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Tom Scott vs TomSka: who is the best Tom?

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • SeriousKano

    The fact that they missed the chance to call this event "Tompetition" drives me crazy.

  • Ghiaccio

    that rock-paper-scissors was a certified anime moment. tom fell victim to the classic blunder. perfectly executed, tom.

  • wolfer255
    wolfer255  +570


  • Roman Kaplan

    The big brain move from Tom in the final game was a stroke of genius

  • Volt Siano
    Volt Siano  +614

    I REALLY want to see you get more Toms together for this next year. Clip-Sharers, artists, friends, random people who signed up - as many as you can get.

  • Cameran Nicephore


  • Tablesauce

    This needs to be a yearly competition now to see who gets to hold the title of "Best Tom" for the upcoming year.

  • Silaine Sterre

    This is the crossover I needed. For years, my sibling (Tomska fan) and I (Tom Scott fan) have been telling each other, “Oh, there’s a new X video out,” to momentary excitement, then slight disappointment.

  • Santiago Vidal

    The trophy being slammed on the table out of nowhere while the music swelled and they laughed absolutely killed me

  • Syalp
    Syalp  +127

    Normally I am always rooting for a person at the end.

  • Hope_Punk
    Hope_Punk  +84

    I love how Tom starts with "ah, battleship game theory" and then puts two ships touching each other and promptly loses. XD

  • Goodgu
    Goodgu  +153

    That was by far the most tense game of rock-paper-scissors I have ever witnessed... Well done Tom, and you as well Tom.

  • Mariorox1956

    I was rooting for Tom the whole time, but I couldn't believe Tom took it home. Well played, Tom, and better luck next time Tom

  • Jorge Rosado

    while I love everything about this video,

  • Clare The Cat

    Can't believe the entire thing came down to ONE rock-paper-scissors game, that is just too funny! Absolutely delightful video, guys :D

  • Enorazza
    Enorazza  +19

    Last night I looped the final moments of that UNO perfect game

  • Ay Star
    Ay Star  +55

    I appreciate the spur-of-the-moment kinda scuffed quality of this as well because it just looks like fun rather than something super planned out and performative. Hope to see more types of video collabs like this on your free time.

  • ParaphaPanda

    Tom's delivery of "Don't look at me." at the end of boggle is such a core emotion. XD

  • Ikari
    Ikari  +5

    Dear goodness what a blessed crossover. For the next one, I wanna see Tom meeting Scott the Woz to see who's the better Scott

  • McFlubberpants's Variety Channel

    Can we please make this an annual thing? I don't care what scandals may occur, I must know who is Best Tom every year!