo's Moto World 12 days ago

      Absolutely. Sometimes I wonder how certain people lived beyond childhood.

  • Alicia Louisa
    Alicia Louisa 10 days ago +4

    Actual footage of me at work

  • Ram
    Ram Month ago +8397

    First Chef isn't an asshole, he's just having a hard time explaining to her

    • destined tobe
      destined tobe 8 days ago

      @Nubes Grises i hope youre not serious

    • Might Guy
      Might Guy 12 days ago

      @Nubes Grises if you don't know egg less omelette doesn't exist people think you as stupid as treat you as one because it's a big thing to know

    • Alex Syn
      Alex Syn 15 days ago

      @Nubes Grises yes asking stupid questions is necessary to learn. But if you always get an instant explanation like from the second chef. You will know but dont understand.
      Even if the first chef was rough and loud, he was trying to help her understand herself.
      If she cant even solve something this simple and always goes for the simpler explanation she wont learn anything. And thats the only reason stupid question are important. Because you LEARN not have it laid out ur way.

    • Professor
      Professor 16 days ago +1

      @Nubes Grises look mam ,I don't know what utopian world you live in but if that chef's behaviour sounds inhumane to you ,then I am worried about you,and how are you goona survive the world that's out there.

    • Jesse James
      Jesse James 20 days ago

      @Nubes Grises lady just seems dull to me.. he tried helping her.

  • fuzzydragon
    fuzzydragon 25 days ago +4

    "Take away the bread what are you left with?.......sticks?" the blonde is strong in this one.

  • ViT4MinT
    ViT4MinT 16 days ago +3

    A lot to learn from the second man. There's an impulse to correct or teach a person who makes a mistake. It's often better to try to understand the situation, recognize the intention, and continue as normal.

  • Sarah Baldwin
    Sarah Baldwin Month ago +11219

    as a once young waitress who later went to culinary school and became a chef, I can now confidently say that I have been all three of the people in this skit

    • Robo's Moto World
      Robo's Moto World 12 days ago

      In what order though

    • Gwendolyn Jonkers
      Gwendolyn Jonkers 20 days ago

      @Mariah Anna no but during rush hour you can accidentally push the logic part of your brain to the side. Especially in the beginning. I've asked people if they wanted an meal based on eggs vegan whilst knowing that eggs are definitely not vegan. Sometimes it just happens

    • Bella Do
      Bella Do Month ago

    • lawrence williams
      lawrence williams Month ago

      U a real one bro...

    • DoraTheDestroyer
      DoraTheDestroyer Month ago

      @Yamaszlof Mcdurkin Why?

  • Harin Soni
    Harin Soni 12 days ago +3

    The kindness and patience in the 2nd chef's speech though

  • Random User Chanel
    Random User Chanel 5 days ago

    Imagine if someone requested Gordon Ramsay an Eggless Omelette.

  • NeW WorLD
    NeW WorLD Month ago +7771

    Can we appreciate how both of them were VERY CAREFUL with their words as to not hurt her i mean she was genuinely confused lmao i lost it

    • Alien _ee
      Alien _ee 9 days ago

      @BlessedFamily Grantoure the problem and youre probably just like them

    • BlessedFamily Grant
      BlessedFamily Grant 16 days ago

      @Kristan Overstreet touch矇

    • Kristan Overstreet
      Kristan Overstreet 16 days ago +2

      @BlessedFamily Grant There's a saying in the military: "If one soldier fails inspection, it's the soldier's fault. If half the company fails inspection, it's the officer's fault." Maybe it's just you.

    • M A
      M A 25 days ago

      Yeah make a character completely vapid and stupid beyond belief and act like thats good writing when in reality its cheap and is an obvious way of trying to shoehorn in how amazing smart and cool your main character is

    • Prism
      Prism 29 days ago

      @Cori Xiong I would too, but for a different reason

  • TheScarletAria
    TheScarletAria 8 days ago

    I'm a cook and this a perfect representation of the kind of questions servers will ask you.

  • Baba Simba
    Baba Simba 8 days ago

    The world would be a much better place if everyone in it was like the second chef

  • Joseph Morse
    Joseph Morse Month ago +12983

    2nd chef: Gordon Ramsay's alternate universe counterpart.

    • Aqua
      Aqua Month ago

      @UnitedAirlines4Life I know I know.. I meant it as a joke. Chef is a very sweet person in real.

    • UnitedAirlines4Life
      UnitedAirlines4Life Month ago +2

      Thats a character he plays. Really nice guy in person.

    • Sri Drawings
      Sri Drawings Month ago

      @Chatwheel Only

    • Chatwheel Only
      Chatwheel Only Month ago

      @Milk I believe you!

  • FunnyGeek Marci
    FunnyGeek Marci 9 days ago

    As someone with a panic disorder, nothing has been more put to what my mind is other than KiKi and the second chef

  • Xicci
    Xicci 24 days ago +2

    Those 3 actors are just amazing. This scene is glorious.

  • Evelyn Gardner
    Evelyn Gardner Month ago +6100

    the first chef def isnt an asshole he just trying to actually teach her something

    • M A
      M A 25 days ago

      Yeah make a character completely vapid and stupid beyond belief and act like thats good writing when in reality its cheap and is an obvious way of trying to shoehorn in how amazing smart and cool your main character is

    • Havva Gokce
      Havva Gokce Month ago +1

      @kaouter Mouslim haliba thank you too 弘

    • kaouter Mouslim haliba
      kaouter Mouslim haliba Month ago +1

      @Havva Gokce that's interesting,I will be checking for some of those recipes. Thank you!

    • Havva Gokce
      Havva Gokce Month ago +1

      @kaouter Mouslim haliba in my country there is an omelette made out of tomatoes, peppers and onions and you can add cheese etc too but they're not traditional it's called menemen. In summer, I sometimes ditch the eggs and eat menemen without eggs. 襤t's more refreshing that way but it's not a menemen(omelette) that way culinary wise.
      I just looked around and found vegan omelette recipes substituting eggs with tofu, chickpea(water and or flour), potatoes and chia seeds. Some use cheese but maybe vegan cheese???. Customer sounds like a vegan. Just haven't asked for vegan options and tried asking for eggless omelette.

  • Sana M.
    Sana M. 10 days ago +1

    1st chef: Gordon Ramsay
    2nd chef: Marco Pierre White
    Splendid acting by both actors in impersonating both chefs personalities.

  • SKPetel
    SKPetel 12 days ago

    11 years in kitchens, I feel this sketch in my bones

  • Sooya Blink
    Sooya Blink Month ago +19903

    The man who ordered that deserved to be served that plate tho

    • BUH
      BUH 13 days ago

      @Oh Casey i think Noble Prize should be handed to you.. best comment for this year.

    • Mr. Anderson
      Mr. Anderson Month ago

      Lol youre not wrong though 哄

    • The Bait
      The Bait Month ago

      @Edenthen you wouldnt call it a eggless omelette, you would say vegan omelette

    • Specoos
      Specoos Month ago

      @Dante Loparco
      I would assume that vegans need to stop appropriating normal names for food that doesn't include their delusions

    • Harry
      Harry Month ago

      Idiots the joke is he said egg white

  • Eliasdbr
    Eliasdbr 11 days ago

    Damn, it looks ridiculous, but I swear it happens irl.
    The girl is that new employee that follows everything literally, because when you are new in a job you don't know anything about, you try to just follow orders to keep up

  • Damien Morningstar
    Damien Morningstar 21 day ago

    So glad to see the principal from inbetweeners in something else. He is brilliant.

  • Jeanette Taylor
    Jeanette Taylor Month ago +5680

    Gordon Ramsay would have cussed them all out

    • Eduardo Cruz
      Eduardo Cruz Month ago

      Ramsay would go to the customers table and dump eggshells with grated cheese and say fuck off ....lol

    • Shay's Fashionable Jewelry
      Shay's Fashionable Jewelry Month ago

      Nah ge wouldn't he wouldv went to the customer

    • Charles Ben
      Charles Ben Month ago

      this is him, but from the other dimension. he doesnt do that in this dimension.

    • Phebe Torres
      Phebe Torres Month ago

      omg i was thinking the same thing hahahahhaha

  • Weent Taguy
    Weent Taguy 23 days ago +1

    LMAO...no way! couldn't stop laughing...made my day! and BTW...Kiki is lovely, I just love those puppy eyes...lol

  • andrew keller
    andrew keller 25 days ago

    I worked in a kitchen that reminds me of this. My chef told us a story once about when he worked with a server that was on the spectrum. He said that he was an amazing worker. But one shift he came into the kitchen and said one of the guest had a complaint. Not thinking while in the heat of the moment my chef said "tell them to go fuck themselves"
    And he did

  • mahima nandani
    mahima nandani Month ago +4735

    it's so sweet how he tried to explain it to her

    • jo jo
      jo jo Month ago +1

      @Liss If it is on the menu, yeah you can have your tofu egg Style.
      But if not, those customers should not ask for it.
      I'm not going to a vegan restaurant asking for a beef fillet. Vegan are a pain in the ass

    • Liss
      Liss Month ago +2

      @Angel Mendez thats exactly what I was thinking- that he wanted something like Egg Beaters or even Vegan Egg. Can you believe it? They make vegan eggs now. You can get just about anything vegan nowadays

    • Frank's left testicle
      Frank's left testicle Month ago +1

      @Icy His speeches literally don't make sense.

    • Nez Boi
      Nez Boi Month ago

      @wither9126 I'm not saying that isn't the case cause hell I stutter like a mf sometimes but whenever you can talk for 5 minutes and jump to 10 different topics that aren't even relevant to the question you were asked or the original topic of discussion than yes, it is an issue.

    • Wither
      Wither Month ago

      @Nez Boi I don't think forming a coherent sentence is always needed to be considered bright. Because physical and mental problems exist separately.

  • ImGoat1995
    ImGoat1995 11 days ago

    Back when I worked in a kitchen this was mine and my coworkers favorite thing to quote. So much so that we decided to see if we could make an eggless omelette. We thought okay take away the eggs in an omelette what are we left with? Cheese, Chives, bits of ham, salt and pepper. We would then throw all the ingredients together onto the flat top grill flip when the cheese melted, threw it on a plate tossed some parsley on top and voila eggless "omelette"

  • 7ae7
    7ae7 20 days ago

    i thought she was a customer who was trying to secretly signal that she's in trouble and asking for help-

  • pezkiller
    pezkiller Month ago +2518

    shes a representation of my last brain cell trying to play competitive games at 4am

  • Benny Boy
    Benny Boy 22 days ago

    I don't know the actress name but her facial expressions are on point.

  • Mason Murphy
    Mason Murphy 10 days ago

    And she's the type that works at McDonald's wanting 16 bucks a hour

  • dragonctd1
    dragonctd1 Month ago +5021

    I honestly like how both of the men were genuinely concerned

    • lotion power
      lotion power 25 days ago

      @M A all today's audience care about us being wholesome, they Are completely obsessed by it, I found her character to be annoying, a tv show can't have long term success based on these gimmicks

    • M A
      M A 25 days ago

      Yeah make a character completely vapid and stupid beyond belief and act like thats good writing when in reality its cheap and is an obvious way of trying to shoehorn in how amazing smart and cool your main character is

    • lotion power
      lotion power Month ago

      @Spencer Willams I am not google

    • Spencer Willams
      Spencer Willams Month ago

      @lotion power what tv show

    • Sgrios
      Sgrios Month ago +1

      @lotion power Absolutely rich comin' from you mate. I will not, however.

  • Vasilis
    Vasilis 15 days ago +3

    Smartest waitress in ohio

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 15 days ago

    She is so sweet, great performance.

  • Eric Terry
    Eric Terry Month ago +6634

    Marco is actually a gentleman, even when he's angry.

  • Dhananjay Biawat
    Dhananjay Biawat 10 days ago

    This customer would have really got an Eggless Omelet had he been sitting in an Indian restaurant. :D

  • Tess G
    Tess G 24 days ago

    I feel like I just watched my own relationship in action

  • Cameron McIntyre
    Cameron McIntyre Month ago +8234

    In fairness the chefs here display the difference between a 7am start and a 5pm one

    • Alpha Baby
      Alpha Baby Month ago +2

      100% !!! I'm the night head chef. I am not nice, and I don't mean that in a "oh I'm a sassy b!tch" kinda way, I'm a jackass but its the only way to survive because poor Kiki is going to come back and try to tell me the customer wants to see me because he knows what he means and HE MEANS EGGLESS!

    • Rita
      Rita Month ago +2

      @Cameron Vadnais this comment is actually gold. It's like good for you buddy, if you're being a dick on purpose. While kind and stern pointing out the ignorance of the statement if not.

    • Elijah Jakobsen
      Elijah Jakobsen Month ago +3

      @Eyyyy I work as a heavy machinery operator. Doesn't matter AM or PM. I've worked in alot of different fields, and gotten to know alot of different people. You'll get your ears filled with insults any time of day, but all we're doing is make the world go around.

    • typingreallyfast
      typingreallyfast Month ago

      @Armendicus Real

  • Ayush Joshi
    Ayush Joshi 5 days ago

    Yupp, it's always the client (customer ) that fucks your day

  • Discount Thor
    Discount Thor 17 days ago +2

    as a former chef ... this is accurate ....very accurate

  • B3LLY
    B3LLY Month ago +5102

    I love how the first chef was frustrated at first but then his face changed when he understood she is for real

    • Schweizer
      Schweizer Month ago +3

      He wanted to double down then he saw she was genuinely lost, his expression right after was of genuine loss

    • Subhash Singha
      Subhash Singha Month ago

      how on earth that become so real for you?

    • Ronald Hewitt
      Ronald Hewitt Month ago +1


    • B3LLY
      B3LLY Month ago +16

      @DeathSoul thanks the pressure was killing me

  • Bef
    Bef 16 days ago +1

    Kiki is me sometimes way too many times, probably

  • Dead Pain
    Dead Pain 14 days ago

    That man has some serious naming problems.

  • steven kika
    steven kika Month ago +2677

    Second chef understands every customer

    • Teacher Mark
      Teacher Mark 25 days ago

      I don't think he could have understood the customer if he wanted to go back and ask him if he wanted whole eggs or just egg whites. That is completely incongruent to the request.

    • Hamilton Askew
      Hamilton Askew Month ago +5

      I think it's kiki that he understands.

    • Abby Marie
      Abby Marie Month ago

      Jonathon Creek!

  • Kaelani Revyruun
    Kaelani Revyruun 9 days ago

    I can imagine myself going "I'd like to give the cooking staff a bit of a laugh... Tell them I'd like an egg less omelette with bacon on 2 slices of lightly buttered toast"

  • Allen
    Allen 19 days ago

    She is so beautiful and kind! Great smile!

  • Pagan
    Pagan Month ago +5764

    literally the nicest chef's I've ever seen

    • potr0ast
      potr0ast Month ago

      Its hard to be nice when youve got waitresses and customers who expect the impossible in .3 seconds.

    • Turtlesrprettycool
      Turtlesrprettycool Month ago

      @caitlyn cantrell thats not how ratios work

    • jj
      jj Month ago

      patient and understanding is what you mean.

  • TXT Days
    TXT Days 20 days ago

    Calmest chef I've ever seen

  • decent_KH
    decent_KH 23 days ago +2

    Damn she's too innocent for this world

  • Red3yekingg
    Red3yekingg Month ago +16298

    She looked so happy when he gave direct Instructions of what to do.

    • jaduami
      jaduami 11 days ago

      @M A ofcourse! my comments are not for matured men

    • Gwendolyn Jonkers
      Gwendolyn Jonkers 20 days ago

      @郕訄 you don't really do a lot of critical thinking during rush hour. Especially as a beginner.

    • M A
      M A 25 days ago

      @Bilbo facts youre the only person here with common sense

    • M A
      M A 25 days ago

      @jaduami that goes for anyone regardless of gender?

  • sherif gamal
    sherif gamal 8 days ago

    手手 i love this girl , a very kind soul

  • Leroy Healy
    Leroy Healy 23 days ago

    Pro chef here... this is flooring me
    Absolute class. Shit I'm crying

  • Jesse Woodall
    Jesse Woodall Month ago +1936

    The first chef for sure was just trying to wrap his head around her question. He heard eggless omlet and his brain just stopped

    • MiVidaBellisima
      MiVidaBellisima Month ago

      Customers say some dumb ish sometimes then look at you crazy for their lack of articulation skills 儭儭

    • Blossoms Of Life
      Blossoms Of Life Month ago

      In that case it was definitely the point.

    • Bazar Dambadarjaa
      Bazar Dambadarjaa Month ago +1

      I think he was more baffled about the waiter not realizing what she was asking for.

    • ciciamanda
      ciciamanda Month ago +21

      @Blossoms Of Life well depending on the medication that might be reasonable, not all sleeping pills are for falling asleep - many are for staying asleep. So the patient might have no problem with falling asleep, but have issues with waking up a lot during the night for example :)

    • Blossoms Of Life
      Blossoms Of Life Month ago +35

      Its like when i was a carer i had to give to my client a sleeping pill, but at the medication time my client was already sleeping, than when my manager checked how things are going, i informed her that the client is sleeping already and my manager said that to wake my client up and give her the sleeping tablets

  • TorgReactionVidz
    TorgReactionVidz 19 days ago

    I still cant believe you actually took the damn plates

  • Rocking Rogers Homestead

    That chef looks SOOOO much like Alan for VLDL. I could so see him doing this skit...

  • Kris Kringle
    Kris Kringle Month ago +21419

    This was the most wholesome interaction between a frustrated chef and a clueless server I've seen. Whites was a gem.

    • Phil Bright
      Phil Bright Month ago

      Every day at my place

    • Averege Youtuber
      Averege Youtuber Month ago +3

      This happens quite often. Working in a restaurant the staff makes sure that the server is stressed, even when there is no need. So when you are under stress all the time you stop thinking properly. Specially, when they argue with you no reason, this takes out our sense of "logic" and you just say yes and stop thinking, that's it.

    • Murph
      Murph Month ago +5

      @MTREDHEADS2000 my guy. Thats the name of the show. 丹儭

    • MTREDHEADS2000
      MTREDHEADS2000 Month ago

      ok bud lets not put race into this

    • thegirlwitheeyes 12
      thegirlwitheeyes 12 Month ago +2

      Clueless is a compliment for her

  • Ale Sh
    Ale Sh 6 days ago

    Very accurate energy in comunication between kitchen and waiters))

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 19 days ago

    This scene is a fine example of why we Brits have the best humour :)

  • BLUB
    BLUB Month ago +3392

    the first chef isnt an asshole, he had a point lmao.

    • Mai Nguyen
      Mai Nguyen 13 days ago

      @Ifirespondiamstupid what kind of people ask for the eggless omelet it's impossible it's his fault if he has to wait

    • Bud
      Bud Month ago

      @stacy Kiki is me. I am Kiki

    • Bud
      Bud Month ago

      @Godspeed I didn't even know what an omelette was until like last year when someone told me what they are

    • Godspeed
      Godspeed Month ago

      @Bud ur telling me ur slow enough to not know that there is no such thing as an eggless omelette

    • Amazing Autist
      Amazing Autist Month ago +1

      @Mr. Gilbert he wasn't being an asshole he was just done. Not being Sunshine's and rainbows all the time does not make you an asshole.

  • Sam
    Sam 9 days ago

    Imagine her in Gordon's kitchen

  • KayyJayy
    KayyJayy 22 days ago

    this might be the funniest ever. I've watched so much times and I'm lying here cracking right tf up up 4.30am hahaha

  • TheGodOfWaffles
    TheGodOfWaffles Month ago +30710

    The first chef wasnt even rude, he was just trying to explain to her so she would understand why it wouldnt work.

    • Specoos
      Specoos Month ago

      @Thom Beumee
      Like Zhukov in Death of Stalin:
      "I'm Smiling, but I'm very fucking furious"

    • Pardon Sylver
      Pardon Sylver Month ago

      @JJ Jones Okay language police. First of all, "Vegan Omelet" is an omelet made without using eggs, so it IS an omelet, and it IS eggless. Keep in mind that not every language has a term for "vegan" some people WILL use terms you deem "incorrect" because it still gets the point across.
      So maybe stop acting like English isn't three broken languages in a trench coat pretending to be a full coherent system of words, after it mugged French, Italian, and German in a dark alley for any loose grammar.

    • Jason
      Jason Month ago

      @JJ Jones that is literally the point of the video.

  • Amal Kannan
    Amal Kannan 19 days ago

    "Don't take the plate kiki please "was priceless

  • SpontaneousLord 375
    SpontaneousLord 375 18 days ago

    That's why talking straight to point is important.

  • curry chicken
    curry chicken Month ago +7027

    I've never seen a British chef being so patient. It doesn't exist

    • Specoos
      Specoos Month ago

      There is no such thing as a patient Chef anywhere in the world

    • mark shepherd
      mark shepherd Month ago


    • i_z_shan
      i_z_shan Month ago +1

      Bro my head chef is British & I have never ever seen a cool & calm chef like him in my life.

    • Schproemftell
      Schproemftell Month ago

      @smiley satanson sadly i have seen things on that level happening in my 13 years as a chef and very sadly way too often

  • Johnny C. Homicidal
    Johnny C. Homicidal 22 days ago

    Im a mix of these two, Id start off saying you cant have an eggless omelet so Id ask her to go ask if he wanted only egg whites and if he came back saying no eggs in general Id be explaining to her like he did why thats not a thing. Really hope he just meant he only wanted egg whites cause come on now. A bit sad enough she didnt understand why thats not a thing but if the dude ordering it doesnt know then why tf would he be ordering an omelet.

  • SirTopHats
    SirTopHats 10 days ago +2

    Bro those gifs at the bottom be going wild bruh

  • Supamadulaoblongata jr.
    Supamadulaoblongata jr. Month ago +5148

    If you have ever worked in a restaurant you will know that both chefs were being very nice to her

    • UB -
      UB - Month ago


    • Goose
      Goose Month ago +1

      Im glad they realized she wasn't deliberately messing with them or not thinking things through but that she couldn't, her brain just doesn't work that way.

    • nuanil
      nuanil Month ago +1

      @misterwiggle Most are one straw away from a complete mental breakdown.

    • miko
      miko Month ago

      She sure has very good nice chef ....very few of them actually exist. She sure is sooo lucky

    • Tranitosaur
      Tranitosaur Month ago

      @Bhawesh Gupta Nah, it's a skit. It wasn't because she was a lady.

  • International1066
    International1066 8 days ago

    Poor Kiki just can't figure this one out today

    I DONT KNOW WHO I AM 14 days ago

    I now know the reason why drake asked Kiki if she loves him....she obviously didn't understand the question

  • K
    K Month ago +7200

    Tbf, that first chef is quite patient as well.

    • Christian Joseph
      Christian Joseph Month ago +2

      I agree

    • Thark
      Thark Month ago +3

      @Nunya Biz Right? Honestly. I expected Much worse. Nicest kitchen staff I seen almost.

    • T Mar
      T Mar Month ago +24

      I heard idiot sandwich in my head 10 seconds in

    • Ratman
      Ratman Month ago +26

      For a chef, he is a saint

    • Nunya Biz
      Nunya Biz Month ago +20

      Right? Honestly. I expected MUCH worse. Nicest kitchen staff I seen almost.

  • Jim Marks
    Jim Marks 14 days ago

    Shed make the auto center rich with all the headlight fluid changes

  • Priya Samuel
    Priya Samuel 8 days ago

    She's jus like my daughter.. she drives me crazy and make me howl morning and night..

  • Truth_810
    Truth_810 Month ago +7227

    Theyre both more patient than I would be if I heard that

    • Javoris Scott
      Javoris Scott Month ago

      @Truth_810 no?

    • Truth_810
      Truth_810 Month ago

      @Javoris Scott you ever get someone claiming their fries taste like they been dipped in the grease twice

    • Javoris Scott
      Javoris Scott Month ago

      Its like when people order cheeseburgers with no cheese or triple cheeseburgers with no meat. It annoys me greatly.( I work at McDonalds)

    • Brian
      Brian Month ago

      @jer berg I would 100% blast a waitress that was dumb enough to think a customer would be happy with a plate that has nothing but garnish on it. She was so oblivious its incredible she is alive.

  • Sheila Butler
    Sheila Butler 20 days ago

    My husband always orders an extra veggie only eggless omelet wrapped in a tortilla - he is vegan and they don't offer this so he has them stir fry the filling for an omelet, no cheese and wrap in a tortilla. They always laugh but make it everytime.

  • Bunny Bear
    Bunny Bear 9 days ago +1

    chef's nightmare order.

  • Coppelia [CoppuKriem]
    Coppelia [CoppuKriem] Month ago +3681

    She's got that customer service fried brain

    • Bev H.
      Bev H. Month ago

      She is afraid of the first cook

    • 1v1_PERRY
      1v1_PERRY Month ago +1

      @Sydney Slaughter the retail rot I like that不

    • 9xf
      9xf Month ago

      @Sydney Slaughter npc ahh comment

    • DarkhalfBreed
      DarkhalfBreed Month ago +2

      It's the morning shift and girl might have worked closing the night before.

    • Enzo P
      Enzo P Month ago +14

      The customer probably did order an eggless omelet and she was just as confused but decided to repeat it verbatim to the chef.

  • David James
    David James 21 day ago

    I once had a dishwasher throw 3 cases of baked potatoes through the industrial dishwasher cause I asked him to rinse them clean. Had another submerge an electrical 5 foot Coffee Maker, cord and all. All clean =)

  • Rachel The Awesome
    Rachel The Awesome 11 days ago

    If this happened at my restaurant, I think my manager would just die laughing

  • Eugene Lim
    Eugene Lim Month ago +4730

    Imagine if she goes to Gordon Ramsay and says, "The customer asked for an eggless omelet."
    I could picture Gordon Ramsay yelling at her and kicking the customer out of the restaurant.

    • UB -
      UB - Month ago

      He'd be super confused and kick out the customer but not before calling the customer a donkey. Then explains to her about food, eggs, and why you should say no to 2 fingers.

    • efiniGTX
      efiniGTX Month ago

      @sburb tube i am aware of egg substitutes, but what is a vegan egg?

    • sburb tube
      sburb tube Month ago

      @efiniGTX There are hundreds of different things to use instead of eggs for whatever meal or cake you need.

    • Jeff Wells
      Jeff Wells Month ago +1

      I actually think Ramsay would go tell the customer to get the fuck out of his restaurant, they don't server morons. Kiki was being a bit dense here, but the customer asking for an eggless omelet is on another level.

    • flogjam
      flogjam Month ago

      " F off !" or something to that effect

  • sunz
    sunz 24 days ago

    As a former waiter. I literally am kiki. A man once asked for flat water so i stood in the kitchen for 10 minutes shaking a bottle of water until there was no gas left.

  • F your  1st
    F your 1st 21 day ago

    Gordon Ramsay would be shouting at her

  • J Santiago
    J Santiago Month ago +5890

    I like how they were so patient and tried to explain it to her.

    • JJ Jones
      JJ Jones Month ago

      @Homeboy Reacts So you're just thick then?

    • J Girl
      J Girl Month ago

      @Homeboy Reacts an omelet is folded eggs usually with fillings like cheese, meat, or veg

    • Homeboy Reacts
      Homeboy Reacts Month ago

      @J Girl i don't go to dinners and no i dont know what omelet is i get the egg part lol.

    • Che1Angelius
      Che1Angelius Month ago +1

      @Time Tester Well, not now, but you have multiple choices for an omelet. Regardless, all are eggs based.

    • Time Tester
      Time Tester Month ago +1

      @Kazumi Aika ...only omelet she will not be able to understand. It's the most affordable food anyway they just make the name nice.

  • Casey Neil
    Casey Neil 21 day ago

    And she'd be one of the brighter people I've worked with

    ZATIN GAMING 14 days ago

    The first chef was such good person to think that she could make a women understand

  • Planguy
    Planguy Month ago +5169

    That first chef was on the verge of exploding at her but you could see him reel himself back in and try to explain it to her. Respectable.

    • kit
      kit Month ago

      @Lovina Vargas-Carriedo shes a fake character made to set up punch lines

    • Connor Anderson
      Connor Anderson Month ago

      @kit we know....

    • d1oftwins
      d1oftwins Month ago +1

      @Brandon A

    • Lovina Vargas-Carriedo
      Lovina Vargas-Carriedo Month ago +1

      @kit I mean thats a bit extreme. Most people would have yelled at her for being an idiot, yeah. But probably they know Kiki struggles with getting things, so even though they're frustrated they explained. And while more people should have that level of patience or compassion without knowing what's going on with Kiki. I doubt most professional chefs or even coworkers would go that extreme. There would just be a lot of shouting and name calling.

    • Lovina Vargas-Carriedo
      Lovina Vargas-Carriedo Month ago +2

      The second chef only worked in when he realized she reallly wasn't going to get it and his coworker needed to be let out of that nonsense.

  • Jaziel Wayne
    Jaziel Wayne 24 days ago +1

    Her Humble Innocence Is Just Adorable lol

  • Nancy Schrey
    Nancy Schrey 11 days ago

    The second chef's kindness is so sexy. But no chef acts like that in real life