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Scream 2 (1997) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Jul 6, 2017 veröffentlicht
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    Scream 2 (1997) KILL COUNT
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Comments • 4 016

  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  5 years ago +1707

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    ►►You guys are the best, thank you for watching

    • dom
      dom 5 years ago +12

      Dead Meat thank you I watched all your videos

    • cpaulin 135
      cpaulin 135 5 years ago +14

      Dead Meat I love you

    • Remorsefulz
      Remorsefulz 5 years ago +10

      Dead Meat I love your Chanel

    • snake eye
      snake eye 5 years ago +9

      Dead Meat Can you do a Halloween Kill Count ?

    • UhhRobin
      UhhRobin 5 years ago +5

      one question: why is it taking so long till its uploaded

  • Clarence Yax
    Clarence Yax 3 years ago +2404

    I love how easily Ghostface is made to look goofy when he chases people in these films. It was especially noticeable in the first one. He's constantly plunging his knife into wood, or running into tables. It gives it some humor, sure, but it also gives it so much realism and is a reminder that Ghostface is just a human, which in some ways makes it scarier. He is not some unkillable demon or dream terror or alien clown etc. It's fantastic.

    • luna
      luna Year ago +78

      @Visitormassacre that also makes it more realistic; you'd be in so much fear and panicked that you wouldn't always think the most logical, perfectly practical way. the killer is knocked out? run away to safety would probably be most people's real instinct

    • TheCringeCreator593
      TheCringeCreator593 Year ago +19

      And in the first movie where he just like slipped in or out doors like the floor was made out of butter

    • Alastor Deer
      Alastor Deer Year ago +46

      I like to think he can't see very well under that mask and that's why he's running into stuff or tripping over

    • Clarence Yax
      Clarence Yax Year ago +14

      @Alastor Deer I can get behind that

    • Alastor Deer
      Alastor Deer Year ago +12

      @Clarence Yax it just makes the movie funnier to me

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller 4 years ago +4440

    The Jada death is one of the most heartbreaking deaths in the series....The fact that she's being killed in front of a lot of people, and then looks at them for help at the end...Creepy

    • Nyleve Eiram
      Nyleve Eiram 3 years ago +96

      Besides Cassies Beckers kill this was the second best kills in the movie.

    • 07foxmulder
      07foxmulder 3 years ago +146

      On paper the kill is a very cool idea, but Jada Smith ruins it. Her overacting is laughable. I have no idea why Craven went with her.

    • 07foxmulder
      07foxmulder 3 years ago +54

      Izaan ur rehman Everything about her is so forced. It isn’t 100% her fault because Craven has the final say, I get that. The scene itself is a tad ridiculous (intentionally) so I don’t want a ridiculous performance on top of that.

    • Luna Luxx
      Luna Luxx 3 years ago +37

      I remember that part scaring me when i was younger lol

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller 3 years ago +2277

    Maureen's death was chilling...She wanted help, and everyone thought it was part of the fun...That's a scary way to go....

  • The Greek Pianist
    The Greek Pianist 2 years ago +277

    Randy’s death has always devastated me 😢 he was one of the best and coolest characters in the film. Rest In Peace Randy ♥️

    • Blaze The Wolf 👑
      Blaze The Wolf 👑 Year ago +5

      I can relate

    • Roman Simkins
      Roman Simkins 7 months ago +7

      I would have been fine with them killing EVERY other character in the series as long as Randy survived…

    • Jacky Wacky
      Jacky Wacky 4 months ago +4

      Even though it’s fake and just a movie I’m still soo sad 😢

  • Kaylerz
    Kaylerz 3 years ago +2394

    The fact that Sheldon’s mom played Ghostface is just perfection

    • Sean's Swamp
      Sean's Swamp 3 years ago +26

      Kayla Perkins 😂😂👌🏾

    • Erin Nichole
      Erin Nichole 3 years ago +21

      For Frasier fans, she’s also Nanny G 😂

    • The Workshop 101
      The Workshop 101 3 years ago +14

      She was also from Roseanne

    • Truman HS
      Truman HS 3 years ago +31

      no... aunt jackie

    • Kaylerz
      Kaylerz 3 years ago +4

      suny123boy1 from Big Bang Theory Laurie Metcalf who yes also plays Aunt Jackie in Roseanne she’s done quite a lot of other shows and films other than that one and Scream 2 check the web before calling someone wrong for something so small
      She’s also in Lady Bird Toy Story as Andy’s mom Georgia Rule Meet The Robinson’s Treasure Planet and she’s Nanny G in one episode of Frasier

  • SubjectiveCinema
    SubjectiveCinema 3 years ago +247

    How crazy would Sydney and Cotton's story be in real life. She falsely accuses him of murdering her mother, and he turns around and saves her life.

    • No name Man
      No name Man Year ago +10

      Would probably end up on Dr Phil or something lmao

    • Jessy Jasso
      Jessy Jasso 9 months ago +11

      In Plain Sight Ungrateful for what? He slept with her married mother and only saved her after she agreed to make him famous.

    • Micah Johnson Boxing
      Micah Johnson Boxing 7 months ago

      @Jessy Jasso Sydney's mom slept with everyone though, Cotton is a victim of Billy no matter how you view it.

  • Leigh Simpson
    Leigh Simpson 5 years ago +6157

    That fact they actually got Tori Spelling to play fake Sydney after the throw away line in the first one is just amazing.

    • Shrimp E
      Shrimp E 4 years ago +118

      True, very underrated

    • manny!
      manny! 3 years ago +27

      @Ginger Daddy 🗿

    • sharksandsheep
      sharksandsheep 3 years ago +255

      I read that Neve Campbell felt bad about the line in the first movie and sent Tori Spelling flowers. That's probably how they got her for this.

    • Rhys Hamilton
      Rhys Hamilton 3 years ago +99

      sharksandsheep Neve cambell sounds like a sweetheart for doing this omg lol

  • cowboy7597
    cowboy7597 4 years ago +1310

    Randy was originally gonna be revealed to have survived his attack in scream 3 and that his parents were hiding him. But it got cut for being “unrealistic”.

    • sgillman16
      sgillman16 3 years ago +71

      Well that shoots down my idea for the 5th lol

    • Ethan Roy
      Ethan Roy 3 years ago +149

      To me it makes sense cause I mean if your son almost got murdered I mean wouldn’t you want to hide him

    • Emily Hyland
      Emily Hyland 3 years ago +66

      There is a theory that he might be revealed to be the mastermind behind the Ghostface killings in the upcoming movie, Scream 5.

    • Randall The Scandall
      Randall The Scandall 3 years ago +9

      Ethan Roy I don’t think most people would

    • Jayden
      Jayden 2 years ago +3


  • Markus Allen
    Markus Allen 3 years ago +800

    Debbie: leaves billy
    Billy: becomes a serial killer
    Sydney: kills billy in self defense
    Debbie: surprised pikachu face

    • Kristian Alvarez
      Kristian Alvarez 2 years ago +16

      So true lol

    • Darth Severus
      Darth Severus 6 months ago +8

      Well yeah but you're thinking about it like a sane person, which Debbie clearly is not. From her point of view her son was murdered in cold blood

  • Double wide
    Double wide Year ago +19

    Fun fact: Jamie Kennedy asked Wes craven if he was actually dead or a fake uot like Dewey in the first movie and when Wes said “No your dead dead” Jamie said “ well then let’s show them I’m dead” grabbed fake blood doused himself in it and they used to gory take

  • Anthony Shaw
    Anthony Shaw 4 years ago +592

    Randy was my favorite character imagine how huge it would have been if he survived until Scream 4

    • Berne Belmont
      Berne Belmont 3 years ago +55

      Best character in the series,

    • Brendan Ibach
      Brendan Ibach 2 years ago +21

      If they bring Stu back then they have to bring Randy back!

    • Cobra Kai Reggie
      Cobra Kai Reggie Year ago +11

      They could show him as a flashback in the new scream movie

    • Brandon Hodges
      Brandon Hodges Year ago +9

      He was dead as fuck though, it wouldnt be realistic if they did that

  • DTOM
    DTOM Year ago +195

    Scream 2 holds up so well in large part due to the lingering aftereffects of the first film. Sydney has trust issues, Dewey has scar tissue, and Gale has....not yet learned her lesson. That said, my favorite part is how *the moment* Sydney's friends see her upset, they're there to support her. They all have scars from the first movie, but Sydney had it worse then any one of them.
    It's something that has carried through in subsequent films, although Sydney's group sadly gets smaller. Losing Randy hurt.
    In Scream 3, losing Cotton hurt a lot more than we expected. Because we saw the way he changed the moment he realized what was going on, "Leave her alone! She's been through enough!" (or something similar).
    Moments like that have allowed Scream to age much better than other slasher franchises. And the new film coming out seems to understand that. I'm praying that this is the film where Dewey finally gets to have a badass moment. Poor guy has gotten the shit end of the stick every time.

    • No name Man
      No name Man Year ago +9

      Also it helps that the First 2 films were written together by the same writer with sequels in mind right away. That’s not too common with new movies.

    • nathaniel
      nathaniel 10 months ago +3

      great analysis but a goddamn spoiler warning would have been nice :)

    • DTOM
      DTOM 10 months ago

      @nathaniel sorry, will add.

  • GoldenK6
    GoldenK6 5 years ago +4231

    Rules of Horror Movies
    1: never have sex
    2: never investigate
    3: bring guns
    4: never drink
    5: never go in a dark room
    And number 6: never fall down

    • Dumpster Rat King
      Dumpster Rat King 5 years ago +249

      7.If you fall down, crotch kick

    • John Mathius
      John Mathius 4 years ago +79

      @Dumpster Rat King Let's not forget the myth of "In horror films's, the black person always dies first."? That's not always the case.

    • Dylan Randall
      Dylan Randall 4 years ago +83

      Apex Legion what about never split up or be a female changing or in a shower

    • Who’s ready to take some Punishment?
      Who’s ready to take some Punishment? 4 years ago +134

      8. Never say I’ll be right back

    • TooCooFoYou
      TooCooFoYou 4 years ago +35

      @Who’s ready to take some Punishment?
      "I'm gonna go grab a beer. You want one?”

  • NitPickz
    NitPickz 3 years ago +179

    Fun Fact:
    Apparently in an earlier draft of the script, Randy compares the theater murders to the theater kill scene in He Knows You're Alone (1980), which, extra fun fact, is Tom Hanks' first actual film role.

    • MultiBoxingKid
      MultiBoxingKid Year ago +8

      His first movie was a horror film, I would have thought it had been a comedy.

    • Ben Varkentine
      Ben Varkentine 6 months ago

      If so, that was Williamson and Craven acknowledging that they took at least inspiration from that scene.

  • Акылбек Оразбаев

    1:28 Phil Stevens
    1:58 Maureen Evans
    3:56 Ci-ci Cooper
    6:10 Randy Meeks
    7:43 officer Andrews
    7:58 officer Richards
    8:24 Halle McDaniel
    8:54 Derek Feldman
    10:16 Mrs. Loomis
    10:30 Mickey Altieri

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers Year ago +33

    The way Mickey said “Billy’s mother” just shows how insane he is

  • ColinCartoons
    ColinCartoons 2 years ago +173

    Imagine if he did a kill count on Charlie And The Chocolate Factory except it’s an elimination count?

    • Meowdab
      Meowdab Year ago +15

      would be a funny April Fools joke (EDIT: but preferably the original, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, because the remake suuuucks)

    • leo
      leo Year ago +3

      They do technically die

    • ColinCartoons
      ColinCartoons Year ago +7

      @Meowdab I like the remake it’s more faithful to the book

    • Maxon Wolf
      Maxon Wolf Year ago +4

      @Meowdab tbh I prefer the remake. It’s more close to the book

    • Diana Kosianka
      Diana Kosianka Year ago

      @leo According to the book, the kids survive.

  • David D Pole
    David D Pole 3 years ago +16

    Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of my favourite Scream Queens ever.

  • Eliekira
    Eliekira 4 years ago +6211

    “You killed my son!”
    Yeah, and your son killed several innocent people.

    • J
      J 3 years ago +135

      Bringing it back to reality eh haha

    • General JM
      General JM 3 years ago +87

      Linnea Wijkmark the camera man and tatum and the principle and sidney mom and steve and casey

    • c2ttagecore
      c2ttagecore 3 years ago +8

      No, 2.

      LORD FOX GAMING YT 3 years ago +58

      You murdered our murderer!! Lmao

    • themadrapper101
      themadrapper101 3 years ago +10

      True story

  • Rainestorm
    Rainestorm 4 years ago +647


    • Horror Movies
      Horror Movies 3 years ago +60

      Stalkers (1939)
      Stalkers II (1977)
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    • Horror Movies
      Horror Movies 3 years ago +23

      I made up that Franchise

    • Starman Crusader
      Starman Crusader 3 years ago +4

      Tayy Rayyy mate, these days, that franchise can come true

    • anne
      anne 3 years ago +9

      Tayy Rayyy Nah man, for 2019 it’s obviously Gay Stalkers

    • Jason Dress
      Jason Dress 3 years ago

      Lolbunny55 Yt Channel it’s America happens all the time

  • upfrontbear74
    upfrontbear74 3 years ago +149

    Maureen's death still gets to me now, that death scream still gives me chills

  • res20stupid
    res20stupid Year ago +8

    I love Dewey's being attacked in this movie because of how it plays out. We see it happening, but because the room is soundproofed there's no music until Gale realises what's happening.

  • ACËD84
    ACËD84 3 years ago +5

    Cotton confronting sidney in the library is brilliant. His tone and his movements are similar to how the killer would talk on the phone and act and ahes noticing all of it and freaking out

  • Pinka13
    Pinka13 Year ago +9

    Will Smith is going to go out and slap GhostFace after that opening scene

    • Bert
      Bert Year ago

      Very true

  • Tiana Elsie
    Tiana Elsie 5 years ago +2049

    I agree about Randy's death I was freaking disappointed he got killed off

    • Dumpster Rat King
      Dumpster Rat King 5 years ago +68

      I wasn't. I wanted more of the main cast to die.
      Don't get me wrong, Sid and Gale are my top 2 horror characters ever (And that includes all the killers out there), but it would add a real sense of danger if they died.
      Example: I didn't expect Dewey to survive the 2nd movie precisely because Randy didn't.

    • Adrian Jem
      Adrian Jem 4 years ago +46

      Yeah I want to yell at the writers and directors "oh my god you killed Randy,You bastards!"

    • Joni Smith
      Joni Smith 4 years ago +21

      Me too Randy shouldn't have died

    • NerdBashingTime
      NerdBashingTime 4 years ago +19

      But the movies are by horror movie rules, he had sex, therefore he has to die. Simple

  • Alex Severinski
    Alex Severinski 3 years ago +118

    3:59 It's funny you should say that. With Buffy filming at the same time, apparently SMG reflexively attacked the stunt man playing Ghostface a lot and had to keep herself from doing so.

  • Dave Harris
    Dave Harris 5 months ago +5

    Love your content Dead Meat team!! you guys are awesome and made me love horror! Can't wait to see your new film!

  • BossKnight Films
    BossKnight Films Year ago +13

    I'm curious if James has seen Jamie Kennedy's Clip-Share channel and the videos he's made about his experience with the Scream movies. It's an interesting behind the scenes look into the movies and the character. According to Jamie, Randy's dead body didn't have that much blood on it originally but Jamie talked to Wes saying that a victim of a slit throat should have more blood on them. He intentionally went overboard on the blood for his dead body reveal because he thought it'd look cooler and make the audience feel even sadder for his death.

  • Xehanort10
    Xehanort10 2 years ago +50

    8:29 Roman basically says that in Scream 3. "It's hard being friends with you Sid. When you're friends with Sidney you die."

    • sgillman16
      sgillman16 2 years ago +11

      He wasn't wrong.
      Every single person in her life is dead, unless you count Dewey and Gale

  • Will Liskey
    Will Liskey Year ago +13

    Ghostface kills Jada:
    Surprise ending: Will smith slaps ghost face to death screaming "Keep my wife's body, off your kill count."

  • Sebastian Fuller
    Sebastian Fuller 3 years ago +2704

    When they got out of the cop car, why didn't they do any of the following
    A. Grab the dead cop's gun
    B. Kill Ghostfsce
    C. While he was passed out, LOOK UNDER THE MASK TO SEE WHO IT WAS

    • motodog242
      motodog242 3 years ago +76

      @Visitormassacre Mrs. Loomis' motive was pretty clear, an unmask would've told that. Regardless, I'd just jot this down as dumb protagonist syndrome.

    • dontfierthereaper
      dontfierthereaper 3 years ago +38

      Because Movies gotta Movie

    • Dante Ropitini
      Dante Ropitini 3 years ago +27

      Because that would make to much sense.

    • Ryan Brock
      Ryan Brock 3 years ago +30

      They could have unmasked Mickey and think it was all done.. Than.. They could have mrs loomis attack everyone still when thry didnt know there was 2 killers. She reveals mickeys motives and her motives and boom.. Finale.

    • Quiet Worlock
      Quiet Worlock 2 years ago +32

      She tried to unmask Ghostface while he was passed out but accidentaly pushed the horn with her hand, so she decided to run instead of trying again.

  • The Demon Under Your Bed
    The Demon Under Your Bed 3 years ago +1065

    Scream 2: “horror movies are ruined by sequels”
    You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

    • Tyler Nipko
      Tyler Nipko 3 years ago +21

      Then there would be another one

    • Andrew Phillips
      Andrew Phillips 3 years ago +37

      Then scream 4, you were surposed to destroy the tropes not join them

    • Ryan Frank
      Ryan Frank 3 years ago +24

      It wasn’t even that bad tho

    • The Demon Under Your Bed
      The Demon Under Your Bed 3 years ago +6

      The Goat I know it’s a joke bro

    • Enigma
      Enigma 2 years ago +1

      I understood that reference

  • SolrSurfr3
    SolrSurfr3 3 years ago +42

    Two for two with Sidney socking Gail in the face. You go girl!

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 9 months ago +1

    The 3rd rule of horror sequels is, "never ever, under any circumstance, assume the killer is dead."
    I was obsessed when I was a teenager and kept a list from each movie. Apparently that rule was cut from the original theatrical release (but was in a teaser trailer). I always remember it being in the movie though.

  • Nestor Segovia Jr.
    Nestor Segovia Jr. 8 months ago +2

    Fun fact: at 4:37, the sheriff in this movie was played by the late Lewis Arquette, who was David Arquette's real-life father.

  • Fiery Adept
    Fiery Adept 2 years ago +12

    I love how Timothy Olyphant is in this movie, made it a real treat to revisit. He's come such a far was as an actor.

  • sinisterSalem
    sinisterSalem 5 years ago +7203

    The first scream had Shaggy in it..the second one had Daphne lol!

  • Mark Lynn
    Mark Lynn 4 years ago +59

    Mrs Loomis? Unexpected. I guess she only killed Randy who shouldn't insulted Billy. Not better female killer than Jill, although more wide-eyed insane

    • Damian Prock
      Damian Prock 3 years ago

      IKR, she must be related to Samuel Loomis, Michael Myers' psychologist from the "Halloween"

    • Mark Lynn
      Mark Lynn 3 years ago +3

      @Damian Prock Nah just a coincidence having same surname but nothing indicates they're related

    • Damian Prock
      Damian Prock 3 years ago

      @Mark Lynn somehow, even I'm not so sure, he could be a long lost older brother of Mrs Loomis that was several times removed

    • José Miguel Fierros Ramírez
      José Miguel Fierros Ramírez 2 years ago +1

      Damian Prock I think Craven just wanted to give honors to Carpenter and the Halloween franchise 😂

  • Melissa Jahnke
    Melissa Jahnke 4 months ago

    This was the first horror movie I saw in the theater. I hadn't even seen the original, but Scream 2 kept me up for DAYS. Of course I immediately watched the first one and doubled down on my trauma.

  • Elteay
    Elteay 3 years ago

    Seeing the contrast of the old kill counts compared to the new kill counts shows how much effort James really puts into the new ones.

  • Shrimp
    Shrimp 4 years ago +43

    8:23 "Stabbing her in the chest and dropping her like it's hot"
    This is an example why Dead Meat was the best accidental channel find

  • Andrew Mcgarry
    Andrew Mcgarry 3 years ago +8

    James I love your show! Your energy and attitude really makes it for me. Thanks very much buddy!! I think you’re not only witty, but you can tell you really enjoy it.

  • lionessblack
    lionessblack 5 years ago +411

    You've really found your wheelhouse, James! Seriously, every episode gets better. And I'd forgotten about that detective's super gory kill. I remember the first time I saw Scream 2 and being so anxious in that scene when they crawl over Ghostface.

    • Hulk0509
      Hulk0509 5 years ago +3


    • Dead Meat
      Dead Meat  5 years ago +37

      Aw, thanks guys

    • Edward Spencer
      Edward Spencer 5 years ago +1

      lionessblack that is true

    • Matt LOL!
      Matt LOL! 5 years ago

      Dead Meat do chucky next

    • Jose Solis
      Jose Solis 5 years ago +1

      lionessblack Being an adult now and even serving in the navy i still remember watching this movie.

  • Thel Vadam
    Thel Vadam Year ago +2

    This movie is what drew me to the series to begin with. It has a special place in my heart.

  • Sam D
    Sam D 3 years ago +177

    2017 James: welometothekillcountwherewetallyupthevictimsinallourfavoritehorrormoviesimjamesajanisseandtodaywerelookkingatscream2
    2020 James: Welcome to the Kill Count! Where we tally up the victims in ALL our favorite horror movies. I'm James A. Janisse and, today, we're looking at Christine!
    Love watching professionals progress in their skills.

    • Kombo Master
      Kombo Master 2 years ago +7

      Me too it's cool

    • Chuck Jokic
      Chuck Jokic 2 years ago +3

      Yeah you can tell the improvements. He’s doing similar jokes but the delivery is different. There are some small parts where u see the current James. It’s so cool to see his improvement

  • Cody Woof
    Cody Woof Year ago +3

    Cameraman joel is the smartest man in the screamverse

  • Tyler Mitchell
    Tyler Mitchell 4 years ago

    Fun fact: Back when they were making Scream 2, the killer reveal was originally gonna be Derek and Sidney’s roommate Hallie. But somehow, the reveals ended up getting leaked and the fans found out about it. So they had to get rid of the ending that they already had planned out, and changed it to Mrs. Loomis and Mickey being the killers. Sounds kind of interesting when you think about it.

  • Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay Year ago +2

    Mickey is the most vicious killer of them all i hope james does the scream movies again because they have so much trivia he left out :( scream 5 is near and this series deserves moooore!!

  • Cameron Steele
    Cameron Steele 5 years ago +511

    Could Sidney BE any more badass?

  • Aaron Pennell
    Aaron Pennell 8 months ago +2

    That over dramatic DUUUN after ghostface says do you want to die Cici makes me laugh

  • Jack Petro
    Jack Petro 3 years ago

    I love when gal shows up while Mickey is saying who’s the other killer is

  • Brad G
    Brad G 2 years ago +18

    I'll never get over losing Randy...

  • J
    J 3 years ago +35

    Mrs Loomis's motive is probably the only one in the series that actually makes full sense. You can't question a mother's love.

    • Sarah Henry
      Sarah Henry 3 years ago +7

      We're talking about the woman who abandoned her son.

    • J
      J 3 years ago +7

      @Sarah Henry Yes. It's called simple revenge. Someone even 'sane' could use that as a motive to do horrible things.

    • Karl P.
      Karl P. 2 years ago +1

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    • Karl P.
      Karl P. 2 years ago +2

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    • Robi
      Robi 5 years ago +30

      Sara Kennedy I agree, I was mostly disappointed with Cici's death Like you said we barely knew her...

    • Venus Axe
      Venus Axe 5 years ago +36

      I agree wholeheartedly! SMG dying in this always bugged the fuck out of me! Jamie Kennedy (Randy) was such an important character, I think it was a bullshit move killing him.

    • Noah
      Noah 4 years ago +13

      @Sara Kennedy IKRRRR. I honestly wish she could've been involved more, why not make her Randy's gf or something?? idk but i love SMG and I wanted her involved more...

    • MrFlipperInvader792
      MrFlipperInvader792 4 years ago +2

      @Robi I think they just wanted to play the "dead star walking" trope

    • MrParkerman6
      MrParkerman6 4 years ago +2

      Originally, Randy was supposed to be Gale's replacement cameraman.

  • Rad Lee
    Rad Lee 2 years ago +6

    Obviously nothing will ever beat the opening of the first Scream, particularly because it subverted expectations brilliantly by immediately killing off the biggest star in the movie.
    Having said that, the opening for Scream 2 does come close, for very different reasons, and is sooooo fucking good! (Maybe not Phil’s death so much, considering how lucky Ghostface got that he put his head up against the stall _exactly_ where he needed him to at the _perfect_ time. It’s still a good jump scare though.!)
    But boy does my heart go out to poor Maureen. Being killed with all of those people around but none of them believing you/grasping what the Hell is going on until it’s too late! Not only were they _not_ helping, they were actively cheering ghostface on!
    Also, Jada Pinket Smith _killed_ (ha) this scene. When she broke down in front of the screen as she was succumbing to injuries, wailing and crying, it broke my goddamn heart!!!

    • 07foxmulder
      07foxmulder Year ago

      It’s the dumbest opening scene in the franchise. Smith’s cringe over acting completely ruins the scene. But, hey, someone’s gotta enjoy mediocrity I guess.

    • Rad Lee
      Rad Lee Year ago

      @07foxmulder Or… I mean… art is subjective and to each their own. But I suppose you have immaculate taste and anyone who dares to have a different opinion is just flat out wrong, eh?
      Oh well, I enjoy it and I’ll continue to do so regardless of what you think of my taste level. Havre a good one!

    • 07foxmulder
      07foxmulder Year ago +1

      @Rad Lee I do have immaculate taste. Thank you for recognizing that.

    • Rad Lee
      Rad Lee Year ago

      @07foxmulder Hahahaha. Clearly, it’s my pleasure.

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    • Mark Lynn
      Mark Lynn Year ago

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  • LuvYT
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    He’s death was shocking bc he’s supposed to know the rules to survive horror sequel, nevertheless, was sad to see him go. I like in part 3 when the cast of Stab were talking and Tyson said,” Probably some crazy fan upset about Randy getting killed

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    When they revealed who was behind the killing (Billy's mom) the theater I was in broke out into Boos and was throwing popcorn at the screen. It was pretty epic to see everybody just going wild in hate at the horrible twist. It's the thing I remember most about this movie, honestly.

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    But without sequels we wouldn't have Jason

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    • LukasProGamin
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  • gor9027
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