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Game Theory: FNAF, A Family REBUILT (Ultimate Timeline Finale)

  • Published on Mar 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Friends, welcome to the FINAL part of our FNAF Timeline, t's been quite a ride putting this all together! Sure, there may still be some unanswered questions but I truly feel like this timeline solves a lot of questions that we've had for a long time and honestly poses some really interesting new ones. I'm so excited to see where we go next with this franchise and you all know I'll be right here with you pulling my hair out trying to make sense of it! Thank you all for theorizing alongside me!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, JayskiBean, Pedro Freitas and Warak
    Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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  • Nisa Bizahaloni
    Nisa Bizahaloni Day ago +25871

    Watching Matpat's descent into madness in trying to solve or make a narrative sense of this franchise is a joy honestly.

    • Jjjj Edis
      Jjjj Edis 10 hours ago

      @404JAY4L he would be 100 years old if he follows the same logic for himself too lol

    • 404JAY4L
      404JAY4L 10 hours ago

      Hell the way mat’s been trying to wrap his head around this game I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a real life William afton

    • Xanders sketch Corner
      Xanders sketch Corner 11 hours ago

      Your right about that

    • SirPenguinEsquire
      SirPenguinEsquire 11 hours ago

      ikr XD

  • 5MadMovieMakers
    5MadMovieMakers 15 hours ago +561

    Security Breach is one of those games that just creeps up on you. Unnerving when you find a spot on the map you've never been... that post-it room is quite freaky!

    • Schadenfreude
      Schadenfreude  6 hours ago

      ​@Axeeco can't wait for to scott troll matthew

    • Axeeco
      Axeeco 9 hours ago +3

      please ignore the two NPC comments above me

    • Speeed
      Speeed 11 hours ago

      clip-share.net/video/a_Jh22V2_EE/video.html Finally It’s Here🤠

  • Nester Helen
    Nester Helen 7 hours ago +1143

    I’m glad that Mat made this whole timeline story. I don’t even care if/that he got something wrong here or there, it’s just a story and I’m here to enjoy hearing it come from MatPat.

    • SketchUT
      SketchUT 4 hours ago +1

      @Plytix based on pfp, OP is either a bot or… just a creep. Or really happy with their body

    • yur mum
      yur mum 5 hours ago +1

      ​@Plytix fr

    • yur mum
      yur mum 5 hours ago +1

      ​@Mai Elwekeel huh

    • Plytix
      Plytix 5 hours ago +3

      wtf is that pfp

    • Mai Elwekeel
      Mai Elwekeel 6 hours ago

      I Have Been Waiting So Long For This :

  • Belladonna
    Belladonna 19 hours ago +59

    This is definitely MASSIVE. As an old FNAF player, I must say that this is extremely joyful to watch. Seeing the pieces become together, it is splendid. The whole video is a masterpiece and a life story, I send you my sincerely gratitude for making this 🥹🙏

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body 20 hours ago +5138

    I think what actually happens is the devs don’t have actual answers but just like creating mystery and twists with each game but MattPat’s full timeline fits all the major pieces so well that they should just adopt it as canon and build from there imo

    • personwhowatchesvideos
      personwhowatchesvideos 8 hours ago

      Except for the 90-100 year old clara Afton running Fazbear entertainment in 2035

    • Jjjj Edis
      Jjjj Edis 9 hours ago

      ​@Venthos Why do you lie?

    • Jjjj Edis
      Jjjj Edis 11 hours ago

      Please dont make this canon, devs

  • Mellon The Vegetable
    Mellon The Vegetable 16 hours ago +18

    Matpat can now rest after many years of research, pain, agony, and joy of deciphering the Rosetta stone of games

  • dormammu so fat
    dormammu so fat Day ago +24065

    Scott, Matpat and Markiplier made this franchise what it is in the best way possible for us to experience let’s be honest

    • stxrgxth
      stxrgxth 5 hours ago

      Matpat probably egged on Scott to make the lore so messed up

  • Zayn Khattak
    Zayn Khattak 20 hours ago +75

    Finally the FNAF timeline finally finished! You’ve come a long way MatPat and we’re proud of you.

  • Rainbow Ratto
    Rainbow Ratto 20 hours ago +121

    It's so cool to see MatPat acknowledging and inputting theories from other channels like John's or ID's Fantasy :) I hope to see them and Rye Toast on the guest list in the talks :D

  • PB&Jess
    PB&Jess 18 hours ago +16

    Amazing job theory team! All these years just seeing Matt struggle and get frustrated from all the lore and just seeing how they all fit it together, it's just so awesome! Whether it's correct or not, I just love all the theories that Matt and the team put out. I don't play the games but the story and the way Matt just story tells in these past 3 videos made me so happy and joyful. Such an amazing job and so much hard work is shown here. Scott has made history with his game.

  • Sian Harris
    Sian Harris 22 hours ago +374

    I'm actually convinced that Mat could probably pursue a PhD in FNAF given how much research him and his team have put into this!
    It's been awesome to follow over the last decade!

    • brandon Xiong Xiongsta
      brandon Xiong Xiongsta 8 hours ago +2

      Nah nah, he’s gonna get the phd mailed to him by Scott himself lmao

    • mickymcnoobster
      mickymcnoobster 8 hours ago

      @Speeed bro

    • Mechanical Gizmo
      Mechanical Gizmo 9 hours ago +3

      “Is anyone here a doctor!?”
      “I am.”
      “Oh thank you, this per-“
      “…Of Five Nights at Freddy’s”

    • Speeed
      Speeed 9 hours ago

      clip-share.net/video/rNwr2HDksVQ/video.html Finally it’s here🤠

  • Sircape
    Sircape 13 hours ago +10

    Matpat needs help, hes insane, he’s actually making the FNaF lore make sense

  • Landon McAllister
    Landon McAllister Day ago +2676

    matpat’s dedication to this series is unlike no other. mad respect to mat for raising a generation of fnaf nerds 😭

    • Joshie 117
      Joshie 117 11 hours ago

      Idk feels a lot more like 🥛🥛🥛

    • RebellionOne
      RebellionOne 16 hours ago

      @Dozen Still the same

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 22 hours ago +119

    This has to be the most wild and out their theory I have ever heard about this game. It Would be crazy if even 10% of this came true. But still fun to think a unforgettable character could have this big a roll this late in the series.

  • AmericanLight
    AmericanLight 20 hours ago +37

    You and everyone worked so hard for a story that has taken years to create. You guys came so far from the start of being a small game to a whole collection of games and stories. Thank you truly for all the hard work we appreciate you all.

  • Roxanne
    Roxanne 11 hours ago +19

    I really like MatPats take on the story how Mrs. Afton is the one pulling the strings, it really is a unique version of the story.

    • Jjjj Edis
      Jjjj Edis 11 hours ago

      Yeah I like a story about an old woman becoming insane

  • Ryan Montpetit
    Ryan Montpetit 15 hours ago +11

    #1 trending video on Clip-Share right now! Really goes to show the amount of commitment Game Theory has put into their work

  • Aspen Johnston
    Aspen Johnston 15 hours ago +9

    This is not at all what I saw coming for this episode but I really like the direction it took. While we don’t have a lot of evidence about Mrs. Afton, I feel like this makes the most cohesive story when it comes to how confusing and convoluted the story has gotten in recent years

  • Cami
    Cami 22 hours ago +17

    I know that Mat has been worried about this chapter for quite a bit but I think this narrative works well, it's not perfect since it is only a THEORY but I am perfectly happy accepting this as my head cannon

  • Veronica Lynch
    Veronica Lynch 20 hours ago +9

    Matpat, Tom and the rest of team theorist, you never cease to amaze me.❤

  • L. D.
    L. D. 10 hours ago +6

    Have I played a game? No.
    Did I watch every episode, some multiple times, because I love timelines and Matpats creative take? YES.

  • kyu0112
    kyu0112 13 hours ago +6

    I’ll miss MatPat going insane trying to figure out the lore of FNAF (after he’s done with the movie)

  • Absentia
    Absentia Day ago +2838

    The fact that this man, found a way to make Special Delivery canon is why I will forever be impressed with Matpat and his videos.

    • Absentia
      Absentia 10 hours ago

      @Jjjj Edis agree to disagree. Personally, I feel like a lot of what he said makes sense considering what little we actually know about the lore.

    • Jjjj Edis
      Jjjj Edis 11 hours ago

      ​@Absentia yeah but his interpretation of the lore still sucks

    • Absentia
      Absentia 13 hours ago

      @Frederico Traumann yeah, that's what I was talking about. I'm not referring to all the emails and lore stuff. I was talking about the animatronics themselves.

    • Frederico Traumann
      Frederico Traumann 16 hours ago

      Im more surprised he found a way to make those weird holiday theme animatronics fit in the lore, how could anyone explain chocolate bunny bonie? But his explanation is pretty plasible taking capitalism into account

    • Higuera ft
      Higuera ft 16 hours ago

      @Calvin Noire TECHNICALLY true, but mostly thanks to Illusion Discs likely.

  • Lia Silver
    Lia Silver 16 hours ago +7

    Mat, you were literally my whole childhood. I was in elementary school when fnaf first came out, and I discovered your channel. I'm very thankful for the past 8 years. your videos helped me get thru my depression in middle and high school, helped me find friends who shared my love for this game and for you, and you've brought me endless entertainment throughout my formative years. for the past two years I've listened to your videos everyday while working, helping me get thru the day. thank you so much for being here. in a way, your silly videos about haunted teddy bears saved me. thank you

  • Blu3g
    Blu3g 8 hours ago +5

    I don't care if some of the pieces don't fit cleanly or if this is going to be proven false with Ruin, this whole timeline series has been really fun and you guys all came up with a surprisingly satisfying and cohesive story that feels just right for this mess of a franchise

  • yangjeonginthusiast
    yangjeonginthusiast 19 hours ago +11

    I love this. I just don’t know what else to say. Have fun enjoying staying out of the madness while you still can, Mat. It has been a great journey.

  • Jazmin Rodriguez
    Jazmin Rodriguez 7 hours ago +2

    Matt is just amazing how dedication he has taken to this franchise. Been here since day 1 of fnaf theory

  • Down bad
    Down bad 16 hours ago +4

    I applaud you Matt this was such a master piece and a very nostalgic series

  • Magical Eraser
    Magical Eraser Day ago +1870

    MatPat is so focused on this series I wouldn’t be surprised if he became the next afton

  • mhm okay
    mhm okay 12 hours ago +7

    I genuinely love the idea of Charlie and Gregory working together.
    I always saw them as an iconic duo if ever put together.

  • RemixRaptor13
    RemixRaptor13 15 hours ago +5

    I am honestly so happy that you added Mrs Afton into the narrative! Her role in this series has been something that was bugging me for so long because no one would talk about it!

    PATRICK BOGDAN 10 hours ago +4

    We all love his content, but can we imagine how long it takes to animate this, solve all those mysteries and respect the script without any errors!
    This man doesnt deserve 17mil
    He deserves more than 30mil subs

  • Adityavardhan Jain
    Adityavardhan Jain 19 hours ago +9

    This was iconic. I wish we had the game theory intro in this one. Great job man!! I found this channel back when you uploaded your first fnaf theory.

  • Anonymousㅤㅤㅤ
    Anonymousㅤㅤㅤ 17 hours ago +3

    ive been following the lore for 10 years as well and damn... its crazy to see it all start to piece together

  • LucasLikesBread
    LucasLikesBread Day ago +1951

    Imagine if Scott just throws random lore at us, waits for MatPat to make a timeline that makes sense, then uses it as the actual lore, wouldn't that be funny

    • Bagel_Bear
      Bagel_Bear 15 hours ago +1

      Tbf, MattPat is releasing this timeline knowing that the Ruin dlc will come out this year.

    • CBandit
      CBandit Day ago +2

      No he ses matpat get it right then changes it to get more theories for mroe fnaf content lol

    • Ultimate Joe
      Ultimate Joe Day ago +4

      ​@The Tan Tiger exactly what happened to hello neighbor that's why it's a Broken mess

    • Erwin van Broekhoven
      Erwin van Broekhoven Day ago +1

      It really wouldn't be suprised by that.

  • JJgam3r
    JJgam3r 21 hour ago +3

    Matpat making this whole series make sense makes me happy cause, it’s like it all seems to make sense especially since watching every fnaf theory from young n seeing them age with me ;)

  • Dikay Evertear
    Dikay Evertear 10 hours ago +1

    What a story. Watching all three parts back to back was thrilling. Felt like a fresh take to a franchise that saw a conclusion already.

  • RebellionOne
    RebellionOne 16 hours ago +2

    Man im so thankful for the everlasting effort Matpat puts into this series, without him, most of us would all be scratching our heads and being confused.

  • ElementalsPMSM_Midnight
    ElementalsPMSM_Midnight 9 hours ago +1

    I'm loving how the editors just insert their animated versions to explain what's happening on the screen, it's so cute

  • Cole Kiesler
    Cole Kiesler Day ago +1997

    As much as complicated the FNAF lore has always been, we should all still give respect that this one man has never given up on making us intrigued no matter what. Believe me if FNAF never happened, then MatPat would have never gotten the respect and passion he made to create one of the biggest phenomenons on not just Five Nights at Freddy’s, but gaming history in general. So MatPat I just want to say thank you for always never giving up on your theories and giving us so much interesting content that impacted so much over the years.

  • AtlasAswell VODS
    AtlasAswell VODS 8 hours ago +1

    Props to the editors and matpat!! yall are doing amazing!!

  • Suzy B
    Suzy B 10 hours ago +3

    Looking at the thumbnail and seeing the bright green words "THE END" made me chuckle. Poor Matpat's been through the trenches with this franchise. Thank you for all the work you put into these videos :)

  • reido247
    reido247 5 hours ago

    MatPat deserves like a year’s vacation for the extreme madness he has subjected himself to

  • TeamFlameLeader
    TeamFlameLeader 11 hours ago

    Great work, everyone at GT! The story is so enjoyable and makes tons of sense now! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Z4ndurr
    Z4ndurr 12 hours ago +2

    It is crazy how invested I am in this series considering that I have not played a single game 😅

  • Jordan Schoepke
    Jordan Schoepke Day ago +1440

    Matt BETTER be in the FNAF movie as a cameo. He deserves it for all the work he's put into making sense of this franchise

    • The internet curator
      The internet curator Day ago +3


    • MXDLXD
      MXDLXD Day ago +2

      ​@Jared Williams Nahh, some homeless man outside Freddy's who screams about the animatronics being alive

    • Zach Balent
      Zach Balent Day ago +2

      @_ Scriblr _ WHO YOU GONNA CALL

    • _ Scriblr _
      _ Scriblr _ Day ago +3

      @Zach Balent He's here, he's there, he's everywhere!

  • Nagumo
    Nagumo 7 hours ago

    Loved the timeline! The whole crew behind Game Theory is unrivaled!

  • Shannon kivett
    Shannon kivett 6 hours ago +1

    #1 on trending wow let's all appreciate matpat he does great theories 👏 ❤

  • Turbojake252
    Turbojake252 6 hours ago

    Man, I'm going to miss MatPat reading me spooky FNAF lore narrative style😢
    Wish we had more episodes

  • Ryan Stanfill
    Ryan Stanfill 17 hours ago +1

    This is amazing! With her in the lore, I feel like it ties up the loose ends.

  • Anna Cooper
    Anna Cooper 7 hours ago

    heck yeah! I'm so proud of you guys! all your hard work is greatly apreasiated by me and all my sisters.

  • Nulizor
    Nulizor Day ago +2935

    I can’t believe Mat somehow made FNaF AR a part of the timeline and also made it make a relative amount of sense is honestly impressive, great job Mat. :)

    • Higuera ft
      Higuera ft 16 hours ago

      @ForsakenBonnie Oh wow, the same company that basically abandoned the game, screwed Scott, and has effectively pretended FNAF AR never existed?
      ...i suspect he may be screwed if his boss finds out :V
      ...whatever the hell is going on with Illumix at least.

    • ForsakenBonnie
      ForsakenBonnie 16 hours ago

      @Higuera ft Recently, one of the Illumix devs has been streaming on Twitch and I asked them about the game being canon and they said: “I think yes. It was intended to be canon. Parts of it are canon. The skins are canon because they have been counted in Security Breach. Some of the story carried over into Security Breach”

    • Higuera ft
      Higuera ft 16 hours ago

      @ForsakenBonnie Source on this? Last I saw it was 100% still canon. And which Devs? Scott? Steel Wool? Illumix?

    • Finn Fogdall
      Finn Fogdall Day ago

      I like mow markiplier was in the fazbear funtime company commercial made by William's wife

  • EmmiJadeShow
    EmmiJadeShow 16 hours ago

    This was a great series, I've really enjoyed it!

  • Emilia King
    Emilia King 8 hours ago

    Can we just take a moment to thank MatPat for always putting clear subtitles on all videos??
    Like it's so helpful, especially for me who's HoH, and can't catch all the information these videos pack in!
    THANK YOU MATPAT!!!!! ❤❤

  • Nathaniel Vaughn
    Nathaniel Vaughn 10 hours ago

    I'm loving the story of this timeline. Excellent work.

  • Nathan Pavone
    Nathan Pavone 10 hours ago

    I love that the Matpat cutout is used to signal his personal commentary on the lore

  • Marion Holmes
    Marion Holmes 18 hours ago +2

    This was great, thanks for all the effort put into these!

  • Monty Does Stuff
    Monty Does Stuff Day ago +893

    At some point in the future, Matpat should sit down on GT Live, and over the period of a "few" streams, rewatch all of his old FNAF theories, and talk about what holds up still, and what is WAAAY off the mark with the knowledge we have today.

    • Mr Shikago
      Mr Shikago Day ago +7

      A "FNAF Theories Restrospective" would be quite dope yeah.

    • Ieva Celskyte
      Ieva Celskyte Day ago +3

      Omg yessss

    • Faerie
      Faerie Day ago +3

      Heck yeah! I second that too!

    • Stefan Smiljanic
      Stefan Smiljanic Day ago +7

      ​@Parafoxl well it would make a great series and personally I like the idea, for example they could do an episode once or twice a week and catch up to the main episodes where he could make a day or two of separation between the theory and gtlive for opinion gathering and in the live he could speak about the loose threads of his theories while speaking about ideas and theories of the viewers

    • Parafoxl
      Parafoxl Day ago +9

      We would never see the end of it xD
      Both with video-watching and game-playing, GTLive is 70% talking and 30% actually doing the watching/playing so we'd never hear the end of any of this x-x

  • Gray Ram
    Gray Ram 4 hours ago

    This is the greatest incorporation of AR into the story. Even more justification for in my opinion one of the most unique and charming games in the series.

  • DustyStarr
    DustyStarr 8 hours ago

    wow, such an incredible timeline. well done everyone. my one though about this part is that in the fnaf encyclopaedia, Crying Child and Gregory have two different entries. now obviously they wouldn't outright canonise them as essentially the same person and this is probably a way of showing that it isn't the same person no matter how hard Mrs Afton tries to convince herself but worth taking a look at in the talk back!

  • Nicholas Harlan
    Nicholas Harlan 17 hours ago +3

    Maybe Mrs. Afton realized she needed to halt the spread of Glitchtrap. Having already successfully merged Afton into Vanessa, allowing more of the virus to spread around is not only redundant but also calls more unwanted attention to the situation from unsuspecting employees.

  • Joel Hawthorn
    Joel Hawthorn 12 hours ago

    Awesome job Mat and team!! Glad you made this even though it probably made you crazy haha. Makes it clear and concise everything so far in the lore world of FNAF. Thank you!!

    • Jjjj Edis
      Jjjj Edis 11 hours ago +1

      Yeah it makes the lore soooo clear now. An 80 years old woman goes insane. And he doesn't even say which SB ending is canon. If Gregory frees Vanessa Freddy gets destroyed and only his head remains. And then Gregory burns Burntrap and the whole place collapses but Freddy isn't destroyed in that ending.

  • Emilia Valentino
    Emilia Valentino 10 hours ago

    There is not much i really feel to say,but this.

  • Alessandra
    Alessandra Day ago +1964

    After 9 years, he's finally done it! Well done, Matpat. You've done it all, the timeline is finished. You've come so far and we are proud!

    • Higuera ft
      Higuera ft 16 hours ago

      @Fling Cheese Admittedly, a *large* part of the sheer contradictions and loose threads is focused squarely within 1-World, i will point out.

    • Fling Cheese
      Fling Cheese Day ago

      @Paul Hikari Clip-Share won’t ban them anyway, and if they did, they’ll just create a new account and start over

    • Paul Hikari
      Paul Hikari Day ago

      All of you are replying to a porno spam bot. Report it at once.

    • Fling Cheese
      Fling Cheese Day ago

      @Drizzle551 Your right, the lore is great and so are the games, but they aren’t written in way to make actual sense of it

    • IbrHim Ibrhim
      IbrHim Ibrhim Day ago

      ​@MeatCaynon 🅥 I thought you were real

  • Triston Odom
    Triston Odom 5 hours ago

    You have outdone yourself once again. Creating a narrative to be better understood by the wider audience, the theories themselves helping to bridge gaps that remained loose, all of it was incredible. Amazing work, can't wait for the DLC to potentially blow this whole thing wide open again. gg

  • Jossef Youcef
    Jossef Youcef 8 hours ago

    I keep thinking about how this all went in Scott's mind, the man is a legend

  • Joaquin Aizenberg
    Joaquin Aizenberg 5 hours ago

    Every fnaf theory youtubers collabing and using each other theories, I love it.

  • RageDragon101
    RageDragon101 13 hours ago +1

    This was awesome! I have wondered about mrs. Afton before and this fits her perfectly into the story!

  • Bence Gyors
    Bence Gyors 7 hours ago

    Congrats Matt, this was great fun and quite comprehensive! It's a really interesting approach to the story, can't wait to see the ruin DLC now!

  • Tex
    Tex Day ago +759

    Mat who defined the lore, markiplier who popularized the game and Scott created it. Truly a powerful trio 😂

    • Higuera ft
      Higuera ft 16 hours ago +1

      @B1XSSOM Actually, Living Tombstone did FAR more than he ever did with FNAF.
      It all goes back to about 2006...

    • asia asia
      asia asia 18 hours ago +2


    • BezukaKing
      BezukaKing Day ago +6

      Scott pounds the internet's FNAF-cake, Markiplier kneads it, and in the end, Matpat sits down and eats it
      *Parody of a saying about the unification of Japan, involving Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu, and a "national rice cake"

    • Supergirl fortnite
      Supergirl fortnite Day ago +2

      True dat

    • Viltrx
      Viltrx Day ago +2

      Yes my friend

  • Jake Sapir
    Jake Sapir 16 hours ago

    Theorist team, you guys have gone above and beyond on this, and it's awesome. There's so much disparate lore here, and having one narrative to fit it together really enriches things, even if it is just a theory.

  • Renae Jamez
    Renae Jamez 15 hours ago +1

    " There are too many ideas going into too many different directions" This definitely felt like shade to the storyline 😅

  • Jewel.
    Jewel. 13 hours ago

    honestly I can actually see clara rebuilding the whole fazbear industry, just think about it. Clara always wished for a normal perfect family, and she is still absolutely devastated that her family died because of a family diner her and William ran together, as a family. So naturally she strives to try to get her family back together even after all the tragedy that happened to the family, and what matpat says in this video is extremely probable in my opinion.

  • Zahi Ghobeira
    Zahi Ghobeira 12 hours ago

    Amazing job MatPat. The fact that you actually included ID's Fantasy and FuhNaff's theories were the cherry on top of the cake for this ultimate timeline 👏

    • reido247
      reido247 5 hours ago

      MatPat is among the biggest brains

  • Le Taken
    Le Taken 13 hours ago

    Soo many years of lore to get here lol, still remember when the first theory episode blew my mind

  • Nowhere
    Nowhere Day ago +1822

    Can’t wait to come back in 2 years and see how much of this timeline is still kept

    • 𝕽𝖔𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖙 𝕬𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖉𝖊
      𝕽𝖔𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖙 𝕬𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖉𝖊 13 hours ago

      @Higuera ft explain with that logic

    • 𝕽𝖔𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖙 𝕬𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖉𝖊
      𝕽𝖔𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖙 𝕬𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖉𝖊 13 hours ago

      @Higuera ft 1. How else would the mouth close? he literally explained that it was C.C's tears that caused it. He was crying so much out of the fear. Water causes the spring locks to fail even excessive moving. You expect him to be still and calm?
      2. Exactly YEARS ago BEFORE security breach it makes sense it was Mrs. Afton who else would do it? He literally says there's a table with her at it if she has absolutely no major role in the lore why is she out of all places at the HEAD of the table? The most important spot.

    • Higuera ft
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      @𝕽𝖔𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖙 𝕬𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖉𝖊 Except he does, though he never explained...
      Hell, it's not even the books, the IMMEDIATE start of the timeline and this theory have major inaccuracies/contradictions.
      The Bite of 83 was not the "Multiple Simultaneous Springlock Failures" mentioned. It never involved springlocks failing, and the two events are 2 years apart.
      Scott himself stated years ago that Mrs Afton plays NO major role in the events of the series. Unless Steel Wool outright states/confirms otherwise, this is the Word of God. Her current role is simply "The Mother"...

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