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  • Published on Jul 2, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • In January 2018, Vic Firth hosted its first ever #vfJAMS LIVE recording session at EastWest Studios in Hollywood, California. This amazing event showcased some the world’s top drummers performing with Robert “Sput” Searight and the all-star vfJAMS Band!
    Episode 4 - Stanley Randolph
    featuring vocalist Elise Testone
    Song - "Honey"
    By - The Brandon Brown Collective feat. KiKi Kyte
    Throughout this year, we will feature full performances, interviews, transcriptions, play-along tracks and prize giveaways. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Vic’s Clip-Share and social media channels so you won’t miss out - and mark your calendars for the #vfJAMS LIVE performance schedule!
    Special thanks to Livemix for providing the monitoring system.
    #vf5XA - American Classic® Extreme 5A
    The vfJAMS Band:
    Robert "Sput" Searight - Keys / Musical Director
    Weedie Braimah - Percussion
    Joe Cleveland - Bass
    Mark Lettieri - Guitar
    Nicholas Semrad - Keys
    Jonathan Mones - Alto Sax / Flute
    Ben Burget - Tenor Sax / Flute / Trumpet
    Sylvester Onyejiaka - Bari Sax / Flute
    Ryan Porter - Trombone
    Brandon Phillips - Trumpet
    Ruben Lael - Vocals
    Elise Testone - Vocals
    Amanda Maxfield - Vocals
    ERIC HARLAND : August 7
    BENNY GREB : September 4
    SPUT SEARIGHT : October 2
    MIKE MITCHELL : November 6
    MARK GUILIANA : December 4
    MATT GARSTKA : • #VFJams LIVE! - M...
    DEVON TAYLOR : • #VFJams LIVE! - D...
    SARAH THAWER: • Video
    Audio Engineering, Mixing, Mastering:
    Kevin Majorino
    Marc Cohen
    Gary Meeker
    Scott Quade
    Mark Wessels
    Francis Zera
    Francesco Desmaele
    Elmo Lovano
    ➤Website: www.vicfirth.com
    ➤Clip-Share: / vicfirthdrumsticks
    ➤Clip-Share (Marching): / vicfirthmarching
    ➤Clip-Share (Concert): / vicfirthconcert
    ➤Twitter: vicfirth
    ➤Instagram: vicfirth
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Comments • 748

  • Ken Vallejos
    Ken Vallejos 4 years ago +523

    I literally come back to watch this a few times a day. Best song. Best performance. And Elise’s vocals are incredible.

    • Tomasz Pacak
      Tomasz Pacak 4 years ago +5

      Same here Man!

    • Juan Enrique Ortega
      Juan Enrique Ortega 4 years ago +2

      me too

    • George Fransman
      George Fransman 4 years ago +1

      Luved it...

    • Jaquay Pounds
      Jaquay Pounds 4 years ago +10

      This is my fourth time playing today. Its not just about the drummer but everything blends so well. Horns, keys, strings, and can't leave out the incredible vocals

    • Igor Malic
      Igor Malic 4 years ago +6

      Elise is amazing. You can't stay still while watching this!

  • Keith Clark
    Keith Clark 4 years ago +585

    The rest of the VF Jams have had killer drummers smashing and being super technical with amazing chops. Stanley plays and you want to dance. You never want the music to stop. This was so FUNKY.

    • Ellis Abram
      Ellis Abram 4 years ago +8

      I definitely didn't want the music to stop and I don't think the band did either.

    • Timmy Dodd
      Timmy Dodd 4 years ago +7

      Keith Clark I keep replaying it.

    • Sergio
      Sergio 4 years ago +9

      personally i enjoy this VF Jam 'cause he is not the faster drummer o more technical, but all in the room was dancing 'cause taste good!

    • Robo
      Robo 4 years ago +3

      Keith Clark this groove is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Seth Liyanage
      Seth Liyanage 4 years ago +4

      He plays with Stevie Wonder what do I expect? 😂

  • Simen Husøy
    Simen Husøy 4 years ago +6

    Her voice is conditioner for my ears! Both the power and her cool jazzy intonation in some places makes me love it

  • Wesley Ostrander
    Wesley Ostrander 4 years ago +104

    I just love the fact that Kaz, Aaron Spears, n Mike Mitchell are just sitting in there groovin on the couches. Having the time of their damn lives haha. This one absolutely ruled. Stanley Grooves like no other, and GOT damn her voice is absolutely amazing

  • Groovin' Music 420
    Groovin' Music 420 4 months ago +5

    Elise Testone is the real deal.Stunning vocals melt like butter over the groovy drums by Stanley.Amazing work again VF Jams!

  • Mario Lucero
    Mario Lucero 4 years ago +24

    The amount of energy everyone had in this video. This is my first time hearing this and I’ve watched this video literally 37 times in a row and I can’t stop crying. Tell me I’m lying. I wish I could prove it. Lol. But everything from the singer, she’s gorgeous, very unique sound, the bass guitar is fucking killer, the back up vocals bring me to church, the guitar is impeccable, and Stanley is a fucking monster. I can not describe the way I feel while watching/listening to this video. 20/20 this is what real music is right here. The pure definition of perfection is this video. If y’all need me, I’ll be listening to this another 40 times. Thanks.

    • Dave Gonzales
      Dave Gonzales 8 months ago +1

      I totally understand. I've literally watched this video over a 1000 times. Yes it makes me feel that good!

  • Devon Austin
    Devon Austin 4 years ago +12

    Those notes such as at 5:03 give me goosebumps. Did you see Aaron's reaction to it at 5:03 too? God damn, she's a phenomenal singer. I can't stop replaying this. Her voice is just mesmerising

  • Gliesə
    Gliesə 5 years ago +399

    Her voice :')

  • George Panaite
    George Panaite 5 years ago +30

    Stanley nailed it as usual, but the singer.... damn! What a nice voice

  • Dave Gonzales
    Dave Gonzales 8 months ago

    Love it love it!!!!!! I listen to this song everyday ! Love her voice! My favorite female vocalist!!!!!

  • kens michel
    kens michel 4 years ago +8

    Thumbs up 👍 for the female on vocals. She's killing it 🔥🔥🔥

  • Miko Drums
    Miko Drums 4 years ago +16

    Gosh that last part should have lasted 10min longer!! How many incredible musicians is there in this room anyway! You can make 10 more crazy bands out of the audience😀

  • oshane Campbell
    oshane Campbell 4 years ago +3

    i think this is what they wanted to showcase,that drummers can be groovy without doing all those "chops" i love this, makes me dance

  • Tony Lancer
    Tony Lancer 5 years ago +18

    July 3rd is now one of the best days of my life. With Stanley Randolph just annihilating the track. Thank you, Vic Firth, for bringing one of my favorite drummers in the world. Nice work on the phase filter on the hi hat. *LET THE GROOVE LIVE ON!!!!*
    I should note thought that at 4:02, Elise is the only one singing while in the "trailer", we had the background vocals. 👀👀👀👀

  • Drum Heads
    Drum Heads 4 years ago +2

    That phaser on Stanley's HI-Hat is so siiiiick!!!!

  • Tony Lancer
    Tony Lancer 5 years ago +18

    Look at everyone nodding, dancing, and shaking to the music. What a feeling it must have been in the studio.

  • Nam Lu
    Nam Lu 2 years ago

    Great voice Elise ...Stanley and all musicians kick ass 😎

  • Paul Bentley
    Paul Bentley 2 years ago +4

    Great to see Stanley seriously enjoying this vocal masterclass at 5:20, that lady is. Incredible.

  • Res Gestae
    Res Gestae 3 years ago

    Startin to understand that VF Jams is about the Jam, not just the drummer. This song’s so good!

  • Chipp Wilson
    Chipp Wilson 4 years ago +24

    Elise Testone is one of the best vocalists of this time. She needs more recognition.

  • OffendedSloth
    OffendedSloth 7 months ago

    I can't believe that I'm just finding this! It's soo good and the change at 4:19 is wonderfully done

  • Renard Fields
    Renard Fields 2 years ago

    I came for the drums too, but this song is incredible! Vocals are great. Wow...just wow 😳

    EAIII 3 years ago +4

    I’ll be damned if this isn’t a perfect song. I come back again and again. That sway is infectious!

  • jon reintjens
    jon reintjens 5 years ago +12

    yoo Wiedie Braima's reaction when stanley pulls out his chops is killin me XD
    in my opinion this is one of the best sessions so far.. just laying back in my chair watching Stanley groove the hell out of the song. well done!

  • AlexLeeDrums
    AlexLeeDrums 5 years ago +13

    So good! Great groove. I’ll take this over unmusical chops any day of the week. And ELISE TESTONE on the vox is a freaking star! Well done, all!

  • Jon page
    Jon page 3 years ago

    I love the lead singers voice. She makes me want to play forever

  • Joshua Cannady
    Joshua Cannady 4 years ago

    I absolutely love this!!🙌🏽 I can’t stop listening to this

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J 5 years ago +58

    Robert "Sput" Searlight on the keys. Dude is killing

    • Kwame
      Kwame 5 years ago +3

      Anthony J Searlight? That's not right, lol

    • Dave MacLeod
      Dave MacLeod 4 years ago +1

      @Kwame Read the video description - it's him alright!

    • Kwame
      Kwame 4 years ago +2

      @Dave MacLeod I know Searight, I don't know Searlight lol

  • Oscar
    Oscar 3 years ago

    Soo good. One of my all time favourite performances. Great singer!!!!

  • Ingvald Vea-Klungtvedt
    Ingvald Vea-Klungtvedt 2 years ago +2

    Her voice is heavenly magic!

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez Year ago +2

    I´ve just found this and I feel like I´ve been in a cave for years! SO GOOD!

  • nure suliman
    nure suliman Year ago +1

    amazing performance and arrangement

  • Ruben Augusto
    Ruben Augusto 11 months ago +1

    OMG THE JAM!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Japao Batera drums!
    Japao Batera drums! 5 years ago +3

    Eita pegaaaaa tooop lembrar-se bateras unidos jamais será vencidos ☕🎶🇧🇷

  • Leandrew25
    Leandrew25 4 years ago +26

    She got a beautiful voice... that band is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jay
    Jay 4 years ago +6

    This is fire🔥🔥🔥 Errrbody on point. Can't get this groove out of my head. And this young lady has a very unique voice just like🍯🍯🍯. Where can I download this?

  • Arditya bani parwitra Abdurachman

    suddenly STRUCK by her voice!! and also the Mr Stanley with his amazing drum groove. Amazing band!

  • Deth Santos
    Deth Santos 4 years ago +7

    Her voice...OMG!

  • Gabriel Batista
    Gabriel Batista 4 years ago +2

    This is stinky funky good. Men have been hook all week with this one. The man killed it. 💪💪💪

  • Juanma De Lio
    Juanma De Lio 4 years ago

    Is it possible to have this on a drumless track to play along? that would be awesome! Cant stop falling in love with her voice!

  • Isadora Gurgel
    Isadora Gurgel 4 years ago

    amazing performance! Get chills every time.

  • Hyda-James Hill
    Hyda-James Hill 2 years ago +1

    Still my favorite VF Jams video! The song is killer and the entire vibe in the room is just amazing!

  • Fuad ahmad Ardiansyah
    Fuad ahmad Ardiansyah 5 years ago +31

    love the voice ❤

  • Mauricio Sz
    Mauricio Sz 4 years ago

    I simply love the way she sings... its almost killing me.

  • delicious
    delicious 3 years ago

    That female vocal is amazing. Elise Testone? Wow. She is sooooooo good!!

    EAIII 3 years ago

    My weekend doesn’t even begin until I’ve jammed this one!

  • LeVelle Salter
    LeVelle Salter 4 years ago +3

    The total approach to this is amazing! The vintage sound of the drums is phenomenal! RetroFunk #OMG #Memphis own Stanley Randolph #Salute Straight pocket with a little flair!!

  • Davih Silveira
    Davih Silveira 4 years ago +7

    What a great voice Elise!
    Such stunning performance Stanley!
    Sput is a complete musician, he plays the keyboards amazingly!!!
    Loved this song, funky and tasty tune!!!
    Thank you Vic Firth for this amazing jam session!!!

    • Geo Drummer 88
      Geo Drummer 88 4 years ago

      Davih Silveira hello...name of the singer lady is??? Omg it.s amazing...

    • Davih Silveira
      Davih Silveira 4 years ago +2

      Elise Testone, is her name!!! She's amazing!

  • Kren Wregget
    Kren Wregget 4 years ago

    her voice.... goosebumps.

  • ChristopherEric Patterson
    ChristopherEric Patterson 5 years ago +21

    I love Stanley Randolph so much I grew up watching him play for Stevie Wonder Spain 2008 and it would be an honor if I could get to see him

    • Joshua Cannady
      Joshua Cannady 4 years ago

      ChristopherEric Patterson yeah Stanley killed on that live at last with Stevie wonder

  • Patariki Sōtērion
    Patariki Sōtērion 4 years ago

    This is hands down my favourite VF Jam!!!

  • Paul Bentley
    Paul Bentley 3 years ago

    Stanley is great to watch. Amazing band. Brass is super cool.

  • MagZ1905
    MagZ1905 3 years ago +1

    I can't stop watching this. Such an awsome song and Stanley is master of funk!

  • Morten Venli
    Morten Venli 4 years ago

    OMG, this gives me the good chills down my spine, beautiful voice an killer musicians!!!! i love it

  • Marcel Vojvodic
    Marcel Vojvodic 4 years ago

    Wow! Einfach WOW! Sebastian spielt so tight, das ist unglaublich. Einer der Besten!

  • Wim Schulze
    Wim Schulze 8 months ago

    Uffff what a vibe!! And that voice is made for this Song!

  • Hal Coy
    Hal Coy 4 years ago +10

    Fantastic song! I'm a drummer...Stanley all notes so tasteful, (in the audience Aaron Spears & Austin Burcham), and Outrageous drummer Sput on Rhodes crazy. But... vocalist Elise Testone season 11 American Idol Alum finds her niche. Wow chills on the vocal performance!!

  • MultiGwilty
    MultiGwilty Year ago +2

    So amazing from Stanley as always, but can we take a minute to acknowledge the incredible vocal performance from Elise...insane! What a voice, and drop dead gorgeous too!

  • Kellyn Karr
    Kellyn Karr 10 months ago

    Jeez man the entire room is filled with super musicians!

  • Andrey Elizondo
    Andrey Elizondo 4 years ago +6

    Hello Vic Firth people.
    Guys you should do an Spotify playlist with these amazing videos.
    Greetings from Costa Rica.

  • davihmachado
    davihmachado 4 years ago +1

    Great band...great drummer...i love a great and a beautiful singer...Elise Testone...i love it

  • Josh James
    Josh James 3 years ago

    Elise, your voice is actually out of this world.

  • Funkslave
    Funkslave 4 years ago +1

    Incredible singer, wicked percussionist and What can we say about Stanley? Best funky drummer since John Blackwell

  • Jerry Fehily Music
    Jerry Fehily Music 4 years ago

    Great Vocal, great band, and beautiful groove !!

  • AlexLeeDrums
    AlexLeeDrums 4 years ago +46

    I’m at a point now where I have to listen to this song at least once a day.

  • musicalchairs777
    musicalchairs777 3 years ago

    I got so wrapped up in it, I thought I was there and clapped at the end, haha! This is my new favorite guy, The Honey Badger, just hits the sweet spot on every level. Also, apparently the DWs belongs to the percussionist( 5:47 ).

  • Noobs Em Apuros
    Noobs Em Apuros 4 years ago

    What a wonderful sound. That vibe!

  • Matt Wallace Drums
    Matt Wallace Drums 5 years ago +7


  • bubnjar serbianac
    bubnjar serbianac 4 years ago +4

    This girl,s voice is unbelivable, sooooo gooooood

  • Aaron Diebold
    Aaron Diebold 4 years ago +8

    Probably the best performance on Clip-Share.

  • David López
    David López 4 years ago +2

    The funk is strong with Stanley! Amazing voice too

  • Byron Trulove
    Byron Trulove 4 years ago

    this was nice! her vocals hit the spot.

  • Kren Wregget
    Kren Wregget 3 years ago

    this whole song is pure joy.

  • john buurman
    john buurman 8 months ago +1

    Elise has a golden voice witch she can use as an instrument , the smooth and silky sound combined with the power is amazing, the band is also incredible and Staley is funky as funky can be, love this song!!!!!

  • Erik van der Neut
    Erik van der Neut 3 years ago

    Ooooh.... soooo goooood! That voice! That drumming! The whole band....

  • Ralf Neuhaus
    Ralf Neuhaus 4 years ago +1

    Great grooving AND singing!

  • marimbaninja
    marimbaninja 4 years ago

    I love how smooth this is🎶🎵

  • Logjam Stomper
    Logjam Stomper 3 years ago

    Yes loved this and the lead vocals by Elise Testone were great...

  • OhWell1962
    OhWell1962 4 years ago

    If I could say only one word about this cut, it would be....wait...I can't do it. This is an AWESOME track! Like others, I watch this video frequently. The first time I watched it, I fell in love with Elise Testone's vocal abilities. She is phenomenal! Stanley Randolph ain't bad, either, but...CAN HE SING LIKE THAT?? I don't believe he (or anyone else) could.
    THAT'S MY WOMAN('s voice)!!!

  • Exequiel allulef Catalan
    Exequiel allulef Catalan 4 years ago +2

    Me encanta toda la fusión del sonido en uno (voces, teclas, percusion, vientos, cuerdas)

  • The Herbie Brown
    The Herbie Brown 3 years ago +2

    This has been one of my favorites of the #VFJams series. No slight to the other artists. They're awesome FO SHO! This vid right here tho! I got SOOO GIDDY listening to this. It just feels right!

    ANTOINE OFFETT 4 years ago +3

    Wow!! First off Stanley was phenomenal! The vocals were phenomenal! THOSE HORN?!?!!! OMG!!! The band as a whole was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I listen to this a few times a day and study Stanley’s groove! He’s dope!!
    Thank you Sput! This was amazing

  • Matthew Bevan-Perkins
    Matthew Bevan-Perkins 4 years ago

    All these have been great, but this proves that groove > chops any day!! EVERYONE moving to this. Wow. Special performance.

  • Ellis Abram
    Ellis Abram 4 years ago

    Elise Testone voice is incredible. I can listen to her all day.

  • Tyler Kenyon-Rice
    Tyler Kenyon-Rice 5 years ago +5

    So much soul! 🔥🔥🔥

  • rock man
    rock man 4 years ago

    Me encantó esa chica su voz increible!

  • Jonah Evans
    Jonah Evans 5 years ago +107

    Best VF JAMS so far by a mile

    • John Bensinger
      John Bensinger 5 years ago +21

      Jonah Evans it’s definitely the grooviest that’s for sure, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of them so far. I’m just waiting for the Grebmiester to come on

    • Greasy Tom
      Greasy Tom 2 years ago

      100% still is for me
      1. Stanley Randolph
      2. Mike Mitchell
      3. Devon Taylor
      4. Carlin White
      5. Sean Wright

  • Alastair S
    Alastair S 4 years ago +2

    wow! loved this one : )) Amazing vocals, band, arrangement and Austin Burcham in the audience too ! Shout out!

  • Hohenfels
    Hohenfels 4 years ago +15

    Damn her voice is so powerful ! Came for the drums but I have to admit i've been seduced by her voice

  • Basketball Jesuit
    Basketball Jesuit 4 years ago +1

    Elise on vocals is awesome!!!

  • Richie Gajate Garcia
    Richie Gajate Garcia 4 years ago +5

    Great Band and Groove, I especially love Elise Tostone voice Baya! Weedie

  • 부패왕이다
    부패왕이다 9 months ago

    보컬 누나 진짜 개지리네 진짜 테크닉적으론 완전 마스터피스임 완전 시원하고 깔끔하다

  • Ismael Castillo
    Ismael Castillo 4 years ago

    Love her.super vocals.liked the drums but loved her singing

  • Otis Avalon
    Otis Avalon 2 years ago

    Man that’s such a nice performance.

  • olmosdrums
    olmosdrums 4 years ago

    Wow!?!?! Just WOW!!!! Amazing! Best VF Jams by far.

  • Clifford Siqueira
    Clifford Siqueira 4 years ago

    Oh!! Man that groove from Stan, the bass player, the solo from Sput, and then the chic slam dunks it. Total package

  • Jordon Henry
    Jordon Henry 4 years ago

    This joint feels SOOOOO good‼️‼️

  • sato psycho
    sato psycho 4 years ago +7

    5:35 his beautiful harmonics of bass...

  • Leah Cimmino
    Leah Cimmino Month ago +1

    Found out about this song through my cousin, freaking love it

  • Lil Package
    Lil Package 4 years ago +1

    God I wish i could find a group of people to jam with like this.