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We Finally Know The Names & Powers Of The Gorosei

  • Published on Jan 26, 2023 verรถffentlicht
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    Original Title: I SOLVED One Piece With Oda's Reveal About The Gorosei! (Chapter 1073)
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  • RogersBase
    RogersBase Month ago +335

    This one was seriously great! My chat was telling me to react to it as soon as we finished the chapter today and your kanji insights were super helpful! Great stuff!!! ๐Ÿ‘

    • Emmanuel Ombele
      Emmanuel Ombele Month ago +2

      Yeah I donโ€™t know why he was saltyโ€ฆ i was literally watching that stream and stopped just before he was gonna react to it cause i wanted to see it here firstโ€ฆ his chat literally told him he should watch it which brought me hereโ€ฆ let the haters hate i guessโ€ฆ ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    • Malzahar91
      Malzahar91 Month ago +3

      @bblala He looks like a hater from that statement. Took rogers response as a cheap excuse to react to something for monetization purposes only which is not the case.

    • bblala
      bblala Month ago +4

      @Daytraders Anonymous I dobt get why you are pissed lmao what is wrong in his statement

    • Daytraders Anonymous
      Daytraders Anonymous Month ago +1

      Ooo your "chat" wants you to "react"?! Come on this is the lame ish that's ruining yt manga/anime content

  • ใ€ŽAST ALใ€
    ใ€ŽAST ALใ€ Month ago +2924

    I feel very bad for those who will watch One Piece after it is finished because they will know the ending and they will not know the fun of making theories.

    • Sarb Nitrof
      Sarb Nitrof 10 days ago +1

      Real time speculation leaves so much room for fun and day dreaming

    • Horlly Ray
      Horlly Ray 19 days ago +1

      I wish Iโ€™m part of em

    • NimbusConsulting
      NimbusConsulting Month ago +1

      such a good point. their journey will be a bit different from those who have watched along the way, didnt think about that

    • ivan rivera
      ivan rivera Month ago

      i don't see one piece ending anytime soon ๐Ÿฅธ

    • The One
      The One Month ago

      Exactly. There is so much fun to guessing and watching every possible theories.

  • Julian Neumeyer
    Julian Neumeyer Month ago +250

    Oda mentioned so many myths of the world and connected them in his story, it feels like he's not only explaining what the One Piece is, but how the whole world works

    • Fghjk8090
      Fghjk8090 Month ago +3

      thinking about this a long time ago

    • hasan bhoola
      hasan bhoola Month ago +3

      I've been saying this!!!!!

    • aljon villarin
      aljon villarin Month ago +8

      comspiracy. advance civilazation ' tartarian empire

    • K1NG S1MB4
      K1NG S1MB4 Month ago +20

      This is exactly what I thought heโ€™s showing us what happens in the real world

  • Enzo Martins
    Enzo Martins Month ago +274

    The Gorosei being neutral in the story and keeping balance while JoyBoy returns would be the BIGGEST plot twist in the History of plot twists

    • Yeowl
      Yeowl Month ago +1

      I'll leave the wine here to age ๐Ÿท ๐Ÿพ in case this comment comea true

    • า‰Kา‰Nา‰Iา‰Gา‰Hา‰Tา‰Fา‰Iา‰Rา‰Eา‰6า‰6า‰
      า‰Kา‰Nา‰Iา‰Gา‰Hา‰Tา‰Fา‰Iา‰Rา‰Eา‰6า‰6า‰ Month ago

      @Saro v they had to. Else imu would erease whole islands

    • Saro v
      Saro v Month ago +2

      @polo blanco it's not lik they didn't try to catch luffy tho even when he had gomu

    • polo blanco
      polo blanco Month ago +33

      That would explain why the Gorosei has been "fooled" so many times and why they didn't show interest in the gomu gomu earlier in the history. Maybe the one who apperas to be going to egg head is going there to talk to Luffy.

  • Bigman
    Bigman Month ago +110

    What if the gorosei were actually the reason why the fruit never disappeared or ended up in the wrong hands for long. They continuously wished/desired for it to end up in the right hands and told Imu that it would always somehow escape them bc it had a will of itโ€™s own.

    • Aizen-sama
      Aizen-sama Month ago

      Nah trash theory soz

    • Ray
      Ray Month ago

      @Mo mo yhhh u r not that guy

    • legion
      legion Month ago +3

      โ€‹@Mo mo stop it get some help

    • Mo mo
      Mo mo Month ago +1

      Or maybe They know the Location or the Origine of the Fruit Tree wich explains how they All Got Logia Monster fruits for the Admirals ! But Also explains that The Gorosei are Evil meaning Why Zoan fruits are Escaping them look at Nika fruit 800 years running away from them !

  • ็ท‘ๅฑฑใ‚ฐใƒชใƒผใƒณ

    Fun fact: Oda sensei used to have another penname called "Tsuki-Hi-Mizu-Ki-Kon-Dou(ๆœˆ็ซๆฐดๆœจ้‡‘ๅœŸ)" which means "moon-fire-water-wood-metal-earth" also as "Monday ~ Saturday". And obviously there was no "Sun/Sunday" in it. Interesting isn't it?

  • Golden_eye21
    Golden_eye21 Month ago +2020

    A Gorosei outside of Mariejois. We really are in the endgame of One piece. We are seeing two decades of buildup, world building, and plot developments, slowly come together. Egghead is goated ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    • aku happy
      aku happy Month ago

      I read one piece when i was still in junior high school. Now... Safe to say i am so excited to see the end of one piece and the answer of too many mysteries in one piece with my own eyes.

    • Gotta keep an eye out for Selener
      Gotta keep an eye out for Selener Month ago

      @Skrey Ao As much as I love one piece. You made me laugh, your points are credible. I hope OP ending isnt disappointing.

    • Skrey Ao
      Skrey Ao Month ago

      @SD thanks, but i still do hope oda can fix this or at least make the future fights a LOT more serious, believable(well earned) and interesting than Luffy vs Kaido. I also do hope that oda wouldn't do mistakes the same as naruto in his ending because if his ending is a failure then we've just got scammed tru out the entire series. With all the world building, mysteries and hype, I sure do hope that the ending is good, but i can only hope and cope here a little bit since oda has been failing my expectation especially with his Wano arc conclusion.

    • SD
      SD Month ago +1

      @Skrey Ao I think all of your criticisms were very accurate. I think people are constantly manipulating one piece lore and subtext in order to add more mystery to the story.
      Luffys fruit being the reincarnation of a God was something I definitely didnโ€™t enjoy. Like you said itโ€™s a gross miscalculation by the WG when hearing of his powers to not move into action immediately. They are the WG they have a hand in everything her made a gross miscalculation there? Just seems lame.
      And the sudden awakenings I feel are in an effort to raise the power level of other characters so the strawhats arenโ€™t just curb stomping everyone they meet. Idk the story has been going on for 25 years now and it seems like thereโ€™s still so much we donโ€™t know.

    • Skrey Ao
      Skrey Ao Month ago

      @Plasma circuit then what about the build up? what about the hidden mysteries that has been teased? would you just like luffy to beat the world government without knowing the full backstory of the world of onepiece?

  • PolyFructol
    PolyFructol Month ago +24

    I think the theory of Luffy and Blackbeard teaming up to fight and defeat Imu would make sense. Because Imu fought and defeated Joyboy. Joyboy alone couldnโ€™t keep the balance, because he was missing the dark side( which would be Blackbeard now) to win against Imu. After defeating Joyboy, Imu put the five elders in charge to keep an eye out for Luffys DF. I think Imu wants to be a 100% safe from another Joyboy, because he is afraid of his powers, but he doesnt know about the dark side. The dark side will eventually help the new Joyboy( Luffy), because the new Joyboy alone wouldnโ€™t win the fight again.

    • C1K
      C1K 25 days ago

      Yup we seen Kidd and Law fight a Yonko together so it wouldnโ€™t be too far fetched for Luffy and BB to team up. Dragon destroys all the admirals.

  • Lletget
    Lletget Month ago +56

    Possible inspiration for ONE PIECE, "Esteban, Child of the Sun".
    Hi all,
    Recently, I discovered an interesting correlation between ONE PIECE and an old japanese anime called "The Mysterious Cities of Gold" or " Esteban, Child of the Sun" that was uncannily similar to ONE PIECE. This series aired in Japan when Oda-sensei was around 7-8 years old for reference.
    The gist of the story is:
    The protagonist is a young boy called Esteban, who was saved in his childhood by a respected sailor that promised him to took him in his adventures (Shanks). This "Shanks" gave Esteban an amulet of great importance, much like how Shank's hat was given to Luffy
    Esteban sailed to the sea in order to find a city of gold considered a fantasy by people. The place he goes is called "The New World", and his ship had a lamb head in the front.
    During the voyage, he encounters a young girl called Zia: she's the only survivor of an old tribe capable of reading a forgotten language that's key to reveal the history of the world (poneglyph) and the location of the "City of gold". Her tribe was murdered by some mysterious brutal force, and her island was burned down to ashes. She ends up joining his adventure.
    The way to find this city of gold is exactly the same as Laugh Tale: finding four secret locations and connecting them on a map.
    In their adventure Zia got captured a few times, and was forced to read the ancient signs by malicious pirates. She then lied, in the same way Robin did. Over time, more people joined the crew.
    We meet people of all size and races, and experience unnatural sea phenomena (like sea currents capable of lifting ships through the air).
    In a point, Esteban got captured by a 100% woman Amazonian tribe that fight with bows and live with snakes. There it is revealed he has the capability of controlling the weather, something he does unintentionally. The Amazonians end up helping our protagonists, recognizing that strange phenomena as a prophecy of some kind.
    Zia's abilities eventually lead the crew to one of the "Ancient Weapons", a highly technologized ship with a tremendous power capable of navigating at amazing speeds. The ship has a lion head in the front.
    After all this events, we discover the culprits behind Zia's childhood tragedy: a powerful civilization of aliens established in the earth (They were called "OLMECS" literally "Rubber People"). They tortured and slaved people from all races, and exerted what's basically a global control over hundreds of years. Their interest: the city of gold and its treasure (an object, like ONE PIECE).
    We eventually end up arriving at this "Laugh Tale". In the entrance, we see a blocked door and a man with the mask of the sun god (we then discover this man is the father of our protagonist, and a member of an important cult dedicated to preserve the Ancient Kingdom). He then proceed to tell us the story of the ancient kingdom.
    The Ancient Kingdom was a highly technologized civilization of the past reduced to nothing by a war and the power of "ancestral weapons". Their civilization was built around the solar energy, so they were identified as the "sun people". They were the ones who built cities of gold around the world (each one being exactly like Shandora), but most of those cities were hided after the events that took place.
    We discover that this amulet "Shanks" gave to Esteban was the key to access the city of gold and its treasure (Laugh Tale & ONE PIECE). Meaning Roger and his crew were most likely locked out from the One Piece because Shanks had the key. Perhaps this is why they all laughed, after all the time and effort spent trying to find this treasure they werenโ€™t even able to see it because the key was unknowingly entrusted to someone who wasnโ€™t there. Roger said they arrived at the wrong time because he realized that the One Piece is only meant to be revealed to the world when someone with the Strawhat makes it to Laughtale.
    Once Esteban and his friends reached the city of gold (Laugh Tale), and this is pretty insane, we see nothing but a familiar background. This background is almost the same as the first ONE PIECE ending background, "MEMORIES", that being the same song we hear the moment Roger arrived at Laugh Tale.
    The โ€œgreat treasureโ€ found in the city of gold is a nuclear fusion reactor, which was greatly desired by the surviving Olmec elders from the ancient war (5 elders).
    A "great war" of all races against the world government eventually began (foreshadowed by the Grand Fleet) and "Dragon" sacrificing himself to protect what remained of the Ancient Kingdom and our protagonists being free to explore the sea.
    So what do you guys think? I definitely believe that Oda took inspiration as the similarities are too...similar. With recent theories such as the 5 elders being from the void century, many things are starting to line up. I believe this can be used in future theories, and can most likely be used to predict the end of One Piece.

  • Da Flava
    Da Flava Month ago +8

    Whether your theories are right or not, they are really well thought out.
    Props to you.
    Theories really add extra enjoyment to one piece

    • OnyxBlack
      OnyxBlack Month ago +2

      For real, it a well thought and we'll research theory.

  • Luis Martรญn-Roldรกn Cervantes

    One Piece is a wonderful work and a pleasure to just read it. But when you put out theories and explanations for things that have or may happen, explaining the possible inspirations and linking them together in a meaningful way, it makes it so much more enjoyable!
    This is, I believe, your best video out of the few I've watched. Definiitely worth the sub :D

  • MarmotArchivist
    MarmotArchivist Month ago +14

    OMG, the Gorosei are secretly sailor scouts! Canโ€™t wait to see all their magical transformations๐ŸŒŸ
    On a more serious note, I would have liked the irony of the Gorosei being inspired by revolutionaries of our world while they repress any political change in the story. But it would be awesome if Oda pulls off a big reveal at the end that paint their actions in a completely different light and makes them a part of this system.
    I think Luffy and Blackbeard are the light/sun and darkness/moon pairing. While Imu if they represent the sea, could be paired with earth, which is still missing from this system. Under Imu, the sea reigns supreme, curses devil fruit users and divides people, maybe after the revolution, the sea and land will be more balanced, bringing the world together in One Piece.
    As a final side note, I like the arbitrary role of the moon in One Piece. It is associated with Teach and his darkness, yes, but at the same time, it is the origin of advanced civilisations and has ties to the Mink and Wano for example. It symbolizes hidden knowledge. Luffy and Blackbeard also both seek this hidden knowledge and want to change the world, only with vastly different methods and for vastly reasons.

  • Guadalupe Padilla
    Guadalupe Padilla Month ago +622

    I believe the name Gorosei is also a reference to the spartan Gerousia, a group of noble elders that oversaw all political decisions and advised the TWO kings of sparta. I think this may imply that gorosei once served someone in addition to Imu

    • Noctis Sama
      Noctis Sama Month ago

      As a Greek person I always thought that this is what gorosei was meant to represent since the first time I saw them

    • Monkey D. Venuh
      Monkey D. Venuh Month ago

      @Amr Abo Shala true. When I was about 10 months old, my great great great great great grandfather said something about "yobyoj" being a big island surrounded by water. And that they cannot see the sun at night.

    • Arvind Singh
      Arvind Singh Month ago

      A similar system works in Indian villages. Disputes are resolved by "pancha" (Sankrit for 5). More detailed, it's called "pancha-ayat"... roughly group-of-five.

    • Giwrgos Petrou
      Giwrgos Petrou Month ago

      @Fuyu Manatee geros in greek means the oldman. Gerousia means something like a group of oldman.

    • Sergio Vazquez
      Sergio Vazquez Month ago

      Shiieeet really ? That's sctually pretty cool

  • shadhinov
    shadhinov Month ago +17

    The first pirate book I read was treasure island. And the latest is one piece. I realise in every treasure hunting pirate story, it's not the treasure that matters but the story nearing it. The mystery behind charismatic characters such as long John silver and shanks fjorland.
    Honestly we know mysteries are one of the reasons one piece is so popular but from pirate fiction perspective, mysteries are essential for it.

  • animes 4ever
    animes 4ever 17 days ago

    I like your theories, you are amazing and still nothing compared to the most german One Piece theorists who haven't this big mind what you have!

  • Wolf Zend
    Wolf Zend 8 days ago

    Personally I think Imu would be more related to the concept of Wu Ji (I probably spelled that wrong) since he doesn't seem like a pure embodiment of darkness, unlike Blackbeard.
    Wu Ji is the Chinese concept of neither light or darkness in the Yin Yang circle, (like Kyurem is to Zekrom and Reshiram from Pokemon) instead it separates them. This fits Imu because he doesn't have a bias to either the "light" or "dark" all to much. More so he wasn't introduced until very late in the game, and is still kept a secret, acting as the wall between total freedom and complete subjugation, concepts both the light and dark/ Joy Boy and Rocs/ seemed to embody. Essentially, it keeps the balance between yin and yang.

  • Eric Heide
    Eric Heide 13 days ago

    The Gorosei's name is interesting in that it wads Jay Garcia Saturn. Using the connection to Jerry Garcia leader of the Grateful Dead makes sense in that Saturn is the "God of Death" in Roman Mythology. If the others are correct then I imagine that they will have a celebrity, possibly a singer's or musician's name as well

    NINXD 15 days ago

    The research and possible therories you made changed my perspective for the whole one piece series. Mind blowing ๐Ÿคฏ

  • Man Nila
    Man Nila Month ago +558

    Oda: Dropping name of the elder
    Theory community: Alright boi, get to work, we get 10 years worth of information just dropped

  • D File
    D File Month ago +3

    Gr8 video. My thoughts & opinions of the chapter:
    1. As I look forward to seeing how some of the Strawhats may handle each of the Seraphim, I now wonder if it will be a good demonstration of how they would face their respective donors. To be specific, Zoro facing S-Hawk would test whether or not he could be ready to face the real Mihawk for the title of the World's Strongest Swordsman. While Sanji facing S-Shark may be a good opportunity to prove that he is still better in comparison to the real Jinbe. Plus, maybe Luffy facing S-Snake would be a good scenario for how he would have handled the real Hancock if she was still an enemy.
    2. In the last few chapters, I have often stated that it would be foolish if the SH underestimates Kizaru even if their rematch will be different from their last encounter! But now that one of the 5 elders is entering the battlefield, I like to ask you if the SH will act arrogant or take the elder very seriously since he may be nothing like Charlos & his family!
    3. Assuming Luffy bumps into the elder by any chance, would this be a good opportunity for Luffy & his crew to learn about Shanks's ties to them, if or when Luffy's hat is mentioned by him? Who knows, maybe this could be the perfect time to reveal who the certain pirate was that Shanks wanted to talk to them about & how it may affect the story to come!
    Well I don't know about you, but what do you think?

  • Koubalt
    Koubalt Month ago +39

    Nami is the Moon, the daughter of Imu the Earth.
    The moon is heavily responsible for creating waves. What does Nami specialise in? Navigation and weather. What does the word "Nami" mean in English? Waves.
    Everything aligns pretty well with Imu's themes as well. Whenever Imu destroyed an Island she/he uses a map to mark it with the purpose of erasing it off the map. Just like what Imu did towards God Valley and Lulusia, both are erased off the map. Nami is also very keen towards maps, she is a prodigy since a very young age. hence why arlong enslaved her and forced her to make tons of maps. What is Nami's dream? to make a map of the whole world. Surely there is already a map of the world that the government uses, so why does Nami want to draw a map of the world if there is already one? that's because the world map that is used now is a lie made by Imu.
    And might I bring up. Why did Nami ask Enel to bring her with him to the moon? well that's because she was scared for her life and didn't have any choice. But what if this classic Oda foreshadowing on Nami's real corelation with the moon. We still don't know who Nami's real parents are, or what even happened in Oykot kingdom. Why was there a war there? who was involved in the war? We know the marines were involved, but who were they fighting? We know it's not the revolutionaries because they were formed around 10 years ago right after the Ohara incident. it must've been a pretty gruesome battle since everybody there died except for Bellemere an the two kids.

    • Anuj Nair
      Anuj Nair Month ago

      @tt13 lol no read what I posted u will know

    • tt13
      tt13 Month ago +1

      Imu is one of the four gods..god of the forest

    • Dr WD
      Dr WD Month ago +6

      If oda actually foreshadowing nami from the moon im gonna lose my mind fr

    • Naturbursche
      Naturbursche Month ago +2

      @Irrelevant Troll YES

    • Irrelevant Troll
      Irrelevant Troll Month ago


  • Zlen Ozop
    Zlen Ozop Month ago +4

    Yoo so going to the role the god of love would play here, i would think perhaps this particular elder may oversee relationships between nations. Doesnt have to necessarily be love for one another but more like respect and cooperation maybe; or they really like one another. This would be a threat to the wg because if enough nations gather together they can quite possibly cause the wg alot of trouble. So to help with this, this gorosei would probably be in chargw of missions to make these countries hate one another this keeping them divided longer. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿง imagine if each country had enough love for one another (which is where luffy might help with this since heโ€™s luffy the sun god) they would be a very powerful force to deal with. It sucks but the best form of control is to divide the people( among other things) which is how it is in this story.

  • Shimahdah
    Shimahdah Month ago +3

    What if there would be a new set of Gorosei at the end of the series? If we expand off of the fact that you need the 7 individuals working together to maintain balance in the world then it would make sense if there would be a new set of Gorosei in the same way there is the new "Light" with Luffy and new "Darkness" with Teach arising in the current era
    Are there any other characters in the series that align with the planets? I'm sure there might be but I'm honestly not too sure - maybe Sabo for Mars which is the war one given that he's waging a war against the WG to begin with and he also carries the Ace's fruit which is fits with the red and fire theme

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown Month ago +2

    Hang on. If you add the 5 gorosei, plus Luffy and Blackbeard you get 7. There are 7 moons to the One Piece planet. If the kanji actually translates as 5 Elder Planets, it could mean that those are referring to the leaders of each of the 7 moons (if you include the Yin and Yang of Luffy and Blackbeard). I can't flesh it out any further as there is a bit too much speculation beyond that.

  • Mario Magnanini
    Mario Magnanini Month ago +405

    The Gorosei turning out to be good all along would be a REAL plot twist.

    • Shah Omar
      Shah Omar Month ago

      @Mo mo garp refuses to become an admiral because he would have to obey normal celestial dragons not just the gorosei

    • Of Importance
      Of Importance Month ago

      Not really

    • horizonfios
      horizonfios Month ago +1

      @Talphazero your comment is all based on assumption

    • TheOriginalMan
      TheOriginalMan Month ago

      Robin and Ohara: Damn bro..

  • catman0010
    catman0010 Month ago

    Watching this has made me start thinking "What is Imu is a combined entity of who the light and the dark entities were during the void century?" Something like the two who awaken the Nika and the Darkness (probably also get an updated name later) are destined to fight and both "die" and reform together like split personalities but with one staying dominant and the other slowly fading away (Thinking of Piccolo and Nail/Kami)? This form of death might still be seen as dying and releases the fruits back to the world for the next attempt for a decisive battle, combination, and a new dominant personality.

  • iStoic
    iStoic Month ago

    I'm sure love could be drawn in the way of compassion as to keep the other gorosei in line as a voice of reason if someone or someone else outside of the gorosei gets out of line, they can bring them back to reality either compromisingly or threateningly.

  • GlitchyZorak
    GlitchyZorak 19 days ago

    The Venus gorosei could be in charge of regulating the relationships of celestial dragons. A sort of matchmaker ensuring that the celestial dragons can maintain their bloodline purity and enough genetic diversity to stop major complications from occurring (to a degree)

  • Domi No
    Domi No Month ago +6

    Interesting thoughts! What still always puzzles me, is the Seakings were talking about 2 Rulers coming together. Maybe Momo plays a part there -> the Kozukis always carry the Moon as their Symbol and we still have no explanation why Momo is able to command Zunesha or had the Livenews connection to Luffys fight against Kaido

    • Dr WD
      Dr WD Month ago

      The two rulers seakings talking about was joyboy (luffy) and poseidon (shirahoshi). Poseidon was their true king underwater.

  • Canned Nolan
    Canned Nolan Month ago +2

    What if Garpโ€™s training of Luffy as a child. Was to be able to form tactics on them. Garp would probably be the only person to have knowledge about how they might fight.

  • KuronaKit
    KuronaKit Month ago +335

    Okay I just clicked the video but i have a theory,what if one of the Gorosei is a traitor? If all the Gorosei have planets names,then what if one of them is named "Mercury" and that one will be the traitor cause Mercury as a planet is the closest to the "Sun"(Nika,Luffy),this is just my theory

    • Josรฉ Augusto Soriano
      Josรฉ Augusto Soriano Month ago

      @Manmadetunao25 yeah, I got your point, but it's really interesting that two of the ancient weapons have names based on the romans (and possibly all the elders as well), while Poseidon is the only one with the greek name... why will it be in? there's something there, you can ctz, Oda wouldn't do that for no reason

    • Manmadetunao25
      Manmadetunao25 Month ago

      @Josรฉ Augusto Soriano good point I doo know that im saying oda is taking the theme and moral story of kronos not the full relationship of him being the father of the first elder gods if that was the case and oda really cared about those accurate relationships,Neptune which is Roman wouldnโ€™t have a daughter thatโ€™s his Greek counterpart oda can switch it around and make it work

    • Josรฉ Augusto Soriano
      Josรฉ Augusto Soriano Month ago

      @Manmadetunao25 would make sense, but the only son of Kronos among the 5 Elders is Jupiter (Zeus), the only other two are Poseidon (Neptune) and Pluton (Hades) who are the ancient weapons, none of his three daughters are in the solar system, furthermore Earth (Gaia) and Uranus (Heaven) are his parents, Earth being the mother and Uranus the dad.

    • KuronaKit
      KuronaKit Month ago

      @J7 that guy has one of the most abysmal theories ever bruh....

    • J7
      J7 Month ago

      @333vil.already made a theory way back like year and half ago

  • VoldorusLM
    VoldorusLM Month ago +1

    The idea of Blackbeard representing the Moon also makes sense due to his association with the number three. In some spiritual paths the Moon is revered for its three phases of waxing, full, and waning which also corresponds to the Greek Goddess Hekate.
    Perhaps like the Model Nika fruit, each Gorosei has a "God" model fruit corresponding to their planets.
    Venus could represent health/human resources or something along those lines.
    Really great video, though!!!

  • Frank Apito
    Frank Apito Month ago

    Great video great theory, Oda really is the best writer of all time

  • Naturbursche
    Naturbursche Month ago

    Somehow I had the idea that the gorosei were connected to the five visible planets and traditional Chinese elements years ago, but forgot about it again because other details in the story became more apparent. But the cross of those five balls in the logo the Wold Govt uses are clearly related with this.

  • Zerrick Barlow
    Zerrick Barlow Month ago

    I could see Venus/God of Love corresponding to Peace. That's also the guy you matched with Dahdi. Perhaps there's some correspondance to him and social relations that are not related to war.

  • ์ˆ˜์šฉ์ด๋‹ค

    What if in Laugh Tale, there is some treasure but mainly a poneglyph about JoyBoys dream, which is the same dream as Luffy ? Maybe that's why people laugh at him when he tells him his dream to the crew.

  • Fuad Bin Naser
    Fuad Bin Naser Month ago +306

    Just adding a footnote, one of Jerry Garcia's guitar was called Saturn. It had an inlay of the planet saturn on the cover

  • MineBlader
    MineBlader Month ago

    Funnily enough I theorised that the other Gorosei + imu + luffy will have the same titles as you did in this video, but just for the reason that the gorosei would then be the planets visible in the night sky, a fact I can only remember because (you kinda said it as well) I've heard a theory that the weekdays are named after the celestial bodies of our solar system we can see in the sky with the naked eye, so mercury to saturn minus earth plus moon and the sun

  • Popex
    Popex Month ago

    this dude deserves a medal the man just solved the entire one piece just because of one name reveal

  • Win
    Win Month ago +1

    Okay so hear me out, I always had this theory about one piece, What if Joyboy used his nika powers to transform a powerful weapon or object into rubber (assuming it would still stay in that state after his death) and only someone with awakened nika fruit can transform it back into its original form, that would explain why roger was unable to do anything with it and why shanks stole the nika fruit.

  • Haaland1909
    Haaland1909 Month ago +1

    @Ohara please read this, The other names of the gorosei are already forshadowed even more. In the introduction scene gorosei sat around the a table with luffys 100Billion bounty poster. If Luffy equals the sun we can actually know which planet the gorosei are meant to have.
    This would be one of the biggest forshadowing we have seen in one piece. Watch the introduction scene from 2002. Its very interesting how the table is setup. Now it looks like it was on purpose

  • nightstraz
    nightstraz 20 days ago

    My mind is blown! You're definitely closer to the mystery than anyone else

  • Tay
    Tay Month ago +124

    This makes the scene of imu looking at the frozen strawhat make so much sense. and makes me excited to see the origin of rogers/shanks/luffys hat

    • Giwrgos Petrou
      Giwrgos Petrou Month ago

      @The quiet kid In the class what ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ whatever. His real name is something else. I have sent a theory to all the utubers which explains what was his name and ofc everyone of them F ignored me.

    • clash guru
      clash guru Month ago

      Shanks will die at Laughtale
      Mark my words ๐Ÿ’€

    • Mugiwara Edits
      Mugiwara Edits Month ago

      @The quiet kid In the class He said he was trolling after fr

    • Mugiwara Edits
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      @The quiet kid In the class pfft u rlly took that from twitter / reddit and u believe that

    • Tay
      Tay Month ago

      @Mohamed Elhedi Issa it for sure did but yeah watch the ending of the vid again

  • Smartie21
    Smartie21 Month ago

    this sounds like a really solid theory. i would love a second video if you get more evidence. keep up the great work!!!!

  • Zach Trichon
    Zach Trichon Month ago

    When you mentioned Venus as prosperity and not love at 9:06 it got me thinking that heโ€™s in charge of keeping bloodlines in the celestial dragons pure (possible theory? @ohara)

  • Donโ€™t 4T Me Blog

    One piece may go down as one of the greatest stories ever told. The real world parallels are mind blowing.

  • Madara Freeks
    Madara Freeks Month ago

    I have a feeling that some of the gorosei will be split in 2 with some following Luffy aka Nika and some remaining with Imu. With how things are moving

  • Jonathan Grommesh
    Jonathan Grommesh Month ago

    I have an interesting extension to the Yin Yang theory that includes luffys crew and fills in some missing pieces. A fundamental aspect of yin Yang is the yin IN the yang and the yang IN the yin. I believe the Yin (the darkness) is actually represented by luffys crew, as they all carry an epithet as agents of darkness (e.g Zoro the king of hell, Robin the demon child, Chopper the monster, Black foot Sanji, etc.) at the center of their yin is Luffy, the yang in the yin. Meanwhile the gorosei are the yang and Imu is the yin within the yang

  • Alexander Carlson
    Alexander Carlson Month ago +79

    All of the Gorosei having lived so long and having battle scars you could assume they all are extremely powerful. Even with a little effort/training over 200 years of living their Haki would be insane. So Imagine 800+. Good time to be reading One Piece!

    • TheOriginalMan
      TheOriginalMan Month ago

      How are they over a hundred years old?

    • Daytraders Anonymous
      Daytraders Anonymous Month ago +3

      When did the story EVER say there 200+ years old let alone 800??

    • Christian Schmid
      Christian Schmid Month ago +2

      I mean at this rate you could even just kill a slime every now and then and maxing out your level :D

  • W. 83
    W. 83 Month ago

    With the name drop of our first Gorosei being saturn I think Imu is going to be earth, mother earth to be exact. She is also the Mary to Luffy's Jesus theme. So my guess for now is that Imu is the queen of the ancient kingdom and the mother of Joyboy. She will feel similar to queen Otohime but wil probably be the opposite, i expect that character wise she will be more like Black Maria. So i think she's going to be the mother that ruined her sons adventure. As for the reason i'm going with that she was against destroying the Red Line a.k.a. project All Blue. One of the main reasons is because the ancient kingdom wasn't that technological advanced at the start of the project so they relied on bio engineering which created the different races. The final straw must have been that her son Joyboy underwent some body enhancement aswell. So Lunarians are ancient astronauts that builed Uranus and Fishman were ancient deep sea miners that weakened the red line from below. This is why all celestial dragons are humans.

  • Alan Joseph
    Alan Joseph Month ago

    My guess for Hermes power would be trickery and speed, like whoever is referenced after Hermes and also Hermes is also known as the protector of travellers ( in the one piece world it may mean like someone who would be protecting the pirates who are also travellers in other words)

  • Will Campos
    Will Campos Month ago

    Itagaki is mentioned in Rurouni Kenshin, the Mangรก Oda worked as an interna before making One Piece. In the scene Kenshin meets Sanosuke, the three men they fight were having a argument on democracy just before that, and they mentioned Itagaki as an important democratic figure in that Japan's history period.

  • Anonymous Enigma
    Anonymous Enigma Month ago

    I think Blackbeard is more of an obstacle at this point in the real final boss is Imu, this talk of battle between light and dark reminds me of Doflamingo's words during the battle on marineford, "The Marines are righteous? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values! Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right!" Or something like that, that's basically what the battle between Luffy & Imu (his mother or not) will decide unequality rules the world, or will equality reign supreme? Basically as Roger put it will Luffy be able to flip this world upside down? Because the world was already flipped upside down basically what Luffy's opposed to do is flip it up side up again.

  • Sรตsuke Aizen
    Sรตsuke Aizen Month ago

    this theory is giving me goosebumbs if oda does the ending right one piece might as well be the best story and narrative in all of literature

  • Leche ใ€Kaigainikiใ€‘

    It's a very cool writing that the 3 ancient weapons is named after planets (and dwarf planet) with Japanese name that contains "king" in their name:
    Neptune = ๆตท็Ž‹ๆ˜Ÿ = sea + king + star/planet
    Uranus = ๅคฉ็Ž‹ๆ˜Ÿ = sky + king + star/planet
    Pluto = ๅ†ฅ็Ž‹ๆ˜Ÿ = darkness + king + star/planet
    And the left over planets corresponds to the Gorosei and the Gorosei in the picture are referred to as not "kings" but "saint". Wait please don't tell me it is a pun on saint (่–ไบบ sei-jin) and "star-person" (ๆ˜Ÿไบบ = sei-jin).
    I would've wanted to know the Japanese version of "Saint Jay Garcia Saturn" so we can have less lost meanings from the translation.

  • Zerebuty
    Zerebuty Month ago

    I think what makes this theory even greater is realizing that blackbeard has always seem to be setup as one of the final villains but knowing this it seems like he's just a fakeout for the real battle, imu.

  • Dandy Lawe
    Dandy Lawe Month ago

    Amazing video this makes so much sense I always thought what if Luffy and blackbeard had to work together to beat Imu and it goes back to when luffy first met Blackbeard their opposite dynamic but they both believed in dreams. They could clash before or after the fight against imu for the king of the Pirates

  • Kristopher Luna
    Kristopher Luna Month ago

    From this video, it seems like shanks could eventually try to stop Luffy since he wants to ultimately dismantle the world government and thus break the balance in one piece so that he can grant everyone freedom.

  • Chaotic Crimson
    Chaotic Crimson Month ago +1

    My guess is Imu is Earth since they are the one who sits on that thrown and it might also explain that scene with the map and then places getting wiped out. Like perhaps Imu's power has something to do with control of some aspect of the Earth. It'd be a bit cracked as an ability but Whitebeard could shake the Earth apart with his so I wouldn't say it's too far out there.

  • Dariusz Dabrowski
    Dariusz Dabrowski Month ago

    Iโ€™ve stated this wayyy before, imu was the heir to the throne of the ancient kingdom which was stated to be more advanced than current op world, the gorosei represent the families/other kings during the same period, they bowed to imuโ€™s family as they were more powerful but the ppl were being mistreated and since nika is hope, joyboy came along and gave them hope and they rebelled against the family and the AK fell apart, imuโ€™s family died n so they destroyed everyone apart from the kings/gorosei who were loyal to the family and so thatโ€™s why we see the gorosei bow to Imu because they are the remnants of the royal family that ruled the ak.

  • NSUNS243
    NSUNS243 Month ago +8

    Of all your vids, the Gorosei theory was my favorite all this time for sure. So i'm really looking forward to Saturn's conversation with Luffy (if they'll end up having one) and to see if they're actually good people/fighting for good in secret like you suggested but just gotta be obedient under Imu's rule until someone can dethrone him/her.. Thrilling!

  • Adelio Operti
    Adelio Operti Month ago +4

    When you were talking about the connection with week days it also makes sense in Italian, in fact the names of the days are connected to the planets. The days literally mean "day of planet x". Lunedรฌ--> luna= moon and dรฌ= day ( you can also say giorno). Martedรฌ: marte= mars. mercoledรฌ: mercurio =Mercury. Giovedรฌ: Giove =Jupiter. Venerdรฌ: Venere (venus). I thought it was interesting given that Italian is probably the closest language to Latin which the names are inspired from

  • andi0139
    andi0139 Month ago

    This is literally the best one piece theory i've ever heard. Big Thumbs up Manu

  • Almog Bowman
    Almog Bowman Month ago +5

    The name comes from the author Gabriel Garsia marks
    Maby Oda sensi trying to tell us that the plot for this character was based on one of his books
    It would be amazing if you make a video after checking this theory

    • Enri Al
      Enri Al Month ago +2

      one hundred years of solitude=void century

  • M.A.DMatt6
    M.A.DMatt6 Month ago

    I am going to be SOOO upset if the Gorosei aren't the final battle lineup or don't fight at all

  • Dexeras
    Dexeras Month ago

    awesome chapter, and awesome analysis. Theories going crazy

  • Manmadetunao25
    Manmadetunao25 Month ago +14

    I think the traitor is Saturn because that is the roman name for kronos the titan, who fear his children killing him so it really goes with How the goreshi thatโ€™s name Saturn has a fear of the other 4 elders killing him

  • Zach N
    Zach N Month ago


  • Andres Cardozo
    Andres Cardozo Month ago

    To me, the three weapons were the ones that shaped the one piece world, Plutรณn must be a copy of the Magu Magu no mi, that can use magma as a weapon, or create walls and land, as the walls of wano and the red line, Poseidรณn can control the sea Kings, so the original Poseidรณn created the calm belt, and uranus probably altered the weather of the planet generating the diferent seasons among the islands in the grand line, i bet that every member of the gorosei is or can control an ancient weapon, being the one that destroyed Lulucia kingdom the ancient weapon Jรบpiter, named because it look like a weapon with Powers copied of the goro goro no mi

  • Epsilonsama
    Epsilonsama Month ago

    The Gorosei means the Five Elder Stars with the stars in questions being the planets. So Mercury is Suisei (water star), Venus is Kinsei (Metal Star), Mars is Kasei (Fire Star), Jupiter is Mokusei (Wood Star) and Saturn is Dosei (Soil Star). I expect their powers to be based on the Chinese Elements. Maybe they are Mythical Human Zoans that represent said Gods similar to Luffy being the Sun God.

  • Malick Taรฏfour

    Since Saturn is finally out, he might never return back Alive to marijoi, I know he's strong, but he seems to be the oldest among all the other gorosey because he's the only one who uses a walking stick to walk around. His meeting with vegapunk and Robin might reveal to us some important information about the void century as well. Plus, we don't know what kuma is up to right now๐Ÿค”, maybe kuma's goal is to destroy a device that allows the gorosey control all the seraphims and pacifista, this will increase the Revolutionary Army's chances of success even more. If kuma succeeds in doing what he wants, something big will happen, and the government forces will be reduced. Also, if Dragon shows up suddenly in egghead to save vegapunk and meets Saturn there, I don't think he'll miss the chance of killing Saturn and make the 5 elders go through some difficult times, too. They'll also taste some pain and loss if one of them dies unexpectedly. I also think Saturn is the one who created the redline walls๐Ÿงฑ to prevent people from going to the new world. I say this because his walking wood๐Ÿชตstick has the same color as the redline walls๐Ÿค”. This is just a small speculation from me, though. He definitely has earth style jutsu just like you speculated.

  • Jonson Atlas
    Jonson Atlas Month ago +1

    Damn Ohara CHILL!!! There is no stop to this man W.I.L.L!!! Wouldn't be surprised if Oda had to change what the One Piece is because of Ohara.

  • Ameya Kale
    Ameya Kale Month ago +14

    Really cool theory!! I would like to point out that perhaps Luffy and Blackbeard are in fact the Yin and Yang, but Imu may not be the darkness, but SPACE - the medium itself. Ethereal.

    • tt13
      tt13 Month ago

      @NavanBethrax imu is god of the forest. One of the four gods.

    • Ameya Kale
      Ameya Kale Month ago

      @NavanBethrax cool points! Imu being Gaia is also quite plausible!

    • NavanBethrax
      NavanBethrax Month ago +3

      Imu could be Gaia Goddess of Earth, Mother of all Life. We have all planets, the sun and the moon.
      But we don't know who represents Earth. (Imu being Gaia would also create a connection between Imu and the Ancient Weapon Uranus. Gaia being the earth and Uranus being the sky)
      And with that new connection to the moon, Enel's cover story gets a lot more interesting. (pointing to the fact that Shandians might be people from the moon) Maybe there was a literal war between the moon people and the people living on earth at that time.
      We know that Earth was thrown back in time, with Egghead being an Island of the past. Something must've happened to the extremely advanced people of Earth in the void century. And the current world government is covering it up for hundreds of years.

  • Charles Perrot-Minot

    Good review! Pretty sure we got more Celestial names in the past though.

  • Metodi Georgiev
    Metodi Georgiev 25 days ago

    The goofy suits that calestial dragons wear are meant to cool down they're body temperature( the calestial dragons once a year i think go to the underground temple in god valley to use an ancient technology to gain immortality)

  • certified weeb
    certified weeb Month ago

    One Piece really IS peak fiction. It keeps blowing my mind every damn week!

  • binra777
    binra777 Month ago

    I've personally believed for so long that Enel was from Mariejois and just busted out after stealing a fruit he heard was super powerful. It would make sense if he grew up being told he was better than everyone "below"

  • Jake Morgan
    Jake Morgan Month ago

    I think we are going to see the first pirate crew from the void century. Joy boy was the original first pirate captain, who was betrayed by the moon and earth. Earth being joy boys closest ally or possibly related. The rest of the planets were crew members. They were given the immortality surgery. People that have the will of D are carrying joy boys will and are related to joy boy.

  • Human
    Human Month ago +23

    following the theory of Shanks being a celestial dragon, and now possibly a high ranking one (since his meeting with the five elders) I would love to see a meeting between Imu and Shanks :O. would Shanks bow his head?

    • Christian Schmid
      Christian Schmid Month ago +1

      I don't think he would.
      But I also do not think it is a very likely for Imu to see anyone but Luffy or Robin.
      I guess it deptends on Imus power level.
      If Imu turns out to be a capable fighter it would make sense to face Luffy in order to decide worlds future.
      If they are simply a cunning ruler in the shadows, it is more likely (for me ) that Robin face them to learn the true motives behind the WG.
      Luffy just wouldn't care to talk to Imu if there is no punch-fighting to do.

    • Chief Zorajin
      Chief Zorajin Month ago


  • Will Brashear
    Will Brashear Month ago

    Did one of the chapter say that the ultimate marine might was headed to Egghead. Now we find out this guy was on the boat. So, was the Admiral or this guy the ultimate power?

  • Life of Mackie Vlogs

    Wow! You're theories are so detailed and more clearer than my life.

  • Rafael Lopez
    Rafael Lopez Month ago

    Love you professional way of explaining ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • sarah joy
    sarah joy Month ago

    I think that the gorosei are the ones who founded the Celestial Dragon but i think that before they were fighting a lot and beat Joyboy in 5v1 or 6v1 with Imu

  • Bramanto Wijaya
    Bramanto Wijaya Month ago +2

    what makes me wonder is: why the gorosei (saint saturn) has to get out of mariejois and come to kizaru's ship. this is unlike the regular gorosei where they can just summon people or use the denden mushi phone.

    • Bramanto Wijaya
      Bramanto Wijaya Month ago

      @Martonz 00 oh right. i didn't think of that. i was thinking what kind of urgency needed to come out of mariejois. order can be done through phone

    • Martonz 00
      Martonz 00 Month ago +1

      the obvious answer would be they want the Seraphim. Since Gorosei is the highest than Vegapunk in terms of authority to Seraphim. Remember, Gorosei is the one who concerns about three great powers, since shichibukai disbanded, its obvious they need Seraphim, right?

  • Kenneth Tumines
    Kenneth Tumines Month ago +6

    I really like this. Few years ago when shanks talked to the gorosei, i thought what if blackbeard isnt really the enemy, and they might need to work together to bring down the gorosei/WG ( and shanks lol). So with the sun and moon thing, i think its not too ridiculous now

    • ZeroOne46
      ZeroOne46 Month ago +2

      Kinda like how Naruto and Sasuke, the sun and the moon, teamed against Kaguya. I think that makes sense because the moon isn't completely dark. But it also doesn't possess its own light but reflects the light of the sun. So, perhaps Blackbeard will have his darkness dispelled by the light of the sun, Luffy, and then both the sun and moon will once again work together, creating REAL balance: just like we saw from from Naruto and Sasuke, and cat and dog. I think that may have foreshadowed what's to come with Luffy and BB. We'll see ๐Ÿ‘€

  • An0mndr Gaming
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    Would sub if I wasn't already. Definitely want to see a more detailed/thought out version of this!

  • ronald 123
    ronald 123 Month ago

    What about Imu and Earth? ๐Ÿค”So you suggest that Earth is Imu and it betrayed the Sun? Otherwise, how does it join your theory?๐Ÿค” everything else adds upp nicely and your Japanese skills help us to understand this riddle! Thanks for your great work! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ohara
      Ohara  Month ago

      i have no idea about earth honestly!

  • Aokiji Kuzan
    Aokiji Kuzan Month ago

    It really makes sooo much sense๐Ÿ‘ Thank you for making this video!!

  • Overlord Xab
    Overlord Xab Month ago

    Imagine if the World Government are the actual heroes that destroyed the Evil Ancient Kingdom. And as time passes by they knew something that was out of control, maybe an Alien Invasion happened? So they had no choice but to ally that foreign race that could be IMU-SAMA. Or IMU sama is the same faction as the Ancient Kingdom but he ally himself to the heroes (5 elders)

  • Pew
    Pew Month ago

    The word โ€œGenius Writerโ€ can only be applied to GODA! How can he always surprised us with new jaw dropping info every single weeks for 20 years? If you think about itโ€ฆ any other manga or books ever written has impacted this much to you?

  • Joe Naval
    Joe Naval Month ago +6

    With IMU possibly being the Moon God could she be responsible the down being a devil fruit user meaning no being able to swim since the moon controls the seas. And Luffys liberation will be upon defeating EMU it frees all users to swim and be free to set sail without fear. Just a thought Manu what do you think? ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Rodrigo Magalhรฃes

    Imagine if Morgans was the Mercury Gorosei since they are messengers and Oda loves a plot twist

  • Josh Aquino
    Josh Aquino Month ago +1

    THIS IS SUCH A GOOD VIDEO, no one does it quite like ohara


    So gorosei could be "prisoners" of imu forced to do what imu says?Not good guys not bad that explains why you said they are inspired from politicians who fought for freedom.Its a great theory dude and huge plot twist,possibly if thats the case they might be the rulers of the new world after imu's loss.Keep up the good work๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

  • polo blanco
    polo blanco Month ago +1

    That would explain why the Gorosei has been "fooled" so many times and why they didn't show interest in the gomu gomu earlier in the history.

  • 2 sinfulsans gaming actor

    I'm going to make a prediction here one of the Gorosei We'll betray the rest of them for a specific pirate for all we know they might be friends with shanks I feel like shanks would definitely be friend one of them maybe I haven't read that far in the manga lol But if this becomes Is true hopefully I was the 1st one to spot it

  • Frank 5599
    Frank 5599 Month ago +24

    I find it funny that, everyone is thinking the gorosei has some unbelievable strong power, that he's going to help fight at egghead Island. Where I think he's just going to simply get control of the seraphim with a admiral as his bodyguard.

    • า‰Kา‰Nา‰Iา‰Gา‰Hา‰Tา‰Fา‰Iา‰Rา‰Eา‰6า‰6า‰
      า‰Kา‰Nา‰Iา‰Gา‰Hา‰Tา‰Fา‰Iา‰Rา‰Eา‰6า‰6า‰ Month ago

      Lets waฤฑt and see. He should be powerrful. A couple epฤฑsodes left. Imagine he and kฤฑzaru stand before luffy. And saturn just defeats kฤฑzaru ฤฑnstantly to talk with luffy to warn him from imu. I think gorosei are good guys. After reveal of imus erasing powerful I am 100pro sure. Gorosei tried to protect the world and straw hats

    • Dio
      Dio Month ago +1

      Could be, but his name IS a Roman gods name, like the weapons... thats pretty foreboding, and Oda doesn't do stuff like that by accident, its on purpose 100%

    • Arnau CS
      Arnau CS Month ago +5

      If at the end it will be a massive battle vs the world government. For sure the gorosei will have unbelievable strong powers.

    • Lame Guduzaku
      Lame Guduzaku Month ago +2

      I think they got the rest of the Seraphim with them, plus taking control of the others and Kizaru, all against the Straw Hats, it would be quite the battle, that's why Kizaru said they ain't going to escape so easily

    • mokaljordan
      mokaljordan Month ago +2

      Same but thats the original intention, things can diverge from the primary objective or at least i hope so

  • Kanav Chaudhary
    Kanav Chaudhary Month ago

    Oda probably hasn't even thought this fat yet and he sees the theories we make and think of what should happen next on him

  • TsarinaAbigail
    TsarinaAbigail Month ago

    My favorite idea is that luffy and black beard need to work together to complete the seven, and destroy chaos. They represent two sides of piracy tyranny, and freedom. And albeit enemies they are both true pirates and have the will of D. Seeing them and their opposite crews work together to save the world would be awesome to me.

  • That One guy
    That One guy Month ago

    I love ohara's theory crafting.