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Longest Dunk Wins

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Slippery Stairs and a GIANT catapult!?! Today's battle gets WILD! Thanks to Basketball Arena for sponsoring this video! Download for free here: app.adjust.com/cgsyo1z_rec0ncy Basketball Arena is now hosting a $50k Win Streak Event that ends on March 12th!
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  • StoneMountain64
    StoneMountain64 2 years ago +4892

    Totally thought Cory had the dub!

  • PN Studios
    PN Studios 2 years ago +1198

    *Always Perfect!* 👌

  • Yisel-YAAZ
    Yisel-YAAZ Year ago +712

    I will always remember these words:
    Coby: Game time! THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!
    Cory: I don’t like being by Ty. It makes me nervous.
    Tyler: Love you Team TT
    Cody: If I don’t get injured, something went wrong.
    Garett: I am cold and very worried

  • Big Bubba
    Big Bubba 5 months ago +71

    Garrett's like the critical thinker of the group. Also, besides Ty, he's the funniest person of the group.

  • tranazzi
    tranazzi Year ago +285

    Team Cory til I die. But man, it feels so brutal lately. Brutally close with no dub, 8 wheel unfortunates in a row. He’s gotta be primed for a hot streak pretty quick here

  • Arman Malim
    Arman Malim Year ago +46

    cobys reactions just makes corys last shot amazing

  • 🐐
    🐐 2 years ago +5575

    Everyone: “Can you make school stereotypes?”
    Dude Perfect: “Yeah, ... nah”

    • Cheekymoga
      Cheekymoga 2 years ago +14

      Ï Âm ĶèvìñBB no you’re the best Clip-Sharer

    • Alex Miller
      Alex Miller 2 years ago +10


    • Sm4llB0i
      Sm4llB0i 2 years ago +107

      People don’t realize that they can’t just walk into a school and ruin it. They would have to get approved from the school. Same thing with airport stereotypes

    • imagine
      imagine 2 years ago +11

      Ï Âm ĶèvìñBBthis is a bot lel

    • Krista Elliott
      Krista Elliott 2 years ago +34

      Dude they are all millionaires I think they can afford to rent a school for the weekend

  • Kids4Jesus
    Kids4Jesus Year ago +82

    I love seeing the twins win because they dominate a challenge but then in the finale they stuff it up. It so funny 🤣

    • The guy
      The guy 10 days ago

      Cory only clutch when coby in a battle

  • Ben Olsen
    Ben Olsen Year ago +200

    Cory: I’m going to do a finger roll
    Also Cory: Throws it in to the net as hard as he can

  • Natewgem prodigy math
    Natewgem prodigy math 20 days ago +1

    AMAZING VIDEO! Nice dunks and cory is hilarious!

  • MaggieOTube
    MaggieOTube 2 years ago +303

    I love how Cody is cutting the basketball net while Coby and Cory are talking. 😂🤣

    • Ruchir Jain
      Ruchir Jain 2 years ago +1

      When I never saw that

    • MaggieOTube
      MaggieOTube 2 years ago +2

      @Ruchir Jain at 9:51 sec Cody is cutting the net for the winner. He is on the left.

    • Stacey Storrie
      Stacey Storrie 2 years ago +5

      @MaggieOTube it's at 9:51

    • MaggieOTube
      MaggieOTube 2 years ago

      @Stacey Storrie yes it is. Thank you. That is what I meant to say.

    • Kris-_0_ -
      Kris-_0_ - 2 years ago

      Tu pas

  • Sintro
    Sintro 2 years ago +4180

    y’all should do “Dude Perfect” stereotypes and basically act like each other

    • Samuel Tian
      Samuel Tian 2 years ago +97

      the editors kinda did that in editor edition

    • Qutub Kothari
      Qutub Kothari 2 years ago +9


    • Toxic Swordfish
      Toxic Swordfish 2 years ago +13

      I feel like the vid would be too short. also when it says who are you?, you can’t relate

    • xara serrao
      xara serrao 2 years ago +6


    • Ace
      Ace 2 years ago +3

      LOL YES

  • Suzanne Herington
    Suzanne Herington Year ago +17

    It's ok Cory, you WILL win a battle very very soon.

  • Bacon da boss
    Bacon da boss 10 months ago +13

    I feel like I have never seen Garrett win any of these. I really want to see him win a challenge like this

  • MB
    MB 10 months ago +9

    Cory: 7:05 Finger roll.
    Also Cory: 7:46 Tries to dunk it as hard as he can.

  • Polaris Regulus
    Polaris Regulus 2 years ago +74

    Really impressive how a team made up a game so professional as ones watched on TV.
    My only suggestion is, if the final round was based on only foot strength and not allowing to throw the ball, since it can become a game of luck rather than trying your best for further distance.

    • Maximilian Balistreri
      Maximilian Balistreri 2 years ago +3

      I mean... accuracy?

    • Polaris Regulus
      Polaris Regulus 2 years ago +1

      @Maximilian Balistreri But then is it a game of shooting accurately or longest jump by leg strength?

    • Zechressive
      Zechressive 2 years ago

      @Polaris Regulus Yes absolutely

    • Gabe Yarris
      Gabe Yarris 2 years ago +5

      @Polaris Regulus it’s a mix. You need leg strength to jump far and accuracy to put it in

    • kelsey zachry
      kelsey zachry 7 months ago

      @Maximilian Balistreri ģbgg

  • Jocelynn Albrecht
    Jocelynn Albrecht Year ago +5

    No matter what happens... Team Cory forever

  • Vidio Unik
    Vidio Unik 2 years ago +32

    Dude, perfect. Awesome 🔥

    • StoneAce
      StoneAce 2 years ago +3

      If this gets like just cuz you’re verified I will cry

    • SKM
      SKM 2 years ago +1


    • Jazhiel Olvera
      Jazhiel Olvera 2 years ago


  • Terry Foster
    Terry Foster Year ago +19

    i’m staying team corey for the amazing 78 point shot 👏

  • Nataliia Oberleitner
    Nataliia Oberleitner 2 years ago +84

    Lets take a moment to appreciate how long they make these vida for us and how much money they spend

    • Devon Christopher
      Devon Christopher 2 years ago +1

      Assume they spend $3000. But how much do they made just from 1 video??

    • Shubh Gupta
      Shubh Gupta 2 years ago

      I would say not a great amount of personal money. Video expenses are sponsored, sponsors pay for that as well as give them honorariums. Apart from that they earn a lot more from a video than they spend. Their only personal expenses are editor's salaries, equipment expense among other regular expenses 🙂
      And yeah.....another MAJOR tariff is TALENT

    • Ruben T
      Ruben T Year ago

      They spend peanuts compared to MrBeast, who probably spends half a million dollars on his *cheaper* videos.

    • Free
      Free Year ago

      @Ruben T and?

    THE BRO DUDE 2 months ago +3

    The fact that Cory dropped the ball is so devastating

  • Masonbtw
    Masonbtw 2 years ago +120

    Man, this is the kind of old school dp that I love!

    • Reactiontime6000
      Reactiontime6000 2 years ago +2

      Old school it was like 4 months ago, three when you made this comment lol

  • Insane Glickert
    Insane Glickert 8 months ago +9

    This and the behind the scenes is so fun to watch

  • Christian Guerrero
    Christian Guerrero 2 years ago +28

    Has anyone else noticed that even though he doesn't always win, Cory has been slowly getting a lot better? I feel like soon enough he's gonna be the new Ty.

  • Alex.Mate
    Alex.Mate Year ago +13

    They should do the basketball challenge more often just to see how they all go

    TODEBRINKS 2 years ago +31

    O melhor trabalho do mundo é trabalhar nesse canal 🙏🏼 cê tá doido 🤣 os cara sempre fazendo as melhores coisas

  • DekEdit 神様
    DekEdit 神様 Year ago +6

    Was an awesome vid, but a depressing ending for all of us team Cory fans 😭

  • Scithebored
    Scithebored Year ago +21

    Tyler kept falling and i couldn't stop my laughter! 🤣🤣

  • rid
    rid 2 months ago +1

    Slippery stairs was the absolute funniest thing ive ever seen

  • SportsCenter
    SportsCenter 2 years ago +832

    Cody: Do you believe in miracles?
    Cory: gets *78* points
    Also Cory: *Misses the game winner*

    • Brad Ng
      Brad Ng 2 years ago +17

      Would probably be better if he didn't do any tricks and just aim for 9 points or higher

    • Clever Bloody
      Clever Bloody 2 years ago +2

      Thanyou for 115 subs😍😍ab 125 subs karado😛😛😜😜😝😋😘😘

    • Endermanguy1151
      Endermanguy1151 2 years ago +2

      @Clever Bloody No

    • 0math12345
      0math12345 2 years ago +5

      It would be like if the Americans lost against Finland after they beat the Soviets.

    • Gabriel moss
      Gabriel moss 2 years ago +2

      Just saying ty missed the 60 point

  • Riley Kriplean
    Riley Kriplean Year ago +6

    Watched u guys for such a long time! you guys are getting better and better every second?

  • Юрий Зиновьев
    Юрий Зиновьев 2 years ago +10

    Ahaha, that 'slippery palm' Cory. I laughed so hard, nearly passed out.

  • Lily
    Lily Year ago +6

    i love this video, it’s so entertaining ❤️

  • Srinivasan S
    Srinivasan S Year ago +120

    4:47 Coby: Is there anyone on Clip-Share who still thinks they’re the ones who are gonna make it?
    Me, who already saw Ty doing the finale dunk in the thumbnail: *Without a doubt*

  • Dragon cat extreme challenges

    Not gonna lie, in the beginning of the video when you show what the challenges are, when you show the catupult one, you can literally see that Tyler and Coby are in that challenge. So it basically gives two of the players away who moved on from the last round.

  • Kid Killer Chemo Star
    Kid Killer Chemo Star 2 years ago +159

    I used to watch these guys after school almost every day, but I slowly forgot about them. To have them back in my recommended after not watching them for 3 years feels amazing.

    • Backyard Boys
      Backyard Boys 2 years ago +3

      hey we do trick shots to if you have sometime you should see our content

      YEGGMAN 2 years ago

      Me too

    • Rex
      Rex 2 years ago +4

      @Backyard Boys u copy dude perfect

    • Baffi T R
      Baffi T R 2 years ago


    • Andrew Cegielski
      Andrew Cegielski 2 years ago

      @Backyard Boys dub

  • Abby Jordan
    Abby Jordan Year ago +16

    I'm with you forever, CORY

  • Ultra Chadstinct Goku

    I haven't watched dude perfect in YEARS but this was an AMAZING video. The first challenge was the best because of how hard they went on each other. It reminds me of the Sidemens fall guys video.
    Coby or Kobe trying to use Tyler as a footstool at 2:03 was disrespectful AF💀. I forgot some names.

  • Justin Crews 513
    Justin Crews 513 Year ago +1

    Round 1 was the funniest thing I’ve seen in months 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryland Fratto
    Ryland Fratto Year ago +14

    I feel like I have watched this video a million times, but I still LOVE it!

  • Arshiya
    Arshiya Year ago +7

    Cody cutting the net with a scissor while Cory is talking about losing at 9:47 made me lose it

  • Thunder Lizzard
    Thunder Lizzard 2 years ago +117

    Cory: Its Very Simple
    Also Cory: Misses
    DP you always make me laugh

  • Bevin Clary
    Bevin Clary Year ago +16

    I love how Tyler wins all of the battles

  • TCD Cubing
    TCD Cubing 2 years ago +21

    Sparky is the BEST commentator!
    Also Cory, don't focus on the multipliers. Last round you could just throw it without trying to do behind the back.

  • Lrglixth28
    Lrglixth28 10 months ago

    The amount of times Cory has been runner up is crazy :(

  • Eli Ross
    Eli Ross Year ago +2

    I’ll never leave you Cory!

  • Jeanne Copp
    Jeanne Copp 6 months ago +5

    Let's go TT !! that win was in the bag

  • Casey Rupert37
    Casey Rupert37 2 years ago +660

    Cory: "It's not that hard really"
    *proceeds to launch it and miss*

  • Noah TN
    Noah TN Year ago +4

    The behind the back 26 pointer was 🔥🔥

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown Year ago +4

    I love this video, it makes me wish I were part of Dude Perfect

  • NameWitheldByRequest
    NameWitheldByRequest 7 months ago

    I can just see how much anger Cory has when he throws the foam cube

  • Glitchy Lion
    Glitchy Lion 2 years ago +151

    Love how ty just gets pulled down every time

    • ThiefOfCookie
      ThiefOfCookie 2 years ago +1

      Lol ikr

    • MU FC
      MU FC 2 years ago

      Soccer is the number 1 sport on Earth with over 4 billion fans and is massive in over 240 countries. Every country on Earth loves Soccer. Basketball is massive in less than 30 countries. Soccer will be the most popular sport in the USA by 2050 eyfjde

    • ミーマン【カルガモTV】M-MAN【duck TV】
      ミーマン【カルガモTV】M-MAN【duck TV】 2 years ago

      ↖︎ Let's be healed by watching the video💕🌈

  • awak3ned
    awak3ned 5 months ago +1

    Dad:become a trick shot artist
    Mom:become an editor
    DP:edit-shot artist

  • Alahna Gil
    Alahna Gil 2 years ago +366

    “Cody fighting the stairs, now fighting the giggles”
    It seems that Cody always has the giggles, love that dude😂

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree 2 years ago +2

      Same!! 😂😂

    • Chen Li
      Chen Li 2 years ago

      Phénix Abdou 离开9可9mnmkkkkk

    • Chen Li
      Chen Li 2 years ago

      Phénix Abdou OK看Mk🙏

    • Chen Li
      Chen Li 2 years ago

      Phénix Abdou 可9可默默你们km民🙏那哦默默看看您看MJN们MJN门口玫琳凯默默买空卖空NM🙏

  • madefying
    madefying 2 years ago +41

    2:50 Garrett highkey radiating tired dad vibes 😂😂

  • CHELproductions
    CHELproductions 2 years ago +21

    Dude perfect is having more fun in 10 minutes than I have in my entire life
    *Respect* 👌

  • Julian Mailo
    Julian Mailo 11 months ago

    „If I don’t get Injured something went wrong“ had me dying😂😂😂

  • Sergio Robles
    Sergio Robles 2 years ago +1

    Thanks guys...Excellent videos.

  • Zachary Chow
    Zachary Chow 7 months ago

    4:55 imagine if this shot hit the net so hard that it bounced out

  • S Playz
    S Playz 2 years ago +94

    These guys deserve an applause
    And thank you so much dude perfect for keeping us entertained always

    • Priceman
      Priceman 11 months ago

      Bru why u got 69 likes on Ur vidio

  • J.C. Holt
    J.C. Holt Year ago +4

    I’d love to see a part 2 of this

  • Trish Smith
    Trish Smith 2 years ago +2

    I love your videos, especially the trick shot ones.

    • Jo Hartman
      Jo Hartman 2 years ago

      I like all of there videos.

  • David
    David 5 months ago +1

    Sound crew is underrated, they use the same song the whole video and manage to keep it fresh and entertaining

  • Bretaxy
    Bretaxy 2 years ago +478

    You can see Cody cutting the net at the end that turned out to be the trophy, lol!

    • The Traveling Rat
      The Traveling Rat 2 years ago +2

      Lol ur right

    • Nashwa Shiqwarah
      Nashwa Shiqwarah 2 years ago +3

      Nandakishor Nm 9:50

    • MU FC
      MU FC 2 years ago

      Soccer is the number 1 sport on Earth with over 4 billion fans and is massive in over 240 countries. Every country on Earth loves Soccer. Basketball is massive in less than 30 countries. Soccer will be the most popular sport in the USA by 2050 yugjj

    • Colby Rienhardt
      Colby Rienhardt 2 years ago +11

      @MU FC no one asked

    • joshua28910
      joshua28910 2 years ago +1

      @Colby Rienhardt but still why gotta be so rude

  • Carston Swanson
    Carston Swanson 9 months ago +42

    You guys are so awesome!! Thank you for making video!!

  • rizzorilla
    rizzorilla 2 years ago +209

    Cory: Imma do a finger roll
    Also Cory: Spikes it at the rim

  • Jagadeesh Jaga
    Jagadeesh Jaga 2 years ago

    Looks like so much fun.

  • 『rich』乂ARTI亗
    『rich』乂ARTI亗 2 years ago +4

    Excellent work bro❤️!

  • Living The Fruitful Life
    Living The Fruitful Life 10 months ago

    I think everyone would like to see more stereotypes!

  • Erich Groth
    Erich Groth 2 years ago +12

    i had such high hopes i actually teared up when Cory missed the last shot

    • dp_artist_olivia
      dp_artist_olivia 2 years ago

      yea and it's rly annoying when they dramatize/rub it in when the twins lose imo

  • bigmixee
    bigmixee 3 months ago

    “Im not worried for what we bring to the table but what the other team doesn’t”

  • Ka04 J
    Ka04 J 2 years ago +14

    Can we just say how amazing Cody is for the amount of injuries he has had. And with most of those injuries still participated in most challenges and videos.

  • ethan schloss
    ethan schloss 2 years ago +83

    The platform that dude perfect built from trick shots video in their backyard is just absolutely nuts. 55 million subs, jesus

    • Sethypoo
      Sethypoo 2 years ago +1


    • Loren Bonnett
      Loren Bonnett 2 years ago +1

      You didn’t need to add Jesus. You could’ve just said wow

    • The Lurker
      The Lurker 2 years ago

      @Loren Bonnett why does it matter?

    • Loren Bonnett
      Loren Bonnett 2 years ago

      @The Lurker because it’s swearing... or another form of it

    • The Lurker
      The Lurker 2 years ago

      @Loren Bonnett saying Jesus is not swearing lol

  • PHNX_cryptic
    PHNX_cryptic 2 years ago +12

    “Is there anyone on Clip-Share who still believes they’ll win”
    Famous last words Coby

  • Green Mask [XRGM1267]

    9:25 I felt it when he grabbed and threw the foam cube in a fit of anger…..

  • James Martin
    James Martin Year ago

    Cool idea with a throw. Maybe in the next video you can come up with something with a volleyball ball and this sport in general? I really want to see it.

  • 4EVR
    4EVR Year ago +1

    Definiton of Dunk: In basketball, to dunk is to put the ball directly into the hoop, especially forcefully

  • leo wmgn
    leo wmgn 2 years ago +18

    I’m always gonna root for Cory no matter what happens.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Year ago +19

    I love cory.
    He is so funny.

  • F1Edits
    F1Edits Year ago +1

    For 5 years, somehow, you still keep pumping 10-75 mil views, this guy is my childhood

  • Anurag Tumane
    Anurag Tumane 2 months ago +1

    In the basketball challenges in the video, the second one, that is with the catapult, was a lot tougher.

  • xd_bobcatfrost
    xd_bobcatfrost 2 years ago

    sparky is the type of guy that makes anything funny

  • Patrick Terry, Jr

    This gives me wipeout vibes and im here for it

  • Harry Hughes
    Harry Hughes 2 years ago +317

    “Doing something simple, through the legs behind the back”
    -Cory 2021

  • SGEKids Gaming
    SGEKids Gaming 2 years ago +24

    Can we just talk about how mad Cory is right here - 9:25

  • Jaden Cortes
    Jaden Cortes 2 years ago +8

    The slippery stairs looks fun. I wanna try that rn

  • AdamAndAngela Shaw
    AdamAndAngela Shaw 8 months ago +1

    “Maybe put Cory in Ty”is the best thing Cody’s ever said

  • Krishnav Chopra
    Krishnav Chopra Year ago +7

    “ I just gotta get more points guys it actually pretty simple “ straight up misses his shot 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hunter Gauld
    Hunter Gauld Year ago +1

    Cody “Is there anyone on the internet that still thinks they’ll win?” TT and Cor score

  • Nick Huntsman
    Nick Huntsman 2 years ago +40

    Let’s be honest Gar was perfectly fine being the first out.

    • AwAAm -
      AwAAm - 2 years ago

      Yeah sad for him .

  • EllzTube
    EllzTube Year ago +4

    The people in the back getting hyped when the catapult shot went in!!! 🤣👍

  • Jj Jenson
    Jj Jenson 2 years ago +4

    Cory: Its actually pretty simple guys.
    2 seconds later misses. 😄

    REFIT REVOLUTION 3 months ago

    Y’all should do another Slippin
    Stairs battle😆

  • BR-CAO
    BR-CAO Year ago

    Tyler did the best tricks at the end!

  • Miley and Mackenzie
    Miley and Mackenzie 7 months ago

    I love how you can see Cody cutting the net to give to ty bc he won

  • Danny Maurer
    Danny Maurer 2 years ago +45

    Let’s just appreciate how insane that basketball catapult trickshot was even tho it was part of a battle

  • Big China
    Big China Year ago +1

    Anyone else see Cody cutting the net that ended up as the trophy lol

  • NeptuneOnYT
    NeptuneOnYT 2 years ago +49

    Lesson’s learned: Tyler ALWAYS wins, Coby ALWAYS loses.

    • BenEditZ
      BenEditZ 2 years ago


    • OD Wilfred
      OD Wilfred 2 years ago


    • NeptuneOnYT
      NeptuneOnYT 2 years ago

      Boi, It’s not Kobe, I am not talking about Kobe Bryant, I am talking about Coby Cotton.

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee Year ago

    This dude makes some crazy stunts

  • Streetkid011
    Streetkid011 Year ago +1

    I saw the ball get stuck behind Cory in the replay,I feel his pain