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My dramatic cat Luigi's vet visits


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  • illymation
    illymation  2 months ago +810

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    • johanariliz ramirez
      johanariliz ramirez Day ago

      Your know u can just put water in the dry cibble and he might eat it

    • girlSqaud b💗💙
      girlSqaud b💗💙 27 days ago

      @Edwin CaldwellBills true dat

    • Edwin CaldwellBills
      Edwin CaldwellBills 27 days ago +1

      I got advice for you with Luigi cats can take a big beating until something serious happens that’s how they can jump of 1 story roofs without breaking bones

    • Nicholas Negron
      Nicholas Negron Month ago

      Mam your website is unsafe

    • hazel sullivan
      hazel sullivan Month ago

      Your cat has a lot of signs that he has something bad

  • Krysty Uchiha
    Krysty Uchiha Month ago +359

    My dog, Lui, broke his dew claw once. The vet came into the exam room and asked “So, what are we here for?” Lui, whose coloring around the eyes makes him look sad 24-7, gently lifted his paw toward the vet, as if to say, my leg has a owie. 😅

  • Rey Selvage
    Rey Selvage Month ago +190

    This is my rabbit!!!! She is the most dramatic animal I’ve ever been in contact with. Her name is Luna and she’s 8 years old, so pretty old for a bunny. Anyways, I brought a few people over for thanksgiving this year and Luna is pretty antisocial and only really ever wants to hang out with me. So she was mad. I knew she would be mad. However, after everyone left, she wouldn’t eat or drink or move and she only wanted to be in the corner of the house. When rabbits do this, it usually means that they’re in pain and are dying, ESPECIALLY at her age. I was so scared. I waited a day and she was still refusing any food or water and wouldn’t even let me touch her. I seriously thought that my elderly rabbit that I’ve raised since infancy was dying. I rushed her to the vet where, and I kid you not, the vet concluded that Luna was just really freakin dramatic. Luna acted PERFECTLY for the vet. She was a ham. The little shit was just mad at me and ended up costing me $175 for a late night emergency exotic pet vet visit. We got home and she was FINE.

  • Paul The Nerdy Cat
    Paul The Nerdy Cat Month ago +32

    The box story reminds me of the time my mom held my cat all the way home from the vet because he wouldn’t go in his carrier.

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  • kingdomhearts
    kingdomhearts Month ago +25

    Honestly this was a great video with a great message. I lost my cat in January to cancer and we had no idea he was sick because he showed no signs till it was too late. The doctor we took him too said he was fine and it was constipation. That misdiagnose got my cat killed. And honestly I know it's horrible to say, he died a few months afterwards to heart complications and i felt it's poetic justice. Because how the hell do you confuse cancer for some poop?

    • -The2nd_Rabb1t-
      -The2nd_Rabb1t- Month ago +3

      I feel so bad for you :(( I have a cat who is luckily still with me, and I cherish every moment I have with him.

  • Jeez
    Jeez 2 months ago +4179

    Luigi is so iconic. In character and cat form

    • sonic doll
      sonic doll Month ago

      I love Luigi he is cute

    • Mike Rollt
      Mike Rollt Month ago

      @PanzerOfTheLake would do the Same with you

    • PanzerOfTheLake
      PanzerOfTheLake Month ago

      I would throw that cat across the room hopefully killing him

    • da soup
      da soup Month ago +1

      @DisneyStar yeah we do

    • da soup
      da soup Month ago +1

      That is so true

  • canistercat
    canistercat Month ago +12

    9:30 as someone who has lost many stray cats i was feeding because i thought they looked fine until one day i found them dead somewhere around the house with, i regret everything and i just wish i could spot that something was wrong with them before it was too late. and if i ever get an actual pet in the future, i hope future me will be able to bring it to the vet even if they just do a little sneeze. you know, just to be safe

    • pxumpkin
      pxumpkin 2 days ago

      OMG I'M SO SORRY 😢

  • sarah antony
    sarah antony Month ago +33

    who else is just really proud of illy for everything

    • kirbyfanatic
      kirbyfanatic 15 days ago +1

      @osheridan same!

    • osheridan
      osheridan Month ago +3

      I relate to a lot of this except I'm not so good at handling stuff so she's really an inspiration for me :D

  • Vanessa C
    Vanessa C Month ago +8

    I for sure would rather have my kitty be a drama llama than not know they were sick :( glad luigi is happy and healthy (and handsome)

  • Sly Sly
    Sly Sly 2 months ago +133

    My dog, who actually died on the first of this month, once did the same thing. My dog jumped off the couch and began yelling and crying as if he was in pain. This worried me and my family because he had broken his leg before and we almost went bankrupt to give him surgery.
    So we took him to an emergency animal hospital at 11:00pm at night, but because of Covid we couldn’t go inside. So we waited outside and eventually got a call and they said he was acting fine. He stopped yelling and screaming when the vet came to get him and he was even walking and wanting to play. On the way home we were looking at the bill and we noticed he was happy to have a car ride. He just wanted to go for a ride in the car!!!
    So we said, damn Buster if you wanted to go on a car ride so badly you could’ve just told us! That was a $250 dollar 7 minute car ride.

    • Boredom Breakers
      Boredom Breakers 3 days ago

      I’m so sorry your dog died, it's really emotional for me too. My dog and cat died within a month of each other :(

    • Sara :D
      Sara :D Month ago +1

      @osheridan yeah

    • osheridan
      osheridan Month ago +1

      Ain't no way we're living in a world where you get charged $250 for a quick check- But lol dogs are funny little things

    • Sara :D
      Sara :D Month ago


  • Bluesheepwolfie
    Bluesheepwolfie 2 months ago +1894

    My cat never complains so when I found lump on her leg I got worried. Got her to the vet and they recommended surgery after watching it for a while. The minute she went down for surgery the thing just popped. Turns out it was a cyst and not cancer. Thanks for the vet bill kitty but it was worth making sure you were ok

    • Mewo
      Mewo 2 months ago +1

      I’m your cat

    • Bluesheepwolfie
      Bluesheepwolfie 2 months ago +16

      @Undefined Error the cyst was firm and had no flexibility in it to show there was fluid in it, so there was no way to tell it was a cyst unfortunately.

    • Undefined Error
      Undefined Error 2 months ago +1

      Your vet is an amateur, how did they not figure it was a cyst?! That seems rather basic, and they still set you up with a bill. Jeez.

    • Toca Creepy
      Toca Creepy 2 months ago +1

      @Skylar S. Same.

    • Skylar S.
      Skylar S. 2 months ago +11

      @Chibi. exe Yeah, my first cat had cancer. Unfortunately it formed around his ribs. He went through a few surgeries to try and get rid of it, but because of its placement and his age there wasn't too much the vet could do.

  • DeVernePersonal
    DeVernePersonal Month ago +11

    omg i love the billboard at the vet about the catnip. that is too good.

  • PoundKeyz
    PoundKeyz Month ago +4

    My cousin’s cat has a moustache too, same colours as Luigi but she’s scared of a lot of things and isn’t very smart.

  • RazzleberryJam
    RazzleberryJam Month ago +8

    I can say from experience, also as a child.
    Slaming your fingers in the door is one of the worst experiences I have ever had, and I still remember that day, twenty one years later.
    Wombs and bones heal though so it'll all be good in the end.

  • Tropical
    Tropical Month ago +2

    5:29 this is pretty normal with cats who move but the time varies.

  • Dave Nelson
    Dave Nelson Month ago +9

    I discovered her channel yesterday and i am ALREADY OBSESSED

  • Athe Prouss
    Athe Prouss 2 months ago +21

    Luigi is like that dramatic friend that everyone has. You know, like that friend that describes something as "a total emergency" but really they forgot to buy their nail polish.

  • Brenda Monge
    Brenda Monge 2 months ago +62

    I felt this in my soul. My cat hadn’t pooped or peed in a couple days recently so I rushed to the vet and skipped work; we did the whole X-rays, urine test, IV a fluids and more and the bill ended up being $800 but there wasn’t anything wrong with her she was just being dramatic 😭 but I love her anyway and would rather spend the money then have something happen to her

    • Ang D.
      Ang D. 2 months ago +7

      Better safe than sorry when it comes to not going potty! My cat recently had the same issue, and it turns out he had a urinary blockage. Taking him in saved his life.

  • katphish30
    katphish30 Month ago +10

    "And slide him in like a Nerf dart."
    Fully accurate, and I yelped out loud laughing.

  • Cantans Avis
    Cantans Avis 2 months ago +1327

    As someone in the vet field, I gotta say, we will always call your animal handsome/beautiful/wonderful ('cause they are). I laughed at "dramatic and handsome" because I'm pretty sure I've said something along those lines so many times

    • Lindsay Almeida
      Lindsay Almeida 2 months ago +7

      My same thoughts as I sit on my lunch break listening to a colleague doting on a sweet puppers who’s giving kisses while getting rads. The animals is why I do my job because they’re all wonderful in their own ways. ❤
      Thanks for sharing a positive outlook of vet care and the importance of seeing a vet when a pet “isn’t right.” We don’t like to see animals come in sick but always do what we can for them to help them (and their families) feel better. I seen many tails/paws/limbs in doors having worked ER for 17 years, Luigi isn’t the first and won’t be the last and your an awesome pet parent!!!

    • Gumi
      Gumi 2 months ago +16

      Yep. Handsome. And so sweet.
      My cat is a good girl, very snuggly, but half the time she’s a little butt
      Then we take her to the vet and the ladies at my local vet are all “oh she let everyone pick her up and cuddle her, and oh she was so sweet she was purring while we gave her a shot, and she’s so pretty, she’ll be fine she’s just pretty”
      “Anyways that’s $700”

    • T H
      T H 2 months ago +37

      You vets help us out so much with our beloved companions...i thank all of you.
      You all should be paid more and get more credit. I imagine the job can become really sad at times as well as stressful.
      Anyway...thank you.

  • Zelda Warrior Princess

    Your cats are so cute but maybe you should make more videos of them they’re just so cute

  • Rat_man
    Rat_man Month ago +2

    my grandma used to have 2 cats but in 2018 one of her cats passed at 6 of asthma so in October her other cat who is 14 currently stopped eating due to a kidney infection she's doing better now but she's been inside for almost 2 months so she's been inside and has givin me many sleepless nights

  • Molly H
    Molly H 2 months ago +58

    The fact that Luigi’s just walkin around on 2 feet like a normal human being is so funny

  • Red Ricky Racer
    Red Ricky Racer Month ago +2

    8:10 OH MY GOOOOD, THAT LITERALLY HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE, IT WAS WITH THE LAUNDERY ROOM DOOR!!!!! I felt so Horrible And he made the same noise Luigi did

  • Another Movie Studio
    Another Movie Studio 2 months ago +1318

    My dog, who actually died on the first of this month, once did the same thing. My dog jumped off the couch and began yelling and crying as if he was in pain. This worried me and my family because he had broken his leg before and we almost went bankrupt to give him surgery.
    So we took him to an emergency animal hospital at 11:00pm at night, but because of Covid we couldn’t go inside. So we waited outside and eventually got a call and they said he was acting fine. He stopped yelling and screaming when the vet came to get him and he was even walking and wanting to play. On the way home we were looking at the bill and we noticed he was happy to have a car ride. He just wanted to go for a ride in the car!!!
    So we said, damn Buster if you wanted to go on a car ride so badly you could’ve just told us! That was a $250 dollar 7 minute car ride.

    • mrclueuin
      mrclueuin 2 months ago +1

      Such a sweet and funny story. So sorry for your loss. May memories of him make you smile more than cry. 🐾🍖🕯

    • hoemofunhowse
      hoemofunhowse 2 months ago

      I’m sorry

    • Rachel Thompson 🧡
      Rachel Thompson 🧡 2 months ago


    • violetvase
      violetvase 2 months ago

      I'm sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a sweet and very dramatic fuzzball

    • Juvar
      Juvar 2 months ago

      Wait with pet insurance as well? I want a pet but if it’s that expensive I’ll have to pass :(

  • Asia Sanchez
    Asia Sanchez Month ago

    i used to have a cat named Luigi! i loved him soooo

  • mimi
    mimi 2 months ago +48

    as someone who works in the veterinary industry, thank you for advocating for using us! the amount of people who leave problems for months and months and then expect us to fix their pet overnight is ridiculous!

  • Kenneth Fortier
    Kenneth Fortier Month ago

    If you check out Jackson Galaxy here on youtube, you'll see that occasionally mixing up your cats food is fairly preferable. As people we wouldn't want to eat the literal same thing every day for months on end. It's not switching between dry or wet just different flavors. Chicken for a couple weeks, Fish later and so on.

  • -hunter noceda-
    -hunter noceda- Month ago +1

    I just got a cat who I’ve name Luigi, 4 days ago then I found this video

  • athenammmm8
    athenammmm8 2 months ago +1231

    It takes a special person to deal with a cat’s shenanigans 😂
    Edit: POV: you accidentally started a cat vs dog fight in the replies(although i am a cat person)

    • Chiller 88884
      Chiller 88884 Month ago +1

      @dandelionofluff - Agreed, the argument is so stupid. And then those same people pretend no other pet exists.

    • Chiller 88884
      Chiller 88884 Month ago

      @Vitamin E Nobody asked, frankly I've had both, dogs are just as capable of being dramatic and causing commotion. I have a guinea pig as well, they are just as capable of being dramatic. All animals are great.

    • Chiller 88884
      Chiller 88884 Month ago

      @fjjdfgdlnjftsqf Cats will also eat their own feces, most animals will. Guinea pigs are about as smart as rats and can solve problems human toddlers can...and they eat their own feces. It's not an indicator of intelligence, it's just something most animals do.

    • foxxycat !
      foxxycat ! Month ago

      @dandelionofluff - FINALLY! Someone who gets it! People are just annoying sometimes… barely any cat people go hating on dogs but dog people hate on cats 24/7!! It’s so annoying!

    • All-I-Gotta-Say-Is-00F!
      All-I-Gotta-Say-Is-00F! 2 months ago

      @fjjdfgdlnjftsqf gotta love them though....

  • Jenn
    Jenn Month ago

    Maybe take a good look at him before running him into the vet even if he "won't let you" Could save you a lot of money :)

  • Jackdoesstuff
    Jackdoesstuff Month ago

    I just want to mention how much I love the the owl house references you make

  • Noah_Exoticbutter
    Noah_Exoticbutter Month ago +1

    5:04 me: wondering if he’s crying or he’s excited

  • BunnyHD
    BunnyHD Month ago +1

    i bet luigi only goes to the vet to get called handsome lmao

  • lts toca desirae🍭
    lts toca desirae🍭 Month ago +1

    Your child hood stories are amazing

  • Praweshna Poudel
    Praweshna Poudel Month ago

    I love your videos!
    How do you make these animated videos?

  • TaviGamer404
    TaviGamer404 Month ago

    My anime bf acts like that too. I remember hearing a noise and then hearing him crying so I come into the room and he’s on my bed crying and holding his foot.
    I ask him what’s wrong. He hurt his foot. Apparently he had stubbed his toe and acted like he had broken his foot or something lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Br44n5m
    Br44n5m Month ago +7

    My little drama queen snuck out one day and came back with her tail drooped halfway down and a slight limp. Took her to the vet to hear she's very well behaved, very healthy, and was putting on a show for her very concerned parents because she probably got in a fight or something. For a couple months she drooped her tail again whenever she was in trouble to try and get sympathy, the little actress!

  • Sam's Animations
    Sam's Animations 2 months ago +623

    Watching this after my cat literally tore an actual hole in my head which feels apt

    • everythinggame
      everythinggame 2 months ago

      @E F literally had a dog that could bite my arm off if i wasnt careful cats usually dont hurt you if you dont do anything wrong

    • Hicknopunk
      Hicknopunk 2 months ago

      @Sam's Animations do you often feed kitty human based kibble?

    • Midnight Swiftie - ROAD TO 300
      Midnight Swiftie - ROAD TO 300 2 months ago

      @E F dogs are ten times more dangerous

    • Angela Plays!
      Angela Plays! 2 months ago +5

      @JC Denton fr. No matter how much cats hurt me I still love those jerks to death

    • Rose_magic
      Rose_magic 2 months ago


  • Animation Zi
    Animation Zi Month ago +1

    Bro , everyone has cute pets. MY RABBIT WAS A PSYCHOPATH! I'm sure I fed him well , he was young but i don't think I gave him enough attention at that time... Some of my other cousins had chicks as pets and they would all play in one big area but my rabbit bit the upper beak of one of the poor tiny yellow feather balls. I still don't understand why. Tell me if i did something wrong

  • Chløe
    Chløe Month ago +1

    *illymation:"my son,my cat."*
    *me:TaYlOr SwIfT*

  • JustxGluey!!
    JustxGluey!! Month ago

    Illy has been on call with the lady in 10 minutes and 45 secs💀

  • Breaking Peter
    Breaking Peter Month ago

    I’m gonna name my future cat Luigi or Doug

  • xXFl4m3yFøx191Xx
    xXFl4m3yFøx191Xx Month ago

    The thumbnail is one of the most perfect images I’ve seen in my lifetime

  • Peytonimations
    Peytonimations 28 days ago

    got The Battle Cats right when this came out and just beat Chapter 1 =]

  • crazyfrytka
    crazyfrytka Month ago +1

    Please, please, DON'T feed cats with dry food. It is harmful for them. :(

  • noel hutchins
    noel hutchins Month ago +1

    if your cat is injured, make a cardboard fort and don't make them leave till the week ends: cat-forts fix everything.

    OG GONE DED 2 months ago +629

    That Luigi scene of him being in the box was genuinely wholesome yet funny at the same time

    • Sherlock Who
      Sherlock Who 2 months ago

      When we move our cat hides in a cupboard. Particularly bathroom cupboards

    • monkey lady
      monkey lady 2 months ago +4

      @TheTripleE dont u mean, timnesatakp?

    • TheTripleE
      TheTripleE 2 months ago +5

      @monkey lady thanks for the timenesatkpt

    • monkey lady
      monkey lady 2 months ago +3

      4:50 for timnesatakp

  • Kori McBullard
    Kori McBullard Month ago

    one time my mother stepped on my cat Kiki's tail, and my mother is not the lightest person in the world, so she broke her tail. And do you know what she said, " oh she just being dramatic! she's fine" BUT NO Kiki was not fine, and we had to go to the vet

  • Idk
    Idk Month ago

    That gave me a heart attack

  • Whatever
    Whatever Month ago

    Not eating can became a major issue for cats very fast. Start talking to your vet after a day off food.

  • DezzyDayy
    DezzyDayy 2 months ago +57

    Gotta love a video about an amazing cat when you're sick and in a lot of pain

  • meBeth
    meBeth 2 months ago +394

    My cat literally spent the entire day yelling at me because she didn't like the food I gave her. She happily ate it when she was younger but now I'm a horrible mother for giving it to her🙃

    • Whatever
      Whatever Month ago +4

      Cats like change in their life. Maybe get something similar

    • stick studios
      stick studios 2 months ago +4

      @Kellita Delia oh I did last month I feel all better

    • Kellita Delia
      Kellita Delia 2 months ago +5

      @stick studios hope you are healing okay

    • stick studios
      stick studios 2 months ago +10

      My cat died recently by cancer she was so badly suffering that when you love her by one inch she will start crying, you have no idea how heartbreaking it is, on October 27th she had passed away she was like a sister to me 😔

    • Lanky macCrazyhair
      Lanky macCrazyhair 2 months ago +25

      sounds like a cat, alright.

  • ACs Hörgeschichten
    ACs Hörgeschichten 2 months ago +6

    I can relate so much! Had been mom and foster mom of about 13 cats in my life and every single one had their own quirks.

    ANDRES RETRO GD Month ago

    WOW me gusto mucho la historia B)

  • Imogen Cashman
    Imogen Cashman Month ago

    i don't have a cat but i have two dogs, and my smallest dog had this cough for a long time and at first i thought that she had something stuck in her throat, but when we took her to the vet i found out she had heart disease, we caught it early, but now she has to be on medication for the rest of her life.

  • GlaciaGalaxy
    GlaciaGalaxy 2 months ago +6

    8:40 ommmg this reminds me of the time i was teaching my dog to walk beside my power wheelchair, not infront of it, and i turned, and i didnt realize how close she was and ran over her paw by accident and she let out the biggest bloodcurdling yelp i ever heard, and i jumped up (i can walk just not very far due to leg swelling i use the chair when i have to go farther then my apartment) anyway i jump up and hug her and pet her askiing if shes okay and saying im so sorry over and over. she was fine, she gave me kisses but man i felt so so so so bad.

  • Autumn Floral
    Autumn Floral 2 months ago +229

    The beginning part with the "bright red" in the litterbox just happened to me 2 weeks ago. My baby boy Cole was pissing blood and like a mama, I panicked. He wasn't in any visible pain, he was moving and he allowed us to carry him, but we soon realized that right after he would come out of the litterbox, he would scoot his little butt onto the floor. So my step dad took him to the vet, and he wasn't being dramatic. I don't know if it's a kitten form of kidney stones, but Cole's stress was at some kind of high level to where his bladder was being physically effected by said stress, and this can happen to humans too. All in all, the vets absolutely adored Cole, claiming that he was a little charmer. Currently, he's got his medicine and is being pampered and loved

    • Autumn Floral
      Autumn Floral 2 days ago +1

      Just a little update, it is not a cat form of kidney stones. Cole has a small baby bladder that was a bit swollen. He's been taking a lot of good foods and is off his medicine. He is now a healthy playful stress free boy

    • Bowser14456
      Bowser14456 2 months ago +7

      That happened to me during COVID omg. Glad he's ok

    • Coldchary
      Coldchary 2 months ago +12

      Who knew stress makes you pee blood

    • Mari CA
      Mari CA 2 months ago +11

      Poor baby!!! I’m glad he’s getting better!

  • Emily Starling
    Emily Starling Month ago

    Luigi gets hurt very bad : 8:21 The vet: well thankfully no broken bones no sprains I guess he was shaken up by it all he's actually really healthy he's walking just fine and maybe he was just being Illy: dramatic 😡 Vet: Yes dramatic oh and very handsome aren't you bud Illy: yes handsome thank you 😡 vet :of course That'll be Three hundred dollars. 9:01

  • NameLess_D3de
    NameLess_D3de 2 months ago +8

    At 7:21 the think luigi is playing with gives me childhood memories

  • Adrienne Brown
    Adrienne Brown Month ago +3

    I feel your pain, my youngest cat has been in an out of the vet so many times, with so many scares. Two of the being legitimate and life threatening issues. Finally figured out he had a medical condition and now we're treat it and he's fine as can be annoying his older sister. Their so cute, but so expensive *cries over empty wallet*

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  • hmm
    hmm Month ago +3

    My cat is actually so similar to Luigi lol She's basically just female Luigi
    My cat's name is Lelo (kinda similar to Luigi) she likes garbage, and she looks a lot like Luigi (same colors and pattern)
    Great video lol
    Keep up the good work :D

  • Lesley Martinez
    Lesley Martinez 2 months ago +371

    Omg I just got back from taking my cat to the vet 😂 He was hissing up a storm in there, but thankfully not scratching.

    • Hicknopunk
      Hicknopunk 2 months ago +2

      Mine scratches and bites at the vet...my hands and arms look like I am self harming after 🤣 I always take point so the vets don't get attacked.

    • CelestiaFan Forever
      CelestiaFan Forever 2 months ago +10

      better then them giving you then "How dare you look?! I hate you!" look that I would get from my old cat anytime I had to give him a bath.

  • Bloodfun2585
    Bloodfun2585 Month ago

    lol he sounds like my cat nayla (ironically shes a orange/ginger tabby lol)

  • Inal Bob
    Inal Bob Month ago

    Luigi might have pica something that causes the urge to eat non-food items I'm not not sure if animals can have this condition or if it's just humans but just maybe?🐱🐱🐱

  • Magic
    Magic 2 months ago +2

    The last part about how sometimes they’re sick and you don’t realize it until its too late just hit me because I used to own a cat that passed away because of a sickness that I didn’t know about until it was too late. cats or any animals please make sure to take him to the vet every month for a check up and enjoy the time with them.

  • Palomipau
    Palomipau 2 months ago +3

    Just this year I went thru a creepy health scare with my cat. He's fine now, but back then I was worried to my core. So thank you Illy for the cat shenanigans and showing that better safe than sorry... if vet bills weren't that big, but my point stands

  • Robo Bomb
    Robo Bomb Month ago

    So if my cat is only eating three meals a day I should take it to the vet lol

  • Just some cells slapped together

    2:40 this happened with my dog once. he was walking around and then just flopped on the ground and cried
    I was shouting for my mum but she was in the shower
    He had some disease but we got it cured

    • pxumpkin
      pxumpkin 2 days ago

      Aw! My love goes out to you!

  • Jaden Picasio
    Jaden Picasio 2 months ago

    I love watching these, and rewatching the older videos. They're so funny, and it's a nice way to relax. Especially during finals or when I'm sick.

  • Red_BloodyMary
    Red_BloodyMary Month ago

    That McDonald’s box💀

  • Khaulah Fauzol Azim

    My family have 13 cats and my mother decided to stop my girl cat to get pregnant

  • Potato Sticks
    Potato Sticks Month ago

    The little picture of ✨Anya ✨ 👌

  • Fluffball_playz
    Fluffball_playz 2 months ago +1

    Love the little dude! I have two cats too and I treat them like my babies! I can relate because I've been freaked out so many times by them! Especially Fern!!!

  • Sweet Cherry
    Sweet Cherry 2 months ago +1

    My kitty had a similar reaction to moving/getting into a box and being delivered to a different place. I forget what it's called, I waited and he didn't, drink, anything, for HOURS. So... I gently picked him up, carried him around, let him sniff and all that fear and such seemed to go away and he clamed down and was himself.
    He's also dramatic, but in a "sensitive baby-needs his momma to make it better" type - sweet bby boi ^^
    (tho he's technically a senior now, we're ignoring that)

  • T H
    T H 2 months ago +1

    I now wonder how often other people's cats like to act out in a dramatic fashion for special attention like this...lol!
    So naughty...but so handsome!🥰

  • 🗑️ Lives In a Trash can 🗑️

    As someone who owns a cat just as Dramatic. I have to say I salute you Illy with your patience with these weird fur children's antics

  • Sopapilla Cheesecake

    Luigi may have Pica a condition that some cats have that make want to eat anything and everything in sight

  • Shades-N-Braids
    Shades-N-Braids 2 months ago +4

    My cat Onyx passed away at the beginning of May from pancreatitis caught too late. She was my entire world, literally the best cat ever. Like Illy said, please do check ups on your pets because you never know when they could be suffering in silence.

  • joy onobrakpeya
    joy onobrakpeya Month ago

    Imagine a cat Olympic if I had one I would enter them

  • Luana
    Luana Month ago

    My cat is literally (QUITE literally) the same cat as yours but instead of grey-ish, he's black and white. In the same areas as yours. AND he's bob-tailed.

  • Awesome Will
    Awesome Will Month ago

    Wonder if your cat is voiced by Charlie Day...

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    Loved this! He got me as well in the last bit, the animation is incredible as always

  • Rory
    Rory 2 months ago +403

    Gotta love a video about an amazing cat when you're sick and in a lot of pain

  • M X
    M X 2 months ago +1

    I remember I would always freak whenever my dog would get flaky skin rashes. He gets these rashes mostly during the spring and summer.
    Turns out short-haired dogs with white fur are more susceptible to skin allergies.

  • CannibalHippo / L0B0D14BL0

    My sister is so intune with our cats, she just Knows when something is wrong. It's a skill she's honed over the years and learning to trust her gut.
    And we're at the vets so often (we seem to end up with the really sick rescues), that they recognise our car when it pulls up. I also have a sneaky suspicion they keep a couple of emergency slots open for us because they seem to always get us appointments very quickly.

  • Misting Wolf
    Misting Wolf 2 months ago +2

    My shiba is a total drama king, and it has sent me to the vet quite a few times as well, so I feel the pain of an empty wallet when you have little to spare. May Luigi have many more dramatic years ahead!

  • La Crowned
    La Crowned 2 months ago +1

    This kinda made me tear up. I had my first kitty in college and he was my everything. He developed a tumor behind his eye and I tried everything to figure out a way to help him and get the surgery. I ended up in like 15k worth of debt and somehow the vets still refused to do a surgery because they needed a MRI (roughly another 4k where I was) and I just couldn't come up with the money. By the time I had finally gotten enough money saved up from my various odd jobs and scheduled the appointment, it was just too late and he passed. He was about a year and a half old.
    Now I have three babies with my partner and I'm so hyper vigilant of their patterns and routines that we have caught things in very early stages. But a lot of the time it my paranoia getting to me. They didn't eat their food? Probably because it was new flavors they don't like but I start booking vet appointments asap. Usually it's just them being over dramatic >.< but ill still make the trips.... just on case.

  • DunpeilDueliest69
    DunpeilDueliest69 2 months ago

    Hey Illy, I know exactly how you feel when it comes to Luigi being Dramatic, my pet cat Percy was the same when he was younger, but now I know when it comes to small things he's definitely fine, I always check to make sure that his eating his food, drinking water, using his litter box and enjoy his life being a cat. 😊 😊 Have a great day today and give Luigi And Julie a great big hug for me. 😊 😊

  • Tenko Draxon
    Tenko Draxon 2 months ago +3

    Remember for all of our elderly kitties out there you gotta take em to the vet twice a year! We live our little old ladies and gents and gotta make sure they’re healthy 🥰

  • L3thal_Juice#isupportukraine

    How do you tame a cat?

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    queenofdramatech 2 months ago

    This video totally made me laugh! I was waiting, however for the little squeaky toy noise after you said, " Luigi you little.. " picturing it in my head made me laugh even more!

  • Snowicorn
    Snowicorn Month ago +1

    One time I was in a rush and had to run between apartaments. My cat really liked to go out of our apartament every chance he got. So I was in a rush and closed the heavy front door with force and I didn't notice my fluffy baby's paw was there 😭
    He screamed and then he walked without stepping on that paw for a few days and he was mad at me and ignored me :((
    Luckily he didn't break any bones and after a few days he was walking just fine, but that moment was still terrifying

  • ch-ch-ch -chihea
    ch-ch-ch -chihea 2 months ago

    If you continue having issues getting him in carriers I recommend the carriers that open up on the side. It helps a bit as the holes are bigger

  • Ari Jas
    Ari Jas Month ago +3

    I had a cat named Pete. Thankfully we didn't have many health scares with him but oh my gosh this was so relatable. Especially when we moved. He sat in a corner behind the couch for a few days and didn't eat at all for awhile. Not even treats. Until In the middle of the night we heard the most glorious sound of kibble crunching 😭. This video was so nice to see for me. Brings back memories 😂

  • Harley animation Brown

    Man who’s back for the chaos🎉

  • Triforceman1
    Triforceman1 2 months ago

    This really puts things in perspective for me; I can see that my Lucky is really quite well-behaved.

  • Natushi
    Natushi 2 months ago

    This is hilarious and so relatable! My cat is just as dramatic. My cat has long hair so I have to give him a butt bath every now and then. He'll give me the silent treatment all day and not even make eye contact me with. Just total side eye all day LOL

  • Brianna Caballero DuVall

    my cat jewels one swallowed string once.dont worry hes fine tho

  • • Froggy Cass •
    • Froggy Cass • 2 months ago

    I love Luigi 😂❤
    Also, I’m glad he’s okay