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6 Hidden Houses in Minecraft

  • Published on Jan 17, 2016 veröffentlicht
  • Hey guys!
    I'm a bit out of my comfort zone here with this video but it's something I wanted to do for a while so I thought why not!
    Here are a bunch of ways to hide your minecraft house or your minecraft base underground from your friends!
    Disclaimer: All of these designs have been showcased before, but I have known about most of them since before minecraft even fully released a lot of these designs are very old, but are surprisingly underused. I hope there is at least one you didn't know about!
    Thank you to SageBuilds for helping me with the redstone here all designs are accredited to him!
    Link to download the world file to come!
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  • Csepo
    Csepo 6 years ago +4

    Woow, these designs are soo cool! :D

  • Julian Goncalves
    Julian Goncalves 6 years ago +1206

    I once played on a popular pvp server and I hid my base in the nether i managed to exploit on top of the bedrock within the nether then from there i put my base in the sky at sky limit and i somehow still got raided.........lesson here is you can never hide anything on a popular server.

    • Cheldium
      Cheldium 8 days ago

      Well I doubt anyone managed to find the base on their own. You were probably followed.

    • LiamsLetsPlays
      LiamsLetsPlays 2 years ago


    • Wunderb4r
      Wunderb4r 2 years ago

      I have a slight suspicion that that server you went to is 2b2t

    • nietLars
      nietLars 3 years ago

      Make a entrance underwater

    • Noel Nazarrea
      Noel Nazarrea 3 years ago

      1 way to hide it.
      Go 5 blocks deep cover yourself a

  • Evan Wallace
    Evan Wallace 4 years ago +8

    For the last one, you can add a pulse extender to give you more time to enter your hidden base.

  • Quite Indeed
    Quite Indeed 3 years ago +521

    I always close doors behind me because i'm a gentleman.

  • Andrea Sullivan
    Andrea Sullivan 3 years ago +407

    Me: Builds base
    Also me: forgets where it was*

  • Sehd
    Sehd 6 years ago +2307

    I always close the door behind me... Even in minecraft

  • Good Username
    Good Username 5 years ago +447

    2:00 what if someone needed obsidian?

  • t m
    t m 4 years ago +1

    Tip: if you want the doors to activate on certain item, fill all titles in hopper with the certain item.

  • happy 269.247
    happy 269.247 6 years ago +66

    about the door one I always close the door when I go in somewhere so on the way out the base will be revealed

  • Laurie Plumley
    Laurie Plumley 4 years ago +2

    I LOVE HIDDEN HOUSE!!!! Piston doors are my favorite!

  • VictoryRoseArt
    VictoryRoseArt 4 years ago

    These are all really neat! If I'm hiding from someone in Minecraft, I usually just fill all the gaps with the same material so it camouflages with the outside. But the use of redstone and pistons is really clever. If only I knew more about redstone.

  • Known as
    Known as 3 years ago +15

    I always close the door behind me.
    I'll always find this.

  • Jonathan Rhodes
    Jonathan Rhodes 4 years ago

    I've always liked covering my doors with paintings. If they break the paintings its pretty obvious, but if the door is open you can walk right through the painting.

  • TheEyez187
    TheEyez187 5 years ago

    I like the behind the door concept, not so much for a hidden base, but for use as an ambush tactic!

  • Ascended
    Ascended 6 years ago +1061

    Can you imagine a collaboration consisting of Grian, Mumbo Jumbo, and MagmaMusen?

  • mtb Ties
    mtb Ties 3 years ago +86

    Grian: 6 Hidden houses in Minecraft
    Me: *sees lavapool*

  • xo_ellz_ox
    xo_ellz_ox 5 years ago

    wow! i am very impressed grian! my fav one would have to be the lava ones! there so unique and hidden!

  • _NotBucky
    _NotBucky 5 years ago

    I'm practicing on hidden houses made by redstone, i'm feeling really proud of myself of how complex my builds are, don't worry Grian, just keep practicing!

  • Marco Magtabog
    Marco Magtabog 4 years ago +1

    The Lava and Water Trick is also used in dropper maps.

  • Angelita Becerra
    Angelita Becerra 3 months ago

    I've always wanted to do a house that completely blended into its terrain and backdrop and that you have to literally stumble into to find.
    Without redstone
    So many ideas in my head, have never figured out execution of them

  • Emma
    Emma 3 years ago +47

    “It’s very important that the pressure plates are wooden”
    Gold pressure plates: Am I a joke to you?

    • SJ13
      SJ13 3 years ago +1

      @Jodie Collins hahahahhah

    • Jodie Collins
      Jodie Collins 3 years ago +2

      Wooden bc they can be activated by fishing rods u shitty.

  • Bala314
    Bala314 2 years ago +1

    The best way to do the door trick is to make a 1x1 room with furnaces on the wall... it looks pretty good and there is no reason for you to step inside, let alone shut the door behind you.

  • Connor Evans
    Connor Evans 5 years ago

    I hid my base through a flush trapdoor with buttons to open on either sides connected to a t-flop circuit, combined with a slimeblock launcher with repeaters causing a slight delay on the door, and the red stone connected to the launcher so that from the inside you can get launched up and it'll close behind you as well with the hidden hopper minecart beneath a block that allows you to drop an item through the block into the hopper cart connected to a system of hoppers into a chest connected to a comparator sending a signal to the t flip flop, which means when you drop an item into the correct spot from outside the door opens up.

  • MGP
    MGP 6 years ago +1019

    You could also just destroy 2 dirt blocks, go inside and replace the 2 dirt blocks lol

    • ᴊᴏɴɢLee
      ᴊᴏɴɢLee Year ago

      1 year ago

    • LoxyFox
      LoxyFox Year ago

      @ᴊᴏɴɢLee be nice dude

    • ᴊᴏɴɢLee
      ᴊᴏɴɢLee Year ago

      Wow dumb idea when there's a player watching you and there just gonna go in easily

    • Bas de Jong
      Bas de Jong 3 years ago

      I can't deny it's effective, but this means it'll take more time to get into your house and therefore a higher chance of someone spotting you entering. Besides the risk of being discovered it's not really safe when you're running from some mobs. Why is pretty obvious.

    • Primrxses
      Primrxses 3 years ago

      I just wanna say,
      Can’t you see the dirt?!
      Because it’s not the grass

  • Greyson Alexander
    Greyson Alexander 3 years ago

    with the door one you could make a little hallway THEN add a piston door with a hidden button so you can easily keep it hidden maybe even add multiple hallways that go down to make it seem like a strip mine so people wont bother with it

  • dracofirex
    dracofirex 6 years ago +1

    I just hide my house underwater, far enough down to not be easily seen, and just add the door after digging a good few blocks into a side.

  • Haru
    Haru 5 years ago +34

    My feeling when Grian tells you to find the 6 secret bases but the thumbnail has them all circled

  • Bas de Jong
    Bas de Jong 3 years ago

    To make the mine cart hopper door even more safe you could use an item sorter on the hopper it's standing on, so unless you throw in the right item nothing will happen, though if you're not thinking about how you're placing your hopper one could fill up the hopper mine cart with items making it impossible for you to open, so you could prevent this by having a hopper beneath the hopper with the mine cart on it moving side wards. When somebody throws in the wrong item it won't travel into the sorting hopper or fill up the mine cart but travels to the side which you could have an automatic item dropping dropper throwing them into lava. This can be used as a prank. You only have to make your friends believe they can enter the house by throwing diamonds or any other valuable stuff, while it's something cheap like coarse dirt or any item with a certain name.

  • Dan
    Dan 3 years ago +4

    The door works but not with a glass house

  • Mizl Nimbl
    Mizl Nimbl 3 years ago +1

    i made one where you throw a certain item through a painting and then it briefly opens up a wall through a fireplace. its pretty cool.

  • KenO And Stuff
    KenO And Stuff 5 years ago

    no.6 instead of block update you can use an observer (it will make it smaller too)

  • Tulvaturkki
    Tulvaturkki 6 years ago +1

    Oh gosh, I love this. I'm trying these next time I play MC.

  • HungryBrandon
    HungryBrandon 6 years ago +3764

    I have a habit of closing the door when i go inside

    • Deanne Dix
      Deanne Dix 2 years ago +1


    • Robonite 123
      Robonite 123 2 years ago

      Samee like why do you want to let mobs follow u inside

    • MushroomMan
      MushroomMan 2 years ago +1


    • Ella Chen
      Ella Chen 2 years ago

      hrmm....*minecraft villager noises* because of mobs, like zombies creepers etc?

    • Nathan Lynch
      Nathan Lynch 2 years ago +1


  • Brayden K
    Brayden K 3 years ago +2

    I did the item throw thing... but I did it without tutorials, without slime(so no sticky pistons), and underwater

  • Novicode Gomez
    Novicode Gomez 6 years ago

    The trap number #1 and #4, actually make a good combination

  • RayWay Time
    RayWay Time 4 years ago

    My bases are by digging a hole with a ladder under some dirt, replacing the dirt block when I go in. You could only get discovered if somebody was looking for dirt and dug your entrance

  • Animekittengamer
    Animekittengamer 4 years ago +5

    The problem is I always close the door after I come in

  • Carefall
    Carefall 3 years ago +1

    This was the first video I’ve watched on your channel three years ago. Now i look toward and enjoy all of your videos

  • Kaybl
    Kaybl 3 years ago +30

    "Link to download the world file to come!" 3 years later, the world link still hasn't come...

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 years ago

    Literally the only redstone I know how to make. This is perfect for me.

  • user
    user 6 years ago +2

    These are so cool! Keep up the good work :D

  • Benhard Wiesner
    Benhard Wiesner 4 years ago

    you could replace the signs under the lavaentrance with trapdoors to be able to close them as soon as you enter it.... other people see you jump through, follow you immediately and jump straight into their death ;)

  • Ellie Rosenblatt
    Ellie Rosenblatt 2 years ago +8

    I like how he doesn’t take all the credit.

  • Sebastian K.
    Sebastian K. 4 years ago

    Your experiences make my life better love the channel.

  • DHydra
    DHydra 6 years ago

    The hidden hopper contraption i putted it in my minecraft house, and i made it a hidden storage. I tried a couple of contraptions and almost every of them did not work. except one. I made it very simple way but not like yours. I made it on creative though so that i dont need to make and exit. i can just grab the item quick and fly out, cause i said, i made it in creative. And i just got to say, the hopper contraption is almost the best of all to hide your base or house, or even storages like i did. Thats all im going to say.

  • EvilKing Edd
    EvilKing Edd 6 years ago +352

    i used all of these and my friends figured it out, they can see right thro the glass!

  • x ChronoFox0831 x
    x ChronoFox0831 x 4 years ago

    The one where dropping an item opens the door really blew me away.

  • iiOmqItzJensonPlaysMinecraft

    5:51 Imagine finding this accidentally

    • Nunya Bizness
      Nunya Bizness Year ago

      @STB4G Yes, but I have had multiple experiences where I die on the edge of a lava pool and some of my stuff scatters on the edge.

    • STB4G
      STB4G Year ago

      @Nunya Bizness when you die in a lava pool, ur items disappear in the lava

    • Nunya Bizness
      Nunya Bizness 2 years ago

      Yea, that's dangerously close to a lava pool. Their stuff could scatter and open the door.

  • Mossy-Cat
    Mossy-Cat 4 years ago +2

    This is the first video I ever watched from you and I usually watch a Clip-Sharer for a while before I subscribe but for you I was like this is great and I subscribed you are now one of my favorite Clip-Sharers! Thanks for the great builds!😉 Don't stop what your doing!!!!

  • Spartan C175
    Spartan C175 3 years ago

    4:20 If you add a flush piston door it would be a great hiding spot

  • iDeactivateMC
    iDeactivateMC 6 years ago +1264

    I love your channel dude! :D

  • Lorcan Atkinson
    Lorcan Atkinson 3 years ago +1

    The question is, do the lava ones work well in survival?

    • Thomas Gregory
      Thomas Gregory 3 years ago

      Yes. They are fast enough not to damage you if you do it as he says.

  • qewdascz
    qewdascz 3 years ago

    The way I exit (cause of the newer updates) the one where u can swim just make a thingy where u swim out and you can’t swim back in. Like crawling animation. It works on mobile

  • elainosss
    elainosss 5 years ago +2

    I have a good trick for making secret bases. You will need a command block, a block of your choice and a button. First, dig your base out. Then dig down two blocks and put your command block down. After, use the teleport command to teleport yourself into your base. Lastly, put a block on the command block, place down a button and voilà! Your finished! You can also do the same thing to get out of your secret base.

  • The Last of Us: Fandom Deutschland

    What was the seed? It looks awesome 😍

  • xBotScythe
    xBotScythe 5 years ago

    I think the second to last one (#5) combined with using something to only accept a certain block with a certain name (Like some of MrCrayfish's password lock doors) would be OP, or a double lock combo

  • Jackson
    Jackson 10 months ago

    I think it’s funny that the entirety of the redstone in the last one has now been made obsolete by the Observer block.

  • *insert name*
    *insert name* 4 years ago

    The most common one i use is where you shoot an arrow at a corner which triggers a wooden pressure plate to open a piston door and picking up the arrow closes the door

  • Dish OldUmbrella
    Dish OldUmbrella 4 years ago

    i'm not very good at redstone but i love what can be made if you just find a way for it to work

  • Dysfunctional Pianist
    Dysfunctional Pianist 3 years ago

    what's great about the design is that it *doesn't require redstone*
    big mood

  • music man
    music man 4 years ago

    Can you please put the download in the description as using these bases would be great.

    SAGNIK DEY Year ago +1

    I don't think any of these *secret bases* will beat a 1 by 2 hole in the ground with a block above you. It's so secret that you will have a trouble to find it.

  • Eliza Kaufman
    Eliza Kaufman 4 years ago

    For the fourth one you can just use some command blocks. It's a lot easier and takes up much less space.

    • Jackson
      Jackson 10 months ago

      Ah yes, the exceedingly common and easily-accessible-in-survival Command Block.

  • 75% Lemonade
    75% Lemonade 6 years ago +4

    It is worth noting that the second to last design, in which an item is thrown on the ground, can be modified such that you must put in a specific item, and that the system is capable of redirecting the item into a chest in the base using hoppers.

  • Noah Balatgek
    Noah Balatgek 3 years ago

    You can make the 6th ten times smaller with observer

  • Fatality Yeti
    Fatality Yeti 3 years ago

    Did you know the pressure plates can be placed under the lava without signs

  • Keara K.
    Keara K. 4 years ago +1

    If I had a screenshot I would show you the hidden base entrance by I can name what you need for it... 1x wooden pressureplate 2x sticky pistons 1x redstone dust 1x redstone torch and a bow and arrows.😀😀😀

  • iWayneDispense
    iWayneDispense 2 years ago

    7:58 just add a pulse extender, look up how to make it, it’s very simple (2 comparators on the opposite side, 4 redstone dust on the front and back of the 2 comparators)

  • Remo
    Remo 3 years ago

    Good ideas 5 of them I wouldn't do the 1 is the door one also another is scaffolding under snow on a mountain or snow biome

  • Jay Cee rosas
    Jay Cee rosas 6 years ago

    when i combine your builds and mumbos redstone my minecraft. builds turn out so beautiful and functional.

  • guinea_pig16
    guinea_pig16 4 years ago

    I just have mine underwater. Just make the entrance in a more hidden place.

  • Space Wanderer
    Space Wanderer 4 years ago

    Last one could be also useful for getting the "serious dedication" advancement as you could just afk it.

  • Lavender
    Lavender 6 years ago +669

    I know easier way to build the first one ...break the block and replace it

    • Jackal Of Rovia
      Jackal Of Rovia 3 years ago

      What about dirt?

    • Baato
      Baato 3 years ago

      WibFlip0102, silk touch

    • ben land
      ben land 3 years ago


    • PScout Gaming
      PScout Gaming 4 years ago

      Your the best builder I've seen.

    • Lob Ster
      Lob Ster 4 years ago

      When u think of a solution but it doesn't work and ppl are hating you bc of it IRONIC

  • Alan
    Alan 4 years ago +1

    The fishing rod thing, I once made a wishing well that you threw something in and it gives you something.

  • OctoCross
    OctoCross 3 years ago

    A lot of grievers close doors... they don’t want to be spotted, especially when most people leave for like 1 min to get wood, and if they find their door open...
    Just saying, maybe make another defense, like a lever behind a block you need to break,

  • Keanu
    Keanu 3 years ago

    The door is a great idea for a maze

  • Paige Olivia Körner
    Paige Olivia Körner 4 years ago

    what you could do is make a room in a mountain cover the first row then use enderpearls to get in and out I'm about to try it so it may not work

  • Tom 1969
    Tom 1969 5 years ago

    Version one at 1:29 will not work on version 1.11.2 and it's not possible any more to open chests through stairs.

  • Nate Harrison
    Nate Harrison 3 years ago +1

    Ut build tutorials help me so much thank you

  • Pandalion
    Pandalion Year ago

    I was just like.. after the new hc upload I was like "hmm, wonder whats the first grian video I ever watched was" and.
    has it really been this long? like, I it was that long, logically, based on the fact that this dude's building tutorials in minecraft are the reason I'm as fluent at english as I am.. but still. oh my god. five whole years... wow..

  • Peppa Pig Memes
    Peppa Pig Memes 5 years ago

    Grian you are an inspiration :)

  • [Rexy Animates]
    [Rexy Animates] 3 years ago +2

    Wow. Watching this in 2019! I remember all of the old block textures XD

  • Domiyu
    Domiyu 5 years ago

    If you cant aim egzacly in lava hole then you could* do those plates in whole lava pool except 1 starting block on all sides of lava pool.

  • almighty Iamakid
    almighty Iamakid 2 years ago

    You can replace signs with structure void blocks in 1.16

    • Jackson
      Jackson 10 months ago

      The video was made, like, 5 years before your comment. Void structure blocks didn’t exist at the time.

  • Vuhrz Allivon
    Vuhrz Allivon 5 years ago +2

    thanks grian these really helped and my cousin don't know how to find me lol..

  • Sethia Saamis
    Sethia Saamis 4 years ago

    i made a not very secret secret base where you need an elytra but it works with a beacon which would (metaphorically) say heres home! then signs saying jk not here and stuff like that (taunts to a raider) then i have arrows pointing where the base is and it is in a cave on another hill (its in the savvanah area) so they would need an elytra or to mine into is although i was in creative so there is bedrock supposedley under all of it (just the over hang is bedrock) so if they get in there is a puzzle where you need to click a button to open an iron door simple right? no the button is behing an iron trapdoor so you need a lever to open the trapdoor to open the door heh...
    also theres an ender chest so... yeah no traps/puzzles needed anyway

  • A Barracuda!
    A Barracuda! 3 years ago

    You could also dig your base under a tree, you dig at least 4 blocks down under a tree and you add a ladder to go down in the hole to get in you dig away a few block a get to your ladder

  • Maysont
    Maysont 4 years ago

    ok the 4th is a bit more complex and because you seem not to understand how the redstone works nr. 4 isn't easy to understand when you watch it, too - although it is color coded. Number 5 would be easier to make with a Observer and a pulse extender (like a little battery which keeps the entrance open for a little while, but then it's no more so secret)

  • Joe Yo
    Joe Yo 6 years ago +11

    Grain you and mumbo should work on a nice looking redstone house

  • De
    De 3 years ago

    Lol the one with just the door opening hiding a room feels like a joke. That would only work on someone who's never played before. Most people when they enter a room, the close the door behind them so mobs don't follow them in.

  • Liam King
    Liam King 6 years ago

    I use this on a single player world for style points

  • High Goddess Finelia
    High Goddess Finelia 4 years ago

    I wonder if the door one has ever worked? I mean this is a game where a door is pretty much the only thing between you and death so why would anyone not close the door? they're unconsciously conditioned to do so out of habit so they might do it even when they didn't mean to. either way it sounds like a horrible concept to me

  • _NotBucky
    _NotBucky 5 years ago

    Grian trust me, redstone is really fun!

  • Cody Sarko
    Cody Sarko 5 years ago +17

    Cool bro nice way to go you should build a star labs from flash

  • GearsOfTime
    GearsOfTime 3 years ago +4

    Wait, doesn't wood burn when it comes into contact with lava or fire?

  • ina
    ina 4 years ago +1

    The door you use for the fake base becomes the door for your real base. Does that make sense? 😀

  • Faiilcat
    Faiilcat 6 years ago

    wow that big redstone contraption is not so compact i could make it 10 times smaller xD, but great video

  • Valentine
    Valentine 6 years ago +71

    I have never even tried to use redstone (other than TNT and lamps) and i dont plan on it. Ever. But i still watch tutorials hoping my brain will do a thing and learn to use redstone.

    • matthew
      matthew 6 years ago

      Evan Carr i like redstone its really functional in survival minecraft

    • SanicScrewdriver
      SanicScrewdriver 6 years ago +2

      +Evan Carr they could also just use the internet and save money

    • Evan Carr
      Evan Carr 6 years ago +2

      you could get the minecraft Redstone handbook

    • Olivia the Cat
      Olivia the Cat 6 years ago

      all redstone really is is signals that turn on and off

    • Edward Parkin
      Edward Parkin 6 years ago


  • clara kris
    clara kris 4 years ago

    I have a secret base.
    If you throw any item in the edge the door open, go inside, take an item away, door closes.

  • Bi_alteanicon
    Bi_alteanicon 4 years ago