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George Michael - Spinning The Wheel (Official Video)

  • Published on Sep 27, 2010 veröffentlicht
  • George Michael - Spinning The Wheel (Official Video)
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    Five o'clock in the morning
    You ain't home
    I can't help thinking that's strange
    Baby I just want you to know
    I won't go through it again
    Yes, those clouds are closing in
    And I will not accept this as a part of my life
    I will not live in fear
    Of what may be
    And the lessons I have learned
    I would rather be alone than watch you
    Spinning that wheel for me
    You've got a thing about danger
    Ain't you getting what you want from me
    You've got a thing about strangers
    Baby that's what we used to be
    You've got a thing about danger baby
    I guess the hungry just can't see
    One of these days
    You're gonna bring some home to me
    Six o'clock in the morning
    You ain't home
    I can't help thinking that's strange
    It seems that everybody takes their chances
    These days
    Oh yeah we're standing in the rain
    And I will not accept this as part of my life
    How can you love me
    When you are playing with my life
    You say give me time and I'll do better I swear
    Give me time and I'll lead you back to despair
    And I don't want to go back there
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  • Paul Ratcliffe
    Paul Ratcliffe Year ago +73

    Never gets old this song. Pure brilliance.

  • Vwguy 2020
    Vwguy 2020 Year ago +63

    This track was so ahead of its time. It’s completely timeless, it could be released today and it would be a number 1. The video is absolute perfection, miss him.

  • Javier Olivares
    Javier Olivares 2 years ago +414

    This is the perfect example of how to make a clip.
    The talent, the voice, the savoir faire, his deep knowledge of the roots from gospell to jazz club notes.
    We will always miss you George...

    • Louise Scutti
      Louise Scutti 7 months ago +2

      This man is brilliant, anything he touches is gold ,I could never understand why he wasn’t inducted in the hall of fame…..all your fans love you ……they all know !!!!! you can rest peacefully in heaven now , you will NEVER be forgotten 💞

    • Louise Scutti
      Louise Scutti 9 months ago +6

      1000% agreed a true master of the art of music !!!!!

    • Sam
      Sam 11 months ago +2

      Don't know much about those genres, but this song just gets you to your place. Song has class.

    • Nick Gamez
      Nick Gamez 11 months ago +4

      The guy loves his soul and jazz

    • Cycle of Life
      Cycle of Life Year ago +9

      A phenomenal talent.

  • _itstato
    _itstato 4 years ago +407

    In my opinion, George Michael has been one of the most talented artists we've known in the past years. He's been able to master the word "artist" by writing, producing, singing, composing, and if I'm not mistaken, even playing some instruments on his albums. But not only that, he was able to adapt to other genres perfectly.
    Huge respect for George Michael.

    • Nuno Italo
      Nuno Italo 2 months ago +1

      Respect George little michael

    • Simona Casarini
      Simona Casarini 2 months ago

      @Jeff c

    • Simona Casarini
      Simona Casarini 2 months ago

      In N

    • amy sanchez
      amy sanchez 3 months ago


    • mr Meerkat
      mr Meerkat 4 months ago +2

      Also a genuinely nice guy. All the money he gave to charity and all he asked them in return is they keep it secret that he donates money to them.

  • Adriana Valarezo Sevilla

    La voz más hermosa, los mejores videos el papá de todo lo que es sensual en esta vida ❤️

  • Linda Pasqualino
    Linda Pasqualino 4 years ago +908

    Is it crazy that my heart is still heavy that George Michael is gone?

    • Bob Kirsch
      Bob Kirsch 10 hours ago

      Not at all. I miss him so much still

    • Trish Sp
      Trish Sp 10 days ago

      Same 😢

    • Indira Jahaly
      Indira Jahaly 14 days ago +1

      Your not the only one sweetheart 😢

    • Lynn Mason
      Lynn Mason 18 days ago +1

      I feel the same way. I'm still totally gutted

    • Sarah Tinworth
      Sarah Tinworth 22 days ago

      4 years later and I agree
      He was a great artist and so down to earth

  • deephouse O
    deephouse O 6 years ago +342

    "Older" is one of his best work, hearing this song just amazing how stylish and deep his music is.

    • Riro
      Riro 2 months ago

      @emilia newmanque te

    • Monica Raines
      Monica Raines Year ago +9

      As a Jamaican I am totally loving this rhythm..just keep on rocking the reggae George!! Love you babe!

    • Ali Esfandiari
      Ali Esfandiari Year ago +6

      One of the most underrated albums of all time.

    • Nemo Nobody
      Nemo Nobody Year ago +5

      It was a great album indeed, I bough it when it came out and it was pretty good.

    • emilia newman
      emilia newman 6 years ago +13

      classic older is almost like a classic 30s broadway piece genius composer

  • Любовь Мельникова

    Вот это и есть одержимость музыкой и неповторимый вокал . Кто бы не пробовал его перепеть ....нет , не получалось .Джордж Майкл недоступен . Такой он один . Дублировать Джорджа Майкла - значит потерпеть крах. Это он своим исполнением украсит любой кавер .. А стиль в одежде - он же икона . ЛЮБИМ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Лариса Бицуцкая

    Просто не превзойденное исполнение не знаю сколько раз я слушала эту песню и каждый раз восхищаюсь Джорджем Майклом умница,талант

    • Naveen chandra Pathak
      Naveen chandra Pathak 20 days ago

      @Mark BachofnerIs Russian that simple to Learn. On the other hand.. I somehow love Russia.

    • Mark Bachofner
      Mark Bachofner 20 days ago

      @Naveen chandra Pathak Learn Russian and don't ask stupid questions

    • Naveen chandra Pathak
      Naveen chandra Pathak 20 days ago

      ​@Mark Bachofner What do you mean by.. In every way. What were the ways

    • Mark Bachofner
      Mark Bachofner Month ago +1

      Он шикарен во всем!

    • Dmitri Kogan
      Dmitri Kogan 4 months ago +9

      Абсолютно согласен. Он вне времени и останется с нами навсегда.

  • 23kc
    23kc 3 years ago +152

    One of the best albums in music history.

    • Vert Beke
      Vert Beke 18 days ago


    • TheConorsmithusa
      TheConorsmithusa 3 months ago

      gr8 album but i wouldn't go that far

    • Dr Baptiste
      Dr Baptiste 5 months ago +5

      Couldn’t agree more. I bought it in ‘96 when I was 15 after hearing ‘Fastlove’. As a straight man/boy all my mates took the piss but I stand by it. In my top 2 of all time. RIP GM!

    • John Whatsittoya
      John Whatsittoya 5 months ago +1

      I go back and forth b/w Older and LWOP, myself- But yes, the entire album is a bonafide masterwork! 💎

    • johnhensen
      johnhensen 5 months ago +1

      oh yessssss - super underrated

  • Lara N
    Lara N 7 months ago +23

    Самый классный певец всех времён.Невосполнимая потеря.Он помогал мне в самые тяжёлые времена в моей жизни.Он был прекрасным человеком,сделал много хорошего для других людей и умер тихо,не устроив шоу из своей смерти.Классный мужик,стильный и очень талантливый.Покойся с миром,бедный Джордж!

    • Вася Хитров
      Вася Хитров 5 months ago +3

      Сколько женских сердец разбито под его песни....лунными ночами😋

    SEO SYND 4 years ago +134

    GM created a masterpiece...if you have an ear for music, you know what I'm talking about. Funk, Jazz, Soul, attitude, story-line, culture and diversity. Brilliant!!!!

  • silent-skies
    silent-skies 6 years ago +901

    This guy was so effortlessly cool. Such a shame that we've lost another great artist.

  • Наталья Королева

    Когда такие люди со своим неземным творчеством приходят в нашу жизнь и дарят нам эти прекрасные чувства,становится чуть легче жить...уже много лет песни Джорджа сопровождают меня везде и всегда,очень скучаю...надеюсь там,где он сейчас он счастлив...

    • Veda Earth Alive
      Veda Earth Alive 11 days ago


    • Anna Haydash
      Anna Haydash Year ago +10

      И всё таки, он был хорошим человеком! Надеюсь, он в прекрасном месте, поёт ангелам и там наслаждаются добрые души его удивительным голосом)

  • Дмитрий Бушуев

    Потрясающая гармония у песни!! Музыканты, разберите этот яркий пример композиторского мастерства!!

  • kasiakonin
    kasiakonin 4 years ago +91

    What a great AIDS awareness song. His voice was just so angelic. His musical creativity was endless. There will never be another one like him. I hope that his tortured soul finally found the peace that he was looking for and that he was reunited with the love of his life. We all miss you, George !!!

    • Guy
      Guy 2 years ago +14

      That song plays in the head of every gay man that doesn't fully trust their partner. So sad really, but still a beautiful song, what a talent.

  • Наталья Генадьева

    Вот сейчас в такое непростое время, творчество такого изумительного, талантливого, добрейшей души человека Джорджа Майкла, просто как бальзам для души, хочется его слушать и слушать, и забывать все что происходит на Планете.

    • Любовь Мельникова
      Любовь Мельникова Month ago +1

      и красивого мужчины , мужчины - магнита ........ А мир и вправду сошел с ума . Лучше было бы сто Д. М , чтобы все были на его концертах и некогда было воевать . ЛУЧШИЙ. !!!!!!!!

    • Любовь Мельникова
      Любовь Мельникова Month ago +1

      Джорджа Майкла будут смотреть и слушать всегда . А нужно слушать и смотреть , по - другому не будет того высочайшего кайфа .

    • Nisansala Liyanage
      Nisansala Liyanage 8 months ago

      @Carole Lindsey 💯 agree. Watching him and listening to him every single day. Makes all my worries fade away

    • Наталья Дубровская
      Наталья Дубровская 10 months ago +3

      Наташа, согласна с вами на 100%

    • Carole Lindsey
      Carole Lindsey Year ago +4

      I agree with you completely. I hate what’s happening to our world and he’s one of the things that’s still a joy to watch and listen to.

  • Humberto ME
    Humberto ME 4 years ago +14

    No me canso de escucharlo 🤔

  • stephanieboyla
    stephanieboyla 8 years ago +502

    If anyone wants an example of a perfect groove delivered with perfect hooks, perfect backing licks and perfect vocal phrasing..all marvelously produced and working perfectly with a video..here it is.

    • francis mcgarth
      francis mcgarth 2 years ago +2

      So cool 😎

    • Michael Serfort
      Michael Serfort 2 years ago +5

      You can't say it better...one of his incredible masterpieces....

    • Vandana Salvi
      Vandana Salvi 2 years ago +1

      👍👍👍👍👍wow ,how perfectly said., loved the way u said it.🙏Thanks

    • Matéo
      Matéo 2 years ago +4

      Incredibly written! As a music producer I completely agree and thank you for putting it into words for many to see!

    • Robert Acquarulo
      Robert Acquarulo 3 years ago +8

      Absolutely. Well said. He was constantly reinventing himself. With George being my favorite singer, writer, etc, I can honestly say that there isn't a song he wrote that I don't love. I can say that about no other artist. His passing effects me more today than over three years ago.

  • Азат Валеев
    Азат Валеев 10 months ago +17

    Икона поп музыки, сказать больше нечего... гений

    TRUTH WINS Uk 3 years ago +88


  • Víctor Sauza
    Víctor Sauza 2 years ago +30

    George Michael. Es, ha sido, y seguirá siendo sin duda ni discusión uno de los mejores cantantes, con las más bellas melodías.

  • No i willnot
    No i willnot 2 years ago +64

    Timeless, unique, and amazing. His voice grabs hold of my soul and I’m floating. I love you, George, forever ❤️🙏🏻

  • Oksana Kolby
    Oksana Kolby 2 years ago +28

    НИКТО И НИКОГДА.....не займёт ЕГО ....МЕСТА.
    НИКТО. И НИКОГДА.............!!!!
    И любовь к этому необыкновенному Певцу, навсегда останется в СЕРДЦЕ МИРА. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • L.C.T
    L.C.T 6 years ago +449

    One of the coolest George Michael videos ever. A throwback to the 1920's..tastefully done. Kudos to the director, and set designer.
    George Michael: A remarkable talent and kind human being, who spoke with humility, intelligence and wit.
    The dancing in this video is nothing short of incredible!! George, for over 30 years, I've been a fan. Thanks for your voice and your philanthropy. Your music will live on..

    • Will C-D
      Will C-D 7 months ago

      @L.C.T He touring in America in 2008, i remember that and was acclaimed his concert. ''Older'' have two huge hits in US and worldwide with ''Jesus to a Child'' (his hightest debut in US, debuting at n.7) and ''Fastlove'' (his last top 10 in US and his final single to reaching the top 100 in US).

    • Amazin99
      Amazin99 9 months ago +2


    • Jeff
      Jeff 10 months ago +1

      When a Artist can sing a song and you feel it in your heart,,, Thats a True, Talented,

    • L.C.T
      L.C.T 11 months ago +1

      @lili ks : Glad you agree! The following weeks after GM's death, I watched every interview he had, listened to everything George Michael related. For as much of a fan of his I was, I regret I never saw him in concert. I wish for ONCE, I took an opportunity..his music was the soundtrack to my life, from my pre-teen years to my 40s. It hit me hard in the gut when he left this world.

    • Louise Scutti
      Louise Scutti Year ago +1

      @Jos Martin So true ….. every word !!!!!!!

    ALEKSANDR BELOV 2 years ago +41

    Это космическая песня друзья !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Одна из лучших песен на земле 👍👍👍👍

    • Lara N
      Lara N 7 months ago +5

      У него все песни космические

  • Christopher‘s corner
    Christopher‘s corner 3 years ago +229

    If you don’t like George Michael, then listen to this song. It’s truly perfection! Every time I listen to it, I get into a mood…

    • Sherrie Lorenzana
      Sherrie Lorenzana 2 years ago +5

      The man The music A LEGEND.

    • Michael Serfort
      Michael Serfort 2 years ago +5

      I can not believe that there is someone who doesn't like this unique song...

    • YOann !
      YOann ! 2 years ago +2

      @lili lili bon courage à toi... pleins de belles pensées positives .....
      Et merci à ces grands artistes d'adoucir notre quotidien. ... 😇

    • lili lili
      lili lili 2 years ago +4

      @YOann !je le redécouvre aussi pendant ce confinement. J'écoute ses chansons en boucle . J'ai la chaire de poule à chaque fois que j'écoute certains de ses titres: Jésus to a child , father figure et j'en passe.
      Il m'aide à faire le deuil de mon papa partit il ya quelques semaines .Partit trop tôt et je n'ai même pas eu le temps de lui dire au revoir une dernière fois.

    • YOann !
      YOann ! 2 years ago +2

      @lili lilije te rejoins la dessus lili. .. un très Grand ! .... que je découvre encore et encore.....

  • oscarflax
    oscarflax 2 months ago +3

    Exelente de verdad unas de las mejores voces

  • Мир Всем
    Мир Всем 10 months ago +36

    Если у этого непревзойденного певца,столько миллионов просмотров значит этот чертов мир ещё понимал что то в музыке ❤️🙏

    • Max Braun
      Max Braun 6 months ago +1

      Полностью согласен, Джорджик имеет полное право на существование лет 30 минимум

  • Valdeniza Praiano
    Valdeniza Praiano 4 years ago +9

    George era fantástico 💔💔

    JAVONNTTE GARRETT 7 years ago +622

    this album saved my life.......years after my mother passed away i was depressed for a while unti i met a young lady who gave me this album for a present.....i vibed to this whole album for years music can heal the soul

    • Karlos Kelly
      Karlos Kelly Year ago


    • Dora Martinez
      Dora Martinez 2 years ago


    • aliyahwsful
      aliyahwsful 2 years ago +3

      Javonette I totally understand. My precious 22 year old granddaughter was shot and killed in a driveby 9/19/18. His music has gotten out of that dark place more times than I can count. Sorry for your loss.

    • Ju Ju
      Ju Ju 2 years ago

      @Cesar Andia Stay strong dude. Youre One of a kind and MUCH needed on earth.

  • Martin Bryant
    Martin Bryant 2 years ago +161

    If I was a musician I would never ever attempt to cover this because you cant improve on.perfection 2021 and this song is still.kicking ass

    • Nick Flaherty
      Nick Flaherty 7 months ago

      Can’t make you love me by George was some cover

    • The 5 Series
      The 5 Series 9 months ago +3

      This definitely kicks ass. Timeless classic. Loved it then. Love it now

    • Monica Raines
      Monica Raines Year ago +3

      Right on!

  • Amanda Moore
    Amanda Moore 3 years ago +55

    One of the greatest singers of all time. Brilliant! ❤️

  • Татьяна Митикова

    Тонко, стильно, изысканно - в этом весь
    Джордж Майкл. Во всём

    • Любовь Мельникова
      Любовь Мельникова Month ago +1

      Так коротко, но , точно сказано .... ЛУЧШИЙ !!!! Это исполнение действительно изящное .

  • Małgorzata Woroch
    Małgorzata Woroch Year ago +3

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy george michael

  • Dora Poirier
    Dora Poirier Year ago +17

    Un ser único, perfecto, talentoso, con un corazón como ninguno, jamás dejaré de escuchar lo ,lo amo..me hace vivir

  • Lord Sadism
    Lord Sadism 7 years ago +67

    1. Amazing
    2. Praying for time
    3. Jesus to a child
    4. Father figure
    5. Spinning the wheel.
    Before anyone trolls George, just listen to them 5 tracks and you will relies how talented a song writer he is and how pitch perfect his voice is.

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 11 months ago +1

      just plainly such a beautiful voice
      pleasant, accurate and effective

    • mike nosnaj
      mike nosnaj Year ago +5

      Gotta add fast love ...

    • M M
      M M 2 years ago +4

      Absolutely, but his Wham! songs were truly incredible and have stood the test of time. The more life he experienced the more mature his lyrics got.

  • Paul Krieger
    Paul Krieger 3 years ago +3

    Enamorado de george desde tan chico❤

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis 2 years ago +78

    Listening to George Michaels Music takes my mind off the pandemic and remind me of the good old days Still rocking my boy in 2021

    • MarsBars
      MarsBars Year ago +1

      2022 ✌🏻 as well. He puts my mind at ease, this entire album is so mellow and his voice over the top!

    • Gwendoline
      Gwendoline Year ago

      missed him, met Tenacious D in spite of...after 2012 before 2018.

    • Gwendoline
      Gwendoline Year ago

      was it "Older" the album or CD title?

    • One Woman
      One Woman Year ago +3

      Me too!He was next level as an artist and person!

  • Rodri55 Vergalatoja
    Rodri55 Vergalatoja 2 years ago +5

    Su voz era de una magnifica instancia y complicidad de disfrutar en armonia....grande GEORGE .un talento tu legado musical...

  • Валентина Шипилова

    Танцоры великолепны и вокал бесподобный!

  • Elwira Gomuła
    Elwira Gomuła 2 years ago +4

    Kocham Twoją muzykę George ❤dziękuję, że tworzyles takie hity. Na zawsze w moim sercu ❤❤

  • Juan Barron
    Juan Barron 6 years ago +167

    Absolutely one of George's beautifully mastered piece of writing and music. Not to mention the voice this man has. Phenomenal genius. Deep lyrics. By far one of the best voices that I have heard. His range is just amazing. Love this Song.....

    • br0dy
      br0dy 2 years ago +1

      Devastating lyrics once you realise what he is singing about.

    • martin rossiter
      martin rossiter 3 years ago +2

      Juan Barron he yes he said it all x

  • Real Madryt Zakopane

    Przepiękna piosenka, jeden z największych hitów tego artysty i jedna z najpiękniejszych ballad muzycznych w historii.

  • Forest Gamp
    Forest Gamp Year ago +21

    Мировая музыка осиротела.

  • Reza Badei
    Reza Badei 2 years ago +25

    It's still fresh in 2021! Beautiful voice, music, performance, and video! Exquisite...

  • Наталья Яшина
    Наталья Яшина 10 months ago +14

    Это ЗВЕЗДА уровня высочайшего, как Эдит Пиаф, Джо Дассен, Луи Армстронг... Они ТАМ сейчас вместе..... И СВЕТ звезды Джорджа Майкла будет теперь всегда с теми, кто слушает ШЕДЕВРЫ.

  • Псикотоаналитик

    Господи, ну как же круто,классно и стильно!!!!!!!!!

    • Любовь Мельникова
      Любовь Мельникова Month ago

      Джордж такой во всем , но это исполнение и клип великолепны. Браво тебе Джордж Майкл !!!!!!

  • OtaconNachos
    OtaconNachos 8 years ago +173

    George Michael had the production game on lock-down with Older. Not to say his other work wasn't slick and well-produced, but Older just sounds so mature and classy. This song in particular is a great gem.

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 11 months ago +1

      have you listened to Music From The Last Century?
      pretty mature work, check it out it’s pretty cool

    • Soviet Space Bat
      Soviet Space Bat Year ago

      @OtaconNachos- You have a valid point there. 'Older' is George Michael's personal favourite album that he made.

    • Rai Radio
      Rai Radio 2 years ago +1

      Older is why people have albums and not singles. It's an amusement park as opposed to a ride.

    • francis mcgarth
      francis mcgarth 2 years ago +2

      Guy just burned out way to early could have lived the dream 😔

    • Paula Rodrigues
      Paula Rodrigues 5 years ago +5

      OtaconNachos older is my favourite for all time 21/02/18

  • Tu Ra
    Tu Ra 2 years ago +1

    I muzyka i teledysk to jest mistrzostwo świata w tym utworze. Odlot!

  • Ole-Christian Hassel
    Ole-Christian Hassel 3 years ago +35

    What a great artist. Your music is in my life every day. RIP George. Miss YOU

    • Dennis Ahmet
      Dennis Ahmet 3 years ago +3

      George Michael influenced my life when I was growing up I lived nearby and saw him a couple of times walking his dog....absolutely brilliant singer and his videos are out of this world....

  • Wim G
    Wim G 2 years ago +35

    This song is perfect❤️❤️❤️
    That ultra low bass is phenomenal.

  • luis penaloza
    luis penaloza 2 months ago +3

    George michael, el mejor!!

  • Jeremy Haines
    Jeremy Haines Year ago +15

    Still hard to believe that George Michael is no longer around

  • Alejandro S. Rubio
    Alejandro S. Rubio 5 years ago +4

    Una de las piezas más elegantemente tristes de la historia de la música

  • rolybling
    rolybling 3 years ago +11

    Ridiculously low views on this video, like wtf??? One of George Michael's best tunes with a killer video. Am I missing something? This is 🔥

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 11 months ago +1

      people need to explore then wait for some recommendation off someone else’s taste

  • Maribel Pimentel Méndez
    Maribel Pimentel Méndez 3 years ago +4

    En 1997 escuche esta canción y después ahora en 2019 me parece fresca y armoniosa . Me trae Buenos recuerdos de mis dulces 16.

  • Наталья Дубровская

    Какой обалденный голос.👍👏💋

  • GL
    GL Year ago +19

    Божественный голос

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 2 years ago +2

    Ogni volta che riascolto questa canzone ancora emozione brividi!rimarrai x sempre nel mio cuore carissimo George! Tutto il mondo dovrebbe ascoltare le tue canzoni

  • Kate Adams
    Kate Adams 6 years ago +8

    This song got me through some very dark days and helped me to 'not accept this as a part of my life' and 'not live in fear', giving me the strength to end an abusive relationship. Thank you George and God bless!

  • Autillo Domínguez
    Autillo Domínguez Year ago +5

    Gracias por regalarnos tú talento, música y voz

  • Диана
    Диана Year ago +6

    Суперская песня и стильный клип👍👌💓🎶🎹🎤 Можно смотреть и слушать бесконечно, как в первый раз💖🎼🎵🌟💥💫 А George Michael, красавчик💓

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 11 months ago +1

      and to make matters worse, good looking, charming etc

  • Anne Perry
    Anne Perry 4 years ago +17

    This song is a masterpiece!!!

  • Carlmaster96
    Carlmaster96 4 months ago +1

    This iconic song is chronically underappreciated by the masses!

  • Jo P
    Jo P Year ago +5

    Georges est grand. On ne t'oublieras jamais. Quel artiste !

  • Terry Journey
    Terry Journey 6 years ago +89

    This is one of the most haunting and incredible songs ever. RIP George Michael

  • Devin Gademan
    Devin Gademan 3 years ago +26

    This album came as a blessing to many people around the world (including myself). Released in the year I was born. Absolutely beautiful. Love you, George! ❤️

    • Andy Rumming
      Andy Rumming Year ago

      Thanks - I feel old now as I was bopping away to this tune order piching for Index - thar chain doesn't even exist anymore and that was my 3rd job after leaving school in 1995... 🤣

  • surekha ghadge
    surekha ghadge 2 years ago +27

    One and only George Michael and his immortal voice

  • ju
    ju 2 years ago +29

    Not only is this track so wonderfully flowing, drifting, lazy tight... but this footage is just such an ease to watch... the settings and the personalities expressing genteness... the 1920 feels - muted, relaxing.. and Black/white tones... BEAUTIFUL (the 1990's had its own gloom)

  • Andy UK H
    Andy UK H 2 years ago +21

    Just beautifully sang, pure class, I wonder when we in Britain will see an artist like George in the future.................

    • Rob S
      Rob S 5 months ago


    • Stevie Wrestling
      Stevie Wrestling 6 months ago

      Lewis Capaldi?

    • true blue
      true blue 9 months ago +4

      Never in my opinion well not in my lifetime.

    • Susan Eves
      Susan Eves 10 months ago +5

      We won't george was a one off genius the mould was broken when george died

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 11 months ago +2

      I don’t think anything like him
      but hopefully equally unique

  • James Lowe
    James Lowe 11 months ago +2

    This isn't music,this is Art

  • Enrique Gonzalez
    Enrique Gonzalez 8 years ago +51

    Why is George so underrated? He's simply a genius!

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 11 months ago

      not just him but many from his time are like unknown now

    • rainbow tones
      rainbow tones 2 years ago +5

      I think he is not underrated. He is one of the biggest selling male artists in the whole 90s. Perhaps his music rarely got to the younger audience since Older album, not like his 80s music

    • Edward Balboa
      Edward Balboa 2 years ago +8

      He isn't underated

    • Slavko Cosic
      Slavko Cosic 3 years ago +2

      Here's why watch this video of him - clip-share.net/video/ABhZQ_VRbsQ/video.html

    • JusticeForTheDead
      JusticeForTheDead 8 years ago +6

      Ignorance, as you know. He's about the best writer, producer, and of course singer of the rock n roll era. And he plays a lot of instruments. I've seen some great artists, but when I saw him on back to back nights in FL 6 yrs ago, I was beside myself in amazement of how blessed from the Lord this man is with his gifts! It was like everything you'd hope for in a concert. His music of this album, You Have Been Loved & Jesus To A Child for example, are perfection. P.S. you are soooo cute!

  • Diego Torres
    Diego Torres 3 years ago +16

    This song and the entire Older album is a masterpeace.
    Best album that I have.❤

  • C Caviedes
    C Caviedes 5 months ago +5

    La primera vez que escuché esta canción y ví el video clip tenía 10 años. Desde ahí mi madre compró el álbum Older y me convertí fan de George. Esta canción en particular es un trabajo de altísima clase y estilo propio de George, su hermosa voz,composición y fotografía. Fué único George. R.I.P ❤

  • Nalva Rodrigues
    Nalva Rodrigues 2 years ago +1

    Adoro esse video entre tantos outros desse maravilhoso cantor que nos deixou tao prematuramente.

  • Jazzy268
    Jazzy268 Year ago +2

    This is my go to anti blues feeling song. I play this on repeat!!

  • Roberto Salazar
    Roberto Salazar 4 years ago +2

    Clearly this is George Michael's best ever track.... almost like a hidden gemstone lost at the back of the sofa....Many George Michael fans have forgotten about this masterpiece.

  • Mel Worsfold
    Mel Worsfold 6 years ago +520

    This song inspired me to begin fighting back against anorexia nervosa, just before George died I would listen to it and those lyrics were me arguing with that demon illness that I had mistakenly thought of as my friend, I went on to accept help and continue to fight with anorexia,I always said it was like an abusive relationship.
    Progress is slow but I am getting there and I was months from death just before Christmas, today my husband had this song on in the car and said 'If that man were still alive I would write to him and thank him for saving my wife'.
    Thank you George, I was always a fan and in the end you helped save me, saved a wife and a mother too

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 11 months ago

      try rewind technique by the human givens

    • Becky Pilling
      Becky Pilling Year ago

      Your comment made me cry - well done on your recovery, what a journey you've been on. I sincerely hope you are still doing well, I hope you are healthy and happy

    • Grand Pre
      Grand Pre Year ago

      Wow, thank you for sharing. Bought a tear to my eye.
      Truly happy for you both. George was as amazing as a human being as he was an incredible artist.
      George and his music will always live on as it should. BB

    • Nancy Demoss
      Nancy Demoss Year ago

      It's 2021 and I hope and pray that you, Mel Worsfold is well and years beyond your illness.
      God bless you and everyone who is suffering in one way shape or form!

    • Oretha Parker
      Oretha Parker Year ago


  • Mou3e
    Mou3e 2 years ago +21

    My favourite George Michael song of all time! 👌🏼

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 11 months ago

      love this one prob my favorite from this album but everything is solid really

  • Elzbieta Jaworowska
    Elzbieta Jaworowska 2 years ago +3

    GM muzyczny geniusz, wspaniały głos i człowiek, wielka szkoda że nie ma GM wśród nas ale na szczęście pozostała super muza 👏👏👏👍👍👍💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💞🏵🏵🏵RIP przyjacielu

  • Maria Ruth Molina Tarjuelo

    Como canta George esta canción preciosa esta guapísimo me gustaría que la tradujeran al Español I Love You George ❤🌟

  • Robson paulino lopes Robson paulino

    ele continuará sendo muito querido no mundo inteiro eternamente jamais o esqueceremos

  • Mehdy SERAICHE
    Mehdy SERAICHE 2 years ago +61

    George is still now singing with angels and angels are pretty jealous of his voice.

  • deelot1
    deelot1 6 years ago +509

    So shocked and saddened by the news. I will remember him not just for the music but for his kindness and generosity, because in 2008 he held a free concert for NHS nurses at Wembley stadium to show his gratitude to the care his dying mother received from NHS staff. I was lucky to go and see him live there for the first time with my Mum who is a nurse. It was such a great concert and his voice hadn't changed. I remember and thank him for his music and his generosity. RIP George Michael.

    • chris soldatos
      chris soldatos 5 years ago +6

      He did so much for people anonymously as well. Great, great loss

    • thaleise
      thaleise 5 years ago +11

      He was and still is a great man who will not only be in our minds but in our hearts forever his music was amazing 'heal the pain' was my favriote

    • Restoring Dignity
      Restoring Dignity 5 years ago +17

      I saw the reference to this in a documentary on his life. Its sad there are many things we do not know about people until after they die. The world is a smaller place without him.

    • April Gosa
      April Gosa 5 years ago +2

      her birthday was the 24th he died early on the 25th

  • Rocio Obregon
    Rocio Obregon Year ago +16

    Great song!! Fantastic musicien. One of the best songs ever.

  • purelica
    purelica 3 years ago +14

    George Michael made some of the classiest and best music videos. So talented and artistic. He is truly missed. RIP💕

  • chandler bing bong
    chandler bing bong 2 years ago +9

    George has created some great songs, but lyrically, I think this is one of his best. 🙏

  • Mauricio Abud
    Mauricio Abud 2 years ago +1

    Gracias George por tu música se te extraña...

  • Dominique Jones
    Dominique Jones 2 months ago +3

    My idol/hero/kindred soul/trend setter of all time. RIP George Michael ♥

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 6 years ago +6

    George Michael, you are one of a kind! Forever in our hearts!

  • Brent Crude
    Brent Crude 4 years ago +18

    Man, the Older album was something, wasn't it? My favourite GM album. Every track is a gem of songwriting bliss.

  • Robert S
    Robert S Year ago +2

    Dear people, we need to remember what a beautiful singer George was I grew up with his music…talent like him comes around only once I will always be sad I could never thank him in person for the beautiful music he gave us..

  • Gennaro Brandi
    Gennaro Brandi 11 months ago +5

    This song is the perfection and mr. George Michael is the love of my life ❣ ❣ ❣ I miss you George so much 😔😔😔

    MARIA CASTILLEJO 4 years ago +2

    Espectacular George maravilloso eres único cuanto te echó de menos

  • Ebony George
    Ebony George 6 years ago +71

    A great and beautiful piece. It is difficult to believe this man is no more. RIP George

  • Lera Borisova
    Lera Borisova 2 years ago +7

    Ах,какой чудесный певец Джорж Майкл,жалко как и других молодых певцов так рано ушедшихRIP!

  • Eugene Lazarev
    Eugene Lazarev Year ago +4

    This song and music video is like a good wine. Absolutely timeless!✨❤

  • Schmidt rock
    Schmidt rock 4 years ago +2

    This song is so chill I love it

  • Adriana Hermann
    Adriana Hermann 3 years ago +2

    Eu amo esse cara!!!!!