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How Much Power Does Your Gaming PC Use? STOP WASTING MONEY!

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I was curious about the electricity cost of using a gaming PC. So, I did some tests... Also wondering if a platinum rated power supply is worth it...
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    0:00 How much power is my PC using?
    0:21 My PC
    1:00 Peripherals
    2:00 The Power test
    3:05 3 hour session power consumption.
    4:00 Annual cost of using computer
    5:16 Costs around the globe
    7:13 Heavy gaming power use
    8:05 How much does electricity does idling consume?
    9:23 Letting your PC idle is a waste of money
    10:41 Environmental Costs of PC use
    10:58 Reducing your power usage
    12:18 Bloopers
    Music: 'Downfall' and 'First Drive' by Chris Doerkson
    How Much Power Does Your Gaming PC Use? STOP WASTING MONEY!
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  • Tech Illiterate
    Tech Illiterate  Year ago +33

    Thanks for watching. 🙏 Don't forget to LIKE, It helps a lot!

  • Great Kahuna
    Great Kahuna 2 months ago +5

    I enjoyed this Nick, this is good global comparison and insightful. You might be considering doing this home project on a larger scare, have you considered presenting this to a large organization after counting and estimating their energy bills savings if idle status is avoided by programmed remote mass shutdowns?
    Very interesting.

  • Hoggs Wild
    Hoggs Wild 9 months ago +2

    Interesting, how much does that equate to as watts used? If I was to buy an inverter what size would I need to run a rig like yours in gaming mode for 3 hrs? Any advice appreciated.

  • WingAndAPrayer
    WingAndAPrayer Year ago +42

    Honestly.. I love efficiency and there is another hidden cost in using a PC. Wear and tear.. using a PC invariably over long periods of time will eventually see a failure somewhere. Might be as simple as a fan dying or a drive giving up etc. My high end gaming PC with multi-monitor setup I realized was total overkill for just relaxing, browsing the web, chatting on discord, watching youtube videos etc. A great alternative, is.. using a Raspberry PI 4b. A $50-$70 single board computer. It can easily do all of those things for around 0.2W per hour.. basically for almost no cost. When I don't need all the capabilities of a big gaming rig, I can turn it off.. and switch to the PI. Silent and super efficient.

    • qwe asd
      qwe asd 5 months ago +2

      @gutexp i don't live in a cold place (and if i did i have heating at home anyway like everyone else) and it would have to be very cold to have condensation so that's not relevant
      why would i have dust in my case after 5 days of the pc being turned off? more dust gets in the case when the pc is turned on because of the fans.
      as for your experience, that's purely anecdotal, i turn my pc on and off several times a day and i have done this for over a decade and never had an issue

    • gutexp
      gutexp 5 months ago

      @qwe asd There's a series of factors that could possibly go wrong in doing this.
      If you live in a cold place and have a high performance rig it's possible to have water condescension when you turn on, making a energy surge in some component.
      If you leave your PC off for long periods of time (more than 5 days), you're gonna have a lot of dust all over the place in your case and it can cause same problems of the above case.
      Even when you're turning on there is a risk of some malfunction in some of the hundreds of capacitor that your PC have that could cause a failure.
      In the past, I experienced both scenarios and leaving PC on forever was the one that gives me a better longevity of my PC's components.

    • Marc W
      Marc W 6 months ago

      @gutexp weird to think that wouldn’t hurt your system. I remember I accidentally left my Nintendo GameCube on for like a 2 week vacation and it never worked again. I guess stuff is made more durable these days.

    • John Atkinson
      John Atkinson 7 months ago

      If you need more power than a lower energy device can provide then something to consider is underclocking, while plenty of people overclock their system to get more performance you can go the other way, cut some performance to drop the energy cost, especially when you have higher end equipment, you’ll get a better underclock on a 3090 than a 3060 because the 3090 is the best of the best silicon so even if you underclock to the point where they get the same fps in a test the 3090 will most likely be both more stable but also more undervolted thus using less power. Underclocking can be quite good to drop the power consumption, especially if you decided to future proof your system when building but now have way more compute power than you’ll be using for a while.

    • Obi-Wan
      Obi-Wan 7 months ago

      Damn, didn't think about that one. Thanks for the tip man.

  • Geoff H
    Geoff H Year ago +62

    If the people paying the bills (usually parents) had any idea why their electricity bills were so high - they think its the aircon or the heating or the kettle and they are putting low wattage lights around the house etc - little to they know that the gaming PC they bought for the brat locked in the bedroom gaming all day is using more power than they could imagine, I pay my electric and I refuse to upgrade my system because quite frankly the power usage is insane

    • Nishant Kumar
      Nishant Kumar 15 days ago

      im the same brat and usually game for just an hour . my whole pc uses 350 watts while gaming only which is equal to single 3080 ti or 3090
      i have i7 12700 non k , asus z690 tuf wifi, Nvidia rtx 3070 FE, 32gb 3000mhz Corsair vengeance, cooler master hyper 410r cpu cooler and cooler master v650 semi modular gold certified psu , 1 tb ,2tb 4tb HDDs ,860 evo 250gb ,2tb 970 evo plus nvme , 6 normal non RGB cooler master fans .
      thats my pc configuration..
      i run at stock and don't Overclock anything

    • TheCornishGinger
      TheCornishGinger 2 months ago +1

      @Lightblurs unless you are lagging there is no reason for upgrading your pc dude. My motherboard is 12 years old and I play whatever I want fine

    • dplusavg
      dplusavg 2 months ago +1

      An even higher indirect cost is turning the brat into an even more bratier brat! (is bratier a word? 🤔)

    • MickeySlim
      MickeySlim 3 months ago +1

      @Lightblurs facts

    • Lightblurs
      Lightblurs 5 months ago +4

      @Dark Dragon what are the specs of your pc? I am wondering if I should stay with the old AM4 (5900x + RTX 3060) or should I buy the latest models, but I am afraid of the consumption =)

  • Golden Eggs
    Golden Eggs Year ago +5

    That was an excellent video, buddy. I don't play games on PC, but it helps being aware of how much your electricity bill will cost.

  • Saturnit3
    Saturnit3 11 months ago +7

    Thanks for the informative video and love from Turkey, I generally idle my computer between lunch times because I'm lazy but now I will know better!
    As a foot note, leaving your computer on idle while on the main menu of a game you paused will passively strain your system just the same as when you're gaming and it will be much worse to leave it idling like that. In most main menus the game is still being rendered on the background as evident by the heat and the fan noise that comes from your computer. The heat will make your thermal paste go dry with time(causing thermal throttles on CPU, worse performance on GPU) and the electricity wasted will double. So, don't do what I used to do; which is leaving the game open and doing something else, just save, quit and turn off your computer. Your computer will thank you :)

  • Nico Marcucci
    Nico Marcucci 9 months ago +1

    Actually fantastic tech channel. You have really interesting premises and you follow through in a natural way that makes for a really entertaining video. Keep it up.

  • Leilf Falkenström
    Leilf Falkenström 11 months ago +2

    This is something to think about when thinking of reuse an old pc as a server. I live in Sweden and we had some hefty electric payments the last six month so there is absolutely money to save on a year, and counting all different users will sum up in lots of wasted energy and money. The router is one thing most not turn off, but there is money and safety won by set the wireless to not operate in the router when you know it wont be in use.

  • Power2 PC
    Power2 PC Year ago +29

    This channel is underrated. Good work dude 👍

  • Graham Birks
    Graham Birks 8 months ago +1

    Very good. I learned not to leave my PC on waay back when the motherboard started melting. Granted it was a cheap one, and the PSU might not have been much good either. If I hadn’t been in the house would have gone up in flames, which would definitely have wasted a lot of energy.

  • Ivar Donado
    Ivar Donado Year ago +7

    Thanks for this information, this is not easy to find. I wish I had this kind of data when I lived with my father and he complained that the computer was making the power bill skyrocket (while he usually fell asleep with his CRT TV on all night until I noticed at 4-5am, and now THAT'S a power hungry device).

  • Not Terrible by Goodmonkey

    I was looking into something like this today for a project. In the USA, where the majority of our power production is from natural gas (2019 numbers), each kW of power generated emits around 0.91 pounds (413 grams) of CO2.

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  Year ago +5

      😨 Wow! I'd like to know the CO2 numbers here. Fortunately more than 90% of ours is Hydro electric.

  • André
    André Year ago +2

    Well done mate, congrats for your work!

  • Zachary
    Zachary 5 months ago +1

    This is something I've been thinking about lately concerning my old PC I use as a plex server. I'm trying to think of some way to automate the sleep of my machine when I don't need it to be awake. I need to do more research on this, but it seems like Plex could create a feature to wake the machine when you ping it.

  • Modem Mann
    Modem Mann Year ago +5

    Powerefficiency actually should be a standard Bios-Feature.

  • aryan esmaili
    aryan esmaili Year ago +3

    your videos are very high quality. you deserve more attention.

  • A-Spec Reviews!
    A-Spec Reviews! Year ago +2

    I have an idea for a "hybrid powered PC" which would run off of a small uninterruptible power supply (UPS) when idle. During higher load scenarios, the UPS would be charged from the grid while running the PC at the same time. I'm also trying to figure out how to get the UPS to support the grid power to the PC during unusual demand spikes (Turbo Boost, etc). With your car analogy, idling this style of PC would be more comparable to leaving a Prius in [READY] mode (running), where it only starts the engine when required to charge the battery.

    • FyrE
      FyrE 9 months ago +3

      The answer is simple. You take a secondary power source like solar panels or a windmill, and a connection to the grid. You then create a relay with sensors and other needed utilities and connect both secondary and main power into inputs on the relay and then connect the output of that that relay to the input of a ups. The ups powers the computer, and the relay keeps the ups charged. During minimal use, the relay would keep the secondary source of power flowing as long as it keeps up with demand, and when demand outstrips capacity, the relay switch's to the main grid. All the while, the computer is happily chugging along with stable power from the ups.

  • Max P.
    Max P. 5 months ago +6

    Ahhh, the good old times of cheap electricity 😢

  • Roman00
    Roman00 3 months ago

    Got the HX1200 power supply and while I still haven’t gotten a power meter which I totally should get according to hwinfo and gpuz my computer doesn’t use a lot to speak of during idle tbh.

  • Hat Dag Cat
    Hat Dag Cat 4 months ago +1

    I ordered that same measuring device from Aliexpress for 15€. I guess they made a mistake since I got two of them in the package. A really cool thing to measure power use with. My decent 6 core 16gb 3050 700€ gaming laptop uses about 15-20 watts idling connected to my 55 inch LG OLED and the main screen turned off. Clip-Share uses 25-30w. Max usage makes it go to 110 watts or so, WoW classic with fps limited to 45, 1440p and 3/10 graphical fidelity uses around 35 watts. My TV with power saving maxed uses around 37-45 watts, HDR on without power saving makes it go to 110 and more watts. My desktop just idles at +100 watts.
    That's why I love laptops now, gonna save a big penny.

  • Pirate Dragon
    Pirate Dragon 4 months ago

    great video. I def leave my computer on all the time, i run a server and a plex server off it as well. Really would like to see what my watts are being used.. nice Coverage though. really appreciate it!

  • Juicen Salsa
    Juicen Salsa 7 months ago +5

    Love the video!
    I actually just used one of your other videos to under-volt my graphics card, I'm only rocking a 1660 Super, but I cut the wattage down nearly 40%, and my temps down by 30% while only losing like 6% of my FPS.
    I still hate how much energy desktops use compared to a laptop for just browsing the web/simple document work. My desktop still uses about 48-70 watts vs my laptop using about 10-20 watts for those simple activities. I wonder why desktops can't go into some super high energy-efficiency mode when you're doing stuff that doesn't stress the system at all?

    • TheCornishGinger
      TheCornishGinger 2 months ago

      My pc uses 130w at idle haha

    • Stellar Rodriguez
      Stellar Rodriguez 6 months ago

      hey im also rocking a 1660s, i cant wait to try it my self.

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  7 months ago +3

      You make a good point. Something I have wondered as well. I am going to look into it. :)

  • Red Robbo's Workshop
    Red Robbo's Workshop 9 months ago +2

    It would be interesting to compare cost now we have a global energy crisis. Here in London for example costs can be 5X higher!
    ......do most of your general computing on a NUC :)
    I also advise running everything from a power strip with individually switched sockets. Turn off chargers, power bricks etc when not in use.

  • vadim negru
    vadim negru 8 months ago +2

    I wonder if someone measured how much PC uses when turned OFF (it's not 0, believe me).

  • Zongo Tong Po
    Zongo Tong Po Year ago +29

    With NVME drives that boot up in under 15 seconds, there are very few reason to leave a computer on when not in use. Great video.

    • Karol Krzeszowiec
      Karol Krzeszowiec Month ago +1

      Honestly? I think it's much cheaper to replace a PSU than to leave a PC idling. And what about sleep mode?

    • Joseph Jones
      Joseph Jones 2 months ago +3

      Except the power on/off phase is the most stressful part for electronics. Orders of magnitude higher in stress. Has been since the beginning.

  • Conz Klips
    Conz Klips 5 months ago +3

    subbed. im seeing a lot of high end pcs being built with no consideration for power usage, i would much rather see a build that is powerful and energy efficient

    • Pavel Peřina
      Pavel Peřina 3 months ago

      Try "Wolfgangs channel" he recently had video about power efficient server. But you likely want a compromise if you want a PC and you are not ok with a tablet. I have PC on for a long time (home office, games, ...) and I'd say it costs like 20$ per month (price doubled in last year where i live due to war in Ukraine and expensive natural gas - actually price tripled, but half of the price used to be distribution fee ... hell with included taxes, Czech Republic reached Solomon island prices)

  • UknowSJ86
    UknowSJ86 5 months ago

    this is great, i was so curious about my pc power consumption i appreciate the information.

  • Yeet
    Yeet 16 days ago

    $.26/kwh in NYC, I kinda feel bad for getting a 7900x. I know at load it's more efficient than intel but my computer spends most of its time closer to idle, even at -15 all core UV I'm seeing 50w-70w just with a few chrome windows open. Efficiency cores are actually a really neat innovation and I can see why intel went that route.

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C Year ago +11

    Loving this content man. Personally I run a 5800x with a 6800xt and i turn my PC off every time I'm done using it for this reason. i want to know what's the reason of leaving a computer idling ? For quick access really ? Get your self ssds the boot process is so much quicker use it and turn it off !

    • Jordan C
      Jordan C 8 months ago +3

      @armscool32 well ?

    • armscool32
      armscool32 8 months ago

      It's 15-20 seconds vs instant.
      How fast can you have your system booted and ready to use (in stand by state, all stuff loaded and idle) ?

    • J DOGG
      J DOGG 8 months ago +5

      I always turn my pc of for the night I never got why people leave it on it don't take long to turn on

  • Vladislav Karas'
    Vladislav Karas' 4 months ago

    Thanks for the video!
    It was actually usefull and helpful!

  • Dylan Loo
    Dylan Loo 6 months ago +2

    Yea I have the same power meter too. I bought mine from Aliexpress. Even LTT uses the same power meter. Apparently, it's a pretty good power meter. Just do not leave it plugged into a high-power source (around 1,000W+) for long periods of time as u will risk burning it and causing a fire.

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  6 months ago +1

      Thanks for the info. Don't need that in my life

  • Julian
    Julian Year ago +5

    Thanks for this. Quality content right there. Did you see Germany as #10 on the list of most expensive countries. Just small island nations are more expensive 🤔

    • narancs5
      narancs5 9 months ago

      Paying fines for all those coalpower plants is not cheap.

    • Timbonator
      Timbonator 10 months ago +1

      I live in Germany :(

  • C. Dante
    C. Dante 8 months ago +4

    "I spend a day 4+ hours on my computer which is a lot"
    those are rookie numbers. hahaha...

  • 搞七捻三
    搞七捻三 3 months ago

    it's insane how cheap the utility is in the states...in Germany I'm expecting 62 euro cents/kWh next year (already got the letter from utility company)

  • Kaipulla Gaming
    Kaipulla Gaming Year ago

    love your videos, I bought the Samsung odyssey monitor after seeing your review sir Thanks again, Love from India

  • NoPizzaNoGlory
    NoPizzaNoGlory 5 months ago

    Gone are the good old days of cheap electricity where I had my PC running flight sims on 3 screens with a ton of added hardware. Never really measured power consumption in those days but it sure was a lot higher than your 3 hour test because of the 3 screens and close to 100% CPU/GPU usage pretty much all the time. As of next month I'm gonna pay 89 euro cents per kWh (currently already paying half of that). Really glad I barely use my PC these days and have moved my gaming over to a Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite which only uses a few watts, especially in handheld mode. Desperate times call for desperate measures 🙂

    • Infinite Blaz
      Infinite Blaz 26 days ago

      @Main_tak_BecusMid tier hardware is pretty decent on efficiency as well. Total system power on my rig is probably around 250 - 300 watts after going with a 5900X. My 6700 pushing 1440p by itself averages around 100 - 110 watts. +130 watts at 4k. 5900X is around 50 - 70 watts according to Adrenaline.

    • Main_tak_Becus
      Main_tak_Becus 4 months ago

      You can game on power efficient PC hardwares albeit they will be low end. RX 6400 and GTX 1650 draw 75w from the wall, combine it with a 35w CPU like Intel T or S series or older i3 and newer Pentium (54w) will not draw a lot of power. Games are cheaper on PC for me personally, while Nintendo charges Dollar, Euro, Pounds, and Yen which are expensive.

  • david frame
    david frame 10 months ago +2

    They are saying that ryzen 7000 CPU is a beast, could be equal to the 3050 GPU I wonder how much power you would be saving?

  • bigbadwolfeinc
    bigbadwolfeinc Year ago +2

    Good vid man; good message, good advice.

  • Daniel Tiglao
    Daniel Tiglao Year ago +2

    I was looking for a software that calculates all my consumption and I CANT FIND ANYWHERE!! Joulemeter is too old to run on a windows 11 and I also knew about this plug meter but I don't want to spend few bucks for it as Ill be using it just once. It's good to know that you spread the idea of the consumption of your pc and I have a lower specs than yours so ill be just adjusting your results a little bit for my consumption. Thanks :)

  • Konstantinos Ch
    Konstantinos Ch Year ago +18

    Fun fact: There are places where people leave their cars running all day long. Yakutsk, a city in Yakutia, Siberia, Russia have 7 months of -71°C winter. Drivers leave their cars running, even at night because if they don't the engines and the oils will freeze and they won't turn back on. The people that can afford heated garages (not as common as you think to heat a garage during that cold winters) can at least turn their engines off when they get home.
    Very informative video, thanks for sharing!

    • Jeymez
      Jeymez 7 months ago +2

      @TarenGarond that's heavily exaggerated, although the far northern parts of Russia get pretty cold from November to mid May, but that's northern Syberia. ain't really no people up that way, it's just animals and other wildlife. but most people live within Moscow, it gets snowy and Russia does get cold, but only the far northern parts way up in Syberia drop below average Winter temperature, but that's the Pole, it's the Arctic. there's very little sunlight from December until early March, but i don't know any person that far up. i lived in the Ukraine for a little while when i was younger, but i remember it snowed alot. i had family in Russia though, but we all moved when i turned 12 at the time.

    • TarenGarond
      TarenGarond 8 months ago +1

      7 months of -71C that is a massively extreme exaggeration!

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  Year ago +5

      That is a fun fact. Thanks!

  • Lukiel666
    Lukiel666 10 months ago +2

    I am in BC as well. But I am using an AMD 3200G APU. No discrete GPU, so I just sip power. So my yearly cost for computer use is probably what I would pay for one beer in a nightclub.

  • dplusavg
    dplusavg 2 months ago

    Thx for the video. Good info... I now leave my PC running idle 24/7 🤦

  • James Dryden
    James Dryden 6 months ago +4

    This is exactly the video I was looking for in 2022 when electricity in the UK is now 52p/kWh

  • Caio Souza
    Caio Souza 10 months ago +1

    How in the earth you dont have 300k subscribers!? Thanks for your videos

  • P M
    P M Year ago +6

    my pc doesn't like to sleep, i come back to it being non responsive, crashed or unuseable, so sleep and hybernate are off the table, but when i know im going to be away from it i turn it off, but i know many people that just leave it on all day and night and spend maybe a couple of hours a day actually using it while the rest of the time it's sitting there running, warmed up, and ready to go, im sure there is a bot net that just loves their computer.

    • Corn Pop
      Corn Pop Year ago

      PC master race be like^

  • Clicky Enjoyer
    Clicky Enjoyer 9 months ago +1

    what an amazing vid. I'm going to turn off my pc from now on. Thanks for this!

  • Swayam Bhoyar
    Swayam Bhoyar Year ago +1

    Proper video but not getting likes and views keep going you will get results 🔥🔥

  • Jonnathann Amorim
    Jonnathann Amorim Year ago +1

    another great video! as always!!!

  • Anina Lonte Photo & Video

    Im trying to get my setup on solar power buy have no idea where to start. Thought of buying a complete system on amazon. What do you think?

  • Elliot D
    Elliot D Year ago +1

    fyi you can also get smart plugs that also give you energy readings :) Gives you more control over when they're running

  • Kyle Allwood
    Kyle Allwood 11 months ago +2

    "Don't live on small islands to do PC gaming!" Now I'm considering moving off a small island. 😅

  • JoeOfCourse
    JoeOfCourse Year ago +1

    Just found the channel. Keep up the good work

  • jonnyhead
    jonnyhead 27 days ago

    Good advice thanks I'll show my kids this video 😄👍🏻👍🏻

  • T
    T 9 months ago +2

    In some places might be good to go solar. What about mining?

  • petrolhead1987
    petrolhead1987 Year ago +3

    I'm not trying to discredit your research, I really appreciate the effort you put into it. But would a 5000 series CPU draw the same yields? Let's be honest, these are the ones that people are looking at.

    • Ivar Donado
      Ivar Donado Year ago +1

      @Tech Illiterate Let's take into account that's the TDP, which usually doesn't really indicate power cnmsumption of the CPU. According to AMD, a R5 3600 and R7 3700 CPUs have a 65W TDP, but in reality they use about 80W under heavy load (using the built-in boost). If PBO is enabled they can easily use 100W.
      To be fair, this may not be AMD's fault or a false statement from them, it might just be related to the "issue" about AM4 motherboards forcing more voltage than it's set and reported to the CPU. So a configuration that states will provide 1.2v may well be feeding 1.3v to the CPU.
      Many sites report in their tests that the 5600X uses less power than the 2600, 3600, 3700 and 3700x with reports about 62-67W under heavy load (varies a bit depending on the load).

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  Year ago +2

      Good point. Time for me to upgrade?
      Depending on the CPU, could be more, could be less. My R7 3700X has the same TDP (65W) as the R5 5600X. (Of course real world power draw will be somewhat different) R7 5800X is rated at 105W
      My power consumption is skewed in one direction by the GPU and arguably the other way by the CPU. I still think it's quite efficient compared to the 5800X

  • Ali Yasin
    Ali Yasin 10 months ago +1

    My house only has three amps of power most of the time(using a generator).
    And I think I need another three to power a gaming PC

  • XD Gmail
    XD Gmail 11 months ago +3

    Saving electricity is my hobby

  • god
    god 9 months ago +1

    After 5 years of using a laptop for everything except gaming, both my computers were free.

  • ELZOOL12
    ELZOOL12 Month ago

    How does this compare to air conditioning, refrigerator, lights etc..

  • Banjo
    Banjo 10 months ago +3

    Power bills gone up in the UK and i rent. Im working from home and we're trying to keep the bills down.
    I do have another housemate but im not sure how much of the energy bill i should feel bad about - theres probably a biased because im home most of the day.
    I will have to get one of these!

  • bleakCode
    bleakCode 9 months ago +3

    Fun fact. In places where it is extreme cold. People leave their cars running so their car doesn’t freeze up. You might see this taking place in northern territories.

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  9 months ago +1

      Yes I used to live in Northern Canada. Usually a block heater was enough...usually.

  • Talzet lumis
    Talzet lumis Year ago +2

    on camping sites here in germany the price is around 0,50€ for one Kw/h

  • Ludak021
    Ludak021 10 months ago +1

    what about "turn off monitor after X mount of time", Mine turns off after 15 minutes, so it basically becomes a non-factor with some ~10W @ standby.

  • GaboBravo LIVE
    GaboBravo LIVE Year ago +2

    Awesome video man!

  • Elahhaz
    Elahhaz 4 months ago

    If I do this calculations for Denmark in q3-22 and put in my price converted to todays exchange rate, I would pay $143 for 280kwh and that is not specific to Denmark, and will go up coming months. - Maybe time to the same video but for current day pricing?

  • Bob Cross
    Bob Cross 10 months ago +4

    Hooray for my solar panels, keeping my gaming PC cruising along for no dollars at all!

    Just don’t ask what the panels cost. 🤫

  • RogueOne
    RogueOne Year ago +2

    Very unique information!

  • ryan toslink
    ryan toslink 6 months ago +7

    here in germany we used to pay 30 cents per KWh. this is up to now to 60 cents and rising. gaming will be a very expensive hobby.

    • ryan toslink
      ryan toslink 4 months ago

      @OnePalProductions keep bending.

    • OnePalProductions
      OnePalProductions 6 months ago +1

      @ryan toslink No, I'm in UK, getting bent over for gas/electricity/and petrol, like everyone else. I guess this is your first rodeo, not mine, I've been subject to global thieves for over 50-years. Keep watching.

    • ryan toslink
      ryan toslink 6 months ago +1

      @OnePalProductions got your conscription, Ivan?

    • OnePalProductions
      OnePalProductions 6 months ago

      Yes, but by paying more for your energy, you're saving Ukrainian babies.😪😪

  • Talzet lumis
    Talzet lumis Year ago +3

    one KW costs me around 0,35€ or around 0,41$US Electrical power in Germany is expensive. :S

  • Reqam
    Reqam Year ago

    This was very helpful, i have a question tho; lets say i have a rtx 3080 n a ryzen 5900x with 1 1080p monitor is there a chance i consume as much as u do in 3 hours of heavy gaming, btw 0.30/kwh in my country

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  Year ago

      Probably somewhat similar. It wouldn't be too much different.

  • Desiderium
    Desiderium Year ago +3

    If the power supply will only pull as much power as needed from the wall, why does having a higher capacity power supply generate a larger electricity bill? If you don't use the whole thing, are you charged as if you are?

    • Desiderium
      Desiderium Year ago +2

      @Tech Illiterate Thank you, I appreciate the info.

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  Year ago +3

      Have a larger power supply generally shouldn't increase power consumption. The power supply rating is simply a limit on how many watts it can pull at one time.
      I have a 850W power supply. If I had a 650W power supply with the same efficiency rating, it MAY pull slightly less power. Somewhere between 0%-2% less

  • Finbarr Saunders
    Finbarr Saunders 4 months ago +1

    LOL, In the UK we can only dream of power costs like that, we are more like 36c per hour!

  • Cesar's stuff
    Cesar's stuff 10 months ago +3

    More youtubers should repost this video!!! That will make a huge difference in global warming if everyone just turned off the pc when not in use!

  • HypeGaming
    HypeGaming  8 months ago

    I agree changing my sleep settings now good advice thanks

  • Jared Steele
    Jared Steele Year ago

    I keep my computer on 24/7/365 (I turn monitors off and close apps). I find myself needing to remote into my computer almost daily to retrieve a file, so it's justified.

    • rikmoran
      rikmoran 10 months ago +1

      Wouldn't cloud storage be a better solution? It should also be cheaper than leaving your PC on all of the time. Don't get me wrong, I used to do the same as you for the same reasons, so I am not judging. Electricity in the UK has recently soared in cost, so I'm more conscious now about leaving my PC on when it doesn't need to be.

  • Ms Moon Boo
    Ms Moon Boo 9 months ago

    I'm confused because I have 4 SSD 1 HDD, a 3080 TUF getting upto 360W, a i5-10600K getting upto 160W, 32gb 3200mhz running 1.4v getting upto 8W and have a H100i Pro XT that they say can put out 150-200W which would put me over the 750W PSU that I have with 4 140mm Phanteks RGB fans.
    Does the Corsair H100i Pro XT really use this much power? Even if it uses 50-100W that's still 700W or so consumption?

  • The Saival
    The Saival 5 months ago +1


  • arkhamkillzone
    arkhamkillzone 5 months ago

    The ending is the the best.

  • Atlas
    Atlas Year ago +1

    I haven't turned my PC off in around 6 to 7 years lmao

  • Nicky The Pro
    Nicky The Pro 9 months ago +2

    can we control our wattage usage? im new here, so im thinking if i boot my pc it instantly running a 650 watt? or just when i use heave stuff like games or rendering

    • Tomo
      Tomo 3 months ago

      @Tech Illiterate undervolt cpu too at least on ryzen...PBO off, you may get higher consimption on idle (same with nvidia) but way lower on load + lower temps..also 600 in gaming, highly unlikely unless its and SLI or something...when you saw in game cpu and gpu both at 99%?

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  9 months ago +2

      It will use whatever it needs. So if you're surfing and whatnot it will be around 30-60 usually gaming can be upwards of 600+
      Undervolting is a good way to reduce power. My GPU uses something like 15-25% less energy with an undervolt. I published a couple videos about it.

  • silverharbinger
    silverharbinger 4 months ago

    The newer, more cutting edge processors, etc. use much more power than their older counterparts did. Overwhelmingly these newer components would be more energy efficient pound for pound, but because they have many more cores and such they are using noticeably more energy overall.
    An example:
    Intel i7-6700K 90-110 watts
    Intel i7-13700K:125-253 watts
    That is just one component example. Your CPU cooling choice will impact this also as liquid coolers necessarily use considerably more power than air as another example. When you add every component in a given rig together plus elaborate RGB lighting schemes on top of that you are consuming more and more energy than many previous generations of gaming PCs did.
    It is rapidly becoming a paywalled money pit of a hobby.

  • SurgeX798
    SurgeX798 Year ago

    what a cool video and ways to show info like with the globe and the paper

  • the cheapy reviews

    Can someone answer my question please. I have a pc 600w psu on idle it spends around 150 on heavy gaming it spend max 250. I used a similar device as the one in this video. Spec are gtx 960 i5 11400. Is it normal to only spend that much?

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  Year ago

      Yeah. My GPU uses WAY more than a mid range card. That seems normal.

  • M El
    M El 3 months ago

    brilliant vid. subbed

  • Vynneve
    Vynneve 6 months ago +2

    Another comment separate from my other one pointing out the weird mistake.
    You are correct that turning off computer at night when idling saves money, of course. However, there is evidence to suggest leaving the computer on is *better* for the "health" of the computer:
    1) Most computer failures happen on boot ups. Less boot ups, less chances things will go wrong. Booting up a PC takes a toll on it, a BIGGER toll than leaving it idle.
    2) If you are using sleep or hibernate you are either using RAM or HDD/SSD respectively. Which causes more usage on those items every night, again leading to more degradation of your computer parts compared to leaving it idle.
    3) Cold temps. Having the computer warming up also takes a toll on it, this kind of goes along with point 1 but w.e
    I'm not saying this is a universal truth (for example, a point #3 exception would be if you are in a small room with poor ventilation, you should turn it off. because the heat will build on itself and that extra heat will cause dmg to the computer. But if you are in a big room, or a well ventilated room, that doesn't matter)
    BUT there is a lot of evidence to suggest (assuming you have a very well setup-computer in all aspects) leaving it on when not in use is *better* for it.
    As for the environmental effect, it's negligible. Individuals using electricity is NOT the cause for global issues. It's fossil fuels and LARGE corporations massive power hungry machines. They are still necessary, but *they* need to be looking at ways to ease environmental impacts, not us individuals.
    Lastly: you might be thinking that the cost of that nightly use is not worth. Well. If the computer completely breaks 3 years earlier because of all that boot-ups, then the thousands of dollars to replace may out match it lol. But generally speaking, yes, if you can't afford it, probably better idea to just use sleep (if you use HDD) or hibernate (if you use SSD). That distinction between storage drives is due to SSD having a much longer life span than a HDD, since using sleep will use RAM, so HDD is safe. Hibernate will use primary drive, which should be an SSD (assuming you have one).
    *TL;DR* Contrary to this video, if you can afford it, and if your PC setup is proper, leaving your computer idle (obviously turn off monitors and stuff, just the tower we are talking here) has actually been shown to be BETTER for the life-span of the computer and it's parts individually as well. So the research, given those previous assumption, says you should leave it on.

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  6 months ago +2

      Those are some good points. Thanks for sharing. I want to look more into the impacts of PC startup and heat cycles on hardware.

  • p g
    p g 11 months ago +2

    If i was to use PC - it is using like , 1 KWH every 3 hours or so. A KWH is now 37 cents.
    I use for 3-9 hours. So i could use about call it a buck 10 a day.
    My Gaming PC costs me 300 dollars a year to use with this calculation.

    • irshad
      irshad 4 months ago

      What's your spec

  • Geisemo
    Geisemo 5 months ago +1

    my school actualy says to just ''log out'' of the computers and they force us NOT to turn it off.
    welcome to germany

  • ClixT
    ClixT Year ago +4

    My gaming setup (LG CX 48", RTX 3090 and 5950x) consumes around 250w, just browsing the web... The CX alone consumes about 70w... Sigh lol

    • raincatchfire
      raincatchfire Month ago

      A huge part of that is your 48" screen. Turn down the brightness to 50%, turn down the refresh rate to 144hz. Then with your cpu, you need to look into lowering voltage, etc.

    • D D
      D D 6 months ago

      250w for browsing and video it's HUGE! No way

  • Azog Defiler
    Azog Defiler 4 months ago

    I dont know about USA but in Europe there is cost for electricity + cost for power distribution + cost for distribution power loses and whatnot that you have to ad up. So there is so called "end price" that is quite higher. Lets say 0.2 eur / kWh

  • Jay C
    Jay C 6 months ago +1

    damn, where do you get your power?? even in Seattle we are 13-23 cents a KW hr.

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  6 months ago +1

      Apparently dams in the mountains. Our public car insurance is expensive but the public power is cheap.

  • Jacques Mertens
    Jacques Mertens 5 months ago +1

    Greetings from Europe. 7 USD cents per kWh is something we can only dream of. Where I live prices are 12 times higher, and still going up.
    Yes, that's right. 12 times higher. I'm not kidding you. We are just under 0.9 USD per kWh (autumn 2022).
    Makes you think twice before leaving all your appliances on standby.
    And there's the environmental impact as well.

  • Antonio Monteiro
    Antonio Monteiro 10 months ago +2

    In Yakutsk they leave the cars running all winter, non stop, ever, until spring!

  • Gazer75
    Gazer75 10 months ago +1

    How do you manage to use that much power on an idle PC? My 5600X with a 3070Ti is using less than 50W idle.
    My PC along with a server and a NAS is using 250W idle.

    • Gazer75
      Gazer75 Month ago

      @raincatchfire Using Asus ROG Strix B550-E Gaming. G.Skill F4-3200C14D-32GTZR
      Idle would be PC just sitting there not in use, so I''m guessing 1-3% load.
      I have replaced CPU with a 5800X3D now to hopefully keep and skip entire AM5 line.
      3x140mm intake front. 1x140mm intake bottom. 2x140mm exhaust back and rear top. All in a Fractal Design Define 7 XL case.
      RGB is off on anything that have it using OpenRGB

    • raincatchfire
      raincatchfire Month ago

      @Gazer75 Can you tell me which motherboard you have, what ram (and if XMP is on or off?)? (And are you defining idle as 10% cpu usage? which is like 20 browswer tabs and a youtube video playing - that is the proper definition of idle. Could you please check your wattage under that scenario? (I'm guessing your are running SSD and like 3 case fans, no RGB.)

    • Gazer75
      Gazer75 10 months ago

      @Tech Illiterate If the PC is idle the monitor is in sleep mode unless people are stupid. A sleeping monitor uses 1-2W at most. Maybe not the ones with a G-Sync module, they seem to waste power in idle for some reason.
      My MSI 3070Ti Suprim X is using around 15W idle. Can't imagine a 3080Ti would use much more as they are kind of clocked the same in low power mode.
      Either way the 250W I use is also producing heat that is needed for most of the year here in Norway :)

    • Tech Illiterate
      Tech Illiterate  10 months ago +1

      It's including the monitor. The 3080ti alone uses around 30-40w on idle.

  • Lasse I
    Lasse I 6 months ago +1

    You might review you comparison with "world atlas statistics" (Jessica Dillinger September 28 2018 in Economics).. That isn't a updated version ;)
    And at the current rates 2022 Sep. in Denmark in Scandinavia it would cost with a fixed subscription on your electricity use ( 1kwh = 60cents. (0.765kwh = 45 cents) * 365 = 165$ annually.. Holy fcuk.. gotta turn it off now.. xD

  • bullyakker
    bullyakker Year ago +1

    idling computer? My pc makes me money when I am not using it.. high power usage but higher income to offset the parts and power needed to make a few bucks. A 3090 can make about 8-10 bucks a day running it for 21 hours. Paid for the entire cost of the computer in a few (6 ish) months. I do use mostly solar and battery banks to supply the home 9 months out of the year.. Winter however, well, there's always one toasty warm room! lol

  • George Apostolakis
    George Apostolakis 3 months ago

    Well, you though you had a winner, but let me tell you the prices in Greece...
    They charge 0.788 euros/KWh for consumption up to 500 KWh and 0.800 for over 500 KWh...That means 84.68 cents$...

  • fitah
    fitah 7 months ago +2

    Well I guess I'll start turning my pc off when I go to sleep

  • AdivrSity
    AdivrSity 2 months ago +1

    Basically, if I run my PC 24/7 at moderately high work loads, I'm using .06 cents a work hour of my income. For me, that is acceptable.
    A good comparison is my rent is $4.5 per each of my work hours. My car loan is $1.8 per work hour.
    So in comparison if for example I build a new $3000 computer every year and include 24/7 power consumption, its barely $2 per work hour.
    I rebuild my PC once every 3-5 years, and I turn it off most of the time so it's a lot less to get entertained per year/work hour for me.
    The car analogy though is a bit different, if you idle for 30 seconds, you already wasted more then double gas then to start it, it's like you lived in Hawaii for electricity. Idling is actually one way I see electric cars as much better. So many people IDle for a long time.

  • Tx Mits
    Tx Mits 5 months ago +1

    I leave it running 24/7 a lot.