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Keith Eats Everything At IKEA

  • Published on Mar 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Furniture…and MEATBALLS? Get some fresh Swedish delicacies while testing out your next dining room table. Keith is here again to tell you what’s worth taking a shopping break, and what’s ok to leave in the courtyard. Let’s eat the menu!
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Comments • 3 546

  • Audrey Susz
    Audrey Susz 2 months ago +14790

    Keith carrying this channel on his back fr

    • SheenaTalks
      SheenaTalks 2 months ago +70


    • Johnathon Wright
      Johnathon Wright 2 months ago +477

      This man gonna get scoliosis

    • Jess Higginbottom
      Jess Higginbottom 2 months ago +15


    • Seggy
      Seggy 2 months ago +281

      Is this an insult to the other guys or a compliment to Keith? 😂

    • kstrongtree22
      kstrongtree22 2 months ago +511

      Zach said on the trypod that he's been producing, and that he'll be in more soon. There's been so much going on with them, Keith with the Wizard of Friendship, and Zach just got married. They could make more videos about the play, so they did that.

  • #1Nerd
    #1Nerd 2 months ago +2280

    As fun and lighthearted as these videos are, I would sincerely like to thank Keith and all the other people behind the scenes that make the “Keith Eats Everything at _” videos possible. As someone that struggles a lot with anxiety in public spaces, it helps to know exactly what the options are, what they look like, and what they might taste like before going into a restaurant. Jokes aside, you’ve given me a lot more confidence in restaurants. It sounds dumb, but really, thank you.

    • Piper Burchell
      Piper Burchell 2 months ago +62

      You’re not alone in that!! They have helped me so much in understanding what will work!!

    • fvck lettuce
      fvck lettuce 2 months ago +19

      We have anxiety bc we care too much about what people think of us.

    • Jennifer Sierra
      Jennifer Sierra Month ago +21

      I have never considered this persepctive until now, thank you for sharing.

    • emmachloe
      emmachloe Month ago +6

      you are absolutely not alone!!!! knowing what to expect helps so much

    • Kayla Brown
      Kayla Brown Month ago +4

      I agree! This does help a lot. Although where I'm from we don't have a lot of the restaurants he reviews, it's helped alot with the ones we do have, and if I ever travel to the US, I will be able to order confidently.

  • kelsey p
    kelsey p 2 months ago +190

    IKEA provides free feminine products and baby diapers in their bathrooms. Let’s have a round of applause for IKEA👏👏👏

    • No One In Particular
      No One In Particular 4 days ago +4

      They also have kickass employee healthcare and a really safe and encouraging work environment. Love me some IKEA.

    • jonah
      jonah 2 days ago

      hell yeah!

  • Sabrina Moore
    Sabrina Moore 2 months ago +1372

    This was the first Eat the Menu I've ever seen where Keith WASN'T grease-drunk halfway through the episode. Must've been all the veggie balls.

  • Mica Donaghy
    Mica Donaghy 2 months ago +1109

    i think it’d be kinda cool to do a “beat the menu” show where you try and improve on either the worst or best thing from a restaurant’s eat the menu

    • Kendahl Sellers
      Kendahl Sellers 2 months ago +25

      Doing this with phoning it in could be really fun, or just having each of the guys doing it, almost like without a recipe but using one and enhancing it

    • Rachel Bailey
      Rachel Bailey 2 months ago +12

      Or a rank the menu where you compare the best and the least best of each restaurant they've had so far to determine what is truly the best and worst items overall

    • zerocraic
      zerocraic  2 months ago +2

      @Rachel Bailey they’ve done this I believe w Taco Bell and McDonald’s last year? It is very fun. Both were shortish videos w just Keith and Eugene

    • zerocraic
      zerocraic  2 months ago +4

      That they don’t do a collab of this with mythical kitchen is kinda crazy

  • camie
    camie 2 months ago +492

    I work at IKEA in Europe and let me tell you… your IKEA menu is very very americanised haha! Mac and cheese? Cheesecake? Pizza? Meatball wraps? Potatoes for breakfast? Fun fact: the meatballs do have funny names! Huvudroll or köttbullar. Sad to see some items missing, like the salmon in lemon dill sauce as a main and the DAIM cake as a desert. Oh and the cheese croquette as a starter. The hotdog is Iconic also over here because it is set that the price may never change and it’s a good snack before going home. If I’m not mistaken there’s actually 3 types of meatballs: original, vegan and vegetarian. Good on IKEA for tailoring their food to the country the store is located in.

    • Natalia Sitkowska
      Natalia Sitkowska Month ago +29

      DAIM cake is the best thing that ever happened in this world

    • Lola Nola
      Lola Nola Month ago +6

      I wonder why.. probably because they're in America. You're really proving the "europeans are so stuck up" stereotype we have over here, bucko.

    • nathalie
      nathalie Month ago +61

      @Lola Nola Did you read the whole comment love? They never said it was weird or bad that it was americanised and pointing out fun differences is probably not something people would consider stuck up.

    • Lola Nola
      Lola Nola Month ago +5

      @nathalie You obviously didn't get the tone of the comment lol

    • She-Spoke-Words
      She-Spoke-Words Month ago +41

      @Lola Nola
      I think that you misread the tone lmao
      The American IKEA menu is the one I’ve seen with the most changes and own items. It’s supposed to be a Swedish experience, that why they were surprised by how Americanised it is. The comment wasn’t negative or positive, it was simply stating an observation.

  • NonFrynary
    NonFrynary 2 months ago +5932

    Keith: "We're eating everything from IKEA!"
    Me: I can't wait to see Keith eat a table

    • Danielle King
      Danielle King 2 months ago +102

      but he has to build it first 😂

    • ::star girl::
      ::star girl:: 2 months ago +8


    • ñom ñom
      ñom ñom 2 months ago +25

      This comment is the reason why I like the internet.

    • pule
      pule Month ago


  • Halen
    Halen 2 months ago +80

    Kwesi really said, "This is my planned lunch" with those bite sizes. 😂

    • Myrtis Scroggins
      Myrtis Scroggins 11 days ago +1

      Like, no one else will be trying anything when he has a segment 😂

  • greta 🤟
    greta 🤟 2 months ago +70

    I love how these videos are incredibly entertaining but also informative. As an autistic person, this series really helps me with knowing the textures and tastes of certain food at certain restaurants. This is very useful to me because a vast majority of people with autism suffer with sensory issues, and knowing the textures of foods before trying them really helps me know what I'm getting myself into.

    • Ciruwiru
      Ciruwiru 10 hours ago

      as a fellow autistic person, you just hit the nail on the head on why i found these types of videos very interesting so massive kudos for that

  • CheerfulRose
    CheerfulRose 2 months ago +147

    My favorite segment truly is "Alex brought some cookies to the all you can eat, eating the menu time"

    • bandaid
      bandaid 2 months ago +11

      honestly! makes me sad to see that keith is so harsh in reviewing his cookies 😭 he was so thoughtful with this one too

    • Mariah Smith
      Mariah Smith 2 months ago +1


  • Diz Merkley
    Diz Merkley 2 months ago +186

    One of the many things I love about this show is that the editors play Horn Concerto No. 2 when Keith is obviously so done🤣🤣

  • Elin Wilson
    Elin Wilson Month ago +85

    The gooey chocolate cake is supposed to be like that, it is called kladdkaka which would translate to messy cake. We usually pair it with whipped cream.// Swedish person

  • chloe bamber
    chloe bamber 2 months ago +2710

    Keith eats everything in a Japanese convenience store would be such a video

  • katie bare
    katie bare 2 months ago +241

    “You know what this sandwich is gonna have on it?”
    “Hot boys eatin’ it?”
    Amazing 😂

  • Sarah McNeil
    Sarah McNeil Month ago +25

    Being Scottish and watching Keith learn what an authentic scone should look and taste like is actually pretty funny, sometimes i forget that scones arent that common outside the UK 😂

    • Dangsoo D
      Dangsoo D 16 days ago +2

      Calling them French! French!

  • Kyomi
    Kyomi 2 months ago +44

    Keith/The Try Guys should drink around the world at epcot - I feel like it'd be hilarious

  • tweetthang96
    tweetthang96 2 months ago +88

    Y’all’s IKEA has a slightly different menu from mine. There were desserts you didn’t try, and I might have missed it but I think you guys tried the standard meatballs and the “plant balls” but did you try the veggie balls? They’re curry seasoned and come with different sauce. Also surprised y’all didn’t try any of their drinks!

    • Vanessa O'Brien
      Vanessa O'Brien 2 months ago +4

      I was looking for this comment! The veggie balls are so good!

    • Poppy
      Poppy 6 days ago

      Idk about you but in Ireland theres also chicken meatballs and theyre really good 😊

  • Denica Komitska
    Denica Komitska 2 months ago +16

    Well.. it’s a shame they didn’t have the DAIM cake.. that is the best dessert in IKEA and they missed out on it !

  • Ryan Collins
    Ryan Collins 2 months ago +3528

    Now Keith should do a "Keith eats every flavor of Ramen" episode just to get Ryan to eat instant ramen.

  • Zmind O-Seven
    Zmind O-Seven 2 months ago +107

    Keith mentioning people going inside IKEA and not coming out reminds me of the infinite IKEA SCP story, and I wish more people knew about it

  • Kim LeDawn
    Kim LeDawn Month ago +17

    At this point I genuinely consider Kwesi a Try Guy 💚 really enjoy episodes he's in & he feels like a perfect fit with the guys. Chef's kiss 🤌🏻

  • Chum BC
    Chum BC 2 months ago +18

    It's funny that Keith chose this Ceasar Salad experience to mention the anchovies thing, because Ikea's dressing is one of the few Ceasar dressing I know actually does not have anchovies. I am a vegetarian and I have spent many days searching for places that sell vegetarian Ceasar salad, and Ikea as always did not dissapoint

  • Chelsea Cessario
    Chelsea Cessario 2 months ago +16

    When my fiancé and I went to Sweden, we asked the locals where we can get the best Swedish cuisine, and they told us to go to IKEA

    • Zandra
      Zandra 2 months ago +8

      its cause we dont really have a lot of resturants with cultural swedish food. its only the kinda stuff we do at home :)

  • Lauren Mullins
    Lauren Mullins 2 months ago +41

    My favorite Ikea food is actually from the food market: the frozen waffles. Idk why, but they are the best frozen waffles around. Really buttery. Works great as a breakfast, or with savory toppings, or even as a dessert with ice cream. I buy 3-4 boxes every time I go to IKEA.

    • Noelle
      Noelle Month ago

      Are they the heart shaped ones? And yeah i feel like swedish waffles and pancakes should be more appreciated

  • Rhea Nathan
    Rhea Nathan 2 months ago +1349

    Keith saying ‘fuck me to death’ over a potato salad is my favourite moment

    • Vanshika Thakur
      Vanshika Thakur 2 months ago


    • Matthew Peterson
      Matthew Peterson 2 months ago +3

      very similarly, i usually say "fuck me to tears"

    • Matthew Peterson
      Matthew Peterson 2 months ago +6

      not only for potato salad but sometimes its potato salad

    • IDS
      IDS 2 months ago +2

      my second favourite is the one about the pea pops

  • A. Rossnes
    A. Rossnes 2 months ago +49

    Keith really feels like the one remaining Try Guy and I am so proud of him.

  • Maelin Lim
    Maelin Lim 2 months ago +19

    Please do a Keith Eats Everything At Dave & Buster's but also play every game there. They have drinks too, so seeing him play different arcade games as he gets progressively more food-drunk and actual drunk would be awesome

  • DefiniteHumanJess
    DefiniteHumanJess Month ago +10

    42:38 Becky heroically holding back a laugh when Keith calls Eat The Menu "one of the best food review shows ever made" 😂

  • Jjjjunya
    Jjjjunya 2 months ago +25

    Love Ryan as a guest food reviewer, he has perfectly unhinged takes!! he deserves more screen time!!!!

  • Neko IoI
    Neko IoI 2 months ago +160

    I love how one of the few times Keith not being close to pass out is when he eats the whole menu from a EUROPEAN furniture store.
    Also them trying to explain where Sweden is just ended me in the worst way possible, I am surprised over and over how bad the US school system is, god help me. xD

    • Danielle Kernan
      Danielle Kernan 14 days ago +1

      It's called comedy.

    • EmmaEmm
      EmmaEmm 12 days ago +1

      Plenty of us know where Sweden is.

    • CecilyPigeon
      CecilyPigeon 3 days ago

      Not that I'm defending US educational standards, but I'm genuinely curious - do most Europeans learn the location of the 50 US states and retain that info into adulthood, unless it's particularly relevant to their life?

    • Geo
      Geo Day ago

      ​​@CecilyPigeon remembering 50 states from one country is not the same as remembering actual full-fledged countries... The same way you won't know the states in my country I don't have to know the American states (even though i can identify correctly at least a couple on a map). We do however tend to have better understanding/memory of the world atlas than the US.

  • madikinz17
    madikinz17 2 months ago +2958

    Keith just nonchalantly mentioning Zach being in the hospital with a piece of glass in his leg (with ZERO explanation) is killing me right now 🤣🤣😭😭😭

    • pentamerous5
      pentamerous5 2 months ago +51

      he's okay! it happened before the wedding!

    • Nina Marie
      Nina Marie 2 months ago +44

      they've been teasing a video about it for SO LONG. i cant wait 😆

    • Anushka Sharma
      Anushka Sharma 2 months ago

      Can you please give a time stamp

    • not_wiyonee
      not_wiyonee 2 months ago +18

      @Anushka Sharma 45:33 also Zac just released a video of his hospital disaster

  • Esme O'Prey
    Esme O'Prey 2 months ago +33

    these videos make a lot more sense when you realise that Keith definitely gets high before he films them

  • FindingGreenOS
    FindingGreenOS 2 months ago +8

    Have been to Sweden twice, once to Gothenburg and once to Stockholm. Really enjoyed both but Gothenburg was particularly delightful and they had the biggest cinnamon rolls we'd ever seen, it was bigger than my head. They also have amazing honey and if you are a mushroom fan make sure to go in autumn, they had chanterelles everywhere, it was heaven. Love to Sweden from the UK!

    • Kittinthehatlady
      Kittinthehatlady Month ago

      I live in Gothenburg. Happy to hear you like it here! And you found the iconic gigantic Haga cinnamon buns. Yes, we call them cinnamon buns, not rolls. And the most important thing, we never put frosting on them, but pearl sugar. Just had to point that out, lol!

  • Missie
    Missie Month ago +12

    Do y’all not have the almond Daim cake?? The IKEA restaurants here always have them, and you can buy them in their food section beside the bistro too. They are so delicious

  • brandino :P
    brandino :P Month ago +12

    “Get your physics out of my french fries” what an iconic statement.

  • glockenrein
    glockenrein Month ago +3

    That chocolate cake is not raw, it’s perfect. It’s not just a Swedish thing either, in French they’re called fondant au chocolat.

  • Cemi Jo Smith
    Cemi Jo Smith 2 months ago +2306

    I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. KWESI IS A GEM.

    • aslobos
      aslobos 2 months ago +35

      Absolutely. He makes every damn video soooo much more of a joy. 😎😎😎😎🥇

    • K K
      K K 2 months ago +10

      Fully agree. FULLY AGREE!

    • Terragzahn
      Terragzahn 2 months ago +18

      KWESI!!! 🎉 KWESI!!! 🎉 KWESI!!! 🎉
      I really hope they make him a more permanent part of The Try Guys

    • Katelyn B
      Katelyn B 2 months ago +26

      He’s the 4th try guy in my brain

    • Kiah Rose
      Kiah Rose 2 months ago +3


  • Mulder Simp
    Mulder Simp Month ago +5

    If you ever go to sweden you should eat everything at Max (a swedish burger chain). You should also go to a pizza/kebab restaurant cause the pizza is very different here and more influenced by middle eastern cuisine than italian.

  • Maddel97
    Maddel97 2 months ago +6

    it's so crazy that people in America go to Ikea for the meatballs whereas in Germany people usually go for the hot dogs

  • Becky Wonders (Becky Marshall Design)

    Kwesi requesting a magic edit exit made my day.
    Also, “educational pizza” is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard on Try Guys.
    This was a great video.

  • _LilPea_
    _LilPea_ Month ago +5

    Literally never set foot in an ikea. Also very suprised about how much variety they have wow

  • ashley
    ashley 14 days ago +1

    i love these videos so much. as someone who has a bad relationship with food, there are days when eating is really hard for me. sitting down and "eating with keith" is sometimes the only way i can get through a meal. i know these videos are made for entertainment, but it's sm more to me. so thank you, keith!

  • Twinshift
    Twinshift 2 months ago +3018

    As a Swedish person, some of the things they say really makes you laugh. “Sweden is cockblocking Denmark from the sea”

    • lifeofLaerke
      lifeofLaerke 2 months ago +150

      As a Dane, I am wondering if Kwesi knows how much sea is acutally around us 🤣

    • Alice Cato
      Alice Cato 2 months ago +3

      Tja girly

    • 79cecilia
      79cecilia 2 months ago +170

      Also... as a Swedish person it's kind of fun to see how much of IKEA's products are actually catering to where the store is located... when they say that they don't do a lot of that... Scones? French toasty things? Fried chicken? Not things you can get at IKEA in Sweden... ;)

    • SofIe
      SofIe 2 months ago +2

      my hand reached my mouth so fast hahah

  • Unicowpowah
    Unicowpowah 2 months ago +16

    This eat the menu has the most wonderfully chaotic energy of them all

  • Tova Skogström
    Tova Skogström 2 months ago +6

    You have to have a different version of the plant balls in the us, because in Sweden they’re famous for being SO good and I personally love them!

  • Jessica
    Jessica Month ago

    Kwesi and Keith have such great chemistry. They are so fun together !!

  • jj
    jj 2 months ago +10

    Ikea is great value. I love the salmon and the fact they have vegetarian meatballs now. And the desserts are always good

  • Elizabeatscancer
    Elizabeatscancer 2 months ago +16

    Kwesi should be the 4th Try Guy!! He’s wonderful! ❤ Also as a Vermonter thank you so much for supporting our farmers!!! 🥰

  • forslinthegamer
    forslinthegamer 2 months ago +978

    As a Swede, I felt obligated to mention that real lingonberry sauce usually is a bit tart. I assume that the lingonberry sauce people get at Ikea in the US contains more sugar than normal to appeal to the American palate.

    • Kelsey Swan
      Kelsey Swan 2 months ago +32

      my dad and his family immigrated from Sweden to the USA and my grandparents are SUPER picky about any lingonberry recipes specifically for this reason!

    • 𝕆𝐫𝕒𝐧𝐠𝕖 🍊 Flavored Bubblegum Bxtch
      𝕆𝐫𝕒𝐧𝐠𝕖 🍊 Flavored Bubblegum Bxtch 2 months ago +15

      Remember that we're on a different continent and none of our native plants taste similarly so most Americans have trouble adjusting to the flavor. It's just an unusual taste to us.

    • Sonia M
      Sonia M 2 months ago +27

      Yeah, I am Swedish and I was surprised that Keith thought that the lingonberry sauce/jam was too sweet. I never thought that lingonberry sauce was that sweet compared to other sauces/jams.

    • Susan Swanson
      Susan Swanson 2 months ago

      I buy mine from Sweden. Gotta be authentic

    • Em
      Em 2 months ago +16

      Yes, this! I'm also swedish and i have never had it with pancakes either. To me it's best paired with something more savory like meatballs, black pudding or potatisbullar

  • Calynn Lock
    Calynn Lock 2 months ago +32

    Becky’s face when Keith says it is the best food review show 🤣
    Love the show though 😆

  • Katrín
    Katrín 2 months ago +19

    Keith's hatred towards Janet on the Magic School Bus had me in stitches 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Seth Johnson
    Seth Johnson 2 months ago +23

    Keiths face when he said "I've never had stale cake" fucking killed me lmaoo

  • Destiny P
    Destiny P 2 months ago +24

    Kwesi looks so good in the IKEA bucket hat

  • Karolita Garfias
    Karolita Garfias 2 months ago +4

    Keith being my fav try guy and having all these videos of him make me so happy 😊

  • Victoria Guerra
    Victoria Guerra 2 months ago +710

    I died every time Kwesi loved a meal and screamed “it’s a furniture store!!”

  • Hanna
    Hanna 2 months ago +5

    Do American IKEAs not have princess cake at the restaurant anymore? That's my favorite! Although Keith doesn't seem to like jam and might not have liked that either...
    And BLESS UP YOURSELF, Kwesi! After spending years explaining to Americans that Finland is between Sweden and Russia, I was delighted to hear you immediately locate Sweden as next to Finland.

  • Jenny Juliana
    Jenny Juliana Month ago +1

    I remember going to IKEA to just eat breakfast with my parents 😂 good memories

  • Het GekkeHuis
    Het GekkeHuis Month ago +1

    these video's have helped through so much stress with my eating habits. they made me eat even though i wasn't hungry or felt too bad to eat something. thank you for the fun times!

  • Cat Soho
    Cat Soho 2 months ago +7

    I worked in the IKEA bar, I will say a lot of stuff is localized, we don't have the breakfast but we got a cappuccino and brioche deal in Italy

  • RaineyPuppeteers
    RaineyPuppeteers Month ago

    The throughline of Keith eating the menu has been rather comforting as they transition from old Try to new Try. The new stuff is great, it's just somehow reassuring in a way I didn't know I was looking for after last fall.

  • byFrida
    byFrida 2 months ago +82

    This made me realise how different American IKEA food is compared to Swedish. If you ever come to Sweden you should make an Eat the Menu IKEA again, there's not very much overlap!

    • Milena Meyer
      Milena Meyer 2 months ago +1

      same for german Ikea, except the Meatballs and hotdogs I barely see similarities in menue 😅

    • Jessica Å
      Jessica Å 2 months ago +4

      I was thinking the same thing! Such a different menu compared to Sweden, it's interesting for sure.

    • Henry Alphonse
      Henry Alphonse 2 months ago

      Totally! Then he should do Max Burgers

  • KBclouds
    KBclouds Month ago +4

    " get your physics out of my French fries". I love that lol 😂

  • Sofia
    Sofia 2 months ago +24

    The BETRAYAL, Keith that’s not a crêpe, it’s a Swedish pancake😭 And the chocolate cake is supposed to be like that, it’s called kladdkaka which means gooey or sticky cake and it’s the best thing everrr

  • Michelle Olson
    Michelle Olson Month ago +1

    It's too bad Culver's doesn't have any locations in California. I'd love to see Keith react to deep fried cheese curds and frozen custard. And the pretzel bites.

  • Christen Gomez
    Christen Gomez 2 months ago +4

    Keith and Ryan are so funny together.

  • no.
    no. Month ago +2

    Ikea breakfast was a regular weekend occurence when i was a kid. I always loved the scrambled eggs, here they at least seasoned them

  • Adrienne
    Adrienne  2 months ago +548

    I love that Keith is unapologetically himself. Considering most of his fans have been around for a long time, being open about smoking weed is like… wow we all grew up together 😂

    • Curlz and Height
      Curlz and Height 2 months ago +11

      I could not have said it better myself

    • Danielle Winston
      Danielle Winston 2 months ago +12

      Yes! I would would love to smoke with all of them but smoking with Keith would be a dream come true!!

    • Tatiana R
      Tatiana R 2 months ago +6

      @Danielle Winston smoking with keith sounds like a great new series for the try guys to do

  • Seitan Beats Your Meat

    The IKEA food is how I lure my husband to look at furniture there… he knows it, and still can’t help himself from falling for it 😂😂

  • Tredorre
    Tredorre 2 months ago +5

    God I love Kwesi he is an absolute delight in every single video

  • Sandi Wood
    Sandi Wood 2 months ago +3

    "STEP IT UP!" Merch please 😂😂😂 I want that on a hoodie with Kwesi's face on it wearing his IKEA hat 🤣🤣🤣

  • riot
    riot 13 days ago

    Ryan has such amazing synergy with Keith hahaa

  • Lydia Jackson
    Lydia Jackson 2 months ago +700

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    • Agnes W.
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    • Luna Eldsdotter
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    • Mil
      Mil Month ago

      0 pp l

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