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  • Alexiestree
    Alexiestree 2 hours ago

    And no one didn't saw twin peaks black wigwam reference in there???

  • foffy fluffy :3
    foffy fluffy :3 5 hours ago

    Meaning(probably): imagine there's a kid that his mom died,you'd ask how she looked like,right?
    Then you're the person that said:MAKE SOMETHING UP
    The kid doesn't remember her,but u just try to make him remeber,just for a question
    He'll get stressed and cry,you're making him remember his mother that died,and he's also feeling the shame of not remembering her

  • Isaac Khalifa
    Isaac Khalifa 19 hours ago

    I think the reason why it was so self explanatory is that he wanted everyone to understand the pain of losing a loved one and how it stays in your head forever

  • bumo
    bumo 23 hours ago

    my old off brainrot is coming back the dude looks like hugo and hugo's "mom" literally has no face

  • 3 Spoons O' Sugar

    0:52 "a can of jews"

  • Helenmelon dog
    Helenmelon dog 4 days ago

    Jesus kinda scary

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker 6 days ago +1

    I lost my mom when I was 18 months old. She isn't dead, she just left me.

  • itsYaGayBoi aka Lazo

    Enough youtube for tonight... I have.. stuff in the morning

  • Ulisses F Antunes
    Ulisses F Antunes 7 days ago

    Will there be a Library 2?

  • BasicOtaku Potato
    BasicOtaku Potato 7 days ago

    Abandonment sucks

  • WildJester __
    WildJester __ 7 days ago

    There’s a message here... but I’m not the on going to figure it out.

  • lukeismetv
    lukeismetv 8 days ago

    yo wtf

  • JW killz
    JW killz 9 days ago

    Who new stewie could see through his pillow

  • Cunt spanker 420 69
    Cunt spanker 420 69 9 days ago

    What does the mom even say?

  • Deasy Music
    Deasy Music 11 days ago

    should have just gone to the library man

  • baconboi
    baconboi 11 days ago

    his mother died a long time ago and he had a nightmare about her

  • Lukas White
    Lukas White 12 days ago

    "Like that'll *DOOOOOOO!* "

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago

    When this video was released, it was around a year after my mom passed, and then I was (and kind of am) going through a rough spell, so this video kind of came out at possibly the worst time for me.

    Also I just have to say this to people who are currently going through the same thing I went through around a year ago, shit will get better. Yes the pain of loss will not go away, but you just have to accept it and live on. Life will barrel through you whether you have dealt with the pain or not, and you have to be strong.

  • Mega Grair
    Mega Grair 14 days ago

    Jack if I’ve said it once I’ve said to a thousand times, we need to dial back the scary on this one.

  • Baz Sal
    Baz Sal 15 days ago

    Super awesome! I’m speechless !

  • Text here
    Text here 17 days ago

    Why was this so relatable

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 18 days ago +1

    Me: *okay.*

  • Wahlawigi
    Wahlawigi 18 days ago +3

    he really got his mom on

  • Vanessa The Wolf
    Vanessa The Wolf 19 days ago

    Stop the horror

  • RaEndum person
    RaEndum person 19 days ago +1

    Omg its 2am im scared wtf

  • Angel Face
    Angel Face 21 day ago +2

    Video : he lost his mom
    Theory : hE loSt hIS moM

  • Yahani Castro López
    Yahani Castro López 22 days ago

    Ah, sweet sweet depression

  • Phantom Xxx
    Phantom Xxx 22 days ago

    He misses his mommy.🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan 22 days ago

    it so disturbing me
    am i the only one feel it?

  • Alessandra
    Alessandra 23 days ago

    This reminds me of that time at elementary school I forgot what my mum's face looked like.

  • Kiki Playz Gacha
    Kiki Playz Gacha 23 days ago

    What the fuck

  • Roberto Jiménez:3
    Roberto Jiménez:3 23 days ago

    GOOOOD o.O
    This is perturbing

  • Dragonking
    Dragonking 24 days ago

    ACTUAL Moral: if you stay home and not go outside much, you’ll become blank like the mom

  • N E O N
    N E O N 25 days ago


  • h o n e y B e e
    h o n e y B e e 25 days ago

    This really hits too close to home for me :(

  • cory
    cory 25 days ago

    " p e e n i d s "

  • Sam Rosenberg
    Sam Rosenberg 26 days ago +1

    Most people in the comments are saying this video is talking about depression, but I feel like there is a more relatable reason behind it.
    The guy has grown up, gone to collage, and living on his own. He’s living his own life, paying for his own bills, and making his own friends. Over time, he’s visited and interacted with his family less and less, not being with them.
    This is where the dream may come in. In the dream, the man in the suit exclaimed “Wait, you don’t remember what she looks like?” This might pinpoint to the fact that the man has been spending so much time on his own life, he’s never interacted with his family. He doesn’t even remember what his mother looks like.
    The reasoning behind why he has completely ignored his mother over these years could have originated from a fight the two had, then deciding to ignore each other.

  • Ready Spaghetti
    Ready Spaghetti 26 days ago

    my last brain cell trying to remember my last name be like

  • greysun
    greysun 27 days ago

    This is basically what it's like to have a panic attack.

  • ChatChap
    ChatChap 27 days ago

    wierdo has a tv under his bed

  • Elizabeth Duncan
    Elizabeth Duncan 27 days ago

    Thats kinda sad ngl

  • Fox of Darkness
    Fox of Darkness 27 days ago

    Duuuuude your style with both live action and claymation has always been my favorite

  • Death Mark
    Death Mark 27 days ago

    This is really creepy lol

  • Marcello Jackson
    Marcello Jackson 28 days ago

    I hope youre Doing alright Jack

  • Marison Gnzls
    Marison Gnzls 28 days ago +1

    m o m ¿

  • blorg army
    blorg army 28 days ago

    This could be a facinating TV show or at least a ten minute episode!

  • Kevin Kot
    Kevin Kot 28 days ago +1

    He just described a psychological issue with a vhs type of video.
    Wow, this guy is on another level.

  • Michael Fixedsys
    Michael Fixedsys 29 days ago


  • Pre Dispose
    Pre Dispose 29 days ago

    He’s been in his room for so long that he has forgotten what his loved ones look like. He keeps declining any chance he gets to go outside, and meet new people or see his family.

    I think

  • kenny agen
    kenny agen 29 days ago

    You can see he tears up

  • dania
    dania 29 days ago


  • Floralmoon
    Floralmoon 29 days ago +1

    “Wait- y-you dont remember what she looks like?” Damn that made me sink

  • DeadTsu
    DeadTsu 29 days ago

    I don't know why but this is legitimately upsetting to me. The concept of forgetting someone I care so dearly about is horrifying.

  • Blizzard Animations
    Blizzard Animations 29 days ago

    Okay time to never be able to sleep again :)

  • Insert Unfunny Meme
    Insert Unfunny Meme 29 days ago

    So is no one gonna talk about how the poor guy looked genuinely terrified, but not really terrified as much as he was saddened or shocked in a way, at suddenly realizing he doesn't even remember what his mom looks like? I noticed how his lips began, what looked like, quivering and he got eye bags randomly as if he was about to cry.

  • Saskura Chan
    Saskura Chan 29 days ago


  • York Chocolat
    York Chocolat 29 days ago

    Can someone write the lyrics for me to translate for Brazil please? Thanks!

  • Seth McCutcheon
    Seth McCutcheon 29 days ago

    This got me in the feels
    He looks so sad when he says “you don’t remember what she looks like”.

  • •Aesthetic Gacha•
    •Aesthetic Gacha• 29 days ago +1


  • fishy
    fishy 29 days ago