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CalebCity Instagram compilation (w/ Titles) Funny CalebCity Videos - Best Viners 2017

  • Published on Feb 17, 2017 veröffentlicht
  • BEST of CalebCity Instagram Videos 2017 w/ Titles
    CalebCity Vines compilation: • Video
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  • tiye
    tiye 5 years ago +4644

    Every time he does that thing with his knees and he falls I die 😂😂

  • munnie bunnie
    munnie bunnie 5 years ago +917

    this guy seriously needs his own tv show hahahaha

  • P G
    P G 3 years ago +1293

    The DayQuil and NyQuil got me dieing from laughter it was soo funny like his voice when he got knocked out

  • Denise M.
    Denise M. 3 years ago +116

    5:36 That sneeze skit aged very appropriately 😂

    • run away pacman!
      run away pacman! 9 months ago +3

      @Marvel Boy he said a cold

    • Marvel Boy
      Marvel Boy 9 months ago +1

      yea did he say covid? I m confused lol so I came to look into the comments

  • Ak47boyz Berno47
    Ak47boyz Berno47 5 years ago +1932

    I think caleb is the best viner he funny af

    • L3vī
      L3vī 2 years ago

      Orochimaru The Sannin they find his old vines and remix them on Clip-Share. The bars are for clarifying that they were from vine. Which is now shutdown

    • L3vī
      L3vī 2 years ago

      Orochimaru The Sannin I'm BACK!

    • Shakila Aman
      Shakila Aman 2 years ago +1


    • Thunder Lord Above
      Thunder Lord Above 2 years ago

      Let me introduce Daz black

    • The Godly GOAT
      The Godly GOAT 2 years ago +1


  • Buddabones88
    Buddabones88 Year ago +117

    13:12 That harmonica in Caleb's rap hit different tbh

  • Katie Blox
    Katie Blox 4 years ago +1605

    " I'm never -wrong-
    One time i thought i was -wrong-

    • Jxrib
      Jxrib 2 years ago

      So he was wrong that he was wrong so that makes him wrong 🤔

    • Storm_Fling
      Storm_Fling 3 years ago

      This statement is true... have fun :)

    • Dominique J. Anderson
      Dominique J. Anderson 3 years ago

      k t 💯

    • Gliter Velvet
      Gliter Velvet 3 years ago

      I wanna like but I don’t want to ruin the 888

    • Thomas
      Thomas 3 years ago

      *_Put one time behind wrong and you fixed the sentence_*

  • Boondocks
    Boondocks 3 years ago +773

    “ that’s right run them degrees” 📜 I’m actually dead 😂

    • Violet
      Violet 7 months ago

      Then the WAAAT

    • Gh0sty
      Gh0sty 2 years ago +2

      Bork bork start panakin..
      *i don’t have a planakin*

    • dee
      dee 3 years ago

      bruh i was waiting for this comment Lmaoooo

    • Bork bork
      Bork bork 3 years ago +8

      16:00 ANAKIN

    • Blake Sansoucie
      Blake Sansoucie 3 years ago +8

      I fuccing lost it had my girl runnin out the room to see wtf i was doin lmao💀😂😂😂

  • Tyreese Wray
    Tyreese Wray 5 years ago +371

    13:55 he actually looked like a good dog

  • svtsbestie
    svtsbestie 3 years ago +458

    “You don’t want my girl man..
    Come on man.. u don’t want my girl?”
    “I can treat u right, I can treat u right”
    I- 😂😂😂

  • V1RUL3NT
    V1RUL3NT 3 years ago +90

    7:32 this part HAD ME DYING I’m literally crying 😂🤣

  • Danny Yo mom
    Danny Yo mom 2 years ago +63

    5:30 literally predicted the future of 2020

  • DEKA
    DEKA 3 years ago +1488

    I love it when everything turns black and white and the music starts playing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Akudo Gibbs
    Akudo Gibbs 5 years ago +482

    The one when his player die from drinking water too fast had me dying

    • Yin Yang
      Yin Yang 3 years ago +3

      *steps on a rock*

    • Littymj
      Littymj 4 years ago +2

      THE GLUE GUYS 8:04 😉

    • Littymj
      Littymj 4 years ago +9

      THE GLUE GUYS OK and when he stepped on a rock

  • Riley Is Tired
    Riley Is Tired 4 years ago +163

    21:02 Idk why this makes me laugh so hard but this one KILLS ME

  • WhatUNeed
    WhatUNeed 2 years ago +27

    Me trying to learn a new dance.

  • Emma Thomas
    Emma Thomas 4 years ago +161

    This man is the funniest dude ever I swear

  • Corey Square
    Corey Square Year ago +14

    2:03 I’m dying to this part 😂😂

  • D'jay Brooks
    D'jay Brooks 6 years ago +4046

    yooooo the sounds he makes when he gets knocked out! im weak

  • rachel snyder
    rachel snyder 3 years ago +34

    The dad lecturing him!! That dad voice was so accurate

  • Marija Mare
    Marija Mare 6 years ago +44

    I couldn't stop laughing the whole time😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 funniest video I've ever seen

  • King Datilmane Tilfish
    King Datilmane Tilfish 3 years ago +9

    3:39 that one caught me off guard 😂 😂😂

  • Rich
    Rich 6 years ago +76

    I rewatched this shit like 4 times already ahahah never gets old

  • SleepyJade
    SleepyJade 3 years ago +23

    i always watch these when i feel scared or sad, and they get funnier every. single. time

  • Avanni Joseph
    Avanni Joseph 6 years ago +797

    "I know u get this a lot but YOO LET ME LICK YO TOENAILS"
    "It'll be quick, ur making this weird bro"

    • SStanford
      SStanford 3 years ago

      @Prince-Oliver Mburu spongebob got some explaining to do

    • Prince-Oliver Mburu
      Prince-Oliver Mburu 4 years ago +1

      @Abdudaiyaan Solomon Swear it's from a spongebob episode

      COBRA VENOM 4 years ago


    • Abdudaiyaan Solomon
      Abdudaiyaan Solomon 4 years ago +1

      @Just Cassie. hey did you find out what the song is?😖

    • Just Cassie.
      Just Cassie. 4 years ago +5

      I'm just tryna figure out what the song was from 😭

  • Garang_ Deng
    Garang_ Deng 2 years ago +15

    14:34 that skit was hilarious 😂

  • Venomasmark14
    Venomasmark14 2 years ago +10

    I love his constant use of video game themes in the black and white moments

  • Jacob Perreault
    Jacob Perreault 2 years ago +141

    “You seen my hamster?”
    “Bro I ate it”

  • Taehyungs_ Mochi_Girl
    Taehyungs_ Mochi_Girl 4 years ago +11

    7:28 who else can't stop laughing?🤣🤣🤣🤣💜💜💜💜

  • DaazeNathan
    DaazeNathan Year ago +2

    4 years and this is still so funny

  • KA
    KA 6 years ago +492

    Is it just me or does he kinda look like Malcolm X with those glasses?

    • Jawann Sharper
      Jawann Sharper 4 years ago

      Danm! Same.... In my thought if Malcolm x couldn't take no one shits

    • Nisha
      Nisha 5 years ago +4

      Kekhari Arnold I thought the same thing lol!

  • *
    * 5 years ago +422

    The best vine was when he said "I hate it when I drop my phone on my face and send Obama a death threat

    • AriaMarie._
      AriaMarie._ 3 years ago

      Yess lmaoo

    • Sebastian Klein
      Sebastian Klein 3 years ago

      But... but I didn't see you use your hands...

      IMALREADYTRACER 3 years ago

      @Realcasherrr yesss

    • Prod. M4RI
      Prod. M4RI 3 years ago +1


    • Blue haired
      Blue haired 4 years ago +3

      The best one was when he say ohh hell no u die from drinking water

    WADE WEST 6 years ago +6

    i haven't laugh that hard in a while thank you for this

  • Wylde Risco
    Wylde Risco 3 years ago +244

    6:44 that’s a knuckle sandwich my friends

  • FlareWare335
    FlareWare335 10 months ago +5

    "are you even brushing your teeth?!?"

  • Morisu-Chan
    Morisu-Chan 2 years ago +38

    7:00 legit when no one is around, I always just sing off tune for the amusement.

  • Scubasteve_
    Scubasteve_ 4 years ago +274


  • Mr. Person
    Mr. Person 2 years ago +10

    As a person with glasses, I can confirm that everyone thinks you’re blind without them.

  • TheGangyGang
    TheGangyGang Year ago +8

    I love the music that he uses when something unnatural happens or something very confusing happens

  • tyler gamer
    tyler gamer Year ago +11

    8:02 this had me laughing so hard

    • Near
      Near Month ago


    COBRA VENOM 2 years ago +17

    6:51 The noise he makes when he punches someone is hilarious

  • Shawnbewinning
    Shawnbewinning Year ago +2

    5:34 aged too well😂

  • Neal Mcbeal
    Neal Mcbeal 4 years ago +103

    12:33 bruh swinging those clippers like the blades of chaos lmao

  • David Brown
    David Brown 3 years ago +9

    5:30 is the most relevant vine ever.

  • syncopatedglory
    syncopatedglory 3 years ago +1

    this man has his own musical theme for surrealism i cannot 😂

  • Shannos 17
    Shannos 17 Year ago +5

    @13:12 is the underrated greatest vine of all times 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Aiden Gonzalez
    Aiden Gonzalez 5 years ago +5

    I love the noises he makes when he gets knocked out XD 😂😂😂

  • kyurop
    kyurop 2 years ago +10

    12:09 best part 😂

  • DCdabest
    DCdabest 3 years ago +218

    When his Dad makes the zombie sweep the floor 😂

  • Shaunie Joel
    Shaunie Joel 5 years ago +84

    I never laughed so hard in my life i wish vine wasn't dead so he could make more

    • TL Loxus
      TL Loxus 4 years ago

      Young guru well no. Twitter losing money is what killed vine

    • 許さん
      許さん 4 years ago +7

      No one mentioned his Clip-Share channel?

    • The Mindset
      The Mindset 5 years ago +3

      Clip-Sharers killed vine. Why watch each separate video when you can watch em all in one sitting.

    • Rhat Food
      Rhat Food 5 years ago +1

      Follow him on Instagram

    • Marija Mare
      Marija Mare 5 years ago +3

      Shaunie Joel he still posts videos on his Instagram account

  • JSE,TØP!ATD Septiplier crybabies and music Lover


  • Terminal Dopamine
    Terminal Dopamine 2 years ago +116

    5:34 when you're afraid of covid-19 more than getting shot

    • VoltzSzn
      VoltzSzn Year ago +1

      he said cold

    • eZen
      eZen Year ago +4

      @Good Caleb predicted Covid-19 😳

    • Good
      Good Year ago +2

      Covid was popular 4 years ago!?!?

  • Payton Murchison Whiteside

    “You don’t want my girl!?”
    Died laughing 😂😂

  • Lil a.k
    Lil a.k 2 years ago +61

    13:17 " I'll sell all your bones on amazon" im sleep

    CERIOUS 3 years ago +64

    15:45 THAT RUN 😂😂

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia Year ago +1

    the vine at 5:43 really hits different now, the mugger even mumbled something like "i got cov-"

  • JSE,TØP!ATD Septiplier crybabies and music Lover

    the i wanna be a brick wall one had me deadddd and after that i laughed at like all the other ones 😂💖

  • lazer John
    lazer John Year ago +2

    damn at 2:48 he hit him with that big realization

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat 3 years ago +6

    I love the way the camera moves and the slap noise when he hits someone

  • Dividedbeing
    Dividedbeing  2 years ago +1

    11:40 had me deceased bro 🤣

  • Scary Monsters
    Scary Monsters 3 years ago +166

    16:38 “imma legitimately need those hands”

    • ShaneGames
      ShaneGames 3 years ago +4

      "Yo I kinda have to fold you right now"

    • Nappy
      Nappy 3 years ago +1

      Scary monsters
      But has the world?

  • Mohamed Maish
    Mohamed Maish 5 years ago

    Legit the hardest ive laughed in a long time 😂

  • Ssimms 8
    Ssimms 8 4 years ago

    One of the only content creators where all of their content is gold

  • Blake Hampton
    Blake Hampton 3 years ago

    12:26 funny as hell too. The barber scene😂😂😂⚰️

  • ArKumo.
    ArKumo. 4 years ago +8

    16:50 I think this is the funniest one, in my opinion

  • X A Y H O V A N 🐃
    X A Y H O V A N 🐃 3 years ago +1

    The noises he makes when he gets hit 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ScornLui
    ScornLui 4 years ago +685

    Was dude about to say
    "Aye man you got a banana in here?" 😂

    • SheKraveMaestro ENT
      SheKraveMaestro ENT 3 years ago +1


    • Lucas Mucas
      Lucas Mucas 3 years ago

      Eat your cereal

    • Shoberus
      Shoberus 3 years ago +1

      Im the 599th like. I guide others to a treasure i cannot possess.

    • Indigo
      Indigo 3 years ago +2

      Cybernetic Symphony bruh ikr

    • Lucas Mucas
      Lucas Mucas 3 years ago +6

      Jaime Jackson the "I thought you was clothes" got me

  • Shannos 17
    Shannos 17 3 years ago +4

    13:13 funniest vine I’ve ever watched. I was literally in tears 😂😂😂

  • Dell
    Dell 3 years ago +1

    *Legend says he's still clapping to this day*

  • Meticulous A1
    Meticulous A1 2 years ago

    7:29 Me and my sister were dying over this vine

  • Skidaddle Skidoodle
    Skidaddle Skidoodle 2 years ago +1

    The skit at 5:20 aged like fine wine in 2020

  • Madjdi
    Madjdi Year ago +2

    5:33 this one aged great

  • Queer and in tears
    Queer and in tears 3 years ago +110

    "You don't want my girl?"
    "I can treat u right"😂

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez 2 years ago +3

    18:14 is so relatable

  • Hades
    Hades 3 years ago +4

    The sound he makes when he hits people gets me dead every time

  • ZNation Games
    ZNation Games 2 years ago +1

    "Lemme take yah toe nails" I'm dead

  • mmmurmurrr
    mmmurmurrr 4 years ago

    I havent laughed so hard in so long omg

  • llx
    llx 2 years ago +18

    “I don’t care enoughhhhh, I’ll drank your bloodddddd” 💀💀💀💀

  • Exeide
    Exeide 5 years ago +155

    4:24 *hotdog water* 😂💀

  • Oyaymas
    Oyaymas 2 years ago +2

    why is the 13:12 SO GOOD
    i need a full version of the song

  • Pendragon
    Pendragon Year ago +2

    I was rolling when the line, *"Dammit, my fish got wet!"* came.

  • Dominic Jagroep
    Dominic Jagroep Year ago +2

    5:17 This one aged well...

  • Teddy Oshirak
    Teddy Oshirak 3 years ago

    Nobody on Clip-Share can fold their body like Caleb can.

  • Coco Dixon
    Coco Dixon Year ago

    The folding clothes one got to me 😂😂

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money 6 years ago +191

    My nigga put that baby to sleep I'm weak lmfao

    • MTSmash Gamer07
      MTSmash Gamer07 5 years ago +1

      Cash Money right when I Read this comment it showed up

  • Icy Visuals
    Icy Visuals 3 years ago

    Caleb could sing if he chosen to 🌚💕

  • Elims2k
    Elims2k 5 years ago +118

    Caleb: let me get a cheeseburger and do yall got them new jordans.
    Cashier:im sorry what
    Caleb:let me speak to the manager.
    Manager:how may i help u.
    Caleb:do yall got the new JORDANS
    Manager:oh sure that will be $5.39 thank you 4 coming.
    Cashier:wait WHAT

    • Mika mi
      Mika mi 3 years ago +1

      $5.39 for Jordans tho?

  • cRaZy. dAV
    cRaZy. dAV 3 years ago

    The barber had me dying😂😂

  • the boi
    the boi Year ago

    him jumping back at 4:44 was hilarious

  • C1ickz
    C1ickz 2 years ago +1

    21:57 Had me dying bro 😂😂

  • CreamNoColdStone
    CreamNoColdStone 6 years ago +700

    Nyquil(sleep my child)😂😂

    • Liz Kruis
      Liz Kruis 3 years ago +1

      That skit always gets me. This dude is a comedy genius

    • Harris Nemati
      Harris Nemati 4 years ago +2

      Hhaja ahahah

    • American Gunsmith
      American Gunsmith 4 years ago +6

      More than 100 likes without a gotdamn reply.

  • EndlessBlades
    EndlessBlades 3 years ago +2

    Love how he always goes to the left with his knees

  • Echelon
    Echelon 5 years ago

    The second vine killed my ribs 😂💀

  • nate hawk
    nate hawk 2 years ago +20

    13:13 :when you listen to the Explicit version of the song with the thought "oh it'll be just like the song with a few swears"

  • ATOMBOMB 716
    ATOMBOMB 716 2 years ago +5

    14:37 best part honestly 😂

  • Grazzergamez plays
    Grazzergamez plays 2 years ago

    5:33 is sooo relatable! 😂😂😂😂

  • Joyce Johnson
    Joyce Johnson 3 years ago +74

    Bruh I Always Die when he Do The Punch Noises😂😂😂😂 2:01

  • Txicityy
    Txicityy 2 years ago

    "can I get a double cheeseburger, some small fries anddd.... y'all got them new jordans???"

  • GG Ace
    GG Ace 5 years ago

    7:30 my favorite vine overall. Im crying..😂😂😂😂

  • Toad
    Toad 3 years ago +173

    3:50 plot twist: that was cheeks clapping