Larcei, Shannan, Altena, & Ced (REGNAL ASTRA IS BACK!) | Banner Breakdown: Heir of Light

  • The Heir of Light Banner features Larcei, Shannan, Altena, and Ced. We got the return of Regnal Astra on not one, but two units so be ready for more special shenanigans. Going over their stats, skills, weapons, builds, and playstyles.
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Comments • 51

  • The Sacred Spear
    The Sacred Spear  2 months ago +93

    I can only imagine the newer Chain Challenges are going to be awful for this book. These units will probably have like 60 Spd and then the Book 4 villains are DANCERS!!! Really gonna have to work for those orbs...

    • NevermoreSalt
      NevermoreSalt Day ago

      God, Larcei absolutely destroys everything and ignore so much damage...and that's only TT!!

    • Joshua K
      Joshua K 2 months ago

      Sacred Spear-I have had an Ayra forever with meh ivs u fortunatley, but after getting a awesome iv Shannan was debating hooking his Aunt Ayra with a build like his, in your opinion would you say Wrath 3 is BIS for Ayra or would it be better to go full offence with a Desperation Build for safer kills or a if Foe Initiates skills in A, an Wrath 3 in B, then like even or odd speed wave. Havent been able to decide whether to rebuild an give Wrath 3, or Desperation 3 an Even speed wave to either Ayra with a - spd iv, or a Radiant Ike.

    • BlueElthunder57
      BlueElthunder57 2 months ago

      Yeah...It's gonna be annoying...

    • Plab Central
      Plab Central 2 months ago

      My armored team is starting to lack with all these stupid fast units

    • Nathaniel Wilson
      Nathaniel Wilson 2 months ago

      @Adam Holt well time to run goad and ward teams now.

  • HY Kazuto
    HY Kazuto Month ago

    Whats the music at 13:00

  • Ichabod Locust
    Ichabod Locust 2 months ago

    >Hair of Light :D

  • wolfzwizdom
    wolfzwizdom 2 months ago

    After completing my judgral collection i pulled a neutral larcei. If i gave her dc or dw would that be a waste at her iv?

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K 2 months ago

    The game dome changed to where its ALL ABOUT your defences/ability to kill in enemy phase vs just kill kill kill in player phase, its why Axe Ike became a GOD -TIER unit w/massive mitigation. SIGURD NEXT!

  • Rain Blue Eastman
    Rain Blue Eastman 2 months ago

    Who's better between Shannan and Larcei for Enemy/Mixed Phase?

  • Anderson Weir
    Anderson Weir 2 months ago

    Larcei vs mareeta who better spear do a video

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra Month ago

      HY Kazuto Oh I'm aware of this, my issue is if her pref was just Null Follow-Up that would've been bad as it's essentially a Slaying Edge with a situational effect as Null Follow-Up beats some guaranteed Follow-Up units like Tibarn and Edelgard and breaks Wary Fighter but that's about it, against the majority of the cast it does nothing.

    • HY Kazuto
      HY Kazuto Month ago

      @ShadedHydra just to mention that mareetas null follow up is solo only

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra 2 months ago

      Broly The Sarcastic Savage I disagree if talking about damage, Regnal Astra shreds opponents while Mareeta has an ok if not inconsistent weapon (without the +4 to all stats it's essentially just Null Follow-Up so almost completely pointless on anything that doesn't have guaranteed Follow-Ups/stops them) Larcei's Edge is easier to activate, allows more team support and neutralises buffs on the opponent. If both of them have Wrath equipped then Larcei is leagues better because she can proc Regnal Astra twice in one round.
      Mareeta should've had Regnal Astra cause at the moment I'd say she's the most overrated Sword in the game with her only niche over Larcei being that she can run the Windsweep Firesweep build but even then you may as well just use M Byleth cause he stops Cooldown as well.

    • Anderson Weir
      Anderson Weir 2 months ago

      Which mareeta have in her weapon

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago +1

      I think Mareeta simply due to her B-special. Because Repel 3 doesn't exactly help immensely. So I plan to swap it for either Null Follow-up or Null C-Disrupt.

  • eat hot chip and lie
    eat hot chip and lie 2 months ago +1

    Brash Assault 4 would've been amazing. Could've been: If unit initiates against a foe that can counter, and unit's HP is equal to or < 75%, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack, and grants Special cooldown -1 per attack. Imagine the terror of 1-round Bonfires.

  • Safina Rohali
    Safina Rohali 2 months ago

    i want shannan EXCLUSIVELY for his boobs, thank you intsys

  • jetairliner spartan
    jetairliner spartan 2 months ago +1

    I got male Ayra +spd -def on the second pull and got karla +atk -spd (but i already had two) on the the fourth or third

  • Kenneth Fletes Somarribas
    Kenneth Fletes Somarribas 2 months ago +3

    Now Cordelia refine makes more sense, she is the new high speed red units killer, with a stronger brave Lance, with SS2 at initiation and TA, SB3 y SS2 in seal slot, she can delete any red sword unit

  • Lycan King
    Lycan King 2 months ago +1

    The name of my dog is Athena. I know this is a random comment and I don't care.

  • spacelizbian
    spacelizbian 2 months ago +1

    My brave hector faced the Larcei in the story maps and she killed him in one round

    • Eli 00
      Eli 00 2 months ago

      And my brave Ike with Lucina support destroyed her with his Aether.😎

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      Press (F) to pay respect for Hector the wrecktor.

  • Broly The Sarcastic Savage

    Was lucky to get Shannan with the first summoning ticket I received from the forging bonds,unfortunately he's -Atk +Def which isn't the end of the world. Since his kit wants to annoy the opponent by being defensive and limiting doubles. Though would it be a wise decision to replace Imperial Astra for Ignis or Bonfire?.

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra 2 months ago

      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 47 Spd is pretty good as is, with that you double most of the roster plus with Lucina support you get even more for example, I suppose if you want even more damage then Bonfire will give you more but in order to proc if every combat you'd have to swap out Balmung for a Slaying Edge and at that point you may as well just keep Imperial Astra because you'll proc it twice most likely doing more damage.

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      But even with Even Spd Wave and SP3 he only goes up to 47 spd. That's not excellent since we have units that can overshadow that number now a days.
      I'm not saying Imperial Astra is bad,just wondering what'll give him more mileage when it comes to damage.

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra 2 months ago +1

      Broly The Sarcastic Savage It's not worth it in my opinion, Imperial Astra having less Cooldown means more procs and Spd is super easy to stack, it also works better for mixed phase Shannan's.

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      I'm asking because Imperial Astra relies on having an abundance in Spd and mine only clocks in at 39 Spd,but his Def goes to 40 without buffs.

  • Zombiekillinator
    Zombiekillinator 2 months ago

    -SPD Shannan and -SPD Larcei, oh lordy.

  • Syr3
    Syr3 2 months ago +1

    I pulled a -spd Larcei. Her whole kit is based on high speed, lol

  • JinxMarionette
    JinxMarionette 2 months ago +1

    Time to build Reinhardt

  • Vincent Lloyd
    Vincent Lloyd 2 months ago +2

    You know at first I wasn't impressed with Shannan... But holy hell... 50 speed? 48 Def? Jeeessuuusss man.

    • Surtr King of Flame
      Surtr King of Flame 7 hours ago

      Vincent Lloyd Legendary Alm: Laughs in Luna Arc

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago +1

      Yep he's got two good areas covered in Def/Spd. He's imo ment to prevent doubles and still soak up damage while dishing it back out. Not saying he's OP by any means. Just a good enemy phase unit to have. Well unless you get more copies for merges and you replace both the A,B and his special for something more offensive.

  • Extremegamerz172 1
    Extremegamerz172 1 2 months ago +7

    I managed to get Shannan, Larcei, Idunn, and Nailah from my tickets
    If only my luck is always this good

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago +2

      With my tickets I managed to get two Shannan,another Eyvel and lastly Larcei. Used my last 20 orbs and got pity broken by Yulgr,Petra and a mage Eirika who I'm fine with since I've been trying to complete her for a while. She's now at +7.

  • Bryan Ha
    Bryan Ha 2 months ago +2

    We need the Reinhardt 2.0

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Got a -Spd Ced... whoo...

  • ᴛᴀᴄᴛɪᴄᴀʟ 951

    I got Larcei

  • Brave Scholar Lys
    Brave Scholar Lys 2 months ago +8

    My girl Altena is an absolute wall waifu with the +Def superboon +3 merge with
    Fortress Def/Res
    Quick Reposte
    Atk Smoke
    (S)Close Def
    I'm praying to Sothis that they won't pull a Eyvel and not Demote her c'mon her starting skills are ABYSMAL with one already on a free grail unit I want to +10 her easily.....
    Larcei +Atk, fixed bane(what's up with me and Ayra's family since regular Mareeta getting Atk instead of Spd not complaining though!) gave her just Time's Pulse with a spare Sothis immediate Regnal Astra every turn is so good and Null Follow-up from a spare Adrift Male Corrin I got!
    Need to still get Shannan!(EDIT: got him +Spd/-Atk even then still strong!)
    Ced isn't a priority yet
    All the art is amazing!

    • ????
      ???? 2 months ago

      Brave Scholar Lys
      Her thighs will be the source of her stacked Defense.

  • Gustbk1
    Gustbk1 2 months ago +1

    Was aiming for the Red almost none, but at least managed to get Ced (+Atk-Hp), so that's good.
    And I still have one free ticket to get, so there's still chance.

  • absoul112
    absoul112 2 months ago +1

    Would it kill them to make a 3CD inheritable version of Imperial/Regnal Astra?

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra 2 months ago

      absoul112 if they did that then Spd would be the undisputed best stat in the game, Spd stacking is ridiculously easy to do and it would probably make any unit that didn't conform to the fast Sword archetype so much worse. I'd hope they'll never do it as shown with Ayra back when and hell even now she can basically ignore the weapon triangle with such a high Spd stat.

    • ᴛᴀᴄᴛɪᴄᴀʟ 951
      ᴛᴀᴄᴛɪᴄᴀʟ 951 2 months ago

      You can't inherit Ragnell Astra

  • Jack Lorenz
    Jack Lorenz 2 months ago +4

    I’m assuming that Brash Assault is supposed to represent Adept/Continue or something? I don’t really get it though.

  • Liniko Andrord
    Liniko Andrord 2 months ago +3

    The banners as of recent have been giving us just the fastest of their kind. This one not so much but still there are a lot of quick units. I managed to get Larcei and though she is -Atk +Res I think she'll be fine.

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      Your Larcei is as fast as mine at 40 Spd which isn't garbage. Since in the past 36-38 was the golden number at being fast. Now 40-up is the new standard. Plus Atk/Spd solo covers up any lack of speed she needs.

  • KoopaKoot
    KoopaKoot 2 months ago +43

    Time to switch Reinhardt's lance breaker to sword breaker

    • R o d g e r I I
      R o d g e r I I 2 months ago +1

      @Sleeping Forest *cough* LULL ATK/RES 3 BABYYY *cough*

    • Sleeping Forest
      Sleeping Forest 2 months ago +1

      @Shufu Killah oops my mistake but still he shouldn't have much of a problem taking them out.

    • Shufu Killah
      Shufu Killah 2 months ago

      @Sleeping Forest who do you think chill res is going to hit first??

    • Sleeping Forest
      Sleeping Forest 2 months ago

      Not really with plus attack death blow 4 and chill res he can still take them all out except the green unit ced tho.

    • Shufu Killah
      Shufu Killah 2 months ago

      Better hope they don't have DC

  • Newt
    Newt 2 months ago +3

    I still believe in chadhardt

  • Lyren Nova
    Lyren Nova 2 months ago +1

    I got a +Spd -Hp Shannan off of a Ticket. Haven't used him yet. I'll just keep him since I don't really want to fodder such a good IV unit

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago +1

      Imo you hit the jackpot with his stats.
      Though he would appreciate the extra Atk. His Spd is what is more valuable and since your's doesn't have a bane to either one. You've lucked out bigtime.

  • Rain
    Rain 2 months ago +1

    My Larcei is just like her mother (-speed) for me. :'} Am I okay? I don't know :'[

  • BobMcBobinson
    BobMcBobinson 2 months ago +2

    This banner has been great to me thus far, I spent 260 or so orbs.
    I've gotten an Altena, a Shannan, pity broken by a 5* Echidna but the big prize was me getting 4 Larceis. Larcei was my most wanted unit to be put in the game and I'm so happy to have her!

    • BobMcBobinson
      BobMcBobinson 2 months ago +1

      @Shufu Killah The almighty Kaga came down from the heavens and gave me a kiss on the forehead. A blessing for sitting patiently and waiting for Larcei to be added to the game, and thus he blessed me with four copies of my beloved.
      Usually my luck is horrible, I still have ptsd from over 500 orbs and not a single Osian.

    • Shufu Killah
      Shufu Killah 2 months ago

      Jesus. It took me over 1100 orbs to get 4 copies of Peony...

  • Bagus Hariss
    Bagus Hariss 2 months ago +6

    Icoming dc larcei on aether raid,
    Hope altena got demote cause if she is, then 10+ project her would be much easier

    • Shufu Killah
      Shufu Killah 2 months ago +1

      @Broly The Sarcastic Savage I'm going to have to disagree with all of your points. I'm not trying to antagonize you, so it's nothing personal.
      People put DC on armors because 1) They have more BST than any other movement type, which means they naturally have more bulk, including magical bulk when you consider their HP, and 2) Armors can only move one space usually so they generally rely on enemy phase skills more than other movement types, and it would be too easy to kite them with a ranged unit and reposition away if they didn't have DC.
      The damage reduction from Repel makes speedy units like Larcei much more viable for using DC. Nobody cares about pushing the enemy away one space. The damage reduction is very powerful.
      Null C Disrupt is not a very good skill. If you're having trouble with cav healers, build a Triangle Adept raventome mage. They will take zero damage. It's also good to have a unit that can tank dazzling staff healers so you have extra turns to get aether structures in aether raids. I'm assuming this is where they are causing you trouble.

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      @Shufu Killah
      Well you're right about mostly everything except that DC isn't focused solely on Res but as close as you can balance both Def/Res. If that were the case then players wouldn't put DC on armored units since they normally have poor Res but high Def.
      And as for Larcei's repel skill, I think most players are going to swap it for something like a Null skill because those prevent follow ups or counters which imo gets more mileage than just a damage reduction + push back.
      This would further prove my point because Null C-Disrupt on Larcei would help her kill those annoying healers like Cav Veronica.

    • Shufu Killah
      Shufu Killah 2 months ago +1

      @Broly The Sarcastic Savage I'm sorry, that's not even close to true. Usually you judge how good a melee unit would be with DC based on their *RES*. Larcei also has damage reduction from Repel.
      But the glaring issue here is that Larcei has -1 cool down on her weapon. That means she immediately counters with Regnal Astra. This is basically exactly like Ayra's common build with slaying edge+, but waaaay better.
      There should be no doubt that Larcei is a better (and scarier) DC user than Shannan. Ironically, Shannan's higher defense and lack of Repel means he will take more damage from Legendary Alm than Larcei.

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      Shannan would be a better choice for DC since he naturally has more def than his cousin. Larcei imo would make better use with something like Sturdy Impact 3 + a Null skill.

    • Shufu Killah
      Shufu Killah 2 months ago

      Dark team with double Yune 😱

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 2 months ago +4

    Ced can reach 55 speed... Dammit, finally, someone who can double my Raven boy naturally.

  • leprofDtri
    leprofDtri 2 months ago +5

    Brb, getting The Reinhardt to +10.
    Thinking about it, Olwen could be the answer for those stupidly fast red units... if you are somehow able to match their third-wave powercrept speed stat with your unit that is still a first-wave 5* exclusive despite being already outclassed by her almighty brother shortly after release.

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra 2 months ago

      leprofDtri Now I always find it super easy to buff Spd but good luck doubling those units with amazing base Spd/weapons. Olwen's Atk is that bad that you'd probably just scratch those enemies, Dire Thunder needs a refine and especially Olwen, she's an ok Bladetome but she's inferior to L'Arachel with that set.

  • Der Kuchenmacher
    Der Kuchenmacher 2 months ago +2

    I managed to get Larcei (still summoning for shannan after i get some orbs), and she is really similar to Mareeta. Tho sadly she doesnt have null follow up in her weapon which makes her a bit weaker. I really like how Larceis art uses the same poses as her mothers, to reflect the fact that they have the same fighting style and personality, its a really cute detail.

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra 2 months ago +1

      Kevin Simanca No I think you should, if we’re debating who is better overall it should be at the highest merges since I know for a fact matchups do change there, for example Brave Alm can tank a +10 Tibarn when he’s at +10 but not when both of them are +1 for some reason.

    • Kevin Simanca
      Kevin Simanca 2 months ago

      @ShadedHydra because of rarity?
      It's way easier to get a +atk Fir and 20.000 feathers than 1 non -atk Ayra. I could even take into consideration a +10 Fir, but it may be too much.

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra 2 months ago

      Kevin Simanca I suppose we can if we take out team support but one thing not mentioned is any Spd buffs Ayra gets, either Drive buffs or Tactics which improve that amount even more. Also correct me if I’m wrong but Ayra can feasibly get even more Atk with merges? If giving Fir IV’s shouldn’t Ayra get them?

    • Kevin Simanca
      Kevin Simanca 2 months ago

      @ShadedHydra I think I didn't make myself clear.
      Let's make some calculations, shall we?
      Slaying Edge Ayra:
      33 base attack
      14 mt Slaying Edge
      40 spd (spd refine)
      Dmg = 33 + 14+ 0.4*40 = 63
      High number, right?
      Let's see how much can Fir do, with a Moonbow proc:
      29 base attack (assuming +atk, her best boon)
      16 mt Nameless Blade
      +10 special damage thanks to NB
      Dmg = 29 + 16 + 10 + Moonbow dmg = 55 + moonbow
      Moonbow needs only 8 damage to outdamage Regnal Astra. The enemy has to have at least 27 defense in order to get that number (27 * 0.3 = 8.1).
      27 defense... That's a really low threshold. Any enemy with more than that, will receive more damage from Fir (your underrated 3* unit) than from Ayra (your overrated 5* unit). So, can we take her out of the equation?

    • Kevin Simanca
      Kevin Simanca 2 months ago +1

      @ShadedHydra a Firesweep Sword with -1 cooldown that grant you stats and allow you to bypass Wary Fighter, Swordbreaker and stuff is gimmicky, but double Astra is a single combat isnt??
      There is a thing builds should have, it's called "consistency". The double Astra build you are suggesting can be stopped by like 100 ways (guard, Follow up denials, etc), so this is not broken by any means. Speaking of damage output, Fir is way better than Ayra at doing damage, thanks to Nameless Blade. I don't know about Larcei tho (haven't made the calculations)
      By the way, the Creator Sword + Windsweep build runs Galeforce, so your build does not outdamage it, since you are just overkilling only 1 unit...

  • ZomaSpirit
    ZomaSpirit 2 months ago +1

    Reinhardt looking good right now

  • Triton Lord
    Triton Lord 2 months ago +12

    Ced is extremely fast, though his simplicity is also his demise when he will struggle to take down more and more meta units that will bypass speed checks or have other abilities to nullify his doubling power.
    Really shows powercreep at its finest

  • ElSinji Music
    ElSinji Music 2 months ago

    Well guess we have a new best sword infantry in the game

    • Arvis Presley
      Arvis Presley 2 months ago

      ShadedHydra it was a joke, because they always sword infantry units

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra 2 months ago

      Arvis Presley While its subjective I still thought Ayra was the best Sword beforehand just because of how useful damage wise Regnal Astra is, unless IS keep releasing the Isaach Royals I'd say Larcei is gonna be top tier for a long while.

    • Arvis Presley
      Arvis Presley 2 months ago

      For a week

  • Sayzar94
    Sayzar94 2 months ago

    Saved 400+ orbs for this, only got 2 of the units, pity broken a bunch of times and got 3 Larcei. I hate this game.

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      Save that salt you're using. Might need it for some fries later ;^)

    • Shufu Killah
      Shufu Killah 2 months ago

      1100+ orbs for 4 Peonies and pitybreakers (not many). Another 70+ on legendary banner just for Dimitri :(

    • Sayzar94
      Sayzar94 2 months ago

      Aidan Anderson I got 2 -Spd ones and a +Atk one. I know Larcei herself is good but I generally want at least one of each of the banner units and did not get either Shannan or Ced.

    • Aidan Anderson
      Aidan Anderson 2 months ago

      Larcei is one of the best units on this banner though. Did you at least get a +speed one?

  • Ferris pillarblade the first

    I no money for IS I now use the Reinhardt....
    I mean look at Larcei's speed damnit. What's worse is that in spite of 36 speed, Shannan is as fast as her.

  • Sergio Nieto
    Sergio Nieto 2 months ago +4

    In the banner reveal they said that Regnal Astra is not inheritable, but Imperial Astra didn't have that. I started to imagine how I could use that skill with some of my fastest units, until I saw the game's banner description and it said that it was not inheritable :(

  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard Rodriguez 2 months ago +20

    Petition for you to stop using as fierce as fire in the background, I really want to listen to you instead of banging to one of the best 3 houses songs.

  • Lord Fraco
    Lord Fraco 2 months ago +15

    Whoa! I can't believe she was able to tank the Reinhadrt

    • Jack Culler
      Jack Culler 2 months ago

      @jiang shengwei Damn right but having to +10 a unit so you can kill unit who is at a disadvantage and 0 merge Oof. this banner's alternate name should be "Sword units the power creep"! I have a +spd - atk Larcei and she is foken OP surviving and killing some + 10 blue units and she isn't even merged. I'm call it now IS will release a Skill that nullify % damage reductions or add more weapons that are effective against infantry.

    • ninisgreekronaldo
      ninisgreekronaldo 2 months ago +2

      Dez Lovecraft good god please no.

    • Dez Lovecraft
      Dez Lovecraft 2 months ago +2

      wait for rein refine

    • jiang shengwei
      jiang shengwei 2 months ago +3

      Because this Reinhadrt is not +10 and fully buffed

    • Ferris pillarblade the first
      Ferris pillarblade the first 2 months ago

      You mean the lunatic one right? Normal Larcei still gets dunked on by the Reinhardt you can get for free (if built right).

  • Dez Lovecraft
    Dez Lovecraft 2 months ago +82

    Shannan: never skip chest day.

  • Levy Cordero
    Levy Cordero 2 months ago +1

    So happy I got shannan even though his stats are a bit controversial since he's minus spd plus atk

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago +1

      Now my merged Shannan goes up to 40 Spd and 41 Def without buffs. He's going to be fun to have around Aether Raids.

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      @San Juan
      Meanwhile I just got a second Shannan and his cousin Larcei with good stats from sheer luck alone. Not trying to brag or anything,just got lucky on account I only had 27 orbs left.

    • San Juan
      San Juan 2 months ago

      @Broly The Sarcastic Savage Its good, I had no intention of going all out on this banner anyway.

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      @San Juan
      Ouch 😓

    • San Juan
      San Juan 2 months ago

      Mine is +Def -Spd

  • Dez Lovecraft
    Dez Lovecraft 2 months ago +23

    And more sword infantry, we need more effective against infantry weapons, gonna build kagero meanwhile

    • ShadedHydra
      ShadedHydra 2 months ago +3

      Lyren Nova The main issue with that is its low mt plus combined with most good Infantry having great Def stats nowadays means that they'll do a chunk of damage but not kill, this is why Robin should've had an effective against all classes Tome, they'd actually be relevant then.

    • Lyren Nova
      Lyren Nova 2 months ago +10

      Just give Poison Dagger + to a high attack dagger unit and boom, Infantry killer. But yeah, Kagero should've had the Infantry effectiveness and we need more of these weapons.

    • Dez Lovecraft
      Dez Lovecraft 2 months ago +5

      @Triton Lord true's a sad day for the big boobie ninja

    • Triton Lord
      Triton Lord 2 months ago +8

      Too bad her prf lost her infantry effectiveness niche. RIP.

  • Emi Cheese
    Emi Cheese 2 months ago +65

    Has and effective 42 defense.
    Doesn't come with Bonfire/Ignis.
    Also Brash Assault.

  • Yosuke Kazenao
    Yosuke Kazenao 2 months ago +7

    Got Kid Ayra after using 66 orbs, but I’m happy with it

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago

      I just got her now as +Atk -Def. Wish she could've come home with a Spd boon but I'm ok with this.

    • jetairliner spartan
      jetairliner spartan 2 months ago +1

      Yosuke Kazenao i hate u even more,
      I didnt get lil ayra no more tickets ;-;

    • jetairliner spartan
      jetairliner spartan 2 months ago +1

      @Yosuke Kazenao aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

    • Yosuke Kazenao
      Yosuke Kazenao 2 months ago +1

      jetairliner spartan If you hate me, I got 100 orbs left

    • jetairliner spartan
      jetairliner spartan 2 months ago +1

      Yosuke Kazenao i hate u, i got male Ayra
      Still got my tickets though so i i hope i get her

  • LHNvideos
    LHNvideos 2 months ago +10

    do you give out advice ever relating to team builds? i got into the game recently and i'm unsure on who my best heroes are

    • !!!!!!?????
      !!!!!!????? 2 months ago +1

      @Broly The Sarcastic Savage same lmao
      Yune + B!Micaiah as debuffers and just strong mage attackers is so yummy

    • LHNvideos
      LHNvideos 2 months ago +2

      @Broly The Sarcastic Savage thank for the help

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago +1

      From what you've just said it sounds like you've got a good team set-up.
      Summer Ursula is a great debuffer since I run her with my +3 Claude and she lowers 3-4 stats given the right build. Having her with your Thrasir or Celica would make for a dynamic combo,she can even work for Duo Alfonse. Since he wants the enemy to be weaker so he won't soak up too much damage. As for your beast units I'd suggest you don't add them until you have more or some well built dragon units. I often run my Tibarn with my +5 Fallen Tiki and oh boy .. those two just destroy Aether Raid teams.

    • LHNvideos
      LHNvideos 2 months ago +1

      @Broly The Sarcastic Savage my main units i use a lot is queen celica because of her damage, queen Camilla for her healing abilities, summer Ursula for her damage and mobility of being on a horse, new years lethe because she has high defense and good damage, peony for her dream ability, fjorm because she can counterattack close and long range as well as having good damage, thrasir for her damage output and new years alfonse because he does it all, he has a fantastic duo ability, does insane damage, self heals, can squad wipe easily and can counter attack close and long range

    • Broly The Sarcastic Savage
      Broly The Sarcastic Savage 2 months ago +1

      Yune and Brave Macaiah both come to mind when it comes to having high Res to help lower the stats of your enemies.

  • jean premier
    jean premier 2 months ago +1

    Over 100 orbs sniping EVERY red orb on a banner with two red units and I got hoe'd...bull

    • LHNvideos
      LHNvideos 2 months ago +1

      ive used 40 orbs so far and havent gotten anything better than a 4 star