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World Record Chain Fountain? The Mould Effect Explained

  • Published on Jul 21, 2021 veröffentlicht

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  • Steve Mould
    Steve Mould  Year ago +1

    You can also discuss this video over on reddit:

  • john sherby
    john sherby Year ago +2

    This is the first time in my life I’ve ever gotten to see a science discussion unfold in real time. Everything else I’ve ever learned about has some sort of science dude that figured it out in the 1800s

  • MartinInBC

    I'd have given good odds that when something called "the Mould Effect" was discovered it would have come from a student's share accommodation.

  • George S
    George S  +36

    This is fantastic Steve. It can't be any unknown force from the pot. When the momentum begins the chain is being forced to turn 180 degrees, which creates centriugal force, which lifts the chain out of the pot. I think it's pretty simple. Better to be known for the 'Mould effect' than the 'Osbourne effect'. Look it up, it's a marketing thing.

  • MIOutdoors
    MIOutdoors Year ago +445

    I absolutely love his reaction when the "Mould Effect" is coined. No false modesty here, just a genuine fantastic response.

  • Edward256

    I kinda figured that the stiff nature of those metal beads with metal links added to the delay of them making the u-turn. Yes, when you squeeze them it looks like they could clear the pot's edge without problem, and they do at first, but as they pick up speed there could be some minute collisions between each bead that eventually delays the u-turn even more allowing them to maintain their "up-pulled velocity" for longer. But that's just my theory there.

  • Alex Fielding

    Oh my god, being in a rocking bucket so high 🙈 looks like a nightmare. You are a very brave person! 💪

  • ElectroBOOM
    ElectroBOOM Year ago +6

    Hay Steve! I collected a bunch of clues from your video to keep the argument going! Here they are:

  • Lucas Gorz

    🤔 Would you consider a trip to Switzerland to use the 180-meter dam that the How Ridiculous crew uses periodically? I think you may still need a crane off the top to get a full 200 meters, but I would think it would be easier to find since it wouldn’t need to be as tall itself…?

  • Scott K
    Scott K  +1

    Steve, I'm sure by now you understand that "plastic beads" themselves are insignificant. It's the fact that the plastic beads are connected by string which can bend very tightly. Whereas the metal pins used to connect the metal beads are essentially rigid; on that scale, and with such minimal force applied the pins are not bending past the point of permanent deformation. Therefore, they transfer the force that you've described and demonstrated e.g. shooting the block on center vs. near one end. It also occurred to me that there could be a certain amount of spring action within each length of pin or wire in combination with the metal beads. Whether or not that extremely tiny amount of spring resistance is significant... Well, that would take a mind on par with a Mould or Einstein! Btw, You're a rockstar!

  • GeeklingNo1
    GeeklingNo1 Year ago +85

    When I heard it only worked with metal chain I immediately remembered the way it could bend only so far and I assumed it had something to do with it. It’s cool that this one fact that fascinated me as a child ends up being a key part of the problem. I got the idea even if I didn’t know anything about the science.

  • ScrapHeapChallenge

    I remember in the 1990s helping my parents put up Christmas decorations one year and we had these plastic tubes full of multicoloured chain beads, and we discovered the chain effect by accident. Dad could it especially fascinating and was showing everyone over and over.

  • BigglyRidez

    The top of the bead that that half circle makes as a gyroscope so it stays in one spot there is downwards force and weight that is pulling it down cuz it bees on one side are heavier then the beads that are inside of the cup they're just sitting there so if you had all that into perspective and all together that's how the beach float up cuz they're picking up speed and there's a gyroscope at the top cuz it's spinning practically the side of the cup is used almost as a guide to shoot the beads upwards and the beads that are on the other side that are heavier it pulls it downwards

  • Medlife Crisis
    Medlife Crisis Year ago +4

    I love everything about this. The collab, the disagreement, the lengths you went to, the worldwide legacy. This is Clip-Share box office for nerds like me. I'll miss being your neighbour Steve! Amazing stuff.

  • Tom Hendry

    Hi Steve ... get yourself a loop lasso... motorised string toy... and you will see similar patterns... you could modify it for chain .. anyway they are kind of fun and slightly hypnotic !!!...

  • Cody Cruz

    The potential energy travel's in both directions same as two objects falling but because of it's rigidity some of the energy travel's through the beads in the jar because it takes the path of least resistance which is transfered into added upward moment to the beads as the beads on the other side get longer resulting in more pull force.

  • Thomas Nesmith

    It has to do with the minimum curvature of the chain. Small minimum curvature = poor fountain action. Large minimum curvature (like the ball berring chain) will have a higher fountain.

  • Nesra Siti

    Perhaps the fact that the spacing between balls expands starting out and contracts falling down is the answer creating a whipping effect

  • Vyoma B
    Vyoma B Year ago +32

    Congratulations on the discovery, Steve! It must be feeling amazing. With all the discussion going on, don't forget to acknowledge how incredible it is to observe and be able to contemplate on physics with such experiments. 🌼

  • ElectroBOOM
    ElectroBOOM Year ago +2

    Yeah... now watching this I'm even more confused... :D I think we DO need someone smarter like Neil deGrasse Tyson or some mechanical genius to review and comment. But then again as an electrical engineer, I am over qualified for this!