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ATEEZ - 'Limitless' Official Music Video

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
    2023.3.22 (WED) RELEASE
    LYRICS by UTA、SUNNY BOY、Hongjoong Kim、Mingi Song
    MUSIC by UTA
    3.Limitless (Instrumental)
    4.DIAMOND (Instrumental)
    ◆Type-A <CD>1,800円(TAX IN)  商品番号:COCA-18102
    ジュエルケース+三方背 / ブックレット16P / アナザージャケット Type-A ver.(両面5枚)
    ◆Type-B <CD> 1,800 円(TAX IN)  商品番号:COCA-18103
    ジュエルケース+三方背 / ブックレット16P / アナザージャケット Type-B ver. (両面5枚)
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    ジュエルケース+三方背/ ブックレット 16P / ミニフォトブック 24P
    ◆通常盤 <CD> 1,500 円(TAX IN) 商品番号:COCA-18104
    ジュエルPケース仕様/ ブックレット16P
    <初回生産分のみ>通常盤限定セルカランダムトレカ(全10 種より1 種封入)、特典抽選応募券封入
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Comments • 13 284

  • starryAteez
    starryAteez 2 months ago +2369

    Ateez not only release amazing songs but the stories and meanings in their MVs are so interesting. From first look, this MV seems like ATEEZ are just working out and doing sports. But after paying close attention, you can see that it symbolizes them conquering themselves and basically becoming better than they were before. I’m literally in awe as always. I’m proud of you ATEEZ!!

    • chelslovesateez
      chelslovesateez 2 months ago +40

      Did anybody else notice the black strikes on their necks slightly behind their ears at 2:25 and 2:26 ? Am i crazy?

    • Elizabeth Leon
      Elizabeth Leon 2 months ago +12

      @chelslovesateez you are not crazy, I saw it too. I wonder what could it mean?

    • starryAteez
      starryAteez 2 months ago +16

      @chelslovesateez You’re not the only one. I also noticed them, and people have been talking about it on Twitter too. As of now I’m not sure what they mean but I’m sure we’ll get a hint about them in the near future, maybe even in the next comeback

    • chelslovesateez
      chelslovesateez 2 months ago +2

      @starryAteez ok good bc I was like 👁️👄👁️ what in the world is that?

  • Faty Nana
    Faty Nana Month ago +121

    I liked the song
    As a carat I support ateez ..they are super talented .. thank you atinys for supporting our boys we'll be always on your back

    • mel
      mel Month ago +1

      Love our Carats ❤

    • KQfamily_zb1
      KQfamily_zb1 Month ago +1

      El apoyo es mutuo gracias Carat ♡

    • Alys in the Mist
      Alys in the Mist 29 days ago +1

      Love you carat, thank you ❤I love and support Svt too!

    • Miss Priss
      Miss Priss 27 days ago +1

      I'm just getting into Seventeen.

    • Shine Light
      Shine Light Day ago

      Omgg TYSM my dear

  • Yuria Mura
    Yuria Mura 21 day ago +26

    Im so greatful to Ateez . i'm listening to this song everyday. Thank you for serving us this truly motivating song. 8 makes 1 team Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho.

  • kpop667
    kpop667 17 days ago +10

    I really like the lyrics Ateez never disappoints us

  • ⱭթгเƖ
    ⱭթгเƖ 17 days ago +6

    Yes, yes my heart is burning, Mingi!!!❤️‍🔥

  • Tonya ᴗ̈
    Tonya ᴗ̈ 19 days ago +11

    As an archer and a foil fencer I can't even explain how happy this MV made me (⁠ノ⁠◕⁠ヮ⁠◕⁠)⁠ノ⁠*⁠.⁠✧

  • Zoya Khrystova
    Zoya Khrystova 2 months ago +303

    Every time Ateez sets out to tell a story, never mind what language or style it’s always epic and perfect.Woosan is back! Rap is on point. Immaculate anime anthem! Demon San is gentle this time. Bravo!

    • Antares1117
      Antares1117 2 months ago +12

      I hardly call 2:18 gentle. I almost died from that.

    • Pam Brewster
      Pam Brewster 2 months ago +2

      Here’s the full vid: that explains
      after so long, it’s here.

  • mayu
    mayu Month ago +24

    The last scene with blue flags is also so cool!!✨

    • Bamse Beck 🌶️
      Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +1

      Would you like one? I'm planning on stealing it. 🤣🤣

    • mayu
      mayu Month ago +1

      @Bamse Beck 🌶️ Yes! I also want a blue one.😘🥰

    • Bamse Beck 🌶️
      Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +1

      @mayu ok noted. 😁

  • mayu
    mayu Month ago +40

    I saw ATEEZ on Japanese TV program 'hirunandesu'.
    "WONDERLAND" "Pirate King" and "Limitless" MV was played and it was introduced, 'They are an eight-member boy group that is attractive attention from all over the world'.✨✨

    • みち
      みち Month ago +3

      見ました〜!自己紹介 面白くて最高でした♪

    • mayu
      mayu Month ago +2

      きっと公演でも盛り上がるでしょうね 😊♪

    • Bamse Beck 🌶️
      Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +1

      Was this the show where they had to play a memory game between a little girl? And then afterwards, another 2 girls were shown pole dancing? 🙂

    • mayu
      mayu Month ago +1

      @Bamse Beck 🌶️ Yes, it was. ☺️

    • Bamse Beck 🌶️
      Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +1

      @mayu I wish they could appear in more shows. 🥲
      And is the show from Nippon TV? Coz my cable has a channel that shows Nippon TV shows. Although late. 😄

  • Fan Cave Reactions
    Fan Cave Reactions 17 days ago +5

    Oh I love this song so friggin much ❤ it feels like they really took the time to arrange this song to best showcase each and every member's strengths.... and San's heavenly voice that sounds so compressed there❤

  • Wonderteez ★
    Wonderteez ★ 27 days ago +7

    ATINYS ! ATEEZ will make their Comeback on June 16th !!! Let's go all out for ATEEZ !

  • Wonderteez ★
    Wonderteez ★ Month ago +23

    ATEEZ performed Limitless today at their Anchor concert in Tokyo and there's a choreo for the song !! ❤

    • AWansia
      AWansia Month ago +2

      fatal or beautiful choreo for Atiny hearts? What's waiting for?
      Edit: i saw fancam, imo it's beautiful choreo, but Wooyoung is fatal :)

  • Scarlett Testa
    Scarlett Testa 2 months ago +435

    in this world where people give up so easily, this is honestly the perfect song. ateez always has the best motivational lyrics

    • Noriy Han
      Noriy Han 2 months ago +9


    • ᛊᚨᛚᛁᚺᚨ
      ᛊᚨᛚᛁᚺᚨ 2 months ago +5

      I know right? Sticking to long term goals seems to be so hard to everyone... but reaching them is what lifts your self esteem to the max, the feeling of being proud of yourself because you did it... its just so rewarding.

    • Z M
      Z M 28 days ago

      honestly agree...its a really good song! Got me through finals week honestly

  • Channie Pants
    Channie Pants Month ago +5

    STTOOOOPPP ❤❤❤ omg, this is hitting all the right spots for me right now 😊

  • ikemonny
    ikemonny Month ago +7

    it's crazy how good-looking and super talented everyone is!

  • Lais Santos
    Lais Santos Month ago +13

    Ateez’s songs are another level. I’m a baby atiny but I feel like I’ve known them ever since their debut. Ateez, always keep your hard work, you all are so amazing!❤ 에이티즈 화이팅💪🏻 멤버스 여러분은, 사랑합니다🤍

  • Hot Star
    Hot Star 17 days ago +4

    The amount of times I rewatch this video it’s unhealthy.
    Just started following them I just discovered that they are where my happiness lies.
    They boys are bomb seriously am dying here can someone please call my mama❤

  • Michi
    Michi 24 days ago +4

    The song is so good, and San's voice is just so beautiful to hear ❤

  • AnuJM_138
    AnuJM_138 2 months ago +491

    for newbies:
    1:15 1:32 Hongjoong (Captain)
    0:14 2:29 Seonghwa
    0:05 2:22 Yunho
    1:12 2:15 Yeosang
    0:35 1:38 San
    0:25 1:27 Mingi
    0:43 1:47 Wooyoung
    0:53 2:57 Jongho
    2:50 This 2Ho harmony has my heart!!

    • Deb D
      Deb D 2 months ago +13

      THANK YOU so very much for the time stamp of who is who because I am a very newbie lol

    • Deb D
      Deb D 2 months ago +5

      But who do you mean by 2ho? Which 2 guys?

    • AnuJM_138
      AnuJM_138 2 months ago +23

      @Deb D jongho and yunho.. we call them ho ho brothers or 2ho.. also thank you and welcome to Atinyville

    • StayStrong.StayKind
      StayStrong.StayKind 2 months ago +6

      Thank you so much! Very new and still learning their individual voices. This helps so much!

      DAZZLING LIGHT  2 months ago +4

      @Deb D welcome

  • Ericaアチズ
    Ericaアチズ 26 days ago +11

    Tinys ,let’s try our very best to prepare for the comeback! We all want Ateez to be the winners , right?!❤

    • みち
      みち 26 days ago +2


    • Ericaアチズ
      Ericaアチズ 26 days ago

      @みち みちさん、ありがとうこざいます😊楽しみにしています❤

    • Alexiel proud to be Atiny
      Alexiel proud to be Atiny 26 days ago +1

      I want it from the bottom of my heart

    • Ericaアチズ
      Ericaアチズ 26 days ago

      @Alexiel proud to be Atiny good morning! Alexiel ❤ yes! Fighting ❤❤

  • mel
    mel Month ago +3

    Their japanese songs are always so underrated and that's just a crime

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +5

    I'm ascending to haven with this song, Ateez vocals and rap parts are really a heavenly bliss 💝 So proud of them for always doing better and better

  • KQfamily_zb1
    KQfamily_zb1 Month ago +14

    Seguimos con el apoyo, el comeback esta a la vuelta de la esquina y debemos lograr grandes cosas Atiny ♡

  • svnniewvrld
    svnniewvrld Month ago +3

    the talent ateez have is crazy

  • Roo Torres
    Roo Torres 2 months ago +183

    No, my God, how the hell can I never be disappointed by these guys? They just make me feel pure pride with every art they create, because everything they do is ART. My love for Ateez is limitless.

    • Pam Brewster
      Pam Brewster 2 months ago

      Here’s the full vid: that explains
      after so long, it’s here.

    • Anyone
      Anyone 2 months ago +1

      Fr! They always serve and deliver every release, and they’re not stagnant either they’re constantly improving! It’s practically impossible to not feel proud of them as a group and as an atiny >u

  • anjaly
    anjaly 12 days ago +3

    They all look so good in this mv

  • IneedTHATtea
    IneedTHATtea Month ago +3

    YES! 👍 Ateez did another smash hit 😊

  • Angela Pereira
    Angela Pereira Month ago +15

    Ateez has been on fire with their songs and MV!!!

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    Bravo ATEEZ 👏👏👏👏👏
    You are super talented and smart!!!

  • Sacha Hidayat
    Sacha Hidayat 9 days ago +2

    jujur lagu ini bener-bener bikin gue jadi termotivasi dan semangat lagi buat maju ngejar cita-cita😔❤

  • ꧁ 𓁑 Ancient Pistachio 𓁖꧂

    Ateez never ever disappoints! Judged by the MV alone it looks like it's about overcoming your doubts and fears because the only person who can truly hold you back is yourself. I almost teared up when I saw them cheering. I love it! Ateez are The Real!

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    It's the perfect song to listen to when you're feeling down. The music slowly preludes you to feel the urge to keep fighting. The more I understood the meaning, the more tears flowed.
    ATEEZ also fought a lot to become what it is today 💝💝 And Ateez, I am really grateful to you for always putting all your songs with English subtitles and understanding us English speakers.🙏🌹🌹🌹

  • Brooklynn Lace
    Brooklynn Lace 4 days ago +3

    love these guys,,, pray for them and the staff everyday,,, great job KQ on these guys, handsome ,,, talented,, style etc,,, BLESSED ATEEZ.

  • ⱭթгเƖ
    ⱭթгเƖ Month ago +5

    Such beautiful vocals 💘

  • kim bab
    kim bab Month ago +4

    Best song to kickstart your Monday morning!

  • ⱭթгเƖ
    ⱭթгเƖ Month ago +2

    Collecting, collecting & even more collecting to make Ateez a winner this cb 🏆

  • Sol
    Sol 2 months ago +226

    I want more anime osts from them, ATEEZ just does them so well 😭 I'm so in love with Choi San's tone here !!

    • Amina EXO_ATEEZ
      Amina EXO_ATEEZ 2 months ago +6


    • Izzy Lhakyi-Agrela
      Izzy Lhakyi-Agrela 2 months ago +6

      What anime is this for ?

    • Sol
      Sol 2 months ago +7

      @Izzy Lhakyi-Agrela it's duel masters win!

    • Lynash McMash
      Lynash McMash 2 months ago +1

      I thought this was an ad for nike tbh

    • Lissa JL
      Lissa JL 2 months ago +3

      @Lynash McMash You are not alone, I too was looking for the brand name or logo haha

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +2

    Like them all, but this one is absolute FIRE!!! Way to go, Ateez

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    Ateez, you are very talented and have great visual intelligence, and thank you for making this song!!

  • black pearl studs
    black pearl studs 20 days ago +4

    I love their energy

  • Mihika Row
    Mihika Row 2 months ago +41

    All I know is that I am very proud of us, Ateez and that Atiny's potential together is limitless! We can do this let's keep streaming!

  • Alexiel proud to be Atiny

    They talents are limitless

  • Mara Bodik
    Mara Bodik 27 days ago +2

    43k to 2ml. We're gonna be winners in next month for our Limitless pirate kings Ateez. Let's burn for their comeback. Fighting!!!!!

  • kim bab
    kim bab Month ago +14

    Limitless is my JAM!
    Happy weekend everyone!

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +2

    well I have to jump through the void to get here but I'm good and you eat everything every time Ateez. single. Time
    👏This song has no words, it's great👏

  • mayu
    mayu Month ago +20

    I saw a fancam for Limitless. They are so gorgeous! The stage performance is so fantastic!! ✨✨

    • Bamse Beck 🌶️
      Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +2

      It is.
      Especially the part where Wooyoung exposed the goods. 👍😍

    • mayu
      mayu Month ago +1

      @Bamse Beck 🌶️ ...It was stimulating.🥵😵😍

    • Bamse Beck 🌶️
      Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +1

      @mayu hehet. 🤭 Glad you enjoyed it too.

  • froggy
    froggy 2 months ago +132

    ateez never make bad content, i can't believe it... this mv is georgous and cool at the same time, like the lyrics and music!! THANK YOU ATEEZ and everyone who worked on it

  • 岡本さんLOVE💙💙


  • Mara Bodik
    Mara Bodik 3 days ago +3

    31k to 2.2ml. Always calming and coolest limitless Ateez. Fighting!!!

  • Lola Images
    Lola Images 23 days ago +2

    2,003M!!!!! yassss made it to 2 million lets keep it on our list though!!

  • Oz
    Oz Month ago +3


  • mayu
    mayu 26 days ago +5


  • Camille B
    Camille B 2 months ago +62

    I just want to congratulate ATEEZ for being the only group with Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho, such a perfect combo !!

  • disaster, i am.
    disaster, i am. Month ago +8

    i love how unique ateez is. probably one of my biggest reasons for becoming an atiny. their storylines >>>> their visuals >>>> their vouce >>>> their performance >>>> THEM >>>>>> BEST 4TH GEN GROUP NO CAP.

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    I don't why I get so emotional with this this song, but... it's just so beautiful. ateez like always so talented, I'm in love wuth the sweetness of their voices here. Yeosang and Seonghwa mainly, to be honest, cause they have amazing voices and barely are properly used to showcase their enormous talents. so proud like always of my bors. just crying of joy here. 😭

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    Such wholesome song
    Ateez never disappoints

  • Evelyn G Rojas
    Evelyn G Rojas Month ago +11

    First time hearing about them and after listening to this song.. all I can say is, I’m obsessed. 🥹🤍

  • Alexiel proud to be Atiny

    The choreography is so beautiful !!!!
    I want their Japanese songs is world tour TT

  • edenshelovely
    edenshelovely 2 months ago +92

    Wooyoung's voice really suits this kind of songs. I super love him doing the chorus.

  • JMT
    JMT Month ago +2

    San's voice is so beautiful 1:38 on repeat!!

  • mayu
    mayu Month ago +9


    • Ericaアチズ
      Ericaアチズ Month ago +2

      Thank you Mayusan! I also hope they will have a great time there!!!❤

    • Bamse Beck 🌶️
      Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +1

      You're lucky mayu-san. You get to be in the same country as them. 🥲

    • mayu
      mayu Month ago +1

      @Bamse Beck 🌶️ Ohayou Bamse-san! I hope that there will be more opportunities many Atinys meet ATEEZ! ♡

    • Bamse Beck 🌶️
      Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +1

      @mayu hopefully. 🥰

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    Thank you ateez for these masterpieces 💝 I love the lyrics so much

  • Ai duck
    Ai duck 24 days ago +10

    Perfect song for perfect ATEEZ!!!

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    San truly has the most angelic voice ever and we love it, I wish we could hear her sing more because we still don't know what she's really capable of

  • Lovelykaren
    Lovelykaren 2 months ago +155

    I’M SO PROUD OF OUR BOYS!!! I loved the MV!! The concept and the message of this MV were great and wonderful. This is the first time I was able to understand the message of the song without paying attention to the lyrics subtitles.

    • Himy Hikari
      Himy Hikari 2 months ago +3

      What is their message please !?

    • Tiff J.
      Tiff J. 2 months ago +16

      @Himy Hikari What I got from it is you are the only person truly holding yourself back, once you realize that, what you are able to achieve is limitless.

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    Yeosang starting and ending the song is everything 😭🌃. And this song is my favorite from this album its so drivey. 💎

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    And I love breaking Ateez lyrics!!! Both from the point of view of the editor, and from the point of view of the athlete!! And thank you for everyone's comments for this beautiful song "limitless".

  • Mara Bodik
    Mara Bodik Month ago +2

    13k to 1.8ml. Go go with our Limitless Kings Ateez. Fighting!!!!

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    yeosang slayed in this song, see how his vocals are so beautiful that's why we need to get it in every ateez song

  • ああ
    ああ Month ago +21

    JAM here ^^ ダンスをしても、トレーニングをしても、スポーツをしても、健康診断を受けてもかっこいいATEEZ😆💕

  • Joon's Ddaeng stutter
    Joon's Ddaeng stutter 2 months ago +113

    "We're gonna be winners, of course we are fighters. We're gonna be the winners; the possibility is limitless."
    such words of encouragement. i'm proud to be Atiny

  • Bamse Beck 🌶️
    Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +10

    Ateez are already winners!! 😊

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +3

    the fact that Ateez is not know by everyone in the world as the best artists of generation is criminal, they artistry and talent and work ethic is unmatched

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago


  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +6

    Yeosang's voice shines in this kind of soft song ❤️ very calm and comforting

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    I'm so happy that Wooyoung is getting more lines. He did so well

  • Mary Black
    Mary Black 2 months ago +69

    This is fire! There's a reason Ateez is the only kpop group I stan. Always incredible, always different and trying new sounds.

    • Lale Brunette
      Lale Brunette 2 months ago +9

      I'm with you on this, I don't really like "pop" sounds and they really cannot be caged in this genre
      They are a perfect mix of different styles. Amazing 🔥

    • Mary Black
      Mary Black 2 months ago +4

      @Lale Brunette 100% agree Lale!

    • sadi11a
      sadi11a 2 months ago +2

      Yeah they always try different concept ❤❤

    • starryAteez
      starryAteez 2 months ago +2

      Yess, so happy to find another ATINY who only stans ateez in kpop!! They’ve literally put the standards for me up so high that no one else can compare 🔥

    • Mary Black
      Mary Black 2 months ago +1

      @starryAteez I agree with you completely! And pleased to meet you!

  • Mara Bodik
    Mara Bodik Day ago +6

    17k to 2.2ml. Limitless time with our Ateez, never end. Fighting!!!!!

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    I need ateez's vocal to be more recognized, they are literally the vocalists of this generation. vocal
    Kings that we have been looking for for a long time. Their voices are si unique and they harmonize so well.

  • Mara Bodik
    Mara Bodik 16 days ago +3

    28k to 2.1ml. This possibilities is Limitless. Go go for their win. Fighting!!!!

  • Mara Bodik
    Mara Bodik 13 days ago +2

    3k to 2.1ml. Go go for Limitless awards and happiness for our Ateez. Fighting!!!!!

  • Wonderteez ★
    Wonderteez ★ Month ago +12

    ATINYS!! Let's go all out for ATEEZ Comeback in Mid-June ! ❤

  • 𝒍𝒂𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒚𝒛

    2:30 the part where it's just san's vocals, absolutely beautiful! a song that beautifully captures all of the ateez members vocals is insane, ateez can really never miss with their songs!

  • Mara Bodik
    Mara Bodik Month ago +2

    Love coolest captain rap. Always the best Hongjoong.

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    This song is very cool!! 🔥🔥 And I really enjoyed the translation of this special and beautiful song!
    I am also very grateful to ATEEZ for the content of his songs that always leave a positive impact on his fans.💝

  • Mara Bodik
    Mara Bodik Month ago +6

    19k to 1.9ml. Rest well our Ateez. Always be healthy and happy with real Atiny. Fighting!!!!

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +6

    I am in love with this song! It is so uplifting! Thank you my Ateez for always coming through with the serotonin boost.

  • carat right here
    carat right here Month ago +4

    SLAYYYEDDDDD ateez fighting!!!

  • yeoswrld
    yeoswrld 2 months ago +59

    Ateez really never miss with their visuals, vocals, rap and dancing

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago

    I love you my Ateez :') what happiness to see the first comeback and with talented members, I hope the next year will be great fir these beautiful boys 😍 I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  • Bamse Beck 🌶️
    Bamse Beck 🌶️ Month ago +6

    The ATEEZ Next Million List:
    Promise - 1.6k before 11M.
    Guerrilla - 29k before 34M.
    Treasure - 55k before 25M.

  • T3_Panda
    T3_Panda Month ago +5

    "Your competitor is only You" --- ATEEZ portrait this so beautifully ❤️

  • jjm
    jjm 24 days ago +1

    2:30 I'm levitating!! Choi San really has the most heavenly voice in kpop

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    I dont comment much, but can we please talk about the fact that we basically got Mingi singing 😭😭😭 my mouth dropped when it got that point, and finally Yeosang finally getting the spotlight 😊

  • Ilona Bondarenko
    Ilona Bondarenko 2 months ago +26

    Totally some epic anime intro. Ateez control is scaringly addicting. The song is almost calm but it feels like everything goes quiet before the storm. I feel few could ever confront the power Ateez have. Heroes, leaders, inspiration, motivation, strength, exactly what the world needs ❤️

  • indrialya
    indrialya 3 days ago +4

    How is this song so damn good?? I am obsessed dghfjghk

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago

    The song really It's great, and I loved it...ATEEZ What a talent you have!!!

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago

    The stable vocals is crazy and I love the loud fanchants

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +1

    The lyrics for their Japanese songs usually have uplifting message, I love it so much :')

  • Saeideh Rasekh
    Saeideh Rasekh Month ago +3

    Ah. Always a masterpiece. 😭 This is so beautiful, ATEEZ. 💝