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iPhone 14 - The Good, the Bad and the UGLY.

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • iPhone 14 impressions - including camera, battery, specs, features and Pricing!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  Year ago +4299

    For anyone who's been waiting up late to see this video, thank you SO MUCH! It really means a LOT! ❤
    To check out the Tesla Electro Phone: clip-share.net/video/uPxkrGL0l7U/video.html
    Or to see Xiaomi's Next-Gen Foldable Phone: clip-share.net/video/a0zrnEnUiYo/video.html

    • Jacob
      Jacob Year ago +19

      Vids not working for me

    • toxic
      toxic Year ago +7


    • NotTCFM
      NotTCFM Year ago +5

      I really want to watch this video but it’s still taking a bit. also, love your content!

    • Xipher X
      Xipher X Year ago +4

      the vid wont load

    • MrHushCrush
      MrHushCrush Year ago +6

      Video not working 🤔
      Edit : I switched to web browser and video is playing. Maybe try that out.

  • Давид
    Давид Year ago +3050

    The biggest downside of the new iPhones is the pricing in Europe. I mean the normal 14/plus cost 999€/1149€ and the Pro/Max cost 1299/1449€ which is about a 200€ bump from last year across the whole lineup. Thats gonna make the iPhones sell even less in Europe as we already have significant price bumps in every day life such as electricity, gas and so on. Im really mad at Apple that they didn't say that in the event, because i was so glad that the price stayed at 999/1099$ but seems it didn't account for Europe.

    • Rani Lp
      Rani Lp Year ago +195

      same for UK £100 more across the line , they really should’ve mention that somehow ! i had high hopes with that ” $1099 “

    • KebapGuy
      KebapGuy Year ago +328

      I just don‘t get how they actually demand 1300€ for the base model pro phone. Even considering inflation, a 200€ bump to last year is just ridiculous. Ignoring that you still don‘t get a charger with that price tag. That‘s gonna be a hard sell in europe…

    • Jon 199102
      Jon 199102 Year ago +39

      Most people don't buy phones outright there tied into contracts for the next 2-3 years. They won't see that additional price. Plus consider the launch prices of the note and ultra line up supersede the pro max by another 200

    • joshentertainment 2
      joshentertainment 2 Year ago

      How much more euro is the iPhone compared to the us

  • Deadbäss
    Deadbäss Year ago +941

    It honestly makes more sense to keep an iPhone model for about two to three years then finally upgrade it rather than upgrading annually.

    • Francisco Diaz
      Francisco Diaz Year ago +148

      Always did, but there's zombie people that changed phones every year, but in this opportunity the price is so high, that all of the sudden realize the obvious.

    • Random-access Memory
      Random-access Memory Year ago +94

      Upgrading annually is overkill. 😳

    • Carpediem
      Carpediem Year ago +183

      2-3 years? I've had my iPhone X since it came out 5 years ago and have no issues with it. You don't need to upgrade your iPhone until the performance has notably decreased and replacing the battery is not worth it.

    • Techster
      Techster Year ago +49

      @Carpediem exactly
      dont create un necessary waste

    • Dr Meow
      Dr Meow Year ago +30

      @Carpediem same here, still got iPhone X and very satisfied. I told myself two years ago that I won’t upgrade unless new model will blow my mind. Well, performance is still amazing, prob will carry it out until the end of the phone days :))

  • DJ Aldueza
    DJ Aldueza Year ago +407

    I love how this guy explains things with complete rationality and objectivity. This gives reliable insights to consumers without much knowledge with technicalities of such stuff and everything he says makes a total sense. Keep it up!

    • Victor
      Victor Year ago +14

      well, I follow Arun since quite a long time and he's kind of an Apple fanboy now :) I don't find the video objective.

    • blue_sky_bright_sun
      blue_sky_bright_sun Year ago +6

      @Victor if he likes iphones a lil bit more, what does that say though? since it’s someone who’s tried and tested so many phones for years?
      this year i got myself my first iphone, iphone13 and holy fuck is it smooth and efficient, all the androids don’t even compare. and don’t even get me started on samsung, my phone of 5 yrs is so slow and laggy for literally no reason. it never broke and it was always treated nice.
      i’ve had a macbook for 5 years now and it works super smooth and well. reason why i decided to try an iphone too.
      the feel and quality of it is just BETTER what can i say. the only issue i have is the too closed eco system, but as a physical device it’s the goddamn best.

    • illfated 6
      illfated 6 10 months ago +15

      @blue_sky_bright_sun a new iPhone is faster than a 5+ year old Android? 😱

    • Kacoey Devrax
      Kacoey Devrax 6 months ago +5

      @illfated 6 lmao im dying 🤣🤣

    • Golden Zoro
      Golden Zoro 6 months ago +1

      ​@Kacoey Devrax 😂😂😂

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope Year ago +125

    I really like your take on what apple is doing. Basically, mom is frustrated with her phone all the time because she doesn't understand that she actually did need the super pro version to make it worth while. This makes her quit trying to be tech savvy and that leads to her being not tech savvy and that leads her to not understanding that she is getting ripped off by spending 800 instead of 1200 for what should be the same phone just a little smaller that fits her hand and pocket better.

  • TeaSpillGaming
    TeaSpillGaming Year ago +124

    Upgrading from the XR to the 14 Pro Max which for me is a huge upgrade and the dynamic island reminds me of the MacBook pro touch bar which is hopefully a sign that apple is still trying to keep features like this alive.

  • abritishsoul
    abritishsoul 11 months ago +6

    Excellent video as always! I have been researching a lot in the past few weeks as I want to buy my first iPhone after having used Android all my life, and I'm so indecisive about literally everything. I was thinking about getting the 14 because it still has a reasonable price, but this is making me consider whether it would be better to spend the extra £250 and get the 14Pro instead... I've never used iOS and I'm terrified I won't like it!

    • Sunny Bhatia
      Sunny Bhatia 10 months ago +1

      Same here

    • Antonis Kapa (Akypsion)
      Antonis Kapa (Akypsion) 9 months ago +1

      I would buy an iPhone, just for the experience, how much different is from android (not a question btw, a statement).Either rent it or buy it, mostly for experience, but also for the performance status and to a lesser extent, looks

    • blue table
      blue table 9 months ago

      @Antonis Kapa (Akypsion) what sort of experience, i have used 4 or 5 iphones to date, and there is no special experience within. I thought there would be some nice software, compared to stock android that i have used, since that is what iphone is famous for but no, it is just average to good, something u would see even in an android. Caneras are ok but i expect better.

    • Orange Thunder
      Orange Thunder Month ago

      Don’t worry iPhones are great

  • Preston P.
    Preston P. Year ago +3528

    I love how Arun is brutally honest with everything he says. If companies try to hide something that us viewers tend to not spot out, the boss will know what's going on. This is why I am subscribed to you Arun. You're just amazing with everything you do and speak. Your content is on another level 🚀!!! 1hr 30min livestream condensed to a 12 mins video is just bonkers! Love the rick roll as well (classic). Looking forward to seeing you get your hands on this new iPhone 14 series, can't wait to see the camera and battery test. Thank you.

    • TheVideoTalkers
      TheVideoTalkers Year ago +41

      the boss will always know what is going on

    • dmvmeu
      dmvmeu Year ago +4

      So truee

    • Thomas Catt
      Thomas Catt Year ago +37

      he hid the missing sim card tray pretty well...

    • Blue08
      Blue08 Year ago +14

      I am a sumsung guy tbh but I have to say that iPhones are really REALLY good

    • Thomas Catt
      Thomas Catt Year ago +66

      @Blue08 iphones are WAY better than androids in certain ways, but then androids are WAY WAY better at things iphones can't even do, so its just a never ending war, and only is upto you to decide

  • Art Photo
    Art Photo Year ago +554

    Apple have been doing the “features limiting” trick since Apple II computer. Just ask Woz, he had disagreements over that with Jobs almost from day one. Woz wanted to include every option possible and than some in Apple’s computers and Jobs wanted to include only what was necessary and than charge extra for the extra features. Tim Cook as Jobs’s disciple continues with this strategy even more. Also worth noting he is not an Apple’s visionary like Jobs was, but comes from supply chain management… so there’s that too (profit over form)

    • FC
      FC Year ago +33

      What are you talking about? I never did any of that!

    • Art Photo
      Art Photo Year ago +27

      @FC lol you look young for your age Woz 😜

    • Conrado FMC_Ny
      Conrado FMC_Ny Year ago +13

      I disagree.Reality is that since Steve Jobs passing, apple IS NOT LONGER an innovative company at all…

    • Art Photo
      Art Photo Year ago +52

      @Conrado FMC_Ny it’s not a matter of opinion, it is a fact. Innovation has nothing to do with Apple’s sleazy marketing schemes . I suggest you read Steve Wozniak book “iWoz” and interviews with former Apple employees. Jobs was a visionary but with an a-hole attitude

    • lamih 009
      lamih 009 Year ago +2

      @Conrado FMC_Ny not a innovate
      Look mi max mi ultra it beat other chips in terms of performance per watt.
      Everybody copied apple when removing head phone jack
      And charger.
      It is still the highest video quality smartphone.

  • Vance Dyer
    Vance Dyer Month ago

    I like your passion and how you describe the iPhone attributes. I came from an android based phone and have been on an android phone ever since I got my first smart phone, the Galaxy 3 and beyond.
    I chose the iPhone 14 over the Plus, Pro, and Pro Max. Why? Well, the new construction making the phone cheeper to repair and easier to take apart, the 6 Gb ram, the internal Heat Shield, the satellite SOS and crash detect SOS, but….. one of the biggest thing is the Apple support will continue for a very long time. The iOS seems, to a novice like me, to be very polished (once I got used to it 🤣) and if Apple still supports the iPhone 8, at the time that I write this, then I will be good to go for a long time. Regarding the camera, it takes photos and videos. It’s a camera, big deal. Yeah, I could have gone for the 13 but the iPhone 14 with 256 Gb is only $100 more for the above mentioned additional features. I ride a Harley in the mountains, the 14 potentially can save my life if I am involved accedent and it is just one of the reasons the 14 my choice. Yeah, I could have gone for the 13, 14 Pro or the 14 Max. I just don’t buy stuff that I don't use or want. The fact that I have choices is awesome.
    I have learned a lot from your videos, keep up the good work. Thanks!

  • bmore
    bmore Year ago +83

    I like how he immediately got to the content. No unnecessary fluff, no unwanted small talk, just straight to business. I like it.

    • Sheeesssh
      Sheeesssh 11 months ago +1

      Well put, that's peak content, pure quality. other channels have a lot to learn.

  • Covert Skyline
    Covert Skyline Year ago +13

    I got the 13 PM earlier this year due to me having Samsung since the S7 and I’ve enjoyed the change in scenery, but I do miss a lot of features my 21 ultra had that this 13 doesn’t. So this is reassuring my decision to go back when the 23 drops. I do like the 13 don’t get me wrong but there’s still a few gimmicks about the 13 that makes me regret me choice.

    • Cookie00
      Cookie00 Year ago

      And what would yoh say those are?? What do you miss from the Samsung???

    • Covert Skyline
      Covert Skyline Year ago +12

      @Cookie00 the biggest would have to be factory split screen, being able to use 2 apps at once helps more than some people think. Quick close on all recent apps. Every once in a while my service went is switched from my phone number to my Apple ID then I don’t get messages or calls. Apple Music forcefully stops playing any other entertainment source when it connects to Bluetooth. Having a zoom capability more than 3x (I use my camera a lot for work and need to zoom in more than what the 13 PM does). Yea they are coming out with it now but since Apple is always late to their own funeral, I have to say that I’ve always missed an always on display. Now the good!!! Battery life, hands down Apple is king. Next is iTunes as a whole… what else needs to be said. Accessories by popularity. The silent mode switch has always been an absolute favorite of mine. Flat screen opposed to curved. The body… damn is this classic iPhone 4 body sexy. Camera is a tight battle but Apple seems to have the better software. Another big problem I have is Bluetooth doesn’t let me send pictures to android users (without using outside apps). That’s about it.

    • Cookie00
      Cookie00 Year ago +3

      @Covert Skyline thank you so much oh my... cuz ngl recently I've been considering to switch to apple after using Samsung for a very long time and I've always been Samsung or apple all the time, so yeah just weighing out the options and I don't wanna regret it when I choose soo yeah... the phone I currently have is the s20+ soo yeah

    • GodGokuBlack
      GodGokuBlack Year ago +3

      Same here. I only got the iPhone 13 Pro Max because the S22 Ultra wasn’t in stock. Out of disappointment, I bought the 13 pro max on an impulse. Regret it greatly. I’ve been using iPhones for a long time but made the switch to Samsung in 2019, never regretted it one bit. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is severely OP but honestly Apple’s software keeps it limited.

    • Grilled Cheese
      Grilled Cheese 11 months ago +1

      About the only thing I’ve really missed from my galaxy is the built ins screen casting (and maybe using some stuff that I’m not supposed to 🏴‍☠️)

  • Jeremiah Araña
    Jeremiah Araña Year ago +1012

    I do appreciate how Arun and his team try to elevate every video. I remember the simplicity of editing they are doing before he reached 1M and looking how dynamic these new videos he produce. Congrats man.

    • J Frank
      J Frank Year ago +15

      Disagree, all the editing is actually overused.
      Less is more, good lighting and framing goes a much longer way. All of the pop up graphics are very annoying

    • Mobius Studios
      Mobius Studios Year ago +26

      @J Frank TBH, I love them (as a editor for 10 years, if that helps lol). Ofc you're entitled to your own opinion, but they're certainly not objectively overused. I can definitely understand feeling that way tho-- it's definitely a fine line but I personally like them.

    • Jeremiah Araña
      Jeremiah Araña Year ago +3

      It still comes down to your own preference and taste. Some might not like it but there are also subscribers that do love the new editing and knowing how hard every single video to edit and produce in a specific time frame is very time consuming. I salute them for the effort they put into

    • Aaromal K . J
      Aaromal K . J Year ago +3

      @J Frank well you are in the minority in this case, I guess.

  • Omolade Richard
    Omolade Richard Year ago +27

    Arun's Excellence is unmatched! So much to learn from him. I celebrate your effort and sacrifice towards creating contents. You are not just raising the standard - you are the STANDARD! More grace to you!

    • Darrens Adventures
      Darrens Adventures 11 months ago

      Your presentation of tech details is unparalleled, way to go. Thank you.

  • lefon wastaken
    lefon wastaken Year ago +2

    I think it would only be logical for people to buy the pro models this year, not the base models. If they want the base model, they can go for the 13 which is almost the same as 14 which only has minor upgrades.
    Also bummed about mini, I’ll be getting my 13 mini this Monday and super excited for it. I wish they would bring it back in the form of iPhone SE

  • Forgorshgsuhgple 💀
    Forgorshgsuhgple 💀 10 months ago

    I think making a different chip for pro's is a good marketing decision, mostly since people are already frowning at prices, so adding something included with the higher phone will be considered a good deal. Same with performance differences, I think that's how every phone should be. I see the iPhone 14's as a huge plus.

    • Bảo Quốc
      Bảo Quốc 10 months ago +1

      Sorry, but the 13 Pro Max in the eyes of buyers will always be superior. Heck, I even like the 12 Pro Max better because of the premium stainless steel design and a telephoto camera that still put the 14 Plus to shame. I don't care if A14 is inferior to A15

  • Deepak Praveen
    Deepak Praveen Year ago +26

    Arun brings a very high quality perspective to tech reviews...super content as always 👍🏻

  • Jan Frederik Wille
    Jan Frederik Wille Year ago +10

    Hey Arun, could you please test the iPhone 14‘s internet tethering abilities? On my 13 ProMax it only allowes 600 MByte of traffic via cable tethering (tested with at least five different SIM cards and eSIM of course). Apple is not willing to help here. I’d love it, if you could test this with Mac/Windows/Linux PCs. Being not able to run your own office on the go is a real pain in the ass.

  • Emma F
    Emma F Year ago +1260

    Yep, I'm just going to hold onto my XS Max - still does everything I need! The iPhone events were once so exciting but we've hit a point where cool tech upgrades/ new designs can't be year after year. Should Apple release next gen iPhones 2 yearly instead? I think yes :)

    • Jar Jar Binks
      Jar Jar Binks Year ago +251

      They never will because a huge majority of people buy the new one every single year. It's all about money and when you have a customer base that doesn't even think before spending over a thousand dollars why would you not drop a new one every year

    • Don Corleone
      Don Corleone Year ago +57

      Yea after iPhone 6, phones do everything that is required

    • Enrico Caniato
      Enrico Caniato Year ago +92

      I 100% agree. You don’t even have the time to enjoy your brand new iPhone 13 pro that the leaks for the next model come out the day after you bought it. It’s not even good for the environment. You may remove chargers from packagings, but launching useless phones every single year pollutes more imo

    • Aniket Kumar
      Aniket Kumar Year ago +35

      Imo iPhone XS design is the best among the others! I really love it...

    • CR7 EDITS™
      CR7 EDITS™ Year ago +3

      I don't agree because then android will have time to catch up with the iPhone.

  • GeordieBoy700
    GeordieBoy700 Year ago +11

    I currently use an iPhone 12 Mini. I loved it at first as I did not want a huge phone in my pocket. However battery life has became an issue in recent time. I love. the idea of the 14 Pro just because of the dynamic island. Be it a feature or a gimmick looks cool. Shame I can not afford to upgrade when my contract ends.

  • John Rao
    John Rao Year ago +3

    Such crisp content, Arun; you nailed the powered-packed glance!
    But, keeping all the fancy stuff aside and looking at the realistic environments, I believe iPhone Xs is still worth it -even after 4 yrs of use, and I hope it can function one more yr without any issues. But it wasn't the same scenario with iPhone6; the only good about six is the design aspects - that sold the most, but the hardware couldn't sustain the usage. But, then Xs has come with power-packed hardware (A14 Bionic,4GB RAM, and Apple GPU graphics), which could meet ongoing user needs and sustain. Of course, there are always new additions, but I hope the primary usage of mobile measures the actual value invested!

  • Tonie Petroski
    Tonie Petroski 11 months ago

    Really on point sir! As always, this is an awesome review pointing out the obvious, giving us significant heads up before we decide to crazily upgrade or switch to a new phone!

  • Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo

    I don’t know if anyone else has ever said this (I’m sure they have) but Arun, you are a LIFE SAVER for people like me who work at a phone store. I loved your content at first bc I’m a nerd and like learning about tech, but once I began working in cell phone sales your break downs of the newest releases has helped me so much when customers ask for what separates the phones from each other.

  • Kayla Samuels
    Kayla Samuels 10 months ago +2

    My 14pro max has been good to me so far. Switched from android and it’s been an interesting change… but happy so far. Mainly battery life and camera has been what I am liking the most.

    • Arctic Jelsa
      Arctic Jelsa 7 months ago +1

      Was it easy to switch to iphone? I have now Huawei P30 Pro and I will get my first IPhone ever, it is 14 Pro Max

  • TheRealLink
    TheRealLink Year ago +729

    Not an iPhone user but you still make among the best content out there that covers all the bases! Good to know just how large (or incremental) the changes are, as well as that Pro vs regular option change. Obviously only so much you can improve on phones now and it's showing a bit. But still, definitely some nice things shown here as well as some quirks.

  • Dolger
    Dolger Year ago

    Honestly, I'm impressed with Apple for actually shaking up the notch, turning it into a feature and doing something we haven't seen before. I'm not an IPhone user but even still, I'm happy that Apple is doing something new. And with Apple becoming more competitive with the 14 series, it makes me very excited for what the S23 is going to do with things like the 200mp camera and the S-pen (hopefully they keep the S-pen). But the thing that I'm most excited for is the uniqueness that Samsung and Google are going to have to implement into OneUI and Android as a result of Apple's new notch. If Apple makes an ambitious change to their notch, think about the level of innovation that Android is going to either: support with third party apps, or integrate into Android itself. Imagine Android 14 with full customization of what you can do with hole punches and widgets that Android could either make themselves or give support to third party apps. I hope that Android gives support for something like this because of all of the companies that would jump at the opportunity to get their widget on your screen at all times. Not only does this breathe new life into how Android phones look, but the competition will make for the best user experience possible. The customers always benefit when there us competition

  • siegeism
    siegeism Year ago +1

    Great take. The thinking is always go for the odd numbered phones, I have a 13Pro and have zero interest in the 14, maybe the 15 by that time I'll have had my 13 pro for at least three years. I'm also not upgrading my iPhone till the legacy lightening port is ditched. Apple has some right ideas as in nobody is really upgrading "themselves" enough to require huge advances in tech each year - make calls yes, SNS, yes selfies yes, that's about it, may as well just tweak what people use to make it incrementally better. I think the real advance in cell phones will be phone makers building infrastructure such as Tesla and it's satellites. Living in London I have so many dead spots, trains, underground, my apartment or just next to tall buildings. Smart phones need smart networks even if it just means consumers can consume more and tech companies make more profit.

  • Free Iphone 14 Reward In Bio

    Lets take a moment and apperciate all the hard work they put into their content for us! Thanks for the videos. 1:00 loved this part.

  • Marcello Vicario
    Marcello Vicario Year ago +152

    Never liked the way Apple do stuff, but I have to admit that they're the greatest genius of all time: they can present the same things every year and everyone's still going to buying them.
    I think that now the only really cool smartphone are the foldable, otherwise they're all quite similar...

    • Piton Priscal
      Piton Priscal Year ago +12

      Apple's products are good but they are bad due to Apple's decisions on the hardware(often software features too) and minimum upgrade.

    • Muhammad Tayyab
      Muhammad Tayyab Year ago +24

      Thats called a “ Brand” my friend….. a big % of people fall for the brand itself not the actual content they are paying for….

    • Joona Räty
      Joona Räty Year ago +2

      @Muhammad Tayyab Yeah...but maintaining such brand so well...

    • Austin
      Austin Year ago +5

      folable is decades ago how is it cool now? Apple making the prices high for phones that arent pro and have less feats is funny cuz people are stupid anyways, but the pro phones are trash like their colors

    • Buttons__
      Buttons__ Year ago

      @Austin You mean flip phones??? I've never seen phones fold into tablets until now...

  • Ryan VanLoh
    Ryan VanLoh 2 months ago

    I got a iphone 13 mini for the comfort and just how portable it is, but I decided to trade it in more recently because it wouldn't last me all day even if I did everything I could to make it last. It was an amazing phone and would still have it now if itd last longer

  • Gabriel F
    Gabriel F Year ago +647

    It’s amazing how they can make things look like they’re leaps and bounds better when they’re not. I’m quite happy with my 13 pro max. The saving grace for iPhones was a 120hz display. That’s it, that’s all the iPhone needed to feel amazing. Going to android then coming back to my iPhone always felt shitty because my iPhone at the time had a 60hz display and I was adjusted to the 120hz of my S21 Ultra. Once the 13 pro released in green, I had to have it. This will be my phone for a good long time. I doubt it will get sluggish anytime soon

    • A V
      A V Year ago +63

      Exactly even i am happy with my 13 pro max. I mean they calling them huge leaps are like very small upgrades. Probably will upgrade my iphone when 17 or 18 pro comes out

    • Untitled
      Untitled Year ago +88

      @Vaibhav Singh what's your issue buddy

    • PokeLegend Z
      PokeLegend Z Year ago +19

      Yea, it won’t make any sense to upgrade from 13 pro max to 14 pro max..

    • NFYT
      NFYT Year ago +6

      you're totally right, and for a person that hasn't experienced more than 90hz screen display (like me), you can even go older, my xr works just fine, i have enough 128GB space it never fills, the camera is fair enough and it feels as fast as newest iphones, sure thing i'll miss stuff like pro motion since it would be my first ever time trying a high refresh rate screen (i know im a caveman but in less than a year i was rocking with my iphone 7 plus lmao), when i get the change i'll definitely get one of those 120hz iphones.
      i did tried 90HZ screen, it wasn't good enough bc apple has that thing of the screen shows 60hz but its definitely recognizing 90hz, no biggie and that phone had a worse chipset so the apps opened faster on my iphone and it definitely got obliterated in games, it was an oneplus, don't exactly know the model but it definitely wasn't one of the flagships like oneplus 7T or whatever it was a mid range phone.

    • sunny nair
      sunny nair Year ago +8

      @Vaibhav Singh haha good one. Pierced his heart hahaha

  • Birger
    Birger Year ago +4

    I’m certain one of the big reasons the Mini didn’t make it was battery life. I know some people liking a smaller phone (and the SE is quite popular, which proves my point) and it was like an SE with full screen. But the battery life was arguably terrible. And my ex-wife picked up an SE instead.

  • Shina Kohana
    Shina Kohana 3 months ago

    I love your reviews! They're not splooging over how awesome Apple is and why like many other articles/vids I've seen. You come off as genuinely unbiased and PHEW!! Thank goodness!!
    I just saw your other video comparing the S22 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Ultra Max Alpha Omega, whatever Apple calls their stuff. *sigh* My Galaxy S8+ just isn't working with things anymore (bought it in 2019 and still use it today) and found out that Android quietly stopped doing updates. Hence the crap way it's suddenly working...
    Apple keeps doing updates for everyone, as far as I can read. I wanted to know if it was worth getting another Android vs Apple in this case and I've been bilking against getting Apple for YEARS because of the fanbase being so gross.
    After watching this vid and the other one I mentioned, I may have to just grit my teeth and get that payment plan going. I legit use my phones until they refuse to work anymore. Same with my computers. I still have the same HP Omen 2080RTX I got in 2018 with little to few issues. I only got it because my Win 7 I built in 2011/12 got bricked with updates for Win 10. 🤣 I get the good stuff NOW and use it until it can't be used anymore. So, considering my average is $200/year for cellphones, this sounds like the best bet for what I'm looking for, even counting an extra $100 or so for inflation.

  • Shoaib Hussain
    Shoaib Hussain Year ago

    Always loved your reviews...your honest views on these types of products makes your videos more international to watch...❣️❤️

  • Astro Boy
    Astro Boy Year ago +6

    I love the way Arun critically broke down The Ugly when it came to the design part of the 14.

  • Trevor Christian
    Trevor Christian 11 months ago

    I upgraded from an XR (yes old but it was arguably the best budget iPhone ever made for its value and capabilities) and I tell you what. The iPhone 14 pro cameras have made me take more pictures this week than ever before. Even in the base setting of 12MP on the main camera it’s just so good sometimes it makes you laugh a little. Although the iPhone 14pro models aren’t what they could have been IMO they are what the iPhone 13 should have been from the start. I’m hoping this is apples way of perfecting the last design model so that they can release an all new design for 2023.

    • Trevor Christian
      Trevor Christian 11 months ago

      Let me also add I sell phones so I see a lot phones coming throughout my store and I’ve only ever seen old people with the base model 14. Everyone else got the pro or decided to upgrade to a 13 pro instead

  • YoungShield
    YoungShield Year ago +117

    This channel is not just the epitome of tech youtube, but youtube in general. The information shared, endless creativity and top notch dedication really makes me feel guilty for watching this for free. Every video is fantastic, thank you Arun.

    • Cruz Nunez
      Cruz Nunez Year ago +2

      I got an iPhone 14 ad before watching his video. No question he's making money

    • Fabriosky
      Fabriosky Year ago

      I think Clip-Share pays him so if you watch his videos he gets money

  • adsfheh
    adsfheh Year ago +17

    First of all thank you for you really informative, concise and beautifully created videos! I've been an iPhone user for almost 10 years, and I try to hold on to them for as long as possible, first because there is almost no point in upgrading every year, and second - yes, they are expensive.
    What i want to know is why are people so upset that the design of iPhones in particular has basically remained the same for 10 years? Not only do 90% of people if not more keep their phones in cases that render their design almost meaningless, but you get used very quickly to pretty much whatever changes companies make. Furthermore today's phones are just very sleek looking rectangles, what more would you want from their design?
    And for somebody who doesnt have enough time to follow Android smartphones and Samsungs in particular - how much are they improving on an annual basis (everybody bashes the iPhone for its incremental changes) and how much is their design changing?

    • TheCommandMaster
      TheCommandMaster Year ago +1

      They samsung phones literally fold in half now. If that's not a big change idk what is

    • Admiral Live
      Admiral Live Year ago +1

      @TheCommandMaster until it stops folding correct and you get bends in the screen. Also you’re also getting the ecosystem and how everything is put together so much better than with android. At least there’s no fragmentation and iPhones get more updates than androids average of 2 big updates and those are for the bog Budget phones

    • adsfheh
      adsfheh Year ago

      @TheCommandMaster Even if we ignore the issues with the foldable phones, I just dont one - I dont find the form factor appealing and the folding capability means nothing for me. Im pretty sure thats not the only "innovation" advantage Samsung has over the iPhone, right?

    • TheCommandMaster
      TheCommandMaster Year ago

      @adsfheh off the top of my head they also have under display front facing cameras now

  • Jim Kanaris
    Jim Kanaris Year ago +3

    Excellent review! The ugly bit is creepy on Apple's part but I'm sure they can pitch it in a way that says, Well, that's an interpretation of intention which neglects market reality (i.e. the regular user doesn't care). Convenient, no? 🙂

  • Brandon Cook
    Brandon Cook 11 months ago +1

    I just jumped from an IPhone XR to the iPhone 14 Pro Max in deep purple. I’m impressed how snappier it is, the quality feels more premium but honestly using it for what I do just feels the same.

  • nikaz
    nikaz Year ago +4

    It is also pretty impressive that these companies have been able to deliver the same price tag for improved everything over the past few years, also considering the current condition the world is in.

    • Henrique Furtado
      Henrique Furtado Year ago +1

      The price tag has not remained the same, this year we are getting the most expensive iPhone ever and even after “improved” it only costs 550$ to produce each unit, this year there is a 300% profit margin…

    • Pocnit
      Pocnit Year ago

      @Henrique Furtado The cost isn't just making it.
      The cost is also building/renting the production lines, storage, shipping, marketing, and especially research and development.
      On top of that you need to give money to investors otherwise why the fuck would they invest in the first place?
      It's not like they can produce them for $550 and put them on a table at an intersection to sell for $600

    • Henrique Furtado
      Henrique Furtado Year ago

      @Pocnit true.

  • Hector Torres
    Hector Torres Year ago +1

    I totally agree with all the all the points except for THE UGLY.
    I don't see the problem about having that gap between the pro versions and the standard versions. I spent almost 2000€ getting the Pro Max therefore I understand that there would be major differences if I have gotten the Plus. Would it be fair is a person that buys the Plus have gotten almost the same features spending half the money? Not quite! Why would anyone buy the Pro if they were the same?
    Anyhow! love all your videos! they are so good and useful!❤

    • modables
      modables Year ago

      u spent 2000$ on a bad phone??? wtf

    • modables
      modables Year ago

      it's euros too even worse

    • Hector Torres
      Hector Torres Year ago +1

      @modables troll

    • Luka Bošnjak
      Luka Bošnjak Month ago

      ​@modablesHis 2000€ phone is now worth 1250€, Samsung 1500€ phone is worth 600€ in the same time period...

  • Ell Jensen
    Ell Jensen Year ago +627

    I have a feeling that many people will not use the always on display, due to it giving the impression that the display is not off, and as such, they might feel that their phone is always running even when they hit the power button. With other phones, the screen goes black, showing that the phone has turned off, and THEN a small image appears on screen, leaving the rest black. It is the same thing with e-ink displays, people feel much more comfortable when their screen displays all white ("off") instead of just whatever they last had on the screen, or something like a picture.

    • jupiter universe
      jupiter universe Year ago +87

      Exactly. Even then, why'd you need an always on display?
      Efficient or not, it will eat battery no matter what.

    • Ketu Birali
      Ketu Birali Year ago +52

      Perfect. I was thinking exactly this. Also who needs something always on display? You're not gonna be looking at your locked screen all the time

    • Ahdok
      Ahdok Year ago +24

      This isn't really an accurate comparison, because an E-ink displays are bi-stable, you could drive an image to an e-ink display, and then gut all the electronics out of the system, and the picture would remain. It's consuming no power and doing no processing.
      When you have an "always on display" on a phone like this it *is* "turned on", the processors are running, checking for inputs, checking the sensors for if it's put in your pocket etc. The display *is* still running, it's putting power to the backplane and emitting photons.

    • FinePILOT
      FinePILOT Year ago +6

      I think a completely black wallpaper will make it fully black by turning off the pixels.

    • Marc Rodet
      Marc Rodet Year ago +6

      @Ahdok Do you know how much more battery is consumed? Without this data, how can one provide a valid, objective analysis? (The processor is always running, whether the screen is on or off.)

  • Armin Steiner
    Armin Steiner Year ago +2

    Love you r Videos! A Head to Head with the Vivo x80 Pro would be cool :) I was thinking about getting the 14 Pro Max (I use the 12 ProMax right now) but even with a 48MP camera I am not totally convinced to upgrade, might change if the reviews for the cameras are praising it :) the Vivo looked cool also and in MArc the x90 will probably come out.
    Or going for a DSLR once again.....

  • Ekowo Obed Nnamdi
    Ekowo Obed Nnamdi Year ago +3

    Thanks for this wonder review and am also happy for the notch upgrade with better functions 👏.

  • Dwall44
    Dwall44 Year ago +46

    Yeah, I definitely have a couple problems with this year‘s phones. But my biggest being them getting rid of the Sim card and switching to eSIM. Really just not a good idea. Anyone agree?

    • Kevin Fernandez
      Kevin Fernandez Year ago

      Naa depends on your lifestyle

    • Nate B
      Nate B Year ago

      Yes I agree. I could not use this phone conveniently when I travel.

    • Kamran Ahmed
      Kamran Ahmed Year ago +6

      It's Apple's obsession with having few or no ports on their phones as much as possible.

    • Grilled Cheese
      Grilled Cheese 11 months ago

      I’ve actually been using esim for over a year now so not really. My carrier adopted it early

    CHICOBENITO1 Year ago +25

    I’ve never been one to really take a side in the great divide between Apple & Samsung and what either can do better and what not, if I like the phone and it serves me well for what I need it for I’m happy.
    I left apple because I was bored of the lack of making it more personalised. I went to the Samsung Galaxy Ultra Note 10 + and it was a fantastic phone for the 2 year I had it with no issues.
    I upgraded to the iPhone 13 pro max and haven’t looked back it’s an unreal phone with a brilliant camera and camera quality. Even although I like the new 14 pro max I think I will possibly wait till next years release when things may just get that bit better plus iOS 16 coming is something to look forward to.

    FARAZ AHMAD 9 months ago +53

    After a long long wait apple has now upgraded their 12 megapixel back camera to a staggering 48 megapixel and they also increased the screen resolution and brightness. I really waited this to happen for a long time.

    • Get pro gamer moved
      Get pro gamer moved 9 months ago +3

      Samsung has 108 megapixels for much longer, 48 megapixels suck.

    • Spimmy
      Spimmy 9 months ago +2

      @Get pro gamer moved yet it takes 12 MP photos? They only use it for their unnecessary 100x zoom, which pretty much is their only selling point…

    • White Goodman
      White Goodman 8 months ago +8

      lmao apple fanboys behind 5 years every iphone release.

    • Spimmy
      Spimmy 8 months ago

      @White Goodman try using both phones features first then? Everything has a reason, just like why apple is worth more than a trillion 😂

    • FalseSnowflake
      FalseSnowflake 8 months ago +1

      The 48 megapixels are quad-pixels meaning that 4 adjacent pixels will be the same colour. 4 pixels are essentially doing the same thing as one pixel in a 12 megapixel camera. In other words, don't expect an immense quality upgrade in your photos.

  • Kendrell Harrison
    Kendrell Harrison Year ago +86

    Another issue that was glossed over is the fact that there is no physical sim tray. At least on the US models. So international travel now gets much more complicated. Many countries don't use esims and esim as a whole is no where near as quick and easy to set up as simply buying a disposable sim in the country that you're visiting and popping it in your phone. So now your options are buy an expensive international plan with your carrier or hope that the country you're visiting supports it.

    • GreeMura_
      GreeMura_ Year ago +11

      Now everyone is hating Apple for not implementing an Sim Tray, 1-2 Years later Samsung and every other Smartphone manufacturer will follow them. Like the Headphonejack. eSim is just the future.

    • Legion Z
      Legion Z Year ago +15

      @GreeMura_ the thing is, its useless if people cant use their phone to call, so they wont follow unless they earn the benefit which right now there are more problems than benefits

    • StuffFilmedHere
      StuffFilmedHere Year ago +17

      i dont really see the point of removing sim trays. they arent bothering anyone and no one has EVER complained about them

    • StuffFilmedHere
      StuffFilmedHere Year ago +3

      ​@GreeMura_ samsung already has esim support and some other companies so if they were to go ahead with it, it would be a time where esims are useable everywhere. how much will it save them? barely anything, if that. not worth the hate these companies will get if they do that

    • Michael
      Michael Year ago

      Arun hasn’t used one yet, so I guess never picked up on that

  • Ae Men
    Ae Men Year ago +1

    Having the same form factor means they can produce or outsource so much more than they needed for the 13. Manufacturers usually lowers their price for bulkier orders. It saves them money

    • Doctoralicure
      Doctoralicure Year ago

      Congratulations I have something for you 🎁!

    FARAZ AHMAD 9 months ago +52

    Finally, Apple now has given their iPhone 14 pro MAX a action mode which stabilizes the camera when taking action shots or shooting videos. This is what I need in my 13 pro.

    • Hellcat826
      Hellcat826 9 months ago +3

      Regular 14 pro has action mode ad well

    • Josue Hernandez
      Josue Hernandez 9 months ago +2

      It on all 14s

    • akiba losy
      akiba losy 8 months ago

      Look for the samsung s23 stablizes now u would cry

  • HisHighness
    HisHighness Year ago

    My question about adaptive refresh rates is: When my screen is showing something static like an ebook page or something where the refresh rate has been decreased down to 1hz, and I suddenly swipe to the next page or basically do something that returns the refresh rate back to normal, will there be a bit of lag for a split second when the refresh rate returns to normal, or will it be instant and unrecognizable?

    • Jake
      Jake Year ago

      I can’t know for sure but knowing apple, probably instant and unrecognizable

  • Bhavya Agrawal
    Bhavya Agrawal Year ago +1

    Your concepts of good, bad and ugly is very good and easily undestandable. Plus im impressed by your choice of words "They are only giving the modern good stuff to the people who are both aware that they want it and are willing to pay more for it."

  • taiwanthebest
    taiwanthebest 11 months ago

    I love how u can make the smallest and most insignificant, industry trailing upgrade (like always on display) sound so progressive, and exciting. Skill and critique reserved only for Iphone that mostly fall behind other phones on many aspect of their phones.

  • Packer Anderson
    Packer Anderson Year ago +223

    Having watched this multi-hour event live, this video covers everything you need to take away and more! Great job Arun! 👍

    • IconicTK
      IconicTK Year ago

      couldnt agree more

    • umalsha colambage
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      how do you know it’s only been 2 mins since it was posted lmaooooo

    • VOID VOID #Ægang
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    • Grimun
      Grimun Year ago +1

      Except for the airpods and apple watch. I hope he makes videos on them soon!

  • Defsy80
    Defsy80 Year ago +1

    I wish iPhones were that cheap here in Canada. Basic iPhone 14 is 1099$ while the Pro is 1399$. I got the SE 14 months ago since I am not made out of money, I didn't know it's battery would be that bad though. I have been an iPhone user since the 3GS but what Apple is doing right now is making me consider switching to Android next year. Never thought I'd say that. Anyways, Arun, thank you so much for all the content you publish, it's always very insightful.

    • Jake Small
      Jake Small 10 months ago

      USD and cad are different values
      1099 Canadian is 820 u.s

    • Flez
      Flez 8 months ago

      Just switch. Switched last year to apple and I regret it. Paid so much that I have to stuck with it for a few years before I can change back

  • Cool Runnings
    Cool Runnings Year ago +2

    I love your videos. You usually talk about every aspect of a device. Nothing about the 60Hz display? It's crazy how all reviewers pointed it out on 6a but on iPhone it seems to be okay.

  • Parmarth Gujrathi
    Parmarth Gujrathi 10 months ago +1

    Me watching this today without skipping a second on my 14 pro 😂 Hands down Arun is the best creator on YT when it comes to phones

  • Karthik Kesavan
    Karthik Kesavan Year ago +5

    After watching the event, i decided to keep my iphone XR. According to me that's the best iPhone 😍
    Let's wait for Apple to bring some good phones next year.

  • fat4by4
    fat4by4 11 months ago +2

    I am an iPhone user and have been since the iPhone 3G, I see more positives than negatives in this review and it’s actually been a few years since I upgraded so this will actually be a jump for me if I get the new phone

  • Blitzo 64
    Blitzo 64 Year ago +603

    I agree whole heartedly with “The Ugly”
    I told my brother to wait on getting us 13 pro max two months ago because the 14 was gonna come out. And that even if he didn’t want the 14, the 13 would be $100 less for basically the same thing (or similar enough things that he wouldn’t the upgrade for the extra price)

    • 23GOOOFY
      23GOOOFY Year ago +16

      Been waiting since June for precisely this reason. That's solid advice!

    • MysticalKO
      MysticalKO Year ago +10

      @Eric get it somewhere else

    • WyldeGi
      WyldeGi Year ago +9

      The 13 PM and 14 PM are the same price

    • MysticalKO
      MysticalKO Year ago

      @Eric oh ya, that… probably sell it or check some sites that give money or let trade in

    • Justin Roblox
      Justin Roblox Year ago +2

      @Eric it’s still there but not on the homepage

  • Dupre
    Dupre Year ago +3

    Arun's analysis is pretty much spot on. This wasn't a very exciting iPhone update. But that's OK, like he said, there is a chip shortage and other challenges facing the world right now. Maybe next year the iPhone 15 will blow our collective minds...

    • Francois Murrell
      Francois Murrell Year ago

      same thing said every year lmao

    • Dupre
      Dupre Year ago

      @Francois Murrell not every year. Some years are revolutionary, some years are evolutionary. iPhone 10 was a big deal because it brought OLED. iPhone 13 was another big deal as it brought 120Mhz refresh rate. No company can knock our socks off every year. Intel calls it the "tick-tock cycle".

  • Cmdr Ratzass
    Cmdr Ratzass Year ago +53

    I like Apples down-to-earth approach to implementing new features. It’s just a shame that their marketing and especially their pricing policy are quite the opposite.
    But as I only upgraded last year I won’t be buying another phone for at least the next two years, probably more like three or four years.
    By then it might be worth the upgrade again.
    There’s one thing that pisses me off though, and that’s not enabling the always-on-display on the 13 Pro models. It would probably suck a tiny little bit more battery on those devices, but it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.
    Theoretically they could enable it on any device with an OLED screen, all the way back to the iPhone X. It probably makes sense not to do that, but last year’s Pro models should definitely get this feature.

    • Akihiko Kougeki
      Akihiko Kougeki Year ago +1

      Then iphone 14 pro series wont be a hit because apple advertise APD is exclusive festure for 14pros which is ridiculous
      AOD is not a big feayure but apple acts like it is groundbreaking feature

    • AR
      AR Year ago +6

      Bro i have a 400$ samsung from a year ago with AOD and 90hz refresh rate and its battery still lasts 2 days, the fact that they dont enable it on their 10hz iphone 13 pros is mindboggling

    • Akihiko Kougeki
      Akihiko Kougeki Year ago +3

      @AR u know apple loves money and that's it

    • Rexxy
      Rexxy Year ago

      If apple produce a 100 dollar or even cheaper budget phones I'll buy it.

    • Rexxy
      Rexxy Year ago

      @AR its all about the lenses

  • Kaiipop
    Kaiipop 10 months ago +1

    Upgraded from the X to the 14 Pro and it's been amazing so far

  • Deep Codes
    Deep Codes Year ago +1

    I really liked how they came up with the dynamic island concept but is anyone thinking about how it will look if it had a screen guard with a pill shaped hole to it and will the animations look the same like they showed 🤔🤔

  • Mining away
    Mining away 10 months ago

    I have the iPhone SE 2020. The battery isn’t a problem for me but it could be for extremely heavy users. I don’t usually use my phone from 8am to 4pm but after that i use it heavily and it usually has 30 percent when I’m going to bed

  • Ramij Khan 2.0
    Ramij Khan 2.0 Year ago +167

    I'm stunned by how much intricate details you put in every single thing within the video and the video always turns out to be perfect. Also the consistency with which the videos are delivered at the perfect time is a huge thumbs up factor.

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    dani ♡ ༊*·˚ 8 months ago

    Upgraded to the 14 from the se 2020 and I’m really happy with my purchase. It’s a huge upgrade. Idk why this phone gets so much hate lol

  • TyeBee
    TyeBee Year ago +1

    So what I took from that is that I’m absolutely making the right decision to stick with my 13 Pro Max and avoid becoming a sheeple because there’s clearly almost no gain whatever. Excellent video as always 👌

  • Mr. Breadman
    Mr. Breadman Year ago +1

    I'm just gonna stick with android I just honestly prefer the app store on Android and a few other things but your review is definitely going to help people

  • Absolutely Average

    Ahh bloody hell! I have the 14 Pro Max on pre-order, waiting to pay for it at 1pm TODAY! Now I've seen this, I really don't know if its worth waiting til next year instead. Although, my main desire is the camera, so I'm stuck between wanting and waiting! Cheers Aaron

  • Par Jau
    Par Jau Year ago

    Regarding the Mini, I was actually put off by the notch because it was the same size as on the Max. This made it proportionally much larger and took up too much of the screen. I hope when they get rid of intrusions completely, they bring back a Mini version. The fact that it is cheaper is, for me, irrelevant.

  • sweetcommentary 👑🍯
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    Arun is the expert on iPhones. He literally has the best reviews of tech on Clip-Share. Always waiting for your judgement each year on the newest iPhone.

    • Daniel Salazar
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    Hi Arun! Let me say first up I love watching your content! Only suggestion I have is it seems like almost all your review videos are about a smartphone. Hardly ever about, let’s say a pair of flagship headphones or a new gaming laptop or a new console example Xbox Series X Pro if it comes out! Would love to see more videos like that like your video about every PlayStation! That was probably one of my favourite videos you’ve done :))

  • Rexrode Family
    Rexrode Family 10 months ago

    You addressed people like me at the end lol I’m here searching videos because my older iPhone battery is giving out and it’s time for me to upgrade today, I’ve been considering the new iPhone but didn’t know where to begin because the differences never seem to justify the cost. T-Mobile always offers me the basic iPhones, I’ll have to check out the Pro. Especially at that price point!

  • TechLee
    TechLee 9 months ago +47

    Absolutely right. People now think small phone means its cheap.

    • phantomtq
      phantomtq 9 months ago +3

      Well it is cheaper though but more importantly hand campatibility. My woman friend is very very satified with her iphone 12 mini. She is a petite person so physically mini is very compatible with her hand

    • Mr denPes
      Mr denPes 8 months ago

      @phantomtq That's why she is lucky to have you as well 🤣

    • Kaiser pfundlickner heineken
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  • Varun Prakash Dhanda

    Thanks- You’re a Pro Max when it comes to genuine and high-quality tech news/reviews!

  • MonkeDonke
    MonkeDonke 7 months ago

    The thing that makes me most mad is the pricing… in Norway. It is literally 1549$ For the base 128gb iPhone 14 pro max and it literally goes up to 2219$ For the 1TB One, it is absolutely ridiculous how much more expensive they are here, but then again, it’s Europe and stuff so things are usually 30-40% more expensive here than in the US

  • Braden Moss
    Braden Moss Year ago +553

    As a cell phone salesman, 80% of the customers who come through my door come in because their iPhone 8-X has stopped working. They want the base model of the newest iPhone. Usually they ask "what iPhone are we on now?" They usually don't even bother asking about the price. To a very large majority of the US market, the iPhone is the only smartphone available, and there is only one of them every year.

    • Marco
      Marco Year ago +119

      It's pretty impressive and somewhat sad how Apple has managed to just overwhelm the US phone market

    • politcally correct
      politcally correct Year ago +32

      and they are also getting android users to switch, which means consumer satisfaction is higher with iphone, and that's not due to marketing.

    • History Jovian
      History Jovian Year ago +53

      @politcally correct I think not. IPhone are most of the time best phone, to flex

    • SiinxKJ
      SiinxKJ Year ago +21

      Cuffs imo the os is just untouchable in reliability for everyday use for me, android just doesnt have that nice optimization for example the, battery.

  • Arica Fontenot
    Arica Fontenot Year ago +3

    I'm glad Apple is finally doin something different and adding features that us Galaxy users having be having for years. I've been waiting for an iPhone to make me want to switch and this still isn't the one but nice job with finally catching up. Go Apple!

  • Vlad von Hraban
    Vlad von Hraban Year ago +2

    Whoa, no mini models means a big no from me.
    I’ve never been happier going back to iPhone 5 sizes phones, and can’t imagine carrying a brick in my pocket
    I am always on the go and 13 mini is the best of two worlds - impressive battery life that lasts, and small size and weight

  • Edward Hudgins
    Edward Hudgins Year ago

    I was hoping to switch from my Galaxy s21 Ultra to a 14 Pro Max so I could sync with my MacBook Air M1. (Got it almost a year ago. The wifi antenna and Bluetooth are weaker than my 6 yr old HP, and there's no pause button on the video camera, but it's a great machine to work on.) But the 14 Pro Max's tiny 3X optical telephoto and 15X digital isn't in the same league as the s21 and s22 Ultras' 10X optical and 30X and 100X digital telephotos. (I get cool photos of the Moon with the s21!) So I'll probably wait for the 15 Pro Max which hopefully will match the Galaxy telephotos (though rumors are the s23 might have a 200X zoom), get the faster USB-C connection (esp if Apple wants to sell them in Europe), and put a pause button on the video camera, such an utterly simply and obvious thing.

  • Smart Otokiti
    Smart Otokiti Year ago

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    E AND D ADVENTURES 8 months ago +1

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    • 1x1sc
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      Yes they always have my respect

    • Laiyin Li
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  • レドピルお願い

    So the selfie camera that is going to be a big hit (for some unknown reason) is underneath a panel with special multitasking attributes which will mean putting greasy fingerprints all over the selfie camera and that’s going to somehow make better photos 🤔, I would think the logical thing to do for the selfie obsessed, and given that the technology definitely exists, with thinner screens, is to have an LCD on the back to use the main cameras for everything.

  • Lewis Davies
    Lewis Davies Year ago +4

    Hello Arun Lewis again from peacehaven, been waiting for the I phone 14 review & yet again you've smashed it 👍 I've had a Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra since they came out it's been fantastic, but I would like to try an I phone for a change . Your brilliant review has convinced me to give the 14 pro max a go & I think I should , just keep doing what your doing as I said before I think this is the best channel on Clip-Share 👍🍻

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    Hi Arun! Love your videos 😄.
    Quick question,
    I currently have an S22 Ultra and I am planning to switch to IPhone 14 Pro Max to try apple I'm a first time user should I go for the change and will it be worth it?

    • Wolfy54
      Wolfy54 11 months ago +1

      keep the s22, its a great phone. switching from one expensive phone to another would be a waste of money

  • ColeDaNerd
    ColeDaNerd Year ago +2

    Im waiting for the 15. I think that the 15 pro will have everything amazing about the 14 pro but will be optimized more so that I don't feel like im beta testing something

  • Entertainment Portion

    Been waiting for you can't wait to see the results. The best channel for review for sure I say .. always gives information corrects that matters the most .. heads of you
    Keep it up

  • Fernando César David Rama

    What you mentioned as "The Ugly" is precisely what will stop me from buying the iPhone 14.
    I was expecting a notch design change and we got it! But only for the pro versions, which is a major disappointment from my point of view.
    I'd already decided to buy the 14 as my 1st iPhone ever, but I just dropped that decision and am staying in Android world.
    I mean: I can buy an used 13 pro max (with new battery) for less than 1200€, so what's the point in buying a new 14 base model for 1040€? To have the same design, same chipset, but possibly worse camera set?
    Bad, bad move, Apple. Android it (still) is.

    • RuneTeardown
      RuneTeardown Year ago +15

      u can buy the 13 base model if u really want to get into the ecosystem. 599 is not a bad offer if you want (last year's) flagship phone with good camera that can compete even with the current android flagship. it's a better deal than the s21 FE. id always have an android phone with 1-2 year old flagship chip as my big gaming phone and an iphone with 1-2 year tech as my phone for e-bankings and emails.

    • Thirrek
      Thirrek Year ago +12

      Well, the iPhone 14 is better than the older phones... of course. But I would rather buy an iPhone 13, cause it's cheaper, and it's not much of a difference compared to the normal iPhone 14.

    • Laurens Kool
      Laurens Kool Year ago +40

      @RuneTeardown camera on the s22 are insane. I use the ultra, its just better as my gf ip13 promax

    • NostalGiamer
      NostalGiamer Year ago +1

      so true mate

    • Murtuza Husain
      Murtuza Husain Year ago

      yeah or wait for discounts, until pros become more in the comfortable price ranges

  • LilaEnderman
    LilaEnderman Year ago

    The thing that nobody mentions and what I hate about the "Dynamic island" is that it sits lower than the notch so it actually takes more space from your screen than the notch (because the piece of screen above the island is useless). While it brings more functionality, I think it's just dumb and even more distracting.

  • Jay D
    Jay D Year ago +4

    Still using my iPhone 6 plus and I love my headphone jack. Apples biggest fail was taking that away. Never had to swap out the battery yet.

    • Nad TRZW
      Nad TRZW Year ago

      the iPhone is insanely good! I bought one back when it was released and my mom is still using it to this day. ( She bought a newer / bigger phone last year, but she is still using the iPhone on the side basically.. ) and the thing hasn't had a single issue! A friend of mine had tons of battery problems with her iPhone8 though... I am currently using the 13 (been for a year now) and except for the horrendous iOS15.6.1 update that sucks the life of my battery, it has been working perfectly fine... I just hope we get iOs16 soon because I want my freaking battery life back !! haha

  • Former Tenant
    Former Tenant Year ago +1

    Subbed, your content is professional and I love your personality, thank you kindly for your hard work that is genuinely appreciated by a lot of people!!

  • Shawn Stewart
    Shawn Stewart Year ago

    Well made. I want the 14 for just the camera haha but my 13promax will be good enough for another year by the sounds of this! Love your honest reviews!

  • 360Tomahawk_obese_gorilla87

    I think the differentiation between the pro's and non-pros actually makes sense for apple because they do the same thing with their other products such as the macbook/macbook pro or imac/mac pro

  • DJ Cruiser
    DJ Cruiser Year ago +50

    Great take on the new iPhone 14. I was surprised Apple is removing the Sim tray from the 14. Seems like that might be ugly for those of us who travel internationally and pick up a SIM card for coverage.

    • Hoaxe72
      Hoaxe72 Year ago +11

      We need the SIM card seriously, without it I don’t have mobile data

    • TheFlyingRat
      TheFlyingRat Year ago +5

      yeah, i feel like this is a major flaw. i feel like apple shouldve waited for physical sims to get obsolete before making this change, however they're apple, and now every company is going to copy this change and is going to remove the sim tray... i think in the next few years, majority of newer phones aren't going to have sim trays simply because apple removed it - and this is going to force telcos to provide esims as well a regular sim option (probably at an extra cost) for those with an older phone

    • Hoaxe72
      Hoaxe72 Year ago +15

      @TheFlyingRat e-sims, never heard of those, everyone I know uses a card

    • Michael K.
      Michael K. Year ago +3

      @Hoaxe72 Apple does not care. Get used to it. You have now to adopt the new technology.

      B7RAIN STUDIOS Year ago +1

      it's just in the US version which come without the sim . Glad we get it with the sim also .

  • Nottingham Transit Spotting

    There was also a feature only for iPhone 14 Pro Max that Arun didn't mention, it's the Crash detection system.

    • PS
      PS Month ago

      It’s all iPhone 14 lineup

  • Fuse
    Fuse 10 months ago

    It’s just a shame it’s so expensive for new phones, they look and sound so cool to have and use

  • Arabella
    Arabella Year ago

    I am actually trying the S22 ultra soon cuz we decided to switch on a different carrier. I have been an IPhone user for a while now. I can’t wait to try Samsung!😊