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Porsche: But Why?

  • Published on Aug 17, 2022 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 4 401

  • Todd Dotson
    Todd Dotson 9 months ago +4843

    "Join me as I drive a lot cars I can't afford"
    Yeah. I felt that.

    • Friendly Yog-Sothoth
      Friendly Yog-Sothoth 9 months ago +8

      Me too comrade!

    • Cracked Emerald
      Cracked Emerald 9 months ago +10

      Me but he goes to the Hotwheels store

    • xwarped83
      xwarped83 9 months ago +10

      At least he gets to drive them.

    • Joel
      Joel 9 months ago +2

      You missed the "that"

    • Richard
      Richard 9 months ago +5

      That was me though most of the early 2000s. I made friends with most of the sales managers at the high end dealerships in Austin, and would spend a few hours every weekend test driving anything I could.

  • Kase Crescent
    Kase Crescent 9 months ago +1584

    “Give Porsche a suspension parts from a beetle or a golf and they will make it handle way better than anything jaguar can come up with” killed me 😂

    • Arindam Mukherjee
      Arindam Mukherjee 8 months ago +12

      This is actually not true. XF, XE, XJ are the best handling cars in their class. F-Pace even beat Macan in the Motor Trend H2H.

    • Saahil
      Saahil 8 months ago +34

      @Arindam Mukherjee r/whooosh

    • Saahil
      Saahil 8 months ago +20

      @Ben Anthony r/whooosh

    • PS1 Hagrid
      PS1 Hagrid 8 months ago +19

      Certified 944 moment

    • William Giffels
      William Giffels 8 months ago +9

      @Ben Anthony You mean when it's not in the shop?

  • Sunni Sukumar
    Sunni Sukumar 9 months ago +723

    "Engineering is the process of balancing requirements." Nicely said.

    • Devil's Cowboy
      Devil's Cowboy 4 months ago +2

      Sadly most engineers I've met now are strictly of the mindset of how to make something break just beyond the warranty coverage and how to make it cheaply with the highest net profit.

    • Sunni Sukumar
      Sunni Sukumar 4 months ago +1

      @Devil's Cowboy That really is sad if an engineer starts thinking that way. Often seems like a shortsighted management mindset.

    • War Hunter
      War Hunter 4 months ago

      @Devil's Cowboy that's a bmw /Mercedes engineer

  • Hershel Peppers
    Hershel Peppers 4 months ago +131

    “Chances are you were born on 3rd base and walk around like you hit a triple.” Love it! Thanks for the work that went into this video.

    • vanguard
      vanguard 3 months ago +2

      I stole second and got thrown out at third. Luckily, my wife is a regular home run batter:-). You have a great day!

  • Javier Torres
    Javier Torres 8 months ago +266

    I don't often watch 20 minute videos, give thumbs ups and in 10 years have subscribed to 7 channels. As a Porsche guy, I was curious as to what an engineer who had not drunk the Kool-aid would say... exceptional video, great photography, engaging narration and fun all around! Thanks, I hope you get your Porsche and keep making these videos!

    • Petrol O
      Petrol O 7 months ago

      George Torres of numero Uno market agrees

    • Rubicon 10A
      Rubicon 10A 5 months ago

      I couldn't agree more. I watched the entire video and I normally skip within the first 30 seconds. Nice video. I have been lucky enough to have owned sever Porsches over time. Quality and precision is what keeps me wanting more. Although the new C08 is getting there.

  • James Bevan
    James Bevan 3 months ago +40

    I brought the first 912 into the United States in early 1966 three months before the formal introduction into the US. I bought it from a factory store in Stuttgart for the special export price of $4,200 (yeah, I didn't leave a zero off of that). It was a special order from that store. I had to add headrests and seatbelts (which were accessories at the time...but at that time they weren't exactly ubiquitous in the USA, either). I also added two factory gauges to the dash so that it would "look" like a 911 dash (which came with five gauges). I wasn't a big car fan. My Dad had a business friend who had a 356 in 1961 (or so)...he was a car fan and I bought the 912 because of his infectious enthusiasm. Before they could export the car a guy drove it from Stuttgart to Frankfurt (where I was living) so that I could drive it and sign a release form...the Germans were and are big on forms (and rubber stamps). So my first drive in a Porsche was this new 912 on the Autobahn from Frankfurt to Heidelberg and back. I had not driven at all for two years and suddenly I was thrust into some surreal automotive Nirvana that was inexplicable in its thrill. Unfortunately, when I got it home (the drive on I-15 from the dock in LA back to Salt Lake was incredible) I quickly found out that while I had afforded the Porsche...I couldn't afford the continual tuning of those four carburetors. So I had to relinquish the car because, as a student for the next 8 years I couldn't afford to keep it on the road. But in the 57 intervening years and 35 or 40 cars later the Porsche is still Camelot "for one brief shining moment" in my automotive history. What is said about engineering and balance in the video is right on the mark. I got an ME degree and spent 51 years in manufacturing...so I get it...a little. But I will take that longing for that "one brief shining moment" to my grave.

    • Abbas Khan
      Abbas Khan Month ago +1

      We have many Porsches in our family I currently own a 997.2 and I remember having a 993 in the family absolutely I agree with your sentiments our family also have several exotics and 911 turbos and a gt2rs the Porsches always resonate with us I’m always looking at the 911s as the standard for a car that stirs up emotions and is reliable and fairly easy to maintain.

  • jswap1
    jswap1 9 months ago +4755

    As Jeremy Clarkson said, "Porsche started with the engine at the wrong end, and they’ve spent the last 40 years stubbornly trying to engineer their way around the problem."

    • Wikki
      Wikki 9 months ago +415

      @Kombalar 2112 F1 are mid eniged tho, and so are all the fast racecars you mentioned, Porsche is the only manufacturer that has consistently built rear engined cars over the years. But the Clarkson quote is just a joke tho, rear engined cars has advantages and draw backs same as front engined and mid engined has their own pros and cons.
      (This comment was made in response to someone saying ''thats why f1 and every fast supercar has it in the rear'' or something like that, but this comment is now deleted therefore my comment is lacking some context. So you dont have to type a reply to me about the difference between mid and rear engined cars)

    • Driver Jay
      Driver Jay 9 months ago +301

      Clarkson is a clown, a funny clown, but a clown never the less.
      And for the most part, Clarkson is pulling y'alls chain, that is a Clarkson thing, and simply to be purposefully polerizing, that's as much a business thing as it is a social or personality disorder..
      I say all of this, and I like Clarkson, but he is what he is, he does what he does.

    • Mark Fox
      Mark Fox 9 months ago +9

      @Driver Jay - *polarising

    • Gene Smith
      Gene Smith 9 months ago +63

      @Kombalar 2112 NO- Clarkson was conceived from the 'wrong end'.

    • Kombalar 2112
      Kombalar 2112 9 months ago +133

      Clarkson calls Porsche 911 a "glorified Beetle". He has a good sense of humor and is a passionate, patriotic Brit who loves his Jaguars and Bentleys. Of course he can't say sweet things about Germany's top car brand.

  • BenRittenhouse
    BenRittenhouse 9 months ago +186

    Great to hear dynamic weight distribution being discussed. I had been racing for years before it was explained to me... by a Porsche history book. Great video.

    • Gianni
      Gianni 7 months ago


    • TheFreedomGuy
      TheFreedomGuy 5 months ago +4

      If you'd been racing 911's, you'd have learnt this the hard way. As soon as you throttle a 911 back in turn, you'll feel the weight distribution acting up. And you enter a spin.

    • Green&Blue Productions
      Green&Blue Productions 3 months ago +1

      When showing the first Corvette to not orbit the engine in turns... Whhich yes the enireers of the gen 8 said it's rear busedand its better.

    • Invalid404
      Invalid404 3 months ago

      @TheFreedomGuy that’s called oversteer and it’s desirable

    • xtn's youtube
      xtn's youtube Month ago

      @TheFreedomGuy You enter a spin if you don't expect it. But you don't if you do.

  • GamingVibrations
    GamingVibrations 4 months ago +31

    This is unquestionably one of the very best videos I have ever watched. Informative, humorous, critical, balanced between all these things.

  • Daniel Bosoc
    Daniel Bosoc 8 months ago +32

    Subscribed - I hope you can get your Porsche. I am a mechanical engineer for 35 years in Detroit and I always imagined the perfect car I would build for myself, a sort of a go-kart for public roads. 10 years ago, I had the chance to drive the 997 GT3 and I realized Porsche already built my dream car, practical, good visibility, 100% engineering efficiency, no BS. Few years later I got my GT3.

    • Tirebiter
      Tirebiter 3 months ago +2

      Ferry Porsche imagined the perfect car he would build for himself that was the 1st Porsche.

    • zx gaming
      zx gaming Month ago

      I’m 31. I hope to get my first Porsche by 35

  • Mark Lawrence
    Mark Lawrence 5 months ago +28

    As a Porsche owner I really enjoyed your insightful comments, your humour and your review of the brand. Thanks so much for sharing. 😊😊😊

  • axiomic
    axiomic 8 months ago +25

    Love your cynical, humorous, sincere and dry presentation style. You've got a subscribe from me. 👍

  • cliff long
    cliff long 9 months ago +222

    At age 66 I FINALLY had the opportunity to own my first Porsche. I paid nearly $150,000
    for a 7 year old 30,000 mile 911 turbo. Technology and performance coupled with reliability and sheer exhilaration while driving are the main reasons I love this car! I dated a girl back in 1986 that had a brand new Porsche 911 and got to drive her’s then. I never forgot the feeling that must be experienced to understand. By the way, I love the 911 look and I always have!💪👌

    • Jesse Jameson Photography
      Jesse Jameson Photography 5 months ago +9

      This is one of the best comments I’ve seen in a while, and I’m determined to buy a somewhat sought after Porsche by age 60 also. Your my hero, congrats on the car, maybe throw some good Porsche vibes my way, and with some careful planning, & had work, and a little luck I’ll get one and share your pride of ownership! Cheers my friend, you deserve that 911 👍

    • Red
      Red 5 months ago

      @Jesse Jameson Photography cliff please throw some vibes to this good man here, and please dont send me any
      Fucking hate porsche, not even gonna give the guys a capital p.

    • Jawusha
      Jawusha 4 months ago +7

      @Redbro what 💀

    • Ian Williamson
      Ian Williamson 4 months ago +1

      @Red what's wrong with porsche

    • Pavel Zhogin
      Pavel Zhogin 4 months ago +1

      So 991 turbo it is!.. nice one 😊🤝

    PETER FRITZ 9 months ago +61

    What a brilliantly written, filmed and narrated video. Thank you!

      EREMOS SHOP 8 months ago

      Yeah, i was thinking the same. Straight to the point, nothing to be skipped or ignored. Like a well written essay.

  • Thijmen | Coding Snippets
    Thijmen | Coding Snippets 3 months ago +6

    Hey Matt, this is the first video I watch from your channel and I have to say that you have a very pleasant way of telling a story. Thanks! Watched it all.

  • Jon Lock
    Jon Lock 8 months ago +15

    This is one of the best car videos I’ve seen. Very eloquent and thought provoking. I’m a huge Porsche fan, but it is sad how the 911 is no longer attainable.

    • jcork
      jcork 27 days ago

      911, never forget

  • mike B
    mike B 9 months ago +12

    I own a 718 Boxster but I have had the opportunity to drive most of the other models. Moving from one to another you always feel like you could drive it forever and love every minute of it. A bit of a magical feeling really.

  • enginepy
    enginepy 2 months ago

    I was told before my first Porsche that once I own one I’ll always have one. And he was right. I love them so much. More than any other high-end car I’ve ever had (Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc.). They are solid, very solid. They never break down. The build quality is perfect. And best of all, the service at the dealerships is amazing. They treat you like family and go out of their way to take care of you (with very few exceptions like Porsche of Austin). I have had five so far and everything else just seems lacking. Just my two cents.

  • NaqoyqatZ
    NaqoyqatZ 9 months ago +1375

    I always liked Leno, but his view on Ferrari cemented my respect for him.

    • StarFox85
      StarFox85 9 months ago +224

      their arrogance is horrible

    • AWR Chris
      AWR Chris 9 months ago +144

      Agreed. Their ego is bigger than the amount of all cars they let out the barn

    • Robotic Venom
      Robotic Venom 9 months ago +9

      @StarFox85 like porsche

    • StarFox85
      StarFox85 9 months ago +13

      @Robotic Venom at least they talk to you
      👀 but i agree with u too

    • hugonubario
      hugonubario 9 months ago +26

      to be honest that is exactly what I like from Ferrari
      hard to get so you feel very exclusive and honored to own a brand new one
      I understand his point

  • Richard Krug
    Richard Krug 6 months ago +9

    This is with out a doubt the best Porsche video I have ever seen. I have had a Porsche since November 1973 (a 1974 914S 2.0). I am old now. I am sliding into home plate with my eighth and final Porsche, a 2012 Porsche 911 S Cabriolet. As noted in the video: A 991.1😍. My current Porsche has the same charm as my first Porsche and the same charm as the 1972 beetle I owned. Charm = Every day usability. Puts a smile on your face. A joy to drive whether you’re going slow or fast. Thank you for the most wonderful video…

  • Soknik01
    Soknik01 6 months ago +9

    Fantastic content you're making here. Keep up the good work.

  • Ludwig Rosiclair
    Ludwig Rosiclair 8 months ago +34

    In high school a 997 Porsche 911 turbo was my absolute dream car. I thought one day after I paid off my student loans and saved up I'd be able to buy one. As I have became better with my finances I quickly realized that I was never going to be able to feasibly afford a 9/11 turbo ( without financing a massive amount of it which I will never do again ). I later discovered there's plenty of incredibles sports cars that are highly affordable and approachable. Both in culture and your ability to work on them yourselves, something that Porsches often don't share with other sports cars, the ability to do your own work and be able to afford it. Porsche has branded itself into the space of Ferrari and Lamborghini. I get it, it's a car that not everyone will be able to afford and has more time goes on less and less people will be able to afford it. There are some one-off cars that are pretty interesting like first gen Cayenne turbos and modern day Macon s's but those aren't real Porsches. They're wallet fatteners for Porsche. The real cars, the real 911 simply are not approachable unless you're in the c suite, and executive, a successful business owner. I say this as a man who makes low six figures. But when an entry level Porsche 911 used with no options cost almost 80% of your yearly salary it honestly makes absolutely no sense when there's so many other great cars you can drive.

    • SwoleDee
      SwoleDee 5 months ago +6

      I couldn't have written this better myself as a man making $100,000 more than you; I still feel hesitant pulling the trigger on a REAL Porsche. I can buy a low cash-flowing rental property for the prices of these cars smh.

    • skycaptain95
      skycaptain95 4 months ago +2

      Why don't you just increase your income?

    • mortalkonlaw
      mortalkonlaw 4 months ago

      Low 6 ain’t what it used to be. Still, you can get an older 911 or a Cayman for about the same price as a bmw 3-series, and it’ll last longer

    • wrxpilot
      wrxpilot 3 months ago +2

      You can buy a very nice, fast, reliable modern 911 such as a 997.2 for WAY less than six figures. They’re easy to work on too. I recently bought one (a Carrera S) and am very pleased with the ownership experience so far. I can’t think of a better sports car to buy for the price.

    • Moiyima
      Moiyima 3 months ago +3

      @skycaptain95 genius

  • Rico
    Rico 9 months ago +6

    I'm really very seriously considering a 986.2 Boxster, and I really very seriously hope people don't realize how criminally underrated they are before I get around to buying one, because I've seen what happened to Miata prices and I dread what might happen to the Boxster.

  • Cory Checketts
    Cory Checketts 6 months ago +6

    Really great points and presentation.
    I drive my 911 most days to work and on spirited back road weekend drives. It really is the best all-around sports car for me.

  • Evan M. Jones
    Evan M. Jones 9 months ago +900

    This is a super well put together video. The flow from one section to another is lovely and thought out.

    • Tycho likes Mastodon
      Tycho likes Mastodon 9 months ago +15

      SFM in a nutshell

    • jp katz
      jp katz 9 months ago +10

      @Tycho likes Mastodon Let's face it, the guy is probably too smart and capabale for Mensa.

    • Jon
      Jon 9 months ago +6

      my dude is putting great videos every week, he is on fire

    • Tycho likes Mastodon
      Tycho likes Mastodon 9 months ago +6

      @🆁∕∕∕🆂 not everybody has to emote like a celebrity, the information is good and presented in a concise manner, what more do you want?

    • Kason Rice
      Kason Rice 9 months ago +2

      That is exactly what I am thinking. he did great!

  • 7 7
    7 7 Month ago

    Working in the automotive industry while supplying all major OEMs and racing clients, I can truly attest that Porsche is at the top when it comes to their standards. They can sometimes go a bit overboard, but in the end it’s really worth it.

  • DJFosx
    DJFosx 2 months ago

    One thing worth noting regarding the ‘barrier to entry’ is that the initial cost is just the beginning. when I bought my first new 911 i was prepared for the price tag but the scheduled maintenance costs are bit more than I anticipated. A simple oil change at a central FL Porsche dealer will cost between $500-800. 😅

  • Alf Tupper
    Alf Tupper 5 months ago +5

    Well ,that was brilliant video , I didn’t intend to watch it through but did ..!
    One of the best I’ve seen in a lonnng time ..
    Well done Matt , did not disagree with any of that …!

  • JLG
    JLG 2 months ago +1

    well done. i have owned 1 porsche and i will always have a special place in my heart for the brand.

  • BT O
    BT O 6 months ago +8

    I just watched this video again and I think it’s one of the best put together videos ever on Clip-Share.

  • Rafael Trujillo
    Rafael Trujillo 9 months ago +363

    To me, it’s about taking an inherently weird format and making it excellent. Take their current racing career in GT3. They’re using a rear engine format that restricts how much underbody downforce you can generate, which is the high efficiency downforce everyone is trying to go for, and then still being dominant all year. That sort of engineering a masterpiece out of something weird is something I really aspire to and admire.
    Minus Ferdinand being a nazi, but that’s bound to happen with any old German thing.

    • Sengsara
      Sengsara 9 months ago +7

      Uh, pretty sure the 911 GT3 hasn't been rear-engine in quite a while. They're mid-engine since..., 2017?
      And I don't recall them being "dominant" in GT3.

    • Caro
      Caro 9 months ago +27

      @Sengsara You're probably thinking of the RSR where GTE rules actually let them move the engine further forwards. In GT3 with the 911 GT3 R they're still just as rear engined as the roadcars. Granted even in the roadcars they're generally moving the engine as far forwards as they can but at the end of the day they're still considered rear engined.

    • E K
      E K 9 months ago +1

      @Caro since 2017 the gt3 is mid engine, and no they are not considered rear engined. Just like the corvette they realized they could not compete with the likes of the mid engine ford gt and the mid engine ferrari.

  • nzos14
    nzos14 9 months ago +18

    Honestly one of the best videos I've seen about Porsches, great perspective. I've had a 996 turbo for about 10 years and 50k miles now with no end in sight!

  • A.T.F.
    A.T.F. 5 months ago +1

    I love Porsches like I love my Ducati Superbike, because they are clever and unique. When I got my first 944 I would scratch my head a lot thinking why TF did they make this this way, but as I got more familiar with it, it all started making sense. Porsches have a design synergy that makes the whole car a great deal better than the sum of its parts. The cable shifter linkage defied all logic to me, but I learned to love and accept it because after 35 years with no adjustments or repairs it still shifted better than most modern cars.

  • Marlon Mitchell
    Marlon Mitchell 3 months ago

    Excellent video. I'm glad that the algorithm served it up. Everything you said is on point, I am a 4 time Porsche owner, including a 991.1 GT3, and even I can't get an allocation for a GT4, it's been 14 months on 2 different waitlist. I refuse to pay ADM, or buy a used one for more than a new one costs.

  • Martin Renaud
    Martin Renaud 27 days ago

    Just bought a 1989 944 Turbo. It taught me that horsepower and tech isn't what matters. It really is a handling engineering masterpiece, even after 30 years. Porsche must be experienced and pride of ownership is evident.

  • Spencer Morgan
    Spencer Morgan 8 days ago

    Just found your channel and I just wanna say its fantastic, bravo!

  • Sirhc Mi
    Sirhc Mi 9 months ago +338

    I worked at a shop in the 80’s that would restore these. We’d tear them down to the chassis and then clean, restore and rebuild… Something I noticed was that every year there would be one less bolt or 2 bolts that used to be different were now the same. There was a constant refinement of every detail. I think you nailed it when you said they’ve spent a lifetime refining on the same theme. I think that’s what makes them amazing! (and no, I had my chances to buy one then but passed it up. An 80’s air-cooled would be amazing but as you also said, it’s simply out of most of our reach.)

    • b b
      b b 9 months ago +3

      And who wants a car that sounds like a refrigerator!

    • CARP
      CARP 9 months ago +17

      @b b Actually, many, many car enthusiasts. That's who. 🤷‍♂ Arguably too many for the available supply.

    • ghogue61
      ghogue61 9 months ago +2

      They did the same thing with the Beetle. I learned that the hard way. To most people the 1968 to 1971 Beetle body looks the same but they aren't.

    • Jim Iverson
      Jim Iverson 9 months ago +6

      I blame Singer and their ilk for the price explosion. A few years ago, 993s were relatively expensive because they were regarded as the pinnacle of the air-cooled cars, but earlier models were relatively affordable. Then Singer started doing their restomods on 964s and those cars all disappeared from the market, followed by the 1984+ Carrera models. If you look at PCA classified ads now, 993s are often priced lower than cars in the 2 generations before them.

  • 370Zulu
    370Zulu 4 months ago

    Great video, very well executed! As a Porsche owner myself, if I had to pick a few words which might describe Porsche…Engineering, Balanced, Quality, Precision, Fun!

  • 17091996climber
    17091996climber 8 months ago +4

    man, i just stumbeled across your channel and love the calm, not over hyped delivery

  • eric quinn
    eric quinn 8 months ago +2

    Matt, this is the first one of your videos I’ve ever watched, and I really appreciate your style; a great combination of intelligent and rational with a healthy splash of subtle, dry humor. Great personality, Sir, well done. I believe the interior styling of Porsche’s says a lot. I think they’re the only interiors today that are truly beautiful in a functional way, there’s no unnecessary styling decisions, just a simple and aesthetically pleasing practicality. The steering wheel in the 911 especially, it has to be one of the best steering wheels I’ve ever seen. That steering wheel alone makes me want a 911, along with many other reasons. The one in my TLX is almost as nice, and it’s such a simple thing, but so crucial. It’s the one thing that’s always right there in your face, you’re always interacting with it, so it should be a pleasure to see and touch. So many brands over-style things now, and are too preoccupied with having a design language that is intertwined with the brand’s identity. MB, BMW & Audi all used to have beautifully practical interiors back in the late 80’s to early 00’s, Audi especially; but then, sadly, they veered off course in an attempt to be more interesting and to appear to have more personality.

  • Scott Kinnebrew
    Scott Kinnebrew 5 months ago +1

    "It must be knowable. It must be explainable." The entire premise of this video is the most Porsche thing I can possibly imagine. And Porsche does occasionally let it's hair down and make a really great car complete with flaws. And they end up being some of the greatest cars ever made... 904 Carrera GTS, Carrera GT, 918 Spyder to name a few.

  • Peter Bush
    Peter Bush 3 months ago

    I raced a Porsche 944 and won a SCCA regional championship, I even had a Boxster S. If i am not mistaken these are Porsches too yet neither of these made the cut in your presentation. Thats a minor bitch really because what you have done here is remarkable. The content is brilliant, the execution same. I cant imagine how much time and effort you put into this. Bravo

  • Humorsource, Inc Turner
    Humorsource, Inc Turner 9 months ago +771

    It's the philosophy of the brand executed with precision. Everything you touch feels better than any other brand. Seats, knobs, buttons, surfaces...plus they stop, go and turn faster than their horsepower would suggest.

    • 𝙺𝚊𝚒.𝙵𝚊𝚞𝚣𝚒≦。
      𝙺𝚊𝚒.𝙵𝚊𝚞𝚣𝚒≦。 9 months ago +1

      RR does it better than porsche. But okay. 👌

    • Jacob Vanderhooft
      Jacob Vanderhooft 9 months ago +109

      @𝙺𝚊𝚒.𝙵𝚊𝚞𝚣𝚒≦。 😂 rolls isn’t a performance or drivers car

    • Ryan Donahue
      Ryan Donahue 9 months ago +18

      As an owner of three Porsches; I concur. When you know, you know.

    • 2RROC
      2RROC 9 months ago +8

      but the Boxter is better than a 911 and no one wants them... (wasn't even mentioned in this video.)

  • Holmes
    Holmes 3 months ago +1

    I've had the great privilege to be driven around in a 356 (a rather spirited drive) and I absolutely fell in love, unfortunately I don't have 100 grand so I couldn't buy one, I then met a mechanic with a vw type 3 notchback with a hot rodded motor and its not the same but it's damn close and it had a lot of the same handling characteristics that I fell in love with in the porsche. I knew right then that I needed that car and a year later I bought it from them and holy crap I've been in love since. It's semi unreliable and doesn't like the highway without fouling the plugs but it feels amazing, sounds fantastic, looks great from most angles and most importantly it's mine and I get to drive it every day

  • On the verge of Vani11a
    On the verge of Vani11a 6 months ago +1

    great video MAtt, So well thought out and planned, funny, and covering all bases of logic. The best,

  • Rik Heijmen
    Rik Heijmen 3 months ago

    I'm listening to this and I think Tesla is actually the brand that has a lot of the same characteristics. It took a while to improve to the model Y of today. This car is a symphony created by a company of engineers. The body style had not changed that much. The handling and build quality is excellent. (yes, really, despite if the earlier flaws). Not to mention the acceleration times and the handling on a track.

  • hackneyguy
    hackneyguy 5 months ago

    Outstanding video. Describing the experience of driving a Porsche is very difficult. People always ask my why I drive a Porsche. All I can say is I’ve driven just about everything else, and Porsche is better in every aspect that matters to me, including the not so exotic look. You can photograph a car and report the numbers all day, but get in a Porsche. Physically touch the build quality, and drive it. I agree the worst part of driving one is that everything else you drive after will leave you asking, why can this car be as good as a Porsche.

  • 997.1 rulez
    997.1 rulez 3 months ago +2

    Before a member of Ferrari club a friend switched to our Porche club. As we returned from a track day on a F1 circuit he went: you are quite spoiled in this community. Up to now l had never experienced the situation where after doing a track, everybody returns home with the same car. Refreshing video and comments, good job.

  • Home Built By Jeff
    Home Built By Jeff 9 months ago +489

    Very nice to look into the Porsche culture from the outside. I consider myself a car guy, not necessarily a Porsche guy, despite owning Porsches. I was lucky enough to buy into the brand when they were not cheap, but affordable and the main reason was exactly what you mentioned. The 911 compared to it's rivals in the same era was miles ahead. The Datsun 240z was one of the most beautiful cars of it's day, but compared to my 911 of the same age, it drove like a truck and despite spending 2 years restoring it I quickly sold it. The Italian offerings are generally much more beautiful but the build quality is average at best. It is a shame that the Porsche cost of entry is becoming higher and as such there are more and more of the wrong people buying them, to only take them to cars and coffee to talk about how rare their paint and stitching combo is, rather than using them as intended. Other cars may come and go, but my old 911 is here for the long haul.

    • Jan Vojáček
      Jan Vojáček 9 months ago +8

      Not true. Compared to other sports car brands, Porsche usually do high mileages.

    • Home Built By Jeff
      Home Built By Jeff 9 months ago +34

      @Jan Vojáček Traditionally they do for sure. Unfortunately there are more and more people coming into the brand bringing that Italian car mentality of keeping the mileage low for an 'investment' :(

    • 1bluensx
      1bluensx 9 months ago +10

      Me too. 2007 911 turbo bought in 2007, will be here forever.

    • Richard
      Richard 9 months ago +1

      Harry is a pretty special so I'd hope you keep him around 😁

    • Arrr Groundup
      Arrr Groundup 9 months ago +6

      240Z drove like a truck? I'm not a 240Z fan boy and no longer own one but they were ahead of their time although built for the masses which was a problem for some 'enthusiasts'. In racing the only way a 911 could beat a 240Z was to have bigger something, like power, brakes, etc. Friends race them today and they still out perform their contemporaries, not by more power but by having a balanced racing package.

  • John Kaufmann
    John Kaufmann 8 months ago

    Wonderfully done video. I'm proud to have my 911...just really enjoy driving it and the sound.
    Kudos to you getting interviews with these folks. Sentiment to those people too.

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    Ali Zainuddin 24 days ago

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    Absolutely love this video. Love the humour along the way too.

  • GT-Robert
    GT-Robert 9 months ago

    The thing that moved me towards Porsche is how they cars have evolved. Just a couple years ago you could see a GT2 RS and say “wow, it can't get any crazier than that.”
    And now you see the pictures of the new GT3 RS and just wonder how they're gonna step things up after that. Porsche took their formula and has improved it over the years to such a point you'd think there's simply nothing more to improve. And yet they find a way, they always do.

  • Filippo
    Filippo 8 months ago +3

    This video is so good! You explain in a very nice easy and funny way what Porsche is really about. Hope you can get yourself a 911 soon!

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    StanceWorks 9 months ago +406

    What an awesome video, Matt. I've got so many thoughts on the Porsche brand, and you summarized a lot of them. This was a great change of pace in contrast to what a lot of other channels tend to do, which is to simply fawn over the brand. Which it deserves... but also.... does it? I could talk about Porsche all day. Don't really want to own one, though.
    With all that said, awesome video, great job on the "essay" format. You killed it! "Between Rain Man and the Germans" was phenomenal and so true.

    • Von Hassen
      Von Hassen 9 months ago +6

      BMW (as a linage) is so much easier for me to fawn over, but I am not sure if that is correlated to my ability to obtain some of their notable offerings throughout my life or not. I definitely echo most of your sentiments with this video though - however, I would consider owning a Porsche if the opportunity was right. That opportunity would be my friend selling me his 991 GT3 for

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      Just laugh and honk your nose 9 months ago +1

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      Adam T 9 months ago +1

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      AM20 9 months ago

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    • Fred Larracuente
      Fred Larracuente 9 months ago +2

      @Von Hassen I like German cars overall but absolutely abhor BMW, mostly the modern ones. Old ones are OK. New ones are so freakin unreliable. My brother is a tech there and I live literally next door to one. Too much tech IMHO. Ultimate driving machine no longer

  • Wee Jim
    Wee Jim 8 months ago +1

    A Volkswagen Beetle was the very first car I drove when I passed my test 47 years ago. Fast forward, I have been driving a 2004 Porsche Boxster S for the last 6 years. It sticks to the road like a limpet, gets 0-60 in a modest 5.2 seconds & sounds like an angry tiger . It puts a smile on my face every time I go out in it. What’s not to like. 🇬🇧👍

  • Scott Howard
    Scott Howard 4 months ago

    Really nice work. "All hail the algo" - we are prisoners of the machine...but you sure made me laugh with this balanced review.

  • Suyash Agarwal
    Suyash Agarwal 29 days ago

    "Engineering is the process of balancing requirements" well said

  • KBob936
    KBob936 5 months ago +3

    Im about to buy my first Porsche, but I've opted for the cheapest possible route just to get a taste of whether or not I truly like the cars. I found a very clean, well maintained Boxster just to see if the driving experience is a good as all of the Boxster / Cayman owners say it is. If I like it, then I'll look into more expensive options (and probably setup the Boxster as a track / autocross car)

    • Berkus Karchebnyy
      Berkus Karchebnyy 2 months ago

      Boxster is good. Great to drive.

    • KBob936
      KBob936 2 months ago

      @Berkus Karchebnyy I love it so far. The weather is only just getting warm enough to really drive it like I've been wanting to. It's a brilliant little car

  • Luc V
    Luc V 7 months ago

    This was so well done Matt

  • mundanestuff
    mundanestuff 9 months ago +168

    The surprising part isn't the suspension, it's that your buddy let you drive it. LOL, that's one trusting friend. Keep him happy.

    • Ryan Francis
      Ryan Francis 9 months ago +25

      Of all the people I'd let drive my cars, I think I'd have to trust Matt considering his racing experience lol.

      CYJANEK 9 months ago +7

      Porsche is probably the safest "fast car" you can borrow someone
      Obviously still prone to crash if you really want

    • A D
      A D 9 months ago +3

      I don't think Matt has any money struggles by a long margin. That's a pretty convincing reason to trust someone.

    • Von Hassen
      Von Hassen 9 months ago +3

      @CYJANEK to be fair, you really have to be cooking it into a corner to experience any of their notable snap-oversteer. That, or it being an early turbo model.

    • Robotic Venom
      Robotic Venom 9 months ago

      @CYJANEK that's a gtr

  • deezynar
    deezynar 8 months ago +4

    I love how when you said, 'to understand Volkswagen, you have to understand this guy', and you segued to that photo of the crazy man with the infamous mustache. Perfect editing.
    After WWII, it was the British government that kept Volkswagen in business. The Americans decided they didn't want to touch the company and handed the option to the Brits who hesitantly took control of it.
    This video is the best coverage of Porsche I've ever seen simply because it's the most honest thing I've ever seen done on them.
    Great job. I've been a subscriber for a while, and appreciate your output. Keep it up.

  • Aman SAP TRM
    Aman SAP TRM 8 months ago

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    Frank Spadafino 8 months ago

    I subscribed and hit the thumbs-up (which I almost never do) just so you can get that shark blue car. If you drive one every day you will be a convert. They are just amazing, and BTW, doing everything very well is great ! Also, can’t say enough about the community. I meet 200 wonderful people for every douche bag I may come across. Well done video.

  • Joe Engineer
    Joe Engineer 9 months ago

    Three things: 1) Fantastic video. 2) Calling a red 964 a G-series at 19:59 is making my eye twitch ;) 3) You touched a little on what a motorsports juggernaut Porsche is and how a lot of nostalgia in their early racing efforts drives interest in the brand. If you drive a ratty 924 you can still have a connection with 917s and 962s at LeMans, or James Dean driving a 550 Spyder. You can still do that if you drive a Camry, but you know what I mean.

  • Matthias Leemhuis
    Matthias Leemhuis 8 months ago

    Such a good video! Perfectly explained what makes Porsche so love-able

  • Eric B
    Eric B 9 months ago +248

    Love the videos. This is a great insight - it seems like there is a personality around the cars and I have wondered why they were so popular, not just with car people, but dickheads too.

    • Mark George
      Mark George 9 months ago +1


    • Kenny Phillips
      Kenny Phillips 9 months ago +6

      You mean the "shirt open to the sternum, big gold chain" kind of owner?

    • Bob Dole
      Bob Dole 9 months ago +11

      Because dickheads think they're the best. And when you think you're the best, you must have the best things too, aka Ferrari/Porsche. I think Ferrari owners suffer more from this than Porsche, but all the same. A few other brands have a similar stigma to lesser degrees as well.

    • o g
      o g 9 months ago

      "fragile ego"

    • Mark George
      Mark George 9 months ago +3

      @Bob Dole like lamborghini, tons of people who dont know shit about cars who get a lambo, or even mclaren

  • Rafaron 77
    Rafaron 77 8 months ago +8

    "It's like a really good engineered tractor" that got me 😂

  • schnellfahren911
    schnellfahren911 3 months ago

    Matt really nails this one, especially @12:30 the "insufferable douchebag" comment had me laughing my ass off. Yes, those guys at meets and on the road are a true embarrassment of those of us who just like the cars. In fact, that, combined with the pricing, has me ready to market the last SC I own in favor of another pre '79 beetle. Or 3, with money left over.

  • John1911 Gun Blog
    John1911 Gun Blog 8 months ago

    As a first time Porsche buyer, I appreciate this video. Never being into Porsches, I didn’t even understand the model I bought when I did.
    Took me a few weeks driving it to finally get the “a ha” moment as to why they are so popular.
    A 991.1 2CS CAB.
    When the salesman said all that gibberish, I literally looked at him and asked, “So this isn’t a 911?”.
    True story.

  • Revilo Lanza
    Revilo Lanza 5 months ago +1

    For me Porsche has that balance of sportiness, class, style, power, without going over the top, its engineered just right. The Countach will always be my poster car but if i were to buy a dream sports car it would definitely be a Porsche 911.

  • Richard Strawson
    Richard Strawson 8 months ago

    Thank you, Matt for an involving video which clearly took a LOT of work. Greatly appreciated, Sub'd.

  • Oscar Montemayor
    Oscar Montemayor 9 months ago +196

    To answer your question - “Carrera” comes from Carrera Panamericana, an open road race across Mexico, which Porsche dominated in the 1950’s.

    • chickenfishhybrid44
      chickenfishhybrid44 9 months ago +7

      How exactly did Porsche "dominate"? Looking at the history of results it doesn't quite read that way to me lol

    • VW Jetta
      VW Jetta 9 months ago +14

      @chickenfishhybrid44 The earlier years of Porsche racing, mainly the 50’s were mainly focused on class wins rather than overall wins, due to them using smaller engines.

    • chickenfishhybrid44
      chickenfishhybrid44 9 months ago

      @VW Jetta that's fine. Still doesn't really change anything when talking about these particular races.

    • Shiranami Rei
      Shiranami Rei 9 months ago +13

      @chickenfishhybrid44 cry about it

    • Questioner
      Questioner 9 months ago

      But what does it mean in terms of 911s? Is it a synonym for 911?

  • wydryfly
    wydryfly Month ago

    I viewed your video as an almost Andy Rooney-ish 60 Minutes type of expose. Entertaining and witty. Great job.

  • Laurence Hunt
    Laurence Hunt 8 months ago

    I'm a new subscriber. Your approach is different than other car review sites, so I joined up. Less emphasis on specs and numbers, more analysis of systems and even culture. I found it interesting and refreshing.
    By the way, my dad was a Porsche driver. He must had had 3 over the years in the 50s and 60s, I have no idea what models they were, but pre-911. Back then, German imports were far off the beaten track, and there was the postwar US dollar discount. He also drove TR3s, Citroen 2CV, Jaguar XKE, Mercedes 190SL, lots of Beetles, an Izeta, it's hard to remember them all. I think in the end, you've persuaded me of the Porsche's excellence, but also its overpricing.
    For myself, I need a touring car, because I take long road trips of several weeks on holiday, usually driving from central Canada to the US Southwest (about 10,000 kms). I am probably not going to part with my 2017 BMW X4 any time soon. The M40i variation has that little bit of extra horsepower and tuning, without being a full-on M car. I find the car smooth, reliable and versatile. I confess that I have never owned a true out and out sports car, and maybe I ought to do something about that before too many years go by! The 911 would certainly tick all my boxes... at the right price!

  • Iron Sights
    Iron Sights 8 months ago

    When I was very young I became fascinated with automobiles. Porsche was an easy favorite because of their performance history. Though their modern offerings are endowed with great horsepower ,their early offerings achieved amazing performance with modest engines. Often besting other performance cars with engines two or even three times as powerful. Because they engineered their cars to do more with less.
    Porsche are not as they were. They have however become the bench mark from which drivers measure performance. Consequently their technology has evolved to where their greatest challenge is besting their last efforts.
    Well out of my price range as well.

  • Coderman
    Coderman 3 months ago

    This should be on Netflix. Love how you didn't go Porsche fanboi or hater. I owned a GT4 and loved it. Trying to get back into that exclusive club is harder than Club 33 in Disney!

  • Scott Leahy
    Scott Leahy 8 months ago

    For once a click-bait title on a Clip-Share vid turned out to be worth it. There was more informed commentary packed into 23:39 (minus the ads) than in years of ordinary gear-head fare. The graphic covering the dynamics of weight distribution was appreciated but it did gloss over one area where Porsche has spent years finessing the rear-engine system and that is, of course, the curves. The insights into the community, good and bad, were remarkably perceptive and the humor was just excellent. Nice job, Matt. Subscribed.

  • Ekim
    Ekim 9 months ago +154

    The weirdest thing for me is that what actually saved Porsche from going tits up was making a suppository shaped SUV. The first time I saw pictures of the Cayenne I nearly cried and i'm sure that Herr Porsche spun once or twice in his grave.

    • Graham Thompson
      Graham Thompson 9 months ago +25

      Porsche are now an SUV company that makes some sports cars for PR, but apparently their SUVs are pretty good., if you like that kind of thing. I don't think they saved them from 'going tits up' though, Porsche own half the European car industry.

    • Nisi Una Voce
      Nisi Una Voce 9 months ago +2

      True but notice how much they look like early 356s if inflated cartoon style.

    • H2O
      H2O 9 months ago +2

      not true. The transaxles saved Porsche......

    • Nisi Una Voce
      Nisi Una Voce 9 months ago +21

      @Graham Thompson Volkswagen Group did, not Porsche. VW was the largest(or close to) car company for awhile until the diesel scandal and is now back to #2 I believe.

    • SlothBPU
      SlothBPU 9 months ago +8

      In its defense the suv hauls ass

  • Rick Hibdon
    Rick Hibdon 7 months ago

    Matt, Congrats! You nailed it on Porsche AND HD. Times are so bad, even the lowly 914's are commanding crazy prices. I had own for a few years, and it was a ball to drive. Amazing handling, manual steering and brakes. I got the stink eye from other Porsche drivers cuz I daily drove it.. All winter
    I've had Harleys most of my life but never bought into the "bad ass biker" stuff. I'm down to one HD now and it's for sale. Jut hate dealing with all the posers and wannabes

  • Klasse Act
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    Nice build up video. My first car ever was a old 911 Targa . As they were not expensive at the days ( I worked for it I payed it myself) and my dad didn't allow me to by a motorcycle . As live goes it was sold a few year later . It took me over 30+ years of dreaming but now a classic 3.2 makes me smile again on the driveway. It was difficult to explain but your video tells it just right. Thanks.

    • Mr Guest
      Mr Guest 8 months ago +1

      damn you are lucky with having a porsche as a first car

  • Peter Kater
    Peter Kater 8 months ago

    Excellent video Matt!
    Thank you for your time.
    I hope some day you'll own a Porsche, if it's what you want 👍


    "An engineered system, not a bunch of parts engineered into a system.." Is a great way to explain the philosophy behind German engineering >>

    • Luke Spector
      Luke Spector 8 months ago +3

      That's EXACTLY what's wrong with Maserati! I've owned Biturbo's & modern era from them. It's like a collection of bits & pieces on nodding terms with each other (on a GOOD day!)

    • Jackson Boyer
      Jackson Boyer 8 months ago +2

      @Luke Spector Maserati is owned by Chrysler now, that's why their reputation has gotten worse for stuff like that.

      𝘎𝘌𝘕𝘌𝘚𝘐𝘚 𝘊𝘟𝘪 8 months ago +1

      @Jackson Boyer Yeah- Anything "the big 3" touch rots including their own vehicles

      𝘎𝘌𝘕𝘌𝘚𝘐𝘚 𝘊𝘟𝘪 8 months ago +2

      @Luke Spector Maserati is also italian so.. 😭😭 Now they're italian and american so its just a hot mess 360°

  • Robert Krause
    Robert Krause 9 months ago

    Very well done. Matt gets it. I bought a '81 91 sc coupe in '99 for $15K and sold it in the beginning of '21 for $40.5 K. The buyer turned it over on Bring a Trailer several months later for $52.5K. Great car and enjoiyed it for the 20 years of my ownership. Sold it to buy and old man car. Found a 2016 base PDK Cayman 981 with 15K miles for $42.5K. I drive it all the time and couldn't be happier.

  • Paul Wells
    Paul Wells 9 months ago +1

    A balanced humorous thoughtful look at an iconic brand. Thanks, subscribed.

  • sebastian riemer
    sebastian riemer 8 months ago

    I manage the car pool of our company and I have to say that the quality of Porsche, compared to Mercedes and Audi, is just great. Just a completely different story.
    That said, the best customer service I get is from Skoda, they really care and are very forthcoming. No waiting in Hotlines, appointments right away and you actually feel like a customer.

  • Artificial Features
    Artificial Features 9 months ago

    I clicked on this video thinking it was about Porsche moving into formula 1. That's not what this video was about, but I still watched till the end. Why? Because it was very well written and executed.
    Congratulations Matt, you do Clip-Share very well.

  • Eric
    Eric 8 months ago

    I didn’t get it either until I drove one (Cayman). Then I had to have one. They aren’t for everyone but it’s a great driving experience and not at all like driving an old Beetle which I did own as my first car as a kid. Used mid and rear engine Porsches are not that expensive, pretty easy to work on, and very reliable in my experience.

  • Ferlu62
    Ferlu62 9 months ago +126

    I am a German and it was always very hard to explain to my English speaking Friends why I am so hopelessly infected by the Porsche virus.
    I think by sharing this nice clip it might help to explain a bit my sickness lol.

    • Ashton Odoyle
      Ashton Odoyle 9 months ago

      So Porsche or Mercedes, Boxter or SLK 55 AMG? Was würden Sie empfehlen? (Eng: What would you recommend?)

    • Ferlu62
      Ferlu62 9 months ago +1

      @Ashton Odoyle You can not expect a answer to that question from a Porsche freak without bias. So of course go for the Boxter.

    • Robotic Venom
      Robotic Venom 9 months ago +1

      @Ferlu62 not some boxster with the base motor, that's stupid. but let me ask you, would you rather have a porsche macan $60k 2.0 liter vehicle, or a $60k BMW x3 m40i with its legendary inline six b58 that sounds amazing. macan with ZERO equipment or features(cars that are $28k are better equipped interior and safety wise, literally) and a rather measly gutless engine. Watcha choose? or even better what about the cayenne or panamera with their old n/a v6's vs turbo v6 or v8 competition with comparable interior quality or better infotainment.

    • Brpwn dood
      Brpwn dood 9 months ago +1

      Having both Hitler and Porsche not being Germans doesn't really help either, they were Austrians lol

  • Philippe Vigier
    Philippe Vigier 3 months ago

    Built to last, and last, and last. Give you a smile just by looking at it or holding the keys. Makes your day!
    Porsche is the greatest on my view for everything that is *NOT* on the spec sheet.
    I am a Porscher, and I plan to have a Classic 911 or maybe a 356 when retired, because they give you a lot of pleasure at legal speed (while able to do more)...

  • EspenX
    EspenX 7 months ago +1

    The second video was too much drag car specific, so I found this. And as a guy who thought Porsches were stupid for decades, but bought a 98 996 this summer because they are sooo much cheaper than any other 911s, I appreciated what you said about Porsches. I don't want to be a part of their Porsche scene or culture, but DAMN that is a small, honest and very drivable car. Tomorrow I am driving my cheap Porsche around a lake for two hours, just because that road looks crocked (crooked? I mean winding, whainding, a road with lots of corners) and fun.

  • will wahl
    will wahl 8 months ago

    One of the better videos of a brand. Great work. Well presented. Love it

  • Punished Flucker
    Punished Flucker 8 months ago

    Nice video, one nitpick as a watch fan is that Porsche Design is a well established watch/horology designer and has certain levels of credibility in fashion.

  • LMYachts
    LMYachts 8 months ago

    I think accessibility is the key to what a Porsche is. You don't want a sports car you cannot take out on a rainy day. You don't want a sports car that has so many blind spots that overtaking becomes stressful. This is where Porsche excels: making sports cars that one can drive every day, without any of the hassle most other "hot" brands give you.

  • Don Reid
    Don Reid 9 months ago +77

    As a 30+ year member of the Porsche Club of America (and owner of a few Porsches over the years), this was a very well done video. I do feel your pain on Porsche prices, however. Once-upon-a-time, Porsche always had some kind of 'loss leader' - an entry level car the average person could get into in order to enjoy the brand. The original 356 Speedster, the 912, the 914, the 924, the 944 and the first generation Boxster were all cars that regular folks could save up for and buy. While they may not have been the best examples of the marque, they at least gave you a taste of Porsche engineering. Now however, the company has moved so much upmarket that even their least expensive cars are ridiculously priced and unobtainable for most. The company is doing well financially, but I can't help but think something was lost in the journey. 😞

    • MyNameIsSasha
      MyNameIsSasha 4 months ago +6

      If you spend 5 mins plugging the RRP of any of those 'entry level' models into an inflation calculator, and there's only one conclusion you can come to - Porsche have always been 'ridiculously priced' and 'unobtainable'. With inflation, a base 944 in 1982 would be $112,000 in today's money. There's been no journey, we're still in the exact same place. These cars are, and always have been, incredibly expensive. The only difference is, now you might not be able to buy one even if you have the money in hand.

    • John Ward
      John Ward 4 months ago

      Well yeah but high prices keep the trash away

    • Don Reid
      Don Reid 4 months ago

      @John Ward Unfortunately John, that seems to be the present-day thinking at Porsche A.G. Twasn't always so....

    • MyNameIsSasha
      MyNameIsSasha 4 months ago +2

      @Don Reid Only in your imagination Don. It's fitting you use 'once upon a time' in your comment because it really is a fairy tale. Even the 'entry-level' cars have always been ridiculously expensive and to think otherwise is fantasy.

    • David
      David 4 months ago +1

      @MyNameIsSasha tough luck. In germany a brand new 944 cost 48k€ adjusted for inflation. A 924 just 35k€. Cheaper than an i30n. They may not have been affordable wherever you live but in many parts of the world they were. They made 300.000 924‘s and 944‘s and just 60.000 964‘s, where do you think all of those cars went when they were so ridiculously expensive as you say.

  • Lenny Hastick
    Lenny Hastick 7 months ago

    Matt thanks for making this Podcast I enjoyed this Episode. it's funny you say how you feel about after you learned everything you learned, how hard it is now to get into buying one I've been sitting there looking at these damn things all my life and I'm financially almost close enough where I can get one and I'm trying to get an earlyl used one so I feel your pain just hopefully you can get in one, cause like you said that smile that puts you on your face it's the one thing that's priceless and dear to me. I got to drive A 996 back in 2008, so yeah I'm trying to capture that feeling again. Keep up the good work.

  • D&A Productions
    D&A Productions 2 months ago

    First, I fell in love with the 911 in 1972. I was 4. Second, thank you for pronouncing it correctly. I admittedly have an issue when people mispronounce words, such as expresso or excape. I try not to be a grammar Nazi and mostly internalize my disgust, but when I hear somebody say 'Porsh' I immediately advise them "You're pronouncing it wrong!". Lastly, and most disappointing, I will likely never be able to afford a 911, save for winning the lottery. Maybe a good thing as I probably wouldn't fit in one any longer. I don't fold up like I used to. Great channel. Love all your projects.

  • Mr. Landlord
    Mr. Landlord 8 months ago

    Please do more luxury/performance car brands. You're detailed perspective is a breath of fresh air.