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  • Published on Sep 5, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Here are some moments that if they were not filmed, no one would believe 4!
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    football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!
    In this video we commentate/report about some unlikely moments that happened mainly during sports, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!
    Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!
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Comments • 670

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen Month ago +17

    i love how i clicked on the video to watch a car race a plane and that’s the only video that was cut short

  • ZaiZoe's Clashing
    ZaiZoe's Clashing 4 months ago +26

    LOL that part with the cameraman slowly starts going behind the wall during all those lightning strikes

  • Thomas Blanchard
    Thomas Blanchard 9 months ago +29

    Eighty-eight miles per hour! That ball went Back to the Future!

  • kilkee526
    kilkee526 10 months ago +17

    Larry Bird made that same behind the backboard shot about 40 years ago, along with a thousand other amazing shots and passes.

    • DeuceGenius
      DeuceGenius 4 months ago

      larry was a fucking legend

    • Slip Knot
      Slip Knot 8 months ago

      @DeedsResearcher ... it should've counted but it definitely did not

    • DeedsResearcher
      DeedsResearcher 8 months ago +1

      @Slip Knot It most certainly DID count! While Larry Legend was behind the plane of the backboard, he WAS in bounds when he took the shot.

    • Slip Knot
      Slip Knot 9 months ago +1

      Thank you for that. But Birds didn't count back then right?

  • Cattdaddy n Cornflake
    Cattdaddy n Cornflake Year ago +378

    Legend has it that, that golf ball landed a hole-in-one on the same golf course in 1955…

    • Matt Ferrigno
      Matt Ferrigno 8 months ago +1

      Its a driving range not a golf course.

    • Tim Apple
      Tim Apple 9 months ago +1

      @BeyondTheHidden BTH Yup. Their seagull soufflé and pigeon panini are to die for.

    • Гриша Фэша
      Гриша Фэша 10 months ago +1

      Nope, but it broke the clock in 1885!

    • kilkee526
      kilkee526 10 months ago +1

      Kid's lucky eh lightening didn't hit HIM. Nothing more dangerous than playing golf in a lightning storm

  • Bluebirdfalling
    Bluebirdfalling Year ago +72

    The pool shot came with a genius explanation.
    "It looks completely fake but is actually real of a crazy spinning effect"

    • George Van Aken
      George Van Aken 8 months ago +1

      We never called it a “crazy spinning effect”.
      Back when I was growing up, we called it “English”…

    • M Neugent
      M Neugent Year ago +2

      @Zhaggysfaction That's what I was thinking. Great shot, no doubt, but that's what real deal pool players do. Not just pros.

    • Zhaggysfaction
      Zhaggysfaction Year ago +1

      Also people do those massè shots ALL THE TIME. Hell even I could do one of those with a few attempts. It's not even that difficult.

  • nkronert
    nkronert Year ago +42

    7:12 when the charge buildup between atmosphere and ground is fast enough, the air channel that is still partially ionized from the first strike allows for an easy "reconnect" to discharge, in this case 11 times (I counted 12 flashes).

  • DeuceGenius
    DeuceGenius 4 months ago +3

    that dude saved the cake! greatest dude ever

  • Cryptor BorgJulien
    Cryptor BorgJulien 4 months ago +4

    Shoutout to the Slo-Mo Guys for discovering that slinkies can defy gravity for a moment.

  • Xris Angeles
    Xris Angeles Year ago +1

    You should see the z-shot of efren reyes.. The most iconic billiard shot from the GOAT of pool

  • Husky Bros
    Husky Bros Year ago +8

    The lightning strike one, you would actually have to assume it’s 11 times as we saw the flash but didn’t actually see the location of the strike for the 11th one

  • lcephoenix
    lcephoenix Year ago +17

    Did not expect to see Gav in this but I'm always glad to see his mug in stuff :D

  • utuber1752
    utuber1752 Year ago +1

    Ok, we can soon expect that cliffside waterslide in a James Bond movie, where, after Bond and The Girl, pass a tight corner, Bond shoots the glass out behind him, causing the pursuing assassin to plunge to his death.

  • Fazer
    Fazer Year ago +39

    That was not a side spin in the golf vid, it was called using the slopes.

  • aadmin
    aadmin Year ago +12

    At 2:28 I am surprised the golfer didn't get struck by lightning because he is holding a metal pole in the air.

    • aadmin
      aadmin Year ago

      @Peter Gersbach Ok :/

    • Peter Gersbach
      Peter Gersbach Year ago

      @aadmin That was a old golfing joke; I think came from the Ark. 🙂

    • aadmin
      aadmin Year ago

      @Peter Gersbach Bro it is literally a metal pole at that point you are just asking to get struck by lightning.

    • Peter Gersbach
      Peter Gersbach Year ago

      If you’re in a storm on the golf course, hold your one wood in the air; not even god can hit a one wood! 😄

  • Black Cloud
    Black Cloud Year ago

    That water slide ride at the end looks like a big hit.

  • JT JT 🥰
    JT JT 🥰 Year ago +22

    So much for "Lightning never strikes twice in the same place."

    • Rosie Pal
      Rosie Pal Year ago +2

      It strikes the same place 11 times

    • Rosie Pal
      Rosie Pal Year ago

      It does not strike the same place twice

    • Rosie Pal
      Rosie Pal Year ago


  • Nicola Rollinson
    Nicola Rollinson Year ago +5

    These clips are ACTUALLY incredible

    • Muffassa
      Muffassa 10 months ago +1

      I loved this video, it was so incredible 😍 thanks another

  • Ascendant Indigo
    Ascendant Indigo Year ago +15

    Why do I get the feeling that the "cliff side water slide" isn't safe for sumo wrestlers?

  • Chewy
    Chewy Year ago +2

    Golf ball going at 88mph was not struck by lightening. It went Back in time to 1955

  • Crom Pazuzu
    Crom Pazuzu Year ago +142

    Make the cliff side water slide panels X2 as big and maybe I’d consider it 😳

    • Aquascape Dreaming
      Aquascape Dreaming 9 months ago

      @ABCDEFG your laughing emoji makes me think you're being sarcastic. In which case, I agree.

    • Jerry Houghton
      Jerry Houghton Year ago

      Chinese quality being what it is…. Nope

    • M Neugent
      M Neugent Year ago +2

      All I could think when I saw it was "nope, no focking way".

    • Victor N
      Victor N Year ago

      And make it move a little. :D

  • Eva Matthäus
    Eva Matthäus Year ago +28

    omg I never thought anything about Switzerland would ever make it in there, but here comes Yann Sommer

  • Jorge Fossati
    Jorge Fossati Year ago

    Here are some moments that if they were not filmed, no one would believe 4!

  • Jan Muller
    Jan Muller Year ago +92

    Nice touch! Actually showed the click bait picture for less than a second. You are at another level thy master!

    • john draye
      john draye 8 months ago


    • Slip Knot
      Slip Knot 9 months ago +2

      Ya, not happy about that one

    • Jim Murphy
      Jim Murphy 10 months ago +3

      Picked up a dislike in the process....

    • Lee Barnes
      Lee Barnes 11 months ago +5

      It was either that or have the entire video stuck down for showing a clip of danger causing extreme anxiety among people whom already objected/reported it for that very reason. You too can be shadow banned by the snowflakes.

  • PrideFalcon
    PrideFalcon 9 months ago +1

    0.11 The cranes's hook missed the guy in less than an inch not his car only.. 😀

  • Cande Smith
    Cande Smith Year ago +1

    It’s some talented and creative people on this planet!😀….and animals 😂

  • arcadian mystic
    arcadian mystic Year ago +2

    little known fact- the lightning was not normal lightning it was a tribulation lightning because a cultivator was refining that light into a celestial artifact.....

  • that one dude
    that one dude Year ago +6

    1:55 Imagine parrel parking your car like that 🤯🤯

  • hububabout
    hububabout Year ago +5

    I subscribed like 6 months ago and I dont remember exactly but I Definitely remember you being at 300k. The channel has grown so fast!!!!!

    • MoiBis
      MoiBis 18 days ago

      And now close to one and a half years later, it is stagnating

  • The Alextrifier
    The Alextrifier Year ago +1

    What's cooler than walking on water? Biking on water

  • Ben Beliasov
    Ben Beliasov 13 days ago

    when you can’t attend a funeral but you can make sheep make a heart visible from heaven

  • Meet The Smythes
    Meet The Smythes Year ago

    Amazing video. Thank you for uploading and sharing this video.

  • Damn Straight
    Damn Straight Year ago +3

    The golfball doing 88 miles per hour was struck by a 1.21 Giga watt bolt of lightning.

    • Randall Ulrich
      Randall Ulrich Year ago

      And then the golfer was transported back to 1955. 1885. 1985. Whatever.

  • Blackshirts D
    Blackshirts D 8 months ago +2

    Wonder if the lightning strike changed the trajectory of the golf ball, or destroyed it.

    • MrMongoose221
      MrMongoose221 4 months ago

      Think when a tree gets struck there is a lot of damage so imagine golf ball would have been destroyed

    • Shado902
      Shado902 8 months ago

      most likely destroyed it!

  • Phill Benson
    Phill Benson 4 months ago +1

    Great stuff🖒 The chick with the rope swing.. That had to be something paranormal happening, and I'm NOPEing outta the water slide.

  • Rosie Pal
    Rosie Pal Year ago +1

    The pool table I think is on a ship, I’ve heard it’s meant to sway or move when the ship does to keep the table leveled

  • Avicenna Ren
    Avicenna Ren Year ago +17

    “Is that a golfball doc?”
    “Yes and it time travels”
    Also: 8:00 lightning dosen’t strike the same place twice. It strikes it 11 times

  • Meyer Buttreeks
    Meyer Buttreeks Year ago

    After the eighth time lightning struck the streetlight the dude filming decided to step back from the window.

  • floydonian
    floydonian Year ago

    Haha the goat one was totally just camera angle trickery still crazy though!

  • nephilim0may0cry
    nephilim0may0cry 8 months ago

    Golf ball: the docs alive
    The lighting bolt: I will offer you passage
    Golf ball: thanks.

  • Sandy O
    Sandy O Year ago +3

    My favorite was the golf ball being hit by lightning.
    God is showing us his neat tricks.

  • steve hammond
    steve hammond Year ago

    Nice compilation . I really enjoyed the photography .

  • CatRoach
    CatRoach Year ago +9

    7:00 Lighting never strikes the same place twice is correct, that wasn’t twice, that was eleven times

  • Renney Pollard
    Renney Pollard Year ago +2

    7:17 the lightning is in sync with the beat

  • jim bayler
    jim bayler Year ago

    "11 lightning strikes": Or..... Thor just didn't like the position of that particular light pole.... .

  • PantheraLeO
    PantheraLeO Year ago

    Bro every video is as awesome as it should be but just improve your outro bruh👍👍👍

  • Lorraine coon
    Lorraine coon Year ago +7

    Some dogs do recognize themselfs over time in a mirror. Its like training them to fetch. But you just let them fight with the mirror tell they start to realize it.. Police use photos with dogs to sometimes. So clearly they can recognize an image and eventually connect that image with the idea it moves when they do. It must be part of them .

    • Nerval1855
      Nerval1855 2 months ago

      There has been ton of scientific research on this and animals simply cannot recognize themselves in a mirror or images. It's an entirely different problem than recognizing objects or other beings in an image. Self-recognition requires a high degree self-consciousness and reasoning.

    • Jimmy Parris
      Jimmy Parris 8 months ago

      I don't exactly know what dogs think but most of them aren't stupid. But, how do you know if your dog has autism?

  • rathofturkey
    rathofturkey Year ago +4

    2:15 golf ball “hit by lightning at 88mph”? Nice!

  • hwo do l w0rk this thin7

    The person filming the goats on the tree is holding the camera at an angle to make the tree appear completely vertical when it is not. You can see the horizon, other trees, and the ground all showing this. Also, I wish the narrator would use the word "unreal" more often.

  • Jay Luck
    Jay Luck Year ago

    That water slide comes with a warning. And, “If it comes with a warning somebody did it.” - Stephen Colbert

  • S M
    S M Year ago

    amazing videos as always

  • J C
    J C Year ago +2

    That second clip reminds me how npcs would behave if you put too many of them

  • BeRich101
    BeRich101 7 months ago +1

    Favorite parts

  • Marissa_2095
    Marissa_2095 Year ago

    I want to do the water slide in China so bad!

  • Ed Salinas
    Ed Salinas Year ago

    That pool table shot is referred to as a masse'. Pronounced Mass A.

  • Dorothy Edge
    Dorothy Edge Year ago +1

    WOW!!!!! Can't choose a favorite...All are Amazing!

  • phat x
    phat x 5 months ago

    I would like to see the insuarance premiums of that water slide.

  • PapaSmurfzzHD
    PapaSmurfzzHD Year ago +3

    7:38 imagine thinking that was a footpath and getting absolutely yeeted by 2 people and go flying off the cliff

  • Runamuckretreat mccarthy

    Umm.. exactly where did you get the idea that dogs don't recognize their own reflection??? If this were true, a dog would go after a mirror every time he saw his own reflection... which they don't. Most mammals recognize their own reflection. Though they "may not" recognize themselves on film... A dog that I had though, and many others I've seen, LOVE to have their picture taken.

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez Month ago

    2:21 someone calculate the chance of this happening!!!
    First and last time for another millennium!

  • ian gove
    ian gove Year ago +29

    What happened while editing 6:31 of this video? I noticed this splicing mistake in a few of your other videos too, and to me that implies that the video and the voice over came from a completely separate video file before being strung together into this compilation video. I'm not accusing you of plagiarism, I'm simply saying it definitely seems like a copy of someone else's compilation. If it's your original content, then this is just a friendly tip. If you're plagiarizing content, just be mindful that there are some skilled video editors out there (like me) who might happen to drop by for a laugh and will inevitably notice editing details like that. But like I said, not accusing you of anything. In fact, I could be completely wrong and maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions. Just a heads-up.

    • MrMongoose221
      MrMongoose221 4 months ago

      Copy right striked so probably had to remove the footage per the owners request. Happens a lot unfortunately

    • RubberRivet
      RubberRivet 8 months ago +4

      @only me I watched this because of the thumbnail,

    • Citin782
      Citin782 11 months ago


  • Pet rescue work - difficult cases and seniors

    0:58 dogs do very well recognize their own reflection. If you hold your dog in front of a mirror and pet him, he will look at your eyes in the mirror.
    If you try it on fear dogs, who are afraid of touching, but you are the only person who is allowed to touch, the dog will see in the mirror that it is you touching him and will not get scared.
    I regularly witness my dog stalking me through mirrors. I then think 'where the heck is she looking at just staring into nothingness'. But then it turns out, she looks in a mirror and watches me through that.
    So indeed dogs are very well capable of understanding how mirrors work and do realize themselves in there.

  • Jasmijn ariel
    Jasmijn ariel Year ago +3

    2:18 i see what you did there😉😉

  • 816taylor
    816taylor Year ago +13

    Got issues with the dude who supposedly threw a drink over a train trestle and caught it.
    It didn't happen, if you notice when he throws the can as he's approaching the trestle. As he passes under the trestle he doesn't slow down, absent slowing down after he threw the can he would've been way past the point where the can comes down on the other side, notice how far beyond the trestle he is when he catches the can.
    One other thing to notice is the edit, when he catches the can it's coming straight down, when he threw it when he was approaching the trestle it would've had the forward momentum from the initial throw. In other words it wouldn't come straight down as if tossed straight up. Look closely at the speed of the boat on the approach. The speed of the boat as it passes under the trestle. And the direction of can as it falls back down.
    Newtons first law of gravity states. An object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. There's no way given the speed of the boat on the approach and after he throws it, the boat never slows down yet the can drops straight down. Newton says nope.

    • c si
      c si Year ago


    • Carl Humphreys
      Carl Humphreys Year ago

      The guy throwing the can didn't catch it.

    • Buck Cheep
      Buck Cheep Year ago +4

      You went in-depth a little bit more than I would have. Your points are all accurate. Personally, all I needed to see was an edit in the middle of it to call bullshit.


    Love your video! Awesome!

  • eschdaddy
    eschdaddy Year ago +5

    7:24. this is when a giant tripod comes out of the ground and vaporizes everyone. That’s why the videographer ducked behind the wall.

  • Rashman
    Rashman Year ago +1

    6:07 This explains why you can't beat blackjack from online casinos, even if they are using human dealers.

  • Viraj Shete
    Viraj Shete Year ago +1

    3:00 Bro thats so satisfying

  • Viraj Bhartiya
    Viraj Bhartiya Year ago +12

    This is the kind of video you watch when you are procrastinating your assignments

    • Madeforemma
      Madeforemma Year ago

      Wth 😳😳 i was just doing that

  • Freepress666
    Freepress666 Year ago

    How much of reality is really real

  • Yash
    Yash Year ago +5

    4:46 I never expected infinite azure to be real

    • DapperDan1101
      DapperDan1101 Year ago

      No no no that's tanjiros dreamscape in mugen train

    SNPRO1037HD EDITZ Year ago +3

    literally every video thanks elliot for helping with the voice over

  • Vgfx Labs
    Vgfx Labs Year ago +2

    force field right there 0:43

  • Truly Human
    Truly Human Year ago +5

    Gotta love the click bait ..... Never gets old.... It's kind of like how hearing the word Covid never gets old or watching ads never gets old... or how living this human narrative of egotistical nature.....just never gets old at all.

  • Legacy Ivy Terascale

    3:48 if a thief was down there , that was his lucky day

  • macintoshjeff
    macintoshjeff Year ago

    SNL is still the best comedy show on television.

  • Vladson
    Vladson Year ago +2

    Myth that lightning don't strike twice in same place, is a myth, it other way around, if it's easiest way to reach the ground (while charge is above the area) the lightning will take this path

    • Mr. Kips
      Mr. Kips Year ago

      Look, simply put, electricity travels the path of least resistance. So if from air to ground is the least resistance then to lightning will take that path.

  • HBookシ
    HBookシ Year ago +2

    2:27 thank the ball it save the ground

  • Carmel M Hennessy

    I love it. Thank you for posting it

  • Jonathan Hill
    Jonathan Hill Year ago +1

    I'm having a hard time believing that lightning one. Sure, the lightning could have gone through the golf ball, but hitting it and stopping? That charge needed to go somewhere, it physically could not have just stopped inside the golf ball. Unless there was something connecting the golf ball to the ground, then that one is either camera trickery, or good editing

    • Jimmy Parris
      Jimmy Parris 8 months ago

      But most of all, why were they playing golf in a lightning storm?

  • Risn
    Risn Year ago +12

    8:00 Zeus must be hating that human creation so bad.

  • Joeni Snapje
    Joeni Snapje 8 months ago

    The automated sprinkler system should hold permanent paint or for a very dangerous version add acid 💀

  • me
    me Year ago +1

    1:32 That is the classic teacher pose when they come to your desk to “answer” your question

  • Alan Wayne
    Alan Wayne Year ago +30

    I think the pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security.

  • XSD
    XSD Year ago +1

    You have an editing issue around the 6:30 mark. From plane to something to the drink over the bridge.
    On goat on tree shot, the camera is angled.

  • Sweep the Leg.
    Sweep the Leg. 8 months ago

    Leave it to 4 chicks (a couple blondes included, of course) to not have enough coordination to support and carry a simple cake. Unfuckingbelievable! (smh) Props to the dude with mad reflexes for catching it.

  • Ka Chi
    Ka Chi Year ago

    To honour his aunt’s death he uses sheep which he is then going to send to the slaughterhouse. Human hypocrisy, self-righteousness and self-indulgence never ceases to impress me.

  • Mary Pettyfer
    Mary Pettyfer Year ago +21

    WTH? What did that woman hit when she fell that was freaky, cannot see anything 😲

    • Seadub16
      Seadub16 Year ago +1

      @Clint Eastwood Certainly makes sense.

    • Clint Eastwood
      Clint Eastwood Year ago

      @Mary Pettyfer Your very welcome Mary 😃

    • Mary Pettyfer
      Mary Pettyfer Year ago +1

      @Clint Eastwood Thank you 😊

    • Clint Eastwood
      Clint Eastwood Year ago +1

      There is a long string attached to the handle which you cant really see. So when the swing is needed after your jump/swing into the water you can grab the string and swim back to the shore and do it again. The string either caught between her toes or wrapped around her ankle without her realizing it

    • Seadub16
      Seadub16 Year ago +1

      I have watched a number of times and can't sort that.

  • MrBroxMan
    MrBroxMan Year ago

    Lightning dont strike the same place twice.
    well, i guess it can strike the same place 11 times huh.

  • L5kywa1ker Memes
    L5kywa1ker Memes Year ago +1

    2:14 something traveling 88 mph that gets struck by lightning, sounds familiar

  • mickavellian
    mickavellian Year ago

    The BEST of these types of videos I have ever seen.. The narrator doesn't know how good..
    None of the "And now .... here's Johnny . Sorry Millennials Gen Y & Z .. Boomers and X did most of it already... BUT treasure your kids THEY will take us to a galaxy far far away

  • A.S. Cirillo
    A.S. Cirillo Year ago +86

    Everyone who wanted to see the thumbnail ...
    Great trolling 😆

    • Joseph Schwab
      Joseph Schwab Year ago

      Thanks for the sauce cap't! o7

    • Rijul Manchanda
      Rijul Manchanda Year ago

      @pylon500 thanks mate

    • pylon500
      pylon500 Year ago +3

      Don't you just hate clickbaiters!
      Anyway, here's the actual clip;
      Thumbnail image is at 4:34.

    • James Robinson
      James Robinson Year ago +3

      The only reason I clicked on the vid

    • Justin S.
      Justin S. Year ago +4

      Total clickbait on the plane

  • Fairly Rad
    Fairly Rad Year ago +2

    that slinky one blew my mind

  • Mibs
    Mibs Year ago +1

    Love this channel

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones Year ago +2

    2:26 Golf ball and kid holding golf club, golf ball gets struck by lightning. One lucky kid!

  • CygnusPrime
    CygnusPrime 8 months ago +2

    03:45 that girlfriend was up to no good (most likely some other guy), that's why she got so shocked when her boyfriend simply knocked on the glass to get her attention.

  • John13210
    John13210 Year ago +2

    so what happend to the clip at 6:31-6:32 ?
    im guessing its a mistake

  • Legacy Ivy Terascale

    4:59 unlike us , those people are skinny and disciplined

  • Cricket
    Cricket 5 months ago +2

    No way would I get on that slide‼️‼️‼️‼️🫣🫣🫣

  • Annakist76
    Annakist76 Year ago +3

    I love these vids... but is it really a "not so known fact" that elephants eat leaves?! 🤔