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Film Theory: Dora is CURSED! (Dora The Explorer)

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    It's time, Theorists. Time to talk about Dora the Explorer. I've wanted to do a theory about Dora since playing some of the Dora the Explorer horror games. Then they came out with the surprisingly enjoyable live action movie. Well, consider me VERY interested. So today we are diving into the dark lore surrounding our favorite explorer. Vámonos!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Eddie “NostalGamer” Robinson and Forrest Lee
    Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Daniel Zemke, and JayskiBean
    Assistant Editor: GeekyPeanut
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • AxelTheGhost
    AxelTheGhost 5 months ago +34372

    Matpat going insane from watching kid shows with his son wasn’t a character arc I was expecting, but I like it so far.

    • seo-luchan
      seo-luchan 27 days ago

      Dora was always cursed

    • Anita Nita
      Anita Nita Month ago

      Hi me 🎁🎉

    • The Sudrian Terrier
      The Sudrian Terrier Month ago

      one of these days i bet MatPat is gonna make a theory that his son is an alien because of how insane he had gotten

    • iconx cases
      iconx cases Month ago


    • DarkAura
      DarkAura 2 months ago

      Nah I could see this coming from a mile away ngl he was slowly defending into madness

  • Cathy Sullivan
    Cathy Sullivan 3 months ago +1429

    Matpat is slowly going insane. But we still love the theorys

      MOHAMED HASAN Month ago +2

      Yeah,we has never got off the tv in ages.

    • HyperSwag506
      HyperSwag506 2 months ago +2

      Going? Gone and too far to ever come back. We gain entertainment and information from MatPat’s crawl into insanity.

    • The Emerald knight
      The Emerald knight 2 months ago +1

      @FantaCat8 still hate raycons tho. Most of the add placements I can accept but he is literally saying go pay around 80$ on earbuds that are actually on like 15$ they just slapped their name on them.

    • Fayez El Moukadem
      Fayez El Moukadem 2 months ago +2

      You actually kind of medicine Lebanon and you actually could actually like a Muslim so maybe a Muslim show I could I meant a Muslim so I don’t know why because it’s a Muslim show like a Muslim movie we have to put one because I’m Muslim I’m not Christian or the other anything noI’m Muslim man

    • moominescent
      moominescent 2 months ago +7


  • Tom Pusslicker
    Tom Pusslicker 5 months ago +2113

    Creators of Dora: Let's make a fun filled adventure show which teaches kids good values!
    Matpat: Swiper is haunting Dora....

    • that-pingu-weirdo
      that-pingu-weirdo 16 days ago

      If you put the intro backwards the first lyric say "hail s@t@n"....

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      Your user name 😭

    • #sibling squad
      #sibling squad 2 months ago +3

      Have you seen the paw patrol one?

    • Cynical
      Cynical 3 months ago +2

      @𝙺𝚎𝚕 & 𝙺𝚊𝚎𝚍𝚎 and he literally has a kid now. Our choldhood tv shows are in his radar now. This is just the beginning

    • Master Chief's Helmet
      Master Chief's Helmet 3 months ago +1

      matpat: *DEMONS*

  • zombiikitty
    zombiikitty 3 months ago +341

    I used to watch Dora when I was younger and I was so happy when I saw you made a video about this mattPat! Thank you for crushing my childhood this really made my day/gen

  • Wren Reed
    Wren Reed 5 months ago +663

    The live-action Dora movie was amazing, except for one thing. They never gave any explanation for Swiper! He's just there and everyone points out how weird it is that he exists at all. The fact that this theory actually gives a semi-solid explanation is honestly a relief and lets my poor mind relax and enjoy the movie more.

    • Blake Stanger
      Blake Stanger 14 days ago +1

      I loved the movie but it's been so long since I saw it

    • Normal Human
      Normal Human 20 days ago +2

      I hate it because it directly contradicts the canon of the shows in which Dora moves to the city while Diego is never shown moving (unless I missed something)

  • Bl0ss0m
    Bl0ss0m 3 months ago +386

    When I was 5 I just gave up yelling at dora and letting her find it her self 😂

    • Villagerwarrior 1715
      Villagerwarrior 1715 Month ago +4

      ​@The Real 33pandaGamer At least you don't grab a mouse (which I don't plug anywhere) to help Dora.

    • I kin everyone I hate
      I kin everyone I hate 2 months ago +5


    • The Real 33pandaGamer
      The Real 33pandaGamer 2 months ago +22

      I remember being shocked as a kid when my sister told me that I didn't have to respond to Dora. I had literally thought that if I didn't respond, she wouldn't find it.

    • Kitty Gorgeous🐱
      Kitty Gorgeous🐱 2 months ago +8


    • 8L00D_M00N
      8L00D_M00N 3 months ago +14


  • Hi It's Cupid
    Hi It's Cupid 5 months ago +3042

    you can tell what shows Ollie is obsesed with, and how long hes been obsessed, by the fact that matpat makes these kinds of videos. i love these.

  • IHaveAGermanName
    IHaveAGermanName 3 months ago +796

    Dora was one of my childhood shows that I watched. My parents say that I learned Spanish (I am a Filipino kid) by watching it and now that I'm getting older... I kinda screamed that the thing she was looking at was there but she couldn't hear us.

    • Jamal's Effects 2
      Jamal's Effects 2 Month ago

      @Owlette reverse logic

    • PeepiceepGaming
      PeepiceepGaming 2 months ago


    • Owlette
      Owlette 2 months ago +2

      My friend's family moved to America from Mexico when he was five. His mom didn't know any English at that point, so she would watch the Spanish dub with him to learn English.

    • Mathew Ramirez
      Mathew Ramirez 2 months ago +3

      I’m Dominican and this helped me learn Spanish to

    • Sophia Mendoza
      Sophia Mendoza 2 months ago +5

      Me as a Filipino watching this even when my fam immigrated to the US

  • Aakarsh Premnath
    Aakarsh Premnath 5 months ago +401

    Something else to solidify MatPat's theory:
    The number 3 is associated with the devil and spirits; the devil knocks 3 times on a door and the 3rd hour past midnight being the demonic witching hour. Dora says her chant "Swiper no swiping" exactly 3 times for him to stop and run away.

    • thunder breathing zenitzu
      thunder breathing zenitzu 2 months ago

      @Jam Usagi 1.true but agian we barely ever see them so why have them it's just a waste of energy I don't think we even see them anymore anyway
      2.yea that makes sense but again he didn't gain any power he just didn't care about that anymore and he stole everything not just Dora's stuff
      3. No it doesn't look at minecraft there are different types of games sure minecraft does have stuff u can do for the story but it's just encouraged but a requirement

    • Jam Usagi
      Jam Usagi 2 months ago

      @thunder breathing zenitzu 1. Video game protagonists have parents too.
      2. Maybe Swiper just got more powerful over time since he’s doing fox demon-y stuff and stealing constantly?
      3. A game has to have quests.

    • A McC
      A McC 2 months ago

      @Let's Get Real!!! not looking for it at all.
      Just got "called out" by someone making a false assumption about a comment I made about a blatant falsehood to clear up the facts.
      You're making this a thing, not me ;). Have a good day but I'm done here.

    • Let's Get Real!!!
      Let's Get Real!!! 2 months ago

      @A McC you're looking for top shelf satire and accuracy in sarcasm on a random youtube comment on a video about Dora being stalked by demons 🤔

    • A McC
      A McC 2 months ago

      @Let's Get Real!!! nah.. but when it's 100% based on a misleading false premis i like to point it out.
      If sarcasim is at least based on truth, that's top shelf. When it's based on an accident lie though.... not so much (to be clear, previous note was a lie, not your note).

  • Daphne Wave
    Daphne Wave 3 months ago +117

    I feel like this was a pretty accurate conclusion. My family has had encounters with spirits and the way they would ward them off was by repeating prayers over and over again.

  • OnyxOrca
    OnyxOrca 5 months ago +115

    You could expand this by saying that the reason she had to keep participating in the game was cos she didn't know Swipers full name. So she could ward him off (temporarily) but never truly exorcise and get rid of him.

  • Mireille Antone
    Mireille Antone 2 months ago +9

    Live action Dora talking to the invisible audience from the parents' perspective reminds me of those stories where kids have "imaginary friends" that they talk to, usually tied with ghosts or demons...

  • Horrible Drawer
    Horrible Drawer 5 months ago +2600

    I always felt Swiper was just a kleptomaniac and Dora and friends were just helping him calm his addiction. "His Aw man" is just him getting upset that he nearly gave in. Swiper even goes to the future and sees his older self, now no longer able to be stopped, and looks horrified.

    • hy by
      hy by 2 months ago

      @Bruh🧨 meh .......not necessary
      The show need to keep going so its possible he did it just for a an episode idea

    • glitteringwithshreena
      glitteringwithshreena 5 months ago +1


    • hunter perry
      hunter perry 5 months ago

      Xion Cinnamon Roll Princess and that, bot is a solid No U. learn from xion.

    • HE’S coming soon
      HE’S coming soon 5 months ago +4

      Please guys, believe in Jesus 🙏. He's coming soon. Jesus is the Way the truth and the life. He accepts you no matter where you've been. Doomsday is on the horizon. Believe Jesus is the Son of God. Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. Read the Bible!

    • Average YT Viewer
      Average YT Viewer 5 months ago +1

      Xion Cinnamon Roll Princess Genuinely makes a bit of sense. :)

  • graydevv
    graydevv 5 months ago +104

    This very much feels like one of those old school creepypasta theories, ones that have become urban legends- like Red killing Blue’s Raticate, Phineas and Ferb being figments of Candace’s imagination. Dora being a real kid stuck in a video game tormented by Swiper the demon fox is one that fits snugly with that crop.
    If this theory existed 15 years ago I’m sure Matpat would’ve made a video debunking it by now.

  • DJ Mac
    DJ Mac 4 months ago +21

    I like how this guy constantly makes dark theories about kid shows. It’s funny, scary (sometimes), and he tries to make as much sense as possible. Which is what many theorists do.

  • CherryFizz
    CherryFizz 2 months ago +1

    As a kid I always assumed that the chanting worked because it was sort of showing Swiper that they had spotted him, and Swiper's thought process is that he can't exactly grab stuff out of Dora's hands, he has to sneak it away from her, hence why he always runs off when he realizes Dora and Boots have spotted him, also now that I think about it, given that Swiper seems to have the thinking and speaking capabilities of a human, is much bigger than a normal fox and is clearly meant to be an adult, it's weird that he's going after a girl who's something like 5 years old and clearly stalking her since he's always around no matter where she is, like wtf dude, Swiper is honestly a major creep

  • Elizabeth_M
    Elizabeth_M 5 months ago +61

    The intro gives me more chills than every horror movie in existence

  • KaiGAYku 😍
    KaiGAYku 😍 29 days ago +1

    I love how he makes us question life and then be like “BUT THATS JUST A THEORY”

  • Or3o.m1lkie
    Or3o.m1lkie 5 months ago +4153

    I just love how Mat can turn any kids show into a literal creepypasta and always has the evidence to back him up.

    • Ronan Dread
      Ronan Dread 4 months ago

      @Chad 007 you're a lie

    • Ronan Dread
      Ronan Dread 4 months ago

      Bruh most kids shows are designed by creepy adults, so it makes sense

    • Peter Yeet
      Peter Yeet 5 months ago

      I know right

    • minh van
      minh van 5 months ago


  • Supagreatman
    Supagreatman 4 months ago +17

    One of the best things about this dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he uploads something. He always respects us, the audience, and he is always full of energy in his videos. Keep up the hard work!!supagreatman

  • LegoWormNoah101
    LegoWormNoah101 5 months ago +15

    There are a couple of things you glossed over.
    Dora's parents that exhibit pregnancy.
    That one episode where Swiper was *encouraged* to swipe to help a whale.
    Dora's cousin Diego with his own TV series.

    • DaFilmQueen
      DaFilmQueen 3 months ago

      I knew the theory could be debunkable. I'm even willing to bet that the video game elements are all merged with reality rather than existing as a video game Dora is stuck in. That would make more sense, fantasy and reality merging together, classic sci-fi..

  • theamazingtommo
    theamazingtommo 3 months ago +63

    10:12 I always found this to be the best intro of Dora cuz of how neat it is😁

  • Joseph Biddle
    Joseph Biddle 5 months ago +12

    That moment of Dora respawning gives me massive Jumanji vibes.

    • DaFilmQueen
      DaFilmQueen 3 months ago +1

      Those teenagers have no idea how lucky they are that they were able to escape their fate. If they saw Dora in this context, they would really drive themselves insane trying to figure out how to save her..

  • Samus419
    Samus419 2 months ago +5

    I like most of MatPat's theories, but I love this one! It makes so much sense! (And I had no idea the movie was so good. I might have to actually watch it lol)

  • xander rob
    xander rob 5 months ago +2756

    The way matpat can go from just a normal show to the fact that swiper is a bloody demon is amazing

    • Bobcu
      Bobcu 5 months ago


    • Erik the squid
      Erik the squid 5 months ago

      W pfp

    • mago_malvado96
      mago_malvado96 5 months ago

      cyber Link to the Original Clip: Dora the Explorer
      (making fun of the bots, lmao)

    • Tyler Sagittarius.
      Tyler Sagittarius. 5 months ago

      He's the Ninetails.

    • Sayba
      Sayba 5 months ago


  • Arbie
    Arbie 4 months ago +14

    MatPat’s cartoon self (which is the style of Dora) is absolutely adorable!
    Why? Because it is and it’s him😊

  • crick etboy01
    crick etboy01 5 months ago +19

    We actually need a madness combat episode, it has some genuine lore in it

  • Fe
    Fe 2 months ago +6

    I use to have nightmares of Swiper and genuinely be terrified when he'd come on screen when I was a kid. Something about the spray bottle sound effect and Dora asking where Swiper is. Hearing the spray bottle in my dreams as I frantically look around to find where Swiper is before it is too late.

  • abrim11
    abrim11 5 months ago +16

    These videos are always more entertaining than I expect them to be lol

  • Ashen Koisan
    Ashen Koisan 13 days ago +1

    Someone should make an analog horror series based on this theory, I'll definetely watch it

  • Owlspiritpal
    Owlspiritpal 5 months ago +2849

    Let me guess little Ollie watched an episode so Matpat just had to make a dark theory. I love it

  • Lillian
    Lillian 4 months ago +8

    Even as a kid seeing the IRL footage and then being lead to the video game that is the show, gave me a weird feeling. I just never knew why!

  • RaphBlade7
    RaphBlade7 4 months ago +7

    Actually there is a Christmas Special where they show a dark future where Swiper became an old miser who would swipe stuff even after someone said Swiper No Swiping three times. Of course its one of the episodes where Swiper (or in this case Present Swiper) is a supporting character rather than an antagonistic (Swiper isn't really a villain in the show as should he successfully swipe something which happens in a few episodes where he swipes the object before they can finish the No Swiping chant, he just throws it away laughing saying you'll never find it now, only for Dora & Boots with the assistance of the audience finding said object. Additionally there Dora & Friends Return to the Rainforest special also somewhat implies Swiper is something of a klepto as he once again playing the frenemy role eyes Dora's magic bracelet like he wants to swipe it but resists the urge as he's helping Dora & her friends (both from the original series & new) save Backpack! Swiper is very similar to other pre-school antagonists such as Mayor Humdinger from PAW Patrol (who originally started out as a rival of Mayor Goodway's to the shows primary antagonist along with the KCC, though there are episodes where he's more of a supporting character) & Zeta from Shimmer & Shine. Personally I find it interesting how some pre-school show primary antagonists end up more like frenemies of the main cast rather than just straight up villains.

  • caqqucino
    caqqucino 3 months ago +7

    I love such dark stories in a child cartoons! The same with Peppa Pig, I've heard from one Clip-Sharer that she thinks that the characters can't get out from the city and only one character is aware that they're trapped and is trying to escape.

  • Percy :o
    Percy :o 4 months ago +3

    my brother walked past at 8:12 and went “oh is that dora” and we died laughing as we realized how only mat pat can make us associate demons and exorcisms with a childhood favorite

  • Fire Girl
    Fire Girl 9 days ago

    MatPat... this episode destroyed everything I thought about my favorite childhood show. You have a talent. MAN I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!!!!😍😍😍 We are almost at 12 million KEEP GOIN!!!!

  • Unknown Variable
    Unknown Variable 5 months ago +1628

    This really is MatPat at his finest. There’s not supposed to be something here to find. Unlike creepypastas, ARGs, and other baited mysteries, Matt is out here digging up fresh cadavers in a children’s show. Perfection.

    • Calvin Noire
      Calvin Noire 5 months ago +1

      @• you are a bot. Always has been.

    • David Wallace
      David Wallace 5 months ago +2

      Lol, fr. Also I'm pretty sure the intro was the creepiest one I've ever seen in a mattpat vid so far. Was so good.

    • A Strong Dose
      A Strong Dose 5 months ago +3

      @Aiden Byun because it's a channel that creates content for children, children are the most gullible, and Clip-Share doesn't care about children being targeted by predators on their own website.

    • Aiden Byun
      Aiden Byun 5 months ago +1

      Why are there so many bots

    • Aiden Byun
      Aiden Byun 5 months ago +1

      Why are there so many bots

  • Ballin' Kirby
    Ballin' Kirby 4 months ago +15

    6:30 "If that wasn't intentional, well, it is certainly one heck of a coincidence" literally the best way to resume the theorist channels

  • 🌙 Vampiric Whispers 🌙
    🌙 Vampiric Whispers 🌙 5 months ago +17

    I absolutely remembered the live action intro to the show and nostalgia just hit me like a train
    Edit: I missed out on the Dora movie, never saw it

  • yuan v489
    yuan v489 Month ago +1

    I watch Dora when I was a kid it’s still makes me creep out and that is one of the most darkest fears I ever see😱

  • That Chaotic Dancer
    That Chaotic Dancer 5 months ago +16

    I recently watched pearl and x and I have to say, it would potentionally be a awesome movie series to do a theory on. It’s a deep character analysis and it’s fascinating- sounds really upyour alley

  • Emma Hancock
    Emma Hancock 3 months ago +9

    I remember Steph saying on her insta story that how Ollie learns languages is he learns how to count in them first🥺 which not only is SO cute and fascinating, but this makes me think of that whenever i turn this on as background noise

  • The Gnarled Pirate
    The Gnarled Pirate 5 months ago +3091

    Everybody: We want Don't Hug Me I'm Scared theories!
    MatPat: *Have you considered Dora the Explorer is haunted by a Demon?*

    • Croc211
      Croc211 4 months ago

      @The name's Ianna what was he wrong about

    • none
      none 5 months ago


    • Linden Salter
      Linden Salter 5 months ago

      Might be waiting for it to release to American audiences so more people will be caught up thus more interested in the show

    • Rznphnx Hardeman
      Rznphnx Hardeman 5 months ago +1

      Thank me later L+no ratio+no women-edit finish him motherless+fatherless+parentless

  • Zealius
    Zealius 5 months ago +12

    This hit me right in the childhood.. Speaking of demonic spirits, I suggest a film theory on the Thai horror movie that came out in 2021 called The Medium. My biggest question is what possessed the young girl? And was the psychic aunt really the medium of the goddess?

  • Jakobe
    Jakobe 4 months ago +20

    Boots has a deeper meaning. I believe that swiper represents the devil while boots represents God. This is due to the fact that boots seems to be leading Dora out of the simulation while swiper is always tryna hold them back.

  • EmeraldKoala2
    EmeraldKoala2 2 months ago +1

    The "Swiper no swiping" thing is almost exactly how teachers at my school told kids to deal with bullying. Hand gesture and everything.
    It didn't tend to work quite as well as in the show.

  • Isabella Morley
    Isabella Morley 4 months ago +2

    Oh, this brings back memories. Me and my cousin loved watching this show as kids. To the point ware my family's nickname for me will forever be boots.

  • Random_Guy
    Random_Guy 2 months ago

    Matpat is working so hard not to be insane for our entertainment and the theories i hope he is still sane

  • Em83
    Em83 5 months ago +2321

    Love that MatPat completely ignores that Dora's ENTIRE family lives inside the game and she even got episodes dedicated to her mom being pregnant and giving birth to her twin siblings 😂

    • D&dfan27
      D&dfan27 4 months ago

      @Brandon Taylor what episode is it?

    • D&dfan27
      D&dfan27 5 months ago

      @Brandon Taylor no i dont remember that episode

    • ultra kamen sentai spider-matoran
      ultra kamen sentai spider-matoran 5 months ago +1

      @the artwoolf yes that could be true

    • ultra kamen sentai spider-matoran
      ultra kamen sentai spider-matoran 5 months ago +2

      @Katherine Tressler wait if dora wasn't even supposed to be In a game why even have her parents in a game I think dora wasn't supposed to be in the game it was another character who was supposed to be the game and those people are there parents dora just replaced them that's why the kid never chooses her in the mini games her codeing is so broken that you can't even select her in the minigames 😔

    • Snethemba Nkosi
      Snethemba Nkosi 5 months ago

      She's hallucinating to deal with the harsh reality of being trapped lol

  • DownSlash
    DownSlash 4 months ago +3

    It's honestly so wholesome that he does videos on content that is age appropriate for his kid. That's being a good dad and not letting your work keep you from your kid

  • Eliseclaire Roberts
    Eliseclaire Roberts 5 months ago +12

    Dora’s cousin’s name is Diego. My mom’s name is Dora and my dad’s name is Doug. Doug is the English equivalent of Diego.
    I always found this hilarious to bring up as a kid, especially considering the faces my parents would make. 😆

  • Coledog10
    Coledog10 2 months ago +1

    Love the theory, but what about the times Dora goes out of her way to help Swiper? She's at least celebrated his birthday and helped him out of a magic bottle

  • U U
    U U 3 months ago +54

    OK but where does Diego fit into all this?

  • ThatsNotTrue
    ThatsNotTrue 5 months ago +3137

    MatPat is the type of guy to look at a kids show, ask “is anyone gonna make a traumatizing theory about that?” And not wait for an answer

    • YouTube_NPC
      YouTube_NPC 4 months ago

      lmaooo got the reference immediately

    • MissMichelle
      MissMichelle 5 months ago +1

      Sheeeeesh, four bots in a row

    • Average YT Viewer
      Average YT Viewer 5 months ago +1

      @HE’S coming soon And then, Dora will come over the horizon in all her glory, eyes aflame with swords spiraling within. She will awaken the minds of all who peruse these comments. Forsake your misguided, unsinful religious ways! Dora Day is on the horizon! Read Reddit!

    • HE’S coming soon
      HE’S coming soon 5 months ago

      We must to believe in Jesus. Jesus is the Way the truth and the life. He accepts you no matter where you've been. Doomsday is on the horizon. Believe Jesus is the Son of God. Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. Read the Bible!

  • P B
    P B 4 months ago +7

    My favorite part of the Dora series was the specials related to Dora finding the crystal necklace from the Snow Princess

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose  2 months ago

    This was super cool, yet very unsettling! Awesome video!

  • NoviceYT
    NoviceYT 2 months ago +1

    Okay, but... Numerous episodes have Swiper being an ally rather than an enemy. Two episodes that stand out to me are the episode where Swiper and Dora travel through time with the troll's Travel Cape (don't remember why but I Doramember it was a Christmas Special) and the episode where Swiper is making a blueberry pie for his grandma (I think, haven't watched Dora in ages). Both episodes have Dora (kind of) taming Swiper and while sure, those episodes in particular are where she helps him, there's also times where _Swiper_ helps _her_ , like the many times Swiper decides to give back whatever he swiped because he felt bad. If Swiper _is_ a demon tormenting Dora, why would Dora help him and, even more perplexing, why would he help Dora, the person he trapped?

  • baked guy
    baked guy 3 months ago +5

    i like the idea that dora and boots are extremely religious people and swiper is just a normal fox, so they're just randomly chanting "SWIPER NO SWIPING" at this poor animal and hes so freaked out by it he tries to brush it off and run away

  • KimiTheDragon
    KimiTheDragon 3 months ago +26

    The exorcism thing gets me every time

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich 5 months ago +1897

    A blind man can locate a waterfall, whereas Dora take one eternity to even find a mountain.

    • Moonbeku
      Moonbeku 5 months ago

      well I used t be

    • Moonbeku
      Moonbeku 5 months ago

      hi lonely sandwich I am a sub

    • Duolingooo
      Duolingooo 5 months ago +1

      @Koi Fishie I don't think it needs to be that loud, I think some waterfalls are slower and calmer

    • Vidz4Kidz
      Vidz4Kidz 5 months ago


    • Douwe DJ
      Douwe DJ 5 months ago

      *Confused Dutch noises*

  • Iris White
    Iris White 4 months ago +1

    I used to watch Dora the explorer when I was little, but it wasn't until I was older and babysitting this kid that I noticed how weird the show was. I never thought she was cursed, I thought she was hallucinating or something and she was saying swiper no swiping as a thing to make the dillustions go away.

  • MushroomlegIsAstrona
    MushroomlegIsAstrona Month ago +1

    I am afraid that MatPat is losing his mind and I'm here for it.

  • izzy1030
    izzy1030 2 months ago

    i love watching the insane evolution of these theories. first alien blue, now demon dora

  • P B
    P B 4 months ago +4

    I actually own that Dora doll from the intro that holds the star; she's life-sized! Super huge doll that definitely towers over a kid who watches Dora

  • Frosted_Glaceon
    Frosted_Glaceon Month ago

    I love this. Foxes are my favorite animals, and the Kitsune has always been my favorite mythical creature. My favorite is the one from Okami.

  • Sierra Alice
    Sierra Alice 5 months ago +1457

    Honestly when I was a kid I always thought Dora jumped in the game from the theme song, but her being sucked in makes a lot more sense. Maybe the theme song is the demons enticing Dora

    • hounddog2952
      hounddog2952 5 months ago +2

      Same person who thinks yr living in space spinning on a fookn ball 😂

    • I farded😤
      I farded😤 5 months ago +3

      @Mehdraagen Tennebrae that just destroys the entire videos meaning

    • Mehdraagen Tennebrae
      Mehdraagen Tennebrae 5 months ago +17

      @Marie The Sea Some more "evidence" for my Dora is the Demon theory. It's Dora's show, she determines what happens. Boots doesn't get to decide what he does, nor does Benny or anyone else. The only one to show defiance is Swiper, and even then he can't do much about it against an all powerful demon. That's probably why no one can interact with the world without Dora's say so. I get the feeling viewer participation is important somehow for Dora, and that's why we need to tell her where things are. She knows, but us yelling at the screen and acknowledging her benefits her in some way

    • Marie The Sea
      Marie The Sea 5 months ago +4

      @Mehdraagen Tennebrae it’s still confusing me why it’s called DORA the explorer and not Boots the explorer or something?

    • Mehdraagen Tennebrae
      Mehdraagen Tennebrae 5 months ago +21

      What if Dora IS the demon? What if she doesn't have a plushie because she's not supposed to be there, yet forced herself in anyway? What if Swiper is actually trying to stop her, and due to his Willpower he's able to resist her to some degree? Maybe Dora is pulling the strings, and that's why she wasn't harmed. She makes the rules, so she doesn't die.

  • Hathus
    Hathus 5 months ago +4

    Yet more childhoods completely destroyed...way to go Matt!

  • GoldPrince2468
    GoldPrince2468 5 months ago +6

    Brief pause on the Swiper bit: Swiper no swiping is the vocal equivalent of a quick time event. If you don’t say “Swiper no swiping” a third time fast enough he takes your item and you have to look for it or face back tracking.

  • CEO of Social Anxiety
    CEO of Social Anxiety 3 months ago +2

    honestly I enjoy the outlandishness of these theories especially around the beginning.

  • DaFilmQueen
    DaFilmQueen 3 months ago +2

    If I were to make my own theory, I would assume that Dora is actually a custom character if anything. While the whole room being deserted with the computer being left on with merch of the characters that never includes Dora makes sense, you could also argue that the doors opening also debunks it, because who is coming into the room? Maybe Dora is a dimensional traveler and she frequently visits the game, thus the whole adventure thing going on. Let's not forget that this theory is based on the first season intro and the live action movie, not the subsequent season intros that follow the series. Oh, and let's not forget that her cousin Diego is in on it. If we're talking Dora, let's also talk about Diego, who also has his own show. If you notice, whenever he's a guest star, the animals he talks to never speak, or at least their vocabulary is never understood. In Diego's own spinoff show, Go Diego Go, all animals talk, and you can actually hear them. Swiper being a demon is hard to disprove, but Dora being stuck in the game is debunkable when Diego is involved in the conversation. If Dora is stuck in a video game, then how does she appear on Diego's show, which doesn't feature the gaming mechanics Dora is known for? And why is his sister Alicia never around in the show? And Dora's family, how do they fit into all this?

    • Zac G
      Zac G 3 months ago +1


  • King Makari
    King Makari 2 months ago +1

    I think its good to call out the fact that dora and boots specifically use their left hand; you see them put the banana in their other hand when confronting swiper. And yes this could be because their left handed but I just wanted to mention it because I dont see why they couldn't just use their right hand

  • Kermit
    Kermit 5 months ago +1649

    I love the fact that Matpat ruthlessly shoots down another part of my childhood

  • Gabriel Wallenberg
    Gabriel Wallenberg 4 months ago +4

    As a roman Catholic, I can verify that that hand-extension is very similar to an exorcism, if a bit simpler lol. I honestly, was thinking along the same lines before you gave that as part of your theory. Definitely not a stretch.

  • AkumuYT
    AkumuYT 5 months ago +2

    Well~ I wasn't expecting the mention of kitsune, or foxes/fox spirts in general for that matter. Very interesting episode, overall.

  • AlaskanSisters
    AlaskanSisters 2 months ago +1

    Dude I watched this show til 4th grade and interacted every time with Dora. However, I did always question how swiped can be defeated so easily, and hearing that he might’ve been excorcised every time they say swiped no swiping helps with some of my sleepless nights so thank you film theory ✨

  • First Last
    First Last 5 months ago +1

    It is believed that the Nick Jr. star, Dora the Explorer, has Down Syndrome, and that she also has hydrocephalus, which explains her uniquely large head. Dora's also believed to speak about three times louder than the other characters in the series, because of her mental disability. She also suffers from classic ADHD, which is why she can't remember what map told her three times. Boots is actually her guiding animal, and the yellow bracelet on Dora's wrist is actually a tracking device that would serve as a means of finding her if she were ever to get lost.

  • Paramount 1106
    Paramount 1106 Month ago +1

    I actually think that he could’ve been one of her past relatives that is looking for her attention. I know it may be strange to see this being the case. But the relative of hers could’ve been the one developing the game, and unfortunately during the programming of the game, they also got sent into it by accident and took the appearance of the (sort of)-villain since that was the first character they wrote code for in the game. This relative essentially grew to control the mechanics of the game in every way, including how it can be a portal once whenever the game CD is inserted. They could be trying to collect stuff from her in an attempt to find a way out of the game that they were sent into. His subsequent response to her telling him to go away, is essentially saying "I could’ve had (object of the day), but I guess I’ll try again later"
    (She is possibly reuniting with a long lost relative who was the mastermind that helped her with writing the educational video game by going through its portal-style thing).

  • Tim Ellazar
    Tim Ellazar 5 months ago +1223

    You just never know what to expect from Matpat and his theories anymore.

    • number2fav
      number2fav 5 months ago

      “trapped in a video game”
      like his videos & stuff but it does kinda feel like that phrase is being repeated..

    • AlleluiaElizabeth
      AlleluiaElizabeth 5 months ago

      I mean… I’d kinda expect this, honestly. lol

    • Frozenfire darknight
      Frozenfire darknight 5 months ago

      @Smellydiperyuck really?? that's a saying?

    • Smellydiperyuck
      Smellydiperyuck 5 months ago +2

      My mama used to tell me,life is like a game theory you never know what you are gonna get

    • Frozenfire darknight
      Frozenfire darknight 5 months ago +1

      especially now that he's watching kids shows with his son.

  • Be Roblox, Be Basic
    Be Roblox, Be Basic 5 months ago +2

    Matpat!! Don't hug me I'm scared has come out with another season!! Please do a theory on this! There is six episodes to watch and they are terrifying and amazing at the same time

  • Agāna♥
    Agāna♥ 5 months ago +2

    Never would I see Matpat making a theory of my favorite childhood TV show

  • The Real 33pandaGamer
    The Real 33pandaGamer 2 months ago

    I didn't realize till over a decade later, that Dora was supposed to be like a point and click adventure game. To be fair, the only video games I played back then was DVD bonus features games.

  • ClaryS Show
    ClaryS Show 5 months ago +1

    Imagine fox studios secretly working on the movie and the reboot of dora but in the new metaverse. That would be surreal

  • DarkAura
    DarkAura 2 months ago +1

    Matpat is slowly ruining our childhoods and I’m so here for it

  • omega5040
    omega5040 5 months ago +1454

    Growing up learning english with Dora, I came to the conclusion that Dora was a real person stuck inside the game from how wierd she acts. It feels eerie how someone else came to the same conclusion.

    • Emerald Eyes Esoteric
      Emerald Eyes Esoteric 3 months ago

      I used to have this sexy Dora picture among my random desktop wallpapers and it comes up WAY too often. I had to copy all of my other wallpapers just to balance it out. Now i find this video, after experiencing a whole bunch of other weird Dora related anamolies.

    • ♡Artemis♡
      ♡Artemis♡ 3 months ago

      Why are you trying to scare

    • Micah Birdlover
      Micah Birdlover 3 months ago

      @ArumiDespaire Asahina i did when I was little watching it☝️

    • Micah Birdlover
      Micah Birdlover 3 months ago

      @bowenvoowy4892 fiim theory wild Kratts ☝️

    • Micah Birdlover
      Micah Birdlover 3 months ago

      @Kaydee ねこ is that picture of cat from Tom and Jerry

  • Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron

    This theory is crazy but a lot of fun. Though I kinda feel swiper might not be the only demon. I mean there’s the grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge and that giant red chicken just isn’t normal

  • CactusGuy 43
    CactusGuy 43 11 days ago

    It's so... odd to hear Matpat detail the plot of Dora the Explorer.

  • Madelynn Cook
    Madelynn Cook Month ago

    As a kid, I never talked to Dora. I just sat there and giggled because Dora looked so dumb she was talking to nobody and every time they asked for help I just waited. They always figured it out without my help so

  • Kiersten Burtz
    Kiersten Burtz 2 months ago +1

    I have to poke some little holes in this theory, MatPat. I grew up Catholic and even went to Catholic school my entire life and never once heard anything about foxes. It was an interesting tidbit, but I wouldn't say that Dora would be familiar with it just because of how Catholic Latin America is.

  • knifer00ni
    knifer00ni Month ago

    Something that I haven't see anyone really point out yet:
    I personally believe one of the main reasons Dora isn't included in the "Hide and Seek" minigame and why there isn't any merch of Dora in the house when the person walks up to the computer, isn't because she's part of a game she's not supposed to be in, but because the person that walks up to the computer in the first place to play the game IS Dora herself. I think Dora's in the game because it's supposed to be representative of how kids imagine themselves in the world of something that they're really obsessed with.
    I think this can be supported by episodes that involved her actual family, like for instance, the special "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure!" I think if she were actually trapped in the game, it would show her family in the same world as well, so I would use this as evidence of Dora imagining two things that she really loved, her family and this particular video game, coming together. But that's just a comment theory!

  • Tomato Teddy
    Tomato Teddy 5 months ago +1322

    MatPat coming in and absolutely tearing one of my childhood favourite shows and saying it's basically Amanda the Adventurer but actually just Dora is something I definitely didn't expect

  • Wiiiii XD
    Wiiiii XD 5 months ago +1

    Mat talking Spanish and ruining my childhood just made my day

  • Ducky Momo
    Ducky Momo 4 months ago

    Gotta say, this is matpat's most believable and plausible theory yet!

  • Dustin Stricklan
    Dustin Stricklan 25 days ago +2

    Matpat said something that got me thinking quote " foxes symbolize tricksters, thieves, and bad omens." end quote my thought is what if swiper rather than the demon is like Dora is a victim after all growing up I always was curious why Swiper was almost reluctant to antagonize Dora, too easy to stop, and seemed happiest when teaming up with and helping her like that is what he wants but something stops him something that makes Swiper almost it's puppet or pawn but Swiper sees Dora like Boots, Backpack, Map, and Benny fondly as if he like them regards her (Dora) as a cherished friend he wants and likes to help as his happiest and freest is when he teams up with and helps Dora almost as if he's shaken off something that makes him become the worst part of his original design a Video Game Antagonist more than likely to Boots who I believe is the main protagonist as shown in the intro two toys on the desk one is Boots and crazily enough the other one is Swiper which seems a clue as what toy set is complete without the main hero ( protagonist) and the main villain ( antagonist) just a MatPat/Film Theory inspired thought

  • FatKrisDrew Xenna Moon
    FatKrisDrew Xenna Moon 4 months ago

    I love watching this guy's theories

  • Laura Ali
    Laura Ali 2 days ago

    Matpat really gets creative with these intros

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Leave it to MatPat when turning people’s childhood shows into nightmares because of his theories.

  • Randomeline
    Randomeline 4 months ago +2

    Very interesting! Just wondering, have you watched any of the show Bluey? There are a few interesting theories floating around for it; maybe you could discuss your opinions on some of them. Or perhaps you could do a theory analyzing why Bluey, MLP:FIM, and early Steven Universe gained such a large adult following considering they’re really just aimed at younger kids (SU kinda changed tones as the show went on, but it started out as little kid fair). Thank you! ❤

  • Leigh Eason
    Leigh Eason 5 months ago +1

    Whenever I wanna watch something scary I just watch you by the way love your videos

  • Emerald Eyes Esoteric
    Emerald Eyes Esoteric 3 months ago

    I've noticed a lot of anomalies that led to me finding this video. I used to have a Dora picture in my desktop wallpapers, and it comes up WAY too often on my slideshow. There is a video called Dora the Destroyer boss theme by Marko that will NEVER GO AWAY! If you are watching Emkay videos it will haunt you forever.

  • levi markakis
    levi markakis 5 months ago +3

    I have a film theory: Phineas and Ferb, from Phineas and Ferb, are evil and are on a mission to drive Candace insane. The theme song has "or driving our sister insane" written into it. They never get caught. And they even have an alliance with Doctor Doofenshmirtz because he is Phineases DAD. Doof and Linda went on a date, and you can even see how Phineas inherited his fathers triangle-head shape. That explains why a brilliant doctor/engineer always puts self-destruct buttons on his machines, and why he SEEMS not to recognize Perry unless he has a fedora on. It's all acting. While all this happens, everyone sees candace as a crazy person, her parents, her friends, her crush, and her little brothers just sit there in the backyard, with a smile on their faces.