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The origins of Russia - Summary on a Map

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Let's retrace on maps the first origins of Russia, from the creation of Novgorod during the IXth century, until the end of the Time of Troubles and the beginning of the Romanov dynasty.
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    English translation & voiceover: Matthew Bates www.epicvoiceover.com/
    Original French version: • Les origines de l...
    Russian version: • Образование Русск...
    Arabic version: • أصول روسيا
    Spanish version: • Los orígenes de R...
    Portuguese version (Brazil): • ORIGEM DA RÚSSIA:...
    Japanese version: • ロシアとウクライナの起源
    German version: • Die Ursprünge Rus...
    Corean version: • 러시아의 기원 - 지도로 보는 ...
    Music: Created for Geo History
    Software: Adobe After Effects
    00:00 The Varangians
    01:15 Kievan Rus’
    02:52 Russian principalities
    04:56 Catholic and Mongol threats
    06:24 Mongol invasion
    08:00 Grand Duchy of Moscow and Lithuania
    09:59 Ivan the Terrible
    11:43 End of the Rurik Dynasty
    12:56 Time of Troubles
    #geohistory #history #russia #origins #ukraine #belarus #kievanrus

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  • Geograph G
    Geograph G Year ago +1225

    One thing to note is that the map shows some bodies of water that did not exist until 20th century. Rybinsk Reservoir is an example. It might be worth trying to find older digitized maps for future presentations if those are available.

    • Dan Rook
      Dan Rook Year ago +14

      The. U do another video with the changes

    • Siegfried Lechler
      Siegfried Lechler Year ago +6

      But in the past there are still more Waters around kiew und the Prypjat.

    • Moonlight Gator
      Moonlight Gator Year ago +2

      Of Tartaria for example.

    • Denis YT
      Denis YT Year ago +26

      yes we need an accurate map of all swamps!

  • GG
    GG 5 months ago +324

    i find the history of eastern europe and the baltic area very interesting, because it's something we never learn in school in italy

    • TEDDY K2
      TEDDY K2 4 months ago +24

      you are right,
      in many countries, unfortunately, they do not teach the history of other countries even in the most important matters, and then it shows up in life,

    • Egg Man
      Egg Man 3 months ago +21

      In the United States we don't learn about any out of country history besides World War II.

    • Sofia Rodana
      Sofia Rodana 3 months ago +8

      Reasonably so. Eastern European history is a mess of names of rulers significant towns and areas, dates of fights, of election of new ruler, of the downfall of empires, of revolutions etc.
      It's not history that a child can meaningfuly keep up with. In Greece we did learn a tiny amount of Lithuanian Polish empire, the Kievan Rus, the Mongols and Tartars and the Vikings of the north etc. Yet none will remember they were even taught any of these.

    • Zippy Parakeet
      Zippy Parakeet 3 months ago +7

      It's interesting to me that both Western Europe and Eastern Europe were significantly influenced by the two halves of the Roman Empire. The West dominated by Roman Catholicism while the East dominated by Constantinople's Orthodoxy.

  • Richard Quarles
    Richard Quarles 8 months ago +133

    I used to feel sleepy during history classes but with such great way of story telling and visualizations , history becomes quite interesting .

    • Lucius Vorenus
      Lucius Vorenus 8 months ago +5

      Real history is rated R and viewer discretion is advised. I think current history class curriculums cripple students by watering down and sugar coating. So kids watch tv and reality shows. Sad when history is much more dramatic, vulgar, and educational.

    • vitaliy melnyk
      vitaliy melnyk 8 months ago +3

      But sad that it's not a true history

    • Petar Juric
      Petar Juric 4 months ago +2

      I agree but history of Slavs starts before Christ and this video starts at around year 800 after christ.. Starting history with vikings is complete bullshit.

    • darko714
      darko714 3 months ago

      Spatial memory rules.

  • Roger Dogger
    Roger Dogger 3 months ago +9

    What an amazing information tool it should be instilled in every school for a number of different cultures I find it hard to believe that nobody has ever suggested this or that this is not something that is attempted to be implemented in the school systems. Although I do actually know why that would not be the case it's just a shame that it is what it is.

    • This Channel
      This Channel Month ago

      Unfortuantely, this video is filled with historically-incorrect information. You can see many issues with it being pointed-out in the comments. Here's one point I've pointed out:
      Oleg didn't 'found the Kievan Rus', and Kievan Rus isn't a historical term. It's a term that was created by 18th-century Russian historians to refer to the part of Russia's history that was centred around Kiev. In its day, what's today often called "Kievan Rus" was instead called "the lands of Rus", which means "the lands of Russia" - "Russia" being the latin phrasing of Rus.
      And the kingdom that's being called "Kievan Rus" didn't originate and wasn't founded in Kiev, but began in Novgorod, which was the first capital of that kingdom. When Oleg conquered Kiev, he didn't create a new kingdom, but expanded the lands of Rus to include Kiev. And then he moved Rus' captial from Novgorod to Kiev. The conquering and capitalising of Kiev wasn't the founding of Oleg's kingdom or a historical state, it was the expanding of one that already existed.
      "Kievan Rus" is a later abstraction of a historical time-period, and isn't a kingdom or a physical thing. So, saying that Oleg founded something that's an abstraction is a pretty ignorant, ahistorical claim.

    PAPAZA TAKLA ATTIRAN İMAM 7 months ago +92

    Popularly called The Golden Horde, the domains of the heirs of Jochi were not known by that name. The term ‘Golden Horde’ does not enter the sources until the sixteenth century, when Russian chroniclers referred to the domains as Zolotaia Orda, the Golden Camp or Palace.¹ During the Mongol era, they were known as the Kipchak Ulus or Khanate or the Jochid Ulus or Khanate. The Kipchak Khanate appellation came later and was a substitution for the Dasht-i Kipchak, or the Kipchak Steppes.
    May, Timothy. “The Jochid Ulus or Golden Horde.” The Mongol Empire, Edinburgh University Press, 2018, pp. 280-314,

    • ourscienceisasham
      ourscienceisasham 3 months ago +3

      Orda is not a "camp or palace", Orda literally means Horde.

    • AndriiF
      AndriiF 3 months ago +4

      Ulus Juchi was part of Golden Horde. This name was deleted by moscovian officials when they try to argue their claims on old Rus' in 17-18th centuries. Later they officially steal the name "Russia" from Ukraine (1721). Actually modern Russian Federation has wery few connections to old medieval Rus' politically and culturally. It's typical post Mongol Khanate (state) with strong cultural and ethnic influence of ancient finnish tribes.

    • Tim Krüger
      Tim Krüger 3 months ago

      And the mongols inserted all their DNA in russia.

    • Margus Paju
      Margus Paju 3 months ago

      Juhatasid mind mõtlema

    • DonRw Clips
      DonRw Clips 3 months ago


  • L. B.
    L. B. 8 months ago +735

    East slavic tribes -Kryvich, vyatich, drevlyane existed long before Ryurik. They had their own Kings, localized fights between each other , eventually mingled and united starting Russian nation. Ryurik was invited by people of Novgorod.

    • Sirenka
      Sirenka 8 months ago +40

      Rurik was proven a made up legend, not historical fact. DNA tests of Rurikid dynasty bodies were made, they had indeed scandinavian ancestry, but from 11th century, not 9th.

    • ImaginaryStranger
      ImaginaryStranger 8 months ago +107

      There was nothing "russian" about them. Russian nationality formed much, much later.

    • Remote User
      Remote User 8 months ago +26

      Specially for alternative Ukrainians.

    • Sirenka
      Sirenka 8 months ago +17

      @Remote User A monument from1859 year. 😅😅😅😅

    • Remote User
      Remote User 8 months ago +3

      What amuses you so much?

  • anna ivanova
    anna ivanova 23 days ago +2

    Bulgaria given the alphabet, the religion and the princes to Russia! Great Bulgaria!🇧🇬

  • Paul Shelest
    Paul Shelest 4 months ago +15

    There was a fierce stubborn resistance of the Russian Slavs to the Mongol hordes. A lot of examples, incl a town of Koselsk (near modern Ryazan), that had been called The Fierce Town by the Mongols with all of its people incl women fighting to the end. But the forces were clearly unequal. It was a giant Horde and if not for the total Russian resistance that had depleted its initial punch, all of the Europe would have been conquered. You can see it from the sheer size of the Mongol empire set up by Genghis Khan who had subdued the China in the first place

    • Teodor Kost
      Teodor Kost 2 months ago

      Китай пал только в 1279 году, гораздо позже большей части Руси. К тому же не вся Русь была покорена монголами, а лишь бо́льшая часть.

    • 1 1
      1 1 2 months ago

      Sp Europe should thank Russian?

    • Bartek Błaszczyk
      Bartek Błaszczyk 2 months ago

      ​@1 1 rather bulgarians and poles. Russia paid tribute to them and showed little resistance

    • Ruslan Melimatov
      Ruslan Melimatov Month ago

      @Bartek Błaszczyk Russians did resist the Mongols - hence many burned cities and overall decline of cultural and economic life in Kievan principality that had become the Wild Plain (Dikoe Pole). Those who paid tribute and showed no resistance were not ruined.
      Poland and Bulgar (Volga bulgars) were also pillaged, if you want to thank them for that, well, up to you.

  • jac
    jac 23 days ago +1

    Seeing Lithuania just gradually expand while muscovy is growing is... Actually quite scary!

    • Jelly
      Jelly 22 days ago

      I sure wish he elaborated more on those two great powers facing off in the Muscovite-Lithuanian Wars.

  • Alisha Siddikii
    Alisha Siddikii 9 months ago +265

    12:28 no natural obstacles or resistance? Are you kidding? It was almost impossible to get to Siberia, they had to drag their ships through mountains,set a stay and live through the winter with almost no food and equipment and then conquer the Siberian tribes while Moscow almost didn’t care about them thus no more people or weapons, keep in mind that it was an unfriendly places with severe weather and they was just a group of Cossacks

    • Виктор Резнов
      Виктор Резнов 8 months ago +7

      Yap. Nothing worth mentioning at all...

    • Lo Ko
      Lo Ko 8 months ago +10

      Yermak is the conqueror of Siberia, he was a bandit and a robber and was caught and brought to trial, but he was asked that he would choose execution or serve Russia, he chose to serve and he was told that he should look and explore unknown and wild lands called Siberia

    • Xops
      Xops 8 months ago +13

      this guy seems to not know anything about slavis countries history

    • Enso Shodo Calligraphy
      Enso Shodo Calligraphy 8 months ago +19

      Who cares about the real and truthful info these days. A seducive visual, thats what important

    • ggerdagg
      ggerdagg 8 months ago +10

      Thank you:) I am descendant of the Cossacks here in Siberia:)

  • pix-can-fix
    pix-can-fix 8 months ago +19

    5:36 i always love this moment in geo history when an unknown boss battle is about to come

  • Arizona Joe
    Arizona Joe Year ago +1364

    I took a Russian history class in undergrad about 20 years ago, and I really, REALLY wish that they would have used the map visuals that you did, because holy shiz this was WAY more interesting now than reading it in text and listening to lectures back then.
    A monk became tsar by bullshitting...unreal.

    • jjakub j
      jjakub j Year ago +55

      it was a prank
      by Poles

    • Lol or not
      Lol or not Year ago +3

      If you live in a country that has become a colony. which is unrealistic. You don't have to speak for other countries!

    • Tony
      Tony Year ago +21

      @Екатерина Мороз интересный фанфик.

    • Dach84
      Dach84 Year ago +29

      Не путай Русь и Россию

  • Инвалид умственного труда

    начинать историю с миграции викингов немного странно, учитывая, что вигинки (позднее варяги) приехали уже самоорганизованные поселения, где был был очень даже хорошо налажен

    • Irrigant
      Irrigant 8 months ago +32

      Дело в том, что само появление нашей государственности зависело именно от наличия путей из варяг в греки и из варяг в персы. В противном случае так бы и остались племенные союзы финнов и славян, как это было с прибалтийскими народами и Финляндией.

    • Sergey
      Sergey 7 months ago +31

      @Irrigant определённо.Всегда все цивилизации организуются у рек и торговых путей.Просто здесь я так понял украинствующая история подъехала и теперь просто не иследования,а пропаганда.Это печалит.

    • Александр Хикари
      Александр Хикари 7 months ago +41

      @Sergey если бы история была украинствующей, мы бы начинали урок истории не с викингов, создающих государственность Киевской Руси, а с русских князей, приносящих "просвещение живущим под боком финно-уграм. А тут нормальная Норманская теория, которую даже в СССР учили.

  • Elaiyel
    Elaiyel Month ago +1

    I have to say the narration is exciting and the history fascinating! -Subscribed!

  • Andrius Ambrutis
    Andrius Ambrutis 10 months ago +56

    Lithuania expansion to Kiev were mostly based via marriages as Grand Duke of Lithuania had many children and Kiev was weakened by mongols so they needed allies. Yet I did hear that Grand Duke of Lithuania Algirdas (who married Vitebsk princess) marched to Moskow with an army and pointed his spear to town's wall. But I think most of fights were vs Teutonics and Mongols.

    • B0LKEK🇷🇺
      B0LKEK🇷🇺 10 months ago +7

      It would be better if Russia was united by Novgorod or Lithuania

    • tfachsnelugaR
      tfachsnelugaR 10 months ago +18

      @B0LKEK🇷🇺 аргументы? Бтв Москва и Литва при Дмитрии Донском и Ягайло действительно собирались объединится через договор о признании Литвы вассалом Москвы, подкрепленный династическим браком, но Ягайло всё слил полякам, тем самым навлекнув на русские земли католический религиозный и польский культурный гнёт, религиозные и гражданские войны, куда более жёсткое, чем в неподьярёмной Руси, закрепощение крестьян и прочие радости, которые только и могли принести католические сектанты.

    • Andrius Ambrutis
      Andrius Ambrutis 10 months ago +1

      @B0LKEK🇷🇺 arguments?

    • Karl Lansche
      Karl Lansche 8 months ago +10

      @tfachsnelugaR i believe that bolkek doesn't know what he is talking about, but thanks to him i could read your highly interesting comment.

  • zig zag
    zig zag 3 months ago +1

    Very well done, thank you!

  • Adam Malavazos
    Adam Malavazos Year ago +3051

    Shooting the ashes of the false Tsar out of a cannon in the direction of the country that supported him is one of the most Russian things imaginable 😄

    • Taka Smaka
      Taka Smaka Year ago +12

      Why ashes not whole body?

    • Gor Mor
      Gor Mor Year ago +170

      @Taka Smaka the whole body couldn't fit in a cannon, so they chopped him first and then burned as he was stinking.

    • Paweł Klimek
      Paweł Klimek Year ago +69

      Poles had been doing this too in that time.

    • Rod Jarrow
      Rod Jarrow Year ago +58

      With a little-known historical fact today that the basis of the Slavic population of Moscow are the ancient tribes of the Vyatichs, who according to the Russian chronicle are the Lyakhs... In fact, one nation that was divided by religion, some became Catholic Poles, others became Orthodox Russians. Vyatichi: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vyatichi

    • макс люлюкин
      макс люлюкин Year ago +70

      @Rod Jarrow
      Many Slavic tribes participated in the formation of RUSSIA, including the Polyan tribe. it was this tribe that became the center of the formation of Poland. also, the association of Slavic tribes that formed Russia included such tribes as the White Croats and Ilmen Slovenes (the area of Veliky Novgorod), and there were two dozen Slavic tribes united in Russia, plus or minus, the same association included Finnish and Turkic tribes, in the 15th-16th century Siberian tribes were also joined

  • zlTeon
    zlTeon 9 months ago +53

    Rurik did not found Veliky Novgorod, but he was called to reign there. Just Rus (Kievan Rus has been used by historians since the end of the 19th century to designate a time period) I didn’t look further.

    • Sirenka
      Sirenka 9 months ago +1

      Rurik was proven a made up legend, not historical fact. DNA tests of Rurikid dynasty bodies were made, they had indeed scandinavian ancestry, but from 11th century, not 9th.

    • zlTeon
      zlTeon 9 months ago +13

      @Sirenka For the first time I hear about this))) Please give a link to the material.

    • Carden Manning
      Carden Manning 8 months ago +1

      Indeed, not Rurik founded Vel. Novgorod, it was his Scandinavian Varangian ancestors who did, like they also founded all the cities in Kievan Rus. Much later Slavs took control of the lands and because could not stop fighting among themselves for dominance, they invited Varangian Rurik to rule over already Slavisised cities (or partially Slavisised cities). Somewhere in Norse sagas there is a list of the cities in Gard (this is how Norse called Rus) with Norse names which later became Slavic. By the way, "Gard" in Norse meant fortified city, or fortress. Scandinavians called lands of Rus so because they built lots of fortified cities in there. Later Norse word "gard" would become Slavic "grad" - city. In fact many personal names which we consider today as Slavic are of Norse origins, from Viking times. Vladimir - Valdmar, Valdemar, Olga - Helga, Igor - Ingvar, etc, etc. In other words Russia (and Ukraine) owes a lot to its non-Slavic roots. The question is - when will they recognise it ?

    • Sirenka
      Sirenka 8 months ago +4

      @Carden Manning The scientific failure of the Norman theory of Kyiv Rus is convincingly proven by the information of Byzantine, Arab and Western sources, in which Rus is mentioned at the end of the 8th to the beginning of the 9th century, i.e. long before the calling of Rurik. Considering the fact that states usually arise earlier than they are first mentioned in foreign written sources, one can agree with the opinion that Rus existed already in the 8th century. All the more so since the reports about Rus, which date back to the first half of the 9th century, refer to naval campaigns of the Rus along the Black and Caspian seas, about their attacks on the Black Sea provinces of the Byzantine Empire, about the embassy of the Rus to Byzantium and the kingdom of the Franks, that is, about the activities, which could be conducted only by a strong state entity that had significant human and material resources. Particularly important in this context is the report of the Bertin Chronicle about the Rus embassy to Constantinople, where it was received by Emperor Theophilus, and in 839, accompanied by the Byzantine emperor, it arrived in Ingelheim to King Louis the Pious of the Franks.
      In Scandinavia itself, there were no sagas of Viking triumphs and wars in Rus to match those recounting the conquest of Iceland and the British Isle’s.

    • Carden Manning
      Carden Manning 8 months ago +1

      @Sirenka This is not a theory, it is fact. 8th and 9th century is exactly the time when Rus were Vikings, not Slavs. These Rus once made a siege of Constantinople, unsuccessful, and had few Embacies to Byzantium - Constantinople. What you forget to mention is that Byzantinians saw clearly a difference between of the "then" Rus and Slavic. In one Byzantine chronicle they go on describing all the twists and turns of Dnieper river, the way they travelled to Constantinople, where they're stating Rus name and after that Slavic name of the certain turn. And those Rus names did not sound Slavic at all, they sounded Norse. Yes, Slavs were in the lands too, but they were not the main force in those centuries. You can check those old Byzantine documents yourself.

  • Paweł Dąbek
    Paweł Dąbek 2 months ago +1

    A legend says about 3 Brothers
    Lech Czech i Rus as they travel together
    Lech gets inspired by a white eagle flying
    On a background of a red sunset and there he bulids his settlemnt gniezno.
    Making the eagle a symbol of his settlment.

    GARDAdeFOC 7 months ago +3

    Very nice and interesting presentation with just a small and honest correction. You could have given a bit more attention the the details on the map. There are a lot of states from the region totally missing from your map like in the 14th Century the Principality of Wallachia, Principality of Moldova, Kingdom of Hungary and many more and the Danube, one of the largest rivers in Europe is inadequately drawn on the map much more to the North than it really is in reality 🤔

    • Tim Krüger
      Tim Krüger 3 months ago +1

      And dont forget: Kyiv founded in 482. Novgorod founded in 859. Moscow founded in 1147.

    • 666Ekinox
      666Ekinox 2 months ago

      @Tim Krüger Kiev. not Kyiv.

      COSMIN CASUTA 2 months ago

      @Tim Krüger So what!?

    • Freikorps Dämonisch
      Freikorps Dämonisch Month ago

      @666Ekinox Kyiv not "Kiev". Ukrainians never were and aren't Russians, so why use russian pronunciation?

    • 666Ekinox
      666Ekinox Month ago

      @Freikorps Dämonisch Ukrain is a German construct from ww1. There is no Ukraine and it's Kiev, And before it was kievian Rus. Not Kyyvyn Rys

  • Soulless Cavem4n
    Soulless Cavem4n Year ago +12

    @Geo history Very interesting, but a lot of important information on how the politics in the region was developing. It might be worth mentioning that in late 1600, a Polish diplomatic mission led by Chancellor Lew Sapieha with Eliasz Pielgrzymowski and Stanisław Warszycki arrived in Moscow and proposed an alliance between the Commonwealth and Russia, which would include a future personal union. They proposed that after one monarch's death without heirs, the other would become the ruler of both countries. However, Tsar Godunov declined the union proposal and settled on extending the Treaty of Jam Zapolski, which ended the Lithuanian wars of the 16th century, by 22 years (to 1622). I really wonder if this union would go ahead (and adopted GOLDEN FREEDOMS) and how this would change current maps and geopolitical situation in the region..

    • Rod Jarrow
      Rod Jarrow 9 months ago +4

      You do not take into account the depth of the historical contradiction between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, which a priori excluded an alliance between the monarchs of Orthodox Moscow and Catholic Krakow. Unlike Catherine II (born Lutheran Sophia Augusta Frederica of Anhalt-Zerbst), whose Lutheran past did not prevent her from converting to Russian Orthodoxy, which was a priori impossible at the end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th century, between Orthodox and Catholics, whose Catholic pope recently announced a century of Counter-Reformation (1545-1648) in the countries of Catholic power, where non-Catholics literally cut out at the root including women and children who were not Catholic ! Remember St. Bartholomew's Night in Paris 1572 ! Alas, in this historical period, the union of the royal families of Catholic Krakow and Orthodox Moscow was impossible in principle... Even the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was not a good example! Read attentively this name which literally means the power of two peoples of Catholics Poles and Lithuanians, in which the third nation of Orthodox Russians is not even mentioned, as if the people of the Orthodox Russians of do not exist at all in the nature of the planet earth of the territory of the Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth! Which in the end ruined the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, in which only Catholics had rights! but the Orthodox Rusyns had the rights of cattle in the slaughterhouse, according to the policy of the Catholic Church during this period of history in Europe (1545-1648)

    • Uladzislava Balshakova
      Uladzislava Balshakova 9 months ago +2

      And you not taking in consideration exsistence of Union chirch on Great Lituanian Duchy land.

    • Swetoniusz Kordła
      Swetoniusz Kordła 9 months ago +3

      @Rod Jarrow Bullshit. Even heard of the Warsaw Confederation.1573? There were also many ortodox Ruthenian(not Russian!.troll) nobles, holding important positions in the Commonwealth.

    • Swetoniusz Kordła
      Swetoniusz Kordła 8 months ago

      Elf Already back then different nations&cultures.

  • Roger Dogger
    Roger Dogger 3 months ago +2

    My previous comment was made without having actually checked out the page for this video and I'm glad to see that it's a much wider project which I imagined it must be. That being said now I'm horrified that this is not part of the standard educational system. What are we doing? With all the tools available so that people are not raised in ignorance it seems like there is a deliberate effort to make sure that they are not employed and maximize to their fullest potential I'm literally sick to my stomach.

  • Nick Mcnellis
    Nick Mcnellis Year ago +836

    It is amazing how many times people of this region have fought, merged, divided, turned on allies, became friendly with past enemies and done it over and over again. Up to and including the year 2022.

    • Getting Smart
      Getting Smart Year ago +60

      It's a soap opera....with deadly consequences.

    • Aleksandar Cvetkovic
      Aleksandar Cvetkovic Year ago +141

      @Nick Mcnellis
      Eh, world of politics and powerful states is full of mad people.
      One can say Gulf war, invasion on Iraq, destroying Lybia, turning head when Saudi Arabia attacks Yemen was also act of mad people.
      But those kind of things depend from what side one gains perspective.
      Justifying war is diplomatic skill to convince own people and others that reason is righteous.
      Bad thing is opposite side does the same.
      I don't like NATO and Russia with same intensity.
      Both are warmongers accusing other one for warmongering.

    • Inbucks Wetrust
      Inbucks Wetrust Year ago +43

      @Aleksandar Cvetkovic
      Europe has developed so much as a result of constant wars. It is obvious. War moves progress faster than anything else.

  • FockewulfAz
    FockewulfAz 8 months ago +7

    what a great historical video!!! Thank you very much for your hard work!

    • Tony TheBrave
      Tony TheBrave 8 months ago +11

      This is a lie, not a story. Oleg never conquered Kyiv. He also never took the Slavs into slavery. One of the first decrees of the first Rurikovich speaks of equalizing the rights of the Rus, or Scandinavians and Slavs.

    • Yevhenii Petrunin
      Yevhenii Petrunin 8 months ago +6

      there are lot of lies in this video full of russia propaganda, nobody calls Kyevan Rus kings - russians.

    • SaBFire
      SaBFire 8 months ago

      @Yevhenii Petrunin Actually that's what they call it

    • Nothingfail
      Nothingfail 8 months ago +2


  • TheMarioMen1
    TheMarioMen1 8 months ago +14

    This was insanely interesting 😃

  • Alexander Beliasvky
    Alexander Beliasvky 2 months ago

    Tatar, also spelled Tartar, any member of several Turkic-speaking peoples that collectively numbered more than 5 million in the late 20th century and lived mainly in west-central Russia along the central course of the Volga River and its tributary, the Kama, and thence east to the Ural Mountains. The Tatars are also settled in Kazakhstan and, to a lesser extent, in western Siberia.

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    Nathan Pangilinan Year ago +21

    To those who debate on whether the Kievan Rus was Russian or Ukrainian, I challenge you to provide an answer to the question of whether Charlemagne's empire was French or German as it is a similar question to the one you are trying to answer.

    • Іван Гриць
      Іван Гриць Year ago

      Charlemagne's empire was French

    • Patrico Fritz
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      @Іван Гриць Frankish

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      @Patrico Fritz, exactly my point.

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      No dude. They presented "history of USA as UK" here. Its diffrent story. Sioux will never be brit same as Russian will never be Rusyn, who is slavic, european like brit. Difference is that there is no sea beteeen colony (Russia) and orgin (Ruś).

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    Interesting how there is one story but many interpretations. Different country, different story for the same event. ;)

    • Corey Ham
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      But, the basic overview of centuries is helpful. Even though some smaller details may differ from story to story.

  • History of Revolutions
    History of Revolutions Year ago +937

    Ivan Turgenev once wrote:
    "Nature creates while destroying, and doesn't care whether it creates or destroys as long as life isn't extinguished, as long as death doesn't lose its rights"

    • Veasna TDM
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      It is true, and what is more true is that even if life are extinguish, Nature doesn't care, as it is still a part of nature at the end.

    • Poitiers28
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      That is the law of the entire Universe. Matter and life are all cyclical. But do we understand the why? Why is existence in an ever expanding Universe cyclical instead of a steady line of immortal progression? Does the illusion of choice which humans and other animals make really even matter in the grand scheme of things here on Earth when eventually our Sun will die too? All of our historical choices will be for naught. The rest of the Universe does not care.

    • Soggmeister
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      “In the end we will be judged not by what we have destroyed.
      But what we have created.”
      -Wilhelm Strasse

      SCINTILLAM DEI Year ago +8

      Nature doesn't care if mankind or all creatures go extinct.

    • Дмитро Русин
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      Turgenev is considered a Russian, but in fact a Tatar, because in fact there were never any Russians in Muscovy))

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    The funny thing is that people still fight over borders that were initially created by either conquest or tribes selections - - we can be pretty certain borders will continue to change - ---if I was born in France to say, my life has been lived for good and bad as a Frenchman, my thoughts, feelings, memories won't change if one day France become known as moonland, Mars or whatever

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    As i remember, battle at Kulikovo field at 1380 was against mongol rebel Mamai, and ruses was used as loyal mongol force, moscowian prince has yarliq from them.

    • Sirenka
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      For several centuries, archaeologists of Muscovy have been looking for artifacts confirming the authenticity of the Battle of Kulikovo, but so far without success. There are simply no material evidences of battle of kulikovo ever happened. Despite this, the fable about Donskoy's victory over Mamai is still sung, with all voices.

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    Hello. Thank you for this video. I would like to show it to my students. It is easy to follow for visual learners. May I ask you please to mention maybe somewhere under the description of the video what resources were used to create this narration. Thank you for your time and educational videos.

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      Это неточный вариант исторических событий. То что тут названо Русью не было единым государством, оно начинает таковым становиться ПОСЛЕ 1478. До этого момента была конфедерация крупных городов и территорий возле них условно называемых княжествами подобное было в Греции. Например Новгородская Республика просуществовала как самостоятельное образование до 1478 и никогда не была разграблена Ордой, но была уничтожена Московским княжеством.

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      you have nothing to do with those bulgarians because they were turkic of mongolian race, and you are slavic of european race. you simply stole their name.

    • King In Exile
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      @Joe Doe That's complete BS, very few Bulgarians are of 100% Slavic origin and genetic studies prove it too. Don't spread stupid sh*t on the internet.

    • King In Exile
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      @Joe Doe We are their descendants - a mix of Bulgar and Slavic ancestry. Quit your lies, you ain't fooling anyone.

    • King In Exile
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      @Joe Doe The DNA analyses prove what I'm saying. Check for it online or ask any Bulgarian that has done it. Lmao you are desperate, aren't you?


      @Joe Doe First Bulgaria Empire was Turkic empire with Slavic/Hellenic influence , Volga Bulgaria was %100 Turkic

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    Я не сильно разбираюсь в географической истории, но в моей школе были уроки истории, и там нам рассказывали про историю Руси, говорили про "Варяжский путь" или "Из грязи в князи". Суть в том что варяги(викинги, северяне) пришли не с западной Скандинавии, а с восточной, с Кольского полуострова.

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      Kyiv founded in 482. Novgorod founded almost 400 YEARS LATER in 859. Moscow founded in 1147. Tyt oshibki est, Lena?

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    4:22 The Orthodox Church historically promoted Russian identity, Russian nationalism? I like that this is covered, because ALL nations where promoted and brought into existence by people. I think it goes some way to explaining how people with Slavic roots in modern Russia and Ukraine can both identify as Russian before Ukrainian. And also how a new nation could emerge, as we can't deny there's such a thing as popular Ukrainian nationalism. There where "nations" of people identifying together historically, they came and went, and eventually formed the basis of the nation states. Ethnic and religious. Rightly I think, we frown on ethnically exclusive or apartheid nations today, so when say "nation" short for "nation state", but perhaps we should be saying "state", instead of "nation"? At least a state can have static borders you can draw on a map?

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      Daryl Davis
      Gary Noesner, Chris Voss
      Marshall Rosenberg
      Gene Sharp, Jamila Raqib
      Erica Chenoweth
      I would love to hear of North Asian pacifist thinkers, if anyone knows of any. Thanks in advance!

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    The tribes are called Finnic tribes in the beginning of the video. And when the Baltic tribes are being named, the Livonians were around Riga, not in Estonia. In Estonia, there were Estonians. Livonians are important because they immediately allied with German crusaders and together launched attacks against Estonians.

    • Karl-Heinz Grabowski
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      Based Livonians fighting the heathens

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      Estonians never has own state. Until USSR gave them souvereignty in 1991

    • St6mm
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      @K V If I remember correctly then Soviets were beaten in the civil war and begged for the peace and paid for it with Czar's gold. Nice alternativs history. Russians had first Russian state leader during the second half of Soviet era. Before that Nordic varangian dynasty and then ethnic German nobility. I am not sure what prise you feel to come into comments and spread your lunatic alternative history.

    • K V
      K V 9 months ago +2

      @St6mm the reason is simple - can not stop laughing at you. There was a short period of unstability after 1917 when some parts of former Russian empire were trying to claim independence. Like that 'free republic' claimed in USA in 2020 during BLM unrest, don't remember the city.

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    It’s not “Jar lake”, it’s more like Yahrlik. Jarlyk spelled in polish, or Ярлык in russian.

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    Rurik not founded Novgorod,Novgorod already was by that time.Rurik was invited to rule on Novgorod

    • Василий Митрофанов
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      yes, just like Smolesnk. Official date is 863 according to annals, but archeology says 3rd or 4th century

    • Alex Galkin
      Alex Galkin Year ago +7

      Именно с именем князя Рюрика связано первое упоминание о Новгороде в летописи 859 года: "И принял всю власть один Рюрик, и пришел к Ильменю, и срубил городок под Волхвом, и назвал его Новгород, и сел тут княжить, раздавать волости и города рубить"

    • rus gercin
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      @Alex Galkin Таких летописей нет,летописи появились лет через 300 и информация была там искажённая.Тем более вставляли чтобы узаконить права Киева и Рюриковичей на Новгород.Здесь только архиологии может помочь.А она говорит что Новгород был до Рюрика.

    • ddd7386
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      @rus gercin да археология как бы говорит, что Новгород в современном месте был основан даже позже этой даты, а именно в 930 году. То есть летопись ещё его "старит". Было, конечно, "Рюриково Городище", но это не совсем Новгород и там тоже непонятно.

    • rus gercin
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      @ddd7386 Ну в любом случае по летописи ориентироваться. Можно только в общих чертах, так как кто такой Рюрик , уже сказать даже тогда не могли, а когда и кто кого основал тоже самое.Остается только догадываться.

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    The "new" family power sharing agreement was not new at all.
    It originated in Turk nomads in 6 AD and similar system already fluorished and over with Frankish kingdom.
    Rurik family were late adoptees of that nomadic system of inheritance

    • Who Knows
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      pretty sure before that there was another form of it, and before that.... and before that...it's "new" in the eyes of the people in the area... nobody said it was never done before.

    • Lenny S
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      @Who Knows I am not sure about it.
      This type of power inheritance is unnatural and therefore had to be invented and enforced for few generations to be accepted after that.

    • Lenny S
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      Natural ways would be inheritance by strongest through the fight, unifier by election and by son.
      These three were tried multiple times since the dawn of mankind.

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    • Rul Dali
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      @Eric Ingefära The word Cossack itself is of non-Slavic origin and most likely has a Khazar origin, not a Turkic one. Cossacks were a separate phenomenon in the south of Russia and adopted many of the practices of nomadic tribes, and in some part they themselves consisted of descendants and people of non-Slavic origin. In general, Ukrainians did not exist at all before.

    • Eric Ingefära
      Eric Ingefära Year ago +1

      @Rul Dali я это знаю) казаки - это ославянившиеся потомки азиатских кочевых племен, это не секрет. Вся их культура - от полукочевого образа жизни и до элементов одежды - осталась с тех времён, когда они были половцами, татарами и печенегами

    • Rul Dali
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      @Eric Ingefära Тогда причем тут украина?

    • andry mashka
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      @Rul Dali word Cosaacs is given to UKRANIAN people by Khasars or Tatars and mining free person. Because they indeed free runaways from both polish Lithonian commonwealth as well dictatorship of Russias kings. They spoke UKRAINIAN language, had UKRAINIAN schools, and even universities. First constitution in Europe was Pilip Orlik cossacs constitution.

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      @Роман Дмитриев Территория Украины, тогда называлась Русь,а предки украинцев русами,русинами.Еще с 17 века сохранилась Печать Ивана Выговского,где он- Воевода Киевский Княжества Рускаго.А также Богдан Хмельницкий заключал договора от имени народа Рускаго, например «Договор между Турецким цесарем и Войском Запорожским и народом Русьским о торговле на Черном море», - так называемая Черноморская конвенция Украины с Турцией.1649год.

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      Познавательно? На видео в самом начале Новгород столица, а не Старая Ладога..

    • Brad Hartliep
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      #BradHartliep, of Royal Blood, descended from the #Viking #Kings of #Rus and #Kiev, descended from #Tsars of the #Rus and the #Romanov, the only Rightful #President and #Tsar of #Russia, and the only #Tsar who can #SaveRussia and #Restore the #RussianEmpire .. #TsarBrad, #KingOfRussia

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    I wish someone could explain the two red spots outside of Kievan Rus at 2:45. They just appear at certain points but it's never explained what they are or why they exist. Are they exclaves? How does the one inside the Khazar Khanate manage to survive so long without being reconquered by the Khazars?

    • Thaddeus
      Thaddeus 3 months ago

      They are indeed exclaves. Unlike medieval western Europe, where the density of population was higher and the cities closer to one-another, in the east, you had only one major city/town in the wilderness protected by a Kremlin, while the next city/town was somehow distant, so the geographical disposition is more likely to let any expedition just go through the wilderness, and on the other hand, he who controlled the Kremlin of the local city/town was also guaranteed to control its peasants around, its resources, the trade and taxes. Therefore, the territories of Belaya Vezha and Tmutarakan were more fortified trade post than place of living. Establishing a trade post also benefits the nomads who wants to trade.

    • Bdleo
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      btw there was no such thing as 'Kievan Rus', no one ever called them Kievan, only Rus.

    • Hex Kobold
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      @Bdleo It's historical nomenclature, same as using the term "Byzantine Empire" retroactively even though it was called the Roman Empire during the time it actually existed.

    • Диана Воробец
      Диана Воробец Month ago +1

      The term "Kievan Rus" appeared only in the 19th century, as a designation of the time period when Kyiv was the capital of the country. So was Ladoga Rus (approximately 859-862), Novgorod Rus (862-882), Vladimir Rus (1243-1389), then Moscow Rus (1389-1547 (or 1478)). It was just Rus'. We don't say "Moscow Russia" or "Petersburg Russia", no, we don't.

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    Ugra river and the place is situated on the north-west side to Moscow, not near Ryazan

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    I am not the expert, but according to this, a Viking guy founded Slavic cities with Slavic names and Slavic tribes etc. I quickly googled all this and, of course, all of that already existed. A bit strange to start the story with a Viking king.

  • G WZRD
    G WZRD 9 months ago +17

    Just FYI Ivan the Terrible didnt kill that many people compared to other European leaders of that time. The whole 'Terrible' thing is mistranslation imo and the closer one would be Ivan the Fearsome.

    • FREDDY
      FREDDY 8 months ago +1

      Прозвище грозный дали европейские историки , на самом деле его звали 'Иван -Мудрый'

    • G WZRD
      G WZRD 7 months ago

      Imaginary Unicorn cant believe I am saying this but check what Bartholomew Night is. Or maybe where did the Aztecs go. Or maybe what Teutons did to the very same Lithuanians you were talking about. Russia surely had its share of terrible dictators but Ivan IV was a pretty good guy by 16th century standarts

  • WoW DaksH
    WoW DaksH 5 months ago

    I don’t know why you are ignoring the wars and conquests when you are explaining things 😂

  • Living on Park Avenue in Manhattan

    Thank you for the great job that you did. So far, this is the most thoughtful explanation of the past. I greatly appreciate the inclusion of the maps and the dates . The intonation, the voice couldn't be better. Thank you again.

  • Florian Vallen
    Florian Vallen Year ago +1

    Isn't the romanov dynasty part of the origins of russia? I get addicted to this channel and would have loved to see what happens after Michael Romanov takes over Russia up to the beginning of the USSR

  • Abceyź
    Abceyź 10 months ago +1

    13:34 The best thing about the False Dmitri is that Poles knew he is not the actual Dmitri, but decided to help him because they wanted some Russian lands. False Dmitri thinks that they believed him and that's why they are helping him. Both sides think they outsmarted the enemy.
    As I can see, You didn't talked about everything, just of the most important things. I suppose it's because it would take too long, but it would be very cool if we could watch history of a country divided by centuries, dynasties or rulers. It's a great video anyways!

  • touristguy87
    touristguy87 7 months ago +3

    It's so ironic to see that at 0:43 the Vikings are described as selling "furs, honey and slaves captured along the way", between the North Atlantic and Constantinople. Seems to me that whenever trading centers sprang up, it wasn't long before raiding parties pillaged and razed them, slaughtering the men and taking slaves among the women and children. It's very unlikely that the Viking sold relateively large numbers of male slaves captured along the way, compared to women and child slaves, in Constantinople, as most of the men were probably killed on the grounds of their home village. However the fact that there were an abundance of sources of potential slaves did indeed drive pirate expeditions in the reverse, along the Atlantic coast into Viking home territories. Still the pillaging, but not so much killing.
    Europe was just a hotbed of pillaging, plundering and slaving well into the Christian era.
    I suppose that one of the pagan gods was the God of Plundering Villages & Taking Slaves.
    We've come so far.
    Anyone remember Apocalypto, or just me?
    The Spanish sailing all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World, in search of...Spiritual Enlightenment?
    Or just more gold and slaves? Hot on the heels of the Portuguese and the Dutch, just a few sailing days ahead of the English and the French?
    And what, did the Germans not know how to sail a boat? Or just not deal very-well with anyone who couldn't speak German?
    Remember the days when your country was either a seafaring nation or a rich source of slaves?
    The US was both for a while: our sailors served our country proudly until they were captured by the English and forced into the English navy.
    Better than being taken by one of the Barbary Pirates.
    Now people monitor the news for the wealth of the rich and famous and their travel schedules and home addresses so they can pick and choose when and where to rob a business or even a house, quite often with the owner and their family asleep in the house. And these people are so eager to show their wealth and their adventure on the Internet but too stupid to put in a decent home alarm. Or they do put in a decent alarm, but their security-company has employees on the take. And if it isn't a gang of criminals that take their money, it's the government. If they don't get robbed at their house, they get robbed on the way to and from work.
    But goddam, there seems to be a lot of robbing and killing these days. And yep, still a lot of slaving. And prostitution. And child-abuse.
    And a bunch of crazy people who think that the child of a criminal isn't a criminal in the making
    Dammit people, every criminal was born "innocent", and even innocent people get killed.
    You really think that it's a great idea to force an "innocent' woman to have an unwanted child who is then almost thrust into a life of crime?
    There's one guaranteed outcome as a result of that abortion: that baby isn't growing up to rob, rape, torture or kill anyone.
    Are you going to take responsibility for the ones that do, whose mother *would* have aborted them if you hadn't helped to make it illegal?
    I say that anyone who votes against voluntary abortion should have to take on one foster-child that would otherwise have been aborted.
    And we all know the math behind adopted children and step-parenting.
    Most of the people who adopt a child or get involved with someone who has a child of their own are psychos.
    Just as putting people in jail virtually guarantees that they will become criminals not to mention sexually-assaulted in jail.
    But we do that to people all the time. Our jails are overflowing with criminals.
    In NYC criminals aren't even being kept in jail, the jails are so overcrowded.
    They are released right back out on the streets to commit more crimes.
    I guess that's too much "morality" to deal with, huh.

  • Циля Борщ
    Циля Борщ Year ago +31

    Ivan called himself Cesar, cuz his grandmother was a Byzantine princess, member of the Imperial Palaiologos family.

    • Владимир Середюк
      Владимир Середюк 9 months ago +2

      Враньё, слово Царь было ещё в Китае, так раньше более 4 тысячи лет назад называли себя императоры. Потом это слово перешло на запад. А так как русский народ древнее западных, поэтому оно у нас появилось раньше, чем у запада. Цезарь и Царь разные слова

    • Hermes Psychopompos
      Hermes Psychopompos 8 months ago

      Palaiologos family, our last Greek kings. The bloodline ended with them. The remaining, the last Komninos fled to Corsica when dirty Ottomans were hunting down every last royal bloodline. Komninos took the name Kalimeris in Corsica to avoid being spotted. There's a strong theory which says he married a Corsican woman, and they produced Napoleon Bonaparte. The word "Kalimeris" in Greek literally means "Buonaparte" translated in Italian. We will never know for sure, though. What we do know is, Napoleon was fond of the Greeks. He was sleeping with Arrian's book at his head, Alexander the Great's biography. When Napoleon later requested a small patch of forestry land from Greece, Greeks replied "No". Napoleon wasn't eager to retaliate. It reinforces the idea he might knew that perhaps he was half-Greek himself.

    • lpi3
      lpi3 8 months ago

      @Владимир Середюк а че 3? 6 миллионов же.

    • Владимир Середюк
      Владимир Середюк 7 months ago

      Максимъ Остапенко суть не меняет , что это не от Цезаря пошло, а уже давно цари есть и ни кто не знает достоверность истории, если даже сейчас видим, что каждый свой пишет, а история народов живущих на русских землях более 8 тысяч лет из-за дат памятников и пирамид, с которыми можем сами в живую ознакомиться, как и с подземными городами и проходами в нашей стране. А также глядя на это и куча факторов, видим, что история официальная лживая, написана на коленки, как и про космос сказка для тупых, люди на этих сказках зарабатывают деньги))

    • C4
      C4 3 months ago

      @Владимир Середюк Kyiv founded in 482. Novgorod founded almost 400 YEARS LATER in 859. Moscow founded in 1147. RuZZia is not that old.

  • DML
    DML 5 months ago +3

    this video have so many mistakes... I'd call it destructive, since, you know, when you hear that Rurik found something, while in real life he was called as a ruler to the existing country... calling Rus Kievan, when it's used only to simplify things, calling it Russia, while these are 2 very different countries in different periods. IDK, it's like every minute many have mistakes, smaller or bigger.

    • Николай ЮZ
      Николай ЮZ 5 months ago +2

      Вы сейчас для примера привели именно что свои ошибки в понимании истории и принципов науки.
      То есть В видео примерно все обозначено верно.
      То что Киевская Русь это поздний историографический термин, не важно. В науке можно так называть древнерусское государство со столицей в Киеве.
      Россия ,это всего лишь Русь по-гречески. Закрепившееся в самоназвании просто позднее.
      Синкретичное понимание лает нам право говорить об одном восстановленном государстве и стране после раздробления и реконкисты.
      И норманская теория, господствующая в мировой исторической науке. Как и фигура Рюрика.

  • ClumsyCora
    ClumsyCora Year ago +246

    This is so interesting and makes you think about the politics of Russia and the immense historical data accessible to them to study in depth civilizations, conflicts, and human nature revealed over centuries. The same thing can be said of china.

    • Nazri Buang
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      Lies again? Orlando City

    • Matthew Martin
      Matthew Martin Year ago +15

      One of the things I love about studying history, is that you often can see the unfolding of events over time. For instance, the year of 1848 was pivotal in world history due to the large numbers of wars and rebellions going on. I don't have the energy to type a dissertation, so I'll keep it short. It shaped much of early 20th century Europe, that lead to both World Wars (and several interim conflicts and wars). It also starts to put current events into a different perspective as well. When Russia first moved into Ukraine, Putin said something about reclaiming ancient lands. I'm in no way supporting what he is doing, but objectively; Kiev is 'ancient Russia'. *I will re-iterate. I oppose this illegal war and believe in a free, peaceful and sovereign Ukraine.*

    • uan dubh
      uan dubh Year ago +36

      @Matthew Martin If you're using the state of that time as an argument, if anything it should be Kyiv in power over Russia and not the other way round.

    • Billie Merkle
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      @uan dubh Maybe that will eventuate. Hope so.

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    It is easy to see mistakes now. That kind of map should be shown in schools!

  • S. Đ. R.
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    DANmark got its name in slavic language, meaning : "the day / light".
    Oldest danish town Ribe, got its name in slavic language, meaning : "the fish".

    xdCONTINUE 2 months ago

    How could rurik (about whom there isn't written a single text in middleages) sit in a city that was founded in the end of 9th - begin of 10 th century🤔

  • iBolitN
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    I like that Kulikovo battle story (with literally no archeological proofs for such a huge battle)
    And how Rus' just given up to mongols, without mentioning Kingdom Of Ruthenia at all.
    Which makes history look like Rus' has became modern Russia, not some moscovian officials from the outskirts of Rus' decided to sell their people to Chan

    • Sirenka
      Sirenka 9 months ago +2

      For several centuries, archaeologists of Muscovy have been looking for artifacts confirming the authenticity of the Battle of Kulikovo, but so far without success.

    • Andre Macko
      Andre Macko 8 months ago +1

      Typical gross academic and historical error that makes this video useless when the producers equate Rus' (Русь) to Russia (Росія). It's like Romani claiming the history of Rome as its own because "Rom" is in its name. Russia wasn't even called Russia till 1721. Before that it was either Musvovia or Tataria.

    • bsod
      bsod 9 days ago

      what mongols are you talking about? and how actually powerful was the kingdom of Ruthenia?(basically modern Halichina) is it someones fault that Volodimir-Suzdal dutchy (later Great ducthy of Moscow) became so powerful and north-east rusyn dutchies like Moscow, Tver, Ryazan, Novgorod, Smolensk remained the only independent regions of ex-Kievan Rus' while Kyiv, modern western Ukraine and Belarus were conquered by catholic lithuanians and poles while rysuns of Moscow, Ryazan etc resisted mongols and eventually got rid of them in XVth century?

  • Olo Wrohek
    Olo Wrohek 5 months ago

    Very interesting 👌
    How many dialects do You have
    In Poland we still ❤ have like six mains dialects and 45 little ones

    • SebastjanPereiro
      SebastjanPereiro 4 months ago +1

      In Russia there are not just dialects, we have dozen of totally different languages, because here we have for example Caucasian nations, Tatar, Chuvash, Buryats, Yakut, and many other.

    • Александр Капустин
      Александр Капустин 2 months ago +1

      There are several groups of dialects in Russian - Southern, Northern and Central on the territory of European Russia

    • Sailor V
      Sailor V 8 days ago

      ​@Александр Капустин but the difference between these dialects is scarce

  • Matteo Cosignani
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    Please can you make one about the 100 years war? Love your video, it's pleasant to watch them all and also helps remind things forgotten

  • Naive Dreamer
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    This is hell of a good game of thrones material

  • Libor Kunčar
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    They called Varyags, not Varangians and sattled on North of actual Russia, near Finland border - White sea, Onega, Ladoga area.

  • Zeran
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    Awesome work.

    • w1ndyyy PKT
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      No, it’s riddled with mistakes and imperial Russian myths

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    YOu didn't really completely skip over Olga of Kiev, did you?

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    Your maps are THE BEST backdrop to your script . . . EVER. It makes so many connections for my understanding. Thanks!!

    • Alex Gainsborough
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      Understanding what? Primitive Russophobic propaganda? It was exposed back in the 17th century by the Russian historian, academician Lomonosov: the version that Rurik is of Scandinavian origin was invented by the Swedes during their war with Peter 1. This is banal, military propaganda. Rurik was from the Baltic Slavs, and this is officially recognized by all real historians.
      And advice for the future: in relation to Russia, from English-speaking sources - you will never hear anything but lies and propaganda. You can not even hope to find at least something true - you will not find it.

  • Anti Anti
    Anti Anti 8 months ago

    It was Dmitriy Donskoy who defeated the mongols. The only reason why they came back is because he believed their lies. Otherwise, Rus would become free almost 60 years earlier.

  • Felix Arland
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    As a resident of Russia, I will say that the most interesting thing begins after Peter the Great. You can shoot a saga there.

    • кто ?
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      Как жителю России, тебе следовало бы сказать, что видео - полное говно

    • Михаил Дмитриев
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      @кто ? Не-то чтоб полное говно, но дохуя моментов опущено... На 3 с минусом экскурс 🤷‍♂

    • Sirenka
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      Country with the name - Muscovy, Tsar Peter renamed "Russia" only in the 18th century, in 1721.
      The Moksha tribe named their river Moscow, and the translation of this name, from the language of Moksha, sounds like “dirty water”. Any other languages ​​of the world cannot translate the word Moscow. The word “kremlin” is Tatar and means fortifications on a hill.
      In the Middle Ages, all the cartographers of Europe wrote and drew the border of Europe along the borders of Rus (Rus is the territory of present-day Ukraine). Muscovy - the ulus, with its Finnish peoples, has always been a component of the Horde, and Europe rightly attributed it to Asia.

  • Macovic
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    The Livonian group and religion is very interesting. Very impressive to stand up against christian oppression for so long.

  • Привалов Никита

    Ivan the 4th haven't actually killed his son. It's a common myth=)

    • Дмитрий Пекарев
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      And he was terrible to all the enemies, but not for his homeland :)

    • Legs Lutor
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      @Дмитрий Пекарев опричнина ни о чем тебе не говорит?

    • Дмитрий Пекарев
      Дмитрий Пекарев 8 months ago

      @Legs Lutor в каком контексте? Вы лекцию прочитать хотите о том, как царь использовал прослойку более бедных бояр/дворян (которая и стала опричниной) в борьбе с богатыми? ))

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    1:37 Bolghar looks like Poland! 😃