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Kim Campbell - Fighter Pilot Mindset

  • Published on Nov 10, 2020 veröffentlicht

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  • Mike 6720
    Mike 6720 2 months ago +37

    As a retired Marine Colonel, I can tell you KC is absolutely inspirational.

    • Just Look at Kinnelon
      Just Look at Kinnelon Month ago

      Isn’t she though? I remember a reporter talking to her in news pool footage the day this story broke. Her call sign was Killer Chick and she wasn’t gonna take time off she wanted another mission and in fact got one and was flying the next day.
      Her voice breaks up a bit partly here and it really got to me man. I am retiring from 25 years as an ocean lifeguard and remembering now brief moments of consequence that passed by tok quickly for me to process emotionally and all that is coming back to me now - moments where everything ended well but life swung in the balance in a moment of consequence on a busy day in large surf. It ain’t easy telling stories like that and ain’t it funny how she implies it was her fault she was hit and gives everyone else the credit for trying to train her right and get her home. What a great American. You too sir thanks for what you do.
      Not what you did what you do. I know you leathernecks! You never really retire! ✌️👏🔥🔥

    • Sam Spade
      Sam Spade Month ago


  • Shevet Levi
    Shevet Levi 2 months ago +23

    Great story and thanks for all you've done for America Ms. Campbell.
    I'm a low time non-instrument rated and now, non-current private pilot. One of my closest friends is a retired USMC major and Gulf War I combat veteran who flew the A-4 and the AV8 Harrier in the War. One day we were flying together in a Cessna 172 with me flying as PIC. I was happy to fly per private pilot test standards: +/- 50 ft. altitude, +/- 5 knots airspeed and +/- 10 degrees heading. He gently scolded me and told me not to accept deviations of that magnitude (even though they are acceptable deviations per the FAA). It showed me the difference between my casual civilian recreational aviation mindset and his lifetime in aviation (he recently retired as an airline captain) professional mindset. Whenever he flew the Cessna it looked like the instruments were broken. The needles stayed rock steady pinned to whatever altitude, airspeed or heading we had selected. Plus he made it look easy. It's always been a complete pleasure to fly with him.

  • Astircalix
    Astircalix 2 months ago +8

    I just want to say that military training goes along with will and determination, so every knot and foot counts in a different way - it's the difference between life and death. Well done
    Madam !

  • gawebm
    gawebm 2 months ago +8

    Officer Campbell, you brought tears to my eyes. You are a real hero. I was born and raised on air force bases a number of years ago. In my eyes, pilots were Gods. They were special people. As a young boy those heroes I saw set an example of pride, uncommon bravery, intelligence, and commitment to our country. They were willing to risk their lives every day. It was sobering and heroic and it left a huge impression on me.
    Nowadays, young boys may not view your fellow air force pilots with the same awe and respect that I did. The internet and social media changed everything. But I can tell you that the little boy inside this 68 year old man still cries when he is touched by the words of a "God" such as yourself.
    Thank you for your service, for risking your life, and for reminding me that my father, too, was a hero and a "God".

    • all around
      all around 2 months ago

      Col Campbell is her correct name. Officer Campbell is how you address a Law Enforcement Officer. You could have looked it up before you posted. That's what I did.

  • Jeff Douglas
    Jeff Douglas 2 months ago +4

    BDUs, Aim-9's, TGP's, etc for those range ops. Excellent wisdom in this speech.

  • HighProof
    HighProof Month ago

    I love watching her speak. what an amazing career

    SKIP WOOD Month ago +1

    absolutely correct.... my 40+ years in aviation and 30 years as an airline captain you learn you will NEVER have a perfect day in flying... if you are critical of your skills

  • Alex Flanagan
    Alex Flanagan 2 months ago +2

    She fights and flies fast jets.She’s a fighter pilot.

  • 6.4 HemiDriver
    6.4 HemiDriver 2 months ago +6

    Her flight lead wanted her to punch out once they cleared Bagdad, she said no. He wanted her to punch out again when they got back to their base, again she said no. Until that point, only one other A-10 pilot tried landing with hydraulics using the manual system and he died.

    • br stoddard
      br stoddard 2 months ago

      Not true with just one other trying to land in Man Reversion. The one who died was Oly Olson... great young fighter pilot... before his failed attempt others in the Hawg landed in Man Rev... one dude with over 200 holes in the airplane.

  • Jim Engfer
    Jim Engfer Year ago +6

    I have the utmost respect for KC! I think women are some of the BEST pilots in the USA armed forces!

    • DrCruel
      DrCruel 11 months ago +1

      Dunno about you, but she scares the shit out of me.

    • Rusty Denham
      Rusty Denham 2 months ago +2

      Considering that less than 7% of pilots in the Air Force are women and the numbers are smaller for the Marine Corps and Navy the math is not on your side with your opinion.

    • Eric Wieboldt
      Eric Wieboldt Month ago

      Any evidence to back up you claim

  • Michael McManus
    Michael McManus 2 months ago

    Attack pilots have one role/mission, kill and blow thing up.
    For years the Army won’t call attack helicopters CAS, close air support, and then they finally saw the value of in-house CAS for the infantry and other ground troops.
    Doing JAAT with our fast mover cousins was always a blast (pun intended).
    Combine Live Fire missions were excellent resources of tools.
    Great video of lessons learned one can apply to life. 🫡🙌

  • Narcos
    Narcos 11 months ago +4

    Something that must be applied to all aspects of life

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas 2 months ago +4

    Little things matter.
    One degree, 1mm…etc, all are important.
    The most important people in a school are the admin secretaries, janitors and cleaners. Not the principal who you don’t replace when sick or absent.

  • David W Maaske
    David W Maaske 2 months ago +2

    Very good team example

  • Shannon Pinion
    Shannon Pinion 6 months ago +5

    an amazing Pioneer young women today can look up too

    • Just Look at Kinnelon
      Just Look at Kinnelon Month ago

      Young men too! I was young when I learned about Killer Chick and remember seeing her on the news. It’s often missed that women like her help little boys learn how to respect girls and women for their immense potential.

  • RAEL
    RAEL 2 months ago

    Being prepared to respond to the unexpected is all fine and good.....but a person has to be prepared to carry out the EXPECTED first......before moving on to the unexpected. How can you perform to your best abilities if you never get it right in the first place? At my SAC base we had operational readiness Inspections (ORI) and other various exercises. But each time was a classic military Cluster X. Situation normal....all fouled up. It was chaos every time. Complete with Bent Spears regarding actual nuclear weapons. We never trained to do it right. We only trained to do it wrong. I was so disgusted with my United States Air Force that I left after one term. It was a disgusting experience. I pray to God that things got better since then. God help us all. Look what's going on in Ukraine. America would NEVER hold up under such conditions.

  • jan elboth
    jan elboth 2 months ago +2

    Thank you.All the best in your future.

  • John Bisson Jr
    John Bisson Jr 2 months ago +2

    Her lessons on being able to change to tge situatiin is a lesson for all in their life. Never give up and change to the situation presented in life

  • Waxer72ndVFW
    Waxer72ndVFW 2 months ago +4

    All you kipers saying "she is not a fighter pilot" -- this is from the citation for her Distinguished Flying Cross:
    "The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 2, 1926, takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross with Combat "V" to Captain Kim N. Campbell, United States Air Force, for heroism while participating in aerial flight as an A/OA-10 fighter pilot, 75th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, 332d Expeditionary Operations Group, 332d Air Expeditionary Wing at Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait on 7 April 2003."
    Which of you do-nothing chair jockeys is going to tell the Air Force that they have had it wrong all this time?

  • Haris
    Haris 2 months ago +1

    Awesome thanks for posting

  • Carl Hicks Jr
    Carl Hicks Jr 2 months ago +3

    So. Former cavalry corporal here.
    As a general rule, we 'mudfeet' don't have a lot of respect for aviators generally and fighter pilots specifically. I don't really need to go into it all. The bias goes all the way back to War One and everyone knows the details.
    HOWEVER, COMMA, BUT I was in the Army when the A-10 Thunderbolt II [aka Warthog] was introduced. Down here where combat is dirty and about people you know, we were all VERY encouraged that the Air Force had purposefully designed and fielded an aircraft that was designed to put ordinance on target and kill Soviets tanks. We regarded A-10 drivers as being 'honorary mud humpers' while we derided the rest of the fixed wing aviation community as one of three things: trash haulers, taxi drivers, and man-children trying to live out their Danger Zone fantasies.
    And I will maintain till the day I die that both the Air Force and Navy need to maintain squadrons of aircraft whose **sole** mission is to provide help when the TACP [we called them CCTs when I was in] gets on the phone.

  • Dennis Hampton
    Dennis Hampton Month ago

    OK, big deal, the A-10 is an attack aircraft, not a designated fighter jet like an F-14 (F for Fighter (hence the “A” in A-10). And the FA-18 (not F-18, although it’s often called that in error) is a dual role Fighter-Attack aircraft. They all take intensive training, great skills, dedication-and flying that A-10 low and in close ground support sounds pretty hairy to me.

  • David Stimpson
    David Stimpson 6 months ago +2

    Wow…just wow!

  • qwerty
    qwerty 2 months ago +5

    A-10s are definitely fighters

    • Randall Briggs
      Randall Briggs 2 months ago

      No, they're not. They're attack airplanes. My father and his brother were both USAF fighter pilots, in--combined--the F-84, the F-86, the F-100, the F-4, and the F-16. The A-10 is not a fighter plane. She did a great job getting her A-10 home, but the A-10 is not a fighter plane and she's not a fighter pilot.

    • JJ
      JJ 2 months ago

      @Randall Briggs they have the same T-38, Aim-9, and gunnery training.
      This is a presentation for a group who is obviously not technical military aviation fact checkers. "Fighter plane" applies to anything except "Cessnas", and generic "Airplanes" are Boeings.

  • jar8459
    jar8459 Month ago

    Killer girl one badass women right here.

  • Trevor Austin
    Trevor Austin 2 months ago +2

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at a bullshitting amateur in world of professional mudmovers. She tells us she was penalised for a lack of precision in the bombing range. That may have been so. Yet she has got the reason for her failing wrong. It’s absolutely nothing to do with precision. She didn’t win because she has failed to learn the rules of the game before playing. Being 1º or 10º out is irrelevant, what counts is she didn’t know in advance. That is a failure to prepare and self-brief. Then we go into the drivel on the low hydraulic contents. Is she kidding? It is vital that you constantly scan vital system parameters in non-redundant aircraft when you are in harm’s ways. The closer you get to the hazard (the ground, poor weather or enemy action), the greater your scan rate. I really find it hard to believe zero pressure and zero contents would not pop an alert on the Master Caution panel as low values in these systems certainly would. But even so, this shows she either has a poor scan, is not “present” in high workload situations, is over-whelmed or possibly a combination. The takeaways she didn’t mention is learn the game you are in by planning, preparing and training so that when the hard work comes you are ready.

  • Music
    Music 2 months ago +3

    Unfortunately I’m not sure whether she earned the right to be speaking in this capacity or was spoon fed her opportunities. Affirmative action is a disservice to those who achieve and earn the right.
    If she earned the right, well done … if not, then shame.

    • Steve Owens
      Steve Owens 2 months ago


    • Just Look at Kinnelon
      Just Look at Kinnelon Month ago

      Why go there?! Is that all you got out of that? She flew a combat mission and was nearly shot down and she gives everyone else credit for her training and for getting her home in a wounded jet. She takes zero credit in fact she’s kinda self deprecating. Watch it again?
      Women of her generation could not take every shift or assignment. Some were not available at all for women. Isn’t that affirmative action for men?
      Shame on you. Women like her bring first class citizenship and listen to her voice and how vulnerable she sounds when she talks about being hit and not sure if she was gonna make it back.
      Forgive me but you sound like a monster. I hope I am wrong.
      I became a rescue swimmer for LA County Fire in 1997 when there were not full facilities for women and after cold water training I wanted to cry when there were plenty of showers for me and the other men but the women had to share one. It was 75/25% and they had a longer line.
      Women that out ranked me would be presumed to be subordinate to me and lend me honor and privilege because of my uniform and not extend to my boss.
      Your comment almost brings me to tears when I think of the valor that’s wasted on protecting your privilege sir. Shame on you.

  • Steve101
    Steve101 11 months ago

    loved this vid

  • heydonray
    heydonray 2 months ago +8

    👎👎👎 She lost me immediately at “…A-10 fighter pilot…” The A-10, while amazing and capable in the air to GROUND role, is not a fighter. It does not require the advanced skill sets required of fighters. A bit of humility in lieu of self aggrandizement would have gone a long way here, and the main effect of mislabeling herself is, ironically, to discredit her accomplishments. I am not a fighter pilot, but i have met, admired, and flown with literally hundreds of them. The real ones don’t brag and they certainly don’t exaggerate like this woman does in the fist seconds of this shamefully unwatchable chest thumping.

    • Jeep Life
      Jeep Life 2 months ago +10

      That’s what you got out of this video? You’ve "met" some fighter pilots. She flew missions over Baghdad… your insight into the skills needed to be a fighter pilot seem somehow, meaningless.

    • Sam Spade
      Sam Spade 2 months ago +1

      @Jeep Life 👎

    • Sean Brown
      Sean Brown 2 months ago +1

      Correct. Her speech was a nothing burger.

  • Joshua Juarez
    Joshua Juarez 2 months ago

    Dang. Nice. Absolutely

  • Karl Fruecht
    Karl Fruecht 2 months ago


  • Sl BE
    Sl BE 2 months ago

    There is a much more important lesson here, guess what it is?

  • Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise 2 months ago

    dang she used all the ordinance

  • Ana Paula Silva Moura de Oliveira


  • babyboomer
    babyboomer Month ago

    There’s a reason for millennia the military had height, vision, hearing, weight , medical, gender restrictions, etc. Reason was just plain common sense. If you’re too tall, blind, deaf, fat, heart patient, female you couldn’t fulfill combat requirements. Can a female carry a man 75 yards? This was a requirement in 1968. If you have a monthly bleeding condition can you perform in combat during that time? If you’re pregnant? Etc. Etc.

  • Dan Boyle
    Dan Boyle Month ago

    I love the A-10, but it's not a fighter. Unfortunately, she keeps calling it a fighter and herself a fighter pilot.

  • Maverick Ngaihte
    Maverick Ngaihte 2 months ago


  • Ana Paula Silva Moura de Oliveira


  • Ean Erickson
    Ean Erickson 2 months ago

    What is the mindset of SAM? Nobody cares and more importantly nobody has to listen to them.

  • yfelwulf
    yfelwulf Month ago +1

    Fighter pilot jesus they can barely drive a car

  • Trumptorian Guard
    Trumptorian Guard 2 months ago

    I can’t even watch this costume party mascaraed. It’s like listening to a woman talk about fireman mindset or policeman mindset … it’s a joke

  • Mac Turner
    Mac Turner 2 months ago +3

    A-10's aren't fighter jets. They're used in ground attack. Why does she call it a fighter?

    • gawebm
      gawebm 2 months ago +1

      You do not know what you are talking about. A-10 pilots are trained and capable of air to air combat, though that is not their primary mission. The fact the pilots primary mission is ground attack does not mean they are not fighter pilots.

    • Mac Turner
      Mac Turner 2 months ago

      @gawebm A-10s do not dogfight. They never have. She never did. I've seen guys pull twice as many Gs as her and be fine. I used to fly for a company called Afterburner Entertainment. We had the fastest L-39.

    • RealCow
      RealCow 2 months ago

      ​@Mac Turner this is true. A-10s do not dogfight and they are not designed for air to air combat. Therefore, the A-10 is not a fighter jet and the speaker here is not a fighter pilot. However, the general public does not understand the distinction between fighter and attack aircraft. To them, fighters are the aircraft that both control the skies and the ground. The speaker calls herself a fighter pilot and the A-10 a fighter jet as a simplification for the people listening to the talk who would be confused if she used more specific classifications.

    • Solo Renegade
      Solo Renegade 2 months ago +1

      yes, she is a fighter pilot. A-10 pilots are trained with teh same fighter curriculum, and many A-10 pilots before/after flying the A-10 flew other fighters like the F-16.

  • Buck Young
    Buck Young Month ago

    Go make a samwich!

  • Dave Stevens
    Dave Stevens Month ago

    A-10...not really a fighter

  • Stephen Lode
    Stephen Lode 2 months ago +1

    So, I appreciate the service, but is she a fighter pilot? A10s are attack.

    • Isham Kader
      Isham Kader 2 months ago +3

      She fought the ground bandit and support the allies..YES she is a FIGHTER PILOT..

    • Nico
      Nico 2 months ago +2

      Are you even a pilot? I mean… a „regular“ pilot? Don‘t judge. She‘s a hero and definitely a fighter pilot. Show a little respect.

    • Stephen Lode
      Stephen Lode 2 months ago +1

      These are all non answers. Can someone answer my question in a non emotional way. Also, Clip-Share has guidelines for conduct, folks. Let’s keep the implications about my intent to yourselves.

    • Nico
      Nico 2 months ago

      @Stephen Lode A10s are attack. She is a pilot. She fights a battle sitting in the aircraft. She is a fighterpilot.

    • Paul Ward
      Paul Ward 2 months ago

      She flew a High Performance combat aircraft. Fighter or Attack? Yes-- the A-10 is a strike platform - but so is the F-35.
      In the eyes of the public, she's fighter pilot. Anything else is just splitting hairs.

  • Robert D
    Robert D 2 months ago

    RULE #1

  • Michael G
    Michael G 2 months ago

    One degree Sounds petty to me

    • gawebm
      gawebm 2 months ago +1

      Until you re flying at 400 mph. Even in my 100 knot airplane, on an instrument flight, 1 degree makes a difference. Flying is another world that may be hard for nonpilots to grasp the importance of certain aspects.

    • Michael G
      Michael G 2 months ago

      @gawebm ok thanks for the context

  • scott boelke
    scott boelke Month ago

    Awesome officer... but why does she call herself a fighter pilot when her airframe isn't a fighter? It's a dedicated ground attack jet. Is this air force culture to call the A10 a fighter? It has no radar. No air to air missiles. Doesn't go high. Can't engage a fighter except with a gun angled the wrong direction. It's like calling B25 and Catalina pilots "fighter pilots". The A10 isn't a fighter.

  • Rv4 Guy
    Rv4 Guy 2 months ago +1

    Why do they call A10 pilots fighter pilots? A stands for Attack. It’s not an F10.

    • Solo Renegade
      Solo Renegade 2 months ago

      many A-10 pilots fly F-16 and such as well, before or after. A-10 pilots go through the same fighter pilot training curriculum as the rest.

    • Rv4 Guy
      Rv4 Guy 2 months ago

      @Solo Renegade i don’t think a10 pilots do extensive ACM training. They train for their mission. They are attack pilots, not fighter pilots. There is no way in hell they move seamlessly between a10 and f16 squadrons. 2 totally different skill sets

    • Solo Renegade
      Solo Renegade 2 months ago +1

      @Rv4 Guy Lots of fighter pilots skip intensive ACM training. Only the F-15C, F-22, etc. do that training as that is their primary role. F-16 SEAD, F-15E and other fighters that focus on multirole missions spend more time on training for CAS and other tasks. A-10s fall into the F-15E category, but can still do air combat and even carry 4 AIM-9 missiles.
      "There is no way in hell they move seamlessly between a10 and f16 squadrons." but they do. A jet is a jet. Pitch, power, roll, yaw, landing gear, ground radar, air radar, RWR, HUD, etc. it's all the same. The Systems are a little different and the weapons options may vary, but flying is flying. Pulling the trigger is pulling the trigger. Aiming is aiming.
      Your consent is not required.

    • Rv4 Guy
      Rv4 Guy 2 months ago

      @Solo Renegade f16 pilots don’t skip acm. Don’t be ridiculous

    • Solo Renegade
      Solo Renegade 2 months ago

      @Rv4 Guy of course, but they don't get the hardcore/advanced ACM training either, that the F-15C or F-22 pilots get.

  • Ana Paula Silva Moura de Oliveira

    booooom dia.DIA
    bm dia comandante.

  • J T
    J T 2 months ago +3

    A10's are not fighter aircraft. They're ground attack aircraft.

    • darphox
      darphox 2 months ago

      They're considered fighters within the mil aviation community, as opposed to bombers.

    • Coach Reggie Dunlop
      Coach Reggie Dunlop 2 months ago

      Spoken like a seasoned desk jockey…🙄

  • Mark Landrebe
    Mark Landrebe 2 months ago +2

    What's a girl doing in fighter jet?

  • John Perrotta
    John Perrotta 2 months ago +21

    The A-10 is an attack jet, not a fighter jet. I don't think it's accurate to call herself a fighter pilot.

    • Nico
      Nico 2 months ago +10

      Man you so don‘t get the point smartypants.

    • John Perrotta
      John Perrotta 2 months ago

      @Nico whats the point?

    • gawebm
      gawebm 2 months ago +5

      Your ignorance of the subject does not make it true.

    • John Perrotta
      John Perrotta 2 months ago +1

      @gawebm Make what true?

  • R H
    R H 2 months ago +1

    can she parallel park tho

  • Buck Murdoch
    Buck Murdoch 3 months ago +2

    This is all just basic common sense. Yawn...

    • Flip Rod
      Flip Rod 2 months ago +2

      Which many people lack

    • RacerX
      RacerX 2 months ago +2

      Troll..no respect. Did you even serve?

    • Mac Turner
      Mac Turner 2 months ago

      @RacerX Most real men will say NOT to serve. She keeps calling herself a fighter pilot. An A-10 is a ground attack jet. It's not something that would get in a dogfight. So why is she over glorifying herself? The spec ops men I've met have said to stay out, unless you're a woman, or Black or something. It's about pussy politics now.