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  • Published on Mar 2, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Player One
    Player One Year ago +3373

    D wade doesn’t know that vid was made to show the 2k animations 😂😂

    • Tay2xx Burner
      Tay2xx Burner 5 days ago

      @K3dontmiss bron plays 2k, Anthony Davis , dbook, ja morant, Karl towns, lamelo , Carmelo , Bam adebayo, I can keep going on the people that are in the nba that plays 2k

    • Sincere Grant
      Sincere Grant 4 months ago


    • Larelle Bandy
      Larelle Bandy 5 months ago

      Frl tho

    • JJ Reale
      JJ Reale 9 months ago

      @RetroTV1 t up jit thats d wade

    • MistLordRx
      MistLordRx 9 months ago


  • SillyPotHead
    SillyPotHead Year ago +2286


  • Sophisticated Warriors Fan

    Dennis is probably the only 2k player that can hoop in irl and also SO

    • Tay2xx Burner
      Tay2xx Burner 5 days ago

      @Mg Dragon he was a ball player first

    • Carsen Le
      Carsen Le Month ago

      Kristopher London , zackttg , jesser

    • Sulayman Bah
      Sulayman Bah Month ago

      Joe knows

    • CallMeJay
      CallMeJay 4 months ago

      Forgot about So

    • J
      J 6 months ago

      bro people out here disrespecting davis. davis is a fr hooper just the amp edits make him look trash

  • Sophisticated Warriors Fan

    This is a BIG W For Duke

  • XXX _Monte
    XXX _Monte Year ago +45

    Wade needs to react to Duke’s dunks

    • Danyl
      Danyl 3 months ago

      Na anyone but wade judging dunks 🤣🤣

  • House of Highlights
    House of Highlights Year ago +33


    • dutt
      dutt Year ago

      @ratio facts

    • ratio
      ratio Year ago +3

      If Kenny doesn’t win this is a Mickey Mouse tournament

  • Ram Sureshvaran
    Ram Sureshvaran Year ago +25

    I know I shouldn't say negative things about the great DWade but why out of all the other great shooters he has to be the one to evaluate like DWade was more of a mid-range shooter. Y'all could have had Steph, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller or Klay to evaluate since they were lights out in their primes. And let's not forget that Steph was evaluating golf swings so it isn't a stretch to say getting him to rate jump shots is a problem.

    • iron xhelollari
      iron xhelollari Year ago +1

      the shot form is similar tbh

    • AlexDropEmOff
      AlexDropEmOff Year ago

      Sounds like sum you would say if you cant shoot threes irl lmao

    • andvoyz
      andvoyz Year ago +3

      To be fair, the "threes" Duke was shooting is pretty much equivalent to the midrange shot in the NBA

    • thetrib1
      thetrib1 Year ago +16

      'cause D Wade was a great shooter. people really act like 3 point shooting is the only type of shooting. you know who's one of the best shooters we've ever seen? Demar. the level of tough shot making is crazy. so yes D Wade who was a great mid range shooter can be here. they are playing knockout not 3pt shootout.

    • VikoBoi RamDev
      VikoBoi RamDev Year ago

      But Klay's still in his prime. Even after his rehab, he'll be 31 1/2 to 32.

  • Nelson Kuria
    Nelson Kuria Year ago +238

    What Dwyane talking about?😂 That's the get back on D celebration, and not doing too much.

    • XXXTentaclez
      XXXTentaclez Year ago

      @Last clip-share.net/video/Cv3g5ay_IYE/video.html this is the original video

    • Last
      Last Year ago +3

      how the fuck he supposed to know that weirdo

  • Jamil Ludd
    Jamil Ludd Year ago +4

    I would love to get this. Love playing.

  • Wow
    Wow Year ago +133

    Dwade shall react to flight💀😂

  • Joel
    Joel Year ago +1

    I low-key feel like duke winning this 😂😂😂

  • Abhijeet Deol
    Abhijeet Deol Year ago

    I’ll give it a 9 😆

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant 4 months ago

    He needs to react to flights bro😭🔥

  • Vyshakh Vathielil
    Vyshakh Vathielil Year ago +2

    D Wade!!!!🐐

  • - X
    - X 9 months ago

    Wade give him a 9 becuz he celebrates to excessively 😂

  • 1OnlyDez
    1OnlyDez Year ago

    D wade gave this shot a 9

  • i keep getting spawn killed

    He need to talk about mopi jumpshot

  • Timothy tisor
    Timothy tisor Year ago +3

    Wade with the beard is starting to look like a small version of Perkins!

    JPINNACUT Year ago

    It was a 9 - dwade

  • Simone Ferrione
    Simone Ferrione Year ago

    D Wade : So for me it's a 9

  • Plug Me Joe
    Plug Me Joe 10 months ago

    we got to see duke in some runs with friga since he so called hooper get him out here hooping with iverson jlaw

  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan Year ago

    Kenny gonna win regardless

    YBANXNDY Year ago +9

    Wade already know Duke can’t shoot 😂

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones Year ago +2

      @Brrazzy he has a video about 2k celebrations

    • DoloLilman
      DoloLilman Year ago +12

      @Brrazzy he celebrated cuz that video was about 2k animations

    • Brrazzy
      Brrazzy Year ago +1

      Exactly if you a real shooter like that you really don't celebrate unless you tryna recreate green animations

  • Evoo
    Evoo Year ago +1

    Man duke a whole 2-way playmaker 😂

  • dZh
    dZh Year ago +2

    Jayson Tatum has the cleanest form IMO

  • Edgar TMFG
    Edgar TMFG Year ago +1

    I don't think D Wade can judge anyones jumper and talk about arc like his J wasn't flat af when he played

    • L-GUN
      L-GUN Year ago

      He will still splash it it anybody's face

  • Kidd Isley
    Kidd Isley Year ago

    I never been jealous of duke before but how tf is d wade talking about him right now ???

  • Wade drippy
    Wade drippy 5 months ago

    Dwade chattin 💀😂

  • Eastwiicked
    Eastwiicked Year ago +2

    the celebration is because the video was 2k animations so thats what he was supposed to do

  • Romii TV
    Romii TV 8 months ago

    Cmon Duke 🔥

  • Darsh TV
    Darsh TV Year ago +1


  • dewa adn
    dewa adn 7 months ago

    I’ll give it a 9

  • random person
    random person Year ago

    All my heart I love you D Wade.
    But you buggin please watch duke play basketball he legit can shoot that thing

    • random person
      random person Year ago

      You right

    • random person
      random person Year ago

      That’s but there are tons of exceptions, Shoot Currys celebrates every time he shoots the thing

    • ChizzyTheKid
      ChizzyTheKid Year ago

      @random person You right tho. He hits contested shots frequently but tbh, when I first saw him, I thought he could only shoot mid rangers especially with that high release

    • random person
      random person Year ago

      @ChizzyTheKid yeah I know. And he still being disrespectful, boy got a jumper wade just doesnt know it.

    • ChizzyTheKid
      ChizzyTheKid Year ago

      he's just rating the jumper not the player

  • NoXcuse_YT
    NoXcuse_YT Year ago


  • Big MacMane
    Big MacMane Year ago

    There you have it from a nba hall of famer all the greens you hit in 2k let’s us all know y’all aren’t shooters! Lol

  • DSP Deathspot
    DSP Deathspot Year ago +2

    amp been exposing dukes jumpshot

  • Sophisticated Warriors Fan

    Soo the only thing U like is his arc 😭😭

  • iTzWolfKun
    iTzWolfKun Year ago +2

    That jumpshot wet

  • Cornet
    Cornet 10 months ago

    He looked away before the shot so he didn’t even watch it go in lol

    • JaredTSM
      JaredTSM 10 months ago

      He was doing a video about celebrations

  • ratio
    ratio Year ago +55

    damn he dont fw the celebration

    • Dizzy Mandias
      Dizzy Mandias 3 months ago

      Nah he celebrating like hittin 3s aint guaranteed

    • CalebNothin
      CalebNothin 10 months ago

      Celebrating too much is a sign of arrogance which isn’t really the best all the time

  • - Z -
    - Z - Year ago +2

    So Dwayne its a 9 for you on this jumper huh.

    • Dizzy Mandias
      Dizzy Mandias 3 months ago +1

      This comment made me understand what was being said in AMP Cypher 2

  • CHIbully
    CHIbully Year ago

    Only thing duke is shooting is a gun 🤣

  • Josh Wallace
    Josh Wallace Year ago +1

    I mean, there's no way Jenna Bandy is losing this thing right?

  • Vlone Bully
    Vlone Bully Year ago +2

    yk dwade don’t play 2k cuz he don’t realize it’s a green animation

  • Babygirl
    Babygirl 2 months ago

    This nigga finna go to the NBA IM CALLING IT RN

  • Bruhimpatrick
    Bruhimpatrick Year ago

    Y’all better not ever leave out tjaz

  • AgentValk
    AgentValk Year ago

    Nigga gave the jumpshot a 9 because of the celebration 🤣

  • John wick
    John wick Year ago

    How much they paying D-wade???

  • Dy Entertainment
    Dy Entertainment Year ago +2

    Wade gives the three a 9 because of the celebration

  • Hyerlyfe supply
    Hyerlyfe supply Year ago

    Tf d wade know about being a shooter lol

  • Boltz Hybrid
    Boltz Hybrid Year ago

    Real talk

  • Subscribe 2 Benji Shorts

    That form is actually not Duke Denises the form is a comp 2K custom jumpshot.. you’re welcome

  • HARDMAN214
    HARDMAN214 Year ago +1

    D.Wade wasn’t even pertaining to this guy’s shot… D. Wade has never even saw this video before… GTFOH…. 👎🏽👎🏽 #ClickBait

  • Weed Khalifa
    Weed Khalifa Year ago +2

    That's a 9.

  • Deshaun Hill
    Deshaun Hill Year ago +4

    The Piece I Give Is A Gift The World Cannot Give John 14:27🙏🏾

  • Walter Hartwell White ⚠︎︎

    That’s a nine

  • Karim Woods
    Karim Woods Year ago

    They need to replace Walmart Logan Paul with Flight😂

  • 2realxtrill
    2realxtrill 3 months ago

    GOD bless🦦🙏🏾❤️

  • Alisha Jones
    Alisha Jones 8 months ago

    Dwayne hush like where’s Zaya it needs you.

  • Sekou Murrell
    Sekou Murrell Year ago

    So glad Wade stopppe looking like a clown. BACK TO BEING A CLEAN BLACK KING 👑

  • Enrico Henderson
    Enrico Henderson Year ago

    Yessir duke

  • marc L
    marc L 10 months ago

    D wade watch his video he’s like that frfr

  • Jonathon Huong
    Jonathon Huong 4 months ago

    That clip was a video to green animation In 2k to one of his videos. U notice the green release bar from 2k19

  • Brycen B
    Brycen B Year ago

    😂nah duke like that

  • gioo
    gioo Year ago


  • D Scott
    D Scott Year ago

    Bra at the Kroc center wit it

  • snakejohnfan2
    snakejohnfan2 Year ago +2

    Dwayne 9 out of 10 wade

  • DoggingAlpha
    DoggingAlpha Year ago


  • 1h_cy
    1h_cy 10 months ago

    Have a blessed day

  • Colton Bex
    Colton Bex Year ago

    Duke would destroy dwane wade

    • ryuzaki
      ryuzaki Year ago

      Please tell me you’re joking

  • D.M.G
    D.M.G 10 months ago


  • Toxic Melody
    Toxic Melody Year ago

    That's a 9

  • Mark
    Mark Year ago

    That was the 2k animation video on greens

  • SIR
    SIR Year ago

    Ppl in the comments laughing saying imdaviisss cant hoop but he really a bucket and he doesn’t even take hooping seriously

  • Gabriel Markou
    Gabriel Markou 11 months ago

    Ay d wade was right tho dukes not a shooter

  • Qrondo rondo
    Qrondo rondo Year ago

    He does not know wtf he’s talking abt it was only 2k Celebration

  • The BongeSpob
    The BongeSpob Year ago

    Duke aint even a hooper, he just athletic.

    • Ray Burks
      Ray Burks Year ago

      Athletic can shoot finish with both hands has a little handle on him and can play defense he is easily a hooper he jus dont take it as serious as people in like BIL or sum

  • Noah Yarborough
    Noah Yarborough 3 months ago

    9/10 faceass

  • Goose W
    Goose W Year ago +2

    SSB ON TOP!!!!!

  • Omi Fabien
    Omi Fabien 7 months ago

    I agree

  • F Z
    F Z Year ago


  • yeboi dp
    yeboi dp Year ago

    His jumper is broke so

  • Retro lifestyle
    Retro lifestyle 8 months ago

    Dwayne how about u go judge ya son oops I mean daughter😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Depressed Lakers Fan ➐

    Wuke Wennis

  • ElFlacko
    ElFlacko 2 months ago

    Duke like dat fuh he talm bout

  • Bankroll JC
    Bankroll JC 9 months ago

    Is that Mr gotdamnmit?

  • k smith
    k smith Year ago


  • MrBlackmagic314
    MrBlackmagic314 Year ago

    These videos are pretty cringe you guys should of gave d wade some context before you have him comment on videos duke was using a clip of his 2k animations in real life video

    GRIZZ 10 months ago +1

    Definitely not a shooter

  • Mimithekingqueen
    Mimithekingqueen 10 months ago


  • Khariii
    Khariii 7 months ago


  • ATMK2 // K2 Prod. It
    ATMK2 // K2 Prod. It 4 months ago


  • 7ionell
    7ionell 6 months ago +1

    Dwayne wade should be the last one talking about shooters he’s terrible at shooting 3’s

  • adomba obeng
    adomba obeng Year ago


  • FlexWRLD
    FlexWRLD Year ago


  • Whatit Dobum
    Whatit Dobum Year ago


  • Terry Simmons TV
    Terry Simmons TV Year ago

    NEW Video!!! ❤️ clip-share.net/video/N0bbIB427aU/video.html

  • Piyere
    Piyere Year ago

    big earlyyyy

  • g complex
    g complex Year ago +1

    @Duarg Duke

  • Rekzi
    Rekzi 9 months ago