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Summer Nostalgia ♫ songs for a summer road trip ~ summer vibes playlist

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Dazzling Arcade
    Dazzling Arcade  6 months ago +16

    Download Calm Down Ringtone for your phone:

    • พี่ACgleComWitCkl
      พี่ACgleComWitCkl 6 months ago +4


    • Vera Stulovskaia
      Vera Stulovskaia 6 months ago +1

      ​@พี่ACgleComWitCkl ,

      NING CHEN 6 months ago

      @พี่ACgleComWitCkl 😊😊

    • Joereen Kristine Miranda
      Joereen Kristine Miranda 6 months ago


    • Whit Hamilton
      Whit Hamilton 6 months ago


  • pro gamer 28
    pro gamer 28 6 months ago

    I love it!🙂

  • Kieran Davies
    Kieran Davies 6 months ago +2

    Love the song 🎵 ❤ 💕 😍 💓

  • Nanno • 50 years ago
    Nanno • 50 years ago 6 months ago +13

    This song is such a mood.

  • Dèlichieuse
    Dèlichieuse 6 months ago +4

    ❤ Dèlichieuse ❤❤❤

  • Chester
    Chester 6 months ago +2

    Like my father told me you're going to have money problems my son you earned the knowledge don't let no one tell you what to do with life cause it's yours to control thanks daddy where ever you may be 😉❤️

  • Erika Policarpio
    Erika Policarpio 6 months ago +3


  • Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones 6 months ago +4

    I like it Rama, Selena Gomez - Calm Down🤗👩

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 6 months ago +6

    Calm down ❤❤

  • Luchiya Berhane
    Luchiya Berhane 6 months ago


  • Luchiya Berhane
    Luchiya Berhane 6 months ago


  • kristin zirk
    kristin zirk 6 months ago

    how wonderful.

  • Chester
    Chester 6 months ago +1

    I'm at peace with life showing up every time making me looking like a fool Brenda

  • it's toca mia
    it's toca mia 6 months ago


  • Kamal Uddin
    Kamal Uddin 6 months ago +1

    Calm down 😊

  • พี่ACgleComWitCkl
    พี่ACgleComWitCkl 6 months ago +2


  • Francesco Palmisano
    Francesco Palmisano 6 months ago +2


  • Isaac Daniel Shoff
    Isaac Daniel Shoff 6 months ago +3

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  • Renee Compher
    Renee Compher 6 months ago +2


    • 5a9ht1crad03
      5a9ht1crad03 6 months ago


    • thequietcity
      thequietcity 6 months ago +1

      lets make drew barry more preseident so we can tell when she lies !

    • 5a9ht1crad03
      5a9ht1crad03 6 months ago

      @thequietcity Yes.

    • evelio davila
      evelio davila 6 months ago

      Bruh this is what I think bro

    • thequietcity
      thequietcity 6 months ago

      @evelio davila dude i know. your a bruhver and a shistur too?

  • Xidjonga Alba Mate
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  • Tina Esparza
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  • พี่ACgleComWitCkl
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  • Maritza Lagunas
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