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Building a Budget Kemper Rig!

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Denver Williams
    Denver Williams Year ago +30

    I don’t think you can put Kemper and budget in the same sentence🤣🤣🤣

    • Bobby O'Dell
      Bobby O'Dell 6 months ago

      @louderthangod yeah, but a good scrounger can build a tube rig for way cheaper than a Kemp and you can build it in pieces.

    • Bobby O'Dell
      Bobby O'Dell 6 months ago

      I bought mine with 12 easy payments from American Musical but you can’t do that with Kemper anymore. I was wanting to do that with a pair of powered kabinets, but alas, no luck.

    • louderthangod
      louderthangod Year ago +2

      @Denver Williams I don’t know, I’m a school teacher so not exactly fabulously wealthy and I didn’t have trouble getting one. Even when I made next to nothing in college I more expensive gear than this. High school students or other financial priorities or obligations might find it tougher. In a time where Murphy Lab Les Paul’s are flying off the shelves, I don’t see buying a Kemper as restricted to the wealthy.

    • Denver Williams
      Denver Williams Year ago

      @louderthangod And a Lamborghini is vastly cheaper than a Bugatti. Still not in a normal persons budget however.

    • Don Keevney
      Don Keevney Year ago

      Correct....it's ridiculous

    ALEXXPARK Year ago

    I have a Kemper Stage and I play it through a Katana II 100W, which i brought for home use. I now use the Amp In of the Katana (with Kemper Cab ON). It sounds really good. Maybe you try this setup. If you don´t have a AMP IN you can also use the effects return.

  • Christian Filouler

    very good topic, well done.
    I bought a head white a few months ago as a B-stick. Was a lot cheaper.
    I bought the remote used. In the end, the price was the same as the stage.
    Now I would rather sit on the Stage, I let myself be unsettled, the switches are often defective.
    The WLAN is also a great thing, I have now solved it with a PoE switch and a separate VLAN in my network for Kemper / Remote / Ipad. But then it is not really transportable.
    I also wanted to have "real" buttons on the table to turn, but I do everything with the rig manager; (
    Well would also recommend the Stage
    If I sell or buy, I just put it on top, makes no sense
    Regards from Germany

  • jtn191
    jtn191 Year ago +6

    Behringer FB1010 & affordable poweramps ought to be mentioned

  • Max Kay
    Max Kay Year ago +1

    If the kemper has got a midi input, any midi controller would work, too. right? i got a behringer fc with an extra chip. There are some nice inexpensive frfr boxes out there, if you need to go loud without headphones… And the only advantage of an extra fc is, if the kemper floor has a broken switch, it is not that useful anymore. But everything from kemper seems to be well built and might last long.

  • I G
    I G Year ago

    I’ve been thinking about getting either an Axe Fx or a kemper (in my country the cost the same…)…
    To be honest, I like the Kemper but I feel it’s sort of a bit obsolete in sound and the way it allows people to tweak the sound of the profiles…
    Is it worth it to buy a Kemper nowadays or should I just buy the Axe Fx?. (Whatever thing I end up getting, I don’t want to have to change it for at least 10 years).

  • fandi wowor channel

    love my 2021 pedalboard, Kemper Stage + Vertex Exp Pedal + Vox Wah + Phase90 + VoodooLab iso5

  • Einar Aarnes
    Einar Aarnes Year ago

    would think that a Kemper and your pedalboard would be the best budget Kemper rig...
    you need to use one profile though, then the best budget rig got to be the stage only.. I would think.

  • vance955
    vance955 Year ago +1

    Can you do a video walkthrough on how to tweak, set-up snapshot (like on helix) etc on kemper stage for beginner in worship context.

  • Landon Cunningham
    Landon Cunningham 7 months ago

    How do you guys like the Kemper Power Kab ? I never cared for the Line 6 though I do have a Helix.

  • Kenneth Meeker
    Kenneth Meeker Year ago

    I use a Yorkville powered speaker p12p pawn shop find works great

  • The Distortion Principle

    Can the stage unit do amp capture?

  • zapruderpedro
    zapruderpedro Year ago +2

    kemper stage + TDA7297 or TDA7498 power amp from amazon + any regular guitar cab. may require soldering / basic electronics knowledge

  • Ra L
    Ra L 3 months ago

    This device is cute, I'll stick to my 4 JCM 800 stacks and my 2 KRANK Krankenstein stacks. Shake the ground!!! \m/ \m/

  • Bobby O'Dell
    Bobby O'Dell 6 months ago

    Some facts! Guitar players would go extinct without Reverb!

  • MRD Studios
    MRD Studios Year ago +3

    You could also get a midi controller as an alternative to a remote.

  • Gas28
    Gas28 Year ago

    The best budget kemper, I would say a good tube amp combo 5-30 watts 2hand 600-800$, a tc gsystem 2hand 350$, and a preamp like a victory V4 400$ or and effectrode blackbird 400$…….. and you have sound, because with your kemper at 1000$ on sale, there is no sound if you don’t have a something for « amping » the sound,,, so what is a budget kemper rig ? At least 1400 with a frfr amplified speaker. But if you have already a kemper, buy tonejunkie and mbritt sounds they are truely not fare from real. Thx don’t stop making vids

  • Mr. A.
    Mr. A. Year ago

    HW. Do you know how to record a dry DI guitar with the stage?

  • Kemp Man
    Kemp Man Year ago

    Why buyin a kemper when talking about budget. It makes no sense for me to use one of the greatest tools in music and use cheap parts beside it. The kpa is high and and it deseveres high end components around it like the temote, mission pedals, goodd frfr or kemper cones……..If you are on a budget you will find also cool things from boss or line6 on the market. And one thing more, I own hundreds of tone junkie profiles and thousands of other ones. The problem is, when you came with new amp profiles, g.a.s. arrive and you buy the next pack…….. tonechasing😉

  • Deepnote
    Deepnote Year ago

    According to the rumors' the Android app is under development...

  • mtsalmela80
    mtsalmela80 Year ago

    Does the head or rack not have a MIDI port? I would not buy that pedal, I would just use my HD500x which is as fine a midi controller as you can get

  • kuringmundo
    kuringmundo Year ago

    69th like.