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James Bond VS John Wick | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Sep 4, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Agent 007 duels the ultimate hitman!
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Comments • 18 507

  • Joshua Mohlman
    Joshua Mohlman 6 months ago +16468

    Bond: “Hello John.”
    Wick: “Hello James.”
    Bond: “Enjoying retirement?”
    Wick: “Yeah…”

  • Kasbak Gaming
    Kasbak Gaming 3 months ago +1358

    Honestly, the main disadvantage for Wick here was that he didn't have the motivation he would have if Bond had killed his dog.

    • TheSingletonHOD
      TheSingletonHOD Month ago

      True!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

    • Valaso
      Valaso Month ago +1

      @fangirl_332 Well I can point something better in your general direction tutz

    • fangirl_332
      fangirl_332 Month ago

      @Valaso I know I still wanted to point that out

    • Valaso
      Valaso Month ago +3

      @fangirl_332 that joke went over your head lmao

    • fangirl_332
      fangirl_332 Month ago

      @Valaso wrong movie

  • logant1990
    logant1990 4 months ago +1099

    Honestly the fact that Bond has far more superior gears and gadgets and Wick still damn near killed him says how badass Wick was

    • Joe LeBoeuf
      Joe LeBoeuf 20 days ago

      The way I see it, Bond is basically Bruce Wayne if he decided to just fight crime as himself instead of dressing like a bat.

    • Bruno Marić
      Bruno Marić 21 day ago

      Is it just me,or has Screw Attack/Death Battle degraded a bit in quality & fame?
      I can see Snake vs Sam Fisher just beneath this video,& it has 11mil views comared to the 2.7mil of this one.
      I guess Rooster Teeth DID go through a few controversies.

    • Azulito
      Azulito Month ago +1

      That’s literally why we have “the best or more powerful in their worlds or universe” take them out of their universe or world. They aren’t the best so realistically it makes sense that bond wins, he’s literally a respected agent that gets occasional help John wicks Ally’s are questionable.

    • GriffinPilgrim
      GriffinPilgrim 3 months ago +6

      @Hats OFF Can't agree. As they covered in the analysis they're pretty much of a match in skill with Bond a little faster. Wick looks cooler but that because his films have the benefit of decades of improvements in movie tech compared to most of Bonds plus, frankly, way better direction.

    • Hats OFF
      Hats OFF 3 months ago +3

      Without the gadgets, John would absolutely destroy Bond with just skills on his side.

  • Singing Bull
    Singing Bull 4 months ago +920

    Fun fact: John Wick has a higher movie kill count than Jason and Michael Myers COMBINED.

    • Denny Decible
      Denny Decible 12 days ago

      Is there anyone who has a higher kill count per hour without using explosives and WMDs in film?

    • DanThePleb
      DanThePleb 23 days ago

      If we count indirect kills by the end of the series John Wick will have caused a power vacuum that will send the underworld into chaos and cause gang wars all over the world. He killed a member of the high table and her successor that alone should start gang wars to see who gets the seat. That should be at least 1000 deaths a year for however long the power vacuum last.

    • Stephen Grigg
      Stephen Grigg Month ago +1

      @Joseph Butler wick killed two people with a pencil.. it's kind of a big part of his character

    • Nugget 09
      Nugget 09 Month ago

      @Chillinpeperhe was but then he was captured by the government. He then escaped captivity and almost killed everyone at the facility he was being kept in but a scientist named Rowan managed to seal him in a cryogenic stasis chamber. A few centuries later, he is discovered by a group of students field tripping to earth which is now a desolate hellscape of eternal sandstorms and then the rest of Jason X happens.

    • The Fan Without a Face
      The Fan Without a Face Month ago

      Eh, not as impressive since Jason and Micheal use melee weapons or their hands while Wick uses guns primarily. Plus if you count comics or the like both slashers have higher body counts.

  • Lese39
    Lese39 3 months ago +819

    To be fair, that scene of the car going rampant while they fight is a pretty "action movie" thing they'd do.

    • Vito C
      Vito C Month ago +5

      It's also lifted straight from No Time To Die (2022).

  • Wai Fung
    Wai Fung 5 months ago +828

    I would love to see the reaction of Daniel Craig and Keanu Reeves both watching this episode together.

    • Arazuki Delfrost
      Arazuki Delfrost 8 days ago

      I think, they would think of making a movie together, maybe in John Wick 5? With a new plot and character with the same traits as James Bond? After the high table discovered to the whole world (We don't know yet If government is even exist in John Wick universe, looks like It's not lol), MI6 will surely comes to get in touch with John Wick, since It's can be a valuable asset for them, every elite military group and secret service, including Mafia with high profile will do everything. And Bond send to trace and find John Wick after he flip the high table to the ground.

    • GriffinPilgrim
      GriffinPilgrim 3 months ago +4

      @Lezz_Ned Not so sure. Craig, sure, he's personable enough in interviews etc but nothing you can't find with any professional actor. But these days Reeves is quite the showman.

    • Lezz_Ned
      Lezz_Ned 4 months ago +26

      It'd be pretty mundane I assume lol
      They'd watch the video and probably crack smiles and say nice things.
      Like "thanks for enjoying these characters we portray!"

    • Stevenwave
      Stevenwave 4 months ago +58

      I feel like Keanu would legit be like "Hey, if Wick's gonna lose, I and I think John himself, would be honoured it was to Bond."

    • Happi Davy
      Happi Davy 5 months ago +91

      I picture Keanu smiling at Daniel and saying "Nice job, you got me good." 👌

  • Sorcikator
    Sorcikator 5 months ago +5007

    Bond sent in a mission to kill John Wick? That...actually sound like the plot of a movie I would want to watch. And a crossover that would work I think.

    • Trap Himawari
      Trap Himawari Day ago +1

      But Bond is only sent after organizations or individuals that actually threaten the world which doesn't make sense that he is sent to deal with just a single assassin, it would make a lot more sense if for example John Wick was commissioned by the assassins organization to support a specific Bond villain in order to redeem himself and finally retire and so he acts as a bodyguard for said villain like the slicy bowl cap guy from Goldfinger, Bond Villains tend to have a bodyguard to defend them before they actually confront the main villain almost like a boss before the final boss, so it would make sense to me if Bond was forced to deal with Wick in order to reach said Bond villain heck maybe as they fight it out they instead reach a truce and actually work together in not only taking out the main villain but also the assassins organization

    • Rachel Jackson
      Rachel Jackson 15 days ago

      yeah if the Bond films get rebooted

    • Finnish_Hunter4
      Finnish_Hunter4 24 days ago

      Too bad Bond is dead

    • Randall Shelton
      Randall Shelton Month ago +1

      Just here me out. Ever seen the movie nobody? Nobody is sent to kill wick. I’d want that movie

    • Peter Vickers
      Peter Vickers Month ago

      last bond movie bond vs wick just like freddy vs jason

  • TheOfficialPSI
    TheOfficialPSI 3 months ago +851

    3 small details:
    The pen clicked 12 times, so it shouldn't have gone off.
    Why did James' pistol shoot through Wick's coat when the car's chainguns didn't?
    It's "What goes around comes around", not "What comes around goes around"

    • ALIEN On LSD
      ALIEN On LSD 13 days ago

      I also obsessively listen to the clicking sounds and I'm actually thinking it's 11 clicks and the 12th is the sound of the pen connecting to the floor. If you listen again you'll notice the last 2 clicks are in succession when it lands.

    • Rajmond Kiss
      Rajmond Kiss 14 days ago

      @reptile z cant be, Wick got 2 shoots and his back was still bulettproof.

    • Jimmy John
      Jimmy John 25 days ago

      I counted 11 clicks, not twelve.

    • Donald Clark
      Donald Clark 28 days ago

      I counted 10 clicks though the last one sounded off so it I may have been 9.

    • Cybergooninja
      Cybergooninja Month ago

      When the pen fell on the ground it clicked two times. This threw me off too for the most of it

  • Carball Tunnel
    Carball Tunnel 5 months ago +397

    I love how when John ask why MI6 want him dead, James basically says he's too good to be left alive before he becomes their problem, but also says he respects him enough to "catch up" with his reputation.

  • QuantumRegel
    QuantumRegel 3 months ago +84

    Let's be real, if those two would ever meet each other and somehow team up...
    *..Oh boy.*

    • AshTheFlash100
      AshTheFlash100 Month ago +5

      maybe MI6 would hire John to help dismantle the criminal underworld he was apart of with James.

  • Rdrummer 2
    Rdrummer 2 3 months ago +380

    As much as I like Bond, I gotta admit Wick would've destroyed him if it wasn't for his gadget. Hell Wick still almost killed him even with all his gadgets. Goes to show, Wick truly is the one you send to kill the boogeyman

    • oldspice051
      oldspice051 20 hours ago

      I have to disagree, namely because even without gadgets Bond has defeated the likes of Jaws and Oddjob, who are near comic-book levels of strong; Grant, a psyochpathic Spectre agent who was SPECIFICALLY TRAINED kill him (technically he used a gadget to turn the tables, but I wouldn’t count a secret knife compartment as an unfair advantage); Scaramanga, widely considered the best assassin in the world; and killed a target while an entire squad of soldiers were aiming down-sights at him. A single squeeze of the trigger and he’d be dead, and he still managed to kill his target, blow up an oil barrel, and escape before any of them could react.

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 2 months ago

      @ˢᵒˡᵒᵗᵒᶜⁱᵘˢ No, you're being butthurt by just accusing me of being salty. I just pointed out facts. You're the one who resorted to insults first.

    • ˢᵒˡᵒᵗᵒᶜⁱᵘˢ
      ˢᵒˡᵒᵗᵒᶜⁱᵘˢ 2 months ago +1

      @Hung Nguyen I in fact am not a fan of either, I'm just pointing out your obvious biased approach to the situation

    • ˢᵒˡᵒᵗᵒᶜⁱᵘˢ
      ˢᵒˡᵒᵗᵒᶜⁱᵘˢ 2 months ago +1

      @Hung Nguyen You're just salty over the fact that your beloved Bond had a worthy opponent

  • damieneeles
    damieneeles 4 months ago +675

    I grew up on Bond, and love the classics - but I’d back Wick in this fight. His skills are above anything Bond has ever shown.

      The OUTLAW KING 3 months ago +2

      @Zuko Halliwell Yeah, heard he's become quite the little feminist, what a joke. These nerds at DB really think he would take John Wick, please.

    • Zuko Halliwell
      Zuko Halliwell 3 months ago +2

      @The OUTLAW KING I believe it was Daniel Craig's idea.

      The OUTLAW KING 3 months ago +2

      @EL34Glo Funny, since he's not a comic book character but Bond is.

      The OUTLAW KING 3 months ago

      @World Era Comics Official You think Cap would just stand there like an idiot, like all of batman's villains, while he whips out gadget after gadget, Cap would kill him in less than a minute.

      The OUTLAW KING 3 months ago +1

      @Zuko Halliwell Lol, true. Can't believe those idiots thought it was a good idea to kill bond in NTTD.

  • Ron Grethel
    Ron Grethel 6 months ago +7538

    The fact that John Wick is even in the same conversation as James Bond is testament to how good the John Wick movies are.

    • J Cool Guy 15
      J Cool Guy 15 3 months ago

      @Soron66 anything can die in movies, not just people

    • J Cool Guy 15
      J Cool Guy 15 3 months ago

      @Soron66 so do you hate movies everytime an animal dies?

    • Ryner Lute
      Ryner Lute 3 months ago

      James bond is a cartoon

    • Ian Graeme
      Ian Graeme 4 months ago +1

      hmmm I actually think Wick would win, the number of times James gets captured and only luck helps him out of it alive is... every movie he's in? Wick woulda just been straight up dead.
      So really, it all depends on if you believe Wick could catch him off guard for a bit or not.

  • PP
    PP 3 months ago +633

    If this wasn't obvious already, bond only won because of his gadgets. If it came down to just a fist fight, let alone a gun duel, wick has the higher advantage.

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 6 days ago

      @JotaroKujo_StarPlatinum Makes no difference. James Bond ALWAYS has his gadgets with him. They're designed to look normal. Wick has to special order his equipment. You try carrying around sniper rifles and C-4 explosives and remain inconspicuous.

    • JotaroKujo_StarPlatinum
      JotaroKujo_StarPlatinum 6 days ago

      @Hung Nguyen He isn't referring to the death battle. He is stating in a more basic setting, James bond would've lost, making your reply irrelevant to the topic of his comment.

    • DimaC Senpai
      DimaC Senpai 9 days ago +1

      @Spaceman N (no spoilers) as someone who’s seen JW3 multiple times he’s exaggerating and leaving out A LOT of context to down play Wick

    • Denny Decible
      Denny Decible 12 days ago

      Honestly, I don't think even Bond's gadgets could have saved him in 3/5 fights.

    • Gengar is not in smash...
      Gengar is not in smash... 17 days ago

      I'm not necessarily sure on the gun part though. They did say bond was WAY quicker on the draw and was known as an excellent marksman. Even if wick had better aim the speed difference is very important. Close quarters is no contest though.

  • imma go touch some grass
    imma go touch some grass 3 months ago +79

    Death Battle missed a huge opportunity to give us a pen vs pen fight from both combatants

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen Day ago

      @View Point Bond dodged lasers in Moonraker. Wick is a dead slug in comparison.

    • View Point
      View Point Day ago

      @Hung Nguyen Wick is still faster

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen Day ago

      @View Point Bond would have long thrown that pen at Wick after clicking three times.

    • View Point
      View Point Day ago

      ​​@Hung Nguyen wrong, Wick would've shoved that pen right to Bond's face and left to detonate

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 3 months ago +2

      @Isaac Solorio Bic is number one. It BLOWS UP bodies.

  • Full Soul
    Full Soul 3 months ago +187

    I’ve never seen James Bond fight all that impressively like wick, despite so many bond movies. I guess this was a win for the gadgets🤔

    • Tukang Gado-gado
      Tukang Gado-gado Month ago


    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 2 months ago

      @chinsaw2727 Chad James aka Boomstick, even said in an interview, "All I want to know is who would win in a fight." That's it.

    • chinsaw2727
      chinsaw2727 2 months ago +1

      @Hung NguyenExactly, Death Battle takes the age old question of “who would win in a fight” that haunts the schoolyards to this day and attempts to answer it as correctly as possible to the best of their abilities, regardless of the match up.

    • imma go touch some grass
      imma go touch some grass 3 months ago +1

      And add almost superhuman speed for James Bond

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 3 months ago +7

      @Billy Le Ho Some of those matches were FAN-REQUESTED. Flash vs. Qucksilver. Batman vs Spider-Man, Spongebob vs any person. Go blame the fans.
      Death Battle is not about fair or anything. It's who would win a fight to the Death. If you can't accept that simple concept, don't watch the show.

  • TechHeadIV
    TechHeadIV 4 months ago +11

    For only having three movies, John went all 12 rounds and had 007 on the ropes. This made me want DB to revisit these characters in future battles with the following matchups:
    - 007 vs Ethan Hunt (MI6 vs IMF)
    - John Wick vs Jason Bourne (Pencil vs Pen)

  • Adrian Roque
    Adrian Roque 2 months ago +11

    Fight dynamics like this are always among my favorites on this show. John Wick is clearly superior when it comes to hand to hand combat, as he wins the initial clash, overpowers Bond after the cigarette trick, and stabs him during their final knife duel. Bond has to think outside the box and outwit Wick at every turn, like he does with the cigarette, the car, and his laser watch at the end. It’s always so much fun seeing how different fighting styles bounce off of each other, I prefer battles like these over slugging fests

  • Casual Silver
    Casual Silver 6 months ago +4528

    Okay, but would Bond's gun have really pierced Wick's bulletproof coat like that when the minigun bullets in the car couldn't? That's actually my biggest problem with the fight.

    • Corpsegrinder Jr.
      Corpsegrinder Jr. 7 days ago

      Also, one more thing to add, even if it was bullet proof, bond could shoot a different part of his body. In the fight, bond shot wick near more the top of his torso near his neck, a bulletproof vest wouldn’t reach all the way up to the upper parts of your body. It’s would mostly be to protect the mid section near the heart, lungs and ribs. His neck and top part of his check near his neck would be exposed.

    • Corpsegrinder Jr.
      Corpsegrinder Jr. 7 days ago

      Yes it can. With lots of bullet vest, eventually, the protecting will start to split apart from repetitive shots to a section, so Bond could keep shooting one section, and eventually punch through. And don’t forget, Bond is an expert shot just as much as Wick.

    • Gamer Heart
      Gamer Heart 26 days ago

      Maybe he shot at the weak points.

    • Boopie Boi
      Boopie Boi Month ago

      ​@CylZyl they mushroom. So i doubt it would of went through. It was kinda cheesy

  • Trent Willams
    Trent Willams 3 months ago +47

    This is a epic battle between James Bond and John Wick. They have match skills and fighting styles and can really bring the fight towards each other. What a Death Battle!!!

  • Official Rz
    Official Rz 5 months ago +190

    Can we give this animation props? It was absolutely insanely well executed!

  • Dewuster888
    Dewuster888 4 months ago +22

    Imagine if James Bond and John Wick teamed up. That’d be one scary duo

  • Soap
    Soap 4 months ago +13

    I really liked the fight on this one. Bond really seemed so mortal compared to wick, even if he gained the win. It was a struggle, and maybe he even got lucky, and its fun rooting for the underdog

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro 4 months ago +17

    as a fan of both these guys it was a great fight also I love all the puns using the 20+ movies being squeezed in somehow nicely done

  • Timothy Hannon
    Timothy Hannon 6 months ago +2725

    For those of you who are wondering, boomstick clicked the pen 141 times, which is divisible by 3 so points for accuracy.

    • Chino Cocoa
      Chino Cocoa 24 days ago

      that's a lot of clicking

    • Drew Helfert
      Drew Helfert 3 months ago

      @StarsMC thankfully someone else pointed this out as well.

    • Brandon Blume Music
      Brandon Blume Music 4 months ago

      @Crystal Queen Nothing happens. 3 clicks arms, another 3 disarms. 12 / 3 = 4. Armed twice, disarmed twice.

    • Boy Lamont
      Boy Lamont 4 months ago

      Time to go outside Timothy

      STEVEMOBSLAYER 4 months ago

      This entire reply section is talking about the math and logic behind an explosive pen

  • Tha chocolate god
    Tha chocolate god 5 months ago +32

    This was without a doubt my favorite episode of Death Battle.

  • brandon McCarver
    brandon McCarver 5 months ago +15

    I actually liked how they made John Wick fit in the 007 universe or vice versa. It didn't seem "random" I know have to see a James Bond v John Wick movie haha

  • Kermit Le frog
    Kermit Le frog 3 months ago +131

    Couldn't Bond just run him over with the invisible car at 100 mph??

    • Elijah Mckenzie
      Elijah Mckenzie 2 months ago +2

      Don’t know if he has a invisible car but he has a nearly indestructible Aston Martin with machine guns and rockets LOL

    • Kermit Le frog
      Kermit Le frog 2 months ago

      @Hung Nguyen Yes.

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 2 months ago +1

      @Kermit Le frog It's funny, but it's true.

    • Kermit Le frog
      Kermit Le frog 2 months ago

      @Hung Nguyen That reply actually made me laugh out loud.

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 2 months ago +1

      @Connor James Bond's gadgets are made to look normal, so of course, he would have them on his person. Wick needs to order his stuff from Continental, and you can't remain inconspicuous while carrying sniper rifles and packs of C4.

  • Jesse Rabb
    Jesse Rabb Month ago +7

    Excellent job as always! I would say James’s dialogue style and demeanor are more Roger Moore or Brosnan than Craig. Maybe the render should have been one of their takes on the character instead??

  • marlymarv87
    marlymarv87 4 months ago +14

    That line by bond at 17:36 was golden!! I laughed so hard.

  • Byronic Manimal
    Byronic Manimal 6 months ago +13706

    I hate to say but I’d have to give it to 007. After so many movies, it’s impossible to deny how impenetrable Bond’s plot armor truly is.

    • ZenRyoku
      ZenRyoku Day ago

      his plot armor is legendary and it sucks he got the W.
      plus that bullshyt AI driven car should have not been part of this at all...bullshyt !!!!

    • Ramon Santiago
      Ramon Santiago 3 days ago

      Plus Bond Job is hunt people like John🤷🏽😂🔥🔥

    • Baldur Aviation
      Baldur Aviation 3 months ago

      @Jerald Hall 007 is the number that James Bond was assigned. They are Double-O Agents, there are twelve of them, and they are the guys you send to eliminate high value targets.

  • WolfKing98
    WolfKing98 5 months ago +43

    I can imagine John Wick adopting Lucy from Elfen Lied as his daughter, since they’re both dog lovers.

    • WolfKing98
      WolfKing98 9 days ago

      SEIKI well it could’ve been a lot better if they didn’t had to make the Diaclonus nude. Same for Child abuse. Animal cruelty. A lot of Language. Losing Tempers. Sexual cousins. & lots of gore. Even both Lucy & Kohta really do look like they are meant for each other.

    • WolfKing98
      WolfKing98 15 days ago

      SEIKI yeah a lot of people say that it’s not that great because of the dog murder, child abused, graphic nudity, outbursts & emotional distress. Rather stick with Tokyo Ghoul & Berserk.

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk 3 months ago +6

    I love death battles that are so good they bring a tear to my eye! This was Golden... eyed!

  • Ethan Robinette
    Ethan Robinette 19 days ago

    That is one of the best fights I have ever seen not done by a movie. Thank you so much for making that fight.

  • james
    james 5 months ago +13

    This is probably one of the best and one of my favorite death battles I think the fight could’ve gone both ways John Wick just had to get lucky.

  • Tayo Tayo
    Tayo Tayo Month ago +6

    That suplex Jon wick did was legendary…

  • Michael Manherz
    Michael Manherz 6 months ago +1768

    I always thought James’ superhero-esc style and over the top gadgets would be an unfair match for Wick. A more even fight would be John Wick vs Jason Bourne.

    • Ocean_Punk120
      Ocean_Punk120 Hour ago

      @Impact Fan Since 2004 Cope. They always use the full franchise, not hand pick. Wonder who you're pulling for🤔

    • Seyi Olotu
      Seyi Olotu 3 months ago

      @Brian HoganYeah that's about right.

    • Brian Hogan
      Brian Hogan 3 months ago

      @Anonymous I feel you on that, it's a real toss up

    • Brian Hogan
      Brian Hogan 3 months ago +1

      Me and my buddy have ran through the scenarios, at the end, Jason takes hand to hand and wick takes gun play in our mutual opinion, question is how do they get to each point? Jason is more tactical with infiltration and wick is just an unstoppable juggernaut with his guns. I think if Bourne gets close it's game but can he?

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 4 months ago +1

      @Derek Gandlofini The only reason Bourne is "on the run" is that he doesn't want to murder everybody in his path. When he is on a mission he is unstoppable.
      "It's easy. She's standing right next to you."
      "Get some rest Pam. You look tired."
      "If you were in your office right now, we'd be having this conversation face-to-face."
      He can be blindsided by unexpected attacks, he's not omniscient. But he only needs seconds of prep time to plan and re-orientate to outplan any opponents and put them exactly where he wants them, exactly when he wants them there. He can kill these people any time he wants.
      That said, in a 1:1 unprepared fight or an all-out bloodbath he's not up to Wick's level, that's just not his optimum style.

  • Jinhunter Slay
    Jinhunter Slay 5 months ago +4

    Even though I already know John Wick will lose, it's impressive how he went toe to toe with Bond for so long (and almost killed him) when all he had is a gun, a knife, and a pen
    Imagine if Bond does NOT have his gadgets

  • Son Of Karma
    Son Of Karma 2 months ago +5

    That was an awesome battle (The animation was amazing)

  • TJ Jordan
    TJ Jordan 3 months ago +43

    Knowing the first 3 John Wick films take place over the course of possibly 3 weeks and over 300 assassins were killed, those 'cleaners' were making bank. No wonder that one dude in movie 1 was happy to see him back.
    On whom I believe would have won, I have to say that James Bond would definitely win if it was a straight up fight. The only way Wick would have won if it was a headshot in a matter of seconds.

    • Engilbert Pagauro
      Engilbert Pagauro 20 days ago

      Also if you watched the final gun battle between 007 and Safin's army in No Time To Die, we can say 007 could kick ass against Wick.

    • TJ Jordan
      TJ Jordan 3 months ago +1

      @Hung Nguyen Granted, that is true as well. I was going by what we see in the films, as John is more known for headshots more than Bond is. But Bond would definitely be able to do so as well.

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 3 months ago

      There's nothing to stop Bond from shooting Wick in the head either.

  • mysteryxio
    mysteryxio 4 months ago +2

    This would look amazing in live action

  • Andrew Brohm
    Andrew Brohm 20 hours ago

    Why do I think these two would be the most badass crossover in history?

  • Getsuga Tenshou
    Getsuga Tenshou 6 months ago +1201

    I think so far this is the closest to regular humans fighting each other in Death Battle. These two are actually superhuman but not nearly as much as other characters that fought before.

    • Great A
      Great A 4 months ago

      @SleepySquid I don't think a human has been slapped into a mountain by a bio android and lived irl. (but hercule did)

    • Mind
      Mind 4 months ago +1

      Bieber Vs Black?

    • Firenze 64
      Firenze 64 5 months ago

      Justin beiber vs Rebecca black

    • Hunter Avants
      Hunter Avants 5 months ago

      Rebecca Black vs Justin Beiber

    • Terence Hampton
      Terence Hampton 5 months ago

      @Deathmare that's the one that got me into death battle

  • SCP
    SCP 3 months ago +45

    I feel like if Wick knew what the gadgets did and were, he might’ve had a chance to win. No-one can kill John Wick and thats cuz he always knows what he’s doing so if he knew what bonds gadgets were he would definitely beat him…. No-one can kill Baba Yaga……

    • RedDeath5
      RedDeath5 2 months ago

      @Hung Nguyen I’m not arguing which is stronger or who went through more punishment, I’m just saying that the John Wick movies all take place within weeks of each other and that’s why by the third movie he keeps getting his ass kicked. I’m not comparing him to anyone else I’m trying to explain to you why he was in the position he was in at that time

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 2 months ago

      @RedDeath5 It's no different from the plot armor that saves Batman from dying from stuff that should be lethal and defeating superhuman foes. And remember that Bond has beaten superhuman foes like Jaws. Jaws survived being in a car, going off a cliff and exploding, and falling 15,000 feet without a parachute.

    • RedDeath5
      RedDeath5 2 months ago

      @Hung Nguyen Wick couldn’t just take a year long break in between movies, his enemies would’ve found and killed him if he dared try. I’m not trying to prove why John Wick beats James Bond or vice versa, I’m just trying to prove that by the third John Wick movie Wick had taken so much abuse in so little time that it’s a testament to how he’s still alive by the end of the third movie and just how batshit insane he is

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen 2 months ago

      @RedDeath5 There's a difference. Bond fights smarter while Wick fights harder.

    • RedDeath5
      RedDeath5 2 months ago

      @Hung NguyenDo keep in mind that all of the John Wick movies take place within weeks of each other and by the time of the third movie Wick has taken tons of abuse by then without any time to heal. There’s no defense for the enemies being dumbasses but John Wick had been through a lot by the time of the third movie and was likely incredibly far from 100%

    EGGPLAYUH420j 2 months ago +3

    18:09 probably the most fun sequence in season 9

  • K.D Bao
    K.D Bao 4 months ago +9

    The Bond puns are on point.

  • Arinze Nwankwo
    Arinze Nwankwo 29 days ago

    James Bond is such an incredible guy, that's why I'm a big fan of him⭐⭐⭐

  • FluxNeven
    FluxNeven 2 months ago +1

    I kind of love the running gag in Bond-related commentary material that you have to somehow quote the title of every Bond movie somewhere in the piece, a feat that only gets more difficult as time goes on and more Bond films happen. I have no idea where it started, but I'm all for it, as it's one of those gags that starts off as 'maybe just an obvious one-off title drop', then slowly becomes 'wait, they're going for it', and finally 'I have no idea where they're going to drop Octopussy, but now I'm too invested to stop.' :P

  • MrPotatoTitan
    MrPotatoTitan 6 months ago +1329

    I was snickering during the rundown of each of their abilities, thinking about how funny it would've been; if the second after the announcer said "FIGHT!"
    The fight animation was just them immediately shooting each other in the face.
    "Double K.O!"
    Turns out, despite the extensive list of their skills and gadgets, Wiz concludes that they are in fact: "Not immune to being shot in the face." And would for all intents and purposes, both shoot each other in the face.
    That would've been such a meme.

    • HD
      HD 6 months ago

      @oswaldo aguado I'm a bit late to the party, but you have to remember bond's PPK only fires .32ACP, which has only half the energy and about 80% the velocity of a standard 9mm. On top of this this video vastly overstates the penetrative capacity of the type of ammo he uses, which is essentially RIP ammo. RIP ammo is basically just a gucci hollowpoint/fragmenting bullet which many argue is actually less effective, especially at penetrating bone. We can say with near certainty that John (as a professional assassin) would be using regular hollowpoints himself, which given both the increased penetration, expansion and energy of both the caliber and the specific type of ammo used would give him a significantly higher chance of killing with a shot to the skull (or really any shot, anywhere). Not that it matters much, because you should never bet on surviving being shot in the head with any kind of firearm, even if it happens on rare occasions.

    • Yole
      Yole 6 months ago


    • Casper Garcia
      Casper Garcia 6 months ago

      Actually amazing Idea

    • Arfael Ragnarok Fenrisulfr
      Arfael Ragnarok Fenrisulfr 6 months ago +4

      @Adam Mansfield Gunshot to the head has a 90% fatality rate. You watch too many movies. No amount of bone will stop a bullet from getting to the brain. The only instances of survival are hospital intervention. If there would be a survivor, it would be James Bond. His agency would swiftly send medical aid to assist him; whereas, John Wick's agency is out to kill him. The results of an exchange of gunshots to the head have a 90% chance to result in the alternate outcome of both dying and a 10% chance of remaining the same, but with a much more incapacitated James Bond.

    • EchoGamer
      EchoGamer 6 months ago +1

      This might have made more sense than the DB version actually.

    IAMBATTLERAP 4 months ago

    James is more of a reconnaissance guy and a good escape artist but I forget how good he can fight sometimes

  • Omari Jenkins
    Omari Jenkins 3 months ago +5

    once they were explaining the stats of bond, i was like damn this guy needs to fight shepard from mass affect

  • Moises Daniel Alvarado

    Honestly a crossover movie of James Bond meeting John Wick would be really awesome

  • Riley Pearson
    Riley Pearson 5 months ago +1

    I’m not a Jon wick fan but you guys made an amazing video once again

  • The Balder T̶H̶O̶R̶

    That bit with the spinning car was brilliant!

  • Robert SSun
    Robert SSun 6 months ago +2801

    I still want to see John Wick taking on the Hitman Agent 47, i think the two most deadliest professional Hitmen in fiction trying to hunt each other would make for a fight of epic proportions!

    • Kermit Le frog
      Kermit Le frog 3 months ago

      @Omegon Vs Jason Bourne.

    • samuel Woodouse
      samuel Woodouse 4 months ago

      I'd bet agent 47 he is extremely good at stealth and disquises even if he is a worse fighter. So basically it would come down to who sees who first

    • Dave Chrome
      Dave Chrome 4 months ago

      Agent 47 would just do whatever is necessary to make Wick die. 100% sure if it involved an actual fight, it would only be because 47 knows he would win. 47 would most likely just set him up to die though

    • Atari Dad
      Atari Dad 5 months ago

      And they should bring back Bond to go up against Lupin III, which would have been a much fairer matchup.

    • Sure, Indubitably!
      Sure, Indubitably! 6 months ago +1

      @Jamanator9 true, that thing can curve 90° angles

  • BBQ Sean
    BBQ Sean 3 months ago +1

    I have always noticed how tough bond is. And i always said he had insane shooting accuracy

  • Eric Dalhoff
    Eric Dalhoff 5 months ago +1

    0:36-Epic poses, dudes.
    3:39-Very impressive, Wizard.
    10:04-Oh, yeah, that's him! The actor who voiced him!
    16:24-James Bond knows him!
    *16:34**-DB Announcer: FIGHT!*
    18:34-Bond. James Bond. {gunshot}
    18:53-No kidding, James.
    19:03-Least John Wick agreed and accepts his defeat.
    19:22-Way to go, James Bond.
    *KO Aftermath:*
    **James Bond boards his helicopter as his mission's been accomplished.*
    **John Wick's corpse's left impaled by the chandelier.*
    Secret Services... Epic music for a spy-related fight!
    21:43-I was going for *BOND. JAMES BOND! Death Battle Champion!*

  • MithrilRoshi
    MithrilRoshi 4 months ago +1

    Honestly if a movie happened of this it would have to be bad guys convicing Wick to kill Bond and then a chase throughout the whole movie and by the end they team up vs the bad guys.
    Damn that would be cool

  • SRaveN71
    SRaveN71 11 days ago

    Can we see one with Wick winning? This is one of the rare ones where I was rooting for both.

    SMASHTV 4 months ago +2

    Before watching this I could already see where it was going with the 60+ years James Bond has over John Wicks fairly recent films. It's like a rookie vs veteran matchup. We haven't seen John wick 4 yet though so future rematch?? Maybe

  • David Idiart
    David Idiart 6 months ago +1379

    Fun note: Every James Bond, from the first book to the last movie, served in HER MAJESTIES' ROYAL SERVICE. As in, every single James Bond answered to Queen Elizabeth. Every. Single. One.

    • Max Johnson
      Max Johnson 4 months ago

      @Shiranui Aensland You are so welcome my anonymous friend 😜

    • Shiranui Aensland
      Shiranui Aensland 4 months ago

      @Max Johnson We could not have done it without you, Captain Obvious!

    • Thomas Bullins
      Thomas Bullins 5 months ago

      @Crow the "Commonwealth" got beat by a bunch of farmers with squirrel guns and deer rifles

    • Shiranui Aensland
      Shiranui Aensland 6 months ago

      @Claude Speed You are literally the 3rd person here who said "not anymore", while more others already said it in a different way. 🤣

  • Velociraptorius
    Velociraptorius 4 months ago +1

    Honestly, this one should have been a draw with them both firing the perfect killshot at 17:09. Only a magically improbably bullet collision saved them both.

  • blizzardregulus
    blizzardregulus 4 months ago +1

    That was some amazing fight choreography.

  • SageBoltVA
    SageBoltVA 4 months ago

    This battle is definitely close though, like 55-45 I'd say. Bond's gadgets, like stated in the video, are where he holds the edge. If Wick had any knowledge going in I'd put it around 50/50

  • Karl Hans
    Karl Hans 4 months ago

    I want a spinoff movie of this!

  • M. M. Ali
    M. M. Ali 3 days ago +4

    The perfect matchup is:
    1. James Bond vs Ethan Hunt
    2. John Wick vs Jason Bourne
    3. Jack Reacher vs Jack Ryan

  • Ordinaireeos
    Ordinaireeos 6 months ago +1621

    While this was a fun match up, I can't be the only person who thinks John Wick vs Jason Bourne would be a much more even match up, right? That would be a sick death battle for sure.

    • Zufie Usagi
      Zufie Usagi 6 months ago

      @Victor Tolentino Yeah it was a bit meh, most of all for me at the start for the short while when it looks like Bond doesn't have a neck.

    • Personal Email
      Personal Email 6 months ago

      @Alpha Stronghold 47 is enhanced. That's even more stupid match than this.

    • Shinzero02
      Shinzero02 6 months ago

      @Alpha Stronghold Honestly, thats the biggest reason i was behind the 'Bond is just a code name' theory until Skyfall ruined it. Bond has been around so long that he's actually had 'eras' in how crazy his gadgets and luck is.

    • Major Love
      Major Love 6 months ago

      Yesssss you’re right!!!! They could of add Hitman Agent 47

    • jessup shutt
      jessup shutt 6 months ago

      @game universe Wow, a steel door.
      The fact remains, you're trying to say that Bonds cigarette rpg should be capable of obliterating John's armored jacket...
      Even though we haven't seen what it actually takes to compromise its structure yet.
      Do you see how much of an assumption that is? We don't know the upper limits of John's armor, but you're already assuming James cigarette rpg can penetrate it without any facts from the John Wick universe itself. So it's difficult, if not impossible, to say what can or can't compromise his armor until it is actually revealed in the movies themselves.
      What we DO know is that it can tank countless 9mm rounds from both handguns and even a suppressed submachine gun without failing. So James shooting John through his armored jacket with John's own 9mm handgun shouldn't of happened. Period.

  • DeeJayPancakes
    DeeJayPancakes 5 months ago

    I hope for a movie that ends in a stalemate. That would be intense and leave an open ended sequel possibility

  • hecc mcgee
    hecc mcgee 4 months ago

    Finally a good death battle match up that feels natural

  • Alexander Yakubik
    Alexander Yakubik Month ago

    I just want to point out that John did let that bodyguard just walk away in the first movie because they were old friends.

  • captain redbeard
    captain redbeard 5 months ago

    This fight was freaking awesome.

  • YeetScootFleet
    YeetScootFleet 4 months ago

    I have to admit, I already saw how it would end when the sci-fi gadgets were introduced as part of his arsenal

  • Madnawi
    Madnawi 6 months ago +411

    you know, this episode just made me realize that the John Wick we see in chapter 1, 2 and 3 are 'rusty' John Wick. Wonder if we could get to see a prime John Wick like a prequel of some sorts.

    • Abhinav
      Abhinav 12 days ago

      @Danat Amanov This exactly. Bond basically goes into retirement after every other movie, and only returns again because the world is in danger. Bond is on the same level of "rusty" as Wick.

    • Zacharie
      Zacharie 6 months ago

      It wouldn't matter. Bond would still win but yeah it would be cool to see that.

    • Danat Amanov
      Danat Amanov 6 months ago +2

      Bond is supposed to be "rusty" too. He basically failed MI6 exams in Skyfall

    • gootshall
      gootshall 6 months ago

      @Ishiwishy Yes there is, it's called John Wick Hex.

    • Ishiwishy
      Ishiwishy 6 months ago

      @Ray Ben definitely no Johnwick game.

  • BunDahmer
    BunDahmer 4 months ago

    I sadly expected this outcome, but my heart is still broken...

  • ChristsCrackers
    ChristsCrackers 2 months ago

    If there are ever anymore epic super spy death battles in the future like this one, maybe we could get Jason Bourne vs. Ethan Hunt? (The Bourne Identity Vs Mission: Impossible)

  • Zhao Yun
    Zhao Yun 3 months ago +2

    Can you guys create a three way death battle video between Jason Bourne and James Bond and Ethan Hunt, please?

  • Just-In My Perspective
    Just-In My Perspective 3 days ago +2

    I need this revisited after John wick 4!

  • ArticAbyss 64
    ArticAbyss 64 2 days ago

    Too late in the game, but as of now John has officially dodge bullets making him same reaction to James

  • SpongeGod-Omnipants
    SpongeGod-Omnipants 6 months ago +336

    21:25-21:40 I love how you guys made sure to pay attention and count exactly how many presses it was before the Pen went off. That’s really creative and the kind of Focus we need and love in modern day Death Battle

    • Brendan
      Brendan 6 months ago +2

      @Sam Miller underrated comment of the year let's vote this up PLEASE

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller 6 months ago +16

      That's gonna leave a mark.

  • Chad Beckstead
    Chad Beckstead 4 months ago +12

    I think Wick is aware enough to know that the machine guns were coming his way, and quick enough to roll out of the way of the chandalier

    • Ocean_Punk120
      Ocean_Punk120 Hour ago

      @Nadarith Cope

    • Nadarith
      Nadarith 12 days ago

      @Abhinav If you want to go with what's in character then wick simply wouldn't let him stall and would shoot him when he exposed himself, and bond could still be in character without exposing himself like this to someone he would likely have intel on and know he would do that
      my entire point was that this battle was badly done, that's all

    • Abhinav
      Abhinav 12 days ago

      @Nadarith What are you talking about? The charm of Death Battle is that people want to see characters from different franchises interact while they're duking it out. Bond going for a one-liner or stalling tactics while he's in a bad situation is extremely in-character for him.
      If they don't interact and just fight for the whole episode, then the episode is going to be boring (Jason vs Michael anyone?). If so, then they might as well be robots with the character's face plastered on them instead of the actual characters.

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen Month ago +1

      @Nadarith I'll agree with you that since they started using Dragon Ball-style Power-scaling, some stuff has gotten iffy. One type of Power-Scaling is hopscotch Power-scaling, where they make a few leaps in logic that are questionable at best.

    • Nadarith
      Nadarith Month ago

      @Hung Nguyen Did i ever said that they didn't put the work in? all i said was that a lot of their conclusions and the reasoning they used to get them is erroneous
      a good example is the goku vs beerus spacetime quakes, a phenomenon that doesn't behave like anything we know that gets more destructive the further it goes and the best i could compare it to is some kind of vacuum collapse or structural instability present in the DB universe being triggered, yet they treat it like a normal shockwave and calculated it like such to get a level of energy that were never hinted at in the show to ever occur in normal fights, and even scale the speed of ki attacks to the speed the wave propagated despite that making no sense, then they scale everything to that + transformation multipliers when toriyama long since moved away from power levels and their logic due to it being simplistic and restrictive, and this conclusion despite being suspect due to the assumptions taken and the logic used is the underpinning of everything they do with DB
      another good example is the way they always use a character that survived some kind of explosion and assumes that it means they could survive a punch of the same energy, not only ignoring the concept of energy density or the differing mechanics between an impact and a shockwave + thermal bloom but also blatantly ignoring the fact that _omnidirectional explosions radiate energy in every direction and not just into someone's face,_ this gets more and more ridiculous the bigger the explosion, a point-blank nuke would transmit around 5-15% of its energy into someone standing just beside it, being between planets colliding would only transmit a fraction of a fraction _of a fraction_ of the energy of the collision as the planets aren't colliding through you but around you and being in the orbit of the star going supernova gives you tens of orders of magnitude less energy than the entire supernova is worth
      with the culmination of the chain of omnidirectional explosions being falsely equated to direct energy transfer being the example of hyperion surviving a universal collision that they use to scale everyone that ever beat him into punching hard enough to blow up a universe (because _that_ makes sense) despite the fact that not only the fraction of energy that your body would get from two universes colliding around you would amount to a fraction of a rounding error but that such an event wouldn't even be a physical collision but an exotic event that would involve background energy density being changed, spacetime being restructured or destroyed and physics being rewritten and couldn't be directly translated to physical durability as it would be more an example of resisting things like erasure or reality warping
      in some ways their research results in enormous highballing of everything and everyone in a way that tends to toss consistency of the medium to the bin, only the most grounded characters like wick and bond aren't highballed like that

  • Teddy Hart
    Teddy Hart 5 months ago +1

    Wish there was a game where you could fight as James Bond, John Wick, Max Payne, Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne, Aaron Cross, etc.

  • Clayton Utecht
    Clayton Utecht 5 months ago

    Loved this episode and your guy's chanel is amazing. Y'all need a Death Battle Episode of Dean Winchester vs Nick Burkhardt. That would be awesome.

  • JamzGamz
    JamzGamz 3 months ago +1

    john wick may be near invincible, but James Bond has proven time and time again that there is nothing he can't kill, not even a character based off of him.

  • KrossXeYe
    KrossXeYe 4 months ago

    Bond has a lot more toys and training but John's strength and aggression were something else

  • Nick Rodriguez
    Nick Rodriguez 6 months ago +2861

    Damn that plot armor follows 007 even when he’s not doing any movies.

    • r wally
      r wally 4 months ago

      @bobb bobb 🤣🤣🤣

    • r wally
      r wally 4 months ago +1

      @Shwappa J especially if hes using the garbage RIP rounds out of a 32, better off throwing a first full of stones.
      Idk that these guy have ever seen a real gun

    • Tiffany Starr
      Tiffany Starr 6 months ago

      Raccoon he was hit twice by the machine guns I'm pretty sure. One in the front and the other in the back. Front was first.

    • Low-Budge Fudge
      Low-Budge Fudge 6 months ago +1

      @Nick Rodriguez it'll be for a reboot or an origin story showing some older operations Bond did that we didn't see in the previous films.

    • bobb bobb
      bobb bobb 6 months ago +1

      I’ve heard from a reliable source that a 9mm shot from a pistol can blow a persons lung out.

  • flamedragon07
    flamedragon07 3 days ago +2

    I had a feeling Bond would win this death battle. Wick did pretty well also. But Bond had better experience and gear. :)

  • michael gordon
    michael gordon 5 months ago

    I mean there wasn't a doubt, bond has all kind of crazy tech that's borderline futuristic.

  • KidKinsey
    KidKinsey 3 months ago +20

    That 007 theme song tho. Agent under fire the goat

  • stockdrifta
    stockdrifta 5 months ago +1

    I would see a feature length film of this.

  • Kilroy Washere
    Kilroy Washere Month ago +1

    Wow, yeah I am not surprised this video ended this way😳🤯💯.

  • Demetrius Walton
    Demetrius Walton 6 months ago +66

    I believed the fight between the two should have lasted longer and at least stretched out across 26 films to prove how epic a fight it is to the masses

  • CaptainKEP
    CaptainKEP Month ago

    I’d say another factor that gave James the win is that he showed up prepared with everything under his belt, as opposed to John only having his pistol on him at the start

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen Month ago +1

      James Bond's gadgets are made to look normal, so it's completely legit that he'd have them on his person. Wick has to special order his arsenal from the Continental and it's impossible for him to remain inconspicuous while toting sniper rifles and packs of C-4.

  • Salvah
    Salvah 4 months ago +2

    Beautiful! Hermoso guiño a la Saga 007 con el disparo y la sangre cubriendo la cámara, Hermoso x)

  • Mimic Senpai
    Mimic Senpai 4 months ago

    Can we talk about the fact they used bond video game feats in a real world fight 🤣 Wick absolutely destroys bond when to take away the videogame feats and remove the plot armor of getting wick to the Austin Martin

  • APFSDSbadger
    APFSDSbadger 4 months ago +1

    I actually do not remember Bond ever actually using a combat knife.

  • Isaiah Kipp
    Isaiah Kipp 5 months ago +3

    They need to make this an actual movie because id pay to see it

  • Blayzing Angel
    Blayzing Angel 6 months ago +1440

    They give Bond the advantage of superior aim. Wick misses 3-4 shots throughout the entirety of his series, and that’s because glass is changing the Trajectory of the bullets, not one other shot misses, even one’s through walls. Bond misses entire magazines regularly in his series.

    • E.king5897
      E.king5897 6 months ago

      @ReallyStupidGaming bruh fr, lol except the car somehow

    • E.king5897
      E.king5897 6 months ago

      Not gonna talk about how wick took on turret bullets at rapid fire but yet bond's gun somehow shot right through him

    • Arnell Long
      Arnell Long 6 months ago +1

      Also the Car's miniguns wasn't able to penetrate Wick's vest but Bond's Pistol bullet was able to lol...I agree with whoever won nonetheless...

    • Sha66y0
      Sha66y0 6 months ago

      @ReallyStupidGaming it did.. acting like bulletproof vests are bullet immune lmao

    • m hordijk
      m hordijk 6 months ago +1

      Who knows.
      Maybe he had just arrived and just got his first drink.

  • Nico Kesterson
    Nico Kesterson 4 months ago

    I actually agree with this one even though I like John Wick more I knew if Bond was going to win it was going to be because of his gadgets and this fight was pretty close to begin with I mean that knife just barely missed his heart without those gadgets Bond would have lost but since he has them GG

  • Dobie Hop
    Dobie Hop 4 months ago

    I’ve literally never agreed with any of the outcomes of the videos I’ve watched from these guys😂

  • Christopher Fuentes
    Christopher Fuentes 4 months ago

    16:04 battle begins
    19:22 battle ends