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  • Published on Dec 16, 2017 veröffentlicht
  • MINECRAFT BUILDING VS REDSTONE (Grian vs Mumbo) todays showcase is a little different! Minecraft with Mumbo, see his video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gGSG...
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  • Grian
    Grian  5 years ago +24078

    You guys don't know the pain I went through to get this video uploaded the world did not want me to upload it but I did it anyway! I hope you like it! Please show your love by leaving a like and a comment! We worked super hard on this and don't forget to check mumbos video after!

  • Antigen
    Antigen Year ago +2552

    You can tell a lot about Mumbo and Grian by the fact that Mumbo closes every door behind him and Grian doesn't.

    • Worm army
      Worm army 24 days ago

      @Zeallust oh damn someone already said it

    • Worm army
      Worm army 24 days ago

      Average survival vs creative player

    • Wkxeov
      Wkxeov 4 months ago +3

      @SpilledBeans boom boom can cause chest to blow which can also cause items to disappear if the bed is destroyed and home is far

    • PsyGamez
      PsyGamez 5 months ago +1

      He’s contemplating whether to take it

    • Kiyotaka•
      Kiyotaka• 6 months ago


  • Nini’s Desk
    Nini’s Desk Year ago +1933

    If only grain knew he’d be using cactus and lava to defend a whole desert in the future

    • Pigeon
      Pigeon Month ago

      @Cas I forgot that poultry man existed
      Time to binge season 6 again

    • Cas
      Cas 3 months ago

      @Gary Zou …Poultry man?

    • Rush
      Rush 4 months ago +2


    • Jie Gao
      Jie Gao 4 months ago +2


    • Hashim Alkooheji
      Hashim Alkooheji 4 months ago +1


  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson Year ago +518

    “Now here we have have a Victorian style greenhouse...”
    He totally missed the chance to call it a Grian- house

  • nicoleu2007
    nicoleu2007 Year ago +363

    Mumbo explaining red stone while bouncing around in a minecart like a beach ball is simply hilarious

  • Prometeya
    Prometeya Year ago +42

    To be fair. Grian's dirt house survived because the tnt was neutralized by the moat, so the build tecnically did it's job

  • mgsVR
    mgsVR 4 years ago +21414

    Grian: It’s pretty.
    Mumbo: It works.

    • Cris
      Cris 8 days ago

      Front-end developer vs back-end developer.

    • Altay el
      Altay el 16 days ago

      Yeah, so that's why mostly redstone experts and building experts work together at big mansions, etc. It makes a pretty and working machine. Actually, mumbo made a video named making mansion with Brian(?) About that.

    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 4 months ago

      Yeah, like the first round where Grian brought a garden to a farming competition and somehow won even though Mumbo's actual farm was vastly more efficient at growing a sustainable food source.

    • James Rose
      James Rose Year ago


    • Mr.K
      Mr.K Year ago

      i share a mindset with both....half my stuff looks alright and mostly works.

  • Pig Man
    Pig Man Year ago +349

    you guys should do a big colab where grian builds a massive mansion and mumbo makes every aspect of it fully automated, that would be sick

    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 4 months ago

      @JJ's animations and then they made another set of houses specifically designed to annoy each other.

    • JJ's animations
      JJ's animations 5 months ago

      They did already.......

    • David
      David Year ago

      Hmmm yeah

    • SkyPlayzGames
      SkyPlayzGames Year ago +3

      @Haggler882 what episode?

    • Haggler882
      Haggler882 Year ago

      @SkyPlayzGames hermetcraft

  • HF_PlayZ
    HF_PlayZ Year ago +64

    I love that they have their own skills, Grian is more on beauty and decoration for looks and attractions, while Mumbo, is better in making redstone contraptions and efficient automatic builds.

  • Tyrr
    Tyrr Year ago +274

    Grian: and then just take their hard work away from them.
    Mumbo: Exactly. *continues explaining*

  • Hellshing
    Hellshing Day ago

    This idea should use what you both did for the house video. Grian decorates Mumbo's redstone with buildings, and Mumbo puts redstone into Grian's builds. Bc I reckon, Mumbo could make the train move while you could decorate the farms/defenses.

  • The Ginger BOAH
    The Ginger BOAH 3 years ago +5536

    Grian: Yeah, mine is pretty...
    Mumbo: I use villagers as *SLAVES*

    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 4 months ago

      Pretty impractical you mean. The greenhouses and center plaza are just illusions to distract from the fact that he brought a garden to a *farm* fight

    • uhGlitch
      uhGlitch Year ago


    • JXCOB
      JXCOB Year ago +1

      @BIG BIRD IS HOT dude you get in trouble for laughing?? Do you need me to call the police

    • The Ginger BOAH
      The Ginger BOAH Year ago

      @SaladMan you already know bud

    • SaladMan
      SaladMan Year ago

      @The Ginger BOAH thanks for thanking for the likes in the comments instead of editing the comment itself

  • Blue
    Blue Year ago +85

    What impresses me most is how nice they are to each other! Even when competing against each other...

  • Jesse Stewart
    Jesse Stewart Year ago +92

    I love how Grians dirt house still looks better than all of my builds.

    • David
      David Year ago

      Same same

  • Nathan
    Nathan Year ago +17

    they've both learned so much in these last years, I'm so proud of them for where they are now

  • Ze Epic Gamer
    Ze Epic Gamer Year ago +71

    Grian: This is a *friendly* competition
    Mumbo: *destroys Grian's build*

  • KingJake2511
    KingJake2511 Year ago +1155

    Petition to redo this today because they’ve both learned things in each other’s categories

    • MyNameIsDark
      MyNameIsDark 4 months ago

      But as they said, that would ruin the point

    • random thing
      random thing 4 months ago

      @Innerwolf Gaming "TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES" no crap I’m literally replying to a comment that says mumbo has some building experience

    • Innerwolf Gaming "TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES"
      Innerwolf Gaming "TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES" 4 months ago

      @random thing no because mumbo already has some experience in buildingg while grian is basically clueless when it comes to redstone

    • Radical_Chaos44
      Radical_Chaos44 9 months ago +1

      That’s would be awesome

    • Hello
      Hello 9 months ago +1

      ~I sign

  • SnowCat0110
    SnowCat0110 Year ago +10

    Mumbo's little, "are you sure?" After the transport section is so sweet. Just shows that's this really is just friendly competition between mates

  • GuruTheMaster
    GuruTheMaster 3 days ago

    Mumble and Grian should team up to make an actual moving staircase

  • Vrabor F.
    Vrabor F. Year ago +41

    Would be nice to bring both build-styles together. Imagine all the pretty builds with all the good redstone stuff within 🤗

  • Gamer The Void Gaming Centre

    I would love to see this redone in the modern day with Grian’s greater skill of building, and newer pallets, and Mumbo’s increase in skill and also the new Redstone gimmicks of the modern day.

  • Rishi Nixon
    Rishi Nixon 3 years ago +1889

    Grian can even make a dirt house look gorgeous.

    • JD's Knowledge
      JD's Knowledge 7 months ago

      And mumbo can make the easiest redstone very complicated

    • Nesto
      Nesto 3 years ago

      What about mumbo’s dirt house?

    • lartts
      lartts 3 years ago

      @pola os stop making a war

    • Jorge Rodriguez
      Jorge Rodriguez 3 years ago

      Mumbo can make a small moving house

    • parkie
      parkie 3 years ago

      And my ultimate secure house!!!!!!!!!

  • ItsUnpug
    ItsUnpug Year ago +52

    “It’s a good way to show it off”
    **destroys Grian’s base**

  • Orion Aerospace KSP
    Orion Aerospace KSP 7 months ago +4

    This has been one of the best collabs I've seen between Mumbo and Grian! Well done!

  • Rafał Kołodziejek
    Rafał Kołodziejek Year ago +14

    The chimney with smoke on top of Grian's last building looks really cool.

  • Rice Donut
    Rice Donut Year ago +28

    I feel like Mumbo should've won the farming one. Since farming is a survival category, you're gonna want a faster and more efficient way of farming.

    • Jazzy785
      Jazzy785 4 months ago +3

      Grians weren't supposed to be functional they were supposed to be aesthetic which gives mumbo an advantage on nearly every category anyway.

    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 4 months ago

      Yeah, not to mention that Mumbo's the only one to build an actual FARM; Grian built a backyard garden a wife would use to occupy her free time after the last of her kids left the nest.

  • DHS222
    DHS222 2 years ago +2188

    People of 2018: ah that’s a nice build. People of 2020: THATS THE BARDGE!!!

    • Elin van der Ent
      Elin van der Ent 23 days ago


    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 4 months ago

      It's a pretty build, but it doesn't change the fact that Grian built a garden for the *farming* category. A garden isn't a farm, and barely any of the land is utilized for farming; Grian should not have won that.

    • Lucky cats
      Lucky cats 5 months ago

      @SilentEye a build grian made

    • Derek Dollarhite
      Derek Dollarhite 5 months ago


    • TTVkylex
      TTVkylex 5 months ago

      Now 2022

  • Senseless ReeD
    Senseless ReeD 10 months ago +3

    2017 Grian: "Very expensive way to build using anvils..."
    2021 Grian: "I can make huge railroad using thousands of anvils, why not?"
    And he's right! I mean, what's the point being the richest hermit on the server if you can't spend many thousands of iron blocks just for fun?

  • Nick Weston
    Nick Weston Year ago +4

    They're both so humble that they always give the other person the point

  • Eternity
    Eternity 4 months ago +2

    I love Grian's furnace build, even at first glance. Don't think a lot of people will be able to fully utilize Mumbo's furnace build, just getting the materials to smelt alone is insane!

  • Metallic
    Metallic Year ago +5

    The fact that Grian can actually make a dirt house look good.

  • Thomas Devlin
    Thomas Devlin Year ago +3

    I think Mumbo should have won the staircase category, even though you can see the slime blocks and the pistons in the staircase, the flair of a secret spiral staircase is just too cool

  • Malfuntion • 6y ago

    I knew the staircase was gonna be the hogwars staircase cow of the bumps

  • Rishit Maheshwari
    Rishit Maheshwari Year ago +12

    Petition to do this now, just the other way around, Grian has learnt some Redstone also Mumbo has learnt some architecture

  • Tommy Reynolds
    Tommy Reynolds Year ago +8

    Can you guys please do this again!? I literally have rewatched this video 5 times at this point, I need a sequel.

  • squidoodle
    squidoodle 3 years ago +3302

    Mumbo: So here we have a completely flat area...
    Grian: Oh this is genius

    • nycapt2a
      nycapt2a 11 months ago +1


    • nycapt2a
      nycapt2a 11 months ago +1

      @Pepsi Man no cuwsing in da comments of a family-friendly channel dude

    • A person who cannot think of a creative profile
      A person who cannot think of a creative profile Year ago +1

      @Xaccorani people curse (I don’t) but people do you need to learn it

    • itamar Sultanik
      itamar Sultanik 3 years ago


    • Captain Price
      Captain Price 3 years ago +3

      @Pepsi Man coke is better
      and sprite
      and fanta
      and cream soda
      and mountain dew
      and dr. pepper

  • Gabriel Ursidae
    Gabriel Ursidae 3 months ago +1

    I'd love to see them do this series again in modern day Minecraft. Things would look incredibly different

  • Ethan Zhang
    Ethan Zhang Year ago +3

    Imagine Grian and Munro working together and build this really nice and redstoney builds

  • MrTree
    MrTree Year ago +4

    Mumbo: This is pretty simple
    Me: how I can’t even build a 3x3 piston door

  • folfy boi
    folfy boi Year ago +3

    Even tho ive been going through a lot in my life (overthinking and suicdle thoughts) both of your vids cheer me up i love watching the hermit craft series they just make me feel great and love watching you all work together and have fun with each other

  • Theo Birdsong
    Theo Birdsong 2 years ago +2032

    Mumbo and grian should make a the real moving staircases of hogwarts.

    • Glenngot
      Glenngot 7 months ago

      Someone has made that with Create mod

    • ClownPierce Jr
      ClownPierce Jr 8 months ago


    • Kuperlilu
      Kuperlilu 8 months ago

      @Mahad Khan Not if they used the create mod, that would make it way simpler, but still have small problems they have to solve.

    • turtlduc
      turtlduc 11 months ago

      @wasabispoop bruh can people speak german without being ridiculed

    • -B E A R-
      -B E A R- 11 months ago

      @The Ap-Sap that would be very cool and in mumbo’s vid there is like a space celling in one of grian’s builds

  • The Pro MD
    The Pro MD Year ago +12

    1:30 Who knew it at that time that this design would make 1 of the most successful shops in Hermitcraft 7

    • shiloh
      shiloh Year ago +1

      Barge barge bargeeee

  • mozartmozi
    mozartmozi Year ago +3

    The transition of the texture pack was so smooth though!

  • Superossido O2-
    Superossido O2- 23 days ago

    Personally, when playing I always try to hide redstone behind some aesthetic builds. That's sometimes challenging.
    I think it may be interseting to see a cooperation to build "hidden redstone" rather than a challenge comparing pears with oranges.

  • Mini Pig
    Mini Pig Year ago +2

    Years later Mumbo has made the best furnace system known to redstone.

  • Brandon Curington
    Brandon Curington 3 years ago +3914

    Grian : *”Mumbo I love your redstone.”*
    Mumbo: *”Grian I love your building.”*
    every Grian-Mumbo collab ever.

    • Izz Za
      Izz Za 3 years ago

      I'm get the bleach guys it fine

    • Fifa CV
      Fifa CV 3 years ago

      @GODLY GAMER probs auto correct

    • I’m a Banditø for gacha
      I’m a Banditø for gacha 3 years ago

      GODLY GAMER shut up you don’t have to be rude

    • Doron Abrahami
      Doron Abrahami 3 years ago +1

      This comment had 2.8K likes
      When I liked it turned into 2.9K

    • Kokeech
      Kokeech 3 years ago

      Your profile is death stick Obi Wan, I'm dead 😂😂

  • Posy
    Posy Year ago +40

    everyone: the green house looks like the barge
    me: the train is the G-train!

  • Tobias Küchler
    Tobias Küchler Year ago +2

    Well the redstone builds excel in efficiency and technical ingenuity, but honestly choosing between only redstone and only aesthetics i would definitely prefer the good looking builds from Grian. Of course combining both is best.

  • ChipMcCain
    ChipMcCain Year ago +4

    for the farming one, redstone and building can go exremely well together. go see scars s7 hermitcraft base/village lol

  • Notes of Truth
    Notes of Truth 11 months ago +2

    Honestly, I would've picked Mumbo's farm hands down. Normal farming is quite tedious.

    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 4 months ago

      Not to mention Grian brought a garden to a farm fight.

  • SparkleRunner12
    SparkleRunner12 Year ago +21

    Every time they say “Friendly competition”, they end up trying to kill each other by the end of the video...

  • Kit Callie
    Kit Callie Year ago +1

    I love how Grian talks about playing on an older version. I just found the ps3 Minecraft recently. So I'm playing on a version that doesnt have hoppers.
    Its like a treasure hunt to find all the builds and hacks that work for my version! Its kinda fun in that sense.

  • Love Struck Paradiso

    There has been so much added in Redstone and building sense this, we NEED a rematch.

  • Aaron Lucas
    Aaron Lucas Year ago +4

    In the first one (farming) I realized that without knowing it, Grian was designing the modern barge in 2017.

  • Landy Chorus
    Landy Chorus 3 years ago +7167

    a fight between graphics and performance

    • formerfreak
      formerfreak 3 months ago

      so skyrim

    • Mr. Also
      Mr. Also 3 months ago

      POV you put a automatic farm under your regular farm

    • Vegan meatball
      Vegan meatball 3 months ago

      @Blekplague F R I E N D L Y

    • 1zj4
      1zj4 3 months ago

      @Cristian Ardon monge what do you mean Grain’s builds mostly was just wood and stone

    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 4 months ago

      Yes, form vs function. And according to my introduction to game design course, form should follow function, which is why I think Mumbo should have gotten the point for the first round, because while Grian's was nice to look at, in terms of practically, the layout really kills it; the multiple greenhouse design results in a bunch of walking and opening/closing doors, not to mention that there's not much actual farming space because the individual greenhouses are rather small. Meanwhile, Mumbo's farm is efficient and convenient, so it's far more functional than Grian's "farm"

  • Kik padodo
    Kik padodo Year ago +14

    Isn't the greenhouses looks exactly like the barge? xD

  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin 4 months ago

    Huh, I'd actually reverse two of the points. I think Grian's railroad was cooler, it had this fun idea of "portaling" off into another section, kind of like how you pretended to warp somewhere when you were a kid, had this magic to it. And I think Mumbo's staircase was better, as it just had this amazing sense of surprise that felt was more effective than the surprise that the staircase Grian made. Just my opinions though!

  • Andrew McGowan
    Andrew McGowan Year ago

    Does Mumbo have any instructional videos about that hidden staircase and how to scale the redstone down a bit? I'm a builder who really wants to learn redstone so I can integrate it more with my builds. Best of both worlds is what I want to achieve in my own work.

  • Don Pendejo
    Don Pendejo Year ago +1

    Grian + Mumbo = best structures in the universe, combining both redstone and prettiness

  • Maezar Animations
    Maezar Animations 3 years ago +1751

    Grian: oh no, my defence!
    *Proceeds to launch more tnt*

  • Dragontooth428
    Dragontooth428 Year ago +1

    I wish I could have a friendship like y'all. So humble.

  • Khanh Ha
    Khanh Ha Year ago +3

    "This is not the Grian I know and love"
    This is what I like about their friendship, it's half annoying and it's half really nice, aww mumbo you said you loved the ordinary grian, see this is what I call "friendship"

  • Simon Sloth
    Simon Sloth 11 months ago +1

    If Mumbo ever places down one piece of redstone, you know it’s eventually gonna turn into something like a 16x16 piston door difficulty.

  • InkMuste
    InkMuste 11 months ago +1

    i think grian actually shouldve won the transport category since its functional, you can make the rails anywhere in your hypothetical world and the train is aesthetically pleasing, versus to mumbo who just made an amusement park sort of contraption

    SONICPOOP Year ago +3

    Mumbo: puts loads of effort into that second build
    Me: Goes from the side

  • Sentient Soup
    Sentient Soup Year ago +1

    I love your building style so much, even in the past videos!

  • Xuesheng Ma
    Xuesheng Ma 10 months ago +1

    My favorite build in this whole video is grian’s *hogwarts castle staircase*
    Good job Grian :)

  • Kamaka
    Kamaka 27 days ago +1

    Watching this after season 7 of hermitcraft is so cool knowing this is probably where the barges design started

  • Katherine Murray
    Katherine Murray Year ago +3566

    "Friendly competition" Mumbo: Destroys Grian's build.

  • Spexx
    Spexx 4 months ago +1

    I just realized that this greenhouse looks almost like the exact same style as the barge

  • Sunsh1ne
    Sunsh1ne 3 months ago

    This proves that if you combine the good looks of building and the efficiency of redstone you create something magical.

  • StacavaCat
    StacavaCat Year ago +1

    So amazing! You guys are crazy dedicated! Love, love, love your building Grian.

  • StormFalcon262
    StormFalcon262 Year ago +1

    Coming back to this even this even if it was a while ago now, i cant help but see Grians Greenhouse having distinct similarities to the legendary Barge from S7

  • Aryan Gandhi
    Aryan Gandhi 2 years ago +3460

    Grian's Victorian farm looks like the barge from Hermitcraft S7

    • Random Viewer
      Random Viewer 10 months ago

      I was about to comment that

    • The Twins do Art
      The Twins do Art 10 months ago

      This was before that...

    • liminal_D20
      liminal_D20 10 months ago +1

      Youre not the only one who thinks that😄

    • Turkeyy711
      Turkeyy711 11 months ago

      He based it off of Victorian styles

    • Super Steve
      Super Steve 11 months ago

      That’s where he got the idea from.

  • Nash Bourman
    Nash Bourman Year ago

    I could never such a crazy red stone thingy or such a cool house, you guys are awesome!! I love it and it was such epic video. You should do more of these vids!

  • drinefire12
    drinefire12 Year ago

    0:38 I like how grian is explaining everything in peace and then there is mumbo who just trying to destroy the peace in the background 😂😂

  • Dominic Dunn
    Dominic Dunn Year ago +6

    "This is a friendly competition" *proceeds to blow up grians house*

  • caeley mclaughlin
    caeley mclaughlin Year ago +1

    when I saw the outside of Giran's staircase build I thought "That kinda reminds me of Hogwarts, idk why though" and then I saw the inside and was confused about how I thought the exact thing it was.

  • Storyteller 357O
    Storyteller 357O 3 years ago +2082

    When the two smartest kids in class have different answers
    Alternative comment: architecture vs engineering

    • Rogg02
      Rogg02 Year ago

      You need engineer to be an architect...

    • Blades Of Derp
      Blades Of Derp 2 years ago

      I was thinking this lol

    • Prince Dope As Fvck
      Prince Dope As Fvck 3 years ago

      I actually do both

    • Kreas
      Kreas 3 years ago +2

      @Skwigs I turned ingegnere into engineer.

    • Skwigs
      Skwigs 3 years ago

      PandaBearTart wot

  • Opdragon 25
    Opdragon 25 9 months ago +1

    You know, the best way is building a beautyful Grian-building, then build an industrial Mumbo-farm under it

  • Keven
    Keven 3 months ago

    god i really want them to collab build something. like imagine mumbo's redstone furnace but incorporated in grians furnace builds aesthetic. they probably already done somet stuff like that but i cant wait to find out. these two are really cool

  • Ashton Giertz
    Ashton Giertz 4 months ago +1

    Mumbo totally should have won the first round, because the situation they were building for was farming, and Grian built a garden! It may look big compared to Mumbo's farm, but most of that space is just grass and pathways, with very little farmland because instead of building a single, large greenhouse, Grian decided to make 3 claustrophobic ones you'd have to walk between. Heck, you'd spend more time walking than gathering, since you'd have to go through each greenhouse individually before moving on to the next one. It's tedious and time consuming. That's not a sustainable source of food; that's something an aging mother would use to distract herself from empty nest syndrome! He should have modeled it after more modern farm designs; the white of a futurist farm contrasts nicely with the green of the plants, rather than them blending in with the browns of wood. A multilayered farm would have been visually appealing and functional. There's some place where they made series of gardens at different elevations to create natural climate control so they can plant a larger variety of crops, which just blows my mind. But no, we get a small backyard garden with the most notable feature being the crosswalk between the entrance and the three dinku greenhouses. Mumbo's farm may have been barebones, but at least it's an actual FARM. And quite an efficient one at that!

  • Dog
    Dog Year ago

    to auto farm wheat you could just have it every observer update it would send a certain amount of items, then once enough input went in you could have a comparitor run out and harvest it. simple!

  • Michelle UwU
    Michelle UwU 3 years ago +1206

    When the dirt house looks better than your masterpiece house

    • Matthew MBG
      Matthew MBG 2 years ago

      I live in a desert temple which I turned into a castle

    • LazyPotato
      LazyPotato 2 years ago +3

      Ivan Torres he’s called Koro sensei

    • Tony Th
      Tony Th 2 years ago +2

      I am still living inside my cobblestone walls I built at the begining. But I have and am extending them...

    • Lunar Creeper
      Lunar Creeper 2 years ago +1

      But if u need some help ask me I’m pretty good but not really good

    • TERMINAL FlamingOcean
      TERMINAL FlamingOcean 2 years ago +4

      Michelle UwU love your profile pic what is it

  • Marcell Máté
    Marcell Máté 4 months ago +1

    You can't name a more iconic duo than this.

  • Unfortunately Evil

    Can we get a modern version of this, all the same categories, but instead of a VS, working together to combine functional Redstone with designer builds (without just hiding the RS)?
    If VS is needed for the algorithm, go up against another RS/Builder pair~

  • Mary Johnston
    Mary Johnston Year ago

    Has anyone noticed that the greenhouse Grian made in the beginning looks suspiciously like the barge from HermitCraft Season 7.

  • SeaGamer 1
    SeaGamer 1 Year ago +1

    Did anyone notice that the Victorian farming buildings grian made look just like the barge from hermitcraft season 7?

  • Sebastian-Benedict Flore
    Sebastian-Benedict Flore 3 years ago +1211

    It always got so awkward when they were deciding which was better

    • Rage Against My Hairline
      Rage Against My Hairline 4 months ago

      @Ashton Giertz I know what type of person you're referring to, and I suggest to you that they're present in every country in the world. They're the minority. I'm guessing you're American so I believe you know what I'm talking about. Just because they're the ones who shout the loudest, thereby getting the most attention, doesn't mean they're representative of the majority of people.

    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 4 months ago

      This is why you need a third party for judging competitions.

    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 4 months ago

      @Rage Against My Hairline instead they flex their egos by laughing at other cultures and calling them "uncivilized," "barbarians," and "savages."

    • Claire Wagoner
      Claire Wagoner 2 years ago

      Rage Against My Hairline I’m a bit late but Americans are the opposite lol

    • Anto Schast
      Anto Schast 3 years ago

      Sophieperky actually, it has nothing to do with if you are british or not. If we are talking about stereotypes, Canadians are well known for being apologetic and humble, waaaaayyyyyy more than british people are. Now, any person can be just as you described brits. I am neither canadian nor british and I, a latina, am extremely apologetic and won't ever accept that my work is better or as good as someone else's. Not because of any self-esteem related issue, but because I don't like saying so, since anyone's feelings could somehow get hurt. I hope I managed to explain myself clearly 😂

  • The Mohibean
    The Mohibean Year ago +2

    Grian: I'm going to win
    Mumbo: It's all just a friendly competition (awkward laugh)

  • Ihaveanaxe
    Ihaveanaxe Year ago +1

    Ok so I wanted to learn how to get better at building so I looked up mega build tutorials and Grian, you’re the first to pop up! Congratulations this probably isn’t new to you

  • Cofffee
    Cofffee Year ago

    Copper golems would have been great for the wheat one if you could attach an observer to it somehow

  • Coco Cow
    Coco Cow Year ago +2

    If only Mumbo knew he was gonna be a “Peace, Love, and Plants” potato..

  • Tayl
    Tayl Year ago +3015

    Grian: what I have here is a Victorian style greenhouse
    Me: It’s the barge!

  • Tucano guy
    Tucano guy Year ago +2

    Grian’s farming build is just the barge before it went to sea.

  • Oscar Pijper
    Oscar Pijper Month ago

    So funny to see that intro. Grian is just standing still and Mumbo moving all over the place.

  • Racoongodslayer888
    Racoongodslayer888 11 months ago

    when watching this video the moment i saw the farming houses i was immediatly reminded of the barge, funny that he used that same building style

  • PitchVantablack
    PitchVantablack 5 months ago

    This makes me realize grian would love create. He could build that massive train, AND make it function.

  • Diedert Spijkerboer
    Diedert Spijkerboer 3 years ago +3759

    It seems that Mumbo's defence system de-fenced Grian's.

  • M3ster
    M3ster Year ago

    Grian is so good at building he could make a dirt hut look great