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Binging with Babish: Croque Monsieur from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Published on Jul 13, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Captain Holt's signature stone-faced empathy is on display in this heartwarming act of culinary affection, a memory in the form of a sandwich. But not just any sandwich: the cheesy, hammy, gooey French brasserie classic, Croque Monsieur. Let's hear how incorrectly I can pronounce things this week as we recreate this toasty brunchtime delight.
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    Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe  3 years ago +17238

    I had to shoot and edit this episode in its entirety yesterday, so there was no going back to fix mistakes. The cutting angle at 3:33 will haunt me for the rest of my days.

    • CATMAMAco the furrycat
      CATMAMAco the furrycat 3 years ago +51


    • Damian Botello
      Damian Botello 3 years ago +155

      Ha mid cut

    • Goob
      Goob 3 years ago +174

      What's wrong? It looks like some great bread to me.

    • IESUproductions
      IESUproductions 3 years ago +191

      I don't see a mistake. I just see perfectly baked bread :)

    • Cayanite
      Cayanite 3 years ago +47

      Why what mistake did u do i didnt see one

  • Narokkurai
    Narokkurai 3 years ago +20700

    I love how the Croque Monsieur sounds so fancy in English, but its name basically just translates to "Mister Crunchy".

    • Steven Stifler
      Steven Stifler 3 years ago +1505

      No it is Mister Crunch just to be more accurate

    • djbapt
      djbapt 3 years ago +1014

      @Steven Stifler Or "Crunch a dude".

    • Séb Reno
      Séb Reno 3 years ago +453

      more a "Dude/mister cruncher" actually ;)

    • Steven Stifler
      Steven Stifler 3 years ago +92

      @Séb Reno Cruncher means nothing to me

    • Slade Chain
      Slade Chain 3 years ago +119

      Sounds like something Holt would say, lol. (or seeing the replies to the comment, something Holt would have a discussion with himself.)

  • SapphOMG!
    SapphOMG! 2 years ago +8532

    Babish: “It doesn’t get any simpler than croque monsieur”
    Also Babish: ok so now we’re going to grow the wheat for our bread

    • George Kuriakose
      George Kuriakose 2 years ago +142

      * minecraft sounds *

    • Alex B.
      Alex B. 2 years ago +179

      Callum Ferry (Student) But before we go around tasting the soil, we are going to get a bank loan to purchase 50 parcels of prime Kansas farm real estate in order to set up our wheat fields.

    • ProbablyNotBen
      ProbablyNotBen 2 years ago +105

      @Alex B. But before we do that, we need to acquire a US citizenship to have the ability to purchase land.

    • felili 🐢
      felili 🐢 2 years ago +68

      Callum Ferry (Student) but before we do that the soil needs a bit of kosher salt

  • Varun C
    Varun C 2 years ago +1208

    "It doesn't get much simpler than Croque Monsieur" Proceeds to make the loaf from scratch

    • Mike Van Eijden
      Mike Van Eijden 2 years ago +17

      Yeah, making bread is rocket science...

    • Shinesprk
      Shinesprk 2 years ago +11

      If you're not feeling that you can just do what I did and buy some brioche from the store. From there the recipe was pretty simple tbh.

    • Elijah Schwartz
      Elijah Schwartz Year ago +2

      Welcome to the babish culinary u

    • Elijah Schwartz
      Elijah Schwartz Year ago +1


    • Neion8
      Neion8 5 months ago

      'If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.'
      - Carl Sagan
      'Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!'
      - Babish

  • Babyyoda thegnome
    Babyyoda thegnome Year ago +77

    I actually made the pain de mie and the béchamel today. I combined them into the Croque Monsieur and it was hands down the best sandwich I've had. Thank you for posting this so I could discover this mastery of a sandwich!

  • AS0D
    AS0D 2 years ago +883

    As a french I can assure you that you said "croque monsieur" correctly (with an english accent, but correctly). Moreover, it looks so delicious and the recipe is excellent ! (Tbh yours is more generous than french ones actually)

    • Quinn Knobbe
      Quinn Knobbe 2 years ago +16

      I'm almost afraid to ask, but have you ever had a Monte Cristo? As an American, I am both deeply proud and deeply shameful every time I enjoy that particular contribution of ours to the culinary world.

    • Future Commentary
      Future Commentary 2 years ago +40

      I wanted to say that. I have had croque monsieur but never with that much ham. That's a bit too much. French cuisine is more subtle. Anyway I usually had it at home in the special appliance for it where the bread is squeezed together rather than made in an oven. Best thing ever with the slightly crispy edge of the bread.

    • AS0D
      AS0D 2 years ago +2

      @Future Commentary I agree

    • Mc Carthy
      Mc Carthy 2 years ago +19

      You guys have the most beautiful, stunning country, the most exquisitely great food and drink(I literally have the logo for Chartreuse tattooed on my finger!) ,amazing history and astounding architecture and there's nothing like waking down a Rue or visiting a wine making Chateau, wonderful warm, decent and lovely people, a great way of living life, unbelievably gorgeous women like Audrey Fleurot, and I can't wait to visit again. Lots of ♥, ☀ and ✌️ from 🇮🇪

    • AS0D
      AS0D 2 years ago +10

      @Mc Carthy well thanks for these kind words man, that's so heartwarming !! Italia is also such a great country, the history you have, the atmosphere, the monuments.. Venise's streets... Your food is also excellent !!

  • gamerdude535
    gamerdude535 9 months ago +128

    Funny thing is the first time I ever recalled hearing about a croque monsieur was seeing it featured as a food item in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Restores a nice amount of HP for just being a broiled ham and cheese sandwich lol.
    And for some odd reason the only way to get them is as a drop from a monster called Ladycat.

    • Sean Cooper
      Sean Cooper 8 months ago +7

      You can change just a few nouns in this comment and it will also apply to Terraria

  • I Like Musicals :P
    I Like Musicals :P 3 years ago +6430

    I like to imagine him acting like this with everything he makes. Bowls of cereal, sandwiches, canned soup, etc

    • Jeremiah Lesher
      Jeremiah Lesher 3 years ago +134


    • A.J. Kimball
      A.J. Kimball 3 years ago +79

      But you also have to take the marshmallow incedent into consideration. What if thats how he reacts to it?

    • J L
      J L 3 years ago +294

      "Welcome to Binging with Babish, today I am going to be making a simple bowl of cereal. This delight has been around since the 50's-"
      *camera isn't even on*

    • Dan Hendas
      Dan Hendas 3 years ago +124

      Legends say that every time he makes a mess, he has to do a full bounty paper towels ad-read

    • Ben Walkup
      Ben Walkup 3 years ago +133

      His GF from the other room: "Babe, can you make me some toast?"
      *background music starts*
      "Oh sh*t! Babe, no! F*cking relax!"

  • Ish modz
    Ish modz 2 years ago +157

    I made this last weekend and it was fantastic . This is defo on my rotation now . The Dijon version was my favourite . For vegetarians use the following filling ( chopped mushroom,garlic, herb , butter and green / red onions optional spinach leaves fried for 5 min )

    • Mindy Shively
      Mindy Shively 11 months ago +5

      This is the comment I was looking for 🙌🙌

  • Milan Kovacs
    Milan Kovacs 2 years ago +30

    Not only he made every version of Croque in one video, but he also made his very own bread for it too.

  • Caro Wells
    Caro Wells 2 years ago +468

    When basic groceries started to be hard to find as the pandemic began, I could not find a loaf of bread in the grocery stores, but I found a loaf at the all night gas station in upstate New York. It was Brioche made in a smallish bakery in Paris, and it was the best sandwich bread I’ve ever found.

    • That one dude
      That one dude Year ago +70

      Any legitimate food bought from a gas station could either be disgustingly harmful to your health, or infinitely delicious ruining your future expectations

    • Lord Pumpkinhead
      Lord Pumpkinhead Year ago +29

      He got lucky with the Gas Station Gamble, and now nothing will compare to such luck.

    • Shaggy4Real97 🏳️‍🌈
      Shaggy4Real97 🏳️‍🌈 Year ago +12

      @Lord Pumpkinhead bruh, he found his diamond in the rough

  • Linde E
    Linde E 2 years ago +3996

    Babish: I’m already getting tired of googling temperature conversions.
    Everyone not from the US: *looks into the camera like theyre on the office*

    • Severinsen
      Severinsen 2 years ago +269

      Yeah, you should just convert to metric already so we can stop this nonsense!

    • neill392
      neill392 2 years ago +12

      Why not provide the gas regulo number as well??!!

    • Aiden Aune
      Aiden Aune 2 years ago +82

      @Kate H. Fahrenheit was the original one, the rest of the world decided to be special, not us.

    • Wyet Stone
      Wyet Stone 2 years ago +63

      @Kate H. also Fahrenheit is better in general as it is more accurate compared to Celcius.

    • Haggis
      Haggis 2 years ago +272

      @Wyet Stone Fahrenheit has a finer resolution before going into decimals.
      Unlike with dimensional measurements, this makes little to no practical difference.
      It is however a terrible system of measurement, as it has no easily reproducible fixed points, which is why it is defined in metric.
      Its only advantage, if you could even consider it that, is that negative outside temperatures are rarer than in Celsius.

  • Mike Clark
    Mike Clark 2 years ago +53

    I love the way Babish likes to mention Chef John from time to time! "Food Wishes" rules!

  • Erotic Tomato
    Erotic Tomato 3 years ago +5552

    *"and it doesn't get much simpler than Croque Monsieur"*
    _me nodding as I eat my peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon_

    • Cigsaur
      Cigsaur 3 years ago +11

      prod. by scorpio stop trying to bring back a stupid demonic challenge from 2016.

    • CryBlade
      CryBlade 3 years ago

      @scorpio its very simple: there arent any fun games on Instagram/Facebook

    • I am the chair
      I am the chair 3 years ago +22

      This guy isn’t even a bot. He is a real person, he went on my video and commented 666 and said I was hacked which I wasn’t lmao. This is probably some 30 year old man who doesn’t have a job and he has no life.

    • I am the chair
      I am the chair 3 years ago +7

      Dem Tktkfm don’t worry I think I removed his google account

  • Bella Lele
    Bella Lele 2 years ago +1570

    “Preheating my ham in the microwave”
    Is a sentence I never want to hear again.

    • ElectronMoses
      ElectronMoses 2 years ago +38

      Is it just me or did he call it a "michael-wave"?

    • Paul Moir
      Paul Moir 2 years ago +14

      Fried even briefly would have been awesome! How can you not fry that ham a bit?

    • Thuazabi
      Thuazabi 2 years ago +2

      Name checks out

    • yellowwducky
      yellowwducky 2 years ago +12

      That did seem a bit dodge, certainly 10 seconds a side in a small pan would have done the trick.

    • pretty teeth
      pretty teeth 2 years ago +1


  • LegoArchitect
    LegoArchitect 2 years ago +124

    I’m not gonna lie, your videos help me focus on something when I’ve got a bit of anxiety, and I can’t thank you enough

  • MelBell 0865
    MelBell 0865 2 years ago +17

    Babish has really come a long way since his early episodes: came back from watching his video of making a croque madame, and the differences between that and this episode is staggering. Did you know there was a time where he didn’t make his own bread? I know, it’s crazy!

  • Shinesprk
    Shinesprk 2 years ago +9

    I made Croque Madames based off this video for the guys in my apartment today and they turned out really well! One thing I did differently was I used less cheese overall (because I'm a poor college student haha) and grated some gruyere directly into the Beschamel. I thought it took the Beschamel up a notch.

    • Camux
      Camux 8 months ago

      Now I’m asking myself if we should tell «Croque Madames», «Croques Madame» or «Croque Mesdames»..

  • samuslightsuit
    samuslightsuit Year ago

    I love how you are so critical with your own mistakes. Also these different takes on already tasty dishes is making me wanna Binge too.

  • Better than you at everything

    Babish: It can't be simplier
    Also Babish: **Makes his own bread*

    • sloth210983
      sloth210983 3 years ago +150

      Its a grilled cheese sandwhich with ham. Obviously he needs to make it needlessly overcomplicated a little to make a video out of it.

    • Rencel James Mateo
      Rencel James Mateo 2 years ago +11

      Somebody wooosh this man

    • Danforce 42
      Danforce 42 2 years ago +65

      @Rencel James Mateo No

    • manchester cheese bread and bread
      manchester cheese bread and bread 2 years ago +20

      But making bread is fully simple

    • Beeg Pappa
      Beeg Pappa 2 years ago +14

      @Rencel James Mateo back to the circus

  • ComicSams
    ComicSams 2 years ago +37

    I remember having a deep fried 'monte cristo' and the first bite was honestly the single best bite of food I've ever had

    • Pink Cupcake
      Pink Cupcake 8 months ago +3

      My now husband made me a monte Cristo when we were early into dating.
      I decided I was going to marry him over it.

  • Judit Veres
    Judit Veres 2 years ago +3

    Bravo! Just found this channel! I can't seem to decide which satiated my senses more: the mature bariton my ears, the rich and beautiful colloquialism in language my spirit or the imagined outcomes of these masterfully prepared sandwiches my tastebuds. 👍

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 5 months ago

    I love and use a lot of these videos for the cooking tips, but sometimes I just love throwing on the playlist in the background while I work. Something about his generally calm yet insistent manner makes me feel productive somehow.

  • Mimic Ay
    Mimic Ay 2 years ago +49

    I love how you made Croque Monsieur souds so fancy when it was my unique meal each day as a broke student

  • bluesboy25000
    bluesboy25000 Year ago +1

    I finally decided to make a croque madam, except I am too lazy and used a sourdough loaf I bought, and this is easily the best sandwich I have ever eaten. Will definitely be making this for friends come next Sunday brunch. So thanks, Babby

  • The_StarByte
    The_StarByte 3 years ago +2420

    Babish: "I want something easier this week"
    Also Babish: "Let's make our own bread"

    • Jake Nelson
      Jake Nelson 3 years ago +54

      Well to be fair, Babish can probably make 20 different types of bread in his sleep.

    • Dindrane W.
      Dindrane W. 3 years ago +29

      Bread isn't hard to make, especially if there are people at work you need to punch; you can punch the bread down instead. Win-win.

    • devkrev
      devkrev 3 years ago +22

      With experience comes varying levels of clarity and resolution on a subject, for you "baking bread" is a monolithic singular task of difficulty. When you look at it though, this bread recipe consists of pouring ingredients into a bowl and mixing, then putting the dough into a pan and baking. Compare that to making croissants or hand pulled noodles or any number of things he's done, and it seems super simple.

    • Will Anthonio Zeppeli
      Will Anthonio Zeppeli 3 years ago +4

      @Dindrane W. Punching bread doesent sound nice 😡

    • Syed Saadqain
      Syed Saadqain 3 years ago +7

      @Will Anthonio Zeppeli It is extremely fun. Better than punching Blueford, Zeppeli

  • Tony Drum
    Tony Drum 2 years ago +5

    This is s cool bread baking technique and I've always loved the pans and watching it be perfectly rectubular :D But, did you know panko bread crumbs are made from bread that has been cooked by electrocution? So awesome.

  • Soup
    Soup 2 years ago +13

    Based on how my French teacher pronounced it, you actually got the pronunciation of "Croque Monsieur" pretty down-pat

  • Matt Ban
    Matt Ban Year ago

    Way to recreate a really sweet moment from the show! Love this!

  • Jekkelstein
    Jekkelstein 2 years ago +1

    I cried when he made the 2nd to last sandwich, and then cried when he did the next one. The sandwich analysis.. is so beautiful.

  • Alpenjodler1
    Alpenjodler1 2 years ago +14

    It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one who's constantly worried what Chef John might be thinking about this

  • BezoomnyBratchny
    BezoomnyBratchny 3 years ago +4441

    Babish: goes to the trouble of making the bread from scratch.
    Also Babish: is happy to make do with microwaved ham.

    • Frank
      Frank 3 years ago +105


    • Mr. Man
      Mr. Man 3 years ago +303

      He probably made his own bow, hunted the pig, dragged it back to his car; took it home, slaughtered it, and cured its meat before the episode.

    • Rencel James Mateo
      Rencel James Mateo 2 years ago +6

      @Mr. Man its just a joke man

    • TonkarzOfSolSystem
      TonkarzOfSolSystem 2 years ago +72

      @Prakhya Nair Without delivering the piglet and raising it for slaughter?

  • TheJimprez
    TheJimprez Year ago

    These look really yummy. I'm used to open-faced, baguette ones here. Just one different type. Maple smoked ham, hot dijon, and Jarlsberg... So many variations for this sandwich.

  • Mirage
    Mirage Year ago +8

    I modified this using corned beef, sauteed onions, bell peppers, banana peppers, and mozzarella cheese. Legit one of the best sandwiches I've ever made.

  • Alice
    Alice Year ago +1

    Idk I’ve never seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine but it was so sweet of that one dude to share some food from a very fond memory :) everytime i watch this episode the intro makes me smile

  • Constructman2602
    Constructman2602 Year ago +3

    I made this for my Mom for breakfast on her last day of her job, and she loved it. I had one too, but we both agreed that it was a little rich, and too much for early morning. Eat it for lunch or dinner if you’re sensitive to milk

  • Anne Craig
    Anne Craig Year ago

    This is my favorite sandwich in all the world! Thank you for sharing all the variations!!!

  • Dragogosi
    Dragogosi 3 years ago +2874

    Andrew: today we are basically making a sandwich
    Me: finally something simple
    Andrew: we start by making the bread

    • louis
      louis 3 years ago +7

      Btw he did it worng

    • Damien Holland
      Damien Holland 3 years ago +14

      It usually looks easier / faster on Clip-Share, eh.

    • louis
      louis 3 years ago +1

      The proper recipe is only one slice

    • MrSafmafra
      MrSafmafra 3 years ago +29

      Just wait until he decides to make an apple pie from scratch.

  • Kevin Field
    Kevin Field Year ago +13

    I love how this was one of Babish's "easier meals", status: Legendary

  • Anthony Greco
    Anthony Greco 2 years ago +1

    The video was awesome I love the French pronunciation couldn't have done better myself I'm going to make all of this

  • About28ninjas s
    About28ninjas s 11 months ago +1

    Hey Babish! I was really inspired by the recipes that i tried cooking a genuine meal for the first time! I made me and my grandpa monte cristos and i think they were a success. Thanks so much for the videos!

  • Brian Morrissey
    Brian Morrissey 2 years ago +3

    I love it when you give some respect to chef John. You are my two favorite chefs.

  • stun lord
    stun lord 2 years ago +448

    At 3:40 I was genuinely worried he was about to take a giant bite outta that half loaf of bread.

    • James Wolf
      James Wolf 2 years ago +75

      Being able to take a bite out of a half a loaf of bread that you baked is a great privilege and should not be a cause of concern.

    • chef elon
      chef elon 2 years ago +1

      Same bruh

    • Ian Swordsman
      Ian Swordsman 2 years ago +15

      I mean, it cuts there. Maybe he did.

    • Maddie Effler
      Maddie Effler 2 years ago

      Me too.

    • El Bruce
      El Bruce 2 years ago +6


  • Geography Now
    Geography Now 3 years ago +316

    Wow I'm stupid. I always thought a croque monsieur was basically just a "french toast" sandwich. Then I realized that's a monte cristo.

    • Fluffy Orange
      Fluffy Orange 3 years ago +5

      now where’s the verified tick

    • Sigvar
      Sigvar 3 years ago +4

      I cheat and make french toast and then assemble the sandwich. More eggy goodness and cooked all the way through since I use factory eggs.

    • Alberto Moreno
      Alberto Moreno 3 years ago +4

      I'm waiting for the crossover here

    • Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
      Vigilant Cosmic Penguin 3 years ago +6

      It's time to learn types of sandwiches NOW!

    • Nicolas Glémot
      Nicolas Glémot 3 years ago +3

      Well I'm French and I still don't understand exactly what it is that you guys call french toasts.

  • The Gathering Within
    The Gathering Within 2 years ago +1

    BABISH YOU ARE AMAZING. and pushing me to create food like you do. Thanks Babish

  • Flamable4
    Flamable4 2 years ago

    Just made it this morning for my wife and I, and it was FANTASTIC! 🤩

  • Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings 2 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration...I made this tonight and it turned out GREAT. No I didn't bake bread, but I got GREAT cheese and GREAT ham and took a stab at it. Thanks again!

  • Medichamrulez
    Medichamrulez 2 years ago

    I've learned so much from this video! Had no idea the Croque Madame was a thing, and though I remember hearing Anthony Bourdain's comments on the Montecristo (I may be mistaken), I did not know it was a twist from the Croque Monsieur! Thank you :D

  • Geen Stagni
    Geen Stagni 3 years ago +18709

    I’m scared to ask for-Basics with Babish: Cereal

    • Lindsey Clair
      Lindsey Clair 3 years ago +124


    • Elli Byron
      Elli Byron 3 years ago +393

      Binging with babish: cereal from geen stagnis life

    • gret
      gret 3 years ago +695

      first were gona genticly splice a cow wit a goat feed it nothing but red wine a double thick cream hand made from goat milk and mnt fuigi water then let then let the goat cow age for 25 years finely personally milk the cow with military grade gloves to preserve flavour now onto the space meteorite cereal

    • aMillion
      aMillion 3 years ago +390

      “now that was simple enough, how can we improve the experience? Well the most obvious step would be to add fresh strawberries and bananas- but let’s go a step further and make our own version of ‘frosted flakes’ from sCrAtCh”

    • Justin R.
      Justin R. 3 years ago +47

      Next april fools video!

  • Scott Fairley
    Scott Fairley 2 years ago

    Easily one of the best food episodes of a TV show in recent memory.

  • C B
    C B Year ago

    All of it looks fabulous! I would prepare the egg differently but no matter.

  • Chris Watkins
    Chris Watkins 2 years ago

    Croque Madame is probably my favourite sandwich of all time. Just incredible.

  • alexiane250
    alexiane250 2 years ago +2

    you've pronounced it very well. in my family we dont toast the bread at the beginning only once at the end and not in an oven but a foreman style like grill

  • Ljubomir Juraj
    Ljubomir Juraj 2 years ago

    A monte cristo can also be made with strawbery jam and it pairs incredibly with the ham.

  • California Girl
    California Girl 2 years ago +1

    You got me, can't resist your recipes, style and most, your humour

  • Natalie C. Williams
    Natalie C. Williams 2 years ago

    Love that bread! Definitely gonna try it! Was really different to see you actually made the bread for this recipe! In my opinion, the best sandwiches comes from homemade bread.... there's nothing like it!! 😀
    Sandwich looks absolutely delicious 😀👍🏻🇹🇹

    • audrey
      audrey Year ago

      you’re definitely new to his channel if you think that it’s different for him to make his own bread

  • SrMegaCabra
    SrMegaCabra Year ago

    This is one of my favourite things to make, it's one of those times where it is quick and easy like they say. No I don't bake my own bread every time I wanna croque madame (yes I always add an egg) I'm not a madman plus I like the bakery up the road so I'll take any excuse to visit it.

  • Queenie Francie
    Queenie Francie 2 years ago

    I make that pain de mie loaf every week. It's perfect. And the croque are so delicious on it. Of course, brioche is gilding the lily but that is delicious, too!

  • Kira Flint
    Kira Flint Year ago

    I love these videos but I cant binge them cause they make me hungry! 😋

  • WarAndPoetry
    WarAndPoetry 3 years ago +207

    2016: Babish makes Croque Madame
    2020: Babish makes Croque Monsieur
    How far we've come.

    • DrDurchblick
      DrDurchblick 3 years ago +21

      Then he puts an egg on his Croque Monsieur and makes it a Croque Madame again.

    • Matheus Pereira
      Matheus Pereira 3 years ago +1

      @DrDurchblick some things do not, indeed, change

    • Brain't
      Brain't 3 years ago +1

      The poor lady lost her hat.

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
      Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 3 years ago

      @Brain't is it wrong I'm proud I actually get this on both levels?

  • ForeverWog
    ForeverWog Year ago

    This is one of my favorite episodes!

  • jefferee2002
    jefferee2002 2 years ago

    What a quick, easy and delicious recipe!

  • B C
    B C 2 years ago

    Your Croque looks amazing! I used griddled bread/toast in mine.

  • My Johnsun
    My Johnsun 2 years ago

    I love that you go through a whole bread making side like anybody’s gonna do it 😂

  • Zata S
    Zata S 2 years ago

    I'm french and you actually did say croque-monsieur and croque-madame really well! :D

  • CyKappa
    CyKappa 3 years ago +1367

    Fun fact : "croque monsieur" is pronounced... exactly the way you did ! Congrats on your first well-pronounced french word :)

    • Goob
      Goob 3 years ago +18

      @scorpio ew no

    • Goob
      Goob 3 years ago +16

      @scorpio here is my insta acc @idontwannaplayurgame

    • Kiwi
      Kiwi 3 years ago +7

      @Goob good rejection

    • Marjia Rani
      Marjia Rani 3 years ago +3

      @scorpio let me guess that blue whale thing?

  • Merp Merp
    Merp Merp 2 years ago +22

    Could you make the lighting mushroom from ratatouille? I’ve always wondered what it taste like, and I thought it would be a fun experiment to try to make it as if it was shocked by lightning.

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      KNIGHT OF ENDOR 3 years ago +43

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    There's so many ways to do Croque-monsieurs that I don't know the traditional way anymore ! XD
    Even my brother do it differently from the way your mother used to do it now (he add a little milk on top before adding the béchamel) !
    When I was younger my mother used to do it like the first recipe but she'd use brioche like second recipe and put the béchamel on top then cracked an egg on it and add the cheese (which is the best version of it that I ever tested !).
    Btw I've never understood why English people call French toast like they do when it's a Dutch dish (we call iit"pain perdu" which means "lost bread" because it used to be done with the none-fresh bread thé one that has become harder).
    Love your videos as always ! ❤❤❤

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    • Lammergeier350
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      Bèchamel's purpose in this sandwich is the same as mayonnaise on a cold sandwich. Without it, the oils from the cheese and ham will saturate the bread, removing its body and making it rather messier to eat. And properly executed, the sauce will only add texture and just a hint of nuttiness. Improperly executed, of course, it will taste like raw flour and sadness.

    • It's a Carol B thing
      It's a Carol B thing 9 months ago

      @Lammergeier350 I know what it's there for, I just don't like it. I don't like it on top of lasagne, either. Gack. But, it would not do for us all to be the same! X

    • RequiemPoete
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