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This boy will NEVER FORGET this moment 😍😱

  • Published on Jan 9, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Bas de Vries

    It’s funny how Roger is kind of testing the kid but also giving him an opportunity to do something great.

  • Gabi Creighton Books, Etc.

    That’s a great way to build a youth’s confidence and motivation! Love it!❤️

  • James Steffany

    you're a good man for making a kid dream come true!! He'll always remember that moment in time when he got to play with the great Roger Federer!! and that you let him win!! You'll always be the greatest player!! 🥲😇🙏❤️💯


    Thanks for giving him moment of his life

  • Cayler Simpson

    Most people wait to peak til at least high school, but this guy couldn’t wait that long 😂😂

  • Sniper Chess

    The respect roger had to let the boy win but not giving it out so easy, just love that

  • JF Sebastian

    Roger Federer - integrity, a man of presence on and off the court. He will always be my personal favorite player.

  • Sharyati Shazar

    Federer lost just for a smile.... Amazing

  • Samya Mukherjee

    As it's said, " A sportsman is always a gentleman." Take Love Idol.🙏

  • Stosh English

    Love it that RF let him win point without being obviously patronising and his friends will be jealous!

  • Ravi Ravi
    Ravi Ravi  +44

    Great player and a nice human being at all times

  • Dan Hitchcock

    Roger may have set up the first few shots being the great man he is but I really don't think he was getting that lob even if he wanted to.

  • Nikhilesh S

    It didn't showed his 1 %skill against the kid so humble❤

  • Gustavo Alonso Flores

    Rogers face at the end lol 😂

  • miguel balderas

    This is a big dream for this boy, who knows maybe we'll see him in the future as a champion, also good for this players let him have this dream....

  • ana
    ana  +9

    Wow...it will be a beautiful memory for a boy🙏😉😉😉

  • Michael Ward

    That was in a word fantastic,! " I guess that fan just had one of the greatest moments of his life. I loved it!

  • Arun Chauhan

    RF made the kid to earn his point. ❤️

  • Tony Fernández

    que gran experiencia parae chico, que bien por los dos tenistas.

  • Jonas Martinez

    Que humildad mostró en ese momento.